30-Somethings - A quick hello to the other 30s from the new 30!

02-09-2011, 05:49 PM
Hello 30 something's!!
So I'm just back posting today....sad to admit it's been a couple of years that I've been off the wagon and out of touch but if you're gonna get back on you have to just suck it up and do it...I went back to my old places...the 20 somethings being in the mix....and realized that I've turned 30 since I last posted so I jumped over here! I'm weighing in on day one at 262 with a long term goal of 150, a st. patrick's day goal of 12lbs as I get the ball rolling.

Just about me a bit - I live in the northeast and it's damn cold, I'm one of those crazy career ladies with a job that involves a lot of stress and what seems like an endless string of events, travel and cocktail parties (which might sound great but trust me the grass is not always greener), I'm in a fairly decent relationship...but not married and not really intending on it, no kids... and probably not intending on it. I'm sticking with the mantra that if I can hike Mt. Washington at 260lbs and not die doing it I can lose 100lbs and not die doing it.

I look forward to getting to know all my other 30s!!

02-09-2011, 07:24 PM
Hi! Welcome to the 30's board. Guh, it is cold here and I live in the South couldn't handle the weather up where you live. Hope to see you around!

LTs girl
02-09-2011, 11:48 PM
Welcome to the 30's. Good to see that you have set a goal for yourself. Good luck!

02-10-2011, 08:31 AM
Hello and welcome. There is always more room on the wagon! Another northern girl here with a fridged 7 degrees on the thermometer this morning, ugg!

I like your mantra. ;-)