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02-04-2011, 02:35 PM
I have only been at this about 5 weeks now, but for the last two weeks the scale has hovered in the same area fluctuating daily from 153 to 155. I have been totally on plan with food and exercise and refusing to get (too) frustrated with the scale because I know the numbers will reflect soon, but today I am ravenously hungry and feeling the urge to eat A LOT. Instead, I am going to take it as a sign that my body is reaching into my fat stores and keep on plan hoping the scale will give me my payout on Monday. Just had to make that declaration so that I will stick to it! LOL

02-04-2011, 02:39 PM
That's the spirit aimeebell! Stick with it. A pound and maybe some of its friends is sure to peel off sooner or later if you just stick with it. :)

02-04-2011, 02:50 PM
That choice is exactly right! Thats exactly what happens to me, for example i just spent 3 weeks at 244 then last week even up to 245.8 then all week i felt super munchie then my weigh in today was 240.8 a 5lb loss from last week... Its not always so drastic, usually only 1 or 2 lbs but im fairly sure that munchy is the body going 'hey feed us before we have to attack the reserves!'