General Diet Plans and Questions - BEST diet out there? recipes and/or ideas? what to eat when trying to lose weight?

01-09-2011, 03:27 PM
Hello all! I need help! I am new to the site but have been trying for a long time to lose the weight on my butt/tops of my legs. I have some stomach weight as well, but I am really needing to lose this butt weight! I am horrible at eating carbs (bread, pasta, etc) and... cokes. I don't have a problem giving up the cokes, but my carbs are what keeps me going! :cry: (and probably keeps my fat on, too) My only problem is I don't really have any healthy recipes. The only ones I know are the ones that are responsible for the "Freshman 15" or the weight you gain when you get married... nothing nutritional. I know that to lose weight, you should cut out all sugars and eat: egg whites, salads, almonds, grilled chicken, etc- however, I get sick of that really fast; it gets boring to me. I guess what I'm asking is for a diet, or collection or recipes that are tasty and healthy. Have you guys tried any diet that wasn't TOO awful, that still helped you reach your goal? Or if you have reached a goal, what did you eat during that time?? I need to lose this weight people! I don't know who else to turn to :( if you guys would help me or at least contribute a recipe or idea, I would GREATLY appreciate it! I'm getting nowhere with my work outs if I still eat like poo. Thank you!

01-09-2011, 03:59 PM
Calorie count. That way, you can have the variety you crave, and unhealthy things in moderation. At first, calorie counting seems like a PITA because you have to keep track of everything, but once you have it down, it is SO much less restrictive and more effective than other methods.

In the end, it comes down to how much you eat vs how much you burn. You can get/stay fat on healthy foods: for me, no other diet plan works because I can overeat ANYTHING. Tell me no carbs, I'll eat 5000 calories of bacon. Put me on a low fat diet, I'll overeat rice cakes.

For calorie counting, all you really need is the internet: you can look up the calories of everything and keep track in a notebook, if you want. I like calorie counting tracking sites: I use Fitday, but others like Sparkpeople, Daily Plate, and a couple others. There are also several smart phone apps if you have a smart phone.

Don't start too low: I like this site ( get an approximate calorie range, and all those sites I listed will also help you. It's tempting to say "If it tells me to eat 1700, I'll eat 1400 and REALLY lose weight", but try the higher number. It will likely work just fine, and be EASY--and isn't easy the same as sustainable?