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02-01-2011, 07:07 AM
Here we go with a new month - one more month closer to Spring.

Well, the honeymoon is over with Victoza. I am up two pounds this morning. :( I had that spicy bean soup for lunch yesterday and some pasta last night and I think my enemy Mr Salt has attacked. There'll be lots of water and veggies happening today.

There will also be lots of exercise and I am completely out of firewood inside the house. We are expecting the Big Snow to hit us overnight and I want to be prepared in case the power goes out. Being able to warm the back room in the house would be a comfort to the dogs and me if that happens. I also need to fill some water jugs. Gotta love the country when the water disappears if the electricity dies!

My ear worm for the day is "I will survive"!

02-01-2011, 08:22 AM
While the rest of the province is hunkering down for a good winter storm, I am on a train, (at this very moment, free wi-fi on board!) heading to Toronto for another 3 days of meetings. I have plans to go to yoga, have done scouting ahead of time so I know where to go etc. I will have supper with DD and son-in-love tomorrow too, so having the blessings with the work helps. DH suggested he come visit and spend the night at the hotel with me, which is appealing, but I worry I wont get any sleep for the meetings on Thursday, which being the 3rd and last day, means they will be the most important.
I didn't weigh this am since I was up so early, don't think its so accurate when sleep is affected. Getting up at 530 is not for me on a regular basis. I am glad to be going by train again, and not driving. This is more relaxing for sure.
I worked it out too, when going solo, it is quite a bit cheaper than driving. Between gas and city parking rates, driving is a very expensive proposition in big cities.
Ruth, do you think that bean soup fills you up with gas? oh wait, that should make you lighter. LOL
Rosebud, we got down to -24 so for a change, we were colder down south.
Its warming up to get ready for the snow here tho.
Trish, I think this one won't hit you where you live, but stay warm and healthy and sit back and enjoy our whining!
Have brought a few things for food plan, and found a small grocers near my hotel, so can pick stuff up for lunches. Suppers out and breakfasts at cora's, I will try to stay on plan as much as possible.
have a good day everyone.

02-01-2011, 01:50 PM
Good afternoon Chickies.

Mad No I don't think we are going to get any of this storm. The guy who did my fills for my nails this morning loves the snow and I think he was hoping for us to get snow tomorrow. The other ladies and I were talking about how we were tired of it. I'm not really ready for the weather to get to much warmer, but I am ready for that transitional time between winter and spring temps. Your trip sounds so nice on the train. I have always wanted to take a train trip. It is a blessing that you get to visit with your DD and SIL. I understand about DH being there when you need to sleep. Tony stays up almost all night any way and when we travel, he seems to think I need to do it too. I think that is why it is so easy for me to get sick when we travel. Either way, enjoy what time you have for yourself.

Ruthie I have the same problem with salt. I was up a few lbs recently and couldn't figure out why because I didn't think I had done anything wrong. It is so easy to get salt into things we don't know is there. I have the problem now because Cardiologist told Tony not to cut back on his salt and I have to cut back. What I do most of the time is that I lightly salt things or don't salt them at all and DH uses the salt shaker. Actually there are very few things that I love salt on especially extra and that is beans and soup. You brought back so many memories of when I lived in the country. We had a wood stove in the living room because many times when it snowed especially unexpectedly the electricity would go off and the electricity would go out. One time, I had forgotten to call and have the butane tank filled and we had no heat. Did our cooking on the wood stove. And no water when electricity went out.

Well, I did the whole dvd 40 minutes yesterday. I was so proud of myself. I was OP with WW Pts+ as my guide and as doctor approved, I only used 24 of my 29 pts because I didn't need them and refused to force feed myself. I really believe those times will even out over the week. I am eating only healthy foods. Weight is coming back down. Sorry to say they are recycled lbs, not new ones. But I am well on my way to working the plan.

Today DH goes for teeth cleaning and I'm going to the health food store while he is having that done and then we are going to pick up meds and a few things at Walmart. So walking in the stores will be my exercise today. Later today when we get home, I will probably try some of the Yoga movements on my new Senior exercise dvd DH got me for Christmas. I am suddenly so ready for getting into an exercise routine.

Rosebud and others reading:wave:

You gals in all that storm I don't mine your whining. I would be doing it with you if I was going through it. It may be close, but I hope not too close. Y'all try to stay warm.


02-02-2011, 07:20 AM
OK, I'll whine! I had to shovel a drift away from the deck door this morning so my furries could go out for potty! I suspect they didn't go off the deck but who can blame them. They were out less than a minute and came back in shivering and covered with sleet.

There! I whined.

We now resume regular programming.

BGL was 3.8 again this morning after an unexplained high of 7.5 yesterday. The weight is back down a smidge.

Today will definitely be a no-gym day since Richard won't get me ploughed out until this stuff stops. I plan to do some treadmill and make something healthy and comforting for dinner. Maybe meatloaf or chili? I still don't have much appetite (none actually) but know I must eat. Whodathunkit?

On we go!

02-02-2011, 09:47 AM
Ruthie You are so cute. Thanks for the chuckle. I would whine too. I think it is good for you to stay in and stay warm. I'm sure a lot of people are whining this morning even here in USA. I don't understand this BS stuff and weight. My weight is almost back down to low before I get back to virgin territory, but FBS not matching it. So confusing to me. May have to go back to Atkins, but I don't lose as quickly on Atkins as I do on this new plan. Will just have to see. It is really frustrating isn't it?

Quick one as I've got to run out this door in 5 just wanted to say Hi:wave: and have a safe and warm day.

02-03-2011, 07:04 AM
:coffee: and :wave: .
It finally stopped snowing! Richard ploughed me out around noon yesterday but it'll have to be done again before I go anywhere.
BGL is still OK at 3.8 and the "smidge" has returned - probably from soy sauce in last night's dinner. :shrug:

02-03-2011, 12:49 PM
A quick flyby again. Out early for DH to go see primary doc. It was a good visit and he doesn't have to go back for 3 months to see the doc of course will have to continue going to be sure everything is okay with the coumidin. Did get more of an understanding of things with primary doc. He says with Tony having the gene causing him to make clots that he may have to be on the coumidin for the rest of his life to keep him from having any more clots. So that was good news.

I'm fine. FBS reading has been kind of strange. Example, I checked it this morning and it was 144 mg/dl and then about 15 to 30 minutes later I took it just before breakfast and it was 106 mg/dl. Have any of you others experienced this? I thought maybe it had something to do with me exercising and asked the doc about it, but he said it should go down with the exercising not up. So who knows. I want to use WW for portion control, but I am going to cut back on some of the fruit and eat more veggies and see if that helps.

Cold here today, but not what many others of you are having. Stay warm and safe.

02-04-2011, 09:01 AM
Back down a smidge this a.m. and I suspect I have let more salt sneak into my diet. I used a taco mix yesterday! :shrug: My darn BGL was 3.3 this morning and I DID eat a small carb snack at bedtime. I think it'll take a while to balance out this Victoza.

I'm out of multi-vitamins this week and absolutely must get some today. When I am eating so much less, I'm sure I need them. No exercise is happening because I seem to have hurt my back with shoveling and wood-lugging.

On to a better weekend.

02-04-2011, 05:39 PM
Ruthie So sorry about your back. I hope it doesn't give you problems for too long. You mentioned milti-vitamins... I've got to go take mine now before I forget.

Missing a lot of us last few days. Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm.

I'm on my new plan. I'm eating starches only once a day. Then I suddenly realized that this is actually the same as the Heller's CAD/CALP woe. Always did love this woe and almost got down to normal weight eating this way when Tony and I first married. Go figure.

Mad Did you get back home okay? Hope you are staying warm wherever you are.

Rosebud Are you keeping warm?

Hope everyone is doing okay. Y'all have a great weekend.

02-04-2011, 06:43 PM
GOt home last night, but the train was sold out, very crowded and the wi-fi wasn't working. The meetings were productive, but there are more in the future, maybe the last week of February.
Trish, re the blood sugar conundrum, are you exercising in the morning before taking your fbs? exercise brings bs down overall, but shortly after the exercise, it will be higher. I believe this is due to glucose being released from the cells with the exercise. It goes down a while later.
Weight is 169 this am, so up a small amount, but nothing to worry about.
Still haven't lost anything since before Christmas, so must get to work.
Had one good yoga workout while in Toronto on Tuesday pm, but the other days just some walking for exercise. Today though got out for a good cross country ski with a colleague from another practice who also had a day off. We go off trail and get lost when we go out, so had a lot of fun.
My new baby is gaining weight and feeding better, and is getting cuter by the day.
Ruth, I don't know if you need to go to the gym, with all the snow shovelling you are certainly getting exercise, but watch your back!
Am off the rest of the weekend and plan more skiing and yoga while I can get it.
Have a lovely day friends.

02-05-2011, 08:00 AM
Weight down another smidge to 194.4 and BGL 5.6. I made sure to eat some carbs with dinner last night and did take glyburide. This will be an adjustment time. I have been a bit disappointed in the weightloss results until I realized I was 202 on January 24 and did the math! Last night I increased the Victoza to 12 ml per doc's orders and we'll see what happens in the next week.

I am just not hungry, an amazing state for me. Because I know I'm not eating enough, I bought some super-foods yesterday to try to correct that. I have Florida strawberries and gorgeous red peppers on hand along with spinach. Now to plan and EAT the meals!

02-05-2011, 10:53 AM
Hey Ruth, I agree, when appetite down having planned healthy meals is important. Eventually you would get hungry, and if nothing is planned, you might not eat right. My weight back down to ticker again, in spite of having ham last night, so maybe with salt out of my system it would be lower.
We have a party to go to tonight. I feel obligated to go because they are friends/colleagues of DH, and I am always dragging him out for my stuff.
I don't know how I will get through this without eating too much tho. Am taking my own drinks. Will eat before hand. I am planning to sit away from the kitchen. Its usually just a mingling party, (its their midwinter Groundhog day party, they do it every year) so I can't distract myself playing board games, cards or playing music. Those are some of the ways I have been handling parties this year.
Any suggestions gratefully suggested.
Enjoy your Saturday friends.

02-06-2011, 07:41 AM
Upped the Victoza over the weekend and the new dose stings when I inject. I also have a bit of bruising so need to switch sites. BGL was 3.3 this morning, probably from a low carb dinner. At my age, you'd think I'd smarten up!

Mad, I'm sure you survived the party well. You certainly seem to have your strategies all worked out. I have a dinner party tonight after our Church annual meeting and am not going to have any wine. I'm planning to take along diet gingerale. The food should be OK as Claire's a healthy cook. I just hope I can serve myself and eat a reasonable amount.

02-06-2011, 10:26 AM
Ruth, hope your dinner party goes well too. Well, the weather got bad, had a sudden dump of snow coming down fast, was whiteout conditions, so we didn't go anywhere. Hubby also came down with a cold, so he wasn't going to the party anyhow. I would have done something else, but with the weather how it was, I stayed in. Got very tired all of a sudden, and fell asleep at 9 pm on a Saturday night. Was up a couple of hours in the night, but got back to sleep again, so total of 10 hours last night. Hope to get in a ski today before superbowl stuff. Where we go to watch the game, I can sit in one spot and serve just the food that is ok. (the wings, meatballs, chili, cheese, and not the chips and crackers etc) . I am not a big football fan, maybe I will bring a board game to play with someone else who couldn't care less.
I know that is blasphemy to some. My daughter LOVEs it. Give me hockey any day. LOL
Hope everyone else is having a good weekend.

02-06-2011, 11:33 AM
:lol: Once I sat and watched a game with the sound off and listened to the Metropolitan Opera. My husband was quite disgusted!

Just found out Claire is serving a turkey dinner with lots of veggies. I can eat my way around that. I was worrying it'd be pasta. Christine is bringing dessert - a chocolate butterscotch cake iced with Skor bars! I'll definitely pass on that - just typing it makes me nauseous.

02-06-2011, 03:45 PM
Ruthie :rofl: thinking of you watching the game with the Met Opera going.

Tony doesn't care about football all that much. Previous hubby loved it and wouldn't miss a game especially Cowboys. We will watch it enough to know what it going on and that is it since his son will probably call some time during the game.

Went out to eat yesterday and evidently got too much salt. Up a lb today, but it will go back down tomorrow I'm sure. FBS was extremely high for me, but was back down 4 hrs later when I got home from church. So decided I will be getting more control of the carbs.

I found a book I had (don't know where or why I got it) called The Sugar Addict's Recovery Program. It sounded really good until I got to the part where it said that you were supposed to eat a potato each night with the skin to train your body to produce insulin in order for the serotonine to be made and function. I cloed the book and forgot about it because I think we take Metformin to keep our body from making too much insulin and releasing it into the body. They pushed eating protein and carbs rather than low carbing. More carbs IS NOT what I need to eat but LESS. Well, I guess there are all kinds of books out there.

As much as I hate counting anything, I'm counting calories and carbs now. Guess this is what I have to do because I DO NOT want to go backwards, I've made too much progress to mess up and lose it now. Got up this morning and weighed and measured to help me see & know my progress as I go along... and I'm having a great day. Just have to turn the day into days and weeks and months etc.

Mad Sorry you couldn't make the party and hope your Hubby gets to feeling better soon.

Everybody have a great Superbowl evening.

02-06-2011, 11:36 PM
HI TRISH ~ yes, we are keeping nice & warm up here; after several days of full :sunny:, we have had a few cloudy days with ***** on and off; but not that much really. Tonight the temps have fallen down to -15C but that's not too bad. We need it becuz our Winter Carnival is on right now and the ice must be hard for the festivities.

RUTH ~ that sounds nice that the Victoza is making you less hungry; but I wouldn't want to do the needle thing ... opera and sports? :lol:

I used to watch sports in the past but haven't done that in quite some time. I spent my weekend reading a nice historical romance, and loved it.:D

We had roast beef and veggies for dinner tonight; lots leftover for tomorrow. I'm having a baked apple with a sprinkle of walnuts for my snack right now.

Have to go to the dentist on Tuesday for that filling; hope I feel better this week and no nausea. May have to take a gravol with me ... :dizzy: Hope you all have a wonderful week coming up ... Rosebud :flow2:

02-07-2011, 07:02 AM
:lol: Yes, opera and sports - and I used to knit at the same time. My Mother was adept at knitting and reading!

Good meeting and nice dinner at Claire's - I actually had an appetite! I didn't drink wine, resisted a decadent dessert and ate small portions of everything. Weight is UP .4 this morning! Go figure! Killer Salt may have been lurking.

My back is still sore so I may not do my full routine at the gym. Busy day (and week) ahead but my food is planned.

02-07-2011, 06:11 PM
did ok at last nights superbowl party, but did have a few crackers with the dips, then walked away from the food and kept busy. Didn't feel very social at all, tho. Even tho things are a bit better at home these days, since the fight in October with DD, my depression hasn't lifted much inspite of med increases and changes. so may have to find an alternative way to deal with that.
Leaves me feeling a lack of ambition. I don't know how much is our problems or if I am still grieving for my mother. In March it will be a year since she died, and I would like to get back to an emotional balance. I think that will help my weight loss.
Hope you all had a good weekend and for those who watched the game, that you managed your appetite ok. Ruth, how was your dinner party?

02-08-2011, 08:06 AM
Mad, I'm so sorry you are having to deal with depression as well as the other crud life pitches at us. It's hard to have to keep striving for emotional balance but we women are strong and can do it. ((Mad))

Dinner party was good. I avoided "Death by Chocolate" by imagining what it would be like to throw up after eating it! Gross trick but it worked. I did NOT mention it at the table - do have some couth! :lol:

Weight is down another wee bit this morning despite stir-fry last night. I used Hoisin sauce which seems to have less salt. My back is still bothering me so exercise has been curtailed although I am going to do some treadmill this morning.

BGL is still pretty good but I'm not sure if I'm controlling it with diet or the meds. Yesterday I ran into my doc when I was at my meeting at the Clinic and he noticed I'd lost some weight. He asked how much and I told him he had to wait until our appointment on March 7th. (202-193.6=8.4 since Jan. 24 is very nice but I know some of the loss was water and that it will slow down soon.)

02-08-2011, 09:36 AM
Ruth , that is all good news, except the back. If you can afford to invest in a massage treatment, I find that helpful. I also have a good chiropractor. We are worth it to ourselves. HAd a long talk with DH last night about how my feelings are not in balance, and he very supportive. THen I got called to work, so am going to work this am with just a few hours of sleep. This is when I want to cheat, so am glad I made some prepped foods on the weekend. Had custard for breakfast and will be home for lunch to eat coleslaw and a few ribs.
Its dawned bright and sunny at least, so the day looks crisp but good out there.

02-08-2011, 11:55 AM
Ruth Glad the scales are moving down for you and liked how you handled the chocolate. Chocolate... the dark that is so good for us (they say) has been my downfall lately. I am so sorry that you back isn't better. Maybe a chiropractor will be helpful.

Mad So sorry you are going through the depression. I can understand how emotions can be so off balance. I lost my Mama almost 20 yrs ago and I still have my moments, but I try to remember that she is in a much better place and isn't in any pain any more. Helps also that I know I will see her again someday. It just takes time for our emotions to catch up to what we know and believe in our hearts. Will keep you in my prayers. Hope your day goes well with so little sleep, but it is so good for you to be able to talk to you DH and have his support. That helps a whole lot.

Rosebud I know you will be glad to get that tooth fixed.

Well, I haven't been here a few days as FBS went up and I've had to take time to regroup and get my head around this and then get my head on straight. I tried counting carbs and calories... just too much work and time I don't have. I've decided to stick with the WW Points plus since I don't want to give up my fruit just cutting back on how much fruit I will eat. I would rather have the fruit and then keep the junk out of here. I've got my plan for today. Had my steel Irish oats for breakfast and will have flounder for lunch with salad and broccoli and have breakfast for dinner. Will end up using 28 of the 29 basic pts required. Going heavier on the protein. I believe this will work out good for me. I know this will work because it was working until I messed it up with the junk. I just have to remember that there are some things that I CANNOT bring into the house. I will set my mind on the 29 daily pts and save the weekly pts for eating out. Actually I usually find eating out easier for me because I know I have to be extra careful when eating out.

