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01-31-2011, 08:53 AM
Good morning to you all. Since we are at #26 thought I would start a new thread. Hopefully, you all are either still sleeping or just getting up so we don't double post one.

Kelly over the last 3 years has really been into cooking. She has taken numerous cooking classes at our cooking school with and without Tom and with and without Thomas. She started married life a dismal cook, eating mostly across the street at her inlaws. She has turned into a fine cook and loves doing it. She made some nice dishes at Thanksgiving and even her dad tried some things he wouldn't have ordinarilly tried. So I am very proud of her for all the effort she puts into her cooking.

Oh, I didn't tell you that Thomas entertained us at the party playing piano. You should have seen Jack's face. Thomas played the theme to the Peanuts cartoons, I believe the piece is actually called, "Linus and Lucy" and Jack was sitting there with his mouth hanging open. It is a pretty jazzy piece and fast and Thomas was going right after it. He did a great job, but I think his granddad didn't realize just how well he really does play. You wanted to get up and dance! :lol:

Thomas's Arrow of Light is tonight. I didn't realize until Kelly told me that it is the equivalent of the Boy Scout Eagle. Not all boys achieve it so it is a real accomplishment. I am so glad he likes scouts so much. He loves going camping and such so it fits right in with his extra time.

I have to get around and get the boys their valentine's day things so I can ship to Jackson. Alicia says Jackson is all into Ironman now. He is going to go through all the super heros I guess! :lol: I am going to try an get him a couple books as she said he likes the stories. I guess I will get Thomas a visa gift card so he can buy apps for his phone. He has everything else! :)

Over the weekend we bought, "RED" and "Secretariat." We watched "RED" on Saturday then the other one last night. I loved "RED" when we saw it at the theater as it is a great "seniors" movie and the horse movie was spectacular. They did a fabulous job on it I think. He truly was an amazing horse. I wasn't particularly interested in watching it, but I was knitting and then got absorbed in it and was glad I watched it as it was really good. If you get a chance rent them both if you haven't seen them.

I am trying to patiently wait for my new computer. This one has become really slow as it is kind of obsolete and the macafee virus program slows it down even more. I keep it cleaned up, ie spam stuff and adware and such, but it just doesn't have enough space anymore. Jack wanted to buy a certain computer from Dell, but miss "savealot" got on the computer at Dell and found a better deal for less money. I didn't need a new monitor, keyboard or mouse, though both come with the hard drive so that saved us even more. We bought a Dell Inspiron 580. I got us free shipping, a free upgrade from a 1 year warranty to a 2 year warranty, and a free upgrade from 4 to 6 GB ram with a whopping 1TB hard drive so it will be super fast now. It also has a 15 month macafee virus program installed along with windows 7 and a wireless card built in. We saved about $40 from the one Jack wanted to buy and his didn't have free shipping, only had 4 GB ram, 700 GB hard drive, 1 year warrranty and no virus program. Our total came to around $740, which isn't too bad!
I told him he needed to trust the supershopper and he said, "oh, shut up!" :lol:

Maggie: Fortune has a grooming appt on Friday since Jack's dr appt is that day and he is taking the whole day off and then his yearly is this month so I hope I can schedule it for the 21st because that is Presidents' Day and Jack is off again. This keeps me from having to get dressed at 5 am and take him to work! :lol: It is still quite warm here and will stay that way for a couple days then back into the 30's for a couple days then back into the 50's and no more snow hopefully!!!

Jean: I have always cleaned my dryer lint catcher everytime too. Jack took off the wire cover to the vent outside and put his hand up there and pulled stuff down, but there is a complete blockage somewhere so I hope they can get it cleaned out. I would bet it has never been cleaned out and the condos are 30 years old. Anyway, I am hoping that Sears can do the job where ServPro dropped the ball. Nutella does taste like a milk chocolate but it has hazelnut in it. Like I said, Jack hates it, but I love it. Unfortunatley, it is not diet friendly! :lol:

Susan: I have always liked pot pie, but I think shepherd's pie is better. I prefer the mashed potato over the crust I think. Like you, it is too much crust. Jack won't eat either so we don't have them. I have to stick to just veggie soup or stew without the crust or mashed potato! :lol:

Jack was down 3 lbs and I 2 this morning and that was with eating out and such. Hopefully, things will now settle down for awhile.

You gals have a good week this week and try and keep warm if you are going to have cold temps and snow some more. I sure hope we are done with that stuff for the year! Faye

01-31-2011, 02:46 PM

Well here I sit, back from all the morning errands. It is a cold one outside of 19 degrees that feels like 3 because of the wind chill. It is snowing and supposed to keep it up till Wednesday when it is to warm up. We shall see. I am having a cup of chicken noodle soup while I type that sure tastes good. It sure is quiet around here with the dogs at the groomer and Will out doing our shopping. I am taking a breather from all that running around this day so far. It was fun at the beauty shop because she had all new high end furniture. She asked me how I liked the new chairs in the waiting room and I said they were georgeous and very comfortable. She smiled big and told what a deal she got going to a acution of brand new furniture from a store was closing. The ones around her waiting room were priced at $450 a piece and she got them for $40 each. OH boy, Will just came home with the dogs and they didn't get bathed or anything. First off when he dropped them off he was told by the daughter of the owner that she didn't have time to give them hair cuts but she would bathe them. The reason she didn't have time for the trim because she was all alone in the shop and a bit overwhelmed because her mother was at the hospital with her father who just had a heart attack. Well she just called Will, who was almost to Wal*Mart to come pick them up, because her mother-in-law just got involved in a car accident which killed her and she needed to close up shop. That poor family. The dogs can wait.

DONNA FAYE Thank you for starting a fresh thread. That is so neat that Thomas can play the piano so well. You sure have a lot of talent in your family I must say. Valentines day is coming quickly isn't it. How nice for you to be getting a new computer and that price isn't bad at all. I am not ready for a new one yet ~ still like my HP Laptop which is the Wireless Pavilion Entertainment model.:o :congrat: to Jack for his weight loss.

