Chicks up for a Challenge - W.O.W. Valentines Day challenge Week 2

01-10-2011, 11:02 AM
Week 2!!! great. I hope everyone did well in the first week of this challenge.

I'm still sitting in the same place I was last Tuesday. And I am happy after the way I ate on saturday.

W 80 oz
E I'm continuing with my interval runs, 2000 meters row, 20 minute weights, 15 minute AMT (I wont forget my water this time)
E 1400 cals, Im still working at no starches at night.
D Oh house work.

Will sent me to get my hair done yesterday. The girl who did it messed it up, so she had to do a fix. it took me from 115 til 5 to have my hair done. It looks ok, but its not exactly what I wanted. But it will grow out. then in a couple months I will do it again. :)

01-10-2011, 01:25 PM
Julie :welcome:

Kris~The kid favorite this week was ranch chicken. I just sprinkled a bit of dry ranch mix over the top of my chicken. MMM. My kids are really loving this no starches at night. They are eating what I am cooking. Weird.

MM~I'm glad you made it through your emotional day.

01-10-2011, 02:51 PM
Welcome to Monday! It's been a very stressful day so far. I did very well this weekend, but I was so busy that I didn't check in.

W - 72 oz
E - Either Zuma, Wii, or bike this evening after work. Didn't get it in this morning.
E - Today I'm doing the SlimFast shakes, two clementines, and a banana during the day. Tonight I'm serving chicken with brown rice and fresh brocolli.
D - Stay determined. I'm not going to let the stress of the day win!

01-10-2011, 07:09 PM
Kris - one of our favorite chicken dishes: marinate chicken in italian dressing or balsamic vinaigrette, grill. Toss a salad of arugula, halved grape tomatoes and mini fresh mozz balls in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. Top warm grilled chicken with the salad. You can use spring mix but we like the peppery taste of the arugula. Really simple and yummy.

Julie - WELCOME!!

Jeni - sorry about the haircut, I'm so gun shy that I always get it longer than I want just because I'm afraid of them cutting too much.

toms - hope you have some time to de-stress tonight, a warm bath and a book always does it for me.

Doing well, DH has been working crazy hours, basically comes home to sleep ~11 pm so I've got the kids on my own. They've been really good the past week so hopefully this week goes the same way! Feeling good, ate a bit too much for lunch today, chicken souvlaki and onion rings (gasp!) but it's one of the few places around that actually makes good greek food so I couldn't pass it up. It's homemade chicken soup for dinner so healthy at least. Hope everyone had a great start to their week!

01-10-2011, 07:41 PM
A late check in, but it looks like I'm not the only run who hit the ground running this morning! :jig: Where is everybody? :mag: :shrug: :chin:

Julie - :gossip: Great to have you joining us WEEDers!

jcatron243 - It's so great how level headed you are about sitting at the same number. If you keep doing what you're doing, it will drop off. But you know that, I can tell. Boy, it sounds like you cram a lot into your workouts! I divide it up more. One day upper body weights, the next a 20-minute interval run or bike, the next lower body weights and so on. I like knowing not too much of my day is eaten up by working out, so 45 minutes is my maximum. Other then yoga class, that is. But, hey, you said it on another thread: You're the get up and go kind of gal, :broc: whereas I'm more the daydreamin' type if time allows it. :bubbles:

tomsgirl34 - I hope the stress monster didn't get to you! I'm with emiloots on the bubble bath and book!!:beach:

emiloots - Mmm, homemade chicken soup. Can I come over after work? :)

I am at work and have had a cancellation so I am having a leisurely dinner while checking in. :hun: :comp: I do so like these paid breaks when someone cancels last minute.

I opted not to work out this morning. :headache: I had a headache, so I thought I had better skip it. I feel better now.:woohoo:

I got two work-outs yesterday, so not working out was not a big deal. I did my 90 minute yoga class (which is always a major workout) and then I went out in the cold wintry night with my DS. He just bought himself his first snowboard and boots with his Christmas money and he was pumped to try it out. My job was to assist in building a jump and then maintaining it every time he went over it. A whole lot of bending and carrying and stomping! I love that kind of exercise combined with hanging with my boy! Nothing beats it!:snow4:

I am working my WEED pretty good today. I'll weigh in tomorrow at the gym and hopefully have a loss to report. :goodscale If not, I am still pleased with this past week. I have been working out regularly for 2 weeks now and I feel much better because of it.

See you on the other side, ladies! Keep on smokin' that WEED!:smoking:

01-10-2011, 08:57 PM
Em~The cut was ok, but she totally screwed up the color.

Clykk~I love my long workouts. I used to do a 20 minute run then a 90 minute class~go home and get my daughter off to school, then go back for another 35 minute cardio and weights. But with DH commuting I cant go in the morning.

OK off to swim team.

01-11-2011, 03:14 AM
Kris.. thanks. the turning point was seeing the scale at almost 294. i told myself if would not see hoping this year i can finally reach my 100lb goal...

julie...welcome.. 20lbs seems like the amount every ones been gaining back.. i sure did...

Tomsgirl.. oh your a wii person too. well i shouldnt say too since its been a while since ive exercise on mine. And its somthing my wii likes to inform me each time i do go

Jeni.. i hope they didnt charge you for there mistake..

Emily.. chicken soup sounds good right about now.. its cold here

Good evening ladies.. Im proud to say im down 9.2. so im now 241.8. There went some of my holiday weight. Been busy with house work today i feel like i did a million and one things today. im so looking forward to enwinding with my book. Here to a good week full of losses ..
w6 4++
e housework
e 1200cal phase1 sb
d read..

01-11-2011, 06:16 AM
Tiara~great job on the -9.2 pounds!!!! They charged me what I would have been charged, but not for the fix. I think I am going to go back in to have it darkened down some more, but I am waiting a couple of weeks to see if it grows on me.

Clykk~I spend a lot of time at one number, the Whooosh it goes off, then nothing. Its irritating but that's how my body is. I'm upset with myself for gaining back as much as I did, (I went from 136-156). I will get back down, I just have to be paitient with myself.

Off to work today. Tommy woke me up at 1230 again. SO I am going to be living on coffee today. We are supposed to get a bunch of snow today so I doubt I will make it in time for my workout. :( I will try though.

W 64 oz
E 20 minutes if I can make it
E 1300 cals (preping myself for the next two weeks of 1200 cal days)
D not to argue with my co-workers.

01-11-2011, 07:04 AM
Morning all. Have started a new Vitamin D & B regimen with the rest of the crap to try and get me out of my funk...hoping this does the trick.

W 100
E 10k steps, left my pedometer home yesterday by mistake, but was not even close. 50 crunches this am. Baby steps back
E OP, yogurt for breakfast, soup and salad for lunch, not sure about dinner but likely another tossed salad and yup, like the rest of you, chicken!
D Stay out of the dark thoughts. Move, blog, anything but stay ahead of it.

PS Jeni, I hope it grows on you, but if not, change it up, that's what color is there for! I love to experiment with hair color. My magic hair man is awesome!

01-11-2011, 08:24 PM
Hi gals!!! I've been missing for a couple of days but we've had A LOT going on. It's been snowing and snowing here, but it seems to have finally let up. Schools should be back in session tomorrow, which means that my exercise classes will be back on. This is good, cause I can finally move again. My gym is offering a new class called RIPPED and I took it and WOW!!!! It was crazy and tore me up! I love it though and can't wait to go back, I just can't believe how out of shape I am. Seriously, sometimes I think I delude myself into thinking I'm not as bad as I really am. I'm glad I've made a commitment to get into shape so I can finally figure this thing out.

Been really good and on track today:
W: 1 gallon
E: completely on track with food today! woo hoo!
E: 50 minutes on eliptical and ab work, plus 25 push ups
D: my daily goal is to go to sleep at a decent hour tonight! I need it.

Hope everyone is doing great! I felt like i was in a funk and it's good to be back posting here! Miss you gals!!!

01-11-2011, 11:28 PM
MM~I am trying to let it grow on me. I just need the chance to really play with it.

Dandi~I love taking classes that totally make you feel every muscle.

I am exhausted today. Found out a good friend was in a quad accident Saturday and has a broken pelvis, back and ruptured spleen. He is going in for his 3rd surgery tomorrow. (he's only 24) Then on top of that we were told we are losing 3 positions at my plant in May. 1 out of my group. I wont lose my job, but it sucks for those who will.

I way overate for dinner tonight. Taco salad with a side of beans. MMM. But I am way over full.

We have about 2 inches of snow on the ground right now. Its a rare occasion for us, so after swimming tonight the kids were able to play in it for 20 minutes. Then they came in to warm jammies and hot chocolate. It was a good mommy moment for me.

Oh and I did get in a 25 minute workout today.

01-12-2011, 01:57 AM
jcatron243 - :hug: What awful news for your friend! That's a lot of surgeries in 2 days. And then to find out that there will be three people laid off in May. When it rains it pours, doesn't it? Isn't it nice to have the kids to cocoon with at times like this? I'm glad you got that time with them.

dandimae - I guess YOU must have sent all the snow that is falling tonight. I suspect it will be a snow day here tomorrow. My DS will be happy about that! :cp:

mothermavis - Sorry to hear you are feeling so low. My Mom and sister have difficulty with depression too. My sister runs, eats real healthy and tries to get a regular dose of sunshine to keep the dark thoughts away. Let's hope the Vitamin D & B will help! Here's a little sunshine for you! :flow1:

TIARA - :cb: :woohoo: WOW! 9.2 lbs. WOW! You be smokin' some good WEED!! :smoking: Pass some to me, sista!

I should get my butt off to bed, shouldn't I? Well, I just had to check in. It was an unusual day for me. My DS sprained his wrist on Monday night, so this morning (Tuesday) he was slow to getting off to school (2 hours slow). So, that ate up most of my morning. To top it off, I took the dog out for her morning walk and when I came back, my DH was back in bed with a headache and feeling nauseous. Not nearly as bad a day as yours Jeni, but it still had me feeling out of sync.

I guess my WEED wasn't too bad today. I did my 20-minute interval bike, I drank at least 64 oz. of water, and I avoided most temptations to eat off-plan. And if it is a snow day tomorrow, then this late bedtime won't be a problem either as I don't start work until 3 PM tomorrow, so I could stay in bed instead of getting up to get my DS off to school.

OH, YEAH, and I weighed in today. I am down 2.5 pounds. Like always, I want to not feel good about the loss for various insane reasons. :crazy: Not worth giving voice to, because no matter how much I lose, the stinkin' thinkin' is right there trying to keep me from acknowledging all the ways I am working my WEED program. I'm fully aware of this crazy thinking of mine, so instead of listening to its madness, I am going to say, :cheer2: Yeah, Carolyn!! You're doing it! Keep on smokin' that WEED!! It's working!! :cheer:

Over and out ladies!

See you on the other side!

01-12-2011, 07:16 AM
Hi Chickies. Snow day here too Not for me though...

W 100, missing this the last few days
E 10k steps, been short there too for 3 days, seeing a pattern....
E uh-huh
D Depression sucks, it overwhelms you and sucks you in, then you feel worse because you gave in and it's just a vicious cycle. Breaking it today.

PS Been weighing too although I was not going to, also a poor idea.

01-12-2011, 09:17 AM
Dang! No snowday after all, so no sleeping in for me! :mad:

W 80 oz
E Weights Upper Body
D Take a nap before work today.

01-12-2011, 09:28 AM
Clykk~ Awsome for your 2.5 pound loss. Poo on the day being so off.

MM~Get in those steps. I hope your B and D vitamins work for you!

We don't have a snow day either. After the 3 inches that fell last night, it turned to a nasty rain and wind, so the roads are all clear here.

Lost another pound :) I am hoping it holds.

I get to start planning my Disneyland trip :) DH found out he will be able to take the time off (although it will be without pay, I will deal with it). Now I will go into a full planning mode.

W 80 oz
E 35 interval run/2000 meter row/20 minute weights/ 15 minute AMT
E 1300 cals no starches at night (so used to this it will be my norm)
D Hmmm cleaning out the kids room.

01-12-2011, 11:47 AM
jcatron243 - Am I remembering correctly that you love to go to Disneyland and have gone a number of times? I got there in January 2009 and would love to go back. Congrats on the one pound loss!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-12-2011, 12:51 PM
How is it already Wednesday?!? This past weekend and week have flown by! I had a two pound weightloss so that was great. Monday was not a good eating day for me but I am Tuesday good and so far so good today. Tonight 5 miles!

W: 3 large glasses at work
E: Planned dinners, this is where I go wrong
E: Make it to the gym even though it is so cold outside
D: Organize the junk drawer in the kitchen, I can barely close it.

01-12-2011, 01:44 PM
Dolly~Great loss!!! I'm glad your hard work is showing on the scale!

Clykk~Yes Disneyland. I go once a year. But since my DH was laid off in June I wasn't sure If I could go. He will be at his new job for 6 months when we go, so his vacation time wont be built up. But they will let him take the days off without pay. :)

01-12-2011, 03:50 PM
I just wanted to share that last night we for dinner we had boiled shrimp, salad and corn on the cob and it was fabulous. My daughter asked for Velveeta shells and cheese, her favorite so I went ahead and made it. While I was cooking it I read the nutritional value and about passed out. One serving was 350 calories. Goodness gracious! I guess I will not be making that any more. I will stick to my homemade whole wheat version.

01-12-2011, 07:16 PM
Newbie here! I just popped into the 40 somethings thread and then I saw this thread about Valentine's day challenge and knew it was for me, as I have my first mini goal ending on Valentine's day!! I am a SAHM/wife, have two boys 14 and 13. In a nutshell, started this journey Dec. 1st with an exercise goal to jog 50 miles by Christmas and met it by the 23rd!. By New Years my goal was to keep up the exercise and add calorie counting. I plan to add healthy habits along the way like this, so I was attracted to your WEED philosophy.
W: so far working on my 2nd 32 oz bottle, goal of 64 today
E: Treadmill workout, added intervals today, trying to get my speed up, I am REALLY slow! I wear a bodybugg and aim for 3000 calorie burn every day. Great burn today with intervals compared to other days, so I am encouraged.
E: Stayed on plan, 1250 calories per day, no guessing, measure and weigh everything. I limit carbs to small amounts of fresh fruit, nuts and an occasional sweet potato, squash. (Limit grains, starches for the most part right now).
D: I aim to get a good nights sleep tonight. I have a sick cat right now and he kept waking me up sneezing last night!!!

Time for Dinner:D JMarie

01-12-2011, 08:22 PM
Jmarie~ :welcome:

Dolly~ there are times when I make two meals, one for DH and I and one for the kiddos. (pizza, mac and cheese, you know the kid friendly stuff) lately though the kids are digging on the chicken and veggies!

I had the greatest workout today. I pushed myself hard with my intervals. I also increased my weights. :) I have new inspiration ladies... :)

01-12-2011, 10:13 PM
Jmarie - welcome!!!

Clykk, dollypie & Tiara - Woot on the weight losses, keep it going!

Jeni - hoping your friend pulls through his surgeries OK. Congrats on the pound down.

Snowed here too, daycare was on a delay so I still ended up going into work (boo!). Tomorrow is the big day! My ultrasound is at 1 so hopefully tomorrow I can say "I'm having a ....". Send your pink dust my way ladies!

01-12-2011, 11:59 PM
Got all my steps in, ate OP (cause they were out of bagels) thank you Lord and drank most all of my water. Good day for moi :carrot:

01-13-2011, 03:03 AM
clykk.. lol..
dolly.. congrats on the loss
jmarie.. welcome..
emily.. i believe its the year of the girls my 2 friends just gave bith to girls and i have another who is expecting a baby girl soon.. hope all is well...
mothermavis.. it feels awesome when you complete a day with accomplishing goal..

Hello ladies.. im sick of all the hawaiian snow (RAIN) we have been getting. the rain alone wouldnt be so bad if we didnt have strong wind , thunder that shakes the house and lighting that brightens the sky.. Will be glad when its done.. Other than that ive been good with planed meals and water intake..
hope you all keep warm and safe..
w 64 ++
e wii
d sleep early..

01-13-2011, 06:59 AM
Morning all, sounds like we are all getting in our groove. Gosh, I hope I am, def need to focus.

W 100
E 10k steps & crunches
D One choice at a time

01-13-2011, 11:17 AM
Emily~My fingers are crossed for Pink!

MM~Great job on being OP yesterday!! You get Into your groove!!

Tiara~ I love our storms here! But we get like 9 months of rain in WA! I'm trying to put together a trip to Hawaii for my 10th anniversary this summer, but I don't know If I will have the vacation time.

Today is my starting my second section of 17 days. I heard about this guys 17 day diet, but I didn't want to buy the book. I created my own 17 day sessions based on my needs. The last 17 days I ate 1500 cals, and no starches at night. I lost 7.2 pounds overall! Today starts my second session of 17 days. I am going to stick with the No starches at night. But I am cutting myself to 1200 cals. My calories are going to be all lean and clean! My workouts are going to stay close to the same, but I am going to switch up the speed and lenght of my interval runs, and use the AMT instead of the elliptical (which I switched to this week already).

W 80 oz
E 35 interval run/ 10 minute arm pedal/ 15 minute weights/ 2000 meter row/15 min AMT (WHEW)
E 1200 CLEAN cals. Low on fat, sugar, sodium.
D a little shopping, but I don't need much. try to pick up Tommys room. Vaccum.

01-13-2011, 11:20 AM
Thanks for the warm welcome gals! I am trying to read back to get to know you guys a little better, but bear with me for a while.
Emiloots, I have two boys also and would have loved, loved, loved a daughter but we weren't able to have anymore, so I am sending all my pink dust your way!!!
Jeni, I am trying to make extras for the kids too, but my 14 yo has eaten as many salads as me lately and loving them! Not sure my 13 yo will ever eat a salad, but we keep trying and setting a good example.
To all of you that dropped some weight this week, way to go! Do you guys weigh every day or once a week? I am trying once a week, but find myself sneeking down to scale in the mornings and I hate that I do that.
W: 64oz again (have you guys heard that recommendation that you should drink one ounce for every pound you are overweight extra in a day? I'm struggling with 64 at this point!
E: Same level of intervals as yesterday(walk, jog, run)
E: 1250
D: Stay positive, feeling a little dull like the weather today...

01-13-2011, 12:01 PM
Hi Chickadees!

I am floundering! HELP!! I haven't been keeping track of when and what I eat for a couple days now. So, with that. Here goes:

W 80 oz ((56 oz.)
E 10K steps, as I have no car today to get to the gym (5K)
E Body For Life plan
Protein Bar - 8:45 AM
Popcorn/Butter!!!! - 10:30 AM
Turkey/Rye Bread/Tomato/Choc.Chips!! - 1:30 PM
D Take a nap NOW. (Done! Wild dreams!!)

01-13-2011, 12:31 PM
May I still join?? I have a goal of "onederland" by Valenitine's Day, and while it's feasible, I don't know how healthy it is to lose 12 lbs in 4 1/2 weeks.

Jomatho, you asked about the water. I've never heard what you wrote, but I have heard 1 oz for every two lbs.

I love how you all talk regularly! I have a little girl, so I'll cross my fingers for you emiloots! Not to say boys are bad - I have no experience with them except through my friends, but I wouldn't trade my princess for anything!!

So, what are my goals?
W: 64 oz. I should be drinking more, but let me start here.
E: 45 minutes. Some days, I just do Wii. I probably should do something more intensive 2-3 times per week, but I'll start that next week when the gyms re-open. (Well, they opened today, but the daycare is still closed)
E: Between 1500 - 1600 calories daily. I'm still nursing (at 15 months - ack!!), so I cannot go too low.

and D - now, what exactly does D represent?

I look forward to completing this challenge with you all.

01-13-2011, 02:37 PM
amanda2181 - :welcome3: Below you will see what D stands for in WEED.

D - Daily goal/Daily affirmation. This is another wild card. It doesn't even have to be weight-loss related! This is the spot where you list something you want to get accomplished. Or, you can use "D" for a a daily affirmation - it's an opportunity to say something good and positive about yourself. Sometimes, when we fall short - and we ALL do sometime - we are tempted to berate ourselves. Although it's good to recognize when we don't reach our goals, it's also good to remind ourselves of the awesome parts of ourselves. So go ahead and remind yourself of that in the "D" part of WEED.

I think I just figured out what is making me flounder. I have a new deadline at work, something I have never done before, which has many baby steps to it. Each step feels uncomfortable for me because I am wandering into unknown territory. I always excel at any task I take on, so I intellectually know I will come through with flying colours, but my emotional little girl feels unsafe. It's hard to focus in on taking care of myself as an adult, when the scared little child in me is so constantly at the forefront right now. Based on past experience, acknowledging what is going on tends to help. Thanks for listening!

01-13-2011, 04:58 PM
OhMyGoodness!!! I am SO hungry today. Some days I just feel like I can't get full. Why is that? Is it just because I'm not eating fatty, starchy foods that are horrible for me? Seriously, I'd like to know. I mean, I haven't had all of the water that I probably should have had by now so I guess I'll go have some. Ugh. I'm in a funk all of a sudden.

01-13-2011, 06:06 PM
Dandi~Track your monthly cycle. I have found that mid-cycle I have 2 days where I just shove whatever I can in my mouth. My brain ceases to function on those days.

Jmarie~I do weigh in everyday, but the trick is to not let the everyday ups and downs get to you. I you are easily frustrated by the scale Only W/I once a week. As far as water goes you will find mixed reviews on this site. I have heard an ounce for every pound, but come on you dont expect a 120 pound person to drink 120 oz of water? do you? Water will help fill you up and help flush out some toxins, but dont drown yourself. Find something comfortable and stick with it.

Amanda :welcome:

Clykk~ You can do it!!

I just had another great workout! :woohoo:

01-13-2011, 06:38 PM
Breakfast: Eggwhite, spinach, wholewheat toast, and 1/2 oz feta cheese
Snack: Banana
Lunch:2 cheese enchiladas, rice, and beans
Dinner: baked fish, sweet potato, squash

Okay not so bad but could have been better! But I have to get my TexMex fix!

01-13-2011, 08:34 PM
Hey ladies - quick check in because the boys are being extra rambunctious tonight! It's a GIRL!!! :cheer2:

Thanks for all the Pink wishes - we're really excited, I'm still having a hard time believing it because I was so convinced it was another boy. Here's my weigh in:

PrePregWeight: 164.0
1st trimester (5-13 weeks): 165.4 (+ 1.4)
14 weeks: 167.0
15 weeks: 169.0
16 weeks: 169.4
17 weeks: 169.8

Welcome to the new members and I'll try and do a more thorough check in tomorrow!

01-14-2011, 06:01 AM
Emily :hug: Yay a girl!!!!

Dolly~Your food sounds so yummy!

Back to work today. Woke up at 1230 yet again. I have a lot on my mind I guess.

W 64 oz
E 35 minute cardio/ 5 minute abs
E 1200 clean cals. (except I will celebrate today with work. Its my birthday, and we broke some production numbers)
D use every step I take to my benefit.

01-14-2011, 07:08 AM
Emily, congratulations on the girl!! I have two boys as to buy the pinks for my niece!!

Jeni, Happy Birthday!!

W 100
E 10k steps and crunches
D Choices...I am under 153, can hit my 150 soon if I stick with the plan.

01-14-2011, 12:38 PM
Jeni-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Enjoy yourself today!
Emily- What wonderful news, a little girl, I am so happy for you!!!
jcatron- I wake up in the middle of the night too for the last year or so, and I have never had a problem sleeping in my life. I blame it on hormones as I am getting older. It sucks.
Having a good day so far
W: On schudule, trying to up it from 64 to 96 today, we'll see
E: 5 miles jog on the treadmill today-best distance in 6 1/2 years.
E: Eating clean as possible, trying to break it into smaller meals throghout the day today
D: Keep my head in the right place going into this weekend...

01-14-2011, 03:58 PM
Jeni - :bday2you:

Hope everyone has a great weekend, off work on Monday so my BFF and are are going shopping!

01-14-2011, 09:08 PM
jeni.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. enjoy.. if you do come to hawaii i hope the weather is sunny and beautiful not like all the rain were getting now..

amanda.. welcome..

Emily... Congrats.. now its time to start shopping for all the pink you can find...
i gave in yesterday and had a brownie.. was it worth it at the moment...YES.. after i steped on the whatever im totally back on the wagon today..
w 64oz
e 2 miles
e 1200 cal ph 1 sb
d clean my room

01-14-2011, 11:19 PM
Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I had a good day. I even had a couple slices of pizza. Yum.

01-15-2011, 06:27 AM
Finally slept until my alarm went off. back to work today :) It will be crazy, so I will be moving a lot.

W 80 oz
E 35 minutes cardio 10 minute abs
E 1200 clean cals
D Keep a good attitude.

01-15-2011, 08:30 AM
grrr, weight back up today, clean, clean weekend coming right up!

01-15-2011, 08:47 PM
so much cleaning to do .. its my own fault for waiting this long. .whatever im gonna turn up my music and get in the zone ..enjoy your weekend everyone..

01-15-2011, 10:31 PM
Hi Tiara and MM!

Got in a good workout after work! I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

01-16-2011, 06:16 AM
W 64 oz
E abs no cardio today
E 1200 clean cals
D make sure I eat enough calories. Yesterday I was too low.

01-16-2011, 09:04 PM
room is spotless.. mission accomplish..
w 64++
e 2m walk
e 1200 cal ph 1 sb
d food shop.. get new n fun foods. getting sick of just the same old things.. ..
chat with all ya 2mo..

01-16-2011, 10:40 PM
Quick - late - pass to tell Jen Happy Belated Birthday! Your march D-land trip getting planned yet?

Crazy weekend. Crazy week. Getting my game face back on. See you girls tomorrow.

01-17-2011, 06:23 AM
Post here for week 3

Kris, I'm working on the plan. but not buying or paying for anything yet. Still waiting.