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02-13-2011, 04:15 PM
Anyone here take Adderall? I do, (was actually prescribed it for ADD) and in the first week I've lost about 7.3lb. I've heard of others who've had similar results. I haven't been calorie counting, because adderall kills your appetite, so I actually struggle to eat enough now. I'm also not going to exercise until I know how I react to this stuff.

But anyway, what I'm wondering is- could this backfire on me? Could I start losing so much I get saggy skin? I only have 20-something more lb to lose until I'm at my goal weight, but I don't want to mess up. So I was wondering, while on this, I eat breakfast and dinner, and sometimes lunch if I remember/can force myself to. Should I try to work in 2-3 high carb, high nutrient snacks to make sure I don't start losing too much too fast? If I take it early in the morning, at say 6, sometimes I don't remember to eat again until 6PM. It doesn't make me feel sick or anything, but I don't want to hurt myself so I try to remember to have a snack even if I don't want it.


02-20-2011, 10:44 PM
What's important to remember is that you NEED to be eating, because you NEED to fuel the fire! Think of your body like a furnace. What I'd suggest is making sure you eat something for breakfast thats heavier than what you eat the rest of the day (some type of carb or a bigger meal of egg whites, veggies, etc). This way, your full before you take your dosage. You should keep some fruit or fresh veggies on hand to snack on, because it is LOW in calories & gives your body something to burn. Even if you don't FEEL hungry it gives your body some type of nourishment, because it needs it. Adderall increases your heart rate, if there is NOTHING in your system it is NOT safe. Definitely ask your doctor next time your there to adjust your dosage if you do not need to be taking that much, you have got to be eating even if its a one meal with carbs & healthy foods and lower calorie meals/snacks throughout the day. Timing of dosage is very important. the 6am might not be working out for you because your not eating before. I'd give that a shot. I'm no doctor but I was prescribed adderall in high school and had to be very careful with this stuff. Good luck!