JEAN & SUSAN Hope your day is going well with you.

My soup is gone and I feel better. First think I have eaten all day, no wonder.
Type at y'all later. :wave:

01-31-2011, 03:42 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We are having "weather" sort of -- it was misting when I went to church this morning, and freezing drizzle by the time I got there. We have a canopy drive through so the custodian, secretary, and I all parked underneath. It is not as slanted to get to the cars as at the main entrance to the office. We balanced on the first try today. Ta Da! I hope I can do as well when the secretary is gone and no one else will know answers to my questions! It was raining again when I left church and I stopped at the grocery store on my way home; I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't too busy.

"Gma" -- Thank you for starting the new thread today! :cp: I think it would be fun (?) to take some cooking classes. Our Community Ed. used to offer them and I signed up for a pie making class taught by an older good cook from our church. There weren't enough signed up so they cancelled it. Thomas is definitely a very talented young man. Scouting is such a good program and teaches valuable lifelong skills. Maddy is selling Girl Scout Cookies and has sold over 150 boxes. I'm glad I don't have to deliver those although Beth said alot of them were from where she works. I understand zip, nada, nothing about computer innards! I just went into the local store and told the guy what I used on the computer and that I wanted a new one. So far he has been able to fix any glitches from his computer while I watch here at home. :congrat: to Jack for losing more #s! It's not fair that men can lose easier and faster than we can.

Maggie -- What tragic happenings for your dog groomer! :( This is definitely a soup kind of day in my neighborhood! Bob has a meeting at 5, and they usually serve cheese, meat, crackers, and veggies so he won't be hungry when he gets home. I think I will have soup for supper! :yes:

Susan -- I hope you are having a nice weather day! :exercise:

The dishwasher should be finished and I can unload it while I wait for the washer and dryer to finish. Have a nice "rest of the day and evening!" :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-31-2011, 03:44 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! A chilly 36 degrees and overcast today but It supposed to be 65 on Wednesday. It looks like we are back to our more normal winter weather.

I did water aerobics and silversneakers this morning. Tonight is Bible study so a busy day. Tomorrow I have to work both jobs so probably won't get in to post again until Wednesday.

Faye, you'll love the new computer. I like Dell myself and we always get them for work. I skip the warranty upgrades because computers rarely fail in the first 3 years. I wonder what Thomas will end up doing when he is an adult. He is so talented in so many areas! Have you ever thought about sending Jackson one of the story books from Hallmark where you read the story and it records it. Then he can have Nona read him a story, too! Is Jack's appoint for his knee?

Jean, Ohio used to be like that weather in Iowa. I'm glad to be in VA now.

Maggie, I'll say a prayer for that family! So much to happen all at once.

I'm cleaning the kitchen this afternoon, so y'all have a good day!

01-31-2011, 10:52 PM
It is snowing harder now. :( I guess the weatherman was really serious this time. :coolsnow:

Susan -- We posted just a couple minutes apart this afternoon. The wind has picked up and it's supposed to blow all day tomorrow. The snow is light so I'm sure there will be drifts in the morning. You've had a busy day with :exercise: and Bible study tonight. The years we lived in Ohio had very mild winters but I know they've had some humdingers since we've been gone. I think the whole weather process has changed over the years. :yes:

02-01-2011, 08:38 AM
Good morning ladies. I imagine Maggie and Jean are buried under snow! I know that South Bend was going to have possible 10 foot drifts because of the wind so I am hoping you guys didn't get the wind along with the snow. It is supposed to be very windy here today then the temps are going to be 30 degrees cooler.

Poor Fortune. He didn't eat again yesterday so I kept an eye on him thinking the food I had bought is either too fatty or rich or something so dumped it. Well, we went to get a sandwich around 4 pm because of the arrow of light ceremony last night, came home and there was bloody mucous all over the house and drops of blood in the kitchen and blood on his backside and down his legs. I totally freaked! It was almost 5 so I knew my vet closed up shop at 5 so I hurried and called. There were no vets but there was a vet tech so we hurried over there they did a fecal test and she checked the bloody mucous. It came back clear of parasites but a lot of bacteria, which she said is most likely gastrointestinal. She said red blood in a dog from the rectum indicates irritation against the rectum, brown blood is intestinal. This was reddish pink. She put him back on Flagyl and another med, gave me an instestional soft dog food and told me no food for a couple hours then only 2 tbls. He didn't eat all night, just laid on a blanket on the floor. She did tell me that he definitely had an upset stomach because of how his mouth looked and I noticed that though he wasn't throwing up, he would kind of drool mucous. He was very out of it all night and I slept in the recliner with the light on over the sink so I could watch him all night. He didn't have any more bloody bouts or diahrrea but wouldn't eat. This morning he was willing to jump into my lap so I knew he felt a bit better. I got his food and sat and fed him and he did eat this morning so that makes me feel a bit better. I am just going to watch him and if he takes a turn for the worse I will take him back to the vet. Right now he is sleeping.

I didn't get to go last night, but I made Jack go. I was afraid to leave Fortune by himself. Jack took some nice pictures of Thomas so I at least had those to look at. Jack said the ceremony was really nice and he got to talk to Thomas's new scout leader and he said he really liked him. He is going to be in a big troop that has money and can do a lot of things.

Maggie: Jack has a really nice laptop and loves it, but I just don't like the laptop. I prefer a desktop as Jack did ask me if I wanted a laptop or replace the desktop with a bigger hard drive and such. I have a nice 16 inch flat screen monitor so don't need a monitor and have a wirelees mouse and keyboard which I like a lot. What a horrible thing to happen to your groomer's family. I hope her husband is ok. My salon has this horrible fancy antique benches which you are afraid to sit on. I understand wanting people to think your salon is upscale but these things are totally awful.

