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01-17-2011, 01:01 AM
New week


Did you have much trouble with the snow before Christmas? We were lucky here, we could still get around with care but it was bitterly cold and treacherous under foot. Friends of our neighbours were stranded in Scotland for several days... in a pub! Not a bad place to be holed up

We are expecting floods today or tomorrow. When rain falls in mid Wales it takes a few days to reach us, but reach us it does. Our river is bank full already.

I have a Ďfuní day ahead. Washing paintwork upstairs prior to decorating. It is taking us much longer than we expected, we just canít get going. Iím told this is all quite normal after a bereavement.

Have a good week everyone.

01-17-2011, 10:03 AM
Hey jojo thesnow was horrible before xmas i was stuck in for a few days i could not get off the drive so had to walk everywhere which werent to bad but very dangerous conditions when it freezes over.

I am doing uni work this afternoon and then im going to aerobics later.

Hope everyone is ok xxxx

beach bum
01-17-2011, 02:09 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Went to bed last night and i turned the wrong way and now my knee is throbbing. I had 2 Oxy codeine at 1 AM and now everything is running late. Fortunately my doctors office called this morning to verify my time on Thursday. I told them what happened and they told me to go back to the ace bandage that I wore going out of the hospital.No exercising the knee until I see the doctor.

Other than that everything is OK. The snow is melting off my car,but I still have to have it started up so the battery will be charged.Going to ask my neighbor if she would start it and let it run for a least 5 mins.

JOJO-Thanks for starting us up today. once the Spring comes I going to redecorate my new bedroom.

EMS-Its funny to think you & JoJo day is almost over when we have 1/2 of a day left. Hope you had a great time at your aerobics class.

Going to start my lunch have a great day

01-17-2011, 03:32 PM
I feel like I should say, "Good morning," but it's early afternoon now. We slept in till mid-morning. Then I put on a pot of beans and cooked some oven-fried chicken for lunch. Tonight we'll have beans and cornbread before I drive to OA.

Rhonda, I'm thinking of you today. I know moving your brother is an emotional experience. I hope all i going as smoothly as possible for all of you.

JoJo, I understand how difficult it has to be readying your home for sale. You are a strong woman. I am very proud of you. And while I'm here, I'd like to compliment you again on losing those 3 pounds. You're on your way.

Ems, hope you enjoyed aerobics. Enjoy your day.

Maryann, those are high powered pain meds you're taking. I hope they're keeping you from hurting.

I'm waving at all yet to get here. Hope you're having a good Monday. Vickie, are you feeling better? I hope so.

01-17-2011, 04:30 PM
Hi ladies. Well, its official. For the first time in a very long time I'm an official WW member. I joined on line today and I'm starting back tomorrow. I'm happy with my decision - and looking at the new program's simply filling -- its the original core program! Which I did great on. I think it will be a good thing to get back on track and stop with the bad foods that I've been enjoying a bit too much lately.

How have you all been doing on the new program?

Maryann, be careful. You don't want to re-injure your knee.

Nancy, keeping you and Robin in my thoughts. I hope things continue positive.

Have a good afternoon -- taking DD to gymnastics in a bit.

01-17-2011, 04:42 PM
Paula, congrats on getting officially back on WW. You're going to do great. I love new program. It's been easy for me so far. The last two weeks I've had a lot of my WPA's, but I guess that's all right. They say that's what they're for.

01-17-2011, 07:06 PM
Maryann it is funny with the timedifference im usually going to bed or sleeping when your having your tea hehe Hope your knee feels better soon xx

I enjoyed my aerobics thanks maryann and sandra im shattered now and aching all over but it is all good. Sandra i hope you enjoyed your beans and cornbread xxx

01-17-2011, 07:48 PM
Hey Chicks! I went to see Jenny today and am down .6 with a LONG way to go to get back to virgin pounds. I've been out shopping all day and I'm pooped. We are having a sleet/ice storm right now so I'm going to go have some tea and relax.

Love, light and hugs to you all!

01-17-2011, 10:25 PM
it's almost 9:30 pm and I thought I had posted earlier in the day, but I guess not.

jojo, I agree with everything Sandra said. I know this year has been more than any parent should ever have to endure.

ems, great job with aerobics. If you are sore, you did something right. I think we have a 5 hr difference, so you should be snug in bed by now.

Maryann, hope your knee is feeling better by now. I'm glad to hear you are taking it easy, as you should be.

Vicki, .6 is better than a gain, in my eyes. My loss was only .4. So how is Jenny? Did you tell her you cheated on her last week, lol.

Sandra, my husband made bean and cornbread. I never have liked it unless it's the sweet kind. I had chicken and veggies.

Paula, I think I used to post on here when we all did Core. I'm doing the Simply Filling Technique. A few things have been added to the list and a few taken away from the old Core. It's actually better than Core. You get bread now.

Guess I'll try and watch some of my taped dvr. Night all

01-17-2011, 11:19 PM
Ems, I would be sore, too, if I did aerobics. Tonight at OA the elevator was out of order so we had to use the stairs. I'm embarassed to say I got winded walking up 2 floors.

Yihoo!!!!! Vickie!!!! You're going in the right direction. That's wonderful news! How are you feeling now?

Pam, I need to read the Simply Filling information. I didn' realize you get bread now. That's good news for sure!

Rhonda, Sloan, Nancy, and Kathy, I'm thinking of you.

01-18-2011, 03:36 AM
Good luck with the new regime Paula. New year, new you. Well, that’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

Maryann. Now you take care when you start to go up and down ladders. Our house is 127 years old (I went out and looked at the plaque on the wall yesterday. I knew it was over 100, but wasn’t sure how much) and the ceilings are very high so it is a nightmare to decorate. I usually do the wall papering and Mark the painting, but he did the stairs because of the drop.

Thanks Sandra, I know I have a way to go, but I’m just going to potter along taking 20lb chunks.

Pam. Yes the last seven and a half months have been very difficult. We would have moved straight away, but that wouldn’t have helped at all. This year will be the right time. It’s so difficult getting motivated though. We have to force ourselves to do things. When we've been out and about, we have noticed folk will cross the road to avoid us, or dash into a shop. We run after them, give them a hug and say that we know how they feel, and that they don't know what to say. That breaks the ice and often, even now, all these months later, they start crying. It's so difficult to know what to say isn't it?

Are you back safe and sound yet Vickie?

01-18-2011, 09:12 AM
Good morning. I'm up and dressed ready to go to school. I don't know what classes I'm having yet. I forgot to ask and they forgot to tell last week. I'm going prepared for anything (mentally). The high school never has me do athletics so I at least know it'll be inside classrooms. :lol:

JoJo, I am very impressed at your loving attitude toward everyone. You're an amazing woman. Tell your husband I said that. And that I'm sure he's amazing, too. He'd have to be to have a wife like you. I'm plodding along, too.

Had a gain this week. My OA sponsor is prob going to suggest I don't wi weekly and go back to monthly wi's. Gains tend to "do things" to my mind. Oh, well, life goes on and I know what happened last week--too much eating out. I have homemade split pea soup/cornbread for lunch. I need to get off here and go write it down. Oh!! I also have 2 bananas. Did I mention I'm turning into a monkey?

01-18-2011, 09:47 AM

I got home last night around 10PM, after a 14 hour day with my niece and her husband, taking my brother to the Veteran's facility, a five-hour drive from here. It was a very long day, but I'm pleased to say that it was not as horrid as we feared. He was appropriately unhappy with his situation, but accepting his fate without punishing us for it. We'll see how it all unfolds, but at least we know that he is a safe place that will provide good care.

My niece is lurking here, and I invited her to join us.

Off to tap dancing this morning! And, I must get (more) serious about healthy eating. :coach:


beach bum
01-18-2011, 10:42 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Up early as I waiting for Pea Pod to delivery my groceries,but due in acclimate weather they called to say they they might be delayed. I have to place to go,so its ok no matter what time they get here.

The streets now look like a sheet of ice,due to the snow that turned to freezing rain,glad that I have only 2 steps in front of my house for the delivery man to climb. According to the weatherman its looks like I might have to take a taxi on Thursday to get to the doctors, this stuff is going to hang around for a long time.

SANDRA-I'm trying not to that this pain killers as they make you so drowsy,and I don't like the feeling. The brace worked last night and that the way I going to go.

PAULA-Thanks I really am taking care of the knee,as I don't want to go back to square one and have to start all over again.

EMS-Thanks,on another board that I go to we have a woman from England & one from Italy and they both start the thread for us.

PAM-Thanks,Sometime I think I pasted here and find out the next day that I didn't,as I have 5 other boards I have to post to.

JOJO-No latter for now, and when I have to use one I have the handy man go up and help me.I remember my MIL living in Ireland having those high ceiling I could never go up that high to decorate or even to wash them.Our ceilings are not high.

Have a great day

01-18-2011, 12:20 PM
Good Morning Chicks! The kidney stone has either passed or gone back to where it was before it decided to rock and roll around my kidney! I'll know for sure when I go back to see the Nephrologist at the end of February. She makes me get complete bloodwork and a ct scan every 8 months or so to keep an eye on the stone and my kidneys. I really don't think it passed or I would have been in even MORE pain than I was.

The ice storm ended up being mild by Chicago standards. We are to get more something this afternoon and tonight. Jim had to take the car in for oil change and a new turn signal light and the assorted weird noises. He made them drive him back here (we only have one car) so he wouldn't have to sit in the waiting room. Even with his iPad, that isn't fun.

I'm trying to have a good eating week. Just learned we have over $400 of repairs/maintenance. Ugh. I'm going to go catch up with all of you now.

01-18-2011, 12:56 PM
JoJo, that flooding situation sounds positively frightening. Has the water arrived? Did it rain? Our weather is a bit odd this year too. How's the decorating coming? It's not my favorite thing to do, so it would be taking me a long time even without a good excuse. Give yourselves a break.

Em, it is so good that you are exercising. I'm still trying to convince myself.

Mary Ann, despite it all, including the pain, it sounds like you are doing pretty terrific. I'm not sure I'd have been brave enough. But I guess a girl will do what a girl's gotta do. Right?! Gee....6 boards? I can barely keep up with you Chicks and my Scottie list.

Sandra, I'm sure WW wouldn't force you to weigh in if they knew about the OA and your feelings about weighing in only once a month. They just care that you keep paying your dues. The restaurants do it to me and Jim too. Ohhhh....I LOVE split pea soup, nice and thick. I love it with lots of black pepper and some oyster crackers! May I come for dinner please? I made it once for myself and it was awful.

Paula, congratulations!!!! I'm SO tempted to go on to the new program. I purchased two apps off of iTunes that are supposed to calculate the new WW points. They were only $1.99 each! I'm really tired of Jenny's cooking. It's great to have you home here.

Pam, I didn't tell Jenny that I cheated. What she doesn't know won't hurt her! I was close to the same calorie count as one of her meals so no harm, no foul. I need to cook some more so that I can have a few new meals.

Rhonda, what a relief to have your Brother safe and sound with reliable people to watch over him. I cried when we placed my Mom, but I knew it was the best place should could be for her safety. I hope he begins to relax and enjoy himself at some point. What's your Niece's name? We'd love to have a new Chick in the coop! Have fun at tap.

01-18-2011, 12:58 PM
Sloan, where are you girl? Is everything ok? Hoping you and your family have recovered at least a tiny bit.

01-18-2011, 01:02 PM
Hi everyone. its day 1 for me. I figured out how to change my WW account on line to not track my old entires from 2009. That took a while. I'm going to pull out a lot of my old core recipes that I have not done in a while -- one especially I loved was Smoothered Chicken and Barley. YUM. I'm still trying to figure out what old core foods are off the list. I know avacados are off, but I'm not surpirised. Its great that light bread is and there doesn't seem to be the old potatoe/pasta restrictions.

My plan right now is to have either lunch or dinner with little or very low carb. I'm also going to hit the grocery store today and get more fruit.

vickie, you've done well on Jenny. How long have you been on to lose the 50+ pounds? Thats a wonderful loss.

01-18-2011, 05:00 PM
Well, Paula, as you know after my best friend Cindy died I gained back all the weight I lost on Core. In January 2008 I started Jenny and my husband started Nutrisystem. It's taken me that long to lose the 52 pounds. I've been skating lately and I need to get back to business. I haven't been feeling great and I've been unable to exercise. At least some gentle walking needs to start again. I'm hoping year 3 will be the charm. I may need to go to WW for a bit of a change. I miss eating whole healthy foods but I will always been eternally grateful to Jenny for teaching me the badly needed lesson of portion control.

01-18-2011, 05:10 PM
pam i was fast alseep when you posted that message lol

Sandra you should make it your mission to try do them 2 flights of stairsnow with out loosing your breath.

Maryann im fast asleep when most of you are on here hehe then when i get up your propery fast asleep hehe

01-18-2011, 06:16 PM
Maryann, I think you're being brave and are doing well. It's good you can get groceries delivered.

Vickie, that's wonderful news about your pain being gone. I hear ya on the pain for repairs, etc... Seems every time we turn around there's some cost we weren't expecting.

I'm not going to WW meetings any more. My wi is for another board I'm on. They're doing a Valentine's Challenge. I am going to keep doing wi with them till V Day. After that, I may not do any more even though they will automatically begin a new challenge thread. I set my V goal for 7 pounds. So far I've lost 2.6 pounds. (4 weeks to go)

Rhonda, I'm glad your brother's transition went as well as it did. Tell your niece to hop in here. We'd love to have her join us. I'm working on making healthier choices, too.

