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01-10-2011, 04:06 AM

I was hoping someone may be able to offer some advice on how on earth i should get started on my weight loss journey. I was diagnosed as insulin resistant in December, a week later my husband was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, so I am trying to find a diet/healthier eating plan that will take dietary needs for both of us into account.

I know I need to keep carbs and sugars on the lower end, without getting rid of them completely, which I am still struggling to come to terms with, and trying to learn how to do, but then on top of that, I don't know if I should also be counting calories, or how much exercising I should be doing (coming from a very sedentary lifestyle).

Does anyone have any advise to help me get started?

joyful retiree
01-10-2011, 08:04 AM

The same diet should be appropriate for both you & your husband. A lot depends on finding a diet that you can stay with, while getting appetite & insulin/glucose levels under control. I had great success with The Insulin Resistance Diet getting my appetite under control. The South Beach Diet is another one that many people report helping these conditions, & is often recommended by doctors. I got cheap, used copies of these books from Amazon, & there is a South Beach forum on this bulletin board. I'm sure the folks there could answer some of your questions. There is also a diabetes thread on the board where you could seek answers & support. Good luck in whatever you end up doing.

01-10-2011, 11:57 PM
Thank you so much for the input.

I have started making small changes, using ground turkey sometimes (either mixed in with beef, or rather than beef). We eat whole wheat breads, and have found some stone ground, whole wheat wraps that are pretty healthy.

For me the problem is snacking, and junk husband too actually. He's sort of in denial about his diabetes, and we feed off each other's desire to "be bad".

I KNOW I can do this, I quit smoking in September, and haven't had even 1 puff since, despite the fact that my husband is still smoking, so I KNOW I can do this, I just need to get myself in the right mind frame, oh that and have the money to do a nice grocery shop for healthy healthy food!

Should be by friday, and until then, I guess I just muddle through the best I can!

01-11-2011, 12:08 AM
I am at the same place you are ohmydogs, as far as starting out, but I just wanted to comment and say congrats on your quitting success with smoking! I know thats incredibly difficult and if you can do that, you definitely can do anything!

BTW, thanks for the advice on small changes HopscotchGirly! I think my first step will definitely be to cut out sodas ><

01-13-2011, 06:56 PM
There are many things that you can have instead of SODAS: teas, coffee, regular & mineral water, low-fat milk,V-8 or Veggie Cocktail or Tomato Juices, pure juices mixed with water: 50/50 ie cranberry juice once a day; plus one diet soda here & there won't do huge damage IMHO ...

Indeed, natural whole foods are best and can be purchased from any grocery store: lots of salads & veggies, low-sugar fruit like berries & melons, lean meats, and whole grains watching your servings amounts (portions).

I agree about small steps for now; you can have a lean hamburger & salad, or one slice of Pizza & a salad once a week for a fun dinner or lunch -- it's really about how much, and how often. One of my favorites is BBQ spit whole chickens: fast food that's healthy -- bring it home and serve it with salad, and new potatoes or brown rice (we're having that tonight).

As for snacks, you can have nosugaradded (NSA) puddings & jello; sugarfree apple sauce, baked or fresh fruit (1/2 cup serving/size), no-sugar fruit yogurts like SOURCE OR ASTRO-ZERO, raw veggies & dip, cheeses (sliced, babybells, cheddar the size of your thumb), pepperettes, lean meats, salads, soups (like cupasoups or broths), hard-boiled eggs, cottage cheese with fruit, etc.

Some people like to follow the South Beach Diet, Atkins, WW, Insulin Resistance Diet, or Diabetes Plans. Here's a link to a very easy & simple plan to get you started; as you go along, you can tweak it or change it as you like ...

01-13-2011, 07:04 PM
Im not too familiar with the diabetic diet but my dad has it and he swears by the diabetic cook books you should check them out and since you are insulin resistant the same foods will be fine for you as well and since you say you arent very active I would just get moving anything even walking is great and you can slowly add in more when your ready