Chicks up for a Challenge - W.O.W. Not Fooling You! April 1st Challenge~Invitation and Week 1

02-14-2011, 06:11 AM
I hope everyone got into good habits after the first of the year. Lets continue on and keep working toward our good health!

For any newbies, the traditional copy and paste:

Women on... WHAT??

Okay, let me explain that "Women on WEED" is not what you might be thinking. During previous challenges, a group of us formed a great bond, and we've been challenge buddies ever since. We use the word "WEED" as a mnemonic device to set daily goals, an easy and very specific way to remind yourself during your day to take care of your body, and to nurture your Mind, Mouth and Muscles... it really does help. After all, we are all taking this a day at a time, right?

If you join this challenge, you will see it often - and you are encouraged to give it a try. Here's what it stands for:

W - Water intake. Set a daily goal for how much water you're going to drink. Although there is conflicting research as to how much to actually consume in a day, we all agree it is important to drink lots to stay healthy. So make it a goal!

E - Exercise. Efficient, healthy weight loss isn't going to happen unless you incorporate some kind of physical activity in your life. Everyone does it differently; some go to the gym, some work out at home, and some find ways to sneak in little bits of exercise all throughout the day. Set yourself a goal, even if it's small. Little bits done often WILL add up over time!

E - Eats. Being that we all have different eating plans and weight loss philosophies, this is sort of a wild card. Whatever plan you're on, set yourself a plan-appropriate daily eating goal for the day. Don't forget to make it specific!

D - Daily goal/Daily affirmation. This is another wild card. It doesn't even have to be weight-loss related! This is the spot where you list something you want to get accomplished. Or, you can use "D" for a a daily affirmation - it's an opportunity to say something good and positive about yourself. Sometimes, when we fall short - and we ALL do sometime - we are tempted to berate ourselves. Although it's good to recognize when we don't reach our goals, it's also good to remind ourselves of the awesome parts of ourselves. So go ahead and remind yourself of that in the "D" part of WEED.

Well here it is! Jump right in, tell us about yourselves, your goals, your home lives, your healthy plan, etc. We LOVE newbies! And we LOVE our regulars! Welcome back

02-14-2011, 06:16 AM
I'm Jeni, Wife and Mom (2 kids 7 and 5). I work full time with an odd 12 hour shift schedule.

W Water~ I usually stick to 64 oz on my work day and 80 oz on my days off.

E I love to run. I just got a new treadmill for the house, and I love it. I am also a gym rat. I haven't had a good gym workout because either me or my kids have been sick for the past couple weeks.

E I am sticking to 1500 cals. Had a blood sugar fiasco last month that made me stop doing low carbs.

D Usually my daily goal is just to keep moving by doing housework, shopping or something like that.

My goal for the next 4 weeks is to do an ab workout every day and run at least 30 minutes everyday. I will also do my regular gym workout on my days off. Disnelyland countdown 24 days!

02-14-2011, 07:02 AM
I'm Mavis, 44, Wife and Mom (2 young men in college-23 & 20). I work 2 highly stressful jobs, one in insurance and one selling Real Estate.

W Water~ I aim for 100 oz a day.

E I hate to exercise, but I know I get better results when I do, getting back to running with C25K again, using Turbo Jam and Jillian Michaels DVD's and aiming for 10k steps a day

E Low carb with reasonable fat

D My goal is usually positive vibe stuff as I struggle with depression,

My goal for the next 4 weeks is to run every other day and to get to 10k steps 5 days a week. My weight goal is the 140's, 5 pounds will get me there!!!

02-14-2011, 10:28 AM
I'm Emily, 31, mother to two boys (4 & 2) and a little girl on the way in June. I work full-time outside the house and my DH works a lot so our lives can get pretty hectic. For now the weight loss is on hold and I'm just trying to gain a reasonable amount this pregnancy.

W - I try and aim for at least 80 oz per day.

E - This is a tough one for me, once the weather turns warmer I'll be out walking a lot but it's a tough one for me in the winter time.

E - Eat a reasonable amount of calories, I'm loosely tracking while pregnant just to keep a handle on it.

D - Usually something I need to get done or something that involves slicing out a little 'me' time where I can

My goal for the next 4 weeks is to stay under 180, the farther below the better! My weigh in days are Thursdays.

02-14-2011, 10:39 AM
I'll join in too.

I'm Sheila and I'm single and work a 9-5 job and work part-time in real estate.

W - Water intake - This is something I need to be conscience of. Some days I tend to forget to drink enough. It's much easier for me to get it down when the weather is warmer so I have to fight to do it during the winter months.

E - Exercise - I have no problem exercising. I really enjoy it. My only issue is to make sure I find the time during the week to get at least a 30 minute workout done. I have a huge selection of workout DVDs that I use. Lately I have been doing the new Firm system, TurboFire and walking.

E - Eats - I am following the new Weight Watchers plan and have done really good since starting on 12/5/10.

D - Daily goal - My daily goal is to stay OP, use most of my points on healthy power foods, get in at least 30 min of activity.

02-14-2011, 09:47 PM
Newbie jumping in.

I'm Lisa, 27, married- no kids. I am a kindergarten teacher.

W Water- I don't really track ounces that often. I have a water bottle I bring to school and try to drink it all and fill it up again at work or back home and repeat. (If I really think about it, it's probably ~ 32 I try for 64 oz)

E Exercise-I'm training for a 1/2 marathon on April 30th (this is my 4th one). So I run 3 days a week and strength train 2 days a week. Lots of stretch and try to add in something on the weekend.

E Eating- I'm starting to track my calories again. I've been at it for about 3 weeks. I don't really stick to any plan or strict calorie count. Right now I'm just getting a feel for food values again and my eating habits. I'm going to start pinpointing problem areas.

D Daily Goal- Staying productive! Along with my health, I'm trying to be more proactive in my life (I tend to be a procrastinator if left to my own devices).

My goal for the next four weeks is to stick to my fitness plan, don't skip days unless needed (then make up for them if possible). Start conscientiously thinking about my food choices to help my weight loss goal! Weight wise--low 140s.

02-14-2011, 10:50 PM
:welcome: Shelia and Lisa!

HI MM and Emily/

I only got in 1.5 miles today. Maks knee started to hurt so we left swimming early.

Did really good on all my food and water today.

02-14-2011, 11:10 PM
Good job Jeni!

I am with Mak on the sore knees. Had to take it easy on mine today too, but got elliptical in this am and another 6ooo steps during the day, so pretty good. Got a beautiful bouquet of red & white roses today!

02-15-2011, 07:08 AM
OK, happy Tuesday....windy here. I keep thinking "blustery" yes, I've had kids!

W 100
E Elliptical this am, dreadmill this pm
D Repeating one of my faves "take care of the little things and the bigs will take care of themselves"

02-15-2011, 08:19 AM
Thanks for the welcome Jeni. Good job with the swimming. That is one activity I would love to get back into.
Good job to you to Mavis and yea for pretty flowers!

Tuesday for me:

W 2 Water bottle full
E Walk w/ teacher or Just Dance and strength routine
E Be reasonable with the candy hearts!
D Look at my To Do List and check them off! (4 things)

02-15-2011, 10:18 AM
Thanks for the warm welcome Jeni,

Good mroning everyone. I had a very good day yesterday and I'm planning on a great one today. Yesterday I stayed within my points target (I'm following the Weight Watchers plan) and I did a Firm Express workout and I got all my water down. This morning I've started on my water and will do another Firm or TurboFire workout after work. I brought my lunch with me so I will have no problems staying OP. I've got dinner ready for when I get home. I find that planning and prepping ahead of time helps me alot.

I hope everyone else has a great day :carrot:

02-15-2011, 11:02 AM
MM~Its been pretty windy here too!

Lisa~I'm not the swimmer, my daughter is. (although I would love to get in and swim I just never fit it into my schedule.) How far do you run when you are training for the half marathon?

Shelia~ I totally agree with the planning ahead!

My work schedule is crazy (4 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on 4 days off, 1 day on, 2 days off) Crazy I know. I work 4am~4pm. On the days that I work, I try to have dinner prepared so I can go work out before my childrens activities. Makenna, 7 is on the swim team (MWF)and does basketball (T, Sat) at our Y. I'm lucky enough that on my work days her grandmother helps her with her homework after school. Tommy, 5 does swim lessons TTH. He doesnt have sports right now :)

W~80 oz

E~My normal workout times for my days off are from 1215-145 after I drop Tommy off at preschool. 35 minute interval run~10 minute row~10 minute arm pedal~20 minute weights~15 minute Elliptical

E~stick to my normal work diet. AT work I get 5 20 minute breaks. I keep my food and snacks packed so I am eating every 2 hours. I keep my calories and carbs under control. I can't do a no carb anymore because my blood sugar went crazy at the end of January.

D~Today is house work. and Laundry.

02-15-2011, 01:30 PM
I just did my run this morning. 3.5 miles. 45 minutes. This time last year I did 5ks 3 times a week. I will get back to that! :)

02-15-2011, 04:24 PM
Hello Chickadees!

A shout out to the regulars, Jeni, Mavis & Emily!

Welcome newbies, Sheila and Lisa! You've joined a great group of smokin' divas!

I'm Carolyn, 46 years old, wife and mother (12 year old son). I am a professional singer/pianist and private singing teacher. I teach 4 evenings a week and Saturday during the day which totals to about 50 students. Performances vary. I currently perform at retirement homes in the afternoons playing the piano and singing Broadway tunes and Old Tyme Favorites.

W - Not a problem for me. I aim for 100 oz a day.

E - Not a problem for me. I alternate between weight training and cardio and take a yoga class once a week.

E - Can we talk?! Here's my challenge. Laying off the chocolate! I eat pretty well otherwise. I aim to follow the Body For Life eating plan which has me eating 6 times a day with 2 1/2 hours between meals/snacks. I have a combination of protein and carbs each meal/snack. There is a FREE day once a week where you can eat what you want to shock the body into letting the fat cells release. When I have followed the program in the past, I have had great success. But I have not found the motivation to go full speed ahead with the eating plan, so the weight loss is slow to none.

D - Usually I reserve this spot for telling myself to not give up on trying to eat better, even when I have an off day.

So far today, I have been drinking my water and have done my cardio and I have eaten well, EXCEPT for the chocolate bar I had before my work-out! Sigh! What to do, what to do. :p

02-15-2011, 05:56 PM
HI Clykk!

So the National weather service is forecasting a chance of funnel clouds here. Thats happened maybe once in say 34 years?

So I made it to the gym....I did 35 on the elliptical and 35 on the tread. I punked out on the weights and row machine. I only intended to run for 15 minutes but I got so into the intervals I lost track of time.

02-15-2011, 06:12 PM
Hey ladies -

Jeni - hopefully no funnel clouds! I'm in PA and it's a rare occurrence here too.

Clykk - how cool you're a pianist, I took classical lessons for 13 years. I have a piano at home and have been meaning to get back into it but that darn elusive time to myself thing!

Sheila & Lisa - WELCOME!!!

Doing well, Desmond has been home with pink eye the past two days but he looks like he'll being going to daycare tomorrow. DH has been working crazy hours (whats new?) although he did manage to make it home on time for V-day with two fat delmonico steaks in hand. Man knows his wife...I'd rather eat a good steak over chocolate & flowers any day! Been lacking on the water today, need to try and make up for it the rest of the night. Take care!

02-15-2011, 09:35 PM
Shelia-Awesome job. I find that planning and prepping is definitely a key to sticking to my healthy eating. I always do great at lunch because I prep is before I'm hungry so I'm no influenced my munches!

Jeni-My goodness, my head was spinning just trying to figure out your schedule! Great job keeping your kiddos so active though. Good work with the intervals on the machines. Intervals do make workouts go faster!

As for my running--I'm running 3 times a week. Right now I'm at 3, 3 and 6. I'm about a month in. I'll be working my way up to 3, 4-5, and up to 10 for the long run.

Emily-Ha-love the V-day steaks!

My run down for today~
W-Working on my third bottle full!
E- 2 mile walk after school, strength exercises done!
E- So far, so good!
D- I did 3 out of 4 tasks...I try to get in the last before bed! Yay.

02-16-2011, 06:29 AM
Work today. Then I am hoping for a 2 mile run after work~then Makenna's swim team practice~then Tommy's preschool swim night. WHEW!

I didn't see my DH at all yesterday. He ended up being at work until 8. (we works an hour away.) He is supposed to be up out by 5. SIGH!

W 64 oz
E 2 miles 30 minutes whichever is first (I will only run if my feet aren't too sore)
E about 1500 cals today
D Prepare a dinner menu for the next 3 weeks. My goal~Cheap and healthy. Not an easy task.

02-16-2011, 08:19 AM
Middle of the week! Enjoy!

W- 2 bottles (64oz)
E- 3 mile run and STRETCH
E- 1800 cals
D- Doing great with my To Do List! Another 4 to go today!

02-17-2011, 01:40 AM
Chickadees! I had an OP day! Need I say more?! :carrot:

See ya on the other side!

02-17-2011, 06:16 AM

Got in my 2 miles yesterday, happy about that.

