Biggest Loser Challenges - Blue Team NYNY 2011 Chat Thread Week 6 (02/14-02/20)

02-13-2011, 10:51 PM
Hi everyone we did great this week for those who made it to the WI thread.

We used 10 Freebies (some planned:)so good for you for posting them)

and we lost 7 to eliminations (I delete the post for ease of doing totals, would love for all of you to stay on as unofficial so PM me and I will put your WI post back up)

Congratulations to our Biggest Losers for the week we even had a tie:carrot:

Biggest Loser:
Kelsey21, -4.2, -2.34%

Honorable Mentions:
sandlll, -3lbs, -1.68%
Transporter, -3lbs, -1.56%
CapeBretonChick, -3.2, -1.48%
KimberleyP, -2.6, -1.48%

Team Loss of -28.2lbs, -.48%

WTG Blue Team you all did awesome:carrot::carrot::carrot::D:D:D

02-13-2011, 10:55 PM
Well I tried the Wii Zumba today and lets just say it's not great on carpet. Wow do you work hard that way. It was kind of fun and I can see it being fun once you figure out some of the steps. I didn't like the learn the steps part as I could not learn the steps. So I went right into a couple dances and at least there you could bluff your way along.
Also it was made for wide screen TV and I have it hooked up to the other TV so seeing was a bit hard for me (damn age thing) I either have to wear my glasses of contacts I think. Found the same at a real class to though. So well see if I can force myself into doing it again. I'm the type that gives up easily if I can't follow something

Well that's about it I'll post the results when I hear how the red team did.

02-13-2011, 10:57 PM
:cheer3:BLUE TEAM!!:cheer3:



:dust: :dust: :dust:

02-14-2011, 12:37 AM
i'm confused. Rainbow smiles... are you with the blue team or the red team?

why do you have a red team banner in your signature like but you say * way to go Blue team? *

02-14-2011, 12:45 AM
YAY! i feel special im an honorable mention :D
On a side note, i had 6 liters of water today. holy thirsty.

02-14-2011, 01:43 AM
Happy Valentines day to you to Susan:) I hope it's a great day for you.

Tytbody - Rainbowsmiles is on the Red Team but shows great team spirit to say hello to us on the Blue side and to cheer us on,

Transporter - Wow that's a lot of water, can you even I'd be slosshing (sp)

02-14-2011, 05:50 AM
I am soooo proud of my self... since joining the Biggest Loser Challenge I have lost 11pounds! I weigh in on Mondays at my WW meeting. I need to lose 1.1kg this week so that I can make my 5% loss goal!!!!

I dont get time to make posts regulary I am a single parent who works fulltime and today was a hard day. I spent the day fighting for custody of my son. Unfortunately we havent had any resolution yet. I was hoping my ex would sign paperwork. We spent 3 1/2 hours negotiating and no end yet in sight.

On a positive I havent emotional ate this week.

I took the day off work today to go to family dispute resolution and was hoping to go see a movie or get a pedicure after to reward myself. But when I walked out I went straight to my car and started to cry. I had held myself together for soooo long and have been soooo strong, I crumbled. I am hoping my ex considers the agreement we came to and signs it. He made a statement right at the end that makes me think he is wasted my time today as he wants to go to court and fight it. I have been quoted that it will cost me $80000 to go to court, and that scares the **** out of me. When my ex walked out I was working 2 days a week, since then I have gone full time, and had two promotions. I have sacrificed so that we could have a house, go on holidays, my son could do any sport or activity he wanted. Now, I feel for a minute I would be able to do the best for my son by not working and accessing free legal. I cant afford to fight it. I need to renovate my kitchen and possiblily get a more mechanical sound car and would probably still have half left over for that amount. Please prayer for my strength and he signs. I cant keep being strong if it comes to going to court. I feel a bit battered but will not emotionally eat.... I want my 5% goal next week!!!!

02-14-2011, 09:49 AM
Hi Everyone!

Sorry I haven't been here much, I'm really sick right now =( I should probably go to the doctor but unfortunately I have class today and can't miss another day.

Congrats to everyone!! I'm hoping to have another nice loss this week, I'm so close to that 100lb mark. This week is going to be tough because I don't feel like working out due to being sick.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

02-14-2011, 10:12 AM
Hey Blue Team - congrats! Looks like from the results posted in both chat threads that you won week 5....0.44% to 0.48%. WTG! Together we lost 63.6lbs on both teams....WOW!

Good luck in week 6! Watch out, the Red Team is comin'!

02-14-2011, 10:22 AM

Congrats to our biggest losers this week,hope everyone is doing well.:)

02-14-2011, 11:04 AM
:val1:Happy Valentine's Day Blue Team
Congratulations to the Blue Team for their outstanding weight loss for Week # 5. The Red team wasn't far behind and over 63 pounds total for both teams is fantastic!
Today I'm going to go to do a partial FAST. DH cooked supper last night, he made Taco's, refried beans, and all the fixin's. I'm terrible about salt retention and I didn't like the number on the scale this morning. Plus Sunday afternoons we go to two different nursing homes for coffee and treats. I need to get all that sweet junk out of my system.
I gave DH a pretty jar with red ribbon and filled with peanut M & M's this morning for Valentine's Day. I had my fingers on one only M & M, looked at it and put it back in the jar. If I had eaten it, it would have set me off to eat more. I told him yesterday what he was buying me, a red lambskin purse. It's coming in the mail, should be here today. I always get the best presents when I buy them myself:rofl:
On that note, off I go. You all have a great day.

P.S. The Red team is gunning for us this week so let's show them we can lose more than them! Thanks Peanutt for the warning.Good luck in week 6! Watch out, the Red Team is comin'!

02-14-2011, 11:33 AM
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Congrats to the biggest losers this week. I posted a loss (3 lbs.) for the first time since starting this challenge. I actually hit 228 on Tuesday - so my WI on Sunday was 7 lbs down from that. Unfortunately I'm still up from my (challenge) beginning weight since I was gaining steadily. I might break even by the end of the challenge - hopefully I'll be back into the 2-teens this week or next.


W - 100+
I - I can do this!
N - Low carb/High Protein & log all food
T - ???
E - Elliptical
R - Try to be in bed by 10:00.

02-14-2011, 12:10 PM
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! :val1: I hope you all have a great one. :val2:

I think I missed the weigh in. I was thinking it was b4 10pm cst. Oops. Need to figure out the comparison so I can be on time! Hadda use a Freebie. :( And then this morning im down another half pound so yay! :yay: :goodscale:

Ok, so trying to drink more water still... :swim: And been exercising in small amounts but seems to be helping. We were at the baseball field the last two days so I know I burn cals just walking around for 6 or 8 hours! LOL. I love baseball season with the kids and so do they so its great. :cp:

Well, I'm gonna get back to work. Yall have a super awesome Vday!!!! :val3:

Selina :hug:

:df: :frypan: :kickbutt: :coffee2: :rofl: :broc: :sumo: :twirly: :rain:

02-14-2011, 12:19 PM
Transporter - Wow that's a lot of water, can you even I'd be slosshing (sp)

I drank 4.5 liters like before 3 in the afternoon, and was like ah what am i gonna drink now?!:?: I had a diet coke and got very thirsty, opened another 1.5 liter bottle and well it was done soon after that lol

02-14-2011, 12:42 PM
Good morning. Congratulations Kelsey on being our Biggest Looser for the week :cp: Congratulations to our runner-ups as well :cheer2:
I had to use a freebie this week as I forgot to come post my weight. I wouldn't have helped the team anyway as I didn't lose anything this week, but I wasn't planning on using a freebie. I've struggled the last 3 days and I know I just have to forget about what is done, (stress eating), and get right back on track. I am not giving up!

Rainbowsmiles - Happy Valentine's Day to you too :)

Vanessa - :hug: I am so sorry for all that you are going through with your ex. Great job for not giving in to emotional eating, that is awesome :cp:

Kimberly - :getwell:

I told him yesterday what he was buying me, a red lambskin purse. It's coming in the mail, should be here today. I always get the best presents when I buy them myself

Love it!

Kris - 3 lbs is great :cp:

Selena - Great job with your exercise :cheer:

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day!

02-14-2011, 01:44 PM
i'm confused. Rainbow smiles... are you with the blue team or the red team?

why do you have a red team banner in your signature like but you say * way to go Blue team? *

i'm for weight loss and getting healthy!! who cares what team it is!!:o

02-14-2011, 02:19 PM
Happy V Day everyone! There is a lot of temptation around me today! Lots of chocolates! Last night I had a tiny tiny sliver of red velvet cream cheese cake. It was good, but very rich. I got a sugar headache in two minutes! So I think that will help me stay on track today, remembering the headache that follows. lol
Im not doing much today. My valentine is away for school in Arizona. My 5 month old daughter can be my valentine :)
Today we are just going to hang out and and go visit her grandparents.
Hope everyone has a great day!

02-14-2011, 02:34 PM
Hi everyone Happy Valentines Day!!!!! I hope you all have a great day and can spend it with someone you love......that can be anybody even yourself:)

Well results are posted and Blue won week 5.....WOOHOO that's 2 in a lets make that 3

Have to get ready for work now have a great day everyone.

02-14-2011, 07:21 PM
Just wanted to jump on and say congrats to us all this past week! woo hoo! Hope we have another great week! :)

02-14-2011, 07:28 PM
Winter Challenge
W. Water...84 oz. so far
I. I did not eat any Valentine's Day candy
N. Nutrition was as planned, :carrot:a partial fast.
T. Time for myself? Only a quick Bible study this morning, very quick!
E. Exercise was non-existent other than running up and down the basement stairways a zillion times.
R. Rest, I had 8+ hours of blissful sleep.
Have a great evening everyone and only eat snacks that are planned for and in your calorie budget. We have to keep the winning streak going!

02-14-2011, 07:51 PM
Go blue team! we won two weeks in a row, lets make it 3!!!!! The red team will be working extra hard this week to beat us, but we wont let that happen!

02-14-2011, 08:06 PM
YAY! Team Blue! Next week is ours too! This time I hope I will show a loss lol. Wish I could figure out why my weight isn't moving.

02-14-2011, 09:19 PM
Happy Valentines Day everyone! Hoping for another great weight loss week!

02-14-2011, 11:08 PM

W - 100+ ~ 100+
I - I can do this!
N - Low carb/High Protein & log all food ~ Epic Fail
T - ??? ~ Enjoyed hanging out with my Valentines tonight (my grandsons)
E - Elliptical ~ Done
R - Try to be in bed by 10:00. ~ Didn't happen - was close to midnight

02-15-2011, 12:34 AM
Happy Valentines Blue Team!!

W~96 oz
I~I am strong; this is my week
N~OP :carrot:
T~finished my book, read my new magazine
E~30 min bike; 30 min treadmill; 30 min yoga
R~8 hours

02-15-2011, 02:04 AM
Hi Winners!!!
Good job to our BL and place winners. We did very well considering all the freebies. I'm down 2 lbs with still the rest of the week to go, so it's looking good. Had to WI early last week, out of town. Nice trip to the coast, ate out, but stayed OP thanks to calorie count and taking my laptop along to keep track. The casino kept my cash, but I'm winning at losing so i'm cool with that.

W - not enough about half as much as I should
I -- I'm encouraged that I'm finding it easy to stay OP
N - completely OP, last few days even under calorie allowance
T - took time to clean up my craft room
E - going down right after this note to WATP
R - good solid rest, even though we don't go to bed til 3 or 4am, we have the freedom to sleep until 10 or 11. I worked graveyard for 20 years, so we both roll that way.

Keep your game on gals - red team is no easy win. And thanks so much Rainbow for your good wishes and encouragement. Sweet.


02-15-2011, 11:03 AM
Good Morning Blue Team!
I'm so sorry to see we lost 7 more people this round. Those lost people are some that never check into the chat nor participate in our Winter Challenge. Speaking of the Winter challenge, has the newness of it worn off? The red team has a new challenge this week to eat something green. Maybe we should try a new challenge for the rest of the month? A challenge to drink our water and get exercise is important but how about adding vegetables and fiber. I'm the fiber queen and that's my key to losing all that weight. It's easy to track fiber on Fitday, I'm not sure about the other programs you're using. What does everyone think? And we need to get everyone involved, all 30 people on the Blue team. I would gladly send private messages to all Blue team members that never chat or participate here and invite them to whatever new challenge we come up with.
All ideas welcome, come on Blue team. Lets hear from everyone.

02-15-2011, 11:55 AM
Morning Blue team. Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day. I managed to stay OP and ate only one tiny chocolate when I got home from work. And I did an hour of Turbo Jam in the morning so it was a good day. Tonight is sushi night with a bunch of people from work, so I'm going to try and be good. No tempura rolls or ones with cream cheese. Eating out is my weakness, so hopefully I won't overdo it.

I agree Bobbi, a new challenge would be good...maybe trying to get 6-10 servings of fruit and veggies everyday? Or maybe an excersise challenge?

02-15-2011, 11:58 AM

W - 100+
I - I can do this!
N - Low carb/High Protein & log all food
T - ???
E - Elliptical
R - Try to be in bed by 10:00.

02-15-2011, 12:53 PM
Hi Everyone!

Went to the doctor yesterday, when I arrived my temperature was 102.9. The doctor ran some tests and it turns out I have both Pneumonia and the Flu. This is the first year I decided NOT to get my Flu Shot thinking I wouldn't get sick and here I am SICK! I took my first dose of Zithromax last night and am feeling 50% better today so I decided to go weigh in since I was out grabbing more medicine anyhow. This week I lost 4.6lbs for a total of 99.2 and I honestly have no clue how I did it because I over indulged twice and was counting on a gain.

Hope everyone has an awesome week!

02-15-2011, 01:47 PM
Wow I hope you feel better soon Kim! No fun to be sick. :(

Hiya to Bobbolink, Nancy, MamaP, Doragone, Dream, Sandlll, Page, Transporter, Spryng (love ur name, my daughter's are Emily and Meadow), Bigmid, Kelsey, Rainbow, CapeBreton, and alllllll the Bluezers here!!! :cheer3:

Hope you all have a great week this week. I'm hoping to be down 2 lbs at least. We will see!! I'm watching my Cal intake because I was slacking and having a cup of Blue Bell every day, which was creeeping up my cals and fat. Not good. :nono:

I'm better now.. got me some blackberries and cucumbers and mandarin orange slices... soooooo good. Love those. :carrot:

Well, I'm off to get some work done. Hugssss :hug:



02-15-2011, 01:58 PM
How many grams of fiber are you all eating?

How Fiber Helps You Lose Weight
Populations that eat greater amounts of fiber-rich foods are generally healthier. While all of the reasons for this are not known, it may be because the fiber-rich foods themselves are healthier. Perhaps fiber's greatest value, however, is in helping to keep us slim.
Fiber makes us feel full sooner and stays in our stomach longer than other substances we eat, slowing down our rate of digestion and keeping us feeling full longer.
Meat and dairy products contain no fiber, and refined grains have had most of their fiber removed. To increase your intake of fiber, eat more whole and natural foods, and fewer processed foods. Some good examples of fiber-rich foods include:
•Legumes (lentils, dry beans and peas)
•Other vegetables
•Brown rice
•Whole grains (wheat, oats, barley)
Adding more fiber to your diet will likely help you lose weight and improve your health, but do it gradually. Rapid increases in consumption of fiber may result in gas or diarrhea.
And be sure to drink plenty of fluids when adding fiber to your diet. While fiber is normally helpful to your digestive system, without adequate fluids it can cause constipation instead of helping to eliminate it.
Tips & Warnings
*Drink water to help your body process the fiber
*Keep track of your intake with or Fitday
*Ease this into your diet. If you're not used to eating a lot of it, *this change can give you some stomach issues. Increase about 5 grams a week until you're up to your goal.
*Be prepared for different bathroom habits.