Jean: I heard that some girl scout troops are limiting the number of cookie types they sell as the economy has really dumped sales for the last couple years. Jack and I have always wanted to take some of the cooking schools cake decorating classes but we haven't yet. The cost can be pretty high like $160 a person for a class and we can always find other things to use the money on. Hope you are buried under the snow and able to get out if you need to.

Susan: I am really anxious to have a new computer that is faster and such. We have had this one for about 6 years and it has sort of become obsolete at this point. I have thought about doing a Hallmark book for Jackson, but I haven't been able to find any as we don't seem to have the "gold crown" stores we used to that have all that stuff. The one at the mall only handles cards and a few knick knack things.

I am totally nauseous this morning more than likely from lack of sleep. I have the guys from Sears coming today to clean out the vents so I hope my tummy just settles down in awhile. I have been trying to have either oatmeal or high fiber cereal with yogurt for breakfast. I have lost 2# in the last week, which is good, but I am not concentrating so much on the scale just the food so I can stay on track.

You gals have a nice day. I am going to zone in the chair for a bit then go upstairs and clean up and get dressed. Faye

02-01-2011, 02:09 PM

It is ZERO this day and the wind is blowing and polishing the sidewalks and roads with what little amount snow fell during the night making everything slick. Snowing and windy is what it is this day. Windy, I don't like the wind. Days like this sure make me glad we have that Jeep. Will just had to go somewhere so he is going to the market to get me some more fresh fruit. I used to eat a fair amount of fruit but with this new WW program I eat much more. Life is good. Since Will had a meeting at the same time WW was going on and lasting longer I decided ~ the cold wind helped ~ to stay in. So I didn't go out in that miserable weather last evening. I made a promise to myself to have another good week. They sure are putting more and more mind boggling technology into cell phones. With my Blackberry Storm I can have all my computer mail go directly to my phone and can delete them on my computer from my phone. And I have a Blackberry email address that doesn't go through my computer first but goes directly to my phone. I haven't passed out that particular email address to anyone but I did try it out and sent myself a message and it went right to my phone and didn't show up on my computer. Makes me wonder if a person would have to own a computer now but just get email on a phone. Or are the two somehow related. I am not into the texting like the teens are this day. Their fingers can fly. But it is trick for I can send an email from my phone if I want. My fingers fly on my computer but I am slow typing on the phone keys.:p Wow it is winday. The dogs didn't want to stay outside and frolic. They had a great time out there yesterday for they stayed out long periods when I would let them out. When they want in they knock on the door. :p

DONNA FAYE:hug: what a scare. Your poor pooch. Poor you. I am so glad that you were able to get him to the vet in time and now can apply the necessary meds and food to help him get back to exact. Hopefully you can get in a good nap this day. We didn't get buried under snow for it looks like we got under 2 inches. It is just blowing around. As far as computers go a person should get what model they want for different strokes for different folks. The way for me may not work for thee. I have been using laptops for many, many years. In fact I have only had one desk model and it was my very first one. That was way back when I was taking those college classes in computer when they first came out. It didn't even have 1 gig and they said it was the biggest and who would ever want a bigger one. HA! Now look at the gigs we have. My first lap top was a jewel. I would turn it on and go fix and eat breakfast then maybe it would have woken up. It was so very slow and I didn't even know it. Now we are so used to instant. Turn it on and it loads up and we go. Thinking of it, that first lap top cost twice as much as this one did that I use today.

JEAN How much snow did you get? Probably more than we did. Stay warm and I sure hope you don't have to go out in it. This day is definitely a soup day. I have some of my good chicken noodle soup in the freezer calling my name. I should have it in the pot when Will gets back from the market.

SUSAN Doin' OK this day? Being busy I know.

Time to get the soup out of the freezer and into the microwave to thaw. Every one stay warm and healthy. :wave: Type at y'all later

02-01-2011, 04:08 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The wind is whipping the snow around this afternoon so I can't tell if it is still snowing or just blowing. Bob thought we got about 4" when he went out to blow the driveways this morning. This morning was my shift in the gift shop; I'm so glad we have valet parking so I can pull right up to the door. I was alone as the gal who runs the coffee shop lives way out in the country and couldn't get out. I sure could have sold a lot :coffee2: this morning! I did some dusting, folded some brochures, and pulled pages from notebooks for the volunteer director. I had time to read a couple of my magazines and left them in the lobby for others to read. I did leave early since there were no cumstomers coming in.

"Gma" -- I am so very sorry about Fortune! I hope the meds will work and he will be back to his old self soon. I'm glad the vet tech was able to see him. I'm sure Thomas understood why you weren't able to go to his ceremony. I'll bet you are both ready for a nap this afternoon! :congrat: on losing 2#s! :cheer:

Maggie -- My cell phone has a keyboard like a computer so I can text pretty fast; I'm not as fast as the kids and can't do it without looking like they can. I wouldn't be surprised if cell phones take the place of computers someday. We have more wind than snow -- the wind chill is -10 right now. I don't blame you for not going out last night. With your determination I'm sure you will have another good OP week! :cp: I'm not very handy with a laptop either. Bob uses a mouse and separate keyboard with his at the office. He has a PC for the insurance business, but a laptop for his personal business accounts. He likes Quicken and how fast it can separate different expenses for the tax lady. :lol:

Susan -- I know you said you were working both jobs today. I hope the weather isn't too bad for you to be out and about. See you tomorrow! :woops:

I have a pile of papers to sort through for my part of the tax preparation so had better get at it. Have a relaxing rest of the day and evening! :D

Jean -- :wave: from :brr: Iowa!

