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Jesse Taylor
01-11-2011, 11:14 AM
Okay so a month ago I moved in to the house of a friend of a friend. Since moving in I have bonded with the other girl that lives here and the guy who invited me to stay. She's really cool and fun to hang out with. Funny thing, I'm no longer friends with the person who is/was friends with my housemates. He's just really peeved everyone off for how he's treating me. Unfortunately, they are on a cruise and I'm left with the owner of the house who has serious entitlement issues.

Here's my problem. I don't have my own fridge so I have to use the main house fridge and even though I've put in my hundred dollars for food, my personal stuff keeps getting eaten. What's bad it's my diet foods. The one person who is here right now, even drank my diet tea. What's funny is I drink out of the bottle it's in so I don't why anyone would want to drink my stuff. So how do you address specifics like diet tea or milk you've saved for breakfast or hard boiled eggs? I've bought him his own eggs and bread and there is other tea I could make for him but I don't know. Should I say something or suck it up, hope for a job, and get the heck out? I've pulled my tea out of the fridge and I'll say something about how it's diet tea and I drink out of the bottle after I make him up a pitcher just for him of regular tea.

I've just never been in this type of situation. I've never lived with "strangers" and I've never had people eat my food or drink my drinks. I've also never lived where the guy in the couple keeps coming on to me. Of course, I'm not used to any man coming on to me LOL but that's a situation I can handle when he gets back from FL. I can definitely handle that type of thing but the food thing, I don't know what to do.

01-11-2011, 11:32 AM
Hi Jesse, I can certainly share your anxiety over this issue - a very difficult one.
The fact is you have every right to confront this person for taking your food and expect them to respect your opinion and the fact that it is actually stealing off you. Perhaps a start of the conversation would be " I don't want to offend you but" approach.
I have shared a place with a friend who did this to me and yet if I touched anything of hers she would go berserk!!
I do hope you manage to get it sorted but it may well be that you may have to think about moving on, sweetie.
All the very best to you.

01-11-2011, 11:58 AM
I would use the old "my doctor has me on a special diet and I shop for that diet so when my stuff gets used up, I'm in trouble." That way you're not blaming anyone or saying STOP EATING MY FOOD. You have every right to do both, but might as well try being nice and not blaming anyone first. After that, you can be more direct and just say, "don't eat my stuff" but be prepared for it to get awkward.

Is it possible that with so many people living there, no one really knows that what they're eating is YOURS? Maybe it all just looks like stuff in the fridge?

When you mention that you're doing your special doctor directed diet, you might also mention that you'd be happy to keep all your stuff in one area of the fridge if that would keep it out of the way.

Failing that, a mini fridge for your room will be less than $100, and you can probably find one on craigslist for far less.

Jesse Taylor
01-11-2011, 12:08 PM
Is it possible that with so many people living there, no one really knows that what they're eating is YOURS? Maybe it all just looks like stuff in the fridge?

It can only be mine. Everyone knows who buys what and how do you mistake a diet Coke bottle filled with something other than diet Coke as yours? That's what I mean, it's clearly mine. No one eats yogurt except me, and then it disappears. I know it's not Joe or Nicole because they are both working and they hate "diet" food and yogurt is diet food in their opinion. Right now with only two of us in the house it's obvious who is eating/drinking my stuff. I'm going to make him a pitcher of tea and then a new bottle of my stuff and point out that 1. I drink from the bottle, and 2. it's a special metabolism boosting tea for my diet. I think if he's got his own pitcher in the fridge, he'll leave at least my drink alone.

I'm definitely going to look into buying a mini fridge when I get some money. Nicole warned me so I kind of knew, but it's just starting to grate on me and not being able to vent doesn't help.

01-18-2011, 02:31 PM
I kind of have the same problem... My boyfriends brother lives with us and will just eat whatever the **** is in the fridge. It wasn't a huge deal until I started dieting.... I talked to him and told him if he eats any of MY food he is expected to replace it, and I asked that he not take the LAST of whatever he was eating (that is my biggest pet peeve)

It sounds rather childish...but I started writing my name on my special foods with a sharpie. I have my own collection of "THIS IS AUDREYS. IF YOU EAT I WILL CUT YOU" tupperware that I put leftovers in. And whatever he eats, I write down and give it to him as a grocery store list.

I understand that conflict with someone you live with isn't very desirable, but sometimes you need to put your foot down... He may be a jerk about it, but screw him.

Okay, one more suggestion... Buy some diet tea and put a bunch of metamucil or something in it, if he complains... explain that it was your special cleansing tea!

Jesse Taylor
01-18-2011, 02:55 PM
The issues just got greater. Turns out the idiot hasn't been paying his mortgage even when he had the money. Now foreclosure is starting. He doesn't pay the bills, eats other people's food, and is totally inconsiderate. It just makes me so mad because now, again, I have to find a place to live in less than a month. AND I can't even look for work because I don't have a car and don't know where I'll be living.

01-18-2011, 02:59 PM
:( I'm sorry! Do you have any friends you can stay with temporarily just to get out of that environment?

Now I would defff put some metamucil in the diet tea. :hug:

Jesse Taylor
01-18-2011, 03:37 PM
Unfortunately, this house is where my friends are for right now. Not sure what's going to happen in March. I've got to get a job ASAP that can support me...what I do now is temporary and very iffy. I need permanence.

01-18-2011, 05:03 PM
Well if your friends need to find another place too, why not rent a place together? You could probably find a house for rent at a decent price. Or an apartment.. Though they're normally more strict about the number of people living there.

Jesse Taylor
01-18-2011, 05:15 PM
They're going to go to Ohio to live with her parents and I don't do snow. Heck, Charlotte had snow and I stayed in the house for 4 days. That white stuff scares me.

01-18-2011, 05:25 PM
Well, since you are losing money on food anyways, wouldn't it make sense to buy a small mini fridge or something to keep the diet food in? (I think you can get one for about 40 bucks, maybe even cheaper used.) Regardless, I hope your situation gets better.

01-18-2011, 05:40 PM
Well that sucks. There's always craigslist! You could probably rent a room/ basement for pretty cheap.... and maybe you can find a nice group of people who won't eat all your damn food. : )