Faith Based Support Groups - Granny just started Prism needs support

01-06-2011, 09:49 PM
Granny just started Prism

Hi..I was successful on Prism a few years ago..Have regained about 30 lbs..of the 100 lost..I so need support and help with I live hours from any support group, and don't have extra funds to do the phone support that Prism suggests.
A little about me..I am 63 and active...we have a large family of 14 children..(yours, mine, and ours) (6 his, 4 mine, and another 4 that are ours)..and I have survived to tell it ..all grown and moved from home. I love the Lord and am very active in our church..Its just my husband and myself. We live in a remote part of Oregon. I/we enjoy the area and people. We are both retired..I have had my own business for years as a caterer, and baker on demand. I have done the local farmer's Mkt as well....but am weining my way off catering, farmers mkt., and baking. Realized I am like a alcoholic who tends bar, in that I am a foodaholic with catering/baking.
This past summer I aquired a tricycle and biked a great deal..for miles each week. I usually dislike exercise but found I so enjoyed the trike. Now winter has hit..I purchased a rebounder and am gradually building up on that. I have used the cheaper brands in the past..but my hubby said I could purchase a sturdier brand this the "cheapies" killed my knees. Now I am rebounding..this is the 2nd week building up to 5 min. time..6-10 times a day.
Today was my first day with Prism. I would so appreciate any one sharing the walk with me..Thanks and hope to hear from you..

01-06-2011, 11:51 PM
Hi Leanie, I don't rightly know what Prism is, but I will certainly give you support in loosing weight or just plain getting healthier. Come join in on the January Christian Encourager Thread we would love to have you. I have a web site that may help you selecting food in finding out the calories ect.. Hope to see ya there posting away!