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01-20-2011, 09:14 AM
Good morning to you girls. We are supposed to get some snow showers today, ugh! Hopefully they will just spit and that will be it. I always worry when the bad part of the weather is during rush hour when Jack has to drive with these nuts here.

Jean: Boy you are having some really cold temps. Of course, most states have their coldest weather in January I think, but I don't envy you the minus windchills. One of the threads a few years ago Susan and I belonged to up and disappeared overnight. There were several woman on the thread and then poof, nothing. I remember a lady named Carol lost her husband and quit posting, but would peek in, someone with the user name Jello and a few others including Susan. They posted one day and then the next and from then on everyone except Susan was gone. It was weird. Jack says he doesn't want both surgeries at once, but the poor guy can't decide which, his knee or his hand needs it worse. I think he should have the knee done as he has to walk and the hand is his left one and though he does need it for work, it isn't his writing hand and as such could deal with it being out of commission. We got a giggle last night as I told him I thought he ought to just get it all done, but he said no and said, "besides you are NEVER going to shave me again!" He had to have shoulder surgery years ago when he was in the Navy on his right shoulder, which put his right hand out of commission. He had to go to work as the Navy doesn't give you weeks off no matter what and he HAD to shave everyday so I tried it and practically took a layer off. It is hard to do to someone else. You don't know how much pressure to exert, etc because you aren't feeling it against your own skin. He ended up scrunched up shaving himself. It was a sight.

Maggie: Ok, so you know what I sent you was my phone number, right? I have been kind of bored with evening tv. I have to tell you I am really, really sick of all the gay programming on tv. Seems like all the sitcoms they stick some gay couple into it or something. I will not watch that garbage. I also don't watch the reality stuff like American Idol, Survivor, Biggest Loser and stuff like that. I am so over the reality stuff and bored with it. They just keep sticking stuff on tv though. You have all those Real Housewives shows and they are revolting. I mean why air your dirty laundry to millions and show what a horses patooty you are just because you are rich? :lol: I stick to mostly House Hunter, Property Virgins, some of the cooking stuff and reruns of shows I like.

Susan: We miss you and hope you are getting better!

Well gals, I need to get some breakfast. Jack made a mess making his this morning so I have that to clean up too. I am done with one sock. Put your sunglasses on for this one! I got the other skein to start the second sock and looked at what the color was named and it was "loud and proud." Boy is that appropriate, but they are great looking socks very primary color. I hope Kelly likes them but then she loves crazy socks and those crazy colored Converse tennies. Faye

01-20-2011, 01:28 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's cloudy and cold again today; we are in some kind of advisory later today. I've been tuning out the weatherman lately so just have to take what comes. :rolleyes: I've got the crafty group this afternoon -- makes me giggle every time I think of it because I am the least crafty one in the bunch. It's a nice social time though. I have some over ripe bananas and Bob hinted that banana bread sounded good to him.

"Gma" -- I love Kelly's socks! They are so cool! :joker: I have evened up Bob's neckline between haircuts and he swears I am pulling each hair out individually. :lol: I need to check and see if I have phone numbers; I'm pretty sure I have Maggie's unless it has changed since her move to KS.

Maggie -- What are you cooking today? :T

Susan -- I do hope you are on the mend and feeling better. :yes:

I'm off to get my nails done and mail some church birthday cards. Have a terrific Thursday and enjoy the day. :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-20-2011, 01:35 PM

It is a chilly 15 degree day that feels like 4 because of the wind chill. We got an ice covering all over yesterday and then last night it snowed so there are slick conditions for sure. Will has gone to the hospital now. Just got picked up by a friend that has a car to take him. He didn't know how difficult it might be to get in and out of the Jeep right after his operation. I know he will manage tomorrow to get in out of it. He is that way.:p He has already figured out how he can get down and up the stairs here in the house. I had been in here and posted before and when I went to leave my internet connection went south. Just poof went my post. Will got hold of the company just before he left and they said they were down for unknown reasons and would call as soon as they were back up. They got back up quickly for it wasn't long after Will left that they called me to tell me. I have chicken soup out thawing for dinner. Poor Will didn't get to have any breakfast and his coffee he surely missed. He did make some and brought it to me here in my office like he does every morning. What a guy. After I leave here I am going to work on my glass project.

DONNA FAYE I love that sox. It is so bright and pretty and I am sure she will just absolutely love it also. Her feet will have a party. Gives me an idea to make you a building with a sign on it that says "Sox Shop." Susan has a quilt shop and I have a glass shop. Maybe Jean should have a secretarial shop. Good idea, eh. We don't hardly watch any TV. I think we need our heads examined for even buying one again after being without for about 5 years. There are other places to get the news and we don't find much else that we want to watch. We have that big flat screen to watch movies on and the blue ray ones are great on it. :p And don't forget the surround sound with the speakers on the walls. They are little, about 3x5. Remember the huge speakers we had to use for the "stereo" system. Now they can package great sound in small containers.

JEAN & SUSAN Hope y'all are having a good day this beautiful cold day.

Going to work on my glass now. :wave: Type at y'all later.

01-20-2011, 07:00 PM
Maggie -- I assume, from reading your post, that Will has had his surgery today. I hope all went well for him. Will he be home tonight or will they keep him? Glad your internet disruption was temporary as that's always frustrating. :yes: Looking at the times we posted, we were close. Great minds think alike. :idea:

01-20-2011, 07:59 PM
JEAN Yes Will had his surgery today and they kept him a couple hours in the recovery room and they aren't keeping in the hospital overnight. He got out about an hour ago and his friend came by to pick up one of my "sticks" for him to use and some money to stop by and pick up the meds that the doc perscribed. I heated up a packet of chicken soup that I had in the freezer for dinner. He isn't supposed to eat anything "spicey" just yet. I just worked on my glass all day. :D

Type at y'all later. :wave:

01-20-2011, 11:08 PM
Good evening, ladies! Its still 38 degrees but there is talk of snow in the forecast.

I'm feeling better but still getting tired easily. I had to go to work yesterday to make up for Tuesday and then today and then I had a 3 hour shift at my second job. That one is easy, just sitting waiting for someone to come in so I can direct them and answering the phone. I'm working there tomorrow all day.

I need to get to bed now so I can get up for that. I'll do personals tomorrow or Saturday.

01-21-2011, 06:09 AM
Good snowy morning ladies. We got some snow yesterday afternoon and evening and I let Fortune out just a minute ago and it looks a bit slippery, but not too much. I have to take Jack to work this morning so will wear my crocs. They do great in winter weather.

Woohoo today is haircut day. My hair has been driving me nuts for over a month at least, but I wanted it to grow out so that it could be "fixed." I thought I would grow it out and see if I could get a wedge/bob cut, but I discovered I just do not like longer hair. I would also have to put a lot of work into it because I have enough curl in my hair to require a lot of blowdrying/styling. I am more of a dry and go kind of gal.

I saw this morning as I was balancing my checkbook that the deposit for our refund will be in the bank Monday night so we can start getting stuff done now, which is great. I guess we will start shopping for the loveseat recliner and the dryer. Hopefully Lowes can get in here and get it installed fairly quickly next week sometime. I, in the meantime have to pull the old dryer out and sweep and steam mop and move stuff so they can put it in. Doesn't it irritate you that you have to pay extra for the electric cord and the vent on a dryer? I asked about using the cord from our old dryer, which is like new and she said it voids the warranty. Well, what is voids is an extra $25 in their pocket along with the $25 for the vent!

Susan: Glad you are feeling better. Yep, the snow we got is coming right at you. I talked to my dil yesterday and she said they are down to a foot of snow now, but that everything is ice now because it rained and then froze so they still have a big mess up there.

Jean: I will send you my phone number by email so you have it. Jack's hair is off limits to me too! He doesn't trust me to even trim his neckline! :lol: Do you put nuts in your banana bread? I never have in mine because I prefer it without. Jack won't eat it at all so I can do what I like with it when I make it. He hates bananas.

Maggie: Hope Will is feeling ok after his surgery. I think Jack was in the recovery room about an hour or so and then went home with this wonderful cooling machine attached to his knee to keep swelling down, which it did and kept the pain down too. When Jack has tests or bloodwork done or a procedure, he is famished too. We leave the drs office and run by Mcds to get him food he is so hungry.

It is time for Jack and I to have another eye exam and new contacts and we got letters just yesterday saying our optometrist has left Walmart and went somewhere else and took our records. Well, luckily, the place she went to takes our vision insurance so we can keep seeing her. I am glad because I really like her. She is really nice and will talk to you at length about any problem you might be having.

Well girls, I need to go. Jack will be up in an hour and I will have to go and get dressed so I can take him to work. I sure hope they can fix the Grand marquis without huge expense so I can have my car back! :lol: Have a good weekend all. This is commissary weekend so you know I am looking forward to that! Faye

01-21-2011, 11:07 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It is snowing hard at the moment and has been for about an hour. I have a haircut this morning and need to pick up a few things at the store. I'm sure everyone else in town will have the same idea, as it is "crazy idiots out Friday." :(

Susan -- I'm glad to see you, :yes: but sorry you had to work two days in a row. Maybe that will be your regular schedule for awhile, I forget. I hope you continue to feel better and can get plenty of rest! :goodvibes

"Gma" -- Enjoy your new "do!" It seems like my hair is just fine one day and all out of whack the next. :dizzy: I hope you find a loveseat that you like and can get the dryer asap. I thought dryers came with cords. :?: I do put nuts in banana bread if I have them on hand. Bob would eat nuts in everything if he has a choice.

Maggie -- Is it still snowing at your house? :twirly:

I don't want to go outside, but I need to get going! It's -18 wind chill and I'll have to wear my boots . . . again. Hope you all have a pleasant day and do something, for yourself, that you enjoy! :D

Jean -- :wave: from :brr: :coolsnow: Iowa!