Paula, I'm going to get off here and read my new WW materials concerning SF. You're tempting me to do that plan.

Ems, you're right. I'll keep on using the stairs even after the elevator is repaired.

Okay, I'm heading to my WW materials to look over SF. Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone. And, if you're interested, Biggest Loser comes on tonight.

01-18-2011, 10:50 PM
Evening ladies. Another day slipped by and I realized I haven't stopped by here yet.

Lots of chatter today. Where do I begin?

jojo, I grew up in a 100 yr old house. I've always loved anitques, old linens, etc. Hope the flooding didn't reach you. I think you are amazing too. My sister lost her son when he was 36, due to liver failure. I can't begin to know what she is dealing with inside, but our whole family feels a deep loss for my nephew. He was such a great guy. He died 10 yrs ago. I'm glad you approached your friends, to put them at ease.

Vicki, my husband gets kidney stones, and so does my daughter. He usually ends up passing his, but this last one, not so sure. He feels it's still in there.

Rhonda, I know it's a comfort to know your brother will be taken care of. Hi to your niece if she is lurking. Come post with us.

Maryann, I agree that you are doing amazing, so soon after your surgery.

Paula, they took canadian bacon off the list. I make my own egg mcmuffin and usually add a slice and count it as a pt., although 3 slices is a pt. If I have more than one per week, I only count the first slice.

Ems, get up and talk to me, lol. I know you are sound asleep right now. Have you done any more aerobics?

Have any of you heard of Hungry Girl? She has a new program on the Cooking Channel. I made a pot of her soup today. Very tasty and filling, and no pts, if you are following the Simply Filling Technique. The soup is Chunky Chicken.

Off to watch Biggest Loser.

01-18-2011, 11:15 PM
Pam, I love hungry girl! Her website is full of awesome recipes. I copied the chicken soup recipe you mentioned. It sounds awesome.

Vickie, I'm okay. During the last week of "snow days", I was on a mission to get some projects finished. I also visited the funeral home and attended the two funerals that I talked about, so I was just really busy. Also, I've not been feeling great. Not sure what is going on. Thanks for checkin' on me.

It's late, and I'm really tired. Sorry to skip talking to all of you, but I love you all!! Night!

01-18-2011, 11:22 PM
I spent part of the afternoon looking through my new Complete Food Companion at the Simply Filling foods. I was thinking of doing SF but am now thinking I'll keep on P+ but will mainly eat SF foods. That will help me with portion control. However, I might change my mind and do SF after this week. I have a few days to decide since we're not to change during a week counting points.

Sloan, it's good to see you here. You had a really rough week. It was good that you didn't have to go to school. I hope you're not coming down with "the crud."

Pam, here's what I came up with on tonight's BL wi: One bro gained so he could go home; the other gained so he could have a big loss next week. What do you think?

01-18-2011, 11:39 PM
Thanks for your comments about my brother. It is a relief to know that he will be cared for appropriately. I hope that we can get him closer to home, but we will see.

I've been very good with food today. I made a peach cobbler at DH's request, and I ate only a tablespoon of it. It is delicious but I can avoid it.

I did a lot of core and abdominal work at home today. I didn't feel very strong at all but I think it is just fatigue from the last few days.

The joint on my right big toe is very painful at times. I've just read about gout but I don't have any inflammed tissue. Perhaps its just plain 'ole arthritis. I once had a Morton's neuroma and I always think it is related to that. It hurts especially after I've tap danced. But, alas, we must suffer for our art :lol:

01-19-2011, 04:34 AM
Way to go Vickie Hope it has gone for good... talk about getting stoned:D River is bank full, but so far not over. We are high enough, although close to the river, not to get it in the house but not everyone is that lucky

Tejas You have my sympathy. I start my exercise class next Monday, but because of all my joint problems I will have to go easy.

This is just a quick one. An old friend of mine (we did our training together 40 years ago) is an only child. When we were hungry student nurses, her mum lived only a few miles from the hospital and used to cook huge roast dinners if we visited.... I still have fond memories. My friend has had a rough trot and is an in patient in a psychiatric hospital. Her dad is dead and her mum is in a care home, she has dementia. Mark and I go to see her mum every couple of months or so, just so that she has visitors. It takes a couple of hours to get there, and she doesn't know who the heck we are, but the staff do. My pal would have done the same thing for me if our circumstances were reversed.

Take care everyone. Have a great day.

Ps. Ems Where are you love?

01-19-2011, 11:31 AM
well done on the loss sandra keep at it hun xxx

Lol pam i was fast asleep when you sent that it was 2.50am hehe Hope your well. I havent heard of that hungry girl thing is it american? xxx

Jojo i was in uni this morning how are things with you? xxx

I havent done anymore aerobics girls im not sleeping well and think my irons low or where they changed my thyroxine level it is making me sleepy all the time and not actually sleeping properly. :(

Jejas Hope your well xxx

Vikki try do a little exercise at a time you dont wanna over do it just go for a walk or something xxx

Im off out for a meal tonight girls for my bf and his dads birthdays were off to an italian wish me luck as i have wi tomoz not looking forward to it after the meal tonight :( Il check in with you late tomoz night as im stayingover my bf tonight then i have uni all day tomorrow then i have ww in the evening hope your all well xxxx

beach bum
01-19-2011, 11:33 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Woke up this morning and found the snow & ice is gone,going to try to start my car and see if the battery need any charging,and than gong down to get my mail. I know a few of you will think its to soon for me to venture out,but I have this cabin fever,I must go out.

Don't want to be a bother to my neighbor as she been wonderful during the time I need her. I will go out next week and buy them a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.

VICKIE-Not all the six board are every active,where I'm able to keep up.This board and other are the main ones I go on every day the others I go to every other day.Now that the ice & snow are gone I'm going to attempt to get my car started.

PAULA-That amazing that you have to know how to get the old stiff off the WW website I would know where to begin but than again I'm not computer savvy.

SANDRA-I'm not a brave as you think,but I know what things have to get done and no one will help you all the time.I got my food deliveries because I don't expect my neighbor to go, out shopping for me with this acclimate weather we are having.The same applies for the mail,I have to go to the main street in order to pick it up. Hope & Don't think I will offend my neighbor if I don't ask she to go out. Do You. Oh so that what the brothers did,I must have missed that part went they explained here madness.

PAM-Thanks,I don't think I over doing it I rest as much as I can,as I don't want to go back to recouping again.I watched the biggest loser last nigh and what a shock a roo, didn't think that the black team could gain +9 lb each. What did they do to them selves. I remember a contestant did that buy drink lots of water day before W-I and gained but was aiming for a very big loss the following week but it turned out it didn't work for him.

