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01-04-2011, 12:48 AM
So has anyone ever used e-mealz before? Someone on another (non-weight loss) web forum made a post about it. I thought about doing it for a few months now and just today signed up for it.

Basically, it is a meal planner. They try to make it as low-cost and as healthy as possible. There are all sorts of options on there-- vegetarian, gluten free, store specific, family plans, meals for 2 plans, low carb plans, etc etc etc. They come up with 5 or 7 different dinners (the family dinners have 7 dinner options, the two person ones are 5) including side dishes, and then a shopping list.

Dexter and I have decided to try it out. It does cost though. I chose the "Wal-Mart low fat for 2" plan. It costs 15.00 for 3 months. For one week on the current week's plan it cost 40.00. That is a HUGE savings for us, because we tend to go overboard on groceries for and have even spent 100 or more for just two days. So we are trying it out.

I don't know if I am allowed to post the link, but if I am the link is The link to all the samples of the menus is

Anyway, like I said I don't know if I'm allowed to post this, but groceries cost a heck of a lot and we could all use some help, so I thought I might pass this on.