Weight Loss Support - Scared Straight!! **Bit of Silly Randomness**

02-13-2011, 12:00 PM
So there I was at work, quiet night watching a scary movie a la Netflix. I jump and yell at an especially scary part (not my usual style but its a good movie) one of the Deputies heard me from the back of the office.

The movie is getting gooooood to I turn it off (only 20 min left on shift) and save the rest for this morning, I go to the bathroom and then the kitchen to do a little inmate meal paperwork before I leave, I am rounding the corner and decide to go back for a couple small cookies that were stashed in the freezer. I'm contemplating them, only 140 calories and I have it to spend....hmmmm....yummm.....yesss......THEN RAAAAAWWWWR!!!! its just a black stocking cap, mean looking man, big heavy boots, running at me from the utility closet!!! He was laying in wait for me. I nearly pooped my pants, and I am not kidding. Sent me screaming and running back into the kitchen.

Hahhaha, I'm about to start the movie again this morning, and I laugh to myself thinking about it. Then I realize - I completely forgot about the cookies.

1426, I might hire you.

Larry H
02-13-2011, 12:11 PM
Ah a brand new fad diet!

"The Scared Straight Diet"

Great story, now if I could get him to leap out of my refrigerator when I open the door. Hmm I will have to work on that. LOL :D:D

Since I became able to laugh at myself, I have never ceased to be amused

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LTs girl
02-13-2011, 12:12 PM
Bah ha hahahahahaha!! rofl! I wish I had someone to scare me straight every time I went for something I shouldn't be eating. I would be a skinny b*!ch in no time. I love scary movies but can't sleep for days after watching them. Then I always say "why do I do this to myself?" lol.