SLOANIE-Happy to hear your ok with the horrible weekend you had.Please take care of yourself and hope you feeling better again.

Have to go,Have a great day

01-19-2011, 11:36 AM
hope the car starts for you maryann id feel closed in aswell if i was stuck in xxx

beach bum
01-19-2011, 02:41 PM
EMS-The car started up with no problems and I went down the road to the mailbox to pick up my mail,than turned around and went home. Thanks for being concerned,really appreciate it.

01-19-2011, 04:53 PM
Happy hump day everyone! Day 2 on SFT for me and its going well. I've been looking for power food snacks for night time. I'm eating 3-4 pieces of fruit as it is during the day, so I'm hoping to find something good. A few ideas I've come up with -- make my own microwave popcorn (in a brown bag without any oil) then spray with butter spray and add some spices; Lite bread toasted with a small amount of SF jam (0 points). I need to get some FF cheese again - I think that on the lite bread would be nice with a slice of tomato. Anyone have any snacking ideas?

Rhonda - the cobbler sounds yummy! I may try to come up with a SFT version using splenda, corn meal and oatmeal over peaches or maybe apples. I switched up my workout this week - my favorite eliptical was taken so I did an hour on the treadmill. BUT I had it on a very high incline the whole time and was going around 4mph. Boy to my legs feel it today! Hope things are still going well for you at the gym.

Sandra, if you need portion control then stick with the points +. One thing I found from doing the original core years ago - if you needed help with that, core was not a good option.

Pam, thanks for the heads up on Hungry girl. I need to check that out. I'm on a quest now to find legal recipes for SFT.

Jojo, how is the weather? Is the flooding threat over? I hope you come out of it without any damage.

Take care~!

01-19-2011, 07:10 PM
Paula, how about using oats like in an apple crunch? That might be good on peaches.

Hey y'all. I have to go to my painting class tonight. I'll try to check in when I get home. TTFN

01-19-2011, 08:55 PM
My apple crisp experiment is in the oven. Cored an apple and sliced it into a small pyrex dish that was sprayed with butter Pam. Then I mixed splenda, cinnamon, nutmeg and oats and put that on top of the apples. I sprayed the top with more butter spray and just popped it into the toaster/convection oven. I'm planning on topping it with ff cool whip.

I'll report back later...

01-19-2011, 09:11 PM
Paula, how was your apple crunch? Thank you for the tip on staying P+. I think you're right and that's the best route for me right now. I have been eating mainly CORE foods except last week when I let old habits slip back into my plan. Or should I say, "Lack of plan,"?

Rhonda, do you think your gout like pain could be from stress? Kudos, Cuz, on not eating much cobbler. That's a great NSV.

Maryann, sounds like you're progressing well. That's good news.

Paula, how about cheese and grapes?

Got to go. We're watching a movie. It's date night!

01-20-2011, 12:15 AM
Sorry to be so late getting here. Life gets in the way. I'll try to make this short.

Maryann, glad you were able to get outside today and your car started up.

jojo, you are such a caring person. That is so nice that you visit your friends mom. Glad you didn't get any flooding.

ems, girl, you are in bed again. I need to get in here earlier. Hope you start feeling good soon.

Sandra, I knew they both water logged to gain. You are probably right about the one hoping to have a good loss next week. Bob was right when he said so many people wanted to be there and such an opportunity to just throw it out the door. I think he is still grieving his son and hasn't comes to terms with that yet. Wish him the best.

Paula, I'll think about some good snacks and get back with you. My brain is not working right now, it's late.

See you all tomorrow. It's my WI on Thursday. Good luck with your WI ems.

01-20-2011, 03:49 AM
Floods came to nothing Paula, thank goodness. It is bitterly cold here this morning. Our garden looks like fairyland with a dusting of fairy dust. The cobwebs on the shrubs are just so beautiful. I've been out to break the ice on the bird feeder and have a feeling it won't be the only time I do it today. The floating ping-pong ball doesn't seem to work.

Cabin-Fever... I remember it well Maryann. When I was in my 30's, I was laid up with a back injury for 2 years. It is just so infuriating not being able to get out and about. I was so frustrated. I used to have dreams that I was in the kitchen with a mound of washing up, or out on the hills with my family. Although the pain was bad enough, it was the being dependant on other people which was the worse for me.

Ems. Which Uni are you at and what are you reading? Were you one of the protesters yesterday?

beach bum
01-20-2011, 09:39 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

The ice and snow are melting and my walkway & parking lots is clear. Have a appointment with the doctor at 9:40 this morning and I'm hoping he will allow me to drive before I go for rehab.

I took the garbage out to the curb without any problems,so my knee must be healing. A friend came over and could believe I wasn't using the walker to get around.

Other wise nothing new, suppose to get snow again this weekend,I'm SICK repeat SICK of this weather,can't wait until Spring come along and I see the first set of robins appear.

Oh Gals I'm taking good care of myself,I haven't seen my neighbor since Monday,I guess she was upset with me when she saw the Pea Pod truck pull in. So I started my car yesterday and went down to pick up the mail.I when I feeling like resting I sit down and wait my favorite show Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt On a Cable station ION. and than I have to watch Dr Oz of course.If I couldn't get around I wouldn't do it,I would have to depend on my neighbor & friends.

Have 1 hr to get ready for the doctors,have a great day

01-20-2011, 10:04 AM
Good Morning Chicks!

Mary Ann, be careful today. I'm tired of Winter too but we have a LOOOONG way to go in Chicago yet. I'm a tough girlie. I can handle it. I've been doing it all my life. I'm just thankful that most times we can control when we go out in the snow/ice.

Paula, lowfat string cheese is good and so is laughing cow light. I spread laughing cow on lots of stuff. It's good with veggies and whole grain crackers. Cheese is usually very satisfying to me. Can't wait to hear how your experiment went. I LOVE apples.

Ems, I hope you are staying warm. It's supposed to be only 11 degrees here tomorrow and tonight it's going down to -1!!!!!!

Pam, good luck at weigh in.

Sandra, isn't it crazy how easy it is to slip back into old ways? Makes me crazy.

Rhonda, how are you? Jim had gout when I first met him but since he has changed his lifestyle he doesn't have it anymore. He said it was the worst pain he ever had. And, he's NOT a complainer. Do you think it could be gout?

We just have errands and such today. The cleaning lady is here and Jim and i are just chilling until later. I'm really hungry but am trying to stay the course. It's time for my breakfast now.

I enjoyed American Idol last night. It's what helps us get through the Winter!

01-20-2011, 10:06 AM
Paula, what about a hard boiled egg? Dr. Oz said the other day that it is the only white food he endorses and that it does NOT raise our cholesterol....not even the yolk. Being fat does!

01-20-2011, 10:35 AM
I do love boiled eggs, I need to get some cooked up and in the fridge. Cheese and fruit would be good too - I need to get some FF cheese. There was one brand that I did find years ago that was pretty good.

For the apple crisp - It needs some work. I think if I peel the apples first and I do need to use a point or two to add some butter to the crumb top. But it did taste yummy!! Light cool whip is 0 points for 2T. It was a nice touch.

Maryann, good luck at the Drs.

Jojo, love the description of the fairy land in your back yard. My 7 year old DD would love to see that -- you do know that fairies are real, right? They are in her world!

01-20-2011, 12:51 PM
Awwwwww, Fairies! I'm loving it. JoJo and Paula, thank you for mentioning them. Makes me smile just remembering my childhood days in fairyland. My mother used to turn on a lawn sprinkler after aiming it at the roof or a hefty bush just before we'd get a freeze. We'd have a winter wonderland with HUGE icicles hanging from the top of the house to the ground. Rhonda, ask Doyle if he remembers seeing them. I remember one time the local newspaper came out and took pictures for the paper. (We lived in a small town in North Central Texas and the icicles were a novelty.)

Maryann, :woohoo: on your quick recovery. Sounds like you're doing great. I think your doctor will be pleased.

Vickie, you're right. Those old habits are lurking waiting to jump up and bite us. I'm thinking about making a sf choc cake/sf choc icing today. Pillsbury has sf cake mix and sf canned icing that's pretty good. The prob is I'm afraid making that cake and having it on hand just reinforces those old habits to resurface. Okay, just talked myself out of it. I'm making sf pudding. At least it's not as large as a sf cake.

Pam, go to to get some scoop on Biggest Loser. I'm having a blast reading what others are saying about it.

Rhonda, are you more rested. You've been through a lot of physical and emotional stress this week. Tell your niece I'm thinking of her, too. I'm so glad you have each other for support.

We're having a laidback day here at home. It's cold, windy, and drizzly--perfect for homemade soup. Life is good.

beach bum
01-20-2011, 01:11 PM
Just got back from the doctor and he couldn't believe how well I healed. He told me that usually a patient with a scoping doesn't heal as fast as you did. So I now can drive and climb up & down the stair again along with exercising. I can do anything that I can tolerate.I start Physical Therapy on the 24 of this month.

I drive myself to the doctors,without any problems and from there I went to walmart & the supermarket to pick up misc items that I needed.

Going to start my dinner

01-20-2011, 01:14 PM
Hey chickies! Sorry I didn't get back here after painting class. I'm working on a 24x24 painting of huge wine bottles. I'm planning on hanging it over a cabinet where I store my wine glasses and wine.

I've really been having problems with my stomach and finally have had to force myself to face the fact that I cannot tolerate whole wheat or milk. Both cause pain and other yukky problems. I have been in denial for a long time cause I keep going back to them with the same results. I remember the definition of stupid is: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. It is just really hard to avoid the wheat. I can do without milk but really miss yogurt. If any of you have suggestions, I'll be glad to hear them.

Jojo, you and Mark are so sweet to visit your friend's mom. Nothing beats doing the right thing!

Vickie, are you staying warm? We have another snow storm headed for us, and the kids are hoping for a snow day tomorrow. We teachers are more hopeful than they are!!

Nancy, I've been praying for you and Robin today. I'm anxious to hear about your visit to Duke.

Maryann, sounds like you are being sensible about taking care of yourself. You go girl!

Sandra, slipping back into old habits is what caused my stomach problems. I really need to stay strictly core with my food choices and count points, too. Isn't that what you are doing?

Rhonda, sorry about your toe. I hope it's not gout. One thing I know is that gout is less prevalent in women, so maybe it's just ole arthr!

Pam & Ems, how did the weigh in go?

Paula, there was an old crockpot recipe for a type of candied apples that would be yummy with an oat topping. Maybe you can try something like that. I think it had sf jello sprinkled over the apples.

GTG to lunch, I'll bbl

01-20-2011, 04:15 PM
Hey everyone i lost a lb tonight so i got my half a stone woohooo xxx

lol pam one day we might catch one another hehe

jojo i go to uwic and no it werent me protesting lol

Vikie the weather was abit colder today but it werent raining so thats all good :D

Sloan i lost a lb tonight so got my half a stone woohoooo

01-20-2011, 04:42 PM
Maryann, :woohoo:

Sloan, yes, I am eating mainly CORE but am counting points. I am sorry you're having stomach problems and hope this helps you. Be sure to post a pic of your painting when you finish. I'd love to see it.

Em, :woohoo: on losing that pound. That's awesome!

01-20-2011, 04:52 PM
Thanks Sandra hope your well? xxx

01-20-2011, 05:58 PM
Maryann, congrats on the quick recovery. What good news that is.

Jojo, I enjoyed your story about visiting your friend's mom. As others have said that's just the right thing to do.

I'm still here, just a bit subdued for a change. If you're interested in seeing a hunk do some killer exercises (some of which I do) look at the athleanX website, 4 minutes of ****. Amazing work this guy can do.

DH and I are taking a cruise in the fall and we went to a meeting about it today. It's from NYC up to Halifax, St. John, Portland and Boston. Should be fun.


01-20-2011, 06:16 PM
You're welcome, Ems. I am well now with just my normal cough. Had that cough most of my life so I guess it's here with me for the duration.

Rhonda, you and Froufie need to get together about cruises. You and Doyle are going to have a great time. Sounds like fun.

I'm subbing tennis classes tomorrow. Would ya'll believe I do know how to play?

01-20-2011, 06:43 PM
hello all. Had a great WI. I lost 3.2 lbs and reached my 5% goal. Another lady that started the same time I did, we both made our 5% and of course the leader made us both come up front and talk. I am not good at things like that, but I handled it just fine. The other lady said she was so glad we did this together, she would have died going up there by herself, lol. I've added some exercises to my program and I think that got the scale moving.

Maryann, that is wonderful how fast you recovered. I had a quick recovery with my scope too. My dr. wanted me on crutches for 2 wks until I went back to see her and I was walking without them in a matter of days.

Sandra, tennis=exercise, lol. I used to play a little back when I was a lot younger. Great exercise. Walmart sells a sf angel food cake. It's pretty good. It used to be 4 pts for the whole cake, not sure now with the new points plus.

Ems, congrat on the lb lost. Are you still awake? I think it's not 11 pm yet.

jojo, your fairyland sounds beautiful.

Sloan, do you paint with oils? I do both acrylics and oils, but prefer the oils. I need to bring my paints with me next time we come to Florida. Hope you post a pic when you are done.

Rhonda, I'm not much into heavy duty exercising these days. I commend you for being able to do them.

Vicki, I grew up in Michigan, so we always got Chicago's weather the next day. I do not miss those cold winters.

