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12-31-2010, 03:52 PM
We know that there's something seriously wrong with the standard North American diet.
We know that fresh is better than processed.
We know that empty calories are just that ... empty of nutrition.
We know that what we eat does indeed affect our bodies ... probably more than we can possibly imagine.

Give or take a few facts and/or opinions, this is what has drawn us toward a Primal/Paleo type lifestyle.
Welcome and happy New Year!

Arkansas Kel
12-31-2010, 07:08 PM
OK, I'm in. We're planning to do a whole30 starting Jan 2 or 3rd (weird, I know - it is depending on family leaving to eliminate the temptations around us). We're going pretty serious for the 30, but I may need advice. Especially for a "mainstream" nitrate, sugar free bacon product. Any ideas? I don't want cane sugar either.

01-01-2011, 03:44 AM
Arkansas - do you have a Trader Joe's locally? They have really good nitrate free bacon. I'm planning to do the whole30 - starting tomorrow or Sunday. I'm hoping eliminating dairy will help me shed a few pounds (coconut milk in my coffee).

Good luck!

Susan- love your new intro :)

01-01-2011, 10:21 AM
Good Morning and Happy New Year!

Thanks Claire! I wanted something that would grab attention and not sound as weird as some folks seem to think we are ;) I'm running onto 10 months Primal and I feel great and love my little clothing!!!

Arkansas Kel
01-01-2011, 10:28 AM
no, not a trader joe's within travelling distance unless you mean by plane. I have aldi's, walmart, harps, countrymart, kroger, sams club - and probably a couple I can't remember - within driving distance. Anything at any of these?

Cleaned out cabinets yesterday, well most anyway. I have a box to store of fairly healthy stuff I will save for looser primal days post whole30. Pitched a lot of stuff. Will finish that today. We're fortunate to have an extra fridge - so we have a "grok" and a "gork" fridge. The gork fridge contents will be donated, discarded, and for a small amount of stuff saved for later. Almost took a pic of my grok fridge - a drinking water filter tub, a couple jars, some mustard, and a mesh bag of avocados. I coulda parked a truck in the empty space.

Today, shopping and starting flylady program - so gotta clean my sink. Which won't be easy since I can't find it. Tomorrow - flylady whatever's next and doing some prep work to kick off whole30 tomorrow or Monday.

01-01-2011, 10:54 AM
LOL Kel! I finally got done all the serving dishes, left over food and resealable things yesterday. Hey look! There's a kitchen under all that!

01-01-2011, 05:20 PM
Susan :bravo: great motivating intro!!

I weigh a LOT this morning... but I still fit in my size 8 :shrug: and I don't feel that bloated... I must have done something right during the month of December, I still want to see the scale go down though, I have a fitness conference to attend in February and I want to look and FEEL good :D ...

What is whole30 :doh: ??

01-01-2011, 07:18 PM
Hi all. I'm new here, but certainly not to dieting, lol. I've been reading up on Paleo/Primal lifestyle, and considering giving it a try. It certainly makes sense to get rid of processed food. I've done various low carb plans before. I'm not big on vegetables, though. Any ideas to make me like them more? Sometimes removing the texture helps with some things, like I enjoy smoothies and pureed soups.

01-02-2011, 12:14 AM
Welcome Phil! I love vegetables (prepared most any old way), so I will have to think about some suggestions to make them more palatable to you.

Susan and Ilene - you know my weight right now is a bit on the high side for me, yet I've been wearing my smaller pair of jeans all of Christmas break - I wore them last night to go out and felt slim-ish, yet my weight is up. Interesting how our body composition IS different now. I still have a ways to go (down a size or maybe two would be nice), but I still note the changes and am pleased.

Well, I've been primal since about May and have decided to up the ante and have a hardcore more paleo month. I've been listening to tons of Robb Wolf's podcasts while walking, and I feel I'm ready. So I, too, am going to be doing the Whole30 ( too -- the changes for me will include:

-- no dairy (I currently eat cheese 2-3 times per week, use butter (to cook eggs, etc.), and often put whipping cream in my coffee
-- morning coffee will no longer have cream OR any stevia or sweetner-- just plain old coconut milk for me
--no treats/cheats -- for one month, the only treat I will indulge in (and only if I'm having severe cravings) will be dark chocolate. No little Christmas treats here and there, etc.
--no alcohol. I can make it one month!!!
--no processed unknown food -- very limited eating out (only if I absolutely cannot avoid it).

So, it'll be a very clean month -- eggs, vegetables, meat, some fruits, good fats and oils, yum. I am actually looking forward to it, and I've been searching out and finding lots of delicious looking new recipes (I'm going to do a Crockpot Carnitas this week). I am also interested to see if dropping dairy for 30 days will help me to "lean out" as Robb Wolf says. Hope so. I hope to feel better and stronger all around after the month.

ArkansasKel - I will be starting on Monday!

I think this is going to be a very healthy year for all of us! :carrot:

01-02-2011, 06:41 AM
The only Christmas food we had left was some of that marshmallow sour cream salad. I ate it! Besides that ... I had a good day yesterday.

I would think that vegetables in a smoothie and a nice bit of purreed vegetable soup would be good each day. My go to vegetable is almost always salad.

01-02-2011, 01:14 PM
Claire, thanks for that link and I'm definitely in for the Whole30 :yes:

-- no dairy,
-- no cream in coffee
-- no cheese
--no treats/cheats
--no alcohol , as you said Claire " I can make it one month!!! " me too :yes:
--no processed unknown food

(basically I cut and paste Claire's changes :lol: ) ... I think the hardest part for me will be not stepping on the scale :goodscale: for 30 days :fr: ... I weighed in this morning at 158.9 *sigh* :faint:

Today I made quinoa pancakes for DD and I she bought me the cook book, they were quite good :yes: I had them with almond butter and jam :hun: not primal but not that bad.... the rest of the day will definitely be primal and tomorrow I start the Whole30...

Arkansas Kel
01-02-2011, 04:10 PM
Have a dinner date tonight with family, then tomorrow will be hit it and get it day for our 30. I am coming from a true "American" diet to the whole30 - so it's going to be a bit of a boot camp experience for us.

I am giving up:
-sodas - drinking only coffee, tea and water
-wheat - we have still kept low carb bread and plain oatmeal around all this time
-sugar - even if it's the last ingredient on the list
-artificial and natural sweeteners - aka - sodas, and splenda in my tea
-nightshades as we both have inflamed joint problems - just to see as is recommended (this means tomatoes, potatoes, peppers including hot sauce, and spices like cayenne)
-no legumes (DH is already mourning his peanut butter)
-no dairy (bye bye butter and cream in my coffee)

Still on the hunt for that elusive nitrate free bacon!
BTW my sink is all nice and shiny now!

01-03-2011, 05:03 AM
Hi! Can I join you?

I am starting Whole30 tomorrow. I am already completely dairy free (serious adverse reaction to it - possibly allergy) and I rarely drink so those two things won't be tough to 'give up'. I do have a lot of soy and flour products in my kitchen so I need to work on that. I have been looking up recipes and making grocery lists.

01-03-2011, 07:21 AM
Kirsti - of course! Welcome!

I've had a bad start in some ways, but I won't let it deter me...

I sent husband to Trader Joe's to stock up on meat yesterday (had plenty of veg already). He comes home with free range chicken, pork loin, three packs of grass fed ground beef -- all but the pork were dated JAN. 2. Ugh. That gives me the heebie jeebies right there, but I decided to go ahead and stick everything in the freezer except the chicken which I opened to cook -- all the bags were open and leaky - sticky and gross. Needless to say, this will be the first return I've ever made to TJ's. I must teach husband to look at the dates on meat!!! He also bought me a bag of avocados (per my list), and they were past mushy. I'll be returning those too.

Also, it's the first Monday back to work, and I feel really unprepared because I didn't grade or plan enough over break. This led to stress/anxiety, which led to me getting ... oh, maybe 4 hours sleep. ARGH.

Sleep is my Achilles heel and a major part of my goals this month... I must do better.

On a good note, lunch is packed, and I'm enjoying my coconut milk and coffee (I do miss my stevia but I'll be fine).

Hope everyone else's day goes well!

01-03-2011, 08:34 AM
Hooray for all the new folks joining,

I enjoyed reading all the intros and "resolutions". Sure help boost the enthusiasm factor going back to the gym. Weight is about the same but I feel mushy. Have been working hard (sitting) the past week and a half. Need to Move!!!

Here's to 2011!

Good Luck everyone...

01-03-2011, 09:29 AM
So many new people exciting!
Hello to you all and good luck!
I decided to ask my gene to test my thyroid this month...I'm too tired all the time and I'm only 44. Something doesn't seem right. I'm also going to concentrate on healing my digestive tract when I get back home ( am currently in fl at mil's house). Have any of you heard of Brasco broth? Its from a book on restoring you digestive tract and sounds like a very healing bone broth. I was to try it when I get home.

Two questions... Has any one made bone broth? Any suggestions on how or what kind to get?

Also Ilene, I really want to start lifting again but am afraid it will really tire me out. Do you have any suggestions on how to do it properly? I use the weight machines at the gym (the ones with plates) and I also have kettltbells at home (12 lb I think).
Good luck to everyone! I am also going to attempt this whole30 once I get home later in the week.

01-03-2011, 09:30 AM
Oops I meant gyne not gene.

01-03-2011, 09:48 AM
Also Ilene, I really want to start lifting again but am afraid it will really tire me out. Do you have any suggestions on how to do it properly? My suggestion would be to start gradually by working out 2-3 days per week for 3-4 weeks and doing a whole body type of workout if you haven't worked out for a while... Google full body workouts...

I've made bone broth, I think, if what you mean is taking bones, chicken wor whatever, and boiling them ... Yes, I've made it... I take chicken bones, from leftover chicken, throw in whole onions, garlic, carrots, celery and whatever else is available, bring to a boil then simmer for 3 hours or so... strain, refrigerate and skim off the fat when it's cold... I suppose we don't need to skim the fat anymore :D ... Then I make soup with it or drink it straight.... I haven't made some in ages, gives me an idea :)

01-03-2011, 11:36 AM
This is definitely the right place for me!

I got three friends to join me in a whole 30, starting January 10th. Basically that will mean cutting out the dairy for me. I'm going to keep my wine twice a week, but try not to go over that, so it's not strictly whole 30. I just want to see what cutting out dairy will do.

I haven't lost any weight, am even up a bit, but my smallest jeans are loose, so I'm glad to see others having the same experience. It's very reassuring!

01-03-2011, 04:15 PM
I have been doing better eating the last few days. I have this week off before starting my new job on Monday so I decided to clean out my closet. I hope doing that will help me stay on track. On new years eve I wore my new pants that I had exchanged for a smaller size & still ended up pulling them up all nite. I think they are the kind that stretches out after you wear them a bit. If I k ew that I would have tried a smaller size.

01-03-2011, 11:26 PM
Welcome newbies :wave:

Wildviolets re: the workout, I always start people on whole body workouts because your muscles and ligaments need to be strengthen before starting weight splits...

Had a great day today... ran 5k... worked legs at the gym I made it pretty intense by doing some Tabata segments... It was fun... I was ravenous though afterward my gym workout so I had some blueberries and strawberries with coconut milk YUUUMMY :hun: ... 34 net carbs, 60% fat ...

How did everyone else do?... Dish the good the bad and the ugly :lol:

Arkansas Kel
01-04-2011, 12:07 AM
whole30 day 1 - complete success. Don't want to overjoy too early on, but I was disinterested in the normal cafeteria lunch fare, and not even tempted by the snack machines (right outside my office - ain't that a kick in the...). My only temptation was that my afternoon was VERY stressful and I briefly wished hard for a diet coke. I held off, and got coffee. It passed. I could hardly believe the urge just passed. So, that's one day primal down and 2 days soda free down. Go me! My BFF showed a little interest in it today, maybe I'll have a cave buddy soon?

01-04-2011, 09:09 AM
Thanks Ilene! What about weights vs reps.... I think I still have the weights and reps from the trainer I started with a year or so ago, but quit lifting last spring. To start off would it be better to use those weights on the machines ( which show on the screen when I login) or drop them a few pounds and do more reps? Right now it's set up to 2sets of 12 reps say at 140 lbs on the leg press ( that 's the only one I can remember).

Thanks for your help! Can't wait to try the broth and get to the gym when I get home from vacation on Wed.

01-04-2011, 09:43 AM
Violet, yep, start with higher reps 12, with 2-3 sets for each exercise...

Kel, way to go on day one :bravo:

01-04-2011, 08:24 PM
Thank you Ilene!

Arkansas Kel
01-05-2011, 01:32 AM
Day 2 - (I'm pretending ya'll are totally interested in my play by play accounts of course) Went quite well. Did chew a piece of sugarfree bubble gum after an oniony lunch - spit it out pretty fast though. It was for the benefit of my coworkers/clients :) Otherwise, totally primal. Got really really hungry towards end of shift - but kitchen had grilled chicken sandwiches and green beans to offer - so I had chicken, mustard and green beans. Not yummo, but good enough. I had eaten through my lunchbox :( So, on I grok!

01-05-2011, 07:44 AM
Good morning!

Of course we're interested in what you do Kel!

01-05-2011, 10:46 AM
A few nites ago I had the biggest looser on & DH comes home in the middle of it. On the BL they said something about eggs & DH pipes in ya they leave out how fattening they are (he was drinking so alot had to do with the way he said it) I looked at it & told him that this last yr I have been eating alot of eggs (which he knew from grocery shopping) That I eat them for the protein then he says about how they make your cholesterol go up. I told him to do his research cuz mine went to the normal range. It kinda pissed me off cuz he knows that I have worked hard to watch what I ate in the past year & was proud that I lost the weight I have & got my cholesterol levels where they should be (which where not that bad unlike his, if he isnt careful he will end up on medication for his) My DH can be very narrow minded at times. I'm not saying that eggs are not bad for you cuz if you ate a ton load of them then yes you may be sorry but they do have their benefits as well especially if you are being careful as to what else you are eating.

01-05-2011, 10:56 AM
Kel, we are definitely interested! That's why we have this Forum so that we can share :yes: ...

I wasn't organised this morning was running late so I grabed an EAS shake - not good I know, but this is my crack lately - my other crack these days are macadamia nuts, almonds and walnuts *argh* ... I have to get more organised in the morning!! I haven't been sleeping well either these days, I go through spurts of good sleep and bad, I am menopausal, Oh well c'est la vie! I don't feel tired though, some nights I sleep maybe 4 hours...

Yesterday was a good day, other than when I gave blood in the evening they had no water and they kinda forced me to drink cheap orange juice to replenish my sugars, this just made me tired ... On the upside when I gave blood in the past I always had a donut hole which are plentiful sitting in a plate in front of you... I did NOT have a one...

I bought myself a George Forman Grill as a Christmas gift from me to me, I LOVE IT! I could never figure out how to cook my protein on days that we can't use the BBQ... we use our BBQ in the winter but there are those days that it's just impossible...

Question: If we are cutting out dairy during the Whole30 challenge, how wo7ld you gals replace butter on hot vegetables? I love green beans with a pat of butter :hun:

01-05-2011, 11:31 AM

The best way to convince someone who is stubborn (like my dh) is to show results. Post your cholesterol statistics on the frig, etc. LOL

My husband was a huge skeptic and now he bores everyone with his preaching about "his" diet. He even preaches to me.... :)

YOU have to take care of YOU. His life is his responsibility. He can learn now or he can learn later. But eventually results speak loud and clear and he will not be able to ignore.

If you have children, make sure they are learning these eating habits from you. I hope that by the time my grandchildren are grown, this knowledge will be mainstream with doctors and nutritionists. It is our only hope to manage health care costs, in my opinion.