02-15-2011, 02:02 PM
This is what we should be eating daily. If a new challenge would include upping our fiber by eating more fruits and vegetables, I think we'd all benefit.

Most Americans don’t get enough fiber in their diets. The recommended intake is between 20 and 38 grams of total fiber per day, depending on your age and gender, with 25 grams being a realistic goal for most people. This is about the same amount of fiber that is found in five servings of either fruits or vegetables and one or two servings of either whole grains or beans. Unfortunately, the average American consumes a mere 14 grams — and many eat even less

02-15-2011, 02:56 PM
Good afternoon all! I hope everyone had a great Valentines Day. I had a lovely late present. My German Shephard Dog had her puppies early this morning. She was in labor all day yesterday and hoped they would be born on the 14th. But no, she waited to have the first puppy at 4:50 am on the 15th and the 8th puppy at 8:36 this morning. I am exhausted so no workout today! I dont think I will get very much sleep for the next few weeks. It is as bad as having a newborn baby!!!:) But they are so beautiful.

I hope everyone has a great week.

02-15-2011, 07:56 PM
Hi everyone,

Bobbi a fibre challenge sounds good we should keep it up for the rest of the month
To add to that let's have a mini exercise challenge every day
today do 10 pushups
Wed- add 10 sit-up

Thur - do 10 squats
Fri - add 10 lunges

Sat - do 10 bicept curls and 10 triceps

Sun combine to do all the exercises.

Well have to get back to work I'll post my results later

02-15-2011, 08:41 PM
Great job this week Blue Team! Just don't get too comfy at the top! The Red Team is hot on your trail! :)

Looking forward to seeing how we all do for Week 6! :cheer:

02-15-2011, 09:02 PM
I think this is a good plan Jacky, do you mean to do these in addition to our regular exercise?
Average of 25 grams of fiber daily (work up to it)
Monday: ?
Tuesday: 10 push-ups
Wednesday: 10 sit ups
Thursday: 10 Squats
Friday: 10 Lunges
Saturday: 10 bicept and 10 tricep curls
Sunday: Combination

Bobbi a fibre challenge sounds good we should keep it up for the rest of the month
To add to that let's have a mini exercise challenge every day
today do 10 pushups
Wed- add 10 sit-up

Thur - do 10 squats
Fri - add 10 lunges

Sat - do 10 bicept curls and 10 triceps

Sun combine to do all the exercises.

02-15-2011, 11:26 PM
Hi Bobbi yes this would be in addition to your regular workout.

So I did 20 pushups:)
Tomorrow I will do the pushups and add the sit-ups
Thur I will do the squats and Friday I will do the squats then add the lunges
Sat the 2 arm workouts then Sunday all the exercises combined. I will also add any regular workouts to that. I need to try out my Zumba again.

I drank 96oz of water and made it to 9300 steps. No other real exercise today.

02-16-2011, 01:41 AM
:cheer3: Great job team winning the week :cheer2:

I like the idea of tracking our fibre and the extra exercise challenge. I'm too lazy to log back into the daily plate to see how much fibre I ate, but I will pay attention to tomorrow's number. I worked my chest today, so the push-up challenge fitted in nicely. So, 56 push-ups from the workouts I used.

Glenda - How exciting 8 puppies! I bet they are so cute.

Kimberly - glad you got some medications that will help you feel better.


02-16-2011, 02:00 AM
OK, I did 10 pushups tonight, but I only got 13 grams of fiber. I ate whole grains, but not enough vegetables. Tomorrow, I'll do better. Great challenge!

02-16-2011, 06:20 AM
Tues do 10 pushups
Wed- add 10 sit-up

Thur - do 10 squats
Fri - add 10 lunges

Sat - do 10 bicept curls and 10 triceps

Sun combine to do all the exercises.

Thanks for doing this Jackie,exactly what I need right now.:)

02-16-2011, 10:19 AM
Good Morning Blue Team,
Reji...check out the Fiber One cereals, the original has only 60 calories per serving and 14 grams of fiber. One bowl puts you over 1/2 the way to working up to 25 grams. I personally eat 40 grams a day + lots of water and I'm never hungry. OK, I did 10 pushups tonight, but I only got 13 grams of fiber. I ate whole grains, but not enough vegetables. Tomorrow, I'll do better. Great challenge!
We still need to fill in Monday's mini challenge Jacky. What type of exercise? Anybody else have a suggestion? As soon as we fill in Monday's spot, I'm going to print this out and post it on my frig to remind me to do the exercises.

02-16-2011, 02:56 PM
Hello Bluezers! :wave:

Just saying hi.. have a great mid week! :yay:

Hugs, Selina :hug:

02-16-2011, 08:46 PM
WTG on winning the challenge this week team! Congrats Kelsey on being our biggest loser! :cp::cheer3:

Thanks for your encouragement Rainbow, peanutt, and Courtney! WTG on the Red Team losing the most pounds too! :cheer3:

mumtoliam - Awesome job on your loss so far, and congratulations for sticking to your plan while dealing with so much stress.

MamaP - great job losing 3lbs last week.. way to get back on track! :carrot:

Kimberly - :getwell: and great job on almost losing 100lbs, you're so close!

Selina - Awesome job on swapping the ice cream for some fruit, and veggies.. You can lose those 2lbs for sure!

Bobbi - Keeping track of fiber is a great idea.. I've been adding more to my diet by eating flaxmeal, but I will try keeping track to see how on/off target I am for the recommended amount.

mommy2-newpuppies! Congrats on the newborns!

Bigmid - the mini exercise challenge is a great idea, thanks for suggesting it! I have a shoulder injury, so I am going to come up with another exercise for the pushups, but I will definitely do these!

Good luck this week team, we can do it! :cheer3:

02-16-2011, 09:01 PM
Hey Guys! I hope everyone is doing well!
I finally figured things out I think. I have the scale is moving down! Already down to 193.4!
I will have to try to add in the mini challenges. My fiber intake is anywhere from 15 to 30 grams on any given day. I will have to try to keep it more consistent.

02-16-2011, 11:55 PM
Black bean patties for dinner and whole wheat for lunch = 29 grams of fiber today! And I did my 10 pushups and 10 situps. And I'm going to bed on time. Now if only I'd had enough water...

Good luck team on the fiber and mini-exercise challenge! We can do it!

02-17-2011, 01:55 AM
Hi everyone.......well are you all sitting down......I actually did a workout tonight......a real live workout. I did my WATP Bootcamp which is 45min of interval walking, jogging, and strength then there is a 10 min AB workout at the end and did that too
Then I did my push-ups (20) + the AB workout for lots of sit-ups then did 10 min of hula hoop.
Don't know what got into me but I hope it sticks:)
Eating not the best but I'll take small victories the way I have been going.
Didnt keep track of my fiber but I think I would be close to the 25g mark and I got in 108oz of water:)

For Mondays do jumping jacks to fill in the week. They are very good for a full body workout. Start with 10 like the rest of the mini challenges. Let's see if we can do 25 of each exercise on it's day during the last week in February.

Coco instead of you doing the pushups I think you should do stretching exercise for you shoulder for those days. It is important to make healing stretches a part of your routine as well.

Mercy glad your joining the challange. I too needed this badly. I will try to come up with weekly challenges for March.

02-17-2011, 10:41 AM
Kimberly - glad you got some medications that will help you feel better.


Thanks! I'm starting to feel better thankfully, still coughing really bad but I'm going to attempt to exercise today, even if it's for 20 minutes.

Ready for summer to get here!!

02-17-2011, 10:43 AM
Wow I hope you feel better soon Kim! No fun to be sick. :(


Thanks! Finally feeling a little better today, it's been 4 days and I'm almost finished with my Z-Pack. Boy that stuff is magical, I don't know what I'd do without it everytime I get sick!

02-17-2011, 11:16 AM
So much for thinking I would see the 2-teens this week . . . once again I'm going in the wrong direction. I did, however, break out the Just Dance game night before last and then again this morning. When I first started this journey last year (February 25 will be a year), the Just Dance game is what I did for exercise. It's fun. It's kind of difficult to do with the babies in the house but I'm just gonna have to make it a priority. Micah tries to do it with me and gets in the way a little bit, but we'll make it work.

Hope everyone has a great day.

02-17-2011, 12:11 PM
Good morning! :coffee2:

Kim, glad the Zpack helps. I get that too and love it when I'm sick. Yay for good meds!! :cp:

Mama, Just Dance game sounds fun! I like playing sports on the Wii with the kids and sometimes by myself! :strong:

Bigmid, woohooo! Gotta love Bootcamp! You are on top of things for sure! :drill:

Page, Cool! Don't you love being under 200 finally when you have waited sooo long. Of course, then we all want the next thing down, I'm finally in 160s and I just want the 150s! Will we ever be satisfied?? :shrug: Just love getting healthier. :) Your fiber intake is way better than mine. :dancer:

Reji, Congrats to getting to bed on time. It plays a larger role than we know I believe. Great on fiber. I slack there. And I'm always trying to drink more water just like you. After a while I feel like my eyeballs are floating tho... :swim:

Coco, thanks! I think I will have lost those 2 lbs at least by this Sunday. Hope so! :goodscale:

Bobbo, I like reading your post because you know alot! Thanks for sharing tips. Gimme more! :D

Mercy, you are doing stuff by the day. I used to do that. I should do that again! It helped me alot before. Just been slacking I guess lately. :( You are doing great tho! :dance:

Narnia, I need to tone up my arms for spring. I did it before, they looked really good. Now they hang more since I lost more. I hope it works this time too. Gonna do it every day. Reading about you working on push ups reminded me! Thanks! :cheer3:

Hi to all the Bluezers here!!! Big hugs and hope you have a great weekend if I can't get back here til Monday or so. (Except to post weight, on TIME! LOL)

Hugsss, Selina :hug:

:carrot::jig::bb::cb::hat::twirly::crossed::rain:: bubbles::cheers::sumo::broc:

02-17-2011, 12:20 PM
hey team! Just stopping in quick. I had an excellent Monday, followed by a not so great Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm ready to turn this week around. I'm liking the challenges and will add them to my routine. Everyone have a great OP day...I've got a little boy thats covered in permanent marker so I'll chat with you all later.

02-17-2011, 01:47 PM
Good Morning blue Team!
I added Monday's mini exercise to my list and printed it out to post on my frig. Today is the first day I actually started the mini challenge. I wasn't sure how to do a proper squat and asked hubby. He showed me how to do a military squat, they call it a squat thrust. (Throw your arms forward as you decend). So if I read this right, Wednesday you combine Tuesdays push-up with sit-ups. Thursday I do the squats, do them again Friday with the added lunges. Mondays and Saturdays stands alone. Sunday do a combination of all. Is this the plan? I think you'll see a big difference in your weight reducing if you get at least 25 grams of fiber in too, very important. Also important to get lots of water in when upping your fiber or you'll get into a bit of trouble. :dizzy:

To add to that let's have a mini exercise challenge every day

Monday: 10 Jumping Jacks

Tuesday: 10 pushups
Wednesday: add 10 sit-up

Thursday: 10 squats
Friday: add 10 lunges

Saturday: 10 bicept curls and 10 triceps
Sun combine to do all the exercises.

*Eat at least 25 grams of fiber daily

Please let me know if this plan is correct, I'll then send it to all the Blue team that doesn't post on a regular basis. Just for the record, I wrote down all the Blue team that post and those that don't. We have a 61.2% rate of posting on our team compared to 35.7% of people posting on the red team. If I did it correctly? 19 blue team post out of a total of 31 team members. 15 people post on the red team out of 42 total people.

02-17-2011, 07:15 PM
I have a question for everyone, how many grams of protein do you eat daily?
I just googled the question, "How many grams of protein do I need daily." After doing the formula, I'm suppose to have 67 grams a day. That seems like alot!

02-17-2011, 08:27 PM
Bobbi - I eat a lot of protein. It keeps me fuller longer. In fact so far I already have 81 grams of protein. And I am not done for the day. I also am at 30 grams of fiber!
Selina: I hope someday I will be satisfied lol. I wish I was in the 160's haven't been there since 9th grade. Yikes!

ETA: WOW I am supposed to have between 88 grams to 132 grams of protein.

02-17-2011, 09:38 PM
Hi everyone I just finished another workout. I did WATP 2 mile then did sit-ups and about 11 min of the hula hoop

Bobbi - you have the workout correct and I got my squats in for today as well

I stepped on the scale this morning and I'm up 4lbs from Sunday....I don't know how o can gain so much in such a short amount of time. It must be done sort of sick skill I have as I seem to do it all the time.

Well 1 more day of work then off for 4. I hope to get in some exercise everyday during that time.

I started tracking my food again today as well and I'm at 18g of fibre not sure about protein but I'll look and get back to you. Not sure what I should be at.

Well I'll come back later and update

02-18-2011, 04:51 AM
Bobbi - I got in 28 grams of fiber today, I was only @ 12 grams, and remembered the challenge, and made an effort to get it higher. About protein, I used to be pretty bad about it, but my doctor recommended getting at least 60 grams a day.. so I do, and usually go over a good amount. Also, thanks for being so proactive with our team! :cheer3:

Bigmid - Thanks for the suggestion of doing stretches, I looked up some that are supposed to help me heal faster, so thanks! BTW That 4lbs sucks, it seems like you are cursed or something :(

It looks like our team is doing pretty great with exercising, let's keep it up :cheer3::cheer3: I hope everyone has a great weekend! :cb:

02-18-2011, 07:42 AM
Hey everyone!

New WW propoints is higher protein and higher fibre a well as low in fat, sugar and salt. I only buy brown rice now. My son only eats 2 tablespoons as opposed to a bowl of white rice. But as well as being high in fibre its Low GI, meaning it keeps you fuller for longer.

I went twice to my PT group this week, and I definitely am feeling fitter, last night I joined the advance workout couple and I am sore today! We did so many lunges and squat thrusts and stairs, my butt and thighs are aching! I know it is making a difference, just hope it shows on the scales... I am sooo determined to get 1.1kg off this week to make my short term goal!!!! I dont know if I will get it but I will be close. I feel bloated today... Its that TOM.

Does that impact your weigh in?

02-18-2011, 10:01 AM
Hi Everyone! The end of the week already! I am reading The China Study, has anyone else read it? It is an excellent book (but full of statistics). Really an eye opener on animal protein and the ways the western world eats. I started having acid reflux and instead of jumping on the medication route, I am trying diet modification first. It cuts out milk/cheese, red meat, high fat foods, alcohol and chocolate! All of my favorites! I am doing it for health reasons, but it is great for anyone trying to lose weight obviously too. I am really liking the Plant Strong Diet. I have even converted to having green smoothies, they are surprisingly yummy. I do a frozen banana with a 1-2 cups leafy greens and some rice milk. All you taste is the banana really! I put some flax in it, but added too much yesterday, so next time I will only add 1 tsp. It has been a huge learning curve, but I am starting to get more used to it. Hope everyone had a good week!

02-18-2011, 10:02 AM
Good morning Blue Peeps!!! :coffee:

Page, I think I was in the 160s in Middle school! Which is crazy. Think I broke 200 in Junior high. No fun. I'm smaller now than I've been since 1986. LOL. Isn't that 25 years? So I weighed this when I was about 11. Geez. Glad all that's over. I was a happy kid considering though, most of the time anyway. Now I just wanna lose to be around for my kids as long as I can. :bb:

Vanessa, did you ask if TOM impacts weigh in? For me, YES! Omg, sometimes I've gained 5 whole lbs of water and its sooo frustrating! :sumo:

Bobbi, dang, I will never hit those fiber amounts. Hmm.. I haven't been counting my fiber at all. My docs have me making sure I eat enough protein.. I don't like it much so kinda forcing it in lately. I will start watching that too. :hun:

Hey so I used to wear a pedometer? Anyone else wear one? I LOVE them. Imma get a new one when I get to the store this weekend... Always helps me to actually see how few steps I am getting. Because then I feel challenge to get it to at least 7k. On days I'm not soooo swamped. I can do 10k. I remember hitting 20k a few times years ago when I'd wear one too. That was a personal challenge. I get kinda competitive with myself. :eek:

I'm doing arm exercises to hopefully tone them up as spring is arriving and I love spring! (We should spell it Spryng like our Bluezer here. :)) And I jogged in place for about 8 mins last night watching a recorded TBL episode. I always wanna move watching them. :oops:

Ok, going to get some work done. Glad I got to come chat some today again! Been missing you guys! My two year old is still asleep so I had some time! :bb:

Hugs, Selina :hug:

:carrot: :broc: :cb:

02-18-2011, 10:08 AM
Omg! I'm 167 so I can change my chick to 110 lb loss!! Woohoo!

02-18-2011, 10:35 AM
Good Morning, I'm terrible at re-sizing and posting pictures. I've made an attempt at posting the Mini Challenge exercises and Fiber calendar I printed out and put on my frig. It's a great reminder to complete the days challenges. I can fill in the fiber count in the little box at the end of the day. The squares are large enough to write in them if I completed the exercises. I used my microsoft task launcher to made it up. I have a phone call I need to take, be back later.

02-18-2011, 11:06 AM
I'm back.......
I haven't sent any private messages yet to the Blue team that doesn't post here. (I'll do that later today)I wanted to make sure I was reading Jacky's mini exercises right plus I need to get a little Hep talk together to entice them to start posting. I think I'll tell them it's not necessary to have a long gab fest here if they're too busy. Just a quick post and let us know if they are doing the exercises and getting their fiber counts up.
Page...good job on the 30 grams of fiber!
Jacky...have you been watching your sodium intake? I eat popcorn alot at night and I can put on 3 pounds overnight. Last night we had popcorn again and instead of putting salt on it, I put a mixure of Splenda and cinnamon on it. Yummy! I use the 'Kernel Season's Popcorn Spritzer' on it so the seasonings stick. It's a zero calorie spray.
Coco...good job for you too on the 28 grams of fiber instead of 12.
Sand...never hear of the plant strong diet, that would be hard for me to stay on since I'm married to a hunter. We've been eating Elk for the last few years and it's so lean we have to add olive oil in the pan when we cook it.
Selina...Congrats on the 110 pounds, WOW!
Check out the original Fiber One cereal, it only has 60 calories per serving and 14 grams of fiber. You'll find the weight just dropping off if you increase your fiber. WARNING: drink lots of water when increasing fiber.Bobbi, dang, I will never hit those fiber amounts. Hmm.. I haven't been counting my fiber at all.
I realize that I sound like a broken record on upping your fiber. But if everyone takes it seriously, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to lose weight. 25 grams a day is what everyone should be eating daily, not just weight watching people. Anybody ever watch Dr. Oz? Click into his site and see what he says about it.
Breakfast is calling me, then I'm going to complete my lunges/squats for the day. Later I'll get on my stepper which I hate. Only because I have one bad knee and it hurts when I get on the stupid thing. I've been going to the chiropractor for the last 5 months, he took me off my bone building class because of the weights we lift. Saturdays 20 curls might be a problem for me, might have to do them with very light weights.
Have a skinny day everyone.
Thursday's mini Exercises completed, 44 grams of Fiber.

02-18-2011, 08:29 PM
Where is everybody?

Friday's Mini Challenge
* 42 gram Fiber
* 15 min. Leslie Sansone
* 10 Squats
* 10 Lunges

02-19-2011, 12:24 AM
Did my squats and lunges! Today I did great on protein with 100 grams, but not enough fiber--only 13 grams. It always seems to be one or the other with me.

Keep up the good work everyone!

02-19-2011, 09:27 AM
Hi Everyone!

I'm still not feeling well but am going to try and make it through Zumba this morning. Not sure how much fiber I had yesterday but I do know it's well over 30 grams! I sliced 2 Light Flatouts, baked them and dipped in fat free hummus, each Flatout has 9 grams of fiber and the hummus contains 1 gram per ounce (I had 3oz). I also had popcorn which I airpopped and had 10 grams of fiber altogether!

Today I'm going to make an effort to really keep track and count my fiber intake :D

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!

02-19-2011, 10:05 AM
Good morning everyone! One more day until weigh in - I am going to try to kick it up a notch today! I found Quaker Oats rice/corn mini cakes in Kettle Corn flavor and ate far too many yesterday! Already know I am having baked oatmeal for breakfast, and salmon, lentils and salad for dinner, maybe some ezekiel bread with a green smoothie for lunch... Good luck to all today!

Cape Breton Chick
02-19-2011, 02:31 PM
Hey there everyone! So sorry I have not been around this week.. it has been a super busy one and I am so glad it is Saturday. Because it was such a long week, with work being hectic and stressful and some personal worries with people I love, I had a gain this week... of 1.2pnds. le sighhhhhhhh o well.. here's to starting fresh next week! I will try to pop back in to catch up on what everyone has been doing this week later on, I have some cleaning to do before my nephews hokey game at 5. HUGSSSSS see you all later! :)

02-19-2011, 04:14 PM
This is what I plan on sending to the non-posting Blue team, okay with you Jacky? I'll wait for your approval before I send it. If you want to add or subtract something, let me know.

The Blue team is starting a new campaign to entice the whole team to participate in a mini exercise program and upping our daily fiber to 25+ grams.
The recommended intake of fiber is between 20 and 38 grams of total fiber per day. Fiber makes us feel full sooner and stays in our stomach longer than other substances we eat, slowing down our rate of digestion and keeping us feeling full longer. Adding more fiber to your diet will likely help you lose weight and improve your health, but do it gradually. Rapid increases in consumption of fiber may result in gas or diarrhea.

25 grams of fiber daily.
Monday 10 Jumping Jacks only
Tuesday do 10 pushups
Wednesday add 10 sit-up (Push-ups & sit-ups)
Thursday do 10 squats only
Friday add 10 lunges (squats & lunges)
Saturday do 10 bicept curls and 10 triceps only
Sunday do a combination of allYou can post your results daily or post your results once a week on the chat thread. We need everyone’s participation for a united front. The exercises are in addition to your regular program.

02-19-2011, 09:34 PM
Saturday do 10 bicept curls and 10 triceps only
15 min. Leslie Sansone
39 grams fiber

02-19-2011, 10:50 PM
Bobbi - That's really great you took the time to write that up for our teammates, and are willing to mail it out once Jacky approves.. I know if I wasn't active on this board, that mail would inspire me to come take a look. :)

Soon2BeFit :woohoo::congrat:amazing job!!! I can't imagine all of the hard work, and dedication it took to get down 110lbs! What an inspiration!

I am off to go do my exercises for the day, good luck on your weigh ins everyone!! :cheer3:

02-20-2011, 11:36 AM
Hi girlies! Thx for the sweet words. I feel better. That's all I wanted. It's worth it to keep going, even when the scale doesn't show what you want it to. Just make note of it, and move on. I never cared much when I was up even because I know my own body and I hold water all diff times in the month, too much salt, hormones, etc. You still hafta believe that weight is coming off. Just keep going and slowly it will leave you.
And when you need a cheat day or cheat meal, take it. But just be sure that 90% of your days are good, a little exercise a day, even five mins will do you good. I promise. Most times I say I will do 5 mins, I always do more because I like it then. I march in place watching my shows. Don't feel like you hafta go spend 2 hours in a gym to get benefit from it. Here is a link to my article from a few years ago that may help you allocate stray minutes to help get your exercise in.. Big hugsss Bluezers.. I'm off to grocery shop, joy joy!

Hmm.. it won't post but just google this if you want to read it.. :)

10 Ways to Find Time to Walk During the Holidays

02-20-2011, 11:46 AM
Morning Blues! Hope everyone's having a good weekend so's a long weekend here, so I have 3 days off! Yay! And I lost almost 3lbs this week! Finally back in the 180s! Now to get back to 187 again.

I've been trying to eat my fibre - done 25gms most days. And I've done all the excersises and I'll be combining them all in a few minutes.

Have a great day everyone!

02-20-2011, 03:45 PM
:wave: everyone

I've been struggling this week, but I managed to lose 1 pound. It could have been a lot more, but I let life get in the way and was slacking off. I am going to turn that around right now though, as I refuse to just give-up again.

I need to catch-up on posts so I'll be back later.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone :)

02-20-2011, 04:03 PM
Hi Ho, I just posted my weight.:?: 0.49%
I guess I can't expect much weight loss as I'm only about 3 pounds away from my goal. But I have to work just as hard as you all because I keep plateauing. I have lost over-all 5.48% body weight.
I haven't heard from Jackie yet and decided to drop it, no more chat police for me. If the non-posters don't want to get involved with their team, so be it. I appreciate all that do:grouphug:
We're snowed in here, no church, no visiting relatives today. I'm making a pork loin roast and the smell is driving me crazy. We have a ton of sugar free chunky applesauce in our freezer from last years harvest and I'm always looking for ways to use it up. Today I put a whole package (16oz.) applesauce on top of the roast and put it in the crockpot.
I checked out some of the weigh-in, great percentage for some of you so far. Kimberly...WOW! Nice numbers!
Courage doesnt always roar,sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,I will try again tomorrow.

02-20-2011, 07:44 PM
Hi Bluesers
Looks like we have another good week coming. I've been MIA simply catching up with home based jobs so I can go out and do my community based job these next two weeks. Unfortunately there will be a lot of rain, but if I want the money to come in, gotta be like the mailman . . . neither rain, nor snow . . .:shrug:

I've been doing poorly on water and exercise,:nono: but still managed a loss. :yes: Diet has been very good, many days, much below my 1500 calorie allotment. I want to express encouragement to those on plateaus,:hug: heaven knows I've seen my share of them. Hang in there gang.

Also been getting back an interest in my crafts, specifically jewelry making. Hoping to get enough done to open my Etsy store soon. It all went to the bottom of the list when Seth died, but now I'm feeling much better and more creative than before. It also helps that I'm helping others through their grief in the Grief Share class at church. God is good.

Here's to a winning week Blue Bombshells!!!


02-20-2011, 09:07 PM
Hi everyone only 1 hour left to post your weight. Sorry haven't been on in a bit been busy with the house. The challange and exercise is going well. Take to you all in a bit.