02-01-2011, 05:42 PM

I have a roast in the crockpot with seasonings on it to make shredded beef and it sure is smelling good. We will be having shredded beef burritos for dinner. I had on my shopping list some dried ancho chilis for I was completely out and wouldn't you know it neighter of the markets here even knew what they were. When Will anounced that to me I said, " why not go to the Mexican market." Good thing we have a small Mexican market where Will did find them. :p Where I grew up such things could be found in the regular markets but that was CA. Here the markets don't know what Grenadine is ~ (pomegranet juice). Liquor stores have it though.:D I have a few recipes that call for that and my supply was running low. We are giving these market folks an education. :p We have come up with several things they never heard of. I had fun ordering the tools I need for my Wok since we couldn't find them locally. Don't have an oriental market here. I found what I need in several different catalog places on the net and now have them all ordered. Plus a couple of things from Chefs & Bakers catalogs that I needed like Stretch Tight. My favorite plastic wrap plus some brown tulip cup cake papers that are really neat just for fun. I'll bake my WW friendly muffins in them. But for the Wok I ordered a Wok Lid, long tweezers, mesh strainer, bamboo tool set, and a Joyce Chen Wok Accessory Kit. I should be all set. I am just replacing tools I used to have when I had my Wok before the downsize into the motorhome excursion days. It was fun shopping without having to go out in that cold wind this day.:o

JEAN You are a brave soul to go out in that weather this day. Valet parking is certainly a plus. My phone has 3 different key pads I can choose from and don't want that sliding out keyboard like on some Droids. Will has one and doesn't like it at all and his next phone will be without it I am sure. Different strokes for different folks. I just don't text. Not that I can't ~ just don't want to.:p I am sure anyone can get a phone that suits them now days.

All y'all stay safe and warm. Type at y'all later. Going to go watch the news now. :wave:

02-02-2011, 08:40 AM
Morning girls! Kind of quick post this morning as I have Sears going to be here at 8 am and I am not showered and such. They came yesterday and cleaned out the vent, but about 2 feet up from the floor the vent is plugged and so they are coming and cutting out the wall and fixing it today. UGH, more money out! It cost me $134 to have the vent cleaned out. They found a bird's nest and tons of pine needles on the outside vent so at least that is all cleaned out now. I guess it is always something. I am hoping they can keep it around $300 like he said. I just don't know why the other company didn't find this out, but then they were kids who didn't know what they were doing.

It is cold here this morning, but the rain has moved on. South Bend got slammed and is under a snow emergency, which means no cars on the road and businesses, schools and such are closed. Chicago got it so bad they closed schools for the first time in 12 years! It is still windy this morning too.

Here is Thomas crossing the bridge and the boy scouts removing his cub scout stuff and putting his boy scout stuff on. Mom said she was crying and actually when I saw this, Nonny was crying too. The boy is growing up so fast!

I will have to do personals later as I need to get out of here and get a shower and get things ready for Sears to be here in a little while. Faye

02-02-2011, 11:17 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It is brighter today but the wind is still blowing strong, -4 with a -23 wind chill. We didn't get much snow for which I'm very thankful. :yes: I'm glad I don't live in the Chicago area as they are really taking a hit. I have to buy either a new coffee pot or coffee maker sometime today. When I went to wipe off the counter, I noticed that the bottom of the pot has a crack all the way around. :( Bob rinsed it out this morning so I don't know if he used cold water or happened to hit it just right causing it to crack. I was hoping to stay inside today but have bell practice at 5:00 unless it's called off. :crossed:

Maggie -- I was just thinking about fixing a roast. I can smell the yummy flavor as it cooks. :T I didn't realize you needed so many tools to run a wok. ;) I've never used one so have no clue. I text far more than I use my cell phone for talking. In fact, when it rings it takes me a minute to figure out what the noise is. I can text while people are at work and they can text at their convenience.

"Gma" -- I hope that Sears is able to get your vent completely clean for you. What a mess! :( I would think that cleaning vents, chimneys, gutters, etc., would be a regular service of the condo maintenance. The picture of Thomas is so neat. :) I just remember Jason getting his Boy Scout gear at a meeting to wear instead of the Cub Scout uniform. I don't remember a bridge, but maybe it was on a night when I had to work and Bob went alone. He did get the metal badges for his belt that you mentioned before. I hated sewing badges on and finally gave all of his "stuff" to him; I told Amanda she could finish sewing badges which I doubt will ever happen.

Susan -- I hope you are staying warm and not getting the snow. :) Enjoy your exercise today! :exercise:

I need to make a "to do" list! I'm working, off and on, in the church office all next week while the secretary is gone, have a couple of meetings in the mix, and the kids will be here for Bob and Will's birthdays on the 12th. The next week is when I host the crafty club and have a few extra cleaning chores I want to do.

Have a wonderful Wednesday today! The sun is shining someplace today! :D

Jean -- :wave: from :brr: Iowa!

02-02-2011, 11:50 AM
Sears is here and you should see the mangled pipe. Whomever built these condos did a seriously crappy job. The pipe in the wall is completely mangled like someone went in and crushed it. I think the idiots put it in that way! Anyhow, they are replacing the pipe at the moment. Fortune is unhappy at the moment because I shut him up in our bedroom, but I don't want him underfoot or getting out of the back if they leave the gate open.

Hope you are all keeping warm. It sure is cold here. Here is a picture of the South Bend area and what they are getting.

02-02-2011, 01:09 PM

It is a chilly day in the Heartland. If you look at a weather map you will see how the brunt of the storm missed us. Except we got the wind and the wind chill. It is 4 degrees here with a 20 below windchill. I am staying inside. Got a phone call from the dogs groomer. She said her husband had 100% blockage in one artery, 80% in another and 50% in another. They cleaned him out and he walked out of the hospital and is home now. They have a new procedure that is much easier on the patient. She said to bring the dogs in tomorrow morning at 10. That roast turned out so good and now I have lots of shredded beef to use in a varity of dishes. I have a recipe I want to try one of these days that is a pot pie that uses root veggies and for the top crust is a sheet of puff pastry. Sounds good so I will try it. It is getting chilly in here which tells me it is time for the heater to kick in. Yep, there it goes. The dogs sure don't want to stay out long when it is so cold. Beanie always comes in with his face covered with snow since there is some on the ground still. What we got is still there for the temps haven't allowed it melt yet.