We have beautiful weather today and tomorrow and then Thursday we are supposed to have snow again. Hopefully that will be the last of it for us. So many people have had it so bad that I certainly cannot and will not complain.

Have a good one.

02-08-2011, 02:50 PM
Good Morning Ladies.
Been MIA for awhile, as I keep forgetting about the new months posting. I kept checking the old one and noone was posting. Then it dawned on me and I can actually call it a seniors moment now.

Had my AIc checked last week and it was 6.1 down from 6.3 last time. I also asked the doctor about my high morning readings (sometimes as high as 8.6).
He said not to worry aboout it and that the only reading that is really acurate is the AIc. He also said I was keeping very good control on the diabetes.:carrot:

Ruth - congrats on your weight losss.

Mad - hopefully thing will look better for you soon.

Rosebud - good luck on the tooth.

We had another 10 inches of snow yesterday. Enough already. Wishing for spring.

Have a great day.

02-09-2011, 08:01 AM
Lindyloo, nice to "see" you again and congratulations on the great HA1C reading! :cb: I guess I should have posted a link to the new thread when we ended the January one.

Rosebud, how did the trip to the dentist go? No problem with hard ice around here despite being "southern" compared to you.

Patty, we sure do have to experiment to hit the right eating plan. I have things I cannot have in the house and innocent Melba toast is one of them. Chips have been banished for years but Melba toast is sneaky - I think it's the crunch.

Mad, so sorry you had another short sleep night and I hope things brighten up for you.

Victoza is working for appetite control, perhaps too well. I am forgetting to eat and never thought that would happen! I didn't feel it until mid-afternoon yesterday and it wasn't hunger but dizziness from low BGL. Gotta fix that! Although they are pretty high salt, I may stock up on some frozen "diet" meals. I am also going to put a meal break onto my daily planner with reminders. Weight is dropping, of course down to 191.6 this morning. I know enough about nutrition and diabetes to smarten up. It's about health, not just weightloss, dummy!

02-09-2011, 07:45 PM
RUTH ~ the dentist appt went really well; he is a younger fella but he decided he would do it as fast as he could yet still do a good job. Turns out that I did need 2 teeth done (one next to the other) but he did them at the same time; I was out of there in a flash. I was very grateful : no pain and no nausea this time, as he used the drills in short spurts (we had discussed this idea and it worked). The night before, I was up almost every hour; didn't feel anxious but must have been as I couldn't sleep. It all turned out well; so glad it's over ... ;)

You are doing so well of late; losing pretty steady there. Glad the Victoza's working for you to take away the hunger ... I was gonna ask until I read that you had to take needles to use it; dang it!!! I learned here that Byetta helps people lose weight and control BSL's but it is only avaialable in the US (and probably has to be administered by needle too); maybe the Victoza will turn out to be a Canadian equivelant to the Byetta.

TRISH ~ well, at least you are learning that the WW program is a good basic plan for you with some tweaking. I like the fruit too; I just limit how much and how often I have it; and what kinds too. I made some apple-rhubarb compote and I just have 1/4 cup at a time; so satisfying even in that small amount.

MAD ~ praying the depression gets better soon; yes, I think that grief could be a part of the problem. After the first full year, you may start to see some improvement; it is true what they say -- that TIME is the best healer ... :hug:

THANKS, LINDY ~ glad you are keeping those numbers under 7.0 and your doc is happy with how things are going for you. Well, 10" of snow is a lot at one time ... ;)

I spent Monday morning washing my floors; Tuesday up town at dentist and grocery shopping. Today, was cleaning around here (bathroom, kitchen, etc). We're having leftover BBQ spit chicken with brown rice and veggies mix.

The temps have fallen during the night here; we have -20 C already right now ... :brr: We did have :sunny: all day yesterday and for a good part of the day today. Time to go check on our dinner; it smells ready ... :lol:

Take good care ... Rosebud :flow2:

02-10-2011, 07:26 AM
I love your :flow2:, Rosebud. We need more :sunny: and :encore: as we slowly inch toward Spring. Yes, Byetta IS by needle and also causes a lot of nausea and even vomiting. Victoza has similar side effects but not as severe, for me at least. I had very slight nausea the first two days which sure helped with appetite control. Doing the injections is no problem as I have a very small needles and really don't feel it - and I'm a wimp!

Yesterday was a better day with food but I'm still not eating enough veggies and fruit or calories for that matter. :( Whodathunkit? Today will be better, even if I have to eat small meals six times a day. The good news is that the thought of the Chinese Buffet in town makes me feel queasy.

I think I need a chef - around 26 and buff would be good - male, of course! We eat with our eyes, right?

02-10-2011, 08:14 AM
Thanks for the love and hugs ladies, I needed that. I took the radical step of going off my medication. Called the doc and told her about it. I am on a low dose, and wasn't sure if I should increase or go off. She agreed with going off for a bit and seeing if it was the med change that made things seem worse. Funny tho, I changed meds because it seemed to be worse and the first one wasn't helping, and at first the new med seemed better. (certain :censored:drives seemed improved anyhow!) But anyway, today dawns a new day, and I do feel better, although it may that 14 hours of sleep will do that.
I was awake all night Tuesday night, just a catnap in there, then helped another lovely baby into the world. I sure hope the next one comes during the day, perhaps on the weekend. I have a lot of daytime work to make up today and tomorrow, so hope people hold off a bit.
Well, lots of posts while I worked and slept. Was great to hear from you Lindyloo. Stay warm!
Ruth, I think its a good idea to have reminders to eat, whatever works, even small amounts. I too could easily plow through a box of melba toast, it would be a chip replacement, and I would tell myself its healthier than chips even as I ate more calories than one would think humanly possible. That crunch IS addictive.
Trish, I am glad you worked things out well with your dentist. I don't like to use freezing if I can help it when having dental work, leaves me wonky all day, by BP drops too much even with small doses. Awk.
Well, time for tea, and getting ready for work, maybe check out a few other threads.
Thanks ladies, this is always my first stop in the morning, I really enjoy checking in here.

02-10-2011, 11:15 PM
Well, I didn't get by here yesterday and feels like I've been gone for days. Yesterday I left my BSF meeting before the lecture came home and got my grocery list and went to the store to get some asparagus and zucchini. I've got to start eating the zucchini again and see if it will help get my FBS back down. When I ate off my FBS went up to 141. I got it back down below 110 one day and then it has been 126 yesterday and 128 this morning. The strange thing is the readings during the day are super even was down in the 80's one evening. It 103 last night before I went to bed so I was surprised that it was 128 this morning. I actually have been having a little bit of energy for a change so I've been a lot more active. When I got home from the store yesterday DH and I went to Walmart to get meds the doc had called in for him. His triglycerides was very high so the doc put him on a statin. Then today I spent the day getting some much needed housework done that I haven't felt like doing. It actually feels good to feel good. I remember the doc telling me one time to eat my starchy carbs earlier in the day so I did that today. So I'll see in the morning if that makes a difference. This is really a trial and error learning experience isn't it?

Scales are finally going down. I was excited this morning to see that I was down 2lbs below where I was on New Yrs day so if I can keep it I'm down into the virgin territory again. So WW is working for me and I figure in time my body BS will catch up.

Lindyloo It is good to see you here... missed you. Glad you have you BS under control. I remember the last time I went to doc and I thought the A1c was going to be bad and he walked in and said "Good job. A1c was really good". Strange how that works. So the high morning readings may mean nothing. I know DH and I have been under stress this past week and his has been a little high as well. I know that can cause FBS to be high. He went to the dentist to get his teeth cleaned and had to have $3,000 worth of dental work done. So I needed to hear what your doc said. Thanks for sharing that.

Rosebud Glad things went so well for you at the dentist office. We have a good dentist who works with me. I explained to him how nervous I was with a new dentist when I first went to him and he was super. I have no problem going to him now. I have never cooked or eaten rhubarb and thought about buying some, but I'm afraid I won't like it. May break down and try it one of these days.

Ruthie I'm glad you didn't experience too much nausea etc with the Byetta. It is difficult to eat when you aren't hungry I know, but you need to eat enough so your body won't think it is starving. I'm sure you'll do fine.

Mad Glad you were able to get some much needed rest. Hope going off the meds keeps working for you. DH is on meds and it has made a real difference in him and his attitude. I feel like I have my hubby back again. So take good care of yourself.

Guess I better close. didn't mean to make it so long. Hope everyone has a great Friday tomorrow.

02-11-2011, 08:04 AM
Patty, it's Victoza, not Byetta and the nausea is minimal. Not to worry. My BGL is doing OK and is not too low. I was hoping to ditch the gyburide but it's not happening ... yet. I am way too impatient. I just realized I've only been on this stuff for two weeks as of tonight! I should increase my dose tonight per instructions but am going to wait a bit until after the weekend. I don't want increased nausea over the busy weekend. Right now it's manageable.

Yesterday I had a long chat with my dearest and oldest friend re my lack of appetite. She has practically ordered me to eat better and says I need to cook super-tasty meals in small quantities rather than just grab and go. She may be right. I made a quesadilla with two small ww tortillas last night and ate the whole thing! A salad with it would have been better but ... When I am in town today I'll get some "upscale" veggies and do something special tonight.

I know I will have no problem resisting the Chinese Buffet when I'm in town!

02-11-2011, 05:20 PM
Well, FBS was back down to 109 mg/dl this morning. I had my zucchini in an omlet last night and I drank 4 oz of red wine before I went to bed. I think that helped lower the blood sugar this morning.

Ruthie Sorry, I knew it wasn't Byetta, but it was Victoza. I'm glad it is working for you.

:wave:Hello everybody else reading this.

Y'all have a great week end.

02-11-2011, 06:56 PM
Patty, I am going to have a glass of wine with my mushroom omelet and spinach salad tonight. I did that last night and was able to enjoy what I ate.

02-11-2011, 08:39 PM
We had another full day of :sunny: and that brought the temps up quite far today and it felt nice and cozy sitting by the window in my rocking chair. Now that it's gone to bed, the temps plummeted so it's colder now.

:lol: Oops, it was me that brought up the comparison of Byetta; sorry about that ladies -- didn't mean to cause any confusion there. I was wondering what kind of wine you are all drinking; is that a DRY red wine? Does it make a difference what kind it is? And, what about whites? Some like Dubinet (sp)are a medium-dry red, I think; that was my mom's favorite wine.

I twisted my left knee somehow the other night; have no idea how and when I did it. DH had to pick me up some crutches today; and they are helping. Thank goodness for our second-hand thrift shop here; they were only $2.00 for the pair of them. I had a heck of a time sleeping last night trying to find a comfortable way to lay. This week hasn't been good on the sleeping front so I went to bed earlier last night (around 10 pm) but did a bit of reading to help me fall asleep. I really just wanted to rest my leg on a flat surface; and it is much better today. I hope it will be all better in a couple of days ... :^:

DH made hamburgers for dinner tonight; it's something that's easy that he can make. I had a BLUE MENU burger with a side of salad which I made while he made the burgers. Now I am going to go rest up my leg and read a bit for awhile. Have a great weekend everyone ... Rosebud :flow2:

02-11-2011, 10:12 PM
:wave:Rosebud The red wine I drink is what DH buys. It is in a box not a bottle made by Franzia called Chilable Red. It must be dry because I don't like a dry wine and I have to get used to it. However, I don't like real sweet wine either. As long as it helps lower my FBS I will drink almost 4 oz a day and treat it more like a medicine. From what I remember reading about things to do and not to do when taking Metformin, I don't think more than that is really recommended. I think you are taking Metformin too aren't you?

We too had a beautiful day with sunshine and it warmed up in the 50's. It is supposed to be in the 20's tonight and tomorrow night and in the 50's tomorrow. Starting Sunday we will go into the 60's and stay there and be beautiful all next week.

Oh yes. About your knew. When I twisted my knee about 3 yrs ago, my DD who used to work for an ortherpedic (sp) told me to put a pillow between my knees when I try to sleep. I put a pillow under my knee when lying on my back. You might try that. And don't be on it any more than you have to for a while. When I finally got over it, took me a while because I started walking on it too soon, I've never had any more trouble with it. I pray you won't eithr.

02-12-2011, 07:16 AM
Good morning. I have to leave for Kingston in an hour or so and have just had a breakfast of blackberries, Fibre 1 and yogurt. That should hold me through a long boring day of electing a Bishop. I know there will be lunch provided but have packed my half sandwich and raw veggies. I'm really hoping we'll be all done by noon but ...

Owie on the knee problem, Rosebud! Patty is right - a pillow will help. So will Advil and a trip to the doc if it's not mightily improved by Monday. My knee replacement started out with a similar problem that I ignored so ... The wine I've been drinking is el cheapo boxed wine from the LCBO - Peller Estates French Cross. I get shiraz for red and dry white for white.

I missed seeing Fatmad yesterday. I hope life is easing up for her.

I reinstated my ticker with a January start and a goal weight that will just get me into the overweight BMI category. I absolutely hate the word "obese".

02-12-2011, 11:37 AM
A quick flyby as I'm getting to head out to beauty shop in about 45 minutes. This is my day to flyby store where I get my zucchini and asparagus and salad stuff that I can't get or get the same quality at Walmart. I do love Walmart but some things just aren't the same as at other places. Then hit Zaxby's to get DH favorite Buffalo finerz and by Burger King to get his favorite fries. I don't eat the fries. I do eat a couple or 3 of the fingerz as they are only 2 pts a piece. Isn't so bad even though I do eat more low carbish.

Ruthie Sounds like you have your plan for the day. I don't like the word obese either. I can handle overweight better. I to miss Mad and hope she is okay.

Have a great week end Everybody.

02-13-2011, 07:56 AM
Morning, Chickies. Survived yesterday - now on to today! Roast beef dinner with the "Girls" is on the plan. I am taking Death By Chocolate - avoiding eating it will be my challenge although I am sure the beef will fill me up fast!

02-13-2011, 09:40 AM
A quick flyby to say hello and have a great Sunday. Church this morning and then nothing planned for the rest of the day except stay OP. I am pleased with FBS although it was 125, but at least I know that is due to the sinus pill I had to take last night. Weight up a little, but I think that was water because I ate lots of veggies yesterday besides the water and fluids I drank.
Have a good one.

02-13-2011, 09:46 AM
Hi ladies, sorry I didn't get posting yesterday, but I appreciate your thoughts and kind words. Yes, things have let up a bit, had another birth Friday evening, and quiet since then, but yesterday was taken up with visiting new babies and their mammas. Including my darling little Lilia, Aunty Madeleine got to change her diaper and fashioned a sling out of my scarf, carried her about while her mother got a shower and a nap, and did the dishes and laundry for the couple. They appreciate everything I do, whether professionally or as a friend/aunty, and its quite rewarding. They took the baby to meet maternal grandma, but she is not visiting or helping, too bad she is missing out. This baby is bonding with me too, so I will just stay in her life and enjoy it all. Not too hard at all, as all those with grandkids, and special kids in their lives will attest, you don't need a blood bond to bond!
Went to a colleague/friend's birthday party last night. Ate a piece of cake, made with no dairy and with spelt flour, was a bit dry, so had to have ice cream to wash it down!. I did plan the cheat, so not feeling guilty, but will be careful with food today.
Oh rosebud, hope the knew improved overnight. RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) is the usual prescription, and I second the use of the pillow in bed. Helps mine a lot when it is bugging me.
BOught some cross-country skis for hubby yesterday, so planning to take him out to the flat trail to practice later.
Ruth: have a good day electing. Do you go to the cathedral for communion first then meet and vote? (are we talking anglican here? are we allowed to ask about religion as long as we don't get into flame wars? promise not to get argumentative!)
Trish, hope the woe is working for you. I have not lost for a while, but seem able to maintain (with a bit of work and being mindful, and can have small cheats from time to time as long as I behave and go back to plan right away, oh wait, that is how to maintain, right??)
Will be extra good this week. Next weekend has some special events to look forward to.
bye for now everyone.

02-13-2011, 11:51 AM
Nice to "see" you Mad! yes, The whole event did start with the Eucharist which was quite impressive with the Cathedral packed with clerics and lay delegates. It was a good experience bot a long and somewhat tedious day. We certainly CAN mention religion here, we're just not supposed to argue it.

02-14-2011, 03:18 PM
Happy Valentine's Day Chickies. Have a great day.

Everything is going good here. Staying OP.

02-14-2011, 05:19 PM
Happy Hearts Day to All!

02-14-2011, 06:48 PM
Going out for a nice dinner with hubby, going to cheat a bit and have either Chinese or sushi. Will go easy on the rice.

02-15-2011, 07:03 AM
Good morning. The weekend caught up with me and my ticker is lying again! I did have killer sugar yesterday plus a 33% DVA sodium frozen dinner for dinner. BGL is fine though - :shrug: I'll leave the ticker as is for a day or so but ...
When will I learn?

02-15-2011, 07:10 PM
the dreaded salt hit me too. I had chinese, Hunan beef but just ate the meat and veggies, no rice, so didn't soak up the sauce, but was up 2 pounds this am, so can only blame the salt. (ok, did have one chocolate.) So funny., we don't usually go out for supper for valentine's day since our anniversary is on the 20th, so we didn't make reservations or anything. But turned out DD wanted to make supper for her boyfriend, and DH offered that we would leave them alone for their romantic dinner, didn't tell me. So which restaurants aren't full with reservations on Valentine's day? answer, chinese. SO that is where we went!
Now it is naptime, as I was up in the night. ttfn, happy tuesday everyone.

02-15-2011, 08:29 PM
Well I had stirfry with teriyahki (sp) sauce and some candy. Up 2 lbs, but FBS was fine. I think the red wine is helping with the FBS. Eating my favorite green veggies including zucchini doesn't hurt. I heard we may have a shortage of zucchini among some other things because of the freeze this year. So might should buy some up and put it in the freezer.

