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01-12-2011, 10:40 PM
*THE NO-DIET DIET * ~ the very simple & FREE Portion Plan ...

Some people have a terrible time sticking to mainstream diets and plans long term; so I thought I'd share this with you all here. This plan is the easiest and simplest plan I know of and it's great for families too! The plan is very balanced and healthy -- you just eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus some small healthy snacks in between; no calorie or carb counting!

The main thing to focus on is portion sizes of healthy whole foods (ie whole grains, fruits, veggies, dairy, and lean meats, etc); and some quick snacks, which are so easy as most stuff today have the portion sizes mentioned on the packages. Many good snacks already come in portion sizes, like Jello SF puddings, jello, fruit cups, yogurts, and fiber bars, etc.


You just take your favorite meals and make them as healthy as possible. Cut out the junks foods; add in 1-2 of your favorite veggies and a salad each day; add in 1 or more fruit of choice each day. Switch to leaner cuts of meats. Eat balanced, healthy meals & snacks and you will lose weight. Walking is the easiest, free exercise there is.

For example ...

FOR BREAKFAST ~ have a bowl (up to 1 cup) of any whole grain Cereal or Porridge with a coffee, if desired. If you are very hungry, you can also have a slice of toast too (but I just have the 1 cup cereal). A few times a week (ie weekends) you can have an alternate breakfast of choice like an omelette & toast OR an egg & toast with turkey or lite bacon; OR fruit & toast; OR a medium, whole grain Bagel & PB/chz once a week, if you like. NOTE: you can have whatever breakfast you prefer; these are just suggestions.

TIP: you can have some fruit on your cereal too, ie half a sliced banana or some berries on your cereal; and save the rest for a snack later on. You can have fruit with any breakfast you like; it is filling and low in calories: berries are really low in sugar and add fiber.

FOR LUNCH ~ you can have any lean meat sandwich & soup OR sandwich & a salad (ie tuna, salmon, chicken, turkey, lean beef, ham, etc.) Another alternate is a big mixed salad with lean meat & a slice of whole grain bread. OR chunky soup/stew & wg soda crackers or slice of wg bread/a bun. OR a portion of leftover dinner, when available.

TIP: you can have some fruit with your lunch if you want to: great for work or school lunches too.

FOR DINNER ~ you have any favorite full meal: ie baked or roasted lean poultry, beef, or pork; OR poached or bake Fish -- with veggies and/or salad; small tators or yams or brown rice or beans or corn or whole grain bread/roll (you have so many options). Other dinners you can have are *Spagetti & Meatballs, Stews, Chili, Casseroles, etc. On Friday nights, we have whatever we like for dinner like Pizza & salad or a lean Hamburger & salad.

Choose *Whole Grain Pasta, Brown Rice, small/baby NEW Potatoes with skins, or Yams, or Beans and have up to 1 cup cooked serving; same goes for Porridge (large flaked oatmeal or natural cream of wheat, etc) or any whole grain cereal too. I have one small new potato or 1/2 cup yams or beans, etc; or 1 cup cooked pasta 1-2 times a week.

NOTE: you can have pretty well any dinner you like: meaning, you can incorporate your favorite dinners and foods into the plan. Keep an eye on servings and portion sizes only; and no seconds. Using smaller bowls and plates makes it appear like you are eating a huge meal and eventually, your tummy will adjust to this as well. Have up to 3 fruit a day. You can eat all the veggies and salads that you want; they are unlimited and they fill you up so quickly.

TIP: when EATING OUT, choose the healthiest option available to you -- like meat & veggies/salad; or if it really is a choice between fries & onion rings: have the onion rings (the calories are half). A nice burger & a salad are a good option; or just have the burger, if that is all that is available. Try to limit eating out, if you don't have many options (ie once a week or once a month while trying to lose weight). Although, many more places now offer healthier entrees and side dishes than in the past ...

A simple way to portion your dinner plate is 1/2 plate veggies; 1/4 plate lean meat; 1/4 plate complex grain or starch veggie (as mentioned above). After awhile, you will be able to eye-ball portions without measuring, but I measured at first to get an idea of a normal portion or serving.

You can also eye-ball portions like this ~
... a meat serving: palm of your hand
... a piece of fruit: a clenched fist
... complex carbs ie potatoes, rice, or beans: clenched fist
... cheddar cheese: an ounce = the size of your thumb
... a handful: 1/4 cup
... 1/4 cup: size of large egg
... 1/8 cup: size of a walnut
... 1/2 cup: a medium orange or fruit nappy dish
... 1 cup: a large apple, small bowl, or coffee mug
... small potato = 1/2 cup or a lemon or lime
... medium potato = 1 cup or palm of your hand

FOR SNACKS & DESSERTS ~ Fruit for your morning snack ie a banana, orange, or berries, etc. You can have a snack in the afternoon and evening too: like fresh or baked fruit, yogurt, snack puddings or jellos, cheddar cheeze or peanut butter on 4 wg soda crackers, hard-boiled eggs, raw veggies & dip, salads or soups, a handful of "saltless" nuts, etc. Most desserts or snacks should be about 1/2 cup each or a serving size. A nice fruit crisp or a fruit parfait both make a lovely lite dessert. I like to have 1/2 cup yogurt ice cream for a dessert or snack (only 90 calories) at least once a week. You can treat yourself: the key is to watch the serving size, and how often you have them (no more than once a day).

FOR BEVERAGES ~ water, tea, coffee; or diluted juices like pure cranberry juice once a day: 50/50; or milk (skim, 1%, or 2%); veggie juices; or diet sodas. You can have a drink with each snack and meal; and try to have some water in between that (1/2 to 1 cup). I love the new lemon-lime drinks like Crystal Lite and others; you can even get them in bottles or cans now, and there are many other awesome flavors out there too.

TIP: eat your salad , soup, veggie juice, or veggies first; then the meat along with that; then the starchy carb stuff last. This will fill you up faster, so you won't want to eat so much. I find having a salad or soup first always fills me up quickly.

This ez plan takes the fuss and stress out of eating; and doesn't cost any extra money if you are careful (use the money you used to spend on junk on veggies & fruit instead). Just plan your daily meals and weekly menu based on foods that you can purchase in the regular marketplace: any local grocery store. This is basic and uncomplicated; plus, your family will get healthy along with you ...

This is very easy to stick with because it's simple and fits into most people's lifestyles. It is very flexible, and therefore -- more sustainable. I hope some of you find this as helpful as I have ... :D

01-13-2011, 08:33 PM
Good ideas Rosebud is somewhat they are doing in First Place now,portion sizes.

01-19-2011, 04:12 PM
YES, BOOTSIE ~ the portion plan is becoming a kind of GOLD STANDARD for doctors, dieticians, and counsellors (like myself). The Diabetes Association also uses a portion or exchange type of plan too.

This basic portion plan is the one my doctor and I devised when in my teens; and I lost 25 lbs on it at the time. Plus, when I worked as a counsellor, this is the plan we used for our clients with great success!

You don't really feel like you are on a diet -- hence, why it is called THE NO-DIET DIET ~ actually, you are just re-learning how to eat healthy, normal portions and servings. It is more sustainable because of it's simplicity and balance too; so you lose the weight and keep it off.

After many years of yo-yo dieting, this was the plan (or eating style) that helped me to lose weight and keep it off for over 5+ years now. You don't feel deprived. You don't have to drive all over the place trying to find expensive, rare foods at specialty stores. You don't even have to buy diet foods (ie low fat, low carb, low anything).

It's easy; it's simple; it's healthy; it's balanced; it's flexible; it's sustainable; it's permanent; and it's good for everyone ... :D

01-19-2011, 09:34 PM
I am going to copy this off for hubbie, he is trying to diet. I am so tired hope you get your computer back soon. I checked on the computers today Rosebud the lady said that one computer never broke down because it is to little to have a hard drive in it. She said I need to get a laptop it is a-lot better and bigger. The one I want cost 500 dollars and the insurance for two years if I drop it or spill coffee on it they would replace the whole computer, so she said. so that is 600 dollars then tax, then what ever I think that 500 dollar computer would end up costing me 800 when they finish with me. I don't have that much right now so I am going to have to wait on God to put me in the right place the right time and win one! Ha!

02-11-2011, 06:35 PM
BOOTSIE ~ I hope that David will find this plan helpful; I think many guys would like it. They can eat their favorite meals and still lose weight; and they don't have to be a food scientist or know how to count carbs or calories, etc.

When my doctor first suggested it; he had me do a 2 week journal to see what I was eating. Then he went over it with me and had me remove the junk foods and replace them with fruit and increased my veggies & salad servings each day too. He also told me to have some milk and cheese each day for calcium (ie milk on my morning cereal).

The only thing he didn't do (that I now know that he should have) -- was discuss with me that I needed to eat in this healthy way for the rest of my life! I think this is just as imporatant as eating right in the first place; and I eventually realized it. I just wish that I had realized this a long, long time ago; and maybe, just maybe -- I wouldn't have gotten as big as I did and missed that yo-yo thing too. Thank the LORD, I am off that roller coaster now!

One thing that we make sure to do is have our favorite dinner meal once a week whether it is pizza or hamburger or whatever; the only stipulation is that you can only have one serving (i.e. I have one burger now; whereas I may have had two years ago; but I have a salad with it now instead). I have one slice of pizza (like the slice you get in a pizza place) and a salad along with it to help fill me up and that works out well.

Men can have a bit more food than us females; so they can add an extra toast with breakfast with their cereal and a slice of whole grain bread with dinner, if they like. My last doctor said that while trying to lose weight, to eat a bit less; then when I get where I want to, I could add in another fruit or dairy serving, etc.

The key thing I am learning about snacks is to pick healthier ones than I did before; for instance, my doctor suggested an apple at night. There will always be some things that tempt me to binge; so I have learned not to have them in the house. I look at it this way; if the salt on nuts or chips or nachos, cause me to crave them and eat too many, then they are not a healthy choice for me ...

So now I choose baked things rather than fried and saltless nuts instead; and I choose to have only one serving at a time too. I have learned that my health is more important to me than a few chips. If someone can eat only one serving of chips (which is about 10) and no more, then more power to them; but the salt is addictive to me, so I am choosing something else, like saltess nuts or fruit.

I love this plan; and have been following it for over 5+ years now. I still tweak my snacks and make the meals as healthy as I can. DH likes it that we eat the same thing for the most part, so it's very family friendly too!

02-25-2011, 07:02 PM

Here are some of our family favorite dishes that I try to make a bit healthier by buying the leanest meat I can afford (xtra-lean ground chuck; lean beef or pork roasts; center cut pork chops or lean pork steaks; whole chicken or breasts/pieces; lean beef steak, whole turkey or pieces, firm fish, etc).

My family has a favorite meatloaf that uses tomato soup (1/2 in mix and 1/2 on top); Shepherd's Pie with lots of veggies; Meaty pasta sauce with lots of veggies OR Mini-Meatballs to go with whole grain spagettini; Creamy Mac: ground lean burger with onions & veggies with elbow macaroni mixed in a cream of mushroom sauce.

Creole Patties or Exeter Stew (2 oz homemade hamburger patties surrounded with chopped onions & canned tomatoes & knib corn; served with green beans & coleslaw & mashed potatoes); Chicken Stew & homemade wg biscuits; Lean Roast beef or pork with loads of chunky veggies & new potatoes with skins (or sweet potatoes); same for whole roasted Chicken or Turkey with veggies (like sweet potatoes, turnip, carrots, etc); deli spit BBQ Whole Chicken & salad; baked Fish & Chips (sweet potato fries for me) with salads.

Pita Pizzas (toppings of choice); Blue Menu Lean Burgers & salad; Hamburger Steak & Onions with new potatoes & sliced tomatoes & salad; Pork Chops & Onions in Cream of Mushroom Sauce; Seasoned or BBQ Steak or Pork Steaks of choice with onions & mushrooms in broth & a bit of butter with salad; poached fish (salmon, sole, haddock, cod) with brown rice & veggies; and BBQ Chicken & Country Ribs (mom used to use wings, but we changed to leaner & meatier pieces instead).

Those are the ones we eat the most often, but there are others like baked Ham & Potato-Veggie Scallop; baked Chicken Pieces in BBQ Sauce; Lasagna; Cabbage Rolls or Mock Cabbage Rolls; Meat Pie and veggies; Hamburger Hash with gravy & veggies, Homemade Chinese dishes, roasted or grilled Back Spare Ribs, braised beef with tomatoes, etc -- that we may have occasionally. These are very standard type of meals that our whole family loves; I always make a lot of veggies and/or a salad to go with most of these meals too.

I also make a lot of homemade chunky soups and stews with lots of veggies; nice for a light dinner or lunch. We often eat leftovers for lunches; and beef, turkey, or chicken sandwiches. We usually have new potatoes with skins or sweet potatoes; roasted or steamed veggies or salads; OR brown rice or whole grain pasta, with most of these dishes.

As you can see, there is no reason anyone would feel deprived eating these yummy meals. Eating one serving of them is very healthy. I measured the starchy whole grain portions at first, but now I know how much to serve; and using our (smaller) plates as a guide is very helpful too.

07-14-2011, 01:16 AM
BUMP ... I am bumping this plan up for our newbies who are looking for a simple, free plan to help get them started ... :D

07-16-2011, 10:36 AM
I think this is great information and I have been struggling with my "diet" and feeding my family. Not depriving them for my sake, etc. I will have to look into this more. Thanks so much for the info. Know that it does not fall on deaf ears and we are greatful!