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01-10-2011, 05:37 PM
Heya i am going to be starting zumba and nia classes tomorrow and pole dancing on wed, i love zumba started it last summer but then had to stop becasue i went home and didn't get around to carrying them on, its fun and nia havent tried that as yet so looking forward to that tomorrow. Pole dancing will also be a first on wed so nervous as well as looking forward to it, just wondered if any one else does any of the above and if yes what do they think of it and how much have they lost weight wise and inch wise and over what type of time period and diet wise...:)...i hate the gym but i will also be going to the gym twiec a week mainly on the treadmill and cross trainer as do want to train for the 10k run in the summer.... i really want to go back to my 8-10 hate being a size 12 as i feel hugeee :( and feel down in the dumps for quite some time...been lazy over the september till december and now i want to change for the better....:) hope to hear from you all :)

01-10-2011, 05:43 PM
Pole dancing was one HECK of a workout. I took one class, as part of a bachelorette party, at my goal weight and as a pretty fit individual. It kicked my behind.

01-10-2011, 05:56 PM
really? what did you learn in that lesson? did you get the hang of it? iv done bit of reading up on it and i have watched some lessons on youtube woww they make it soo easy and they look soo in shape..i really have no idea how quick and effective it is but i am going to be mixing it with zumba and nia which is also a dance form workout but a mix of martial arts, yoga and something else can't member lool...:$...i just really want to get into shape again but i am terrified of losing my curves and bust lool :$...silly i know....but i am not at all confident any more...so i have no idea if this a good idea or not but i did say to myself this year try different things so i guess this is a part of it lool

01-11-2011, 08:19 AM
im wondering if i add three sessions at the gym one hr per session would b k as welll coz a lot of people tellin me diff tings n i am bit confused :S...one instrucer sed pole dancing once a week n three gym sessions would b nuf, the other one sed three weight sessions, n three half hr gym sessions n hard core cardio and resistance machines at 80/90 per heart beat shud b ok...:S and that zumba is not very effective but i would have thought by eating healthily brekkie yogurts or fruit n a cup of green tea, and for lunch mainly salads with boiled eggs/ham/chi/, and dinner a mix of fish, chi, ham with veg and snacks of fruit, cups of green tea and water throughout the day shoudl be kk for me...i am size 12 and juswt want to lose a few inches on the thighs, and waist n lose the luv handles....:S.....any tips or info would be great thank you...:)

01-11-2011, 12:49 PM
One lesson is definitely not enough to get the hang of it...the upper body strength required alone was pretty extreme! We works on spins and climbing up the pole. It was really fun, but I was BRUISED and so very sore for days.

01-11-2011, 07:56 PM
hmm mite do wed n sundays then pole dancing....lol and zumba and nia on tuesdays....and gym two days a week.....gna cost me abit but i am desperate to lose the inches....:(....
went to zumba and nia today was a lot of fun and sweated loads hehe though not as energetic as i wanted it to be lol oh well only was the first day back so see how it goes....got another 7 weeks of this to go...:)...
ne other tips would be great to lose inches on the waist, love handles, and thighs...:$
feel free to comment and advise....