01-21-2011, 01:41 PM

It is a chilly day here in the Heartland but no snow. Will is doing quite well limping about. He said he is going to go to Wal*Mart and buy a cane. Mine that I have is about 3-4 inches too short for him and it gets tireing using the stick for it is just straight. My "sitck" is one like the police use in India and it is carried as part of their uniform. It is 4 feet long. It looks like bamboo and is some type of plant like it, but is extremely hard and you can't cut it with a knife. They use them for crowd and animal control and such. :p I use mine for hiking.:) Will used to have a longer one but it got stolen when some of his things disappeared. I can see Beanie laying on a pillow in the hallway all curled up taking a nap looking so adorable. It is a pillow that Ragg Mopp took out of a doggie bed when he was a baby and always used it ouside of the bed. Beanie has confiscated it as his own now and it is his day time sleeping bed. Beanies night time bed remains under a chair in the bedroom. When Beanie isn't sleeping on the pillow Ragg Mopp still plays his game with it. He puts a ball in the middle of it then grabs the edge of the pillow and slings his head and the ball goes flying. Then he has fun finding where it landed. Every once in awhile it gets washed. ;) I am so glad they have learned to share and to get along. My glass building is looking good. I have the wall pieces tacked together and will do some soldering and assembling it to day. It is going to be a real cute barn when finished. Maybe I can take a picture and figure out how to put it on this thread when it is done. Well see.

DONNA FAYE So you get your hair cut this day. That should be fun to have a "do" once again. Let us know how it turns out please. I am so pleased that you finally get to get a new dryer. That will make it so much easier to do your laundry for sure. There are always surprises under old appliances. Used to be cat toys for us.

JEAN OOOO that is cold there. Warming up a bit here. I put nuts in my banana bread. It is so good toasted the next day. Will likes nuts also ~ must be related to Bob. They like us don't they. :p I have a real good recipe called "Orange Banana Nut Bread." It is 4 P+ Points and worth it. Great for breakfast. Toast a slice, spread with low fat cream cheese (I use the WW little packets of CC) and sliced strawberries, peaches or kiwi. It is one that stays with me through the morning. I cook the bread in my bread machine but you can also do it in the oven. If you want the recipe I will type it up for you. It is a good make ahead and freezes well bread. So I slice it up and double wrap the slices and put them all in a plastic bag and they really do freeze well.

SUSAN So glad that you are back to work and feeling somewhat better. Still take it slow and steady and get fully well.

Gonna do some glass works. :wave: Have a lovely day all of y'all.

01-21-2011, 01:53 PM
Maggie -- I would like to have the recipe, please! I have a pumpkin bread recipe that is so good, but it makes 3 loaves. I never thought of slicing them and then freezing. :rollpin: Good idea! I got the recipe from one of my Kdg. mothers so have had it for many years; have not made it for years either. :o Glad to know that Will is on the mend; I hope WM as a cane for him as our WM has quit carrying many, many items that I would consider to be good sellers.

01-21-2011, 02:24 PM
PointsPlus™ value: 3
Preheat oven to 350º

2 Cups all-purpose flour
¾ tsp baking soda
1 cup Splenda® (measures like sugar)
½ tsp salt
¼ cup butter, softened
1 ⅓ cup mashed banana (about 3 bananas)
1½ Tbsp grated orange rind
1 tsp canola oil
3 Tbsp fresh orange juice
¼ cup chopped walnuts
Cooking spray


Lightly spoon flour into dry measuring cups, and level with a knife. Combine flour, baking soda, and salt, stirring with a whisk.

Place sugar and butter in a large bowl, beat with a mixer at medium speed until well blended (about 1 minute). Add eggs, 1 at a time, beating well after each addition. Add banana, rind, and juice, beat until blended. Add flour mixture, beat at low speed just until moist. Stir in walnuts, spoon batter into an 8½ x 4½ inch loaf pan coated with cooking spray.

Bake for 1 hour and 5 minutes or until a wooden pick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool 10 minutes in pan on a wire rack, remove from pan. Cool completely on wire rack.

Yield: 1—16 slice loaf
Serving size: 1 slice

01-21-2011, 03:24 PM
Thanks, Maggie! I can do that! :cheer:
Have any of you seen or tried this?? (

01-22-2011, 08:51 AM
Good morning to everyone. Looks like everyone is very cold this morning. It is 26 here this morning but supposed to warm up into the 40's. We did get sun yesteday and it melted a lot of what we had. Lots of slick spots on streets where they were shaded by trees so you had to watch out, but overall not so bad as long as you were careful (which the dumbbells here are not) I went out to get my haircut at 10:30 yesterday and on the way way back saw an accident where a car went whizzing over a bridge and slide into the concrete wall and messed up their car but good. We even have signs over the interstate telling everyone to be careful over bridges and they still just go full out over them. We have a lot of really treacherous ones as a lot of the interstate and parkway is up in the air. I had no problems because I slowed down, but I did feel a couple places where my tires slid on a patch on the street.

