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11-19-2002, 08:16 PM

It has been HOT:flame: today. Not a top down day at all for I don't want to bake my brains. Not windy but a bit of a breeze that helps. I sugered some grapes to decorate up a plate of cookies to take to a home Bible study tonight. I use that meringue powder so it will be safe and NO salmonila. Mix it with a little water and it looks just like an egg white, brush clumps of grapes with it then sprinkle them with sugar and place them on a wire rack to dry. They turn out so pretty and are a great edible plate decoration for a varitety of dishes. They are great on the turkey platter....very festive looking. I used those huge black seedless ones today and they look awsome. :lol:

SAREN DEE don't kick yourself for not being totally on program now. Looks to me like you are under a tremendous amount of stress. Take care of yourself so as not to get sick over all this going on in your life now. You will make it through this maze. :grouphug:

JOYCE it is such a thrill to see you here. Please do come back soon for you will be totally welcomed here. Your a great inspiration to me so please do come back.:D CONGRATULATIONS on your wonderful amount of weight loss so far. I am so proud of you. Thank you for being concerned about Cowboy. He is getting his stanima back slowly now and is almost back to exact. Life is good. Hope to see you back soon.

Catch ya'll on the rebound.

Joyce in CO
11-20-2002, 09:41 AM
Howdy - Gorgeous morning here.

Maggie - Your stats are looking really impressive. I think I am at the stage where this is actually fun - not just work!!!!! :D
Those grapes sound really pretty that way. I bet I could decorate a tray of fruits and veggies that way for Thanksgiving. I have to take something I can nibble on all day long because I know there won't be too many low point foods.
We are going to my sons house. His wife's family will be there too. He is the only son I have left in town. Oldest son is in Missouri and the other is in Fairbanks, AK going to school. I have been missing them both so much lately. :( Probably because it's holiday time.

Yes - Life is good. I am blessed. Three wonderful boys (the oldest is finally heading toward that direction) and 9 grandkids (natural born, adopted in, and adopted out). Long story. And I am heading toward healthy. Feeling good.

Seren Dee - I remember those college days. It's been a long time ago for me. I fought weight problems all thru school. Just take care of you........ I have found now that each little baby step toward being OP is a step toward making it a habit. That is how I work --- baby steps.


11-20-2002, 12:42 PM
Good Morning Flowers,

Had a good week, although not sure I really earned it.......lost 1.8 lbs. Thank you Lord:D

Maggie, hope you're not expecting any sympathy because it's too hot to put down your top! Sheesh! We should have such problems! It's cold, foggy and yuck.

Did anyone get to see the Meteor shower Monday night/Tues. AM? My friend did, and says she saw three in about 30 seconds. She didn't tarry, as it was really cold up on top of her mountain. I'm jealous. I forgot to set my alarm.........story of my life!

Jean, just heard of another friend who's hanging it up in June. She doesn't teach sp.ed, but gets all the English Skills classes, whch are filled with the kids who are slow learners and don't qualify for services. Instead of dealing with 10 of them, she has between 20 and 30. If they can't read by the time they get to Jr High, it ain't gonna happen without some divine intervention. She says she's tired of teaching manners to rude kids. I understand.

Did I tell youall I fixed the WW easy cheesy Lasagna Friday night? It was really good. Used Emeril's garlic spaghetti sauce, a whole bag of broccoli flowerets, mushrooms, peppers and onions. Even my son liked it, and if he thinks there's a hint of a diet recipe involved he turns up his nose. What a jerk.

I have to get cracking with the washing machine........joy. What else are you going to do on a yuck day? I need to go to the health club, but will put on a Leslie Sanzone tape instead.

Happy hump day one and all,

11-20-2002, 03:31 PM

A bright sunny day today. It has been pretty cool and windy the last few but today the sun is shining :flow2: We had a rain Nor'easter over the weekend and found it a good time to do inside things. Have, also, been trying to finish up Christmas shopping and feel like I may make it. Need only a few items and then wrapping. Must get the gifts for DS's family in NC done so we can ship them off. I like to do this before Thanksgiving because the lines at the Post Office are awful afterwards. :no:

JEAN: Thanks for reminding me about Christmas lights....last year we had them on the bushes early but I forgot them this year. If it stays nice maybe tomorrow would be a good day.:)

MAGGIE: It's too hot for the top to be down. Now, did you expect us to be sympathetic....I was looking a winter coats the other day.:hot: I love your sugar grape idea and will adopt it but where do you get the Meringue powder. I don't think I have ever seen it. Nice to hear Cowboy is almost back to exact.

