General Diet Plans and Questions - Fat Smash-Introduction and a few questions

01-17-2011, 08:54 AM
Hi There-
I started out the new year with the atkins diet(I had done this years ago with success) but just feel like I would be more healthier doing something with less dairy and meat. I have done FS before with some success but after i get to the 9th day i usually fall off the wagon..hoping this time I can stick to this through march and get to other phases and where I want in weight. I will turn 42 Tuesday and feel like if I dont get rid of the my extra pounds and lean up I never will....I have found that I really need to execise...sometimes i try and just watch what i eat but with out execise I really dont lose much for long:( This is tricker being a mother of 4 and home with a 3 year old and the fact that it is winter and hard to get outside and walk. I have a older treadmill I use but it just doesn't seem to be the same.
just wondering if anyone drinks coffee in phase 1? i know you are not supose to but i find it hard not to have it in the morning...i can drink it black if needed...I have tried tea and will again..but it's not the same.
also about brown rice
How much brown rice is too much? It says 2 cups in the book...I am asumming that is cooked?
Do you know how many rice cakes add up to 2 cups?
any thoughts on refried beans in can...or any beans in a can?
I have a lot of issues with portion size so if anyone has suggestions or ideas that would be great!
thanks for you time and help!
Take care
134.5/120-I am starting today;)

01-17-2011, 09:09 AM
also if you have popcorn as a snack-how much can you have?

thanks again

01-17-2011, 09:59 AM
Fat Smash helped me get through my 145 plateau. I lost 6 lbs. in the detox phase, which for me was phenomenal. I still use a lot of the foods in it since they're all things I love. Unfortunately I tried doing it again to break my 130 plateau, and I only lost .2 in 9 days :-(

Yes, the rice would be cooked. Is 2 cups really the limit? I always kept it to 1. 2 cups would be about 400 calories.

Rice cakes with nothing added are usually 35 calories, so I'd use that as a guide.

I personally eliminated coffee because I was trying to keep it really clean, but I only drink coffee on weekends so it wasn't a big deal for me. I've seen many people here who drank it during detox.

I think any beans in a can are fine as long as there's no added sugar - kidney beans often have added sugar or corn syrup. I always put canned beans in a collander and rinse them well because of the salt.

Sorry, not sure on the popcorn. I find popcorn makes me hungrier so I avoid it.

On portion size, I thought the book had some general suggestions for more calorie-dense things like oatmeal, rice, milk, yogurt, etc. With non-starchy veggies it would be really hard to over-eat. I'm not a huge fruit eater, so 2-3 servings a day was usually enough for me. Some fruits like bananas can add up calorie-wise, so you may want to consider that,

Good luck!

01-17-2011, 10:25 AM
Thank you for answering and for your suggestions...I find them very helpful and what I was looking for:)
I noticed that you had mentioned calorie you know how many calories should be eatten? I am trying something new and tracking my food on fitday....thinking it may make me more accountable with portions,ect.
thanks again