My dil posted on facebook that Jay went down and turned off the furnace to replace the filter and forgot to turn it back on. They awoke freezing to death. It is 6 degrees there this morning! My poor grandson, they turned him into a popsicle! :lol:

Jean: Wow, I will have to try that sometime. I like bananas and I think banana "ice cream" would taste great. You could add other things that blended smooth too it to for different flavors I bet. I wasn't happy when I left the salon yesterday, but I went home and did my hair myself and it looks great so she did give me a good cut. She was an older lady, looked like did all senior clients and when she finished my hair was not how I wanted it, but she had "cut" it the way I wanted it and I just needed to go home and style it myself so I would probably go back to her. She must not be one of their top stylists either because their haircuts start at $40 for this place and she only charges $30, which is twice what I was paying to have it whacked up so I am pleased with that. Maybe now that I have a good cut it will stay that way. I guess I will find out how it does when I was and dry it and style it this morning. I do "finger" styling on my hair because it has great body and I can never need a curling brush on it if it is cut correctly. Nope, be prepared when you have to buy a dryer next time because you have to buy the electrically cord and the venting separately, which is a total rip off IMO. I can't believe how cold it is at your house. I would freeze to death because all I have is my new windbreaker which is good to temps at 20 degrees or above. I do have an ugly hat and gloves. Now I know you are thinking, why doesn't she knit herself a cute pair? I ask myself the same question everytime I make something for someone else, why don't you ever make something for yourself! lol

Maggie: We have mostly dryer lint under our dryer and it needs a good mopping too. I guess it is laziness, but I don't pull out the appliances and clean under them. Our space is so limited it is really difficult to do. I am glad Will is getting around. Jack was up and down yesterday and left work yesterday and he rubbed it right knee all night and said it was hurting. That is the one they FIXED! I kept our crutches and my walker from accidents and such so we at least have that. When I have slipped and fallen in the house, the walker is great to get around in until the knee swelling goes down and such.

Susan: Hope going to work didn't put too much stress on your body since you are still recovering. Hope you are continuing to feel better and feeling stronger everyday.

Today I am doing up the laundry and not much else. Tomorrow is commissary day and I have lots of stuff to get as we are out or almost out of fruit, yogurt, milke etc. Jack wants to start eating Lean Cuisine stuff again for lunches so we have that to get too. Should be a fun day! :lol:

Well, I am going to go and wash my hair and dry it and see how it comes out. I colored it on Thursday and she cut a lot of the lovely color off so I may have to recolor in a week or so, we shall see. Have a great Saturday and keep warm! Faye

01-22-2011, 11:53 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! Another cold morning in my neighborhood, but just a teeny bit warmer than yesterday by 5 degrees. :cheer: It's bright outside so I am hoping to see some sunshine today. The dishwasher is running and I've got a load of laundry ready to take downstairs when I finish here. I need to bake bars for the Stone Soup Supper at church tomorrow night. Somehow the bell choir got roped into serving this month; it's FREE so "you know who" will show up. Others decided on serving lasagna, some chose garlic bread, and lettuce salad but I opted for bars. It should be interesting.

"Gma" -- I have done the same thing as Jay, but I usually change filters in the morning so catch it sooner rather than later. I'll bet their house was big time cold! :brr: I'm glad your haircut turned out to be a good one. I don't know why I waste my time telling my gal what I want done because she does what she wants anyway. :mad: I swear she puts a bowl on Bob and he forgets to tell her that he (I) want it shaped to his neck and not a bowl cut! I feel so sorry for Jack with his hurting knees and hand.

Maggie and Susan -- Hope to see you both today! :cb:

Well, my chores are not doing themselves so I had better keep moving. Have a super Saturday and enjoy whatever you are going to do today! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-22-2011, 02:06 PM

It is chilly all over this USofA this day. I am staying inside this day. I did get that building finished yesterday and it did turn out so cute. I am going to make myself one like it. Only for mine I think I will add a silo to the corner of it. I do believe I have enough red glass to make another. Hope so. Will is getting around so good without any cane or such. I changed is bandages and he just has 3 little holes around his knee. I guess one was for the camera, one for the doc to get his tools in and one for the doc to push the bone sliver out. Anyway it is amazing that they don't have to cut into folks now so much. Just three little holes. He goes in for therapy on the 24th and then his followup is the 31st. Not much on the ticket here this day. I may cut out my pattern for my barn. I sure hope it goes together as nicely as the one I just finsihed. Will just has to get out so he is going to mail some stuff, go to the store for we are just about out of milk, stop by the bamk and going to Mokas and get us a sandwich and me a latte. He just has to get out. I am going to have half of a Chipotle B.L.A.T. which are so good. Half a sandwitch is enough for me. He took my stick to get him over the rough spots in the yard on the way to the car. I think this spring we are going to lay stone down for a walkway from our covered patio out across the back yard to the gate. Sure would make navigating that area better. There is something about the threshold board between my office and the hall that Beanie likes. He wants to chew on it. He wants to chew on everything. Will was wondering were he was getting some things and caught Ragg Mopp knocking them off the table beside where Will sits in the living room. Beanie is waiting at the bottom for goodies to fall. Pencils and paper and whatever. They are working in cahoots together, the little scudders. Puppies do chew.

DONNA FAYE You can be the safest driver on the road and still get into an accident because of the yoyo's that don't get it that you do have to slow down especially in slick conditions. You be safe and ever watchful out there. I am so happy for you that you did end up getting a good hair cut. I am getting ready for a cut real soon. That is a cold night when someone forgets to turn the furnace back on. Burrr. Gives me the chills to think about it.

JEAN Thanks for that web site. That banana thing sure sounds like something we would like and so I am gonna give it a try for sure. I imagine you bake the best bars. What kind are you making this go round? I think I have some recipes that are really good. One especially is called Hello Dolly Bars and with the old WW way of figuring the points they are 2 points apiece. I will have to figure the P+ on them before I make them again.

SUSAN Hope all is well with you this day.

Type at y'all later. :wave: Gonna cut out a pattern for a barn now.

PS I just figured the P+ on those bars and it bumped the count up to 3 per bar.

01-22-2011, 04:24 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! It's so cold for VA - 24 degrees right now.

I went to WW this morning, down a pound so I'm happy. Then I had to go grocery shopping since I hadn't done that since right before Christmas. No fresh fruit and vegetables, no milk, bread almost gone, you get the picture. Kroger had Lean Cuisines $1.60 if you buy 10 so I did. I get home late from my second job and they are quick to fix. I also got a pineapple and cherries in addition to the standard apples, oranges, pears and bananas.

I worked at Jackson Hewitt from 9 am until 7:30 pm last night. It's an easy job, just sitting and answering the phone and greeting clients. I wasn't even tired when I got home. But with the cold today and having to go out I'm just worn out and I think I'll go have a nice nap soon. The cold is really hard for me this winter but I can't stay in the house until spring. I wanted to go to the Y, but the energy just isn't there today.

Maggie, I'm glad Will came through his surgery so well. It is amazing how they do surgery now. I have the scars to prove it wasn't always that way!
I've sent you my phone number earlier today.

Jean, The last haircut I got was so short - even for me - that it's just now getting to the stag where I'll need a trim in 3-4 weeks. I'm not going to that girl again. Of course, it was partly my fault because when she finished I told her to take a little more off...

Faye, I so feel for Jack. There is nothing worse than pain in you hands and knees and having to keep using them. I've had a lot of pain in my lower back this week so the disk are probably compressing more again. I swear, I'll be 3 feet tall if I live to 80. I saw a neat felted slipper pattern on tipnut yesterday. I might give it a try. Supposedly they are very warm. I hate having cold feet.

I've got to go get the clothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer. Why can't they make one machine that does both?

01-22-2011, 05:27 PM
Maggie -- It's pretty amazing how well Will is getting along compared to surgery years ago. RM and Beanie are like having 2 kids -- what one doesn't think of the other one will. :lol: It's good they get along so well. I am trying a new recipe called Cherry Nut bars using a white cake mix, cherries, and nuts, then a powdered sugar frosting with butter, whip cream, and cherry juice. I may leave the nuts out as some people don't like nuts and I don't want leftovers since it makes a big pan. The recipe is in our church cookbook so I hope it is good. :T What is in the HD bars? I'd much rather make bars than cookies -- much faster! :yes:

Susan -- It's good to see you here today! :cp: :congrat: on losing another #! Grocery shopping is enough to wear me out, so I can imagine you were tired too. I know how hard the cold air can be for someone with asthma as my mom always covered her nose and mouth with her hand if she didn't have a scarf. Is tipnut a website? That sounds funny. :lol:

I have towels to fold and another load to put in the washer so better keep at it. Have a relaxing evening! :D

01-23-2011, 08:33 AM
Good morning everybody! I think we are supposed to get some rain or snow showers today, but the temp is going to be too high to sustain snow I think. It is commissary day for us. We seem to always pick the day it is going to rain to do the shopping.

I think Jack is going to take a vacation day off this next week to get the car towed in and get things going on it to get it fixed. It will be nice to have the second car again so I am keeping my fingers crossed the cost won't be out of what we feel we want to pay to have it fixed. We have to have it inspected and then tagged too so you have to add that cost in with the towing and such. Cars can bleed you dry sometimes, but I can't complain about the grand marquis. It has 157000 miles on it and we haven't had much trouble with it at all until these spark plug issues.

Susan: :carrot: for losing your lb! Because of my size I have trouble in extreme cold or hot, but I think cold is harder on me. I try not to let it get to me as I know I have to get up and get around and not just sit though. I got some really nice fruit at Fresh Market yesterday but it cost me that's for sure. I got blueberries, a pineapple, strawberries, oranges and nectarines. I bought a couple apples of a kind I have never tried so I hope they are good. I think they call them "honey crisp." I usually get granny smith as I like tart apples, but we shall see how these taste. I still want to get some bananas and grapes at the commissary today then I will be all set with fruit.

Maggie: Jack's right knee sort of looks like that with the little cuts. I had gall bladder surgery back in 1992 and had the three cuts and two of them have disappeared. The only one visable is the largest one. Of course I have a huge ugly one from my navel down from my colon surgery and the big "hole" one where the ostomy was so no bikinis for me! :lol: :lol:

Jean: I agree, you should probably leave out the nuts as so many people have allergies to nuts anymore or they plain don't like them. You bars sound really good. I think my favorite bar cookie are the butterscotch ones. They are so nice and chewy. Hope you can stay warm today as you sure are having some cold weather up there.

I woke up at 1:30 to go to the bathroom and never could go back to sleep so I imagine I will crash this afternoon sometime. I need to go to Target and get Jack new undies, tshirts and socks. I usually try to buy them staggered, but he has waited to tell me he needs all new stuff so we shall go get them today. I need some new socks to wear around the house so will get them too. One of these days, I will make myself some socks.