SEREN DEE: I must say that meatloaf and I have never agreed. It isn't that I can't eat it but that I can't make it. No matter how may different times and ways I have tried the family has made me vow never to try again.:bomb: Juggling all those classes, jobs etc. can be very stressful. Only suggestion I have is on that long day when lunch is after 2:30 maybe a piece of fruit would be something you could have even if you ate it going between classes. That way you wouldn't be so hungry when you get to lunch. Good luck!

JOYCE: Great to have you back on the thread. As I said to Maggie the grape idea is wonderful and I think I will follow your example and use them in a tray with veggies for Thanksgiving. We are going to DD#2 for dinner and she cooks up a storm usually and it will be nice to have something to nibble on and not worry.

GREYBUBS: Any loss is a good loss and an unexpected loss is even better. Congratulations. I did not see the Meteor shower the other nite, as usual I slept right through it.

Gloria in MA....think I will go to the cellar and locate the outside lights. Have a great rest of the week.

11-20-2002, 06:09 PM

Another day where it is too hot :flame: for the top down. OH, please, oh please give me some sympathy. I have this beautiful convertable to ride around with the top down and can't do it ~ now that should make for some great sympathy pouring out from you if you have any compassion.:smug: The beach was georgeous today and I am going to start my walking program down there I believe.

BUBBLES CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss. You are going in the right direction for sure. Nope, didn't see that shower this go round. I also like that WW recipe and Cowboy says it is a do again. A keeper for sure.

JOYCE I am sure you do miss your kids but it is nice that you do have some family close that you can do things with now. Ours are scattered also and we don't get to see them as much as we would like. But when they grow up they go their own way.

GLORIA I got my Meringue Powder from Baker's Catalogue and haven't tried to find it locally since we moved here. Maybe a cake and candy making shop would have it since it is a specialty item. Here is Baker's web site and 800 number if you want to get their catalogue or order it from them. They have lots of neat stuff.
www.bakerscatalogue.com ~ 1-800-827-6836

Later :wave:

11-20-2002, 06:53 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It's been another beautiful day in my neighborhood! The sun has been out all day, blue sky, NO WIND, and it was 55 degrees on my way home from school this afternoon. It's great to see so many posts! :dance:

Seren Dee -- You are one busy gal! :spin: What kind of candles do you show? I haven't been to a candle party in a long time. Something that I do when I'm not going to be able to eat at a regular time is to put dry cereal like Cheerios, Chex, etc., in a baggie. I always have a bag in my desk and I can very discreetly sneak one or two at a time and the kids never know the difference. It really helps tide me over when my stomach is growling that it is hungry.

Joyce -- Nice to see you again! It's nice that you can meet your DH and grandaughter for lunch. I have 27 minutes and that includes 8 minutes travel time between classes. No wonder I inhale my food. :eek: I keep telling my kids that they can't live any further away than two hours and so far it's worked. :lol: I guess having them far away would be a good reason to do some traveling though.

Bubs -- I didn't get up for the meteor shower but one of the other teachers did. She was disappointed and said it wasn't nearly as good as last time. We have a full moon right now and I would think that wouldn't help. CONGRATULATIONS on the loss! :cp: Lasagna sounds good -- I'll have to make that over the weekend. I'm tired of kids not doing what they're supposed to do when they're supposed to do it and then argue that they were never told in the first place. :mad: I think I am getting too old for this!

Gloria -- My meatloaf never comes out the same way twice. :shrug: But I have learned to bake it longer than the recipes say to (even though I don't use a recipe) -- I like it browned and done! It's a good day for hanging outside lights here today. Maybe we'll get our trees out tonight.....DH made forms and then strings the lights so that when lit, they are the shape of a tree. Unlit, they look pretty weird.

Maggie -- The grapes do sound good. Thanks for the website and phone number. It's definitely a top down day here in Iowa today! :p I did go to WW last night even though I blew it over the weekend. The iron monster was kind and showed a one pound loss. Maybe, just maybe I am on my way again.

It's almost time for DH to get home so I'd better get a move on. Hope you all have a terrific Thursday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

11-20-2002, 10:01 PM
Hello everyone...it was a hot day here in Delaware...inside my office. The heating system went wacky and the temperature was up to 85 degrees by the time I left work. We have no windows and even if we did we wouldn't have been able to open them up for ventilation. Work has been...work lately and I'm really looking forward to retirement. Joyce, I know you can relate to the retirement thing too!

Maggie, thank you so much for sending me "The Wendie Plan"....truth of the matter is I am such a loser! I can't...that's not right...I WON'T do it! I am so tired of counting points. I am so tired of NOT counting points. I am so tired of obsessing about food...what I'm going to eat, what I'm not going to eat. I just don't know what I'm going to do at this time although I am giving Jenny Craig serious thought. (I've been doing a lot of serious talk with Wayne about my feelings; my dilemma.) Change of subject: THOSE GRAPES! They sound beautiful!!! I just might try that as a garnish on Thanksgiving. My guest list is growing. Now my fil and his lady friend are bringing Wayne's Uncle BH with them. We haven't seen him in DECADES. As I said before I'm a nervous cook when cooking for a bunch of people so I've enlisted the help of the girls this year. They are stepping up to the plate so to speak. Amy is bringing two vegetarian dishes (yes, she and hubby are vegetarians now). Heather is bringing desserts. God bless those daughters of mine. Thanks for the info about Cindy.

bubs, congratulations on your weight loss this week! 1.8 is a wonderful solid loss! I'm not sure we've met...so I'm reaching out my hand to your's for a handshake and a :high:

Jean, I'm really trying to get in here more often than I did but then a whole week slips by! How are you doing?

Gloria, I'm going Christmas shopping on Friday (taking a day off from work) with my oldest daughter. I'm much further along this year than I was last year. I need to start wrapping them up...maybe this weekend...as we might get some WET SNOW on Saturday! Gosh, I hope we don't--this is waaay too early for Delaware!!

Well, I need to go do the whole washing maching/dryer shuffle thing...I'm out of underwear! :lol: Hmmm...that is no laughing matter!


11-21-2002, 11:03 AM
Hi All,
Youall are blowing me away with your completed Christmas shopping and decorating! I haven't even begun! As my son says, the Christmas season doesn't start until after Santa goes in to Macy's:) His birthday is Dec. 1, so we have to get through that first.

I don't think we have met, Gail. I'm a fairly new member of the club. Think twice about Jennie Craig.........WW works and we have to think of it as a life style rather than a diet. The problem with the other plans is they don't make the provisions for Maintenance the way WW does. I should talk. I lost 100lbs. in 1975-76 and gained it all back and then some.........dumb! I hate writing down points too, but the weeks I do it I show a better loss.

Sounds like you,Gloria and I are the only ones on the East Coast. You may even know where WV is! We're 9 miles from the VA border, in Greenbrier Co. You may have heard of the Greenbrier Hotel......we're about an hour west of Lexington,VA on I-64. I call it God's country.
Maggie and her top down in November............give me a break! I'm a cold weather person actually, so I wouldn't trade our cool sweater days. We're supposed to have some snow beginnning late tomorrow.......just hope it doesn't get icy with the ground being as warm as it is.
I've been recruited to go to the Theatre to answer the phone while they run around getting ready for our Christmas Open House. I have to collect $$$ Sunday afternoon. Guess I"d best get off my duff and get moving.

Have a great TGIF youall.

11-21-2002, 03:22 PM

I'm bummed. Yep me ~ the ole IRON MONSTER showed me up a whopping 2 POUNDS this morning at weigh in. Now I am going to say that I didn't drink my water last week but otherwise I did eat within my range. So this week I will drink lots of water and stay within my range and if the monster isn't cooperative I won't have a clue why not. So much for that. Boy - o - boy is it still hot.:flame: and it isn't top down weather.

Later everyone - gotta run but will be back later.......