Hope to do better the rest of the week.

02-16-2011, 07:43 AM
Looks like we all went up that frassing two pounds from V-Day celebrations. I do think that cutting so much salt from my diet has made me extra sensitive to it when I do have it. I checked with Joanne about the jerk rub she used on the meat at our dinner and it was almost pure salt! Things are better today although the ticker is fibbing a little bit. We should be back to reality tomorrow.

Patty, how about growing some zucchini this year if you have the space? It should do well in your area.

I am loaded with spinach. I bought a big plastic bin of it on the weekend and yesterday's Good Food Box had another bag. Good thing I like it - especially with a bit of butter and nutmeg. I visualize a spinach, walnut and goat cheese salad for lunch today!

My back is still stabbing me occasionally so I'm skipping gym yet again. I will do treadmill shortly though to assuage some of my guilt.

02-16-2011, 06:41 PM
HI LADIES ~ well, the only chocolate I had was in a muffin; yep, that's right, I took some dark chocolate that I got for Christmas and put one mini-square in each muffin to surprise DH ... :lol: Hey, they turned out good too; that is Banana-Blueberry Oatmeal-Bran Muffins with a kick!;) I made 2 dozen last week before I hurt my knee; and had put some in the freezer for later on ...

RUTH ~ you can freeze that extra bag of spinach; I like to cut the frozen pieces up into spagetti sauce and soups too. Ya, I have to watch the salt too; and it seems to be in everything ...

My PC is very SLOOOOW today, but I am being stubborn and trying to catch up on my posting; this is only post #3 and I've been here since just after lunch. Did I mention my PC is very slooowww? :dizzy:

The nights have been cold but today the temps were really mild; at 0C and maybe even higher this afternoon with a bit :sunny: for a short while too. Well, it's almost 6 pm and guess what -- it is still light out; so the days are getting noticeably longer ... yeah!!!

I think I told you this already, but I twisted my left knee last week; have been on crutches ever since. DH has been helping me out: being my gopher. I told him it was payback time; he just laughed ... but I am enjoying a bit of a rest right now. I do have to get up every 60-90 minutes to walk around to keep my circulation good; gotta get some exercise, and the crutches are helping a lot.

Have been doing well on plan; even though we've been having more convenient kind of foods. They are all on my plan and have been having lots of salad and/or veggies with them; I'm actually enjoying this. DH has been doing light chores to keep the place looking presentable too; and that's a big help.

I've been getting in a lot of reading; and been going to bed a bit earlier to rest my knee. Have to go to the doctors on Friday; hope I can get around OK by then. It's time to go wrangle up some dinner. Have a great week; and take good care ... Rosebud :flow2:

02-16-2011, 08:20 PM
Just a quick flyby. Everything is going good here. FBS was down 2 more pts this morning. So no complaints there. Busy day.

Ruthie So sorry your back is still acting up. Hope it gets better soon.

Rosebud Good to hear from you. Glad DH is being so helpful.

Catch y'all tomorrow.

02-17-2011, 08:05 AM
:wave: All is well but running late.

02-18-2011, 07:48 AM
Rosebud, try dumping your cache and history and see if that doesn't help your pc speed a bit. Also cleansweep anything that has been deleted helps too.

I have been mia for a couple of days. Long work hours, and :( another car accident. Very icy conditions caused a car accident yesterday when I was taking DD to school early for an enrichment program. We are both fine, I wasn't driving fast because it was a bit icy, but I came over a rise and there was a sheet of ice, and a car in the ditch, and a tractor pulling it out, and bang. All in slow motion because we were never going fast, but dang, you can sure damage a lot of stuff that way. As you can guess, I am pretty stressed/distressed with it all, and have been bingeing. Thats right, lost it completely, eating all kinds of stuff I don't even want!
I am not going to judge myself, but gently get back on track.
It could all be much worse, and I will concentrate on the good things.

Will go to yoga tonight, and meditate on the state of affairs, and work up to feeling better.

HOpe the weather stays ok and everyone safe.

02-18-2011, 09:26 AM
Aw, Mad! What a crappy thing to happen! Be gentle with yourself. I hope you wake to a soft and gentle day. :hug:

My weight is still stuck and the ticker is lying a bit. Part of the problem is constipation - not usually a problem with me. Today is a Metamucil Morning. I wonder if it would taste better with a shot of gin. Ya think?

My appetite is back - too bad although I sort of missed its company at meal times. I was supposed to increase my dosage up to 1.8 after two weeks but kept putting it off. I even skipped two shots. I also have been drinking more than a single glass of wine. :nono: Time to get back on track!

I am planning a trip to town to Staples today - right beside the Chinese Buffet! I am taking along a Baby Bel cheese and some raw veggies and fruit and hope I can resist. I'll try to plan my route so I go there early, shop elsewhere and then come back after lunch to pick up my print job. (I'm great at planning but not good at following the plan. I need a GPS of Life!)

02-18-2011, 07:26 PM
Mad So sorry about all you've been going through.:hug: I've been on a binge off and on lately and I don't have any excuse. I've got to get myself back on track. May have to go back on low carb to get back on track. For some reason, sweets I never pay attention to or notice just seems to "call my name" from time to time. Not enough to affect the FBS but I need to get control before it does.

Ruthing Metamucil with gin. :rofl: You are too funny. I drink less than half glass of wine before I go to bed and I think that is really help keep FBS down. I don't really like the wine, but it does help me sleep good. I'm not waking up every hr or 2 like I used to.

I hope to get myself back on track this weekend.

Y'all have a great weekend.

02-18-2011, 09:58 PM
I vote for putting the metamucil in wine! LOL
I have to take the psyllium in capsule form, and the metamucils and the generic equivalents are not for me, they have sugar, or citric acid in them (or both) so can't have them.
Had a good but very busy day. I was supposed to just be on for emergency back up, but with two women in labour, and possible preterm labour needed a check, and many many post birth visits, we all worked a full day.
My daughter-from-another-mother and her baby were my last visit, still struggling with breastfeeding problems. They were a big novelty at the breastfeeding clinic I sent them too. But baby is gaining weight and is cute as a button.
a long day and I am tired. Must eat some supper and spend some cuddle time with my true love. We are away for the weekend, (anniversary time) so will talk with you all Sunday night.

02-18-2011, 10:19 PM
OH MADELEINE ~ so glad that you and your DD are OK; hey, just remember that only the car got hurt and that can be fixed or replaced. No, don't judge yourself: someone was in the ditch before you; they went off that same ice patch! Go do your yoga and meditations and this too will pass ... you can get a sugar-free berry metamucil at the drug store; I have some here and bet it would taste great with wine! Have a nice anniversary weekend away with your DH. :D

Thanks for the ideas; I did a refrag and clean=up recently; emptied the trash bin, but will check the history and cookies. I really suspect it is my AV programs updating and running while I'm on here; as the machine is older, it takes them longer than they would on other machines.

RUTH ~ hmmm, metamucil & gin; that's a new one for sure. I find that having porridge in the morning and an apple in the evening has really helped my internal organs work better. I add a bit of fiber to my porridge mix though (a bit of wheat bran).

TRISH ~ the alcohol drink does indeed help with the BSL's but be careful not to drink too much at night with nothing to eat. My cousin's Dad passed out after having 2 drinks and nothing to eat recently becuz his BSL's went way too low (he's on meds too); he's OK now though as paramedics revived him. The half serving may be a good place to start.

GOOD NEWS at the DOCS ~ my meditations and all this healthy living are paying off; I had the lowest blood pressure reading in mega=years ... ever ... for me, that is: only 132/76. That is a huge drop from the last time, so I am very encouraged by that. Yes, I have torn the muscles in the inside and back of my knee; have to stay on the crutches for 2 more weeks; and only if it isn't Ok by then, I may have to do some physio.

After picking up a few groceries and some dinner, we walked out into a big ***** storm with lots of winds, but DH drove slow and we made it home safely. Have a great weekend ladies; keep warm and maybe cuddle up near a nice warm fire or something like that ... Rosebud :flow2:

02-18-2011, 10:37 PM
that is the fight i am having, food choices are many times loaded with things i have not even thought about and the 2 pounds i take off today will be right back on tomorrow...grrr frustrating

02-18-2011, 11:03 PM
:welcome: JEWELS ~ yes, it seems that salt is a big issue for many of us; there is a lot of it in the processed foods especially. I was reading labels a lot today at the store looking for a salad dressing without eggs in it. I had bought one that was supposed to be good until August but had to throw it out at is tasted funny to me and I'm not taking any chances. I decided to go egg-free and see if that is better. I found one with no cholesterol and reasonable fat and calorie count too.

This is a learning process; we have discovered that is a lot of trial and error for all of us here ... ;)

02-19-2011, 08:26 AM
Yes, welcome, jewelswa. We totally understand your frustration. I think getting the BGL under control should be our first step and then we can work on weightloss. I'm up and down all the time!

Mad, I hope you and the DH have a great anniversary weekend. Is it Big Smoke time or elsewhere? You certainly deserve some R&R.

Rosebud, keep that cold and blowy weather up there, OK? I'm about to have some oatmeal fortified with ground flax, salba and a chopped apple. Wish me luck. ;) Wow for the good BP and so sorry about the knee problem. Let's hope two weeks of rest helps.

Patty, good point about the wine. Just be sure you ate a decent supper. Some of my scary lows have happened after a very light meal and wine.

Well, I walked right by the Chinese Buffet yesterday but resisted. Yay me! I did discover something new though that could become addictive. In the pharmacy (Shoppers), I discovered these fruit snacks (http://www1.shoppersdrugmart.ca/en/Food-And-Home/Brands/Simply-Food/Collections/Snacks.aspx ) and bought some. They are sugar-free and have fruit concentrate and pectin for 60 calories per pack. They are pretty yummy so I'll have to avoid over doing them. However, in a pinch, they would be a good away from home snack and better than ju-jubes!

OK - on with the day! Lifting my mug in a toast! :cofdate:

02-19-2011, 12:10 PM
A quick one here.

Jewelswa :welcome3: We have a great support group here. Glad to have you join us. This can be frustrating at times, but hang in there. it is a process of trial and error as we all learn what we have to do for our own bodies. What works for one doesn't work for another and sometimes it does. That is how we learn.

Ruthie Yay for passing up the chinese place. Hope the fruity products doesn't cause a problem.

Rosebud So glad the BP improved. Hope the knee heals quickly.

Mad Happy Anniversary. Have a nice celebration with your DH.

I'm lowcarbing again. Still counting the WW pts since I spent the money for the stuff. Not sure if I'll be more of a strict Atkins Induction or just lower carbs, will just see how it goes. I just know I've got to get control of this sweet tooth I've developed of late.

Off to the beauty shop. Sure need a perm and will discuss it with Margaret this morning to see if we can do it 2 weeks early. She just put a body and new perm last time. We need to go back to full curl. Hair is just too fine to use anything else.

Have a good OP Saturday... that OP is more for me chickies. I've got to get back to doing what I must do to keep things healthy.

02-20-2011, 08:38 AM
Good morning! Good BGL today and ticker is truthful.

After Church today, the Doggage and I are off to visit friends on a farm near Ottawa. I'm rather glad the freezing weather has returned so I don't have to deal with eight mucky paws! My friend Margo is cooking either a Canada goose or a wild turkey - her guys are hunters. She assured me that they are low fat compared to the domestic ones so I'm looking forward to indulging in some dark meat. If she makes me a "doggie bag" I sure won't say no.

I'll do my best to have an OP Sunday.

02-20-2011, 10:54 AM
Happy Sunday to you all!
I'm hoping to join your support group here as I was just diagnosed type 2 on Valentine's Day. Oh that's okay...I knew there was something wrong with me. I was overwhelmed with the symptoms. It didn't ruin my day with hubby.

But I am going to the diabetes educator on Tuesday to figure out how to live/deal with this. Seems we caught it very early, so maybe if I drop some weight, I can reverse this thing.

I was prescribed Metformin to take in the a.m. I have so much to learn about diabetes. My mom was diagnosed about 5 years ago with type 2. I called her and asked her how come she doesn't have to take her blood sugar with a monitor and she said, "Oh, I let the doctor do it." So I asked her, but you have to do it during the day to watch what you eat and so on. Her reply was, "yeah the doctor gave me one of those things. I'm not doing that." Oh my. No wonder she's always sick. So I won't be asking her any advice any time.

I've been doing a lot of reading....my eyes are bugging out.

I'm 55 years old and been married for almost 28 years. We have three adult kiddos and I live in South Dakota. Right now, we're having ANOTHER snow storm. Oh, spring where art thou????

02-20-2011, 03:25 PM
Mamaduck :welcome: This is a good place for support. I was diagnosed T2 in May or June and like you I already suspected it. Got it under control and improved numbers within a few months doing Atkins, but just couldn't stick with that strict of carbs especially during the holidays. I've been doing WW new pts plus diet since it came out to get me through the holidays and stayed with it, but now I'm wobbly with it. I've found myself craving sweets lately. So trying to get rid of the cravings doing a combo of low carb/WW thing. I may end up having to go back to total low carb. I will do whatever it takes. My doctor told me that any diet will work... we just have to find what we can live with. You have to learn what works for you and many of us have to learn what that is. The ladies here on this thread have helped me a lot and I know we will all do what we can to help you. Your Mom may be in what is called "The Denial Stage". It is good that you want to get control of your health. I agree there is a lllloooootttt to read. I think one of the smartest things I read was that we need to work with our doctor & nutritionist (never was given one of those), but the main important thing is for you to manage your diabetes yourself. My doctor told me that the people who work at it get it under control and those that don't will not get it under control. He says he can tell who works at it and who doesn't.

Ruthie I don't know about wild goose as I've never had it, but my son shot a wild turkey and brought it home when we lived in the country years ago. We raised turkeys at the time for our holiday celebration. I was amazed at the difference. No white meat on the wild turkey, but no fat either. And the taste was absolutely great. We raised our own chickens and ducks back then. Difference in a store bought and home raised especially duck was unbelievable. I had to throw out the store bought duck because it was so greasy we couldn't stand it and back then people didn't worry about those things much. I have never bought one again. So I hope you get some wild turkey sent home with you and that you enjoy it.

Got up and went to church this mornig. Maybe I should say drug myself to church. I think all the junk carbs I'm coming down from have caught up with me. Any way we started the service and Pastor was just getting into a really good intro to the new series we will be studying the next few weeks and there was a big boom and the lights went out. We meet in the auditorium of the middle school here and a transformer outside the school had blown and caught the dead grass around it own fire. Strange thing & blessing is that it only burned a small section of grass around it. So we had to leave and come home and he promised to pick up where he left off next week. DH and I were just glad it happened when we were having church and not when the school was full of kids. I think it was just on that side of the street so hopefully we can still have small groups class this evening.

Today, I'm eating more of a CAD/CALP way of eating. Was using WW pts plus with it yesterday although I haven't counted them today, although I will be. I decided to combine CAD/CALP (stands for Carbohydrate Addict' Diet/Carbohydrate Addict's LifeSpan Program for those who don't know) with the WW Pts + so that I can have the benefit of some good carbs during the Reward Meal (RM) and the benefit of low carbing during the Complimentary Meals and Snacks (CM/CS) with portion control at the same time. I know I'm fighting getting back on Atkin's Induction, but if this works for my blood sugar and weight loss like it did before when I lost almost 75 lbs doing CAD alone that will be great because it will fit into my lifestyle perfectly. The RM also makes it easier eating out on a low carb woe.

Mad, Rosebud, Jewelswa and everybody else reading:wave:

Have a great Sunday.

02-20-2011, 06:07 PM
Hi everyone, I had a wonderful weekend. Monday is a holiday for us in our province, Family Day, so that was the theme for the weekend. We had a luncheon with cousins to celebrate my aunt's birthday. She is the last of her sisters, and my mother and the other sister, well the three of them were the best of friends. So we, her nieces decided to start a new tradition of taking her out for her birthday. It was a great success, even if we did shed a few tears for those who couldn't be there.
Then DH and I had a drive to Toronto, checked into a nice hotel, had a great dinner and a show. The show was Sandra Shamas, a comedien who is outstanding. If you have ever seen her shows they are hilarious, and real. No put down humour or nasty stuff. She too is going through menopause, and her take on it was really funny. DH was laughing so hard. Was really funny.
Then before we left Toronto this am, had brunch with DD and her partner. Now we are home, making a nice supper for our other daughter.
So the family day weekend is working out nicely, although I don't get tomorrow off.
I have been eating off plan for days though, and am afraid to step on the scale. I have been cooking since we got home, so I will be able to eat atkins this week, and get back on plan.

Trish, I wonder if south beach would be right for you. (have I said this before?) It is a bit higher carb than Atkins, but uses "good carbs" carefully.
Overall, the plan is low carb, or at least lower carb. It seems that atkins isn't quite right for you, or not for living with DH and his needs. Working our eating plans around our family members isn't always easy.

I am so jealous Ruth of have the wild bird for supper, I always enjoy when we get that.
Welcome to our newest friends. Keep us posted on progress.

02-20-2011, 10:32 PM
:welcome3: MOMMADUCK ~ glad you joined us here; yes, it takes time to figure things out. I got my blood monitor free from our local pharmacy when I bought the pics and sticks. It may take your mother more time to get things under control becuz some people do have a harder time accepting the diagnosis. Just take it one day at a time ... :hug:

RUTH ~ Yes, wild meat is much leaner than store bought: turkey, goose, duck, moose, venison, etc. We had goose that we raised as well as chickens, ducks, and turkeys; and ours were a lot leaner as well. The duck is the fattiest of them all; and sure stinky to clean ... blech! :p

Just having a quiet weekend at home, since I have to rest this knee for a while longer, but it is feeling better each day. The storm is over and we had some :sunny: today, but it is -20 C here tonight. Gonna go put put legs up and do some reading for a while. I have this really thick, plush fleece blanket (we actually have two; one is on our bed) that I wrap myself up in. They are the warmest blankets I have ever had.

