Exercise! - The Firm Body Sculpting System Infomercial info

11-25-2002, 05:05 PM
I am interested in the infomercial I've seen on TV for The Firm Body Sculpting System. I know that Firm tapes have been discussed in this forum before, but I couldn't seem to find any info specifically on this system. I also read the Scams forum about the infomercial (but I'll be ordering from QVC so don't worry). What I'm wondering is how well it works for any of you out there that actually have it. How long are the tapes and how hard are they? How much coordination does it take? My problem with the Firm tapes in the past is that they have been a little to complicated for me, and it's almost like you have to be in shape to even do them! I was wondering how this system compared. Are the tapes easy to follow and interesting? Do they keep you mitivated? I'm really just looking for your opinions on them. Also, is anyone getting really good results with the system? Plus, how well made are the steps that come with the tapes? I know, a lot of questions but any info you could offer would be useful!