Weight Loss Support - Been at it a couple weeks. New scale :\

02-01-2011, 02:33 PM
I have been off and on my diet for about a year now, but the last 2 weeks I have been really at it. I weighed in starting at 231 pounds, and two weeks later I am down 8 pounds at 223. I am pretty happy with my success so far and have a goal set of 200 pounds by march 31, my birthday :)

I have a new scale coming in the mail today, most of all because I thought it was time to invest in my own, and I noticed on of the bars on my sisters scale is slightly bent. I guess I am just writing this because I am so worried when I get mine it will be accurate and I will weigh in at more then I started at.

I know Ive lost 8 pounds, no matter what the scale says I am now. But I will be so disappointed if I find out Im really 235 now and started at 243. Ugh, It sounds so stupid to worry about, but we'll see. :shrug:

02-01-2011, 02:35 PM
I feel your pain! The scale I'm using right now has been around for at least 15 years, and I just don't trust it. I know soon I'll be looking for a new scale, and I'm beyond worried I'll find out I'm at 190 now, or something horrible like that.

Not to mention, at least once a day I worry that I haven't even lost 4 pounds, that maybe I haven't lost anything at all and my scale is just going crazy :c

02-01-2011, 02:38 PM
I dont think it would make the numbers up.. but oh man im nervous that its off calibration causing a smaller number to appear lol. well good luck with your scale :) either way, Im sure youve lost the 4 pounds, and congrats on that

02-01-2011, 02:39 PM
I had this same fear when I replaced my scale. I think it's normal to think that way.

But you could also be pleasantly surprised and weigh a lot less than you do now.

Between my old scale and my new one, there was a 3 lb difference, going down. So, I "lost" 3 lbs overnight!

I hope your new scale does the same thing.

Either way, your goal is to continue to lose weight, right? You're doing something right if the scale is going down. Just keep at it. The scale is just a number (even if it's a number we give a lot of power to!).

02-01-2011, 02:39 PM
I know what you mean, and same to you with the 8 pounds :)

We'll unfortunately just find out when a new scale comes around, right?!

02-01-2011, 02:42 PM
We have a lot in common amandaswan89! I spent last year on and off dieting too. I gained back 19 pounds and got back on plan. I lost 8lbs back on plan my first week too. Scales can be very disappointing if one has you at a higher weight, but at least the scale is moving down for you! If you do not reach your goal please do not give up. Don't you want this to be the year you stick with it and lose weight for good? I know I do. Good luck!

02-01-2011, 02:45 PM
Thanks guys :)

@Rana, I hope my scale does they same as yours

but either way, I really appreciate the support you ladies have all given and Asherdoodles87, youre right.. this is going to be the year! and I cant wait :) everyday is getting better. And I hope the same for everyone else here too.