You gals have a nice Sunday. Take care of yourselves today and stay warm and dry. Faye

01-23-2011, 01:11 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It was -13 when we left for church this morning. :brr: There is no wind and the sun is shining. After church we went to the benefit breakfast and are now home again. It has "warmed" up to 2 according to the Weather Bug, but I don't know how accurate he is! My bars are made for tonight and I have to declutter the kitchen counter before I do anything else.

"Gma" -- I get Honey Crisp apples here and they are very sweet apples. I hope you like them. I use Granny Smith apples in the Snickers salad. :T I fell asleep in front of the tv last night so when it was time for bed, I was wide awake. :( I do that every once in awhile. Other times I wake up and then can't go back to sleep; sometimes I will get up but since I turn the furnace down at night the house feels too cold to just sit around. Have fun at Target -- that is one of my favorite stores to visit.

I need to get a move on or it will be time to leave for church again and I won't have accomplished anything. Have a relaxing Sunday! :D

Jean -- :wave: from :brr: Iowa!

01-23-2011, 04:16 PM

Here is the bar recipe that I was talking about that I got out of a WW magazine a long time ago. It used to be 2 points but is now 3 P+.:p

Prep: 15 min Cook: 18 min
Serves 24; 3 P+ each

1 cup reduced-fat honey graham-cracker crumbs
2 tablespoons light stick butter, melted
½ cup toasted walnuts, chopped
½ cup shredded unsweetened coconut
⅓ cup butterscotch chips
¼ cup mini-chocolate chips
1 (14-ounce) can sweetened condensed canned fat-free milk

Preheat the oven to 350ºF.
Line a 9x13-inch baking pan with foil.
Lightly spray the foil with nonstick spray

To make the crust, combine the cracker crumbs
and melted butter in a small bowl
Stir until the crumbs are moistened
Firmly press the crumb mixture in the bottom of the pan
Layer the crust with all the ingredients except the milk
Drizzle the milk over the top

Bake until browned and set, 18-20 minutes.
Cool completely on a rack.
Lift the cookie out of the pan and set on a cutting board.
Cut into 24 bars.

Per serving: (1 bar) 113 cal; 4g Fat; 17 g Carb;
1g Fib, 2g Prot.

Good Idea: To remove and cut the bars, line the pan
with enough foil to form handles;
Cut a piece of foil 6 inches longer than the pan.
Invert the pan on the foil, flip the pan over,
and overhang on two opposite sides.

JEAN I know you will like these bars if you try them. ;)

I'll be back later to say something ~ :wave:

OK I am back now. It is a cold day here in the heartland. Frost on the ground when I walked to church this morning. Burrr. We went to a steak house for lunch and I only ate a bit of my meal. Couple ounces of the steak but I ate all 3 of my grilled shrimp and my salad with dipping my fork in my dressing as usual.

SUSAN One more pound down is GREAT. You are still going in the correct direction. I love fresh pineapple. When my cousin was married to a Hawaiian who owned a pineapple plantation I got as much pineapple as I wanted. My back hurts on occasion also. I have degenerative disk disease. My operation was back in the 70's when I had a disk removed that had slipped out due to a happening at work.

DONNA FAYE I do hope you don't get too wet in that rain on your trip to the commissary. Won't it be so nice for them to be able to fix up your car and it won't cost an arm and a leg. Strawberries? Where were they grown? You will NEVER catch me in a bikini. I have a scar running down my front from a gall bladder operation (when they slit you wide open) and a scar running down the small of my back from my back operation. Looks like someone slit me with a sword clear through from front to back. Or back to front. My doc did say after my gall bladder operation that all my organs looked in good shape and my liver had good turger for he touched it. So there is something to be said for them to see all the parts in there.

JEAN Are your bars made from a lightened recipe? I have several recipes of the lightened kind if you want them.

01-23-2011, 05:19 PM
Maggie -- Thanks for sharing the recipe. I have one very similar but they are called 7 Layer Bars. I don't remember what the 7th layer is. :dunno: The Cherry Nut Bar is just a white cake mix, water, cherry juice, maraschino cherries, and nuts. The frosting is butter, cherry juice, pwd. sugar, and cream. The batter is really thick, but it makes a jelly roll sized pan which is nice for taking to a group. It seems like everything I like is more points on the PP program. :hyper: I had all of my innards cleaned when I had my surgery several years ago. The surgeon took out my appendix, free of charge, at the same time. :lol: I know they don't do that any more.

01-23-2011, 08:41 PM
Good evening, ladies. It was a little warmer today - got up to 34 degrees.

I didn't even go to church today. I got up congested and breathing with difficulty so decided it would be better not to go out in the cold air. It seems to have let up now. I'm going to try the Y tomorrow. If its too much, I'll just come home. I miss my exercise! The grocery store had a closeout sale on Skinny Cow pecan ice cream bars. What a rip off - 3 points for about 1/4 cup of ice cream. Oh well, that's what I get for not getting my calculator out and figuring the points before I bought.

Faye, I hope the commissary wasn't crowded and well stocked today. I know you will be glad to get your "wheels" back on the road. I hope it isn't too expensive. I like cameo or gala apples the best.

Jean, has something for everyone. It's a fun site. Give it a look sometime.