Keep up the good work!

01-05-2011, 01:22 PM
Hi all... wanted to introduce myself. I am trying out a home food delivery service (where they deliver fresh meals to your door)... today is day one. Because I cannot eat gluten, they offer a paleo program that would work for me. Did some research and found that this is pretty much exactly how I ate when I felt the best I've felt in my life. So, I am excited to try it out - especially with someone else doing most of the cooking! Also glad to find this string. I am not planning anything extreme, but will be living mostly paleo for the month of January while I am on this delivery service.

Anyway, nice to meet you all and looking forward to hearing how you all are fairing - especially those doing the Whole30. I am not interested in doing it myself but there is a lot, I believe, that I can learn by hearing about your successes and the positive things it does for your body.


01-05-2011, 05:24 PM
I'm just popping in quickly before I take a walk -- my week (ok, three days) has been crazy! I've been super tired, and I keep waking up around 3 o 4 and can't go back to sleep (even though I'm so tired). Sleep is a major component I need to work on during my whole30.

Kel- very interesting and WAY TO GO! I've been chewing gum at work too, and I didn't even think about it being a problem. Hmm...

Ilene - ditto on the macademias - OMG, I've been chowing on them. What are EAS shakes?

Everyone else - welcome, and I'm heading out to walk before dark. Crossing my fingers for a good night's sleep.

01-05-2011, 06:22 PM
:welcome: PBlossom :wave:

Claire hope you had a good walk...

I'll be going to the gym later myself... food has been good today :hun:

01-05-2011, 06:33 PM
Hello, everyone, and happy new year!

Haven't been around much lately. December was kind of a "food wreck" for me. Meals were quite good and "primal", but I did way too much snacking on things loaded with sugar and wheat. By the end of the month, some of the pants that I just fit into were a bit snug and I was up about 2 pounds or so.

So I am back at it, and it feels good to not be eating junky stuff. The last couple of days, however, I've had a mild headache and been quite tired. I don't feel ill, so wonder if it's mild "carb flu". I find grain carbs terribly addictive and definitely over-ate them during December. Now I suspect my body is adjusting to them suddenly missing.

I skimmed through all the posts and it's great to see new goals and new people here! I wanted to comment on a couple of things:
Bone broth: I made some from our Thanksgiving carcass, much the way Ilene described. I let it simmer all afternoon and did not skim the fat. :dizzy:
Insomnia: Everyone is different, so I am only sharing my experience. When I was eating too few carbs, I had terrible insomnia, I felt anxious, and my fasting BG shot up. Once I added some "safe" carbs (a la Perfect Health Diet) like sweet potatoes and a bit of fruit, I slept better and feel better. Weight loss slowed, but that's OK for me. I am more interested in health and feeling good, and I figure the weight will drop in time. I may experiment with my ratios and food quantities just a bit, though, to see if I can speed up the weight loss while still sleeping well and feeling good.Back in September, I spoke with my mom and step-dad about my new way of eating and the reasons for it (pre-diabetes). Well, unknown to me, they read GCBC and implemented some of the primal/paleo eating principles. I am very excited for them, especially because:
Step-dad, who has always had bad cholesterol that does not seem to respond well to medication, had his best lipid profile ever. Triglycerides really dropped and his doctor was so impressed. If the numbers are as good at his next check-up, he will go off medication with the doctor's blessing.
Mom has bad feet. She has had foot surgery and has always had terrible pain, despite special shoes, orthotics, constant visits to a podiatrist. She was thinking she might need more surgery. She just emailed me this week to let me know that the pain vanished several weeks ago and has been gone since. Diet? We think so, it's the only thing that has changed.I do believe this way of eating is so beneficial. I look forward to sharing this journey with you all in 2011!

01-05-2011, 11:34 PM
sf, that is great news!! I'm feeling good about this way of eating too :yes: ...

Today I almost caved into a sugar craving..... just ... one.... won't hurt..... there are some left in the kitchen at the office... but I ate my apple and water and walked away :D ...

Day 4, checked off and feeling grrreat!! :D

Arkansas Kel
01-06-2011, 03:00 AM
It was all good today. Lunchbox had last slice of "Joe" in it, plus some extra veg, a banana, and some assorted nuts. At one point I was snacking (my 3PM tradition) and my boss said "what r u eating." Then when I told her she said "nevermind." Musta been hoping for some salty sugar snappers or something.

Tonight we cooked egg drop soup and I made the custard from SOG's website - it was plenty good. Not good like ooey gooey desserts, but a nice, not too sweet finish to egg drop soup.

Lost 2.8 lbs already :) Grok on! Hope to start walking closer to spring after my weight comes down a little. My knees have hurt since I put on the last 20 lbs. Soon as I'm back to that point, I'll get my walk on and a little more primal exercise as I'm ready. I already find myself dancing around the house more. I'm sure Grok would be up for that too!

01-06-2011, 09:07 AM
You all are doing so well! That's wonderful!

sf40 that is so interesting about your parents. When I get time, I want to put all the research I have done together in a blog or website so that I can explain it better to my family and friends. I have a hard time explaining it right now but i know that i am doing the right things for my health.

It's funny because i used to be a big magazine fan, Body & Soul, Health, Natural Health, etc. Now I can't read them because it just seems to be a load of crap.

I am having sleep issues too Ilene....<sigh> but I'm not going to let it deter me. I'm finally home from vacation and going grocery shopping for all my primal goodies and going to make a batch of Brasco Broth. (saw it in a book while I was away and it looked so healthy and tasty.)

Have a good one ladies and those on the whole30 good luck and keep up the good work!

01-06-2011, 05:25 PM
It was all good today. Lunchbox had last slice of "Joe" in it, plus some extra veg, a banana, and some assorted nuts. At one point I was snacking (my 3PM tradition) and my boss said "what r u eating." Then when I told her she said "nevermind." Musta been hoping for some salty sugar snappers or something.

Tonight we cooked egg drop soup and I made the custard from SOG's website - it was plenty good. Not good like ooey gooey desserts, but a nice, not too sweet finish to egg drop soup.

Lost 2.8 lbs already :) Grok on! Hope to start walking closer to spring after my weight comes down a little. My knees have hurt since I put on the last 20 lbs. Soon as I'm back to that point, I'll get my walk on and a little more primal exercise as I'm ready. I already find myself dancing around the house more. I'm sure Grok would be up for that too!

Great job, Kel!

I went looking for the custard recipe... is this the one ( Looks scrumptious! Did you put the bananas in? Honestly the only fruit I've eaten since I've been eating this way is berries, apples, and I think an orange. I don't even buy bananas these days, but this looks like a good treat.


01-06-2011, 05:28 PM
Also, Kel, would you please post your egg drop recipe on the paleo/primal recipe thread? Maybe the custard too... I really need some more entree recipes if anyone has any to share.

The everydaypaleo ( site has some good looking recipes too.

I think this weekend I will sit down and really organize my meals for next week - going to read some recipes!

01-06-2011, 07:25 PM
My husband is working late, so I'm indulging in a little internet time. Kel got me reading over at SOG's site, and then I decided to take a bit of a gander at Sarah's Everyday Paleo.

This ( is SO motivating to me. Organization and sleep are my achilles heels - I want to do better with both because conquering both will reduce stress and make me healthier,happier, etc. I'm going to print this out, but here is a little bit of what she has to say about being an organized paleo person (click on link ( more):

Ok, now that your pantry and fridge are stocked, let’s talk about preparedness! Set aside an hour on the weekend to plan you meals. Think about your week ahead and start gathering your “go to” meals. For example, my Tuesday afternoons are consistently crazy thanks to kids activities and life in general so I know that Tuesday night is always lettuce taco night. I can make this meal with my eyes closed and I usually prepare it in the afternoon and have everything all ready to eat before dinner rolls around. Thursday’s are usually my soup day or slow cooker day because I am usually away working on my book or my blog and I need to have dinner ready to go for the family. I always make enough on my slow cooker days for leftovers, in fact I always try to make enough of everything I make for leftovers so that John and I have something prepared for our hectic lunch schedules on the following day. Use your weekend to shop. Nothing sucks more than trying to shop on a weeknight when everyone else is doing the same thing, your kids are cranky and so are you, it’s dark, rainy and cold, and all you really want is a glass of wine and a chicken pot pie. Don’t let yourself go there. Instead, shop when you are clear headed and fresh with shopping list in hand. Being prepared gives you a sense of freedom, capability, and no gosh darn excuses to eat crappy food!

It's all so true and just good to have the reminders! I'm also going to print the shopping list for my fridge.

Hope y'all find it helpful too!

01-06-2011, 10:35 PM
Yes, I have to be more prepared too, especially in the morning because I end up having an EAS shake (someone asked what that was, EAS is the company name for Body For Life, it's a protein shake) it's extremely processed and not Whole30... There's the saying «Fail to plan, plan to fail» so we always have to think, think, think, it really is exhausting at times, but well worth it... That is a great looking soup recipe I will definitely make soon!!

Day 5 was another good food day and I ran 5k HIIT, it's all good...

I miss my glass of wine tonight while watching Grey's Anatomy :( but it really isn't too bad...

Arkansas Kel
01-06-2011, 11:11 PM
walking2lose: Yep, that's the recipe. My only variant was a little vanilla, sprinkled tops with cinnamon and nutmeg, and baked with little cups sitting in water bath like you would bake a regular custard. Came out yummo. Not as sweet as gork custard - but was quite a treat for us.

Egg drop soup - I just used homemade broth (the good kind that looks like jello when you fridge it), a little fresh ginger, salt, pepper, and a julienned green onion, 3 eggs. About a quart of broth since I was cooking for 2. Boil the heck out of all of it. Whip the eggs up. Slowly pour eggs in little stream into boiling broth. I don't get the cool little ribbons so much, I'm not that good. Then we put a little leftover chicken in bite pieces in a bowl and poured over the hot hot soup. It was yummo!

Arkansas Kel
01-06-2011, 11:17 PM
ok, forgive the double post - the first was to share my eatin' this one's to share my accountability. I SLIPPED TODAY. Ok, not that bad, and I didn't land face first in the doughnuts either. Breakfast was sausage patty X 2, 1/2 apple, 2 scrambled eggs (nothing but s/p added). Lunch was baked chicken, broccoli and corn on the cob at our cafeteria. I was pretty good, the cheese was offered with broccoli but I got mine without. Corn was just salt and pepper. I know I know CORN. But it was only a little mini ear. And I kept it just corn. Snacks - nuts and a pear. Supper - was starving when got off work. Afternoon got busy and missed a snacktime. Had a Hardees LC burger - was shocked they put ketchup on it. Was so sweet I nearly gagged. Ate it out of actual hunger (not something I"m used to). Then bedtime snack - had last sog custard. I'm not upset with self, as it wasn't fries, burger on bun and a shake, but I did slip just a smidge today. Must pack own lunch EVERYDAY.

01-07-2011, 07:55 AM
Good morning!

01-07-2011, 11:07 AM
Good morning!A good morning :coffee: to you Susan and what a good morning it is :carrot: I feel extremely good this morning, my jeans slipped right on like a perfect fitting glove :D ... I haven't stepped on the scale since the 2nd of January and it is the most difficult thing to do during this Whole30 challenge but I feel empowered and in control and a bit devilish :devil: today...

How is everyone else doing today?

01-07-2011, 11:08 AM
Hi all,

The enthusiasm around here is amazing!!! New years resolutions, I imagine but what ever the stimulus, it is fun and inspiring to read.

Had a little of the tummy pain this am, so it will probably be a fast day to give the old bod a rest. Have been eating primally but a little too much fruit. Bought some grapes and my dh is out of town, so I don't want them to go to waste right? That is my biggest downfall, not wanting to waste food or ingredients. Sometimes I just crave "clean" tasting food like a crisp green grape. Ok for maintenance but not for losing weight or keeping my FBG down.

I had a fleeting "I could order a pizza and no one would know" moment last night. Did not succumb. I am probably having my tummy pain this morning just from thinking about gluten LOL.

Is anyone using less salt these days? Some of my tried and true recipes are tasting too salty to me. I am one of those people who has always measured things even salt. Do not rely on " salt and pepper to taste".

I hope MikkiJoe is going to come back soon....

01-07-2011, 06:51 PM
So I made the Brasco Broth (see recipe below). Had a problem with the chicken.......after 10 hours it all fell apart......bones floating to the top, pieces of skin.....forgot to take the giblets out and hope that they weren't in a bag because there was no bag later. (Could it have melted?????? YIKES)

My question, have any of you made soup similar to this? Would you put the chicken in some cheesecloth or something or a muslin bag?

I would really like to make this again as it tastes great and it's supposedly really good for your digestive system but the chicken stuff falling apart grossed me out a bit. Any ideas???

Brasco BrothBy Kirsten Archer

This soup is what Nathan lived on for the first several weeks of Rubin’s program which helped to cure his severe Ulcerative Colitis (read Nathan’s story of his recovery). Kirsten’s mother was also suffering from a painful but undiagnosed digestive disorder and lived on this soup alone for months managing to maintain her energy levels and busy life! Kirsten says that her family still uses this soup when anyone has a tummy bug.

3 1/2 litres filtered water
1 tbs apple cider vinegar
4 - 6 tbs coconut oil
1 medium organic chicken
2-4 chicken feet
8 organic carrots
6 stalks celery
2 - 4 sliced zuccinis
3 medium white or yellow onions, peeled and diced
4 inches grated ginger
5 cloves garlic (omit if you have upper GI problems or severe heartburn)
2 tbs celtic sea salt
1 large bunch parsley

Place chicken and feet, water, apple cider vinegar, oil, veges, ginger, garlic and sea salt into a large stock pot and bring to the boil. Let boil for a minute, lower heat and simmer for 12 to 24 hrs. About 30min before removing from the heat add the parsley.

Remove pot from the heat. Remove and discard chicken feet. (I dont use feet anymore, but apparantely they are really high in gelatine). Remove the meat from the chicken bones and put back in pot, throw away bones.

Arkansas Kel
01-07-2011, 11:17 PM
Been a good, whole kinda day. Salad with tuna, almonds, and my homemade greek dressing. Boiled egg. Lara bar (I know, iffy for some, but I don't eat many). Ground beef with cabbage (OMG). and a little hot apple juice (pure juice). I have weighted and have lost 5lbs so far - in 5 days. It seems a lot of differing rules on this whole30 thing. My lips still have not touched a nightshade since Sunday. No sugar - that's really hard - not because I have a sweet tooth, but because THEY (and we all know they are the very definition of evil) put it in EVERYTHING. I've been very diligent. My only give so far was one little ear corn on cob this week. Trust me, this is a major change in habits for us.

What I have noticed is that other people's food all smells alike. I can't say mine is the greatest tasting - like that plain broccoli in the cafeteria, but it doesn't all smell alike. Other people's food all smells like hot grease and flour semlls. Is that weird to notice?

01-08-2011, 02:06 AM
Sparky -- way to go on not secretly ordering the pizza :jeno:

Kel -- I do find that my nose is finer this week too, also my taste buds, I had one chocolate covered cashew DD bought this week and wow :dizzy: it was sweet!

Violet -- I've never see a recipe like that and I sure can see why the chicken would fall apart after 12-24 HOURS :dizzy: ... I don't think that your bag melted though :lol: usually they are made of paper, but maybe the paper fell apart and disintegrated after 12+ hours though :lol: ... Were the veges mush after simmering for so long?

Damn, I just had popcorn :faint: ... DD and her friends are here and made some and here I am gabbing away with them OYE ...

01-08-2011, 12:08 PM
My question, have any of you made soup similar to this? Would you put the chicken in some cheesecloth or something or a muslin bag?

I would really like to make this again as it tastes great and it's supposedly really good for your digestive system but the chicken stuff falling apart grossed me out a bit. Any ideas???