DONNA FAYE Thanks for sharing the pictures. That scout celebration is a neat thing for them to do for the boys "movin' up." I know all of you are proud of him. I've seen snow like that but not yet this winter. I say "yet" because it isn't all over yet. WOW there was a lot of blockage in that dryer vent system. It's a wonder you never caught fire.

JEAN I just like to get all the "proper" tools lined up and on hand before I start something. I used other tools I had with my previous Wok before I got the "proper" ones but using the Wok tools makes cooking in one so much easier. Plus the tools don't cost very much for some are made of bamboo. :p One of the reasons I really like using a Wok is that it makes stir fry so much better tasting for the veggies stay crisp and don't steam and get limp like they do in a regular skillet. One of the plusses is you can cook without any fat or use just a little which we need in our diet anyway. Will bought me two green bell peppers, one yellow, one red and one orange. I cleaned & cut them all up in 1/2 inch pieces and froze them ~ 1 cup per bag. I will have them for various uses now and for stir fry. I sure like having them for doing an egg fratta or in baked beans or in a wide variety of dishes.:cool:

SUSAN How be you this day?

I am changing some of my favorite recipes to P+ in some of my WW papperback booklets. I have located some of real good dishes that I couldn't remember where they were when I wanted to make them again. :p Type at y'all later. :wave:

02-02-2011, 05:01 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! We've had some light rain today, wind and 71 degrees right now. I didn't wear a coat or jacket today. It'll be 30 degrees colder tomorrow, but this was a nice taste of spring.

I went to the Y this morning. No teacher for water aerobics again. We did our class anyway and then we all trooped to the desk for comment cards and complained at how the seniors are being treated. We haven't had a permanent teacher for 6 weeks, the workouts are varying from low impact to high (with 99% of us can't do), and our Friday class has been replaced with Water Zumba which has less than 10 students. We have 30-40 every class. We'll see what happens. After that I went over to the quilt shop and had lunch with my friend Elaine. That was a nice break.

Faye, I hope Fortune is all better again. You must have been so scared! Thomas was just a little boy when I first "met" you. What a nice ceremony.

Jean, I wish I could send you a day like ours is today. At least Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow so Spring will be early this year - somewhere.

Maggie, your food always sounds so good. You could open a restaurant!

I've got laundry to do, so have a great day!

02-02-2011, 11:06 PM
Maggie -- We feel very fortunate to have missed the major storm also. Even though it is very cold at least we don't have to shovel it. ;) I kind of worry about the furnace because it is 16 years old and when we put it in the guy said we would be lucky if it lasted 15 years. Our old one still ran fine except it was the original furnace and probably not big enough to handle the extra space. It is pretty amazing what modern medicine can do; I'm surprised at how quickly the dog groomer's dh was released from the hospital. :yes:

"Gma" -- The snow picture looks like it could have been taken around here! ;) I hope that Sears was able to fix your vent pipe the way it should be and you are back in business with your new dryer. :cp:

Susan -- I don't blame you for complaining about the lack of a water aerobics instructor. :no: I hope you get some results asap. I hope Phil knew what he was predicting! :lol: I'd settle for a 35 degree day right now! It is -7 with a wind chill of -27, it's only supposed to go down to -8.

02-03-2011, 09:57 AM
Good morning ladies! It is still cold here, but it is dry and the sun is out. Jack decided to take a day off and he will have tomorrow off as that is his dr appt so I am keeping my fingers crossed they start the process to get him fixed up.

Looks like Fortch is back to his old self. I have changed his food and his amounts. It is going to cost a lot more, but I don't want this happening again. I never had a problem when he ate dry, but since he won't eat it anymore I had to do something. I may not be able to get it at the commissary though and if not will have to pay a premium price for it somewhere else. Jack is getting him a couple cans until we do go commissary shopping this weekend and he had to pay $1.50 a can for it.

My dryer vent is all fixed and the wall has been replastered back in place. We will have to sand it in places and then find the paint chip color for the laundry area or just buy a new color and paint the whole room over, but it is worth it to have it all done now. He did say that with them putting a 3 inch pipe inside a 4 instead of the 4 running end to end I will have to have it cleaned out every couple years to make sure it isn't blocking up. He said he has no way of knowing what the 3 inch pipe looks like past the top of the cabinet. The three inch pipe is very flexible and can be crushed easily. He says they installed it that way, crushing it when it was installed so I am surprised one of us who has owned it over the last 35 years didn't burn the condo down.

Maggie: I wish Jack would eat burritos as that would make a fine way of using up leftover roast. I do buy the smallest one I can find though. I could make hash out of the rest of it I guess, but don't have a grinder attachment to my kitchenaid. Yes, they sure have come a long way in heart care. They just run the little wire up through your groin and look at your heart and then put stents in the blockages that opens the arteries right up. Unfortunately, if the blockage re-occurs in the area of the stent, the stent cannot be replaced and so they have to do bypass surgery. That is what happened to Jack. On top of that, the stents only last about 10 years from what I understand.

Jean: Have you seen the pictures online of the standstill on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago? Those people were trapped in their cars for 12 hours. Let me know if you haven't and I will post a picture or two. It is amazing. Reminds me of that movie, "The Day after Tomorrow" where global warming causes extreme weather events and people end up dying and such from extreme temps and huge amounts of snow and such. Good movie with Dennis Quaid and it was originally a book and the book is good too.

Susan: Bummer about the water aerobics. We used to have the same problem keeping instructors and our class wasn't even all seniors or a specific type group. Hopefully they will find you someone soon so you can continue to enjoy it.

I guess I better go. It is clean the upstairs day and do laundry now that I can use my dryer!! Have a good Thursday gals. Faye

02-03-2011, 10:38 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining but it is still very cold in my neighborhood this morning. My plan for the day is to get my nails done, WW, and a 5:00 meeting at church which I am not looking forward to -- long story.

"Gma" -- I will also keep positive thoughts for Jack's doctor appt. tomorrow. I'm glad Fortune is feeling better. We buy the expensive cat food, but are able to get it at a farmer/fix-it kind of store. The vet carries it but it's alot more expensive buying it from him. It will be nice to not have to worry about your dryer vent being plugged for awhile. I did see the Chicago pictures; I would hate to be stuck in my car like that. :yikes:

I need to put my shoes on and get moving. Hope you all have a terrific Thursday today. Keep warm wherever you are! :D

Jean -- :wave: from :brr: Iowa!

02-03-2011, 01:31 PM

It is a bright sunny day here in the Heartland with a temp of 11 that feels like zero with a SW wind at 8 mph. Will has taken the dogs to the groomer and all is quiet here except for what little noise the heat system makes.:p All is well and live is good. The dish I made out of left over roast was really yummy last night. I sautéd chopped onion, baby carrots and cut up celery until al dente.:o Poured a can of lo-fat celery soup over it and added chopped roast and heated it through. Dumped it into a 8x8 pan and dotted lo-fat biscuit dough across the top. Baked it for 15 minutes and had a lovely dinner. I had the points + to spend so it worked out fine. Later on in the evening we had 1/2 cup serving of Schwans sugar free, fat free vanilla ice cream for 2 points. It is so good and one would never know it was void of sugar or fat. I have the WW paperback 6x9 cookbook called "Best Ever Desserts" decadent and plan friendly that I am changing the stats to P+. It has 150 yummy recipes for cakes, pies, cookies, bars, sauces & toppings, breads and tarts and I bought in on 9-27-07.:p I have made several of the recipes to take to pot luck through the years and they were always a big hit with little or none left to bring home.:cool: I cut up the pineapple Will brought home yesterday and it is the best one so far in awhile. Juicy and sweet and not a bit woody. I now have a supply of fruit for awhile.

DONNA FAYE Here they now go through the arm mostly to do that process to clean out the arteries and not the groin. Going through the arm is less trauma to the patient. This hospital is top notch with the latest methods and is the one where the doctor who invented the artificial heart worked. Not eat burritos? I never knew anyone that didn't eat them.:p You can just about wrap any meal up in a tortilla you can put in a sandwitch. Does he eat tortillas or just bread? To each his own I always say. My mom even made tortillas from scratch when we were kids. Guess she learned that while living in Texas as a child. I have lightened corn and flour tortilla recipes ~ are you surprised.:o

JEAN I think we are on the same weather pattern here except we may be a little warmer than you. Sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you. Have a good one and stay warm.

SUSAN Howdy :wave:

Time to get busy around here. Break time is over. :wave: Type at y'all later.

02-03-2011, 11:51 PM
Maggie -- I wish you'd stir up some sunny warm weather and send it my way! ;) Just wanted to check in before I put the computer to bed for the night. The meeting at church was 2 hours, but I only have one person I have to call to fill a vacancy. As we were getting ready to leave the pastor said we really should create a kitchen committee and a communion committee. No one offered to get either one started. :dunno:

Susan -- I'm betting you worked both jobs again today, right? :p

I'm heading to bed! See you all tomorrow. :yawn:

02-04-2011, 10:22 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! I am surprised I am the first one here this morning. The sun is shining and it warmed up 10 degrees in 2 hours! Maybe we will have a February thaw! I have dust bunnies to chase around and the never ending dusting. I think I will work on the birthday menu for next Saturday so I can get groceries on Monday. I don't think I have to go anywhere today!

I shall return~ I need to get dressed and get busy! Have a GREAT day! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

02-04-2011, 10:51 AM
Good morning all. It is only 28 degrees this morning and thankfully I don't have to go out for now. Jack dropped Fortune off at the groomers and then headed to the doctors. I hope she can get his scheduled for testing and such and get him on his way to feeling better. His knee was really hurting him a lot yesterday.

He went a got the oil changed in the Mariner so it is a hunky dorey. I like having the little message on the car telling us what the percentage is and then telling us it is time for an oil change. Firestone sent us some "gold customer" cards which are good for $20 off any purchase of $30 or more so it only cost us $16 for the oil change. I remember when the darn things were $10 and now they cost $35, which is ridiculous IMO.

Jean: I got in here about 15 minutes or so after you. Since Jack didn't have to go to work today, we didn't have to be up at 5 am! :lol: No one wants to volunteer for anything because once you are "on the list" you can't ever seem to get off it. It is seveal degrees below zero wind chill in South Bend today. I wonder if the kids went to school with it being so cold. My brother posted a pic of facebook of this humongous plow that came through his subdivision and ripped off his and three other of his neighbor's malboxes!!! The front end of this thing was gigantic.

Maggie: Jack likes the chili cheese burritos from Taco Bell and eats flour tortillas with his fajitas at Chilis and that is about it. He is a corn tortilla man all the way. I used to get these wonderful potato burritos from this little mexican lady who would go door to door sell then in Las Cruces. I worked for a dress shop at the time. I think some nice carnada steak fajitas sound yummy. Maybe I will get the stuff to make them now that you have my taste buds going! lol

We are still waiting on delivery info for out computer. It is supposed to be delivered today, but the fedex site hasn't updated since the pick up date and has posted a message about delays because of the midwest snowstorms. Since the main hub is here in Memphis and the thing is coming from El Paso, I would think the plane wouldn't have problems, but who knows? Jack looked online before he left and it hadn't been updated and it said it was assembled in Juarez!!! We wonder why our unemployment is high, sheesh.

