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12-01-2002, 08:36 PM
hi there! i really should move your post of desperation out of the lurker thread, but since i'm not really sure how to do that, this'll have to do.

your situation has made me do a lot of thinking. and i'm not sure that there's an easy answer. some folks have sued their insurance companies for coverage. and sometimes it's worked and sometimes it hasn't. it's not an easy process, and requires money and time.

is there any hope at all that you can change your coverage? through an open enrollment at your employer? or your spouse? a long shot, i know, but at least a thought

and another route is financing it. expensive, and you're basically buying an expensive car. some docs have arrangements with lenders...

does your cardiologist have any ideas?

please don't give up.

and as for what to do in the meantime, there are many ways to lose, some more drastic than others. and they will succeed. especially things like those drastic fasts. the problem is, with us, at least, the weight always comes back.

so, please keep us posted. and if i come up with any more ideas, i'll let you know.

good luck!!! many prayers. many hugs..