Maggie, We're getting strawberries from FL here - $2.50 a package. I won't be wearing a bikini, either. I have a scar from kidney surgery that started at my belly button and went around the back nearly to my spine, scars from intestinal blockages (4) that ended up going from hip to hip and above my belly button to my bikini line (lost my belly button on that one). X marks the spot for me!

I haven't had the tv on since Thursday and I sure won't have it on tonight. I'm not a football fan. It's more fun to read or quilt.

Have a good evening.

01-23-2011, 09:52 PM
Susan -- It's nice to see you again tonight. :yes: Your temperature 'almost' sounds like a heat wave to me. :lol3: I hope you feel well enough to go to the Y tomorrow; I know how much you look forward to that. Thanks for the website, I will check it out when I finish this post. Bob is watching football so here I am. We had about 50 show up for our Stone Soup Supper at church. I don't know if it is advertised very well or what, but the people who came didn't look "down and out hungry" like I expected. One lady from our church said she always comes because she's afraid no one else will.

01-24-2011, 08:41 AM
Good morning ladies! It is a balmy 39 here and supposed to warm up to near 50 today, which will be nice. It was fairly warm yesterday for this time of year. I am ready for spring and then summer swim time! :lol:

Saturday we had to take my phone in as the "home" button was not working. We went in first thing Saturday morning to the ATT store that said we had to go to the Apple store so we did. It is lodged in a very ritzy shopping center, ie, they have a Vera Bradley store, J Crew, JJill, etc. Well this place is so elitist you have to make an appt!!! They gave us one for 3 and said to come early to "check in." They have people standing at the door with Ipads like guards! They changed out to a new phone, but not before we had to stand around for an hour!!! The people that work there were friendly enough and the tech was super, but the whole place wreaked of "stuckupness!" :lol: Of course, it is in the "stuck up" part of town! :lol: The parking lot was full of beamers, lexus, jags, etc. Jack said our little Mariner felt real lonely out there in the parking lot with no one to talk to! ;) The nice thing is having an Iphone, you just come home, plug it in to the computer and it brings up Itunes and Itunes stores everything so you sync it and it puts all your apps and phone address book, etc back onto your phone for you. I also made sure that everything was erased off the phone I turned in, but that was part of the procedure anyway.

Sunday I got up and found the bathroom floor flooded again. I wasn't dressed so I sent Jack over and the jerk wouldn't even open the door. Jack had to yell through the closed door what was going on! These dirtbags took offense to my calling their landlord last time and started throwing their cigarette butts and their cigar tips over onto our patio so I am not too pleased with them at all. I told Jack I was cleaning it up and if it happened again I was done and would call their landlord. I now have to do laundry and go to the laundromat today to dry towels and we just went on Saturday. We did the commissary thing, came home and unloaded and I decided to skip Target for another day. I wasn't feeling well, (another round of the female stuff) so I didn't want to be walking all over the Target store.

Today I am going to try and get cleaning done downstairs again. It is that time again. Sure seems to come around a lot!

Susan: Boy, I hope your breathing and such improves soon. Sounds like you have been having a rough time lately. I haven't ever seen the skinny cow pecan bars. Jack likes the WW toffee ones and the ice cream sandwiches. I am trying to just stay away from desserts of all kinds for awhile to get me "desugared" so to speak. I paid $5 for a larger box of strawberries at Fresh Market on Saturday. I got blueberries 2-$5, but paid a premium on some of the other stuff. They have really nice produce so I bought most of my stuff there rather than the commissary, which is apple heavy at the moment and not much else.

Maggie: I have made those bars with the coconut and chips and things years ago. They are pretty good, except I hate coconut! lol I still like the butterscotch bars. I bet you could lower the fat and such by using margarine for the graham crust. I don't see why you would need real butter, do you? Sounds like we all have "scars to bare" :lol:

Jean: Well at least some people showed up for the soup! Did you have a lot of food left? You sure aren't getting a break on warmer weather this year. I would just hate to have to deal with temperatures like that.

You gals have a nice beginning to your week. I need to go in and change out the stuff in the washer and start another load, unload the dishwasher and get myself some breakfast. Faye

01-24-2011, 03:10 PM

It is a chilly day here in the Heartland. 40 degrees that feels like 30 because of the North wind at 21 mph. I can't remember when the wind didn't blow here. I think I will celebrate when it doesn't. I don't know how we do it but we pick windy places to live. In a town in Montana the wind blew every day. The lumber folks brought their wood there to dry out by the wind. One day I would like to live where the wind didn't blow so much. Sounds like Will is home. He is on call this week and went to pick up the "bag." He brought in the mail and mine of course is catelogues. Got an email from my WW leader and they are having a nice sale on some of the bars and equipment. What really got my attention is the mention of a new cookbook. That I just might be an owner of, if I don't already have it of course. :p Dotties web site is working on getting all her restaruants changed over from points to points + and showing both of the calculations. I checked out Applebees menu selections and was glad to see what I choose to eat is in the low end of things. I had printed out the pages and Will asked to see them. He almost went into shock when he looked at it and what he chooses is a whole days worth of points +. Ah HA! He is being aware, which is a very good start. I am so thankful that Applebees does have WW friendly offerings and has them posted as such on their menu. Makes it easier for me. Thank you Dottie. We went there last night to deliver the barn but the gal wasn't working afterall so back again tonight after weigh in for the schedule reflected her at work tonight. It will be interesting to see what Will does end up ordering since he has had an awakening. He says he doesn't like those WW or LQ frozen dinners and I said that he will have to figure what he wants to eat when I have one then. I will fix it for him but he has to decide what he will be eating for me to do that. I am not going to tell him what to eat on HIS program. So there. I think he is finally getting it though, that it is all about choices for we can eat out at the same place and I can lose and he can't. Choices. I promise not to get cranky with him, just firm in my conviction that I want to lose. My week has been a good one and I do hope for a loss at the scale tonight. :o I made a pumpkin pie with out crust and to eat the whole thing is only 8 points +. I have had that recipe from WW for a long time. Anybody want it or do you all have it. We like it a lot. I'll just assume you want it so will type it out here now:

8 Points + for ALL of it.
Mix all together:
1 can pumpkin
Egg beaters (to = 2 eggs)
1 Sugar free Fat free Vanilla Instant Pudding
2 Cups 1% milk
1 Tbsp Pumpkin pie spice
1/8 Cup Splenda Granular measures like sugar

Pour all into a sprayed 8 inch pie pan
Bake at 450º for 15 minutes
Reduce temp to 350º and bake for 45 minutes or when knife inserted two inches from the edge comes out clean.

DONNA FAYE That is too funny about that phone store. Reminds me of the times we would go to Beverly Hills and shop. Paak-ya-car-maaadam? Yep we had fun, especially when I would drive my jeep there. Met lots of movie stars and had some lively conversations with them. Just folks. We sure found some good bargins there. I had a "shopper" in the Dallas store that always found great deals for us. A very expensive 3 piece beautiful pin stripped suit for Will marked way down from big bucks. Georgeous, and such nice material. Of course I bought it for him. I sure missed her when she retired for she turned me on to some great deals through the years especiall around the holidays. Another flood. YIKES when will that neighbor see the light. He is going to be the ruination of your floor yet. Sorry about your not feeling so good today. This too shall pass but in the meantime take it easy. I like real butter rather than that plastic stuff they call margarine. :p There is just something about butter that works better in some recipes. Margarine works better in my fudge recipe. Go figure. Anyway I do use both.

JEAN Hope your day is going well with you and you are staying warm.

SUSAN Strawberries here are from the left coast and still aren't looking very good. March is when the best ones come out. Our plants should be producing some nice ones this year. We are going to net the plants to keep the birds and such from feasting on them. I love strawberries. Looks like Skinney Cow isn't always skinney after all. We found the store brand of ice cream to be lower in points than the Skinney Cow brand and better tasting also. So go figure. I havn't watched any TV lately either. Yep we have roadmaps on our bodies that tell a history of what used to be. Stay safe and don't push it now.:D

All y'all have a lovely day. I am off to get some lunch. :wave: I think I'll have some fruit. Later.

01-24-2011, 04:22 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun was shining but has disappeared; snow is predicted for this afternoon or evening. It is warmer though -- the Weather Bug says 34 with a wind chill of 23. It feels that 'damp cold' outside though. I went to church to help count and then post to the accounts. I was off $2 and would rather be off $200 as that is easier to find. :spin: We ended up shifting cash from one spot to another.

"Gma" -- The phone store sounds like some kind of place! :queen: It's too bad the place where you bought it couldn't replace it for you. I would have called the landlord and let them deal with your neighbor. He has to be an idiot! :yes: Lat night we also had a big roaster full of leftover turkey soup from the fundraiser at noon. We had some soup and a pan of lasagna leftover; the lady in charge said to divvy it up into small containers (like sour cream, maragarine tub type), and send it home with whoever wanted it. One lady came with a recyclable grocery bag and took several containers. She didn't look at all in need of free food to me!

Maggie -- Don't move to NW Iowa because it is windy here too. I don't remember it being so when we first moved here. There are more windmills being added all the time. :( I am hungry for chocolate something this afternoon. I don't know why because it's not usually my first choice for a flavor. I'm sure I do have that recipe even though I've never made it. I usually use butter when I bake also. Our strawberries are really ratty looking right now. I'm not sure where they come from, but it must be a very long trip! :lol:

Susan -- Hope you are feeling better today! :yes:

I'm off to work on some more searching, sorting, and tossing. Have a nice "rest of the day!" :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-24-2011, 05:38 PM
Good afternoon, ladies. Only 30 degrees so feeling cold.

I'm feeling much better today. I went to the Y but the pool was closed because the heater broke and the water was 71 degrees. I did my weight training instead and then the Silversneakers class.

Faye, that's how it is at some of the shops in Williamsburg. But there are hundreds of outlet stores so who needs the snobs. I'm glad you got your phone replaced.

Jean, we have soup suppers every Friday during Lent. The ladies are great cooks. No desserts because of it being Lent, though.

Maggie, thanks for the recipe. I love pumpkin anything!

Have a good evening!

01-24-2011, 06:39 PM
Susan -- I'm so glad you are feeling better and able to go to the Y. :yes: I hope the pool heater is fixed soon. Do the ladies serve different kinds of soup? I was surprised when we were told we could serve anything we wanted. There was a Cheerio bar made with peanut butter, but thicker than a Rice Krispie bar; it was delicious! :T