LA Weight Loss - Tired of my MUFFIN top! Please advise..

01-24-2011, 03:28 PM
Hello. I've been a "yo yo" LAWL since 2001!! I lost 30 lbs and missed my goal weight by one pound; I was pregnant with my first child! After each pregnancy, I went back to lose the weight. Sadly, my last pregnancy ended in miscarriage, so after a brief depression, I am ready to jump back in.

I was on the old plan. I will go back and confirm my stats for the proper plan. I am 5 3. 175! Yikes. I don't do much exercise but know that must change also.

I am thinking about starting Purple without lites. I have the old books, for purple, and gold. Not sure if I want to start with the lites to get my cravings managed and then go to purple once I start losing. I did this the last time as I was breastfeeding and my then baby was lactose intolerant. I found the soy irritated him.

Any thoughts? Any preferences to one plan with lites or no lites plans?

I am excited to drop this weight. This is the heaviest I've been NON pg.

01-24-2011, 09:47 PM
I'm not sure about the plan, but purple without lites seems about right I would do a fast forward to start, I've done them where you eat 4 oranges a day and then just protein and veggies. Or you can see if you can find the juice somewhere. That is usually good for clearing out the cravings and gives a nice start.