W 80 oz
E 30 minutes at home
E 1400 cals
D have a good day at work.

02-17-2011, 08:06 AM
Yay, I was right on with my day yesterday too!
My throat is scratchy and swollen today though...uggg...

W-64 oz
E- Walk w/ teachers, strength and stretch
E- 1800
D- Plan as much for next week as possible at work.

02-17-2011, 09:50 AM
emiloots - Wow! 13 years!
Don't worry, the piano will call you back one day. With your little chickadees keeping you running in circles, :spin: there's just no time for it now, is there?

W 80 oz
E Elliptical 20 minute interval cardio
D Be OP again today, it's worth it!

02-17-2011, 04:33 PM
Weigh in day:
PrePregWeight: 164.0
1st trimester (5-13 weeks): 165.4 (+ 1.4)
14 weeks: 167.0
15 weeks: 169.0
16 weeks: 169.4
17 weeks: 169.8
18 weeks: 171.0
19 weeks: 172.4
20 weeks: 172.2
21 weeks: 174.2
22 weeks: 174.8 (+10.8)

Clykk - one day...I teach my oldest little things here and there, I still have the trainer books from when I was little. When they're older I'll play more - right now the only chance I get would be at night, we have a small house so it'd wake them up.

Doing good today, I was hoping to maintain from last week but had a little gain. Focusing on upping the water intake today, I've been slacking the last few days, doing good so far - 48 oz in and I'll probably drink at last another 32 before bed. Glad to see everyone's doing well - the weather is beautiful here today, now if only the rest of the snow would finish melting!

02-17-2011, 09:17 PM
The weather is gorgeous here too.

I think I'm down for the count for a day or two. My lymph nodes in my throat as swollen and I'm tried (From waking up last night at 12 and having troubles going back to sleep) and a little achy. Glad it's Friday tomorrow so I can have the weekend to rest up.

02-17-2011, 10:02 PM
:wave: lovelies!

I missed you guys!

:welcome: to all the newbies!

My name is Shari, 24, full time student, mama to two furry (and annoying) babies.

My WEED for this challenge:

W ~ min 64 oz.
E ~ various videos on Netflix, yoga
E ~ follow ADP as closely as possible; stay under 1800 cals
D ~ It HAS to be done this time!


SW: 269
GW: 255

Weigh ins on Fridays!


02-18-2011, 11:52 AM
Hi Shari its good to see you!

Weekend off! Yay

I'm not doing gym time this morning, I will be grocery shopping and bill paying instead. I will run on my tread after we get back. It's actually snowing here today, which is very odd.

W 80 oz
E 35 minutes
E1400 cals
D housework. eww.

02-18-2011, 02:25 PM
Hello! My name is Meg, I'm 32 and have three lovely children (11, 6, and 3). I a full time student, and in the process of a divorce (we're separating) and am basically living on stress. I graduate in May with my bachelors and I would really like to be healthier when I cross that stage!

W - Right now I am shooting for 64 oz. I struggle with water consumption, and have been gradually increasing the amounts.

E - I will be on campus 4 days a week next quarter. I would like to exercise at least 30 minutes 4 days a week in between classes. I have to be there anyway, and I would like to take advantage of kid free time.

E - I am staying below 1560, tracking through ************ and keeping my protein, fat, and carbs as balanced as I can (I tend to go super lowfat, high carb otherwise)

D - Positive self talk, and internal gentleness. I gained quite a bit of weight this fall due to depression/specific unhappinesses and it is difficult to forgive that.

My weight yesterday (Thursday is my weigh in day) was 286. I am hesitant about setting a goal weight, but I think 275 by next month would be reasonable.

Its nice to meet you all!

02-19-2011, 02:41 PM
Hi Meg! :welcome: sorry to hear about the stress. I never set a weight goal. I like to do it day to day. Thats why I love my WEED!

I ran 3.5 miles this morning. Now its time to hit the showers and get ready for Maks Basketball game.

W 80 oz
E 3.5 miles done
E 1400 cals
D pick up toys, relax with my hubby .

02-19-2011, 04:13 PM
Hey all!!!

W 100
E Ran this morning, week 3 of C25K, working on running and keeping my knees together. Planning so more treadmill time later
D Try to relax, did got both bathrooms scrubbed this am!

02-19-2011, 05:50 PM
hey guys.. i finally got the sick bug thats been going around thats why ive been mia. Just wanted to pop in and let ya know .. ive been having a lot of broth and crackers. will chat more later..

02-21-2011, 12:50 PM