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01-05-2011, 11:34 AM
Hey everyone! I am a shameless cheese-a-holic, but try to keep my indulgences limited to local, fresh, low-fat mozzarella for the most part.

I'm home visiting my mother on break and I found Cabot Cheddar Shake in the fridge (needing to be refrigerated is always a good sign!), tasted a little bit on my finger and nearly died... it's straight up powdered Vermont cheddar! No fillers or excessive salt!

Obviously something so sinful had to be high-calorie... but nope... 25 calories for two teaspoons, which is just enough because it's so rich! I now keep a teaspoon on the counter and sprinkle one over my Egg Beaters in the morning and one over my whole-grain spaghetti at night... it transforms the entire dish from something blah to completely palatable!! It sort of blends into the spaghetti sauce and gives it a smooth, creamy mouthfeel.. AMAZING!

I'm not sure if you can find this outside of New England in the grocery, but it's near the fancy cheese cooler! It's also available online from Cabot directly here:

Have you ever tried this? What's your favorite way to curb cheese cravings?

01-05-2011, 02:38 PM
This sounds really interesting and looks to be a good calorie v. flavor balance. Thanks!

Nola Celeste
01-05-2011, 07:59 PM
Oh, that sounds fantastic! I'll definitely be looking for this at some of our more well-stocked grocery stores here.

As for curbing cheese cravings...I don't. :) Instead, I indulge them in small amounts. Cheese isn't a trigger food for me, so in that regard I'm lucky. I find that buying full-flavor, full-fat cheese actually helps me out in the long run--I use it more sparingly because it's so powerfully flavorful, which a lot of cheese products that have been processed to reduce fat are not.

I can eat half an ounce of ridiculously sharp cheddar sliced super-thin with an apple or a couple of curls of parmigiana reggiano atop a salad and find it more satisfying that either dish would be without wonderful, glorious cheese. :D

Can't wait to try that Cheddar Shake. Mmm!

01-05-2011, 08:25 PM
I too buy full fat, raw cheese and 1/2 oz is all I need. I'll allow myself an ounce but still rarely want it. I LOVE cheese too. Naked Goat is good but I don't know the calories off hand. It's one where you really only need a little bit.