Joyce in CO
11-21-2002, 05:04 PM
Hi -

Maggie, you weigh in on Thurs? So do I. I take a 2 hour lunch from work and go weigh in and have a Wendy's :cbg: and fries afterward. Once a week I allow myself that. You have been doing so well - I know this is just a blip in the charts. I have discovered that I have a gain every 3-5 weeks then a nice loss the week after that.
Hard to imagine that heat when they are predicting we won't even get out of the 30's on Sunday and Monday. brrrr

bubs - I haven't even started my shopping either. Making a blanket for a new grandaughter and that's as far as I've gotten.

Gail - I don't like cooking for a bunch of people either. I have to make lists of what and when to cook it. Otherwise it all turns out scattered. Just like my brains - scattered. I always forget something. :dizzy:

I lost 1.4 this week after gaining 0.6 last week. So I am feeling good. I want to make it thru Thanksgiving OP. I'm really going to try but I have no idea yet what all DIL is planning.

:strong: :cb: :flame:

I have to get back to work -- boohoo -- I'm having a hard time motivating myself today. :devil:

11-22-2002, 12:58 AM
Good Evening, Flowers!
It was such a gloomy, dark clouds -- going to do something weatherwise, windy kind of day here.

I am on my way to bed but just had to share the news:

We have a grandson! Ian Gray (my maiden name) Bennett, weighed 7# 8oz., 21" long and was born at 4:24 am today. Amanda was scheduled for a C-section tomorrow but guess he just didn't want to wait to meet his family! He is a beautiful baby, of course! He didn't open his eyes the whole time we were with them so we will just have to go back again. :lol:

Have a fantastic Friday, Flowers!

Jean -- :yawn: in Iowa!

Seren Dee
11-22-2002, 07:28 AM
Jean- Congrats on the grandbaby!!! :)

Did anyone happen to watch that Primetime show yesterday about the overweight teenagers? I don't have a whole lot of time, but it was interesting!! Sorta gave me a little to think about!!

Ok, just checking in... running late for work! Bye!


11-22-2002, 08:49 AM
Happy Friday y'all...

It was still unbearably hot in the office yesterday. We all left early...just could not stand working in 85+ temperature w/o ventilation. There are three secretaries (including myself) in the department--we were all starting to get a little nasty in our attitudes so we made an executive decision to leave early and we weren't claiming vacation time for it either. No one...and I mean no one was going to argue with us!

Today I am taking a vacation day off. Heather and I are going Christmas shopping. My other dauther was supposed to go with us but she's not and there was no amount of persuasion from me or her sister to change her mind. She will be missed today--it is our annual "Take the Day Off and Let's Do Some Christmas Shopping"....

bubs...or can I call you bubbles (love that!)? Yes, I'm from Va. Beach. Because my parents aren't coming up for Thanksgiving I'm driving down there (its a 4 hour drive) the Saturday after Thanksgiving for a big crafts show. Mom and I enjoy that so much. Va. Beach is not that far from Lexington...where you are. I'm not sure what I'm going to do actually...I did Nutrisystem about 10 years ago and lost a lot of weight. I kept it off for awhile...then regained every last ounce. I know that Jenny Craig is like Nutrisystem except the entrees are frozen whereas Nutrisystem was that "survival food"...or as we fondly called them MRE's! (Hey, if its good enough for our boys and girls in the military then it was good enough for me! :lol: ) I've done this points thing for five years. Yes, I know it works. However, I'm beginning to think that not every food plan/diet works for everyone. I know, I know what you're thinking..."work the program like its meant to be and it will work"...and you're right. I agree with you...but I think I need something that is stricter. I never minded writing my food down in a journal. Anyway...I don't really know what I'm going to do right now but I am going for that consultation and won't let them bulldoze me into something that I'm not ready for. I'm known as a wishy-washy person but I do have a stubborn streak in me so I know I won't be snowed by their sales pitch.

Joyce, you're doing wonderfully! You're such an inspiration to me...

So are you Maggie, even though the scale showed a "blip" yesterday. Hang in there--you're working the program and it is working for you.

Seren Dee, I didn't see that show yesterday...what time did it come on?

Jean, congratulations to you on your brand new grandson! Hoo-yah! :D I love the name Ian...great name! Did Amanda still have to have a c-section? I am sooo happy for you and everyone in your family! :grouphug:

Well..I need to go wake up Wayne...