Eeww... chicken feet! Sounds really interesting, but I don't have any advice -- sorry!

01-08-2011, 12:23 PM
Hi girls - I ate at Ruby Tuesday's last night with a friend and had steak and a double order of brocoli. Woke up starving this morning and just cooked bacon and eggs. Yum. Grassfed ground beef lettuce wraps for dinner.

Kel- How exciting that you've lost 5 lbs! WOOT!!! :carrot:

As far as weighing....Since I've been eating primally, I've weighed myself much less often. Partly because I've found that my weight and size have a very different correlation than they used to. When I ate lots of grains (brown rice, couscous, oatmeal, etc.) and less meat, I was always pretty puffed out feeling. I lost 10 lbs this summer (the first 2-3 months after cutting grains) and got down to the 145-148-ish range. My weight has stayed there, but I AM smaller - stomach is flatter, I'm wearing smaller pants and clothes, my face looks thinner. So when I feel good and get on the scale and still see 147 (even though I'm able to wear clothes wore when I was eating SAD and weighing high 130s)... I guess it just doesn't bother me not to weigh.

So, I am following the Whole30 advice not to weigh for the full 30 days. I do believe I will lose a few pounds, and I really think it's from cutting out dairy because that's the major change I've made.

Sandy - yay for you not ordering pizza!

And Ilene- we had a jeans day at work yesterday, and I wore my smallest jeans, and they were LOOSE. Unreal. What a great feeling! I wouldn't worry about a little popcorn -- it's not like you feel headfirst into a gooey dessert.

Kel - about desserts and smells -- I am having the same experience. One of the most amazing sensations to me is how SWEET fruit tastes to me now. A sliver of orange or a half a cup of frozen raspberries -- so yummy and satisfying and sweet!

Ok, I'm rambling on and on, so I'm going to sign off and try to get some cleaning done.

Have a healthy day, ladies! Oh, and what can you add to this thread? (

Arkansas Kel
01-08-2011, 04:10 PM
Woke up today HUNGRY - not hypoglycemic - just hungry - nice change. Had cheap steaks with pan sauce, orange wedges, marinated veg over romaine lettuce, glass of unsweet tea and cup of hot tea. Gosh, it was good. Happily sipping my hot tea and surfing the web for primal info now. Gotta get more productive in a few tho.

walking2lose - ya, I get it. The fruit is so delish now - and quite sweet. The mere hint of real sugar is shocking to me taste wise. People must develop some sort of sugar numbness eating frosted snacky bits and such.

wildviolets - I made broth by throwing a whole chicken in the crockpot and cooking about 10-12 hrs (I don't time stuff). Then fished out all chicken and cooled it. Picked chicken into meat, skin, bones. Skin, bones and misc stuff went back to broth another number of hrs - 8, 10 or 12 - dunno. Then I just strained the soft mess out the broth. It was a perfect broth. I might start throwing in an onion, carrot etc for the 2nd round next time. Made 2 qts nice broth, and easily 3 meals of chicken meat (plus the bones were so soft like can salmon bones) I let the pups have the strained out stuff. They also the day before had the organ bits from the chicken - I don't eat them - never have liked organ stuff. And the whole chicken was CHEAPO.

Grok on primal friends!

01-08-2011, 06:59 PM
Ark Kel, Thank you!! THat is what I"m going to do next time......the broth was so unbelievably tasty that I have to make it again but didn't know how to handle the chicken part.

01-08-2011, 09:22 PM
Made some Kale chips tonight I burned them, added a bit too much salt, but they were good so I have another bunch I'm looking forward to try in the next couple of days....

Last night's popcorn, I may have had maybe a cup, made me feel hung over this morning :shrug: ... Popcorn is bad :nono: ... How come I didn't feel like that before? It's so weird...

No exercise today though, but tomorrow I will run :D ...

Arkansas Kel
01-09-2011, 01:09 AM
Ilene - share the how to on kale chips! I've heard of that but never gave it a go!

Supper was an experiment tonight - tumeric sauce - turned out good. Chicken, shrimp, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, onion, olive oil, tumeric, s/p, garlic powder stew. Anybody know if that has a name? Was rockin' good. DH said it's a do again - except I'm not sure what I did this time. I was trained in the style of "throw some stuff in the pot" cooking.

Then nibbled nuts, a few raw veg slices for the munchies and numerous cups and glasses of tea. THen we watched a movie - the end of which had some funny "covers" of classic songs - so we got up and DANCED around. Mark, we're tryin' to make you proud! Grokin' the fun way today!

Goodnight cavemates.

01-09-2011, 10:56 AM
Where is the best place to ask science-type questions regarding the rationale for eliminating entire food groups (esp., dairy, grains and legumes) from an omnivore's diet? Is there data to back this program up (I don't mean data to back up the weight loss claims- eating 1000 daily calories of cheetos and pepsi will result in weight loss too)? Long-term (5+ years) consequences of removing so much of the normal omnivore food sources and eating far more of certain fats than any of our ancestors ever got (e.g. coconut oil?). I'm a physician, and to me, this diet seems really "lunatic fringe," but I'd genuinely like to understand what the appeal is, besides the novelty factor.

01-09-2011, 11:14 AM
Hi Neurodoc,
Claire gives a list of resources in this thread ...

As for me ... I've just read so much over the years ... some filters in and some washes over ... I can never remember references.

I'm svelting!
01-09-2011, 11:56 AM
Where is the best place to ask science-type questions regarding the rationale for eliminating entire food groups (esp., dairy, grains and legumes) from an omnivore's diet? Is there data to back this program up (I don't mean data to back up the weight loss claims- eating 1000 daily calories of cheetos and pepsi will result in weight loss too)? Long-term (5+ years) consequences of removing so much of the normal omnivore food sources and eating far more of certain fats than any of our ancestors ever got (e.g. coconut oil?). I'm a physician, and to me, this diet seems really "lunatic fringe," but I'd genuinely like to understand what the appeal is, besides the novelty factor.
Some sites/blogs that will have references to studies of interest to you:

The Heart Scan Blog ( Davis (MD, Cardiologist) writes about his work with hyperlipidemia patients and one of his recommendations is the elimination of grain products.
Perfect Health Diet ( Paul Jaminet, Ph.D. and Shou-Ching Shih Jaminet, Ph.D. (both in fields of science) have reviewed literature and cite the studies on which they base their recommendations
Whole Health Source Blog ( written by Stephane Guyanet, Ph.D., who's current professional research interest is the "neurobiology of fat regulation"

We can make suppositions about what people ate before the agricultural revolution. But they are best guesses based on anthropological/paleontological findings. As far as I know, no one of that era left food journals. So, I relate to the anthropological aspect of primal/paleo as a myth, legend or bedtime story.

01-09-2011, 12:56 PM
It sounds like everyone is having a great weekend!

Kel - your posts are truly fun to read -- great image of you dancing around. I'm so glad you've joined us! :)

Ilene - how funny... I had some kale in fridge and am making kale chips right now (in my dehydrator - haven't made them since maybe Sept).

Sandy - you mentioned Mikki - is she out of town or just MIA -- I'm guessing she's just super busy, but I, too, hope she comes back soon!

I'm headed out to Trader Joe's, then plan to stop by for a quick visit with my folks, get a walk in, and then there are the lovely papers I have to grade ... great day, except for the papers!

But I will attempt to reply to this question first:

Where is the best place to ask science-type questions regarding the rationale for eliminating entire food groups (esp., dairy, grains and legumes) from an omnivore's diet? Is there data to back this program up (I don't mean data to back up the weight loss claims- eating 1000 daily calories of cheetos and pepsi will result in weight loss too)? Long-term (5+ years) consequences of removing so much of the normal omnivore food sources and eating far more of certain fats than any of our ancestors ever got (e.g. coconut oil?). I'm a physician, and to me, this diet seems really "lunatic fringe," but I'd genuinely like to understand what the appeal is, besides the novelty factor.

The appeal for me has nothing to do with novelty factor -- I've never been one to fall for gimmicks, quick fixes, or other novelty diets. I've always eaten "healthy" - my whole life. However, my weight was creeping up, year after year, I had a variety of health problems the last few years that I felt were unacceptable for a woman in my late 30's early 40's, and again, did I mention the creeping weight (this is eating low calorie, low fat, etc.).

In less than a year eating primal/paleo, the changes to my health have been astounding. I have lost weight, am smaller and more muscular, feel wonderful, have cleared up my skin, my cholesterol is great (and I eat lots of FAT), etc. etc. What is a "natural" omnivore diet? Meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit. BINGO - there you have the primal/paleo "diet." Yes, grains have become a huge part of a modern omnivore's diet, but look at the obesity/diabetes epidemics we are currently dealing with!

Personally, I do not eat grains and eat very few legumes (I used to eat tons of oatmeal, rice, beans, etc.), and again as I said, I feel GREAT.

Granted, how I feel eating this way is certainly anecdotal, so here is my #1 recommendation to you: Read what the EXPERTS (not a bunch of excited 3FC'ers) have to say on the matter.

I would highly, highly recommend that you read Michael Pollan's Omnivore's Dilemma, Gary Taube's Good Calories, Bad Calories (I have a feeling this will become required reading in med schools some day very soon), and Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint. Taube's book is chock full of the research and science behind many of the concepts of eating lower carb/higher fat (one of the main concepts of primal/paleo -- in fact a huge one for me after years of striving to keep my diet LOW fat).

If you can do some reading and then come back and talk with us, that would be fantastic. By the way, my general practitioner and my gyno both recommended low carb to me, and we've talked about how I am eating, and they are both quite supportive.

Also, my best friend (she lives on West Coast so is not my doc) has been an MD (general practitioner) for 16 years. She has always been a hardcore athlete and very healthy until she went through a nightmare of a divorce 5 years ago. She went through a couple of years of INTENSE stress, and low and behold she was shockingly diagnosed with Type 1 (yes, type 1) diabetes about 18 months ago at the age of 41!!! How bizarre is that? At any rate, she and I talk health all the time (naturally), and we both eat paleo/primal! When she was home this summer, she was literally cringing watching some of our friends feed their kids nothing but mac and cheese, bread (pbjs, grilled cheese), etc.

I realize I'm getting a little tangential sharing my doc friend's experience, but I only share it to assure you that there are many doctors who are realizing the health benefits (not gimmicks) to a paleo/primal approach to nutrition. I am convinced we will see these ideas become more and more mainstream in the next few years, particularly as we try to grapple with some of the effects of the SAD in this country. I guess we shall see.

That's all I have time for now, but I do hope you'll take a look at the books and maybe give it a try yourself to see what all the fuss is about.

Have a great day all!

Arkansas Kel
01-09-2011, 03:23 PM
I just had a weird thought today. My friend once tried to throw away a bunch of tiles. The garbage man said he couldn't take tile. She said ok, and then only to herself, I bet you'll take it all. And so she began putting a piece or two into every trash can every week from then on until the tiles were gone. I thought about this and thought about how sugar seems to be at least a lower listed ingredient in everything we eat - I can't even find store bought beef broth without dextrose added. Are they just getting rid of the garbage (even better while convincing us it's tasty) by tucking a little in here and there everywhere?

01-09-2011, 07:10 PM
Where is the best place to ask science-type questions regarding the rationale for eliminating entire food groups (esp., dairy, grains and legumes) from an omnivore's diet? Is there data to back this program up (I don't mean data to back up the weight loss claims- eating 1000 daily calories of cheetos and pepsi will result in weight loss too)? Long-term (5+ years) consequences of removing so much of the normal omnivore food sources and eating far more of certain fats than any of our ancestors ever got (e.g. coconut oil?). I'm a physician, and to me, this diet seems really "lunatic fringe," but I'd genuinely like to understand what the appeal is, besides the novelty factor.

Many of us have done a lot of reading to come to this place, so I will share a few links with you to help you get a basic understanding of why this way of eating is certainly the antithesis of "lunatic fringe".

1. For a good, basic explanation of Gary Taubes work plus some good links to the original article in the NY Times outlining his thesis plus a lecture he gave in 2008 at Stevens Institute of Technology (I think his ideas have advanced since then):

2. Most of us have read tons of literature showing that grains (and gluten grains in particular) contribute to inflammation, an underlying contributor to variety of diseases including heart disease and diabetes. What surprises us is that doctors and health professionals apparently know this don't share it with their patients because they believe a low-grain/low-sugar diet is unrealistic and unpalatable in the modern world. Here an MD gives his reasoning why he is against cereal grains:

Another view of wheat by a Ph.D biochemist/neurobiologist. I would urge you to also read the comments.

And more:

3. Most of us believe that the ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids is skewed so we try to reduce our Omega 6 by avoiding industrial seed oils.

So, I have many more links I can share if you tell me what specifically you are interested in.

01-10-2011, 08:16 AM
LOL at Kel! That's funny.

Had a pretty good weekend. The air was lovely and crisp and cold so I walked a few times. Paid an arm and a leg for some nice ripe strawberries that tasted like a decadent treat.

01-10-2011, 09:33 AM
Kel -- Kale chips are super easy... Clean and dry some Kale... in a large bowl drizzle with olive oil... put on parchment paper on a cookie sheet add sea salt if desire.... oven at 350 for about 15 mins... Watch them because they burn fast :lol:

Very primal weekend, NO wine :cheers: imagine that!? I never thought it was possible :lol:

Onward with the new week :D ...

01-10-2011, 08:59 PM
Phew... long day. Just got home at 7:30, so I won't be exercising today. Decent day food wise -- leftover chicken, peppers, asparagus, mushroom concoction for lunch and leftover Asian beef wraps for dinner. A handful too many macademias - otherwise good. Need to get a walk in tomorrow.

CJ - love those links! I opened them but will save them for later to read. The more I learn, the harder it is to imagine not eating this way. Thanks for providing all of them.

Ilene- yum on the kale chips. When I get a chance, I'll share a yummy easy recipe I have for Zesty Kale Chips (can't remember where I got it, but I love 'em.). The olive oil ones are delish too.

Susan - strawberries --- yum! You deserve the splurge!

Everyone else - hope the week is going well so far!

01-11-2011, 12:00 AM
Claire -- I finally finished my macadamia and I think I'll take a break from buying them for a while, at least during the W30...

I just came upon this site : Julianne's Paleo & Zone Nutrition Blog ( she reinforces my resolve to stick to this life style :yes: (not sure if someone has already posted this one I will post to the other thread you started ...

01-11-2011, 09:00 AM
Don't know if this is of interest to anyone, but it's a list of low-carb forums, sites and blogs:

01-11-2011, 09:12 AM
Ooooo I went to that link of Ilene's and read this.
“Carbohydrates are a metabolic bully,” Phinney says. “They cut in front of fat as a fuel source and insist on being burned first. What isn’t burned gets stored as fat, and doesn’t come out of storage as long as carbs are available. And in the average American diet, they always are.”

Love it! I've been trying to come up with an effective way to say that for months. That's good!

01-11-2011, 12:53 PM
This list of "diet myths" on Yahoo's news site today has some very progressive and paleo friendly tips. Amazing!

01-11-2011, 01:46 PM
THank you so much for your tips on making the chicken bone soup. I did what you said sort of but separated the chicken parts in one pot and the veggie mixture in another. I took the chicken out, pulled off the meat and put the rest back in the broth. I know have a wonderful chicken broth going and a very yummy veggie broth. They are still cooking.

I took a little broth from the chicken stock, a little broth from the veggie stock (which I pureed so it was alittle thicker) add some coconut milk, shredded chicken and it was DELICIOUS!!!! And so healthy! (It needed some cilantro tho).

Anyway, sorry to get all excited, but i love to cook, especially something healthy and it was really cheap.

Have a good day all....I have alot of blogs to check out it seems.It's so exciting to see so many people are interested in this lifestyle.

01-11-2011, 07:34 PM
Violet, your soup sounds delish :hun:

CJ, great info, finally!

Today a really grrrreat day food wise ....
1. egg and carrots sticks, I think carrots will be my go to vegetable for breakfast
2. 1/2c coconut milk and 1c blueberries
3. 2 sausages, shredded cabbage drizzled with oil and cayenne ( strange spice for coleslaw, I know, but it worked for me) small orange
4. apple
5. london broil, mashed carrots and turnip, steamed broccoli

01-11-2011, 07:56 PM
Hello girls, its been a LONG time since I have been on, probably 4-5 weeks. Alot has gone on, I had a birthday, I fell on the ice and had to go to the ER, they Xrayed my shoulder and did not find anything serious from the fall....BUT wanted me to go to my dermatologist.
I had a 'substance' under my skin that looked odd. Sure enough it was cancer and so odd that it would show up on an Xray---that NEVER happens. THis is not the first time I have had skin cancer. SO December I have had 3 chemo treatments, I have gained 10 pounds I believe, and it is ALL right above my big bloat.
I have been living on bone broth while doing Chemo and have felt really good, not even missing any work--WAY different than the last time.
SO I am back on the mend........well until 2 weeks ago when I sat down in my sons recliner and it flipped backwards and I landed on my head and shoulder against the cast iron wood stove....back to ER, bruised up, one broken rib.....So my 3 day NY weekend was spent in MY recliner with lots of coffee, OH and home made cookies too LOL

SO, now back on the road to recovery. And its hard to get off the sugar, although I am not having THAT much, as well as the flour (cookies, and a couple portions of pasta, and 2 sammiches) doesnt seem like that much which would be hard to get off of, but it is.

Anyway, all that being said, it is wonderful to see so many new 'faces'

Whole30 is a bit much for me right now, but I am going to be back on track, allowing cheese 1-2 times a week, and having BUTTER when ever I dang well please. No alcohol, no processed with the exception of some high quality bacon, and some cheese

01-11-2011, 08:14 PM
Ah, there's our Mikkijoe :hug: ... what a month you've had, it can only get better glad to have you back :welcome:

01-11-2011, 08:17 PM
Oh my goodness Mikki! :hug:

We just had the most delightful dinner with friends.
They don't live far away but you know how it is ... It's been ages.
We met in the parking lot at WalMart and just decided we'd better get together today.
I now can enjoy the cuisine of my friend Janet who is celiac. She'd made pasta and sauce for her family. We had a delicious meat sauce, tossed salad and homemade mayonnaise.

I'm definitely going to try to make some mayonnaise soon.

01-11-2011, 08:19 PM
I'm definitely going to try to make some mayonnaise soon.OMG I was going to make a batch tonight!!! Great minds think alike ;)

01-11-2011, 08:28 PM
Were you lurking at my friend's house Ilene? She does something to her's to make part of it into a caesar-like dressing too.

Arkansas Kel
01-11-2011, 08:47 PM
Mikki -OMG, hang tough and we'll see you here on the site. That's terrible news, but not the worst.

Wildviolets - glad the broth worked out. It's really super lazy except for a little "pickin" to separate.

Well, today was On TRACK. Yep, goin' good. Steak, egga, avocado, lime wedge, coffee breakfast. ticking along good ol girl. Then lunch of meatloaf (sans ketchup) with a little fruit reduction (fruit only) on top - had to have the sweet tang with it - and cabbage. Yep, hangin tough. Afternoon, wanted a soda so bad I became obsessed. Ate my nuts like they deserved punishment and drank my unsweet tea. GNARF GNARF GNARF. Arrived home, DH says he wants to get a burger. Not just a burger. A billie burger - you don't want to know - they're a messy goodness. Got billie burger, fries (now did I really need those too?) and a diet coke - OMG, finally. Took a big swig out of the soda and it was flat. Tasted like fake sweetener and icewater. YECH. OK, but the fries and burger - snarfed it. Now I'm all bloated, but I can't express my horror or self hate over it. It was good, I'll get over it. Whole30 ended in the drive thru but primal goes on from this point again. I think it's just a TOM thing. Dang TOM.

01-11-2011, 09:23 PM
Alot has gone on,

SO, now back on the road to recovery.

Mikki - Oh my word!! You poor thing! I am so, so sorry to hear that you have been going through so much. The cancer is especially scary - are you done with all your chemo treatments now and does everything look good? I hope so!

I'm glad to hear things are going better -- please don't hurt yourself!

Susan and Ilene - homemade mayo is my Achilles heel!!!!!! Please, share with me exactly how you make it and give any tips you can. I am a mayo lover but of course only want to eat homemade now. Someone posted a very yummy and easy "Bacon Mayo" on MDA -- bacon grease (liquid and cooled), egg yolk, lemon juice, and I think that was it. Whoever posted it said it was great with tuna or chicken salad, and I was also dying to try it in deviled eggs. Well, I tried to make it using my blender stick and NOTHING. It was just liquid. I really need to conquer mayo because I miss it! Susan, please also share your friend's Caesar dressing if you get it - sounds really good too. Thanks!

Glad to hear everyone is having good food days -- I had a huge salad with three fried eggs (cooked in bacon grease), kalamata olives, and my dressing. Delicious and very filling. Dinner was pork loin cooked by husband with a huge pile of cabbage. NO MACADEMIAS! :smug:

01-11-2011, 09:32 PM
I watched my friend. She put 4 egg yolks in the food-processor, added 2 tbsps of cider vinegar, turned on the machine, drizzled really good light olive oil and it started to thicken. It was cool to watch. When it was just right thick, she added some mustard (dijon I think) and salt and pepper.
You could probably google from that and get pretty close.
I'll ask her about the caesar dressing.

01-11-2011, 09:45 PM
I watched my friend. She put 4 egg yolks in the food-processor, added 2 tbsps of cider vinegar, turned on the machine, drizzled really good light olive oil and it started to thicken. It was cool to watch. When it was just right thick, she added some mustard (dijon I think) and salt and pepper.
You could probably google from that and get pretty close.
I'll ask her about the caesar dressing.

Ok, so I'll blame it on my blender stick. :lol: The lid to my food processor is warped and won't close properly. I think it may be time to invest in a new food processor. Thank you so much, and I'll anxiously await the caesar dressing!

01-11-2011, 09:52 PM
This is the Homemade Mayonnaise ( I made... Your friend's sounds good too....

I thought I had lemons but I had limes and it did a good job.... I don't have a blender so I used a hand mixer and I streamed the light olive oil ever so slowly... it came out the consistency of pudding and the colour of vanilla... It's quite good I just hope it doesn't separate :crossed:

01-11-2011, 09:58 PM
Mikki jo.....hope this month is better than last! Sorry to hear about the cancer but glad you found it early?

Ilene sorry to bug you again, but what do you think about those mini trampolines? Are they any good for a workout or is it a joke?

I took a pilates class today on those crazy machines and LOVED it!

The homemade mayo sounds sooooooo good. Claire let me know how it goes.

01-11-2011, 10:31 PM
Wviolet -- I think those trampolines are OK, better than not moving at all and may be good to start for someone who is obese and has never exercised or someone who has very bad knees... I don't think that's you though ;) ... Then again if someone is giving it to you and you have the room for it, it could be fun and something different to do while watching TV or listening to some good music....

01-12-2011, 09:27 AM
Ilene, I thought that.....but remember hearing something about it lately and wasn't sure. Sometimes I just like an excuse to buy something! I'll pass.

Boy am I sore from that Pilates!!!

Have a Primal day everyone.

01-12-2011, 02:57 PM
we had one of those mini tramps awhile ago (ohhhh that kinda sounds bad, but Im not going to change it lol) I decided I did not need any flippy floppy bouncy activity with 'the girls' gravity is doing enough damage, did not need to help it LOL

So ....oat meal this morning. WHY? I just dont know, but I convinced myself it was a better choice than a muffin, which it is. Added flax to it, going to consider it a healthier grain and move on.

And did I mention the office heater is out? 60 degrees in here and the repair guy left at noon to get a part....YESTERDAY! lol And that my dears, is what I will blame the oatmeal on! I had it at work after being here about an hour.

snow, ice/rain mix right now, SPRING I NEED YOU!

01-12-2011, 07:01 PM
we had one of those mini tramps awhile ago (ohhhh that kinda sounds bad, but Im not going to change it lol) I decided I did not need any flippy floppy bouncy activity with 'the girls' gravity is doing enough damage, did not need to help it LOL

hahaha!! Too funny! My mom, who is 70 years old, jumps on one of those mini tramps :D out in my parents' shed. Crazy! I don't think I would last doing anything in a shed for more than 5 minutes, but she does it pretty regularly and thinks she's helping her bone density.

Anyway, I'm determined to successfully make mayo this weekend. We are having dinner at my folks' house Sat. night, so I plan to borrow their food processor and give it a whirl on Sunday... we shall see.

Pretty good day today, but I'm tired and want to go to bed early. I have papers to grade but not much motivation to grade them. Lunch was three eggs and wilted spinach, dinner is a question mark right now. Sadly I didn't thaw any meat out -- what can I do with a pack of frozen grass fed beef? I guess I could nuke it in the microwave to thaw it a bit and make burgers. I have a choice of cauliflower or broccoli for veg and/or salad. Too bad I didn't follow through with my meal planning last weekend. I was so motivated and then simply ran out of time. I MUST MEAL PLAN THIS WEEKEND!!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

01-12-2011, 07:25 PM
Claire, can I join you in your tiredness :lol: I am beat and I still have to get to the gym...Your supper sounds like mine. I thawed some ground beef and added these spices :
Italian Sausage seasoning
o 1 teaspoon black pepper,
o 2 teaspoons dried parsley,
o 1 1/2 teaspoons dried Italian seasoning,
o 1 teaspoon garlic powder ( you can use 2 tablespoons fresh garlic in place of the powder),
o 3/4 teaspoon crushed anise seeds ( can use crushed dried fennel seeds),
o 1/2 teaspoon paprika,
o 1 teaspoon minced dried onions (you can sub 1 small chopped onion for the dried),
o 2 teaspoons salt.
o Optional: 1/8 teaspoon dried red pepper flakes ( can use more if desired)
Knead into 2 lbs of ground pork, make patties and fry.

I didn't have any fennel or anise but it didn't matter they were delish!

Claire, I was also thinking about your mayo fiasco and maybe it was because you didn't stream the oil slowly enough? I'll try my wand next time because I like using it better than the hand blender... I'm almost done my mayo already! It's soooo good... had it with shredded cabbage, on my burger, on my eggs, I also lick the spoon every time I use it :lol:

I am exhausted had the worse sleep last night, didn't fall asleep till 2am then up at 6am :faint: ... I go through spurts of good and bad sleeps this latest has been the bad, during the holidays it was good but then again I was able to go to be when I wanted and get up at whatever time I wanted, which wasn't really late, 8am....This too shall pass :shrug:

Ok, off to the gym, before I change my mind...

Arkansas Kel
01-12-2011, 09:24 PM
Much better after last night. But I must say last night was AWFUL. Belching, bloated, lethargic. Fell asleep early and woke up with belches and F@rts. Yep, as bad as it sounds. Was restless. Was tired. WAsn't worth the burger and fries. DH agreed, we can't live that way. I was so tired I fell asleep on the couch - I can't even remember the last time I did that preprimal! The couch and I are not becoming big buddies. NOT NOT NOT. So today was on track good. Some eggs, sausage, half orange and coffee breakfast - yummo. Some chicken curry thing I made up for lunch. Rotisserie chicken (maybe primal? Did Grok have walmart?), cabbage and tried a half a small sweet potato. WOW sweet potatoes are sweet now.

Was an excellent day in many ways.

Keep hangin' in there Mikki. And as far as a mini-tramp, it's only kinky the first time? LOL. Never had one myself. Got a cheap used elliptical at a flea market last year. Can't do it. I'm so short and the stride is so big - would make a good america's funniest home video clip. Hope your tramp goes better!!!

01-13-2011, 03:01 PM

Oh the mayo recipe!

Arkansas Kel
01-13-2011, 08:02 PM
Been a good day. Probs at work - found potential solutions. That makes a good day. Bkfst - bacon, eggs coffee. Lunch - pineapple, onion, pea pod chicken, shrimp stuff n some tea. Supper 2 salmon burgers, 1/2 sweet potato, green beans, more tea. YUM.

All goin' good. Almost tried my own mayo tonight - almost. Wasn't in mood to deal with kitchen mechanical stuff tonight. Maybe the weekend?

HEY, Is it getting lonely on here? HELLO? Are folks dropping out or busy? I hope busy and kickin' it on good eats. Worried next time I post I'll have to comment on myself!

01-13-2011, 08:06 PM
Hey! Yes, here, but busy. Roasting a chicken and smoke detector keeps going off...

01-13-2011, 10:03 PM
My chicken turned out great! It's kind of a new thing for me to roast a whole chicken -- for years I've been eating boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Tonight I had a leg, a little breast meat, and SKIN -- yum.

This is how I did it. (

As you all know, I'm determined to get my mayo right this weekend (thanks to Susan and Ilene for recipes!) -- chicken salad with homemade mayo is going to be so yummy!

Did everyone have a good day? Hope so. I overdid it a little on dried apricots and macademias - need to cut that out. Otherwise good!

Come on Friday!

01-14-2011, 08:28 AM
Hi everyone! I'm going home to Florida next week I am so happy. When I get there I'm going to try some of the easier recipes you ladies have been talking about. And I may have some questions .....

01-14-2011, 10:00 AM
But I'm just so boring!

Cut back from the Christmas carbs and I've lost 4.4 lbs this month. About 5 to go. A lot of it is fluidy puff. My rings are tight and so on. Belly poof too. Muffin top jeans ;)

01-14-2011, 04:49 PM
Lurking on this thread. I've noticed that when I eat grains I get reeeeeally bloated and feel like I've swallowed a bowling ball. Ouch! Can you all give me an idea of what your daily menu looks like? do you still calorie count?

01-14-2011, 06:10 PM
Lurking on this thread. I've noticed that when I eat grains I get reeeeeally bloated and feel like I've swallowed a bowling ball. Ouch! Can you all give me an idea of what your daily menu looks like? do you still calorie count?


Heading out for a quick walk, but here is what today's menu looks like (and I no longer calorie count- hallelujah!!!!):

B - coffee with coconut milk and about 10 raw almonds
L- leftover roast chicken, dark and white meat (see my link above) and large bowl of sauteed broccoli
S - handful macademia nuts (I've been over snacking on these and plan to take a break from them once this bag is finished). Half an orange
D - haven't had yet but will be a large salad with homemade dressing, hamburger patties with grilled onions and mushrooms (no bun, of course), and maybe asparagus.

**I normally eat more breakfast than a few almonds, but I've had a busy week and start teaching at 7:30am. That had to tide me over today because I didn't have anything else to eat.
**Also, I didn't do a good job with meal planning this week, so that may not look too exciting, but it is what it is. :)

I hope you'll join our thread - it's a great source of encouragement and idea swapping!

01-14-2011, 08:42 PM
I just read this essay about the conclusions this doctor has come to regarding why we get and stay fat and what to do about it. It is quite thoughtful and worth reading:

01-15-2011, 07:27 AM
Don't lurk Babygrant! Come on in!

I just wanted to tell you all that I picked up some cans of coconut milk that were weird. They got too solid to keep in the fridge for coffee so I've been drinking it with a straw. After the can wouldn't pour any more, I cut the lid off and ate it with a spoon. It was fabulous.

I calorie counted at first, just to see what my percentages were. I haven't for a long time.
Yesterday, I just wanted what I wanted (and I need to lose some holiday weight) so I had coconut milk, cream in my coffee, about a half pound of hamburger :o, homemade chicken soup. a ginger beer and a glass of orange juice. Weird but fun!

01-15-2011, 10:34 AM
That was very interesting CJZee....welcom babygrant

01-15-2011, 12:31 PM
We are having dinner at my parents' house tonight - pork tenderloin and sauerkraut is the main dish. Mom called and said dad is insisting on his mashed potatoes, but she wants my mashed cauliflower instead - so I'll be making that over there. I'm also trying to think of a primal app to bring, as we always hang out for an hour or more with the nieces, nephews, etc. before we get to the meal. My brother (and my parents) would benefit tremendously from primal eating (bro is just two years older than I am and has horrendous numbers for everything - chol, BP, etc. - and has been told he has metabolic syndrome, which is basically pre- type 2).

If anyone has ideas for apps, let me know.

I have lots to do today, starting with taking down the Christmas tree... yeah, it's still up! :o

**Also, I had a cheat this morning... no, it wasn't food related. I weighed! I just woke up and REALLY, REALLY wanted to jump on the scale, so I did. I don't regret it, but I'm going to try to finish the 30 days without weighing again. I'm down to 145, which is about 3.5 lbs., but man, I am feeling so much smaller than just when I started. I think it's the size and feeling not the pounds

By the way, what DAY are we on for those who started on the same Mon. -- 11??

Have a wonderful primal day, ladies!


Arkansas Kel
01-15-2011, 09:13 PM
walking2lose - I started 1-3 so am on day 12? Crudites are a good app - or toasted nuts - or the ever popular kale chips - gotta try that still.

srm-I use a spatula and scrape the coconut milk and all the stuff into a tupperware container - then serve with a spoon instead of pouring. Great over fruit, and in my hot tea.

babygrant - come on in the water's warm - and the folks welcoming.

OK, I did it! I was good while out. We went flea mkt hopping today. I packed a snack bag of fruit, nuts, bottled waters. We ate ONLY from our snack bag. Had put on a roast as we left house with turnips, sweet potatoes (we've added them back early - story to follow), baby carrots (cheapo 39 cents per bag at aldis), onions. Scored a HUGE dehydrator with a zillion (well not exactly - but I haven't counted them) trays and accessories with it - but no instructions - for cheap. Will be fun to play with anyway. We came in, plated up the roast and ate IMMEDIATELY. Got excited when we decided to head home and remembered the roast! NICE. Drove RIGHT by Mccrappies, tubbo bell, etc.

Today: Bkfst: (OK, little weird I know) salmon burger, green beans, 2 links sausage, water.
In truck on way was still hungry: 1/2 lara bar (tropical fruit is yummo)
Between stops: some nuts and half banana.
Home again: Roast, veggies, iced tea.
Dessert: hot tea with coconut milk coming up any minute.
I am stuffed, on track, and it's all good tonight.

01-15-2011, 10:13 PM
I started on January 1st ... 14 days for me :D....I haven't weighed in, but I am dying to step on that scale :goodscale: Clothes is loose I feel grrreat!! Except for a couple sleepless nights, I'm good, I have no idea why I couldn't sleep though :shrug: ...

Welcome babygrant ... A usual day for me lately is:

1-2 eggs with avocado and home made mayo I added capers the other day to this mix it was soooo good....

cup of blueberries and coconut milk

whatever is left over from the night before

an apple

beef or chicken with green beans and another vegetable like shredded cabbage with mayo, tonight I grilled some red peppers

I may or may not have an evening snack, usually 10 almonds or macadamias, for a treat on Friday night I added some dried Thomson raisins...

I haven't counted calories for quite a while either...

Every can of coconut milk I buy is different, some are thick you can't even stir it others are liquidy with chunks I've started putting the CCmilk in my handy dandy Bullet and blend it, it comes out frothy... I refrigerate it and use it in blueberries instead of yogurt...

01-15-2011, 10:26 PM
I just read back and I started W30 on the 3rd, so day 13 for moi @ 158.9 :faint: ....

Kel, congrats on an on plan day out :bravo: ... and your breakfast is perfect, we are so stuck traditional breakfasts there is no reason why we can't have left overs I've done it often :yes: it's a great way to stay on plan...

01-16-2011, 12:33 PM
Hi girls - I started the 3rd, so today is day 14 for the three of us (I think it's me, Ilene, and Kel doing Whole30). Halfway there ladies! I'm in 100% agreement on the feeling smaller thing... jeans are loose, and I feel good! Ilene - ditto on the sleep thing though... it is always, always the area that I need improvement on. I have never been a good sleeper. I'm doing better, though, and keep replaying all of Robb Wolf's mantras that not sleeping enough keeps the weight from coming off. I know it's important!

Anyhoo... our family dinner got moved to tonight because my SIL had a bad cold yesterday. So, tonight's dinner will be the pork loin, sauer kraut, mashed cauliflower. Also, I'm getting ready to go to the gym and shopping with a friend - may even buy something! I'm not a big shopper, but we'll see what I find.

Kel - great job on packing your snacks!! Nice to know you had that roast waiting for you, huh?

Susan and Ilene - well, finally tried the mayo, and it EMULSIFIED!!!! However, it tasted SO bitter! I made chicken salad with it, which turned out delicious (apples, walnuts, bacon, mayo), but I don't think I would like it just for dipping bits of chicken or burger in or in deviled eggs or egg salad.

I read several websites on homemade mayo in addition to your recipes (I was OCD it wouldn't work again and wanted to be prepared), and many said olive oil (regardless of EVOO, etc.) gives a bitter taste. So I took advice from one website and used about a 1/4 cup coc oil, 1/3 cup bacon drippings (melted those), and then about 1/2 c olive oil (evoo). Still, it was really bitter - DH commented on this too.

So, I went back to the websites to do more reading and found several sites which said it's the high speed of metal (if you use a blender, hand mixer, or food processor) that does something when it interacts with olive oil that gives the bitter finish. In other words, if you do it old school with a whisk (i.e. more slowly whipping it), it will not turn out so bitter.

Well, I'm not Julia Child's, and I won't be whisking homemade mayo. So, I'm looking for a paleo/primal friendly oil to use in my next mayo venture besides olive oil.

Please share any thoughts you have.

Have a wonderful and primal day, ladies!

01-16-2011, 12:34 PM
I have a super big positive today. (Drum roll please!) Today ... January 16, 2011 ... I (finally finally) broke the ONEDERLAND barrier and am now 199!!! Can you believe it? __________________

01-16-2011, 12:35 PM
I have a super big positive today. (Drum roll please!) Today ... January 16, 2011 ... I (finally finally) broke the ONDERLAND barrier and am now 199!!! Can you believe it? __________________

WOOT!!!!!! :carrot: What a feeling!!!! Great job, and CJ, look luck with the move back to FL!! :D

01-16-2011, 01:11 PM
:woohoo: CJ ONEDERLAND :dance: Congrats!!

Claire the olive oil I used is called : Filippo Berio Mild and Light olive oil. I used the extra virgin olive oil once and wow, yea, bitter is right :barf:! Today I made some more mayo took a chance and used my hand wand thingy because I find it easier and it came out perfect... At first I had my doubts it was very liquidy and I thought , damn Claire was right it won't work, but I kept slowly drizzling the oil and all of a sudden is thickened... Claire if I can do it so can you :high:

01-16-2011, 02:00 PM
I have a great appetizer, and my new favorite snack (though it's not terribly cheap, it is to die for!)... grill up some strip steak and cut it into bite-sized pieces. Make up some fresh guacamole with chunks of onion, tomato, spices, etc. Dip the steak into the guac... oh dear, a little slice of heaven right there in your mouth!!!

Not sure if that would be ok on the 30-day program you are all doing but it's definitely paleo and ever so satisfying!

Arkansas Kel
01-16-2011, 03:10 PM
babygrant - sorry, I forgot to add this - nope, I don't count calories. I however have only been moderately successful so far as I haven't been completely compliant (maybe I should say I'm doin 3/4 30 instead of whole?). My goal was whole, but this is my first adventure in paleo, so I'm not beating myself up. I've still come a long way, and I feel obviously better on paleo - mood, energy, motivation etc. It's not been hard overall.

walking2lose: Having that roast was our motivation to come home instead of eating out. :) Will do that next time too! I might wait to try mayo until your experiments are complete - keep up the info on the progress!

CJZee - OMG, YOU GO GIRL!!! ONDERLAND???!!!!??? WOWZERS! I am completely jealous. :carrot:

Today, big cooking to do this afternoon alternating with big laundry LOL. Planning meatballs, and dividing up some bulk meat I bought. (NOT grass fed - not very available in my area - am considering cowpooling though to get some). Got some chicken thighs cheap, and some chicken breast. We'll see what happens to it all. Also, yummo beef broth leftover from roast. Maybe reduce it to drizzle over meatballs (OMG doesn't that sound fab).

Have a Good W30 day Y'all!

01-16-2011, 04:27 PM
Congrats CJZee!!!!!!

01-17-2011, 11:22 AM
Congratulations CJZee! That's fabulous!

01-17-2011, 12:04 PM
I'm so happy with myself :D I stayed on plan all weekend!! No wine, no grains, no dairy, no ALCOHOL :cheers: not that's something to cheer about :yes: ... I haven't weighed myself yet either, 15 days no scale :goodscale: I just hope that I lose enough not to be disapointed after the 30 days.. I feel awesome though :dance: ... My skin feels really soft, my celulite has diminished a lot ... All is very good :broc:

01-17-2011, 01:52 PM
Ilene -- ok, so maybe it was the type of olive oil? I'm trying to figure out if grapeseed is primal/paleo friendly, as I read it makes a nice, mild unbitter mayo. I'll tackle that next weekend... And WAY TO GO on making it through the weekend!! Sounds like the whole30 is making you feel great (skin, cellulite = +1,000,000!!!!!) -- how can you be disappointed with those results?! :carrot:

Plum - that sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing. I'll copy it to my primal recipe file for future use.

Kel - maybe you shouldn't wait for me on the mayo - beginning to think it's ME, not the recipe/ingredients -- lol. I agree that you shouldn't beat yourself up over small/minor slips - sounds as though you have made radical changes, and I for one, and super impressed at how well you are adjusted. Incidentally, how did you find out about primal? Was it doctor recommended? So glad you've joined us here!

I am off work today for MLK day -- what a treat! I went to the gym yesterday with a friend and am quite sore from doing some arm machines - phew. I've been primarily walking, so I needed the kick in the butt. I really want/need to start doing some weights, but I haven't been too motivated. Hope yesterday broke the ice for me on going back to the gym.

Dinner at folks last night was good, except for getting quite pissed when my brother asked, "So, how's your new diet going - dad said all you eat is meat." WTH????? I have discussed primal with my parents who are very health conscious and my mom has done zone for years and gets the concept of healthy fats, more protein, low carb. My brother, on the other hand, is 45 and has been told he has metabolic syndrome, which means his tri and chol and BP are all bad, and he's essentially pre-type 2. He, of ALL people, would benefit from changing his eating, but he had to make a joke of it... argh :devil:

I know he was trying to be a pain in the *** and get my goat because I know neither of my parents told him I was eating only meat (again, WTH???), but still it ticked me off. I am reticent to talk about how I'm eating with people who will look at me like I have a third eyeball (You don't eat grains??!!) -- some people refuse to open their mind to "get" it, so I'd rather just eat my pork tenderloin, mashed cauliflower, greens, and skip the pecan pie thank you very much without making an issue out of it.

I know I was being overly sensitive, but still it upset me, and I had to vent.

Yeah, I feel better now. Venting is good. Thanks for listening and have a wonderfully healthy primal day, ladies!

01-17-2011, 04:51 PM
Plum, that recipe sounds W30 friendly :yes: ...

Arkansas Kel
01-18-2011, 12:03 AM
walking2lose: How did I find primal? I don't actually know! I've done low carb a couple times - but it didn't work the second time at all and when I got frustrated with feeling odd in a group or when the choices meant paying for a $12 plate to eat a burger patty and a micro salad - it would fall by the wayside. Found Mark Sisson by accident online - and it grew from there!

I don't even tell people I'm eating differently. I just happily munch through my salad or meat n veg while they eat fried breaded crap. Then keep 'em confused by my occasional slip (oh, call it an indulgence instead and they won't know the difference when u eat one bite of something). Learned that from low carb. If they're pushy about trying something - eat a bite, and move on. Then they don't know the difference. This afternoon I ate an apple, my office mate had pastry. Mine was better, hers looked dry/stale. Not even worth a slip.

Plum: nice, steak and guac - yummo! and it is whole30!

OK, today's run down - completely on plan. Breakfast of fried banana (only a few slices - not great - DH's invention), sausage, eggs, coffee. Lunch: BAS (Big A Salad) with homemade greek dressing, and leftover chicken. Snack: 1 perfect, juicy, sweet, cold apple - better than you can picture! Supper - OMG chicken thigh quarter roasted with rosemary/garlic/EVOO, boiled carrots, asparagus spears (with commerical mayo - I know, I know - but I wasn't in the mood to try it yet). And now, handful nuts with some hot tea.

01-18-2011, 12:23 AM
AK and Claire-- I don't tell people about the way I eat either I made the mistake I think of telling one teacher at school and I know half the school will know about it in no time :rolleyes: ... He says he's going to try it, I doubt he will pass day 2 without cheats :lol: he's a funny man... Already 2 people have asked me about the plan since I've told him, oh well, me and my big mouth :shrug: ... Like you said Claire, they look at you like you have a "third eye" well said :lol:

Run down of my day:

1 egg with HM mayo and capers
carrots and orange
left over sausage burgers cut up into my vegetable cabbage soup it was goood
apple and macadamias
we had chicken thighs tonight too, grilled with just a dash of S&P along with mashed turnips/carrots/sweet potatoes more soup

My breakfast of 2 boiled eggs, capers, chopped carrots and celery with HM mayo is ready, along with a blueberry coconut milk shake for my mid-morning snack, is all ready for tomorrow... I'm feeling really good :D

Night all .....

01-18-2011, 07:20 AM
Ugh... rough night sleep. Feel like I've been up since 3 or so. Not good.

Why can't I sleep through till 6??? Other days I can. I don't get it. At least lunch is packed.

01-18-2011, 11:00 AM
I have trouble sleeping too! Actually I went thru this a year an a half ago....when we moved back from England. I think my body was all out of wack and I lost alot of sleep. I think all the stress from the holidays got me out of wack again.

Anyway, I'm trying Melatonin.....anyone ever use it? I have some Ambien which I use if I absolutely have to.

Somethings what helps me (in case it may help any of you.....)
- sleepy time tea before bed (but may make you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night)
- exercise
- not eating late at night

If I wake up in the middle of the night, I try not to look at the clock as that causes anxiety and if I'm in the middle of a dream I try to go back to it....try to think about it and it sometimes works. If my mind is wide awake, i say to myself as I'm breathing....."breath in, breath out" and if my mind wanders to something serious I bring it back to the breath. I do this til I fall asleep...this has been working lately for some reason.

Good luck.....

Walking2lose......I too don't tell anyone....NO ONE gets it! I'm not a very good at debating or sticking up for myself so I say nothing now. It does make me angry too.

But that is why I love this board!

01-18-2011, 12:16 PM
I don't sleep well either... Last night it was 1:30 the last time I dared look at te clock...I've been taking Magnesium Citrate, I thought it was working but last night it didn't :shrug: ....

I run twice today, at 3pm and 5:30 but no gym...

Arkansas Kel
01-18-2011, 08:36 PM
wild and walking and Ilene: I have a bedtime tea ritual I've come to stick with. The tea flavor varies based on mood - but always a decaf choice. I hate chamomile (sp?) Nasty stuff. Love constant comment. Sometimes I have the tea with a half piece of pretty sliced up fruit. Belly settles. Body settles. When I wake up I plan something boring to get back to sleep. I plan every item I'd pack for my next vaca or what to buy at grocery store - aisle by aisle. I usually fall back to sleep pretty soon. I guess it's like counting sheep but personalized?

Today's rundown: Breakfast - sausage, eggs, half apple fried in EVOO (better than it sounds), coffee. Lunch - I SLIPPED. OH I SLIPPED AND FELL INTO THE FRIED CHICKEN! Ok, at work they have awesome fried chicken. Today was fried chicken day. I had one piece, mashed pot, gravy, green beans, and a wheat roll - then a cookie fell into my mouth. OMG. I'd feel bad if it hadn't been seductively good. Yeah, mama needs a little chickeny goodness, feels so good to be bad sometimes. OH baby. Anyway, back on track. Ate nothing else at work, had 2 bites of lara bar on way home - was STARVING by then. Supper: spaghetti squash with meatballs, onion, EVOO, herbs and garlic sauce. mmmmmmamama can cook sometimes!!! Paaapa - helped and said it was awesome! Later - tea maybe with some orange segments. My praise - at least I went off for something I love not just something to eat. Heck, the cookie was even fresh baked.

Tomorrow - crap is being served in cafeteria. No fear for tomorrow. Bring it on! RELEASE THE CRACKEN!

01-18-2011, 09:28 PM
Kel :rofl: .... I had these visuals of you falling into the chicken and the cookie falling in your mouth....It struck me though that although you ate all that food you were ravenous on the way home... Yet another reason why this way of eating is better for us, it keeps us fuller longer ....

Food has been on plan today... Ran twice the first time for 50 minutes the second 35 minutes, I'm tired, I hope I sleep tonight....

01-18-2011, 09:53 PM
Kel - TOO funny!! Hey, at least your cheat was worth it!

Ilene and Violets (I've totally forgotten your real name -- can you please remind me?), thanks so much for commiserating on the sleep and for offering tips. I definitely can't have tea before bed, as getting up to pee (or just having the sensation I have to pee) is an issue with my sleep. I like the other tips though, and even though I know I can do better with sleep hygiene, I'm not doing all that bad. Frustrating stuff. I get jealous when I watch my husband knock out mere seconds after putting his head down... sigh.

I was absolutely STARVING today -- ate rest of chicken salad, 2 eggs with spinach, a bit of good quality lunch meat turkey from Trader Joe's, steak for dinner (not grassfed -- we got Omaha steaks as a Christmas gift), asparagus, about 1/4 c. coconut milk with frozen raspberries and a handful of macademias.

By the way, what do you think happened to neurodoc? She asked us all those questions, and I thought we gave some really sound answers, but then she never rejoined the conversation. Strange indeed! :shrug: Do you think people just aren't ready to hear it? I strongly believe that the way we are eating will be mainstream healthy eating in ... oh, maybe 10 years.

I hope we all get a good night's sleep!!!

01-19-2011, 12:32 AM
I believe Neurodoc was seriously wondering about what the heck we're doing ... I'll bet she's reading the resources that were posted.

01-19-2011, 07:33 AM
I believe Neurodoc was seriously wondering about what the heck we're doing ... I'll bet she's reading the resources that were posted.

Haha!! I bet you are so right, Susan! I forgot how many links and books we gave her to read... lol :book2:

I slept all night -- probably 7.5 hours. Score!!!! Now I need to do that every night.

How did everyone else sleep?

Have a primal day, ladies!

01-19-2011, 11:19 AM
I slept very well :yes: :dance: .... I ran twice, remember, and was exhausted, sometimes cardio can have the opposite effect but last night, phew, it didn't !! I had some hot water and lime instead of tea, I just didn't feel like tea :shrug: ... Took a nice bath, not too hot, that too can make me too hot to sleep :rolleyes: Took some Magnesium Citrate too... Slept very well, we had a cat running around our heads around 2am, I now keep a water spray bottle beside the bed and spray them if they are being a PITA... I grumbled to my husband hope this doesn't prevent me from falling back asleep I was sleeping so soundly... BUT yay it didn't and slept till 6:15 :carrot: .... I feel so much humaner :lol: when I sleep well....

I have an outing on Friday evening, ugh, I really don't wanna go :tantrum:, but my mom asked me and I feel like I should, she's not a very demanding person, so I feel obligated... It's a Pampered Chef presentation... Pampered Chef sells kitchen stuff, these home shows are a lot of fun, but the person usually cooks, bakes, throughout the presentation... There is NOTHING that is clean... I am thinking that my excuse will be that «I had a large supper and I can't possibly eat another thing...» There may be some wine too the excuse will be that I am driving.... I am so not looking forward to this evening :mad:

01-19-2011, 02:54 PM
Glad you both slept well! Good news indeed!

Pampered Chef parties are much food and talking about food and so on and so on. They do have some neat things though......I bought a small pot that you can microwave veggies in.....I use it all the time.

I'm going to make some crab cakes tonight.....I'm assuming that is primal? And some homemade mayo too.....hope it works!

01-19-2011, 08:21 PM
Hey Primal Peeps,

Well, I just made the call not to go for my walk. My justification is it's 7:00 (worked late), I have yet to make dinner, have a few papers I must grade tonight, and I am going to make going to bed on the early side a bigger priority over exercising. I slept GREAT last night (glad you did too, Ilene!), but I want/need to get a couple more good nights under my belt.

One note about food -- last night after my steak and asparagus dinner and my coconut milk and raspberry dessert, I remembered that I had a bag of dried cherries. Needless to say, I ate half a bag (I guess it was about 2/3 c.) and was SO bloated all day today (also very gassy this morning - sorry TMI). It was really interesting to pin my stomach issues today specifically to the dried fruit. All my gastro issues I used to have been so minimized, and I realized today that I've sort of taken them for granted. It's NICE to wake up with a flat tummy, no gas, and no bloating. I don't want to go back to feeling puffy and gassy... ugh. More motivation that I'm eating the right way for my body.

Ilene - so sorry to hear about the Pampered Chef (I would not want to do that while I'm doing Whole30), but I bet your mom is a sweetie, and I'm sure this means a lot to her. If you follow your strategies (no wine - driving, etc.), you can do this! I would not hesitate to say my stomach was feeling a little upset if you get lots of grain filled things shoved at you. I hope there's a veggie tray or SOMETHING you can pick at.

Violet - crab cakes sound divine. I just read a crabcake thread on MDA (!) the other day. Here's one recipe they posted that sounds AMAZING but it requires scallops too. ( Ummm... top those babies with tartar sauce made with homemade mayo (when I master it), maybe sub coconut milk for cream (if on whole30)... yum! Crabcakes sounds really appealing right now.

Alright girls -- off to make my taco salad and grade some papers. Hope everyone had a good day!

Arkansas Kel
01-19-2011, 10:12 PM
Ilene - I think you're right about leaving me hungry. I was actually TOO full when (this is post fried chicken trip out) it came time for my usual afternoon snack (usually an apple and/or nuts) and do skipped it. Then didn't have anymore time to eat, and suddenly hit me as I left work that I could eat a cow on the hoof. LOL - no cats on my bed, dog sleeping at the foot deters them.

Today: ON TRACK! YA BABY! Breakfast: 1/2 orange, sausages, eggs, coffee. Lunch: leftover beef roast, turnips, carrots, onions, reduced beef stock for gravy - AAAOOOGA!!!! Snack time: apple. Supper: was stuck late at work. HUNGRY hit. DH said he wanted to hit the minimart (it is a good food place - this one has a real kitchen with plate specials and all) for supper. I got JUST a pork steak - yep, a big ol' hunka hunka burnin' meat. Ate it with fingers as he drove home. Smoky, spicy, little salty but not sweet at all. Might be a good choice in a pinch another day too! Filled me UP. Tonight - few nuts, hot tea as usual.

Glad ya'll sleeping better. I will be out like a light tonight. Was a hard day, and need to be up early tomorrow - we're GETTING SNOW! And I gotta work :(

01-20-2011, 06:18 PM
This batch of mayonnaise was fabulous! I seriously could eat it with a spoon! I measured out almost a cup of olive oil, drizzled it in first and then just drizzled from the bottle. I think it emulsifies when it's good and ready ... not necessarily when the measurements are correct.

01-20-2011, 07:03 PM
Susan, what do you mean about the mayo? Do you mean you used more than a cup? Did you use a food processor or hand mixer? I really am craving some but I still have the crappy batch I made yesterday......

01-20-2011, 07:18 PM
Susan which mayo recipe do you use?

It's been a good day food and exercise wise :D

01-20-2011, 07:56 PM
And what kind of olive oil? I'm going to try to get what you and Ilene are using.

I want yummy homemade mayo too!!!!! :crossed:

Arkansas Kel
01-20-2011, 09:05 PM

WE GOT LOADS AND LOADS OF SNOW! Well, not yankee level, but a lot for our little southern butts. supposed to be 1-3 inches - it's all of the 3 inches I bet. Makes even the ugliest of things beautiful doesn't it. I pass a junky yard on the way to work - crap everywhere - today, it's a beautiful little house, smoke coming out the chimney, white yard, no visible junkiness. Wish it could snow INSIDE my house.....

Been a good productive day at work - that always makes everything seem just a little more positive. Started out late - ate bacon, eggs, coffee at work. Then taco salad - no shell please - for lunch at work. Then nuts in afternoon. Supper - load of leftover veg and leftover hunka rosemary ckn. Desser tonight :) pineapple, banana, coconut milk, toasted nuts. OMG (burp), it's so good you'd think u couldn't have it. Now, where's that hot tea I slurp at every night....

01-21-2011, 07:31 AM
Snow = exciting!!! Well, when you're from the south, anyway! I imagine Ilene and Susan may beg to differ.

Where's Sandy? Seems she's been MIA - I'm guessing she's busy with work.

So, I slept great the last two nights (knock on wood). Though I slept soundly and just got up once or twice to pee and fell back to sleep, I did not sleep LONG enough. So, I felt kind of crushed when I woke (please... let me get two more hours). I'm going to stay committed and do even better next week -- earlier to bed and all that.

Eating has been good this week EXCEPT I had a cheat on the whole30 on Wed. night. Before I went to bed I thought I'd have a small dish of coconut milk and frozen raspberries. When I grabbed the coc milk from fridge, I spied a can of whipped cream (my pre whole30 treat) and all willpower flew away and I squirted a small dollop (couple tablespoons) on my coconut milk and topped it with a teaspoon or so of real maple syrup. This was a small sweet treat I would have occassionally (topped with a few nuts) pre whole30.

So, I had both sweetner and dairy... why?? No good reason. I didn't NEED it; I just wanted it. Do I feel bad... yeah, a little. I really wanted to do the month clean. Am I worried about it now...nope, moving on.

I don't think I'll have a problem staying clean the rest of the whole30-- we are end of month broke, so eating out won't be a I feel so good and healthy on the whole30 thing that it's really good incentive to stick with it.

Speaking of which -- Ilene - good luck at the dreaded pampered chef. What's your strategy? I think I would just say my tummy has been upset and I might be getting a bug - no appetite. But gosh, I know it's going to be TOUGH. But you are strong, girl!!!!

BTW, what day are we on???

Be healthy and happy Friday!

01-21-2011, 07:57 AM
I have not read the whole thread yet but I just wanted to let the Ontario folks that coconut milk is less then 80 cents a can at Food Basics and Metro this week. Time to stock up. :)

01-21-2011, 09:31 AM
I have not read the whole thread yet but I just wanted to let the Ontario folks that coconut milk is less then 80 cents a can at Food Basics and Metro this week. Time to stock up. :)Wowser if it's the organic stuff I am definitely going to get some, the coconut milk I buy is like $2+ .... Thanks for the info...

:carrot: I got out of the Pampered Chef party :broc: ... Firstly I have a wake to go to, the mother of a good friend of mine died this week... Secondly, I just said that I needed nothing... She's good with it because she was going with some friends of hers...

01-21-2011, 10:32 AM

I used (what I remembered out of my head) recipe. Four eggs, a glop of dijon and squeezed half a lemon. The oil was Filippo Berio Mild and Light. And it was more than a cup. Probably not much more but it wouldn't have whipped up so nice and fluffy if I had stopped at one cup. I used my blender turned down as slow as it would go.
DS#2 works in a salad dressing factory. He told me somethng er other about whipping too fast so I didn't use my little processor because it only has one speed. He thinks my stand mixer would be best but I'm afraid of the metal bowl. Do you remember how Miracle Whip used to taste if someone removed the paper liner from the metal cap? Yuck!

I guess I'll have to wander off to a Food Basics this week. That's a good deal. They do carry coconut milk in my local store but I think it was 1.99. It's still wonderful to have it within walking distance.

I'm experimenting this week too. I'll tell you all about it after I go Welcome Wagon a bit.

01-21-2011, 10:46 AM
Susan I guess it doesn't matter how many eggs we use or oil, because I only use one egg and it turns out good... I used the same oil as u did too it is very mild and light...

01-21-2011, 10:52 AM
Hi I'm Kierie
I'm easing into the Primal way of eating Starting with a week of the no grains/Beans then Kicking out the artificial sweeteners (The occasional Diet Coke/crystal light) the following week.
I have a question, I switched to almond milk for my protein shakes/coffee
is this ok? I peapodded my groceries this week and they only had sweetened coconut milk on offer. As much as I love heavy cream i've had gastric bypass and don't have to eat low fat but too much fat in the wrong vehicle can make me sick.
So far I've had 1 day under my belt with no cravings :) that's a first!
Looking forward to getting to know you chicks!

01-21-2011, 11:02 AM
Hi Kierie!

What I like about primal (and especially our little thread here) is that we all make individual tweaks and we all respect those individual choices. You know your body much better than any book author does.

Oh gosh I'm glad you're here!

01-21-2011, 12:04 PM
Hi girls!
Hope you don't mind me joining in- I purchased Primal Blueprint and Taubes' new book, which should be here early next week. I did read Good calories, bad calories, which I loved, but found a bit technical.

I have been on plan since Sunday, but weirdly I am always afraid to weigh in the first few days on plan. So I weighed tuesday to a major 185 (highest ever weight for me non-pregnant) I almost died. I figured I'd be high 70's at the worst because all my pants still fit , though they're a bit tight. Weighed today at 2 down. Hopefully I'll be able to keep to a weekly weighin now (the flucuations make me crazy)

So, at the moment, I am doing no grains, limited dairy, limited carbs, NO sugar. I am addicted to sugar and cannot eat it in moderation. Yesterday my carbs were 2 clementines, a Mike's light lemonade, and a sugar free tall cinnamon dolce (so basically a glass of milk). Only other carbs were in low GI veggies. I feel so good when eating lower carb!!

Bit about me, my name is Tara, I'm 34 and live in NB Canada.. 2 kids, 1 hubby, off work currently, severe Crohn's disease. DS7 has Aspergers and ds2 has a speech delay which keep me busy (appt's for both kids).. exercise is hard for me because I hurt so badly the next day, so it's good to see it not emphasized in PB and Taubes' books. I have tried mny plans in the past, never mnaging to lose more than 20lbs before eating sugar and falling completely and utterly off the wagon. At some point I always start to feel like I'm the one in control and can control my sugar intake (I can't) and end up bingeing once I have a bite :(
Lesson hopefully learned!
I look forward to "meeting" each of you ;)

01-21-2011, 01:38 PM
Hi Tara! Welcome!

For absolutely no good reason that I can think of, I've been fooling with ketosticks. I've been in ketosis now for about 24 hours. I really have to crank down the carbs and fill up on fats to do it. I figure that by tomorrow morning, I'll know whether it makes any difference ... scale-wise.

01-21-2011, 01:44 PM
Hi SRMB Thanks for the Welcome
Natalia I'm also 34 Married no Kids I have Cerebral Palsy and am trying Primal too reduce inflammation
Exercise wise
have you seen Chair Aerobics for Everyone? It might be less Taxing to your Bod
It's also the least offensive Chair workout! Theres some chick with other videos out named sunshine who looks like Dee Snyder!
Also an arm bike might be good (Mine was $100 on amazon ) Mine can be used for arms or legs
Ok working from home today off to throw some eggs on to boil for lunch

01-21-2011, 07:36 PM
Welcome to Kier and Natalia!! Glad to have you here.

I just wrote a longish response to the peanut question, ( so I'm going to keep this short.

Good day here. Very busy and tiring week at school (quarter tests next week), but I stayed on track. I'm getting ready to eat a yummy grassfed burger with a salad and then heading to the basketball game.

I'll post more later tonight or tomorrow.

Can someone remind me what day we're on for whole30? I'm thinking we are getting ready to enter our last week? It's going fast!

Happy Friday!

01-23-2011, 12:25 PM
What a quiet, quiet thread...Hope people aren't snowed in with power off!

Well, I had a very upset stomach when I woke up this morning -- felt better after going to the bathroom (sorry TMI). I'm pretty sure two things did it -- one, I ran errands for about 6 hours yesterday. I ended up being gone much longer than expected, so no, I did not plan food well. I decided to go to Chipotle while out and got the "bowl" (basically a burrito in a bowl for those who haven't been there) -- I go no rice/beans -- chicken, hot salsa, lots of lettuce, fajita peppers/onions, and guacamole. I read on MDA that Chipotle, while a better fast food choice than most, cooks everything in soy oil and may have some other hidden ingredients. Anyway, when I got home, I was still quite hungry, and I got a portion of nuts to munch on. Well, I mindlessly grabbed more nuts every time I went by the kitchen and by the end, dang it, I had eaten a TON of nuts. So my "portion" turned into many handfuls. Way more than anyone should eat. I knew it too, and was like, "Why in the heck did I just eat that many nuts?!" They were macademias and marcona almonds, BTW. Ugh.

So, I went to bed knowing that I might have done some damage, and sure enough, I woke up with the tummy issues - cramps, etc.... not a good feeling at all.

Lesson learned. I think for the last 10 days of whole30, I'm going to abstain from nuts. I need a break from them and, frankly, right now I have zero interest in eating any.

Today will be a cooking/meal planning day -- I'm going to cook a little, grade a little, clean a little... sounds like fun, no?

I have free range chicken breasts from Trader Joe's and two packs of free range chicken drumsticks (yummy!) that I'm going to bake. Additionally I have some grassfed ground beef -- gonna brown 2 lbs. of that and put it in containers for two meals -- probably one will be taco salad and the other might be Asian lettuce wraps. That should get us through the week meat-wise. I really need to go by my folks' house because my dad has a ton of venison for me, but I don't think I'll make it today.

My other food projects for today are kale chips in the dehydrator (will be one of my snack instead of nuts this week)and... wait for it... are you got it! MAYONAISE! Yep, today I continue the great homemade mayo challenge. I will be making it with my blender stick and light/mild olive oil. I will definitely post updates later. If it works, deviled eggs will also be a part of my diet this week.

Just so y'all know, I have read a ton on the mayo thing online... many sites say don't use evoo (so I should've known better) and several suggest canola or sunflower or some other neutral tasting oil I will not buy/ use. The one I wasn't sure of was grapeseed -- years ago I remember reading how great it was and healthy. Well, I finally got around to reading up on it, and it is NOT primal/paleo friendly unless you want an oil that is almost ALL omega six fatty acids (the bad kind, people. the kind that leads to massive inflammation, heart disease, and all the other fun stuff that we are all trying to avoid here).

So, I have my eggs on the counter to bring them to room temperature, and I going to get started on chores. I hope each of you has a fantastic day!

I'm svelting!
01-23-2011, 02:51 PM
Coming out of my lurking to post briefly ...
I got myself hooked on some frankenfood protein bars. I know these things are a tricky area for me and I keep going back to them. Sweet stuff whether it's sugar or artificial sweetener is my crack, it is the :devil:

This week I'll eat a bit of starch (small serving with each meal) and more fat to kick this addiction. If I'm going to have something sweet, I'm going to go for the real stuff -- true, good chocolate with good butter, etc -- not this ersatz, sweetened pseudofood.

01-23-2011, 03:26 PM
Hi girls!! Kierie (what a beautiful name, if I had had a girl we were going to name her kiera, but kierie looks even more beautiful in print)..I have never heard of chair aerobics and I will look into it- sounds like it's for me

claire, those kale chips sound interesting. Plmk how they turn out! I don't have the ambition for homemade mayo so I eaither use a tiny bot of full fat no sugar real mayo or some bacon creamy garlic dressing. So good on tuna!

Have been doing well staying off the scale and eating low carb. Today for breakkie I had sausages, bacon and 2 eggs and one clemmie .

Lunch/ snack wAs almonds and a lc hot chocolate.
Suppers gonna be BBQ burgers with sauterd mushrooms, no bun, veggies and salad .
Later I'm hbing some eggs and also making a crustless quiche for weekday breakkies..also gonna try that chili dog caserole tomorrow .
Have a nice clean day chickies!!

01-23-2011, 05:11 PM
Hi Ladies
I broke down and kindled the Paleo Diet. Its interesting but it conflicts a lot with primal. She seemed a little conflicting. . .watching fat but then putting a half cup of mayo in a salad for 1. I ended up having bread bleh I was using up marinade last night and didn't use my brain tons of sugar --> Reactive Hypoglycemia
Natalia Kierie is short for Kieran which means little and dark in irish :) Thanks for the compliment
Google the videos they have their own store much cheaper then on amazon!
Making 2 nights worth of dinner Baked chicken thighs with brussel Sprouts maybe with some flax oil and herbs

Embarrassing Q time Whenever I stop the refined carbs I can't go to the bathroom. any input would be Very Good
as it is I picked up some prunes took some extra magnesium and am drinking enough liquidh and coffee to float away

01-23-2011, 05:16 PM
Yayyy newbies :dance: Kierie and Natalia/Tara :welcome: and :welcome: back Svelting!!

Day 20 of W30 ... I'm doing pretty darn good, I must say so myself :D :D ... Last night DD and I went to to the show and neither one of us had popcorn. When I got home I really, really wanted a glass of wine but abstained... That was a tough decision, seriously!! I feel like I've lost weight specially this week but I haven't stepped on the scale at all...

Hey, where's Sparky?

01-23-2011, 07:53 PM
Ilene- thanks for the warm welcome!!i hope to be here for a long time. It's hard finding a place bc whenever I decide to reduce carbs and abstain from grain and sugar, I feel like I don't really "fit" anywhere as I tend to make the plan livable for me. As such when I post my menus or post in general I have to deal with judgements as I'm not working it "right ". Also don't want to post in the hardcore places as I don't want to tempt anyone either. It's nice to see the acceptance of this area!!

I did make my crustless quiche with sauterd mushroom, bAcon and onion, and a batch of sugar free sausages. So lots of options for breakkie tomorrow.
Carbs for the day besides lc veg was one clemmie, a couple tbsp cream, almonds, and Sf Swiss miss.oh yeah and about 4oz red wine with supper.
That looks like well under 60, maybe closer to 40. Supermodel sammie!!

Kierie well I have crohn's so the opposite prob but I thought fiber plus water=regular? How are your veggies? Have you treied an almond meal
or flax "bread"? If all else fails have a tsp or 2 of milk of magnesia, sugar free cherry is good. I need it once in awhile After surgeries with all the dilaudid I usually need a bit.

01-23-2011, 08:34 PM
I'm typing a quarter test, so I don't have time to respond to all. I'll do that tomorrow though.

I just wanted to say that I'm in MAYO HEAVEN!!!! Made deviled eggs immediately - sooo yummy! Thanks to Ilene and Susan for all the encouragement and tips... I'm never going back to storebought! :T

Here it is along with some kale chips I made today. And, no, I didn't put agave syrup in my mayo (I don't even use it anymore - insulin spike!- but the squeeze bottle worked great for dripping the oil).

...Errr, I just realized I need the pics to be online to post them. No time for that now, but I'll try tomorrow.

01-23-2011, 08:51 PM
Embarrassing Q time Whenever I stop the refined carbs I can't go to the bathroom. any input would be Very Good
as it is I picked up some prunes took some extra magnesium and am drinking enough liquidh and coffee to float awayNot embarrassing at all I had the same problem and asked for help when I started. To help with the problem I started taking a tablespoon of ground flax seed at night, then morning and night, now I don't seem to need it anymore...

Natalia, my nephew's wife has Crohn's I sure wish she would know about Primal/Paleo way of eating...

01-23-2011, 08:54 PM
Claire -- Did your mayo recipe require agave nectar? What a great idea, a squeeze bottle for drizzling the oil in the mayo!

01-24-2011, 06:15 AM
Home made mayo in egg salad ... glorious!

My beginner's constipation was short lived too.

I was going to get on the elliptical yesterday but decided shovelling snow might be more fun. I'm kind surprised that I'm not stiff this morning but I'm not.

I'm svelting!
01-24-2011, 07:59 AM
Natalia and Kierie , nice to meet you! :welcome2:

Ilene, thanks for the welcome back. :wave:

I'm impressed with the homemade mayo y'all are making. Only time I ever did that, I wound up with food poisoning and long sessions on the toilet.

Yesterday I got out for a 20 min walk in the lovely bright cold weather. I didn't wear my microfleece longjohns so my legs between the top of my socks and the hem of my coat only had cotton jeans as protection. So in the interest of rule 9 (avoid stupid mistakes) I headed home when my legs got too cold.

Ok, day 1 -- for the nth time :shrug: -- of my whole foods primal. Off to a good start, that's almost a repeat of last night's dinner.
6:30 Breakfast:
- 2 eggs scrambled with a little cream in ghee/coconut oil combo
- bok choy sautéed in ghee/coconut oil
- buttercup squash with a wee dab of coconut oil
- coffee w/ cream
- supplements (multi, D3, K2, Mg citrate, Iodine, ColdFX)

... and it falls apart not in content but in quantity
12:30 Lunch:
- romaine salad,
- olive oil & red wine vinegar dressing
- avocado
( I had some lovely wild salmon with but just didn't want it.)

19:00 Evening (can't really call it dinner) - hungry so in transit I bought
- frankenfood protein bar (I do acknowledge that it's better than many other choices)

19:30 Arriving home I had
- almonds
- berries & greek yogurt

01-24-2011, 10:49 AM
Claire....please tell me exactly what you did if you don't mind....I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO craving the homemade mayo but afraid to try again and waste more food.

01-24-2011, 11:44 AM
Thanks Ladies I <3 Flax but wasn't sure it was ok to have
I'll probably do my flax hot "cereal" Flax hot water and a tsp or 2 of almond butter it usually does the trick with a coffee chaser

<3 prunes too but they had me craving!
Will post later SWAMPED!

01-24-2011, 12:17 PM
Natalia, have you heard of the specific carbohydrate diet? It's very similar to paleo/primal, and it was developed to combat ulcerative collitis, and crohn's. The interesting thing is, many parents have found that it has helped their children with autism, so I wonder if it might help with asberger's, too? Just a thought.

Here's the link...

Also, has anyone tried making mayo with avocado oil? I'm starting to be tempted by your experiments!

Last night I made a beef tagine with preserved lemons and green olives. Delightful!

01-24-2011, 02:09 PM
Mahalia-thank you! Yes I've heard of the scd and tried a modified version but alas I find following it 100% to be very very restrictive. I just cannot do without dairy ( I limit it now but need cream in my coffee and the occasional latte.. Sf of course.. Many people with ibd see enormous success with no grains or sugar, which I am doing, but I've done it in the past and never noticed much change.

Ds has sensory issues with texture of foods so it would be almost impossible to have him stick to this..he has a very limited diet.
And I have a theory about autism/aspies though it hasn't been proven yet lol
I think the parents who notice an improvement with gf diet (about a third)
it's the ones whose kids are kind of glazed over all the time..Jenny McCarthy described it as the child being on the other side of a glass wall where it's difficult to hear you and always a spaced out glazed over look. Many kids on the spectrum have this, and many don't. Carter doesn't. He has texture issues, a focused interest, and trouble socially and with motor skills.

Thanks for the suggestion though, very astute and thoughtful of you!

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!!!!

01-24-2011, 11:31 PM
KO -- I read somewhere, maybe at MDA, that flax seeds where ok because technically they are seeds and not grain, so that was good enough for me :lol:... I also use flax oil as an omega 3 on salads and cooked veggies, I find it tastes very buttery... Your flax cereal sounds good too do you buy the flax cereal or use ground flax? I also find that cabbage makes me "go" and I love cabbage so I eat a lot of it... I grate cabbage and use it as spaghetti, either raw or cooked when I make spaghetti sauces or chili...

Today was a very good day, ate perfectly on plan, ran/jogged for a half hour, wasn't able to make it to the gym but as long as I did something I'm happy...

Later :wave:

01-24-2011, 11:42 PM
Hi Ilene!
Thanks for the input re output *cough* I just use the regular milled flax seed. Maybe throw in a dash of vanilla some cinamon nutmeg and ginger with the hot water The Almond Butter just makes it nice and creamy
I love cabbage too! I've been using Rainbow Slaw for Everything it's broc cabbage and shredded carrots

01-25-2011, 07:32 AM
Claire....please tell me exactly what you did if you don't mind....I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO craving the homemade mayo but afraid to try again and waste more food.

I will post my process tonight!

01-25-2011, 03:47 PM
Another day down... last night I made chili dog casserole from the site, meh.
it was okay .. but I doubt I'd make it again. I prefer just doing the taco bake style excpet in a skillet- no tomato sauce, no hotdogs. Just adding the taco spices to the ground beef once browned and lightly drained, serving on a large bed of greens and cover with cheese, sour cream , tomatoes, olives, etc. DH likes cukes too. and mushrooms.

Tomorrw I am going to try another recipe thats posted if I can get to the grocery store before the storm does, we're supposed to get another 30cm weds night or thursday..I was going to try the poor man's lobster. Looks interesting .
Tonight we're having pork tenderloin with tons of veggies, will also boil up a potato for dh.
Today I worked those arm muscles .. brought in tons of food for the foodbank and stupidly threw them in ecobags so they mustve been like 30lb each. THat was not so fun!! But when I got there one of the men who was waiting in line helped me bring them in. I was so thankful! DH will be so surprised to see the huge stash gone- but not for long :)

tomorrow busy,busy! 2 drop offs of sold items on kijiji, 3 hour infusion at the clinic, son's social skills appt after school, then dh is taking a night course just tomorrow might at the community college paid by his employer.
Since I am often wide open, I feel a bit anxious to be this booked up.
I am going to bring almonds to the clinic with me, and et cottage cheese on the way, or quiche before I go. They have a keurig so I will make coffee there. I'm sure none of their snacks are low carb though.

Kierie- whats the ratio of flaxmeal with water? is it like 1:2? Flaxmeal is almost a freebie after you take off the fiber! LOL if I recall its all fiber and fat?
it's handy for making that one minute chocolate "cake", very yummy.

01-25-2011, 04:49 PM
okay I just tried to make the hot flax cereal. I added 1/4 c flax meal with splenda, cinnamon, salt, butter and vanilla. added bout double the water and then nuked it for minute and a half. it was very good in taste, okay in texture, but awful in consistency! It was like mucous (sorry tmi) I wonder if halving with with ground almonds or pecans would keep the consistency in check? Hmm. I don't have any at the moment.. my almonds are seasoned but I'll get ground nuts at the bulk barn and try it out.

01-25-2011, 09:03 PM
Natalia, that mucus is described here : Flax seed slowly releases its mucilage through the fiber wall. After half an hour of soaking the little seeds, a slippery mucilage forms. The flax seeds act as a tiny mucilage release capsule. This release continues, changing the water to a slippery consistency similar to a light oil. Flax seed is God’s gift for a toxic colon! It lubricates and absorbs toxins perfectly.

Flax mucilage helps to prevent toxic build-up in the bowel during fasting or a healing diet. When juice fasting, take a teaspoon of whole flax, 2-3 times per day, with a generous supply of water. Do not chew the seeds; swallow them whole with a glass of water. This will allow only the mucilage to escape. The flax seed will pass out of the system without releasing any of its oil. Even though the oil is highly nutritious, it can hinder the deep cleansing process that is desirable during juice fasting. From this site ( I found it interesting... Some recipes even use flax seed soaked in water to replace an egg, I can't remember the ratio of flax and water to equal an egg...

01-26-2011, 12:19 AM
ew! I'd much rather go with the one minute chocolate cake!! and get in a yummy 1/4 c flax over a mucousy flax :(

01-26-2011, 07:39 AM
Think I'll skip the flax mush...y'all let me know how you like it!! ;-)

Great eating day yesterday - homemade chicken salad - delicious free range chicken roasted with lots of herbs, mixed with the elusive homemade mayo. OMG. Divine. A couple of hard boiled eggs in a huge salad with 3 kalamata olives, 1/2 avocado, and my olive oil vinagrette. Dinner was huge portion of brocoli with a piece of chicken. I had a very hungry day, and it didn't even include exercise because Tuesdays are my night school days (a 12+ hour day). Yeah, I packed all that and took it to work!

Just before bed, I had a slip up that was identical to the other night - 2nd time where a little dairy slipped in. I had maybe 4 T. whipped cream with about a 1 1/2 t. maple syrup drizzled over it. It's all fine and good, but I'm disappointed that I haven't truly don't the whole30 "clean", and I truly wanted to.

I will probably relax for a week or so when done and then try another whole 30 and see if I can stay dairy free. I have really rather enjoyed the whole clean eating challenge... maybe I just need to remove whipped cream from my house ...oh, and pure organic maple syrup - hide that too!

My birthday is in Feb, and I will go out to eat, so maybe mid Feb, I'll get back onto whole30. I know I don't have to follow it perfectly; however, I want to! So, that's my plan.

Still planning to post about the mayo success later -- wish I could put my pic up. Do you really have to have an online pic account to post anything here? I don't see why you just can't upload them?

Have a deliciously primal day, ladies! So glad to have so many wonderful gals to chat with!

I'm svelting!
01-26-2011, 08:06 AM
Still planning to post about the mayo success later -- wish I could put my pic up. Do you really have to have an online pic account to post anything here? I don't see why you just can't upload them?
Claire, you can attach an image to a message when you use the Advanced Reply box which is accessed by clicking either the
- "Post Reply" button at the top+bottom of the 3FC page
- "Quote" button in every post
- "Go advanced" below the Quick Reply box.

There's a paper clip in the options that run along the top, and the images you can post are gif, jpg, png and tiff.

01-26-2011, 04:43 PM
HI Ladies,
So I went to Trader Joes and bought some whole flax seed and some flax seed oil. How do you all use it exactly? Do you grind it or leave it whole? I know Ilene said she uses the oil for salads and what not. I'm a little confused on the cereal thing......

Thanks for the input.

01-26-2011, 04:49 PM
Hey WV!
Ok so for Flax "Hot Cereal"
Take 1/4 cup of Ground flax
You either add boiling water until you get the consistency you like
or pour some water in and nuke for 1 minute

Then Stir in up to 1 tbsp Nut butter of your choice

I tend to stir in a half cap vanilla cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg

01-26-2011, 04:50 PM
I'll be having some Very Soon

01-26-2011, 05:13 PM
Thank you! Sounds good!

01-26-2011, 06:54 PM
I ground my Flax and keep it in the freezer because it goes rancid very quickly after it's ground. When it's not ground it will last forever... Don't ground it too much just enough to break the shell, the coarseness is what makes it so good to clean your colon... The flax oil I use on almost everything now, tonight I added it to my plate of shredded cabbage along with some HM mayo, very good... it has a very nice smooth buttery taste...

Another good day... 5k run and food was spot on too :D

01-26-2011, 08:09 PM
Hi, everyone. I'm coming back to 3FC after too long an absence, and migrating to the paleo/low-carb camp. I've known about paleo for a year or two, but have never been successful at it. I've been listening to podcasts and reading books and blogs by many different experts, and I think I know how to modify the food plan this time to succeed long-term.

I had a great day today, which unfortunately followed not the best day yesterday.

The standard American diet has left me with a lot of pain and various problems, so I am very hopeful that paleo will improve my health.

01-26-2011, 08:53 PM
:welcome: Athenacapella :wave:

01-26-2011, 09:26 PM
Hi Athenacapella -- Welcome to the club - we are glad to have ya! :wave::

Great food day, and I will not be having any whipped cream or maple syrup, thank you very much. :carrot:

Thanks to Svelting I will now attempt to load my mayo pics... here I go.

I followed Susan and Ilene's advice/directions and also this guy's (

I put 2 yolks (brought to room temp for about 4 hours) in a mason jar with 1/4 t. salt, pinch of white pepper, 2 T. cider vinegar, and 1 T. lemon juice.

Using my hand blender stick thingy, I whisked those ingredients together. Then I used my empty agave squeeze bottle (I no longer use agave, but boy, the bottle worked GREAT for this) to literally drizzle drop by drop (well, a few drops at a time, but very slowly) the oil into the yolk mixture with my stick blender on LOW. I used about a cup and a 1/4 oil total (the light and mild olive oil, NOT EVOO!!!!!).

Once I had added maybe a quarter or third of the oil, it started to emusify!!!!!! I was SO excited! After that it was easy. I could add the oil a little faster and just watch it turn into delicious goodness. Umm, um, good!

Thanks to Susan and Ilene for the coaching and encouragement. I believe the secrets were making sure the yolks weren't cold and drizzling the oil super slowly at first -- way more slowly than I thought you had to. The squeeze bottle was perfect. It took me about 10 min total from when I began to add oil until it was done.

And, guess what? It's already gone! Egg salad, deviled eggs, chicken salad - so awesome. I will make more this weekend.

Glad to hear everyone is having a good day and enjoying your flax!

01-26-2011, 10:47 PM
:cheer: Claire :woohoo:

01-27-2011, 07:33 AM
:cheer: Claire :woohoo:


Thanks, Ilene!

Ok, ladies ... let's have a great day! And I hope we hear from Sandy and Mikki soon... wondering where they are and how they are doing.

01-27-2011, 12:12 PM
Thank you CLaire!!!

I am a happy mayo making mama! It worked!!!!!!

01-27-2011, 01:02 PM
Short post for now from the itouch and a longer one later...

Yesterday was so busy!! I went for my remicade infusion so I'm hoping to have a bit of energy this afternoon; maybe I can get some housework done.
We are snowed in for now so i' m not going to be venturing out soon..

Been doing good onplan but am out off almost all my foods so really need to get to the store. Worse comes to worse I will just cook a roast And gnaw on that lol. Got my books too and read Gary raines book and about a quarter of primal blueprint. I really like Siddons writing style but it looks like carb level for this plan is way higher than what I would need to lose weight... But it looks like he has good tips and pearls of wisdom, and perhaps I can up my carbs to his levels at maintenance. But still follow the principles and spirit of the plan.

I'm going to keep a closer eye on the carbs as I may have to make my max z40G for now. I feel like not much is coming off but I know lc is for me.
so even though they weren't making me crave I'm gonna dump the clemmies for now and watch the nuts, maybe one serving a day . Dairy will be only if I have room in my 40g. I was reading a eades' blog entry about how weight can come off much slower the third etc time you low carb, like the body remembers and holds out for awhile.
Very interesting read. I am also borderline hypo and very very sedentary.. Lol
I'm just gonna keep on keepin on .. At the very least I'm not gainingand I feel so so much better with this woe that my craving don't have control over me anymore. I used to be like a prisoner..

Ah well this looks like it got pretty long after all lol
have a great day chickies!!!!!

01-27-2011, 02:50 PM
So now we're all a bunch of mayo mamas :lol: ...

Natalia -- hang in there you can do this...

Arkansas Kel
01-27-2011, 06:28 PM
I'm BACK! Few days of busy busy and broken computer - I musta po'd karma again somehow. Anyway, the cliffs notes: I stayed on, fell off, stayed on, fell off, sneaked a smidge, and got back on. Today all on track. I've loosened up the plan to the whole foods all primal over the idea of "whole 30" or I was going to just quit. Didn't want to quit, was just getting bored and wanted the junk I was trying to give up. Now with the wider choices, welcome back tomatoes, I'm all good again. Girl just needed a break. I think I did a whole 15 before cheating set in. Then the on again off again relationship developed and I decided to commit, but only to a milder, more open minded WOE.

Welcome newcomers. Good to have more brains in the mix so to say.

01-27-2011, 07:10 PM
Mayo Mamas -- I love it!!! :cp:

Kel- sorry to hear about the karma issues, but I'm glad you are back with us in one piece. No regrets on the slips or modifications - this is a transition for all of us and tweaking to best suit you is one of the things we do.

I gotta say though that Whole30 ROCKS, even with my couple cheats. I truly feel great and just got back from the dentist where the hygenist and dentist both raved about my teeth and my gums. Seriously, it was almost weird and made me a little embarrassed -- but, hey, I'll take it. I can only think it has something to do with the way I'm eating (no sugars, grains, etc.).

And... another NSV - I wore pants to school today that haven't fit me for two years or so. My friend who teaches across the hall charged over to me in astonishment and said, "You just look like a model today - you are SO tiny." Ok, she is always effusive in her compliments, and I didn't look like a model,, but it felt GREAT that people are noticing changes. I also had two of my eleventh grade girls ask me about my pants and tell me I looked good in them. :o I was a bit taken aback and probably blushed, but again, I'll take it.

Looking forward to closing whole30 strong, and then... starting to think about what I might add back.
--I will definitely be having wine next week
--toying with adding stevia back to my coffee - getting used to just coc milk though
--maybe a little cheese?

Easy dinner - burgers with onions and mushrooms, sauteed spinach on the side, leftover cauliflower.

Hope everyone had a good day!

01-27-2011, 08:51 PM
I had reeeeeeaaally bad sugar cravings today but didn't give in. Hooray! I did have a diet soda, but considering I was drinking two 20-oz regular Cokes a day before, I'm doing OK.

Stocked up on some meat tonight.

Not seeing results yet, but hanging in there.

01-28-2011, 09:29 AM
Athenacapella.....I like your quote!

01-28-2011, 10:43 PM
Had a diet soda again today. Really, really battling cravings around the 3-4 p.m. mark and I won, but going to have to figure something out for that.

01-28-2011, 10:55 PM
Had a diet soda again today. Really, really battling cravings around the 3-4 p.m. mark and I won, but going to have to figure something out for that.

How about 1/4 cup almonds? I find they're really hitting the spot, not to mention the paltry 2g net carbs :) especially good with a small glass of red wine but maybe not if you're at work, LOL. I'm finding them great because they're so portable, just put 1/4c into a snack size ziploc and stick it in your purse! Good with coffee, too.

I had a good day today; my carbs were probably the lowest since I started PBish but I have more energy and feel "cleaner" and healthier. Not bloated, kwim? I usually sit on the recliner all day and night (chronic illness too) and today I actually picked up my 2yo and danced with him! That has not happened in a while!

Also got some good healthy groceries, lots of walking in, and lugged everything in myself.

here's my eats:

breakfast- 3 no sugar sausages, 2 HB eggs with a small pat butter, and a coffee with cream and a stitch of splenda
lunch- not hungry as very late breakfast so snacked on water and 1/4 cup almonds
supper- wendy's, ordered 2 double juniors, with no ketchup, and threw out the buns, diet coke
after groceries- 1 glass red wine, a few more almonds, diet dr pepper

Gawd I feel so good I hope this feeling has some momentum ;):D

Arkansas Kel
01-29-2011, 12:43 AM
walking2lose: so true, it's comfortble for me now. Way to go on the pants!!!!! How exciting!!!

athena: I like a larabar when the cravings hit. Usually just a half is enough.

Natalia: I've found this to be a highly customizable, unique process. Glad u found your way.

Tody: almost all on track. Good day at work, food went OK. Had a piece of bread, and a couple tsps regular BBQ sce on a BBQ plate. Otherwise 100%. So what's that 90%? Hope so. Still not a soda one since about Jan 2 - that alone is major. I'm calling this a success. I'm into eating foods I had drifted away from. I'm off sodas. Unsweetened tea (hot and cold), coffee, and water are my preference now - trust me, that wasn't expected. Whole 30 changed me, even though I wasn't the best at this. :) It's all good, no it's all GREAT! I've added back tomatoes, potatoes, peppers - with gusto. Still waiting for most dairy and alcohol to add back - although a little dairy has been on my plate here and there.

01-29-2011, 01:27 AM
Arkansas Kel -- Whatever works, works! So tweak as you will... I didn't realize that tomatoes were not allowed on W30 :shrug: I suppose there are a nightshade and not anti-inflammatory friendly and that's the whole point of sorts with W30...learn something new everyday I guess...I've been having tomatoes in the form of soups all along :lol:

Natalia -- You're doing so well, keep it up! Yes, the momentum gets better :yes: ... and keep dancing with your 2yr old :dance: it's a great workout too... Where are you in Canada? I'm in Eastern Ontario

Athenacapella -- I find an apple and some almond butter is good as a snack, celery and almond butter, a cup of blueberries and coconut milk are great too...

I truly feel great and just got back from the dentist where the hygenist and dentist both raved about my teeth and my gums. Seriously, it was almost weird and made me a little embarrassed -- but, hey, I'll take it. I can only think it has something to do with the way I'm eating (no sugars, grains, etc.).Funny you should mention your teeth, I was just thinking today how much smoother my teeth feel since going W30, huh, who woulda thunk :lol: ...

W30D25 -- Well, today was the perfect example of «Fail to plan, plan to fail» kind of day... I went to a full day conference today and didn't bring any of my own foods, I just kinda felt silly doing so, but I figured I'd eat the meat only in the sandwiches and they always have raw veggies, because that's what they usually have catered in... We get to lunch time and what are they serving LASAGNA :faint: Lasagna is not my favourite at the best of times, even before Primal/Paleo and even less now with W30... They also had salad (some white iceberg lettuce, with one sliver of a tomato on it :lol: ) of course they also had mandatory pale white buns... It amazed me at how everyone himmed and hawed at how great this lunch was oye, the SAD is really a sad state of affairs to say the least...

Oh, and my bad food choices day didn't end there. Tonight we went to my BIL and SIL place for a post-Christimas party :shrug: I don't know maybe they had extra food left over from Christmas :lol: or maybe it was to break the monotony of the month of January.... She usually puts out crudities and dips, well tonight there were not a one raw veggie only every imaginable dip filled with cream and cheeses :dizzy: and crackers... but there was a shrimp plate :carrot: ...

So in both real life situations I did the best I could... At the conference I scrapped the meat out of the centre of the lasagna, ate the meat and two bites of the noodles, had two plates of the pale salads :rolleyes: I had brought some macadamia nuts though... Oh, and, in the morning when we arrived we were greeted with healthy muffins :barf: croissants :barf: :barf: and donuts :barf: :barf: :barf: ... In their