WW Food and Point Issues - Just Starting Out - a Few Q's about Points and AP Points

01-24-2011, 12:29 AM
Hi All,

I'm re-starting WW after a long hiatus. I've been doing the South Beach Diet and plan to mostly follow the principles of SB along with counting my WW Points. I have a couple of questions with Points-related things.

1. So I work out pretty heavily - I do Advanced Zumba 3x a week and see a trainer once a week. By my count, my hour of strenuous Zumba gets me 18 points, and seeing my trainer gets me around 10 points! Do I still want to eat all my APs? (This kind of goes along with my question below.)

2. I'm 6'0" and 263 - so I get 43 points a day. I tried to fill that in, but yikes! That seems like an awful lot of food. Add into it my pretty strenuous working out and I'd be looking at almost 60 points a day some days, which seems really high. I'll post a sample menu and see if I'm on the right track. (This is without APs.)

Breakfast - 8 pts total
3 eggs - 6 pts
1 serving 2% cheese - 2 pts
broccoli and red peppers - 0 pts
2 tbsp skim milk - 0 pts

Lunch - 18 pts total
1.5 cups homemade chili - 14 pts
1 serving 2% cheese - 2 pts
1 serving light sour cream - 2 pts
zucchini sticks - 0 pts

Dinner - 7 pts total
1 serving tilapia - 2 pts
1 cup broccoli - 0 pts
1 cup brown rice - 5 pts

Snacks - 9 pts
1 serving mixed nuts - 5 pts
1 serving skim chocolate milk - 4 pts
1 banana - 0 pts

Daily total - 42 pts

Just as an FYI, the chocolate milk is partially for recovery - my trainer recommended it for after my workouts.

Thanks for any input!

02-16-2011, 01:57 PM
Our leader said if your losing you should not use more than 6 excercise points a day....If you are are on maintenance you can eat as many points as you earn. I am in the same boat, I do 5 spin classes a week which earn me 12 points a class.....