Paula, I've been eating mostly fruit for snacks. I know I have a lot of good snack idea, but my mind is blank at the moment.

Those that crave salty and crunch, there is a new chip I found at Target. It's popchips. They are popped, not baked or fried. Pretty close to the real deal. Only 3 pts a serving.

It was almost 80 here today. It's been pretty cool for Florida, so it was much appreciated. We were out and about and had lunch and just enjoyed the beautiful day.

Off to read the link Sandra posted.

01-20-2011, 07:23 PM
Wow Pam, 80 degrees is a heat wave. We are having a blizzard (for Tennessee). It is beautiful but very cold. My SIL just called to see if my DH could come help her. She had slid into a ditch on a very steep hill near our house and people were sliding and jack-knifing all around her. She sounded really scared! I think my brother was almost there so she decided to wait on him. I'm cozy at home, and I'm not going anywhere. BTW awesome news about losing 3.2 lbs!!!

Sandra, I would laugh out loud if I had to sub in tennis. I used to take lessons and the only thing I was good at was serving! I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn :dizzy: I know you'll have fun.

Rhonda, the cruise sounds awesome. How's the toe?

Ems, you go girl! I'm happy for you :carrot:

Hope y'all are cozy and safe! TTFN

01-20-2011, 09:34 PM
I've decided that I don't have the signs of gout really. There is no swelling or red skin, just tenderness. It is probably from overuse in tap class.

Sloan, that is quite a story about your SIL. I hope she got out OK. It's freezing here, but the predicted ice storm did not materialize.

Pam, congrats on the loss. That's great.

01-20-2011, 09:36 PM
Pam, that's a fantastic loss! And 5%! I am so happy for you and also for the lady who went up front with you.

Sloan and Pam, I'll just be a warm body in the tennis class. I'm thinking there will be a "real" coach there, also. Still, it will be fun and I will be abel to answer questions if asked.

Whew! Rhonda, I am glad you don't have gout. Rest your tootsies tonight.

01-20-2011, 10:22 PM
Pam, congrats on the loss and getting to 5%. Great work! I'm jealous of your 80 degress. We're getting another storm tomorrow (Sloan, I think its your storm heading north), then we get into very cold for the next week. Highs not much above 20 and below 0 overnight.

Ems, congrats to you as well!!!!

Rhonda, I'll send you a wave when you come through Boston in the fall. We're about 30 miles south east of there. Its a great walking city. There are the usual tourist areas and then the local places. One cruise I can't wait to take is from Boston to Bermuda. another year or so and DD will have a ball with us.

I made popcorn tonight -- put corn kernels in a brown bag and microwaved for 3 minutes. It came out really good and completly fat free! I did a mix of salt, cumin and chili powder as a seasoning. It was a good snack. I also boiled up some eggs to have in the fridge. One breakfast I thought up tonight that is all SF foods -- slice up an egg, put it on a arnold thin roll and then top with FF feta. Put those in the toaster to toast the bread and get the cheese melty.

Take care everyone!

01-20-2011, 10:27 PM
My brother was able to get my SIL and niece home, but I don't know if he got the car home. He was going back with my BIL to see if they could get it out.

It has stopped snowing, but school is closed tomorrow. The temp is supposed to be in the teens tonight, so roads may be icy. After tomorrow we will have four snow days left then we will have to make up missed days.

01-20-2011, 11:53 PM
Sloan, my daughter is in Ky about 2 hrs from you. On her way home from work it had already started snowing and she said it was really slippery out and that was about 4 hrs ago. School is called off for tomorrow. I know last year they had to go all the way into mid June from all the snow days. Glad your SIL got home safe. Hope the guys get the car out and return safe also.

Paula, I don't think Arnold is SF. I do know the THomas Lite Whole Grain muffins are and that is what I use. I add an egg to a 1 cup measuring cup sprayed with pam, beat it slightly to break the yolk and microwave for 30 second. It is perfectly round, and fits the muffin perfectly. I also add ff cheddar cheese. Haven't found ff feta, only reduced fat. I sometimes add a slice of canadian bacon. 3 slices is only 1 pt, and I only use 1 slice, but still count the pt.

Rhonda, glad it's not gout. My late BIL suffered with that.

01-21-2011, 04:32 AM
Paula: There are sites and forums all over the internet where people talk about the fairies they have seen! I kid you not.
Boiled eggs are no longer demonized over here. They have been proved to help lower cholesterol. Eat and enjoy.
Well done Ems.
Hope the pain is getting less Tejas
Bedroom day for me today. It is still strange just having one bedroom to do.
The house next door to us was owned by an old man who has just gone into a home. It is what you would call a fixer upper and is on the market. We are waiting to see what it goes for, so that we get some idea what we would get for ours.

01-21-2011, 07:03 AM
Oh no! The funeral trend continues. I got a call from my cousin last night. Her sister, a cousin that I am very close to, lost her 27 year old son yesterday. He was found dead in his bed! Of course, they are performing an autopsy. He lived in Atlanta, so after the autopsy the funeral home will be going down to pick up his body. I am so sad for her!

01-21-2011, 10:35 AM
hey everyone hope your well? what are you all doing this weekend? xxx

Snadra hope your cough gets better soon xxx

Pam well done on your loss and getting your 5% i hope i get mine next week i need to loose 2lbs to get it.

Thanks solan, paula and jojo hope your all well xxx

01-21-2011, 11:04 AM
Sloan, dead at 27? Awful. Hang in there!

beach bum
01-21-2011, 11:50 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

When I woke at 8 AM to a dull Grey day of rain,which I happy about,but they promising 1-3 in of slush during the day. Think I'm going to stay in today and hopefully will be able to go out tomorrow to the bank for my condo deposit.

VICKIE-I will be very carefully with the snow & ice and wintry mix.I'm lucky being retired and I don't have answer to a boss why I didn't get in.

PAULA-I love boiled eggs also thanks for reminding me about them I have been eating omelets & fried eggs lately.

SLOAN-Thanks I will take care of myself as no one will do it for me. OH!!! so sorry about your cousins son. You're having so many crosses to carry, at one time,praying that these crosses get lighter and light as time goes on. Please take care of yourself,with all these things going on in your life.

PAM-I guess we are the lucky ones that recovered quickly.

Have to go,will come back this afternoon.

01-21-2011, 03:27 PM
Pam, I double checked the WW site. Arnolds 100% whole wheat sandwich thins have the green triangle which is SF food. :) There aren't any other Arnolds listed, so I can't say if any others are as well. HTH.

01-21-2011, 06:13 PM
Hi there. From the way I read the current SF plan, I think all "lite" breads are SF. I even saw green triangles next to low cal hot dog and hamburger buns. Am I right?

Sloan, 27? How sad. I am so sorry you and your family are having so many tragedies.