Well gals, I am going to go and unload and reload the dishwasher, get a shower and make the bed and such upstairs and get things going for the day while the "boys" are both gone. Have a grand weekend everybody. We get to go commissary shopping! :lol: Faye

02-04-2011, 02:29 PM

I slept in and it felt so good. The neighborhood dogs must be on stirke for barking didn't wake me up.:p It is 35 and sunny this day with a 8 mph wind blowing. I have a WW recipe of Smoky Bean and Ham Soup going in my crock pot already this day. It is 8 p+ for 1¾ cup but so good and good for you for it packs 21 g of fiber. It will all be ready about 5:30 this evenings meal. I got the recipe out of the "Now & Later" book. If anyone wants the recipe and don't have that book I can type it out for you. It makes a big pot and freezes well. Will isn't much of a soup person but likes this one really well. There is another one I make he really likes and it is my home made Chicken Noodle. He will eat other soups but those are his most favorite. I like this particular book I got my recipe out of for it gives a good recipe and then the next recipe tells what to do with the left overs. Will is out buying the necessary things to build the shelf in the Jeep for the dogs to perch on so they can see out the windows. Right now we have a plastic bin back there that Ragg Mopp sits on but there isn't room for Beanie. We can build a carpet covered shelf like across the back behind the front seats and then have storage underneath it. They have straps that keep them back there and won't go flying out the front window at a sudden stop or get under Will's feet while he is driving.:mad: The strap just lets Ragg Mopp come a bit in the front between us but he can go anywhere in the back of the Jeep. We leave them home when we go to do a big shopping like at Sams.;) We took the back seat out of that Jeep soon after we bought it. It is definitely a two person vehicle unless someone tosses a bean bag back there to sit upon. The seat bealts are probably still back there. Come to think of it JD did ride back there once. Kinda sat sideways. Beanie looks so cute ~ got his first real hair cut yesterday.

DONNA FAYE I sure do have my fingers crossed that the doc can get moving on treatment for Jack and get him back to exact and pain free. Poor dear, my heart goes out to him in all that pain. I have a recipe that makes tortillas and uses both corn meal and flour in them. They are very good. Have you ever eaten corn tortillas straight out of the factory? The place out in CA that made them also had a case full of the fixins for fillings. I have never run across another like it. They made corn ones that melt in your mouth and flour ones that didn't break when you bent them. Just like home made. Also we ran into a tortaria in Sue City Iowa that made them and you could buy them there but they didn't make anything to go ~ just tortillas which were wonderful. A stack of corn tortillas to go. YUM. Did I say I have some WW recipes to make them? :D

JEAN You are out and about early but not out but just about the house this day.;) Hope you get done what you have planned. Chasing dust bunnies. I do that in my office and bathroom which aren't carpeted.:p Those little things play hide and seek. Get behind the door they do. This is one of the dustiest places we have lived ~ guess it is because of the constant wind which doesn't always blow strong but it is always stiring things up a bit. Makes me sneeze.:dizzy:

SUSAN Staying busy are ya?

Have a wonderful Friday ladies. You do know that Spring is knocking at the door. Planting season is almost upon us. We are planning our garden. I still have acorn squash in a bucket in the basement where it is cool that is good. I need to plan a meal ~ stuffed squash, yep on a day soon.

02-04-2011, 11:11 PM
Maggie -- I would like your bean soup recipe if it isn't too "hard" to make. :o Bob isn't a big fan, but I like bean soup. I received this link from another wwer -- I haven't tried it but she's made it several times and says it's very good. :T (

I'm glad that RM and Beanie will have their own special spot in the Jeep. I've seen more small dogs sitting on the driver's lap lately, and I can't help but think they would get tangled up in the steering wheel or jump down by their feet. It will be awhile before anyone plants a garden around here. :lol:

Susan -- Did you work both jobs today? You are busy! :exercise: :swim:
I am going to call it a night and read for a bit. Even though I didn't work very hard I am tired tonight. :yawn:

02-05-2011, 02:17 AM

Just checking in before I head to bed....

JEAN Sure I don't mind typing out that recipe for you. It certainly tasted good and makes a good meal and I had a bowl of fruit afterwards.

1 (20 ounce) bag dried 15-bean soup mix
4 cups low-sodium chicken broth
4 cups water
1 large onion, chopped
1/2 pound carrots, sliced
3 celery stalks, sliced
3 garlic cloves, minced
1 teaspoon dried thyme
1 pound cooked ham cut up in bite sized pieces

Mix all the ingredients (except the ham) in a 5 or 6 quart slow cooker.
Cover and cook until the beans are very tender 5-6 hours on high.
About 30 minutes before the cooking time is up add the ham and the ham flavor packet if one comes in the bag of beans you have purchsed.

PER SERVING ~ (1 1/2 cups); 8 POINTS +
362 Cal, 4g Fat, 65 Carb, 21g Fib, 22g Prot.
Makes 4 Servings Plus Leftovers

Nighters Magnolias ~ I am now off to dream land. :wave: Type at you on the morrow.

02-05-2011, 02:53 AM
My brother in law just called us about half an hour ago. My sister's husband who has MS died about an hour ago at the hospital. I guess he has had the flu for a couple days and when my sister went to the nursing home around 7 his breathing was really shallow and thready. The idiots at the home hadn't even checked on him so she called an ambulance and had him taken. I will post tomorrow sometime and keep you updated as to what is going on.

02-05-2011, 11:48 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! We got up to very thick fog this morning. The sun is up there because it is getting brighter. :flow1: We are supposed to get colder again and more snow today and tomorrow. I've read the papers, have a load of laundry washing, and a roast cooking. I'm hoping to get my curio cabinet glassware and shelves washed today. Bob helps me with the mirror and shelves while I do the rest.

Maggie -- Thank you for sharing the recipe! Is there a special brand of soup mix that you buy? I've looked a time or two but don't ever remember seeing 15 beans in a mix. I can almost smell it cooking! :T

"Gma" -- I am so very sorry about your brother-in-law's death. MS is not an easy disease to live with; I'm sure he is at peace now. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. :hug: Will you and Jack go to the funeral?

I'm dressed so had better head downstairs and get busy! I'll be back later. Have a nice day! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

02-05-2011, 01:51 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! 46 degrees today and rain.

Here's a great website for you It not only gives the nutritional data, it tells you the GI and the Satiety Factor and has loads of other info. You can look up just about anything there including restaurants and fast food. Needless to say, it's a free site.

Thursday I worked both jobs and yesterday it was 11-8:30. I went to WW this morning and was the same as last week. Glory and I are going to tea this afternoon. We have done that for several months.

Maggie, thanks for the bean soup recipe. I have some ham so I'm going to give it a try tomorrow. WW had the new cookbook you got so that is now in my hands and I love it. I'll be having the lasagna for supper tonight. I love simple recipes like that.

Jean, if you can't find the bean mixture, I'll be glad to mail you a pound. Just send me your address. Our weather is dicey - in the 50s all next week until Friday when the high is supposed to be 30. But once we are through this month, winter will be over. I was looking at the flower seeds but decided to just buy plants again.

Faye, I am so sorry to hear about your BIL. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. What did Jack find out at the doctor?

Have a great day!

02-05-2011, 03:25 PM

Right now it is 51 degrees and sunny here in the Heartland. I don't have much on the ticket to do this day so I will have fun looking through some of my cookbooks. Life is good. I do need to color my hair but I will do that this evening before my Saturday night shower. I let my hair grow out a bit so to see if I have turned gray all over but alas, no. I have splotches of dark on top and the back yet so will continue to color it for I don't want to frighten folks now do I.:p Little Beanie is getting an independant streak in him that is cute. He will go outside even when Ragg Mopp doesn't want to.;) I received my order for some of the Wok tools already. They were quick since I placed my order on the first and didn't pay anything extra for quick service. I was pleasantly surprised because it came so quick and this Joyce Chen Wok acessory kit came with a 14" wire Tempura Rack and they also included a 12" one.:o It is a nice little kit for under 20 bucks, $17.91 including shipping & handling. Yep, I am a happy camper. I should be receiving my other tools soon plus the two books Will ordered for me from one his cheap book sites. They are both new and "may have" been looked through but in excellent condition. The Breath of a Wok by Grace Young and 300 Best Stir-Fry Recipes by Nancie McDermott. He bought me Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge by Grace Young and it is in excellent condition. I first learned of those books in an older copy of WW magazine then again in Cooking Light. I do so hope the recipes have the nutritional information in them for the one I already have doesn't. If not I can run them though my little program ~ give me something to do. (As if I need something to do.:p)

DONNA FAYE I sure hope all goes well with the arrangements and such for your relative. That is a sad thing that the folks at the home didn't detect something was not right. My prayers are with you and yours.

JEAN I can smell your roast. I still have some of the one I crock potted and need to make something with it. I am really surprised you can't find those soup beans there. It is great that Susan will send you some. Thanks for that web site.

SUSAN That is a neat WW book and I too like the five ingredients method. I have a pamphlet type booklet from WW that is "5 and under points" but not anymore ~ for they are mostly 6 points now.:p But there are some good recipes that I will still use in it. Thanks for that web site.

Too hip gotta go. Will wants me to go to town with him so I am off. :wave: Type at y'all later. Have a great day,.

02-05-2011, 05:23 PM
Afternoon gals. We are doing a waiting game at the moment for my sister to call about the funeral arrangements for Manual. We will be driving up, attending the funeral the next day, then coming back home the third day. More bad weather is headed their way and very cold temps so it should be interesting. I am going to wear a sweater and dress slacks and wear a sensible pair of shoes even if they aren't dressy as they have so very much snow and I would hate to end up in the ER having fallen. When I talked to my sister last night she was holding up pretty well. She knew the disease was progressing and his time was limited I think. He is at peace now with no more pain and suffering.

Let's seen, the dr put Jack on something called Dexilant, similar to Nexium and is scheduling an upper GI for him, she is getting him an authorization to his ortho surgeon for his hand and knee as she wants Dr Manugian to take care of it all since he is the expert and she did a blood test to test for colon rectal cancer and scheduling him a colonoscopy. Unfortunately, the drug is one that they have to have an authorization for and his dr didn't call them back so it will be next week sometime.

I need to go. We went out and bought Jack a new pair of dress slacks for the funeral and some stuff to take with us for sandwiches and such to cut down on the cost since this is an unexpected expense. Talk to you ladies soon and if I don't get back in here it is because we have left for Indiana. faye

02-05-2011, 05:44 PM
Susan -- Thank you for sharing the nutrition website! I have it bookmarked to look at this evening. I will look here and see if I can find the bean soup mix first. I wanted some Ginger Peach Tea and finally ordered it online because the store had been out of it for so long. :( I know you will enjoy your afternoon tea with Glory.

Maggie -- I am jealous of your temperature today! ;) We are hanging at 39 but no sunshine. It is dripping off the roof so that's a step in the right direction. My hair started turning gray with a tiny strip right up front, then the sides. I still have some darker hairs scattered throughout. Have fun with your new wok tools!

"Gma" -- I don't envy you the fast trip north. :no: I hope that the weather will be decent for you. Will you see Jay and family while there? I can't remember if they all live in the same place or not. I'm sorry Jack has to "hurry up and wait" for the drug order to come through. I hope he can get everything fixed at once. Travel safe!

Question of the day . . . when you buy a roast, do you have a specific kind that you prefer? I just bought a chuck roast and was disappointed in it. I've tried other cuts which I thought tasted better and were more tender. I used a package of Lipton Onion Soup over it.

02-06-2011, 10:14 AM
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