Yes, tomorrow is a civic holiday here in Ontario. Have a nice week everyone ... Rosebud :flow2:

02-21-2011, 08:20 AM
Damage not too bad, tho I feared, I'm 171, so didn't gain as much as I feared. I think I am not used to huge meals, so didn't overeat as much as I might have. Have many visits to do in the next few days, so have to get going. Had a healthy atkins breakfast, and have some lunch packed, especially since so many things are closed today. Is is presidents' holiday in the US? Reading week for lots of students right now too.
We had some snow last night, and its colder again, but looks good on the weather forecast now. I hope to get to yoga tonight again. I need a good workout.
have a great day friends.

02-21-2011, 09:22 AM
Survived a delicious Sunday dinner with my friends and also survived a horrible drive home through a storm. It took two hours to go 102 kilometers! It's a good thing we have mailboxes at the side of the road around here.

The turkey was a wild one and was absolutely delicious. Margo served mashed potatoes, stuffing, green peas and carrots with a maple glaze with a dessert related to butter tarts! Eating was tricky. The scale is down another pound today though so no damage done.

Glorious sunshine today after last night's horrorshow. I'd think it was a dream if not for the snow piled at the end of my lane from the plough. There will be some shovelling for exercise later this morning after a gentle 20 minutes on the treadmill. Books on CDs make it much less boring.

Let's all have a mindful week!

02-21-2011, 11:53 AM
Good Morning everyone! Well I woke up to quite a bit of snow this morning as well. Plowed in outside, guess I'll go out and start shoveling. Hubby made it to work today, but I have a holiday. Fun fun. It's only 1 degree outside and I'm not looking forward to the exercise. Hope your day is warmer...

I'll be back later.

02-21-2011, 07:02 PM
Good afternoon everyone.

Mad & Ruth Y'all evidently did a good job with your eating while visiting with others and eating out. Good for y'all. Be careful out in that weather.

Mad Yes, I think you mentioned South Beach before and I have thought of it. The only think I don't like about SB is cutting the oil back so far. However, I have done SB with "healthy" oils and it worked very well for me until a joined SBD online and changed some things and it quit working. I think I could go back to doing it the way I did when it was working. I'll see how this other goes first. The thing I see about SBD that might be better than CAD is that SBD spreads the food (carbs) out more throughout the day. I still have all the info that Ruthie so graciously made available to us at SBD thread here at 3fc back then.

Rosebud, Mad and Ruth Hope you enjoyed your civic holiday and stayed warm.

Mamaduck Hope you had a nice President's Day holiday and stayed warm.

I was up late, but made up for it by sleeping in. I wasn't sure who was open and wasn't and I didn't check. I need to go get my nails filled and a pedicure, but decided not to find out if they were opened. I'll get up in the morning and be there at 10am and then I have appointment to get my hair permed tomorrow afternoon at 3:30. So tomorrow will busy and make something easy for main meal. I got up today and put in a chicken to cook like a roasted chick except not all that salty injections. I'll debone it later and save the meat for salads and stirfries. I think I need to take more interet in cooking. I had a lettuce ham and cheese rollup more as a snack than breakfast since I got up so late. Had roasted chicken with salad, sweet potatoes, zucchini and what I call a fruit bowl and drank 1/2 of my allotted wine with the meal. Plan to have either chicken or tuna salad later and at BT will have the rest of my wine. Decided to take the Metformin when I eat the salad.

Nice weather here for a few days warm in the 70s and rain called for Thurs thru Sat. So tomorrow and Wednesday will be nice days for me to get my running done.

Have a nice evening.

02-21-2011, 09:39 PM
Well, I just went over to the Atkins & SB threads and did some reading. As I read and began to look at some of the low carb foods that I ate back in the summer when I got all my #s under control... BP, FBS etc and I have changed my mind.

I've decided to go back on Atkin's Induction to get rid of the sugar cravings. I decided that if eating a RM each day isn't going to mess a lot of people up with their BS, then eating off once in a while when we go out to eat or whatever isn't going to be a really big problem either unless "I" let it become a problem. I remember in Dana Carpender's book she picked her off meals and planned ahead of time what she was going to eat that was more carby.

So I'm going to work on doing the same thing. Went over to Linda's Low Carb Menus and Recipes site and looked at the recipes. I decided to make some of the Crispy Cheese Crackers snack and even DH liked them. I like them with jalapenos. I'm looking forward to the 1 Minute Muffin in the morning made into a low carb version of the bacon/egg McMuffin type breakfast.

I think starting this tomorrow will work out good for me. As said before, I'm busy tomorrow and Wednesday morning so hopefully if I have the Atkin's flu while withdrawing from carbs it won't hit me until Thursday and hopefully will be gone by Sunday. I am so tired of this disease stealing so much of my life. I didn't make it to my evening class because I had such a bad reaction to my BS going down below 100 which I'm told shouldn't be happening and then before I went to bed it was back up too high. The swings are just too big to let them continue.

Sorry everyone. I guess I'm preaching to my self. Hope y'all don't mind my ranting.


02-22-2011, 03:41 PM
Good Morning/Afternoon

Still here just quickly flying by.

Younger DB has been in the hospital this past week. I am his guardian - he is in another city and I am trying to do everything by phone. We did drive up there (3 hours) last week, stayed overnight and got a few things taken care of, but everything is still up in arms.

If he can't go back to his group home, I will try to have him transfered here so I don't have to go through this again.

DH goes back to the hospital again on Thursday, and as we were dropping our dogs of @ doggy dare care to board them overnight, I got a call that my older brother was in the hospital as well.:dizzy:

I think I'm going to sit in the closet for awhile and hide.

Welcome Mommaduck & Jewelswa the ladies here are great.

Be back sometime.

02-22-2011, 06:47 PM
LINDY ~ yeppers, when it rains, it pours -- it seems. Am sending up some prayers for all the sick people in your family; and for you for strength at this time. Hang in there; things will get better eventually ... :hug:

TRISH ~ that chicken dinner sounded nice; we realize that you are just trying different things out until you find what works for you. Rant away ... :D

Nice :sunny: day here; warmer temps -5C. Supposed to get some precip tomorrow; may be yucky -- rain &/ sleet, they say. Oh well, February is almost gone; then comes March and spring is just around the corner ... ;)

Been eating very well this month; having baked fish & probably some sweet tator fries (just a serving though) with coleslaw and sliced tomatoes. Am resting up my leg; the knee felt better today ... yeah!

Have a good week everyone ... Rosebud :flow2:

02-22-2011, 08:55 PM
:hug:Lindyloo:hug: Prayers and thoughts coming your way for you and you brothers. You have really been through a lot. I pray everything will be better soon.

Rosebud Thanks for the kind words. The chicken turned out really good. Glad your knee feels better and hope it is healing nicely.

My first day back on Atkins Induction has been really good. I did get sleepy while under the hair dryer getting my perm and dozed off a few times. Hope I didn't mess up my perm.

After I got my nails done this morning, I went to the store to see what they had that might go on a pizza. I usually can't handle pepperoni, but bought a box of them to make the pepperoni chips I read about on Linda's Low Carb site. I also found that they have Canadian bacon in the same size for pizza and got a box of those. I came home and made a low carb pizza today. I took the 1 minute muffin and added onion and garlic powders and Italian seasoning in it and made it in a plate (probably measured about 6-8 inches) then browned both sides in a skillet (I got the idea from a recipe on Linda's LC site); then added the pizza sauce, cheese and Canadian bacon and then enough veggies to be about 5 carb grams and heated in toaster oven for about 10 minutes. Added my jalapenos on one side. It made a nice one equivalent serving of a personal pan pizza. I think the whole pizza came out to around 8.5 carb g. Unusual crust, but very tasty and I was able to have pizza while DH had his regular.

When making my bacon/egg/cheese breakfast muffin equivalent toa McMuffin, I suddenly began to remember the fun I had trying to make or try low carb versions of the carby stuff when I did Atkins before. I realized it could be a challenge, but it could be a fun challenge. As an old friend from back home used to tell us women in Bible study, it's all about "Attitude".

Well, I better get off of here. I have BSF in the morning and still have a full day and half of questions to answer tonight before I go to bed.

Catch y'all sometime tomorrow.

02-23-2011, 08:25 AM
:wave: Still keeping on keeping on. No big weight drop and FBGL is just great. Next Thursday I go for bloodwork to prepare for my evaluation on Monday and then we'll see if this Victoza has done its job. I'm now on the higher (and final) dose and have been very lucky to have no bad side effects. We'll see how the weightloss is by my doc appointment.

02-23-2011, 09:35 AM
Quick flyby as I should be walking out door right this minute. FBS this morning is 110 mg/dl down from 152 yesterday:carrot:. Just 1 day on Atkins Induction. When will I learn? Guess I know what my body is saying to me. Weight is back up to 212.5, but didn't move one way or the other which is usual for me.

Have a good one.

02-23-2011, 05:52 PM
Left BSF and ran by the store to pick up a few things. Got home and checked my BS before eating anything and it was 92. I am really thrilled with the way the BS has come back down since yesterday.

