General chatter - Crafters: Anyone other felters and/or shoemakers

01-11-2011, 02:58 AM
I just made my first felted wearable last week. I crocheted slippers in a mohair/wool blend, and felted them in the washer and dryer (but pulling them out before they were completely dry).

For the first pair, I miscalculated and after felting, my slippers turned out more like clogs/mules (the heel being shorter than I intended), but they were still so comfy.

I made a second pair in more of a bootie style, so they wouldn't slip off my feet so easily.

The yarn I used gets very fluffy when felted. The first pair was solid dark teal, and the second pair was saphire blue with light and dark teal stripes. The felting obscured the stripes a bit. Hubby says they sort of look like Sesame Street's Cookie Monster feet.

For both pairs, I put onto my feet while the felt was still damp and let them dry on my feet. As a result, the thick felt actually forms to my feet (instep and all).

These are the most comfortable slippers I've ever had. They're warm, but breathable, so they don't make my feet too hot. They get softer and softer with each wearing.

I had a pair of felt Haflingers (felt upper on a Birkenstock style footbed) that I loved wearing. I wore out the felt, but kept the footbeds and was planning on hubby gluing the slipper to the corkbed with cobbler's glue.

I changed my mind though when I saw how fluffy the felt was, and how comfy they are. Instead, I want to use a smoother felting yarn, and make something I can wear outside the house - more of an Ugg-style or like the original Haflinger or one of the new styles I admore

I love the Haflinger felt shoes

So are there any felters or shoemakers out there?