Oh! Did I tell y'all the scale showed I was down a little this morning? :)

Gail...going shoppin'....

11-22-2002, 12:57 PM
Good morning,

Congratualations, Grandmother! You lost your dad and now have a new grandson to help to fill the void.......Love the name! I have a dear friend in Ontario whose name is Ian.

It's snowing in the neigborhood.......really more like flurries, but it beats the stinkin' rain. I'm feeling really righteous. I got up this morning and put on a Leslie Sanzone tape for the first time in a long time. I'm thinking the walks on the trail will be few and far between for awhile.

Happy shopping, Gail.........better you than I. I'd rather take a beating. I let Land's End and LL Bean to the bulk of my shopping. When you live in a small town, your choices are limited........Kmart and Walmart are about it anymore, unless you want antiques, and those we have in abundance! The tourists love 'em. I despise malls, so even though there are some nice ones in Roanoke, I seldom go..........I can't remember the last time I was in a mall, actually. Of course, when you're brain dead that doesn't mean much:lol:
I have some good friends in Va Beach. I visited there for the first time last year, and couldn't believe the cement boardwalk. It was not as I had imagined it, with gray shingle houses and sand dunes! Probably was that way a hundred years ago.
You may call me Bubbles...........that actually is a nickname I was given at Camp Alleghany at age 12, and it was one of those silly things that stuck. When I"m on the camp side of the river, that's my name, and I'm sure there are hundreds of former campers and counselors who have no clue that my real name is Joan. Makes it easy when I answer the phone and someone says, "hi Bubs"........I immediately know it's a camp person. Did you ever have a PE teacher named Bill Garrison? He later went on to become Transportation Dir. for the Va Beach Schools. He's since retired, but they were there for ever. They went to .........something Chapel episcopal church, and his wife Becky was the preschool director for many years. One of our former rectors, and a long time friend is the rector at Christ and St. Luke's in the Ghent district of Norfolk. That's a gorgeous church and an interesting neighborhood.
I have to empty all the junk out of my car so we can go on a cookie run for the Christmas open house which begins tonight......that's what I get for having a van.
Have a great weekend all,
I saw the Weather Channel this morning showing all the 90 degree temps in Calif. yesterday..........no thank you! You can only remove so many clothes, whereas you can layer if it's cold:D


11-22-2002, 01:13 PM

It is a lovely morning - hope the temperatures don't rise up so high today. :faint: It just zaps my "wanter to doer" things. Today is an 18 point day and I am having a great start - my FOCUS and I am clicking. I think when we go to Ojai today we will bring back Cowboy's van. I just know it will be top down comfortable weather - I just know it.:lol: :D We are both cutting back on our coffee consumption and got the cutest little pot that fits nicely in this trailer. It brews one cup at a time into a thermal mug. And makes great coffee. No making a whole pot for us - unless we have company of course. But we are going to do hazelnut creme and mix it half and half with decaf hazelnut creme now. I drank so much water yesterday I was up about 6 times last night but was able to fall right back to sleep so I didn't feel groggy when I arose this day.

JOYCE CONGRATULATIONS on your loss. You are going along so good my friend. :bravo:

JEANCONGRATULATIONS to you Grandma! I too like that name of Ian. Hope mother and child are doing well..... new babies are so very precious. I know you have a smile that won't quit on your face.

SAREN DEE I didn't see that program but I did see in the news that there are a group of over weight teens that are doing a class action suit against Mc D's. I hope they don't win this one because it was their choice to eat there. They have to take the responsibility of putting on that weight themselves and quit blaming others for it. This "look what you made me do" attitude has got to stop. :soap:

GAIL what a miserable thing to happen in your office with the heat. Hopefully the problem :flame: will be fixed when you return to work next week. Have a great time shopping today. You and Heather can have a good lunch together and enjoy being together. I know you will be missing Amy though.

BUBBLES snow flurries ~ please send me a few! A cookie run... sounds like a nice thing to do. Have a great time and stay OP and dance to your video. I have some Richard Simmons tapes that are great shakers and movers. :lol:

Have a lovely and safe weekend FLOWERS