Ruth and anyone else who the scale isn't moving for right now have you measured or noticed how your clothes are fitting? I'm thinking that if you are watching the carbs maybe you are losing especially inches. Remember that the inches come off faster than the scales go down. I've always heard that this causes us to look like we have lost more than we have. Just a thought.

02-23-2011, 10:17 PM
hello friends. hope things are getting better in your family, Lindyloo.
Didn't stick to plan yesterday, due to tiredness. But today have been pretty much on plan. Will wait until I have done this for a few days before weighing in again. Work is busy and we expect to be busy all week.
Reading posts, but don't have much to say right now.
best wishes to all.

02-24-2011, 08:28 AM
Mad, remember to take care of YOU, not just the mothers, babies and the rest of the world!

Despite the Victoza, Met. and glyburide, my FBGL is as usual these days. I really hoped to eliminate the glyburide but :shrug: . Weight is up a wee bit - probably because I had quick frozen dinners for both lunch and supper yesterday. Why do they have to be so salty? Today will be better as I have already prepped a chopped veggie salad with some chick peas for lunch and have my homemade pea soup thawed for a quick supper before my 7 PM meeting. The pea soup may be a bit salty but at least is healthy!

02-24-2011, 08:50 AM
RUth: the salt is to replace the flavour. I don't know what it is with the frozen dinners, few have much if any protein. I noticed with doing atkins, that almost all ofthe frozen dinners for dieters, are actually low fat pasta dishes. Not the best food for anyone. Not enough protein in them, and often really nasty mealy meat.
I have to say, I prefer the presidents choice curries and paper steam foods. the meat dish is separate from the rice, which I can ditch. The seafood trio steamer had nice seafood, I can ditch the potatoes. Not so salty, but a bit spicy.
But truly, a pasta dish with lots of salt and little protein, what the heck? this is good for anyone? so what if its low fat? even those who are calorie counting and doing low fat diets, its not good to have so little protein and so much sodium.
I freeze my own a lot these day.
The insomnia bug hit me in the night, so will try to grab a nap this afternoon, but still need to get out side and exercise/walk etc. Am very draggy when I get home from work, really need to get my act together but just can't do it in the evenings. How to kick my butt into gear?
Have a good Thursday friends.

02-24-2011, 02:20 PM
A quick one here as I'm running late on things and DH is up.

Day 3 of Atkins Induction and FBS is back below where doc wants it. So I'm getting back into what he calls normal FBS. Dropped 1.5 of those lbs gained. I'm not sure what has happened, but I'm suddenly very happy with Atkins Induction. Allergies I thought I had to cheese are not a problem this time and the way things are going, I just might be able to stay with the 20 grams daily for the whole 2 weeks or longer. I am amazed at how much I am liking and enjoying this way of eating.

Mad I agree with Ruth... be sure to take care of yourself while taking care of others.

Ruth It is frustrating when things don't go the way we want them. I know since things haven't gone the way I wanted them to on this journey. I'm not Catholic, but I love what I heard the Pope say about something once. Don't remember what it was, but he said "It is what it is". I've adopted that thought on a lot of things since I've heard it. At our age, we have to fight things the best we can and trust God with the rest. My body functions the way it does and I can't change it. It is what it is and I have to learn to work with it. I hope you find what will work for you. Darn it is so hard being this age. Things just don't work the way they used to. Good luck.

Rosebud and Anyone else reading this:wave:

02-25-2011, 10:14 AM
Broke my record low this morning with a FBGL of 2.6! I really felt it too but didn't know it. I lay in bed until nearly eight contemplating my day and then got up and tested. :yikes: No wonder I felt so lethargic. Anyhow, it's fixed now via liquid honey. At least it was local and natural. ;) I guess I need to ditch the gyburide on nights when I've had no dinner carbs. I had roast pork tenderloin and lovely fresh green beans from the USA. (I refuse to buy produce from Mexico so that's exciting.)

Today I am being very careful because I sure hated that detached and very strange feeling.

02-26-2011, 12:14 AM
TRISH ~ I so agree with those sentiments; I have decided to "JUST DO MY BEST, AND LET GOD DO THE REST!" No use fretting, or worrying, or being anxious; that won't change my body. I was just saying to DH yesterday that our bodies just don't work the way they used to at all; why? What happened? It's like I just woke up one day and yikes ... who's body is this and where did it come from? I'm sure I was abducted by aliens and someone took my body and gave me back this piece of !#$% ... :lol:

I tell every young person I meet -- you'd better take good care of yourself now, cause later it is going to be much, much harder. Heck, I'm only in my early fifties and this old bod moans & groans & cracks & croaks with every step these days. :( OK, that's enuff ranting for today; guess, it's my turn!

Ya, I still on crutches; think that is why I felt a bit glum yesterday, but thankfully, by today I am in a better frame of mind. I'm telling myself that this is a 'REST PERIOD' so I might as well enjoy it the best I can. Good thing this happened during the winter ... :)

MAD ~ I also had a bit of INSOMNIA last night; kept waking up all through the night. Was so hot that we had to put the furnace down in the middle of the night; maybe that was the cause ... :lol:

RUTH ~ I am shocked by how low your lows can go without sending you into a tail spin; I'd be either dizzy or almost passing out with those low numbers. I'm glad that you were able to get up and grab your honey to balance things out. There was a time that pork chops, green beans, and a salad would have been a normal meal for me -- I'm workin' my way there now. ;)

It's a bit colder here tonight, so we just pushed the furnace up a bit and we feel right as rain. Gonna go do some puzzles before going to bed. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend -- keep warm ... Rosebud :flow2:

02-26-2011, 05:58 AM
Good morning. 4.2 this morning because I remembered carbs for dinner. Weight is also down a pound so I can see the 180s peeping over the horizon.

I'm up very early again. I get up for potty and the brain starts to race so I can't get back to sleep. Grrr! I was thinking a nap after lunch but there is a memorial service at 1:30 so that won't work out.

Food is planned - now to actually eat it!

02-26-2011, 11:45 AM
HI Friends: thanks for your uplifting thoughts. I have been eating to plan and am back below 170, and feeling better for it. Got to yoga on Thursday, and had a great sleep after ward. Trish, am thrilled for you to be working well with atkins this time. I think we learn to do it better with practice. I certainly feel better with eating to plan. Last night DH brought home a loaded pizza, and it smelled so good I couldn't resist, so I didn't.... but only at the toppings, not the crust at all.
Ruth, can you take the glyberide on an as needed basis? That would work.
It seems that a new was the diabetic educators are recommending insulin dosages is based on the carb count in a meal. You could do the same with glyberide, based on carb count, sounds very reasonable.
Will be napping today after working in the night, so will work to stay to plan.
have a good day ladies.

02-26-2011, 11:57 PM
Hi Everyone,

Not much going on here. Not really counting anything. Decided that I do better if I don't. I know what I can and cannot eat and just going with it. Eating more Intuitively, but staying low carb since that seems to be what this ole body wants and likes. Something you said Ruth about remembering to eat your carbs in the evening made me start thinking about how carbs make me feel. While carbs give some people energy, they don't for me. So I decided that I don't need to eat a lot of them and when I do, I need to eat them later in the day because they make me tired and sleepy. So I'll eat mine in the evening and take my Metformin then since it seems to work better for me.

Hope y'all are having a great weekend.

02-27-2011, 07:27 AM
Ticker is truthful. FBGL is good and I have a calm day ahead. "Girls" dinner is at Heather's tonight - lasagna, salad and fruit salad - so there won't be any worries about not having carbs tonight. I'm contributing the fruit salad so need to go to town today to get some berries!

This week I am hoping to get back into the gym routine. My back can come along or stay home!

02-27-2011, 11:00 PM
Hi friends: just got in from work, had a lovely delivery of a baby girl just an ounce under 9 lbs!. Tried to stick to plan, but ate a few more carbs than on my plan. Did get a walk in tho, so thats a help.
What a busy week I have had, but will likely ease off for a bit. Have been sleeping better, except when woken up for work, haven't needed anything to get to sleep, or even stay asleep all week. How nice.
Hope everyone is doing ok.
Was almost down to ticker this am, so expect the other pound to go off this week.
Want to stay up and watch the oscars, but am right beat. we see if I can.
have a great week friends.

02-28-2011, 02:50 PM
Good afternoon - the power went out first thing this morning so I'm just getting it together now. It was out throughout the township so I did not do the gym thing - again! Dinner last night was great but the weight is up a tad today, probably from salt. I'm hoping to be in the 180s before next Monday's Dr Jack appointment when I get my bloodwork results. (Note to Self: Remember to get bloodwork done on Thursday!)

02-28-2011, 03:53 PM
Good afternoon.

Things starting to slow down a bit Younger DB is still in this hospital and I will have a phone meeting with everyon involed on Wed. to see what will happen with him. Older DB out of hospital after a week and 1/2. He still has to go back everyday for a while, but shd be OK.

I decided to start on the South beach diet with lower carbs. I have to pick something because I keep jumping back and forth so nothing is working. Will try SB with renewed effort.

Have a great day everyone.:carrot:

03-01-2011, 06:59 AM
:wave: :coffee:

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