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02-05-2011, 07:24 PM
I'm not sure this is the right place for a quick challenge, but a few friends and I have found this really useful.

We all have temptations and fears we face while trying to become more healthy: going out with friends, watching TV (and snacking) with a significant other, buffets, snack foods that haven't been pre-portioned. Some of us are afraid of social activities because that's when we get derailed; some of us are afraid of being alone.

Some of us are afraid of going to the gym and being seen with flab; others are afraid of loose skin when we're done. A lot of us are afraid of vacations because we worry we won't work out then, or we're afraid of working out without a buddy.

We can avoid our temptations and our fears for now -- and in the beginning it might be helpful to do so -- but we can't avoid them forever. The truth is, social situations will happen. So will alone-time with a fridge, so will vacations and buffets and holiday dinners. Isn't that how we all got derailed from maintenance into yo-yo-ing in the past?

The Challenge: First, identify something that you worry will derail you. State what it is in the thread below. Then add how you'll face it in the next month -- by going into that situation very deliberately and facing it down. And most importantly, figure out and post how this time, you'll defeat your fear.

For me: I'm afraid of going to parties where there is food. I mini-binged last time I did so (last night). So I'm pledging to go to at least one party where there will be all kinds of temptation, next weekend, and I am pledging to stay on plan while there.