Biggest Loser Challenges - Red Team NYNY 2011 Last Chance Workout Week 6 (2/14-2/20)

02-13-2011, 10:49 PM
For an effective weight loss program it is important to incorporate exercise as well as making better dietary choices. While any kind of exercise is good for you, it has been proven many times over that just cardio or just strength training isn't the way to need to have a combination of both, with a little bit of core focus as well. So as you plan out and track your exercise this week, be sure to get in 2-3 strength workouts and 2-3 cardio sessions. And don't forget about those abs! Copy and paste the follow format and come back throughout the week to edit your original post. Letís get busy!!


02-13-2011, 10:49 PM
Monday- Rest Day/Snow Day
Tuesday- Rest Day - I'm sick.
Wednesday- 30 minute solo gym, 1 hr hot yoga class :bike2: :woops: :yoga:
Thursday- 30 minute solo gym, 1 hr hot yoga class :bike2: :woops: :yoga:
Friday- 30 minute solo gym, 1 hr personal trainer session :bike2: :woops: :exercise:

02-13-2011, 10:50 PM
Monday-30 mins bike, 15 mins weights, 45 mins ZUMBA, 60 mins swimming
Tuesday- 60 mins bike, 30 mins walking
Wednesday-30 mins bike, 15 mins weights, 45 mins ZUMBA, 60 mins swimming
Thursday-off day
Friday-30 mins bike, 15 mins weights, 45 mins ZUMBA, 60 mins deep water aerobics
Saturday-30 mins bike, 60 mins swimming
Sunday-off day until beach weather!!
:beach: :dancer: :exercise: :comp: :book2: :write:


Monday- no gym :sp: home sick with pneumonia
Tuesday- no gym :sp:
Wednesday- no gym :sp: but i did walk 30 mins
Thursday- no gym :sp: slept tired!! ugggg! this totally sucks!!
Friday- no gym :sp: dear gym...i miss you!!! i wonder how many calories sleep burns?
Saturday- :sp: no gym I did ride my bike outside for a 5 mile slow leisure ride
Sunday- :sp: no gym 30 mins walking

02-13-2011, 11:06 PM
(if it's RED I completed it!)

Monday- jogging/walking 5K - new best time!
Tuesday - TBL will challenge (full body circuit)
Wednesday- jogging/walking 5K
Thursday- TBL wii challenge (full body circuit)
Friday- jogging/walking 5K
Saturday- rest
Sunday- TBL wii challenge (full body circuit)

02-13-2011, 11:29 PM
OK ladies, I've decided to do the 30-Day Shred, EVERYDAY, 10 days each level and give it my all each and every workout, then some Zumba for fun and of course my push-ups and crunches . . . we'll see how it goes.

Monday- 30 Day Shred (Level 1, 5 % 8 lb weights, Day 1) 105 push-ups, 300 crunches, Zumba Flat abs
Tuesday- 30 day Shred (Level 1, 5 & 8 lb weights; Day 2) 140 push-ups, 300 crunches, Zumba 20 min express
Wednesday - JM 30 Day Shred (Level 1 5 & 8 lb weights; Day 3) 140 push-ups, 400 crunches
Thursday- JM 30-day-shred(Level 1 w/ 5 & 8 lb weights; Day 4) 140 push-ups, 400 crunches AND for rainbow BL Last Chance workout
Friday- JM 30 day shred (Level 1 w/5 & 8 lb weights; Day 5) BL Last chance workout, 140 push-ups and 400 crunches
Sunday- JM 30 day shred (Level 1 w/5 & 8 lb weights; Day 6) Zumba cardio party (25 min)

02-13-2011, 11:33 PM
Monday-20 min walk to & from car, 40 min dog walk, steps:12,872
Tuesday-20 min walk to & from car, 40 min dog walk, steps:14,327
Wednesday-20 min walknto & from car, 6miles on bike, ran 1 mile on treadmill, steps:14,283
Thursday-20 min walk to & from car, 182 steps up to office, down 182 steps 2x, 40 min dog walk, steps:11,863
Friday-20 min walk to & from car, 40 min dog walk, steps:12,767
Saturday-40 min dog walk, steps:7,677
Sunday-40 min dog walk, steps:6,790

02-14-2011, 10:31 AM
Movie Theme(s) -- Terminator 2: Judgment Day (all out effort for move into ONE-derland!) & RED (but for me it means, "Reducing, Extremely Dangerous"

Monday- Partial rest after 10K run yesterday. Walk treadmill+ellip = 404 cals. vs. (1185 consumed)
Tuesday- Tread+stairs+ellip+weights = 1136 burned vs. ( 1,1015 consumed)
Wednesday- 5K run + 5K walk = 1030 burned vs. ( 1,530 consumed)
Thursday- Stairmaster O'death+4mls.treadmill+15min elip+weights = 1300burned vs (1,170 consumed)
Friday- Rogue stairmaster+tread+weights= 1115burned vs. (1,020 consumed)
Saturday- 10K run in 83:45 (3 minutes under last time--Woo-hoo!)- 1072 burned vs. (1240 consumed)
Sunday- rest day/2.5 mile stroll on tread = 280 burned vs. (1055 consumed)

Calories Burned: 6,337
Goal Burn: 5,500
Calories Consumed: 8,215
10K run times - 90:43, 86:55, 83:45

02-15-2011, 08:29 PM
Monday- rest (it's Valentine's Day and we went out for dinner)
Tuesday- 30 minutes (2 miles) on the treadmill, did crunches during the commercials while watching "The Biggest Loser"
Wednesday- 30 minutes on the elliptical

02-15-2011, 10:43 PM
Monday - :kickcan:
Tuesday - Walked the dog - 20 min
Wednesday -
Thursday -
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday -