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01-06-2011, 02:05 PM
[FONT="Georgia"]Hello Every1, I recently ordered The Diet Solutions Program or DSP. Has anyone heard of it or tried it. I have tried everything except pathches and surgury to help me get weight off & keep it off. I even went vegen for a year & 1/2(honestly this one worked). But I started back eating meat last year, and OMG the weight just came out of nowhere. I must admit that I have a SWEET tooth. But when I wasn't eating meat my weight wasn't a problem! I chose this program because of it's structure. It gives you a test to find out your eating habits then it lets you know your body type. Carb, Protein, Mixd etc. Then it directs you to a chart with all of the foods you CAN indulge in. As well as how much and what combinations.Reminds me of the 6wk Body Makeover(hmm,never tried this 1)! I know that there are key things to losing and maintianing weight. The most important is eating healthy. For someone who loves the taste, texture, and smell of food this can be very nerve racking. So I realized that before I can get a grip on these lbs. I must change my relationship with FOOD:hug:. Instead of a diet, I HAVE to change my eating lifestyle. Diets are temporary fixes to long term issues, change in lifestyle is forever. I Know Blah, Blah Blah...LOL but from someone whose been dieting what seems like my whole life, trust me I know. I have always, and I repeat, I ALWAYS gained the weight back as soon as I come off the diet pill or otherwise. And who n the heck wants to diet their entire life.:mad: NOT ME!!!! So I'm hoping this plan is something I can live with because in order to achieve what I want I'll have to do just that.....Live with it. Well let me know your feedback. I start DSP tomorrow.

:carrot:Lovin the Skin I'm In:carrot: