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01-10-2011, 04:18 PM
Hi Everyone I'm new! I turned 30 on October 14th. I lost 50lbs in the winter of '10...I changed jobs to a different department where there is cake ALL THE TIME...I've gained every bit back.

I started my change in life style...once again...yesterday. I walked around 2 miles. And I plan to walk in and out of work everyday (one mile roundtrip). My downfall is food :( I love FOOD and have a hardtime pushing it away. I want to eat all the time. My life is full of skinnys who do not have to watch what they eat. I would LOVE to be 150 by June/July. Not sure I have the will power!

If anyone is interested in IMing and or exchanging emails to be a buddy to support me I will support you back!