Ems, we'll be going tomorrow to watch our 8 and 12 year old granddaughters play basketball. Sunday we'll go to church and out for lunch with "the lunch bunch." Pro-football play-offs will keep us occupied some, too.

Sounds like most of us are having winter weather. Stay warm, Chickies!

01-21-2011, 06:33 PM

Sloan, so sorry about your cousin. They say it comes in 3's, and that is 3 deaths in such a short time. So young. Did you find out what happened?

Paula, thanks for telling me about Arnolds. The reason I didn't think it was SF was that at a meeting, someone said they used to be 1 pt and now are 3 pts. and I thought they had to say reduced or light to be SF. I used to buy them to use as a burger bun. Now I can buy them again, lol.

Sandra, enjoy the grandkids. You have a busy weekend planned.

Maryann, sorry about your gloomy weather. I am so grateful to be where it's a little warmer. My knee does not like cold weather at all. Maybe it's the metal in there, lol.

Hi ems and jojo.

I'll try to check in before I go to bed.

01-21-2011, 08:40 PM
Yes Sandra, from what I've checked all light breads and rolls are SF. That's a nice addition! I don't mind losing avacados and olives if I can have bread.

01-21-2011, 10:09 PM
UGH, just lost my post. OK, here its again. Tonights snack -- lightly toast 2 slices light bread. Top with sliced tomato, fat free feta and sprinkle some greek seasoning. Put under the broiler till bubbly. 5 stars! Sort of like a greek pizza. YUMO

01-21-2011, 10:52 PM
Paula, I totally agree. And your snack sounds good, too. I had a few walnuts and a lot of grapes tonight.

Have good evening, everyone.

01-21-2011, 11:55 PM
I ate about 1650 calories of good food, tap danced and worked out at the gym. I think that I need more calories so I'll have yogurt or something.

Today at tap we learned a difficult series of steps. I was doing fine and then it went pouf. I couldn't remember what to do. I was fatigued and it just went out of my head. I'm not alone in this, remembering the steps' sequencing is tricky. But, it was funny to be able to do it then go blank essentially.

Have a good night everyone!

01-22-2011, 05:09 AM
Paula I've lost my posts a few times on here too and, I often have to log in twice because when I go to post a reply, a box comes up telling me I haven't signed on. If it's any help, what I do now is write my post on my word processor, then cut and paste into the message box. That way if I lose what I've written I still have a copy and I don't need to redo the whole thing

Sloan What a dreadful start to 2011 for you and your family. As you know, we found Beth had passed away in her bed. It was an awful shock. Even though the para medics worked hard on her, and got the heart going, there was little hope. My heart goes out to you all

Maryann I know what you mean about grey days. After all that snow we had a few weeks ago, the weather turned drizzly and damp with low grey skies. It really gets on your tripe.

Sandra How did the basketball go? Back in the 60's we used to love the Harlem Globetrotters when they came over here.

Rhonda Did I ever tell you that my mum, an eternal optimist, sent me to ballet classes when I was a little girl? It was a vain attempt to stop me being a tomboy. After a few weeks, the teacher gave her her money back and told her to stop flogging a dead horse:D

Have a good one everybody


01-22-2011, 12:30 PM
Rhonda, I have had some poufy moments, too. You are an amazing woman who's doing much much more than most. I am very proud of you.

JoJo, we'll be leaving in about 30 min for the bb games. I liked the Globe Trotters, too, and got to see them in person one tme when they came to Fort Worth. Meadowlark Lemon--I remember that name well. You have a good plan there for saving posts. I have been copying mine before clicking "post quick reply," but I like your plan better.

We'll prob go out for lunch today between basketball games. I'm not sure what I'll have yet. Ya'll have a Super Saturday.

beach bum
01-22-2011, 07:13 PM
Good Evening Ladies:)

Woke up late this morning and I had to go out to the bank and than to buy a gift certificate.

This afternoon I had to balance my check book,and than get the laundry washed.According to the weather report tonight's temps are going into the low teens so I had to search for my warm quilt. Found it in the basement next to my luggage.

Oh my neighbor called a to tell me that she & her DH are going to be away for the weekend and I should be careful going outside.She saw me drive away and she was curious of whether I should be driving. I told her my doctor gave me to Ok and I can almost anything in moderation. Surprising she asked me about the Pea Pod and was interested on how to get started on their web site. She thinks its good idea to have a service in our area and would use it. So I was wrong about her being annoyed that I was using it it.She is a concerned neighbor and I'm very lucky to have them.

My W-I was this morning and I lost 1 lb so that brings me down to 9 lbs from the beginning of the month. WoW!!! I take that.

Have a wonderful evening

01-23-2011, 12:39 AM
I got lonely over on my own little thread :D

Is anyone else ready for spring ?? tragic..prayers for your cousin's family & yours too..

Maryann..that is great you can drive some already..

Robin and others think we could pull off selling the house "as is" while Robin is recuperating by getting an apartment set up , then selling & storing the rest of the stuff with the help of friends..

It seems "doable" one minute and then I think if I need to be his caretaker
this spring before, during and after the transplant how could I possibly
take care of the details of the move also. I think it would be better to focus on getting him well and then hopefully by summer we can
decide how to get the house sold. Our retirement funds had already taken a hit and now we have medical bills & my delayed work & delaying the house sell. I hope we don't have to sell the land we bought . That is his
dream land.

01-23-2011, 02:00 AM
Oh Nancy, I was wondering about your house selling plans and the land. That's a lot to have to make decisions about, a lot of stress for you. I agree with you about one thing at a time, with the priority being Robin's health and your ability to care for him and be with him while being strong yourself.

Maryann, congrats on the weight loss and on having concerned neighbors.

Jojo, my mother had to put up with my being both a tom boy and a dancer. I haven't really changed much!

I had another "senior moment" today. DH and I were to take a trip to a town not too far away called Granbury to see a country and western revue. NO, we were to go to a town called Grapevine which is much closer to see an Elvis impersonator. I was flummoxed when we got to the senior center to leave and they had vans for transportation. I thought "I'm not riding for an hour in a van!" But, of course we were going only about 30 minutes away. Good thing I wasn't the driver! :lol: Anyway, we had fun and the performance was fantastic.


01-23-2011, 04:18 AM
That's great news Maryann. Glad you can get out of the house for a bit

Now feel free to have a laugh everyone

On Friday evening I gave myself a face pack. It was one I hadn't tried before. I am a natural redhead, not that vivid red, more auburn and have the pale skin associated with it. I have to be careful with new soap etc in case I get a reaction. Anyway, I read the ingredients and there was nothing there that wasn’t in any other packs. It was a peel off one, and it came off OK, my skin felt a bit tight, but that is quite normal.
When we woke up yesterday morning, Mark took one look at me and said: ‘How!’ My face was bright red, as if I had had too long under a sun lamp. I had two white circles where the cucumber slices had been on my eyes, and everywhere else was bright red and sore! I had to stay in all day.
I slapped E45 cream on through the day, and this morning it is much better, more pink than vivid red. Ah well… things can only look up. At least I have lost another 3lbs. I start my exercise class tomorrow, fully expecting to drop dead after not exercising for so many years

01-23-2011, 08:31 AM
Happy Sunday everyone. Quiet day for us today - off to Church this morning, I may get to the Y and hit target. DD had a friend stay over Friday night, the girls played all day Friday at the other house as school was closed, then were her that night and all day Saturday. They were quiet tiered yesterday! But they had fun beadazzeling stuff - a gift from Santa.

While they were out playing I actualy played wii bowling for 1/2 hour. Per the ww activity site, I earned 2 points! It was fun and better than me sitting and reading. I think I'm going to look into Wii fit. (Santa brought the Wii as well - What a guy, huh!). :)

Jojo, I hope your face is better today! Luckily you didn't need to go anywhere yesterday. I've never done a peel mask, I have a mud type one I love.

Rhonda, good thing you were'nt driving your self! Funny story from my mom -- There is a store ini the NE (not sure if its national) called Burlington Coat Factory. Really great deals on coats and clothes. Years and years ago when it first opened in our area, my mom took me to buy a new coat. We drove all the way to Burlington MA, about an hour and 1/2 away. When she stopped to ask where the store was she found out its not in Burlington. It was actually 2 towns away from our home! I guess its good we have the intenet to check things!

Have a good morning!

01-23-2011, 08:37 AM
We'll just call you Red, jojo. My mom was a redhead and I had strawberry blonde hair growing up. More dishwater blonde these days. I guess you won't use that peel again. Congrats on losing 3 lbs, and good luck with your class.

Nancy, I agree with Rhonda. Focus on Robin's recovery first.

Maryann, woohoo on the 1 lb loss. Glad you have such caring neighbors.

We are tackling the bathroom today. We worked all day yesterday, taking out the old whirlpool. We have it ready to put in the new one, then my husband will do the tile work around the tub. I get to start the painting today.

01-23-2011, 04:17 PM
Pam, will you stop it please!? You're making me feel guilty about some jobs I'm not doing here!!!

Paula, we have the Burlington Coat Factory here. That's a funny story.

Jojo, I had the same kind of reaction to Oil of Olay products, and I have no known allergies. Glad to hear that you are better. And, congrats on the loss. If you drop dead tomorrow, we'll miss you!!

I'm spending the day sorting books that are still in boxes one year after the move!

beach bum
01-23-2011, 05:00 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Didn't sleep last night and when I woke up it was to late for church. I didn't feel too bad once I saw my temps were 15 and my car full of ice . My Knee is bothering me also,I thinking its from going up & down the basement stairs while doing my laundry.So just like Sharon its going to be a quite and relaxing day. Going to watch the Bob Hope Classic Golf. I like to see the Celebs [Alice Cooper and the lead guitar player from Kiss] swinging there golf clubs at all the rounds.Than tonight I will watch the Jets,hope they win for the shake of my 10 year old grand daughter.She loves them and the game.

NANCY=I couldn't believe the doctor when he told me I can go back to normal living as much as I can tolerate. This morning my knee is bothering me,so I'm relaxing this afternoon. I agree with the ladies,first being a caretaker than later you can think about selling the house.

RHONDA-Thanks, I lost the weight without exercising but now with activity added to my doctor list hopefully I will lose more. Yes I'm very lucky to have a good neighbor. Funny Story Rhonda well all have moments like that.

JOJO-I was happy also as I was the getting cabin fever.:D Oh JOJO that was funny but at the same time I felt sorry for the burn on your face. Hope it healing right now.

PAM-Thanks for the congrats,missed the neighbors as it was so quite around here as there are gone for the weekend. I was the only one in the building last night.

Have a great evening

01-23-2011, 07:18 PM
Rhonda and Pam, those are funny stories. Sounds like things I do.

Pam, I agree with Rhonda. You're making me feel guilty about not doing much around the place.

Rhonda, I like your new tracker. We still aren't completely unpacked here. Our spare room is full of "stuff."

Nancy, I also vote for you to focus on taking care of Robin and yourself right now. Don't take on more than you can handle. Stress is dangerous.

JoJo, good thing you didn't have to go out yesterday. And congrats on losing those 3 pounds!

Maryann, you were wise to stay in today. Take it easy and don't overdo anything.

I got all "dolled up" for church today and was pretty proud of the way I looked. One of the first people I saw reminded me I was scheduled to watch the nursery today. By the end of church I had yellow paint on my shirt, my hook in front bra had 2 hooks undone, and my belt had fallen off one time. I was wiped out! My friend who I was scheduled to assist was absent. We went with the lunch bunch and I had a cheeseburger and onion rings! My bad!!

What happened today brings to mind the need to watch out for "HALT".
Watch out being:
too Hungry
too Angry
too Lonely &
too Tired

Now I need to eat mainly 0 pt fruit the rest of the day. I do still have a few WPA's left.

01-23-2011, 09:47 PM
Sandra..I know exactly what you mean about wearing different clothes if you know you are going to be in the nursery..I hope the paint comes out..

I think you girls are right about putting the moving on hold.
It is tempting to get it done because we have someone interested ,
lots of help and can't wait to be out from under the maintenance of the place.
On the surface it seems like we could get help and do it but moving is more involved than just getting the stuff moved. (especially downsizing & sorting what to keep or get rid of.) .It is stressful to move and would make it harder to focus on Robin's care and why add to the stress this spring. By summer if Robin is doing well we can rethink it.

He is doing great with this round of Chemo, eating & sleeping good !!
I hope we are home by his birthday on Wed

01-23-2011, 10:11 PM
Nancy, I hope you're home by Wednesday, too. I got the paint out of my clothes. It washed out easily. The kids had painted in Sunday School. There must have been some paint on some of the toys.

I just did 10 minutes :ebike: That's not much but it's a start. Curtis did 10 also.

01-23-2011, 10:21 PM
Nancy, good luck for Wednesday.

Sandra, onion rings?! :hungry:

01-23-2011, 10:39 PM
Hey chickies, I've been soooo busy. My sis and I have been working at my mom's house for the past two days making and hanging drapes, moving furniture, and gussying up the place. It looks so cute, and she really likes it. We went to the funeral home for the visitation for my cousin's son. You could tell she was just going through the motions. I can't imagine how hard this is for her and the rest of her family. Tomorrow we will attend the funeral then travel two hours to the burial in East Tennessee. I'll check in later in the week. TTFN

01-24-2011, 05:31 AM
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