Exercise! - I am in looooove with this new style of working out: Lithe Method

01-02-2011, 11:06 PM
I have never been so excited about a form of exercise and wanted to share!

It is called the Lithe Method and is a mix of sculpting, cardio, dance/cheer/ballet, yoga and pilates. Only way more awesome than any one of those.

The creator, Lauren, was a college cheerleader that injured her rotator cuff and rehabbed via pilates. She eventually got a little bored with pilates and created an entirely new thing called the Lithe Method.

The studio was amazingly beautiful, had awesome music and used all sorts of odd props (mat, hanging stretch bands from ceiling, rebounder, 3lb weights, balls, etc). Instructors were so helpful and informative. And frankly the class vibe was collaborative and encouraging, not competitive or judgmental.

Unfortunately it is only in Philly, but if you live (or visit) there you just simply must must check it out :)

I am so sad to go home to San Fran just because Im so swooning over this workout. First time in my life that has ever happened.

I work out with a bootcamp style trainer 3x a week, do yoga + pilates (machine), and other cardio....nothing has captivated me like this!

Swear Im not affiliated with them or getting any kickbacks, just terribly excited and thought people may be interested: http://lithemethod.com

01-03-2011, 07:16 PM
I like hybrid exercise programs. It sounds like a good one- wish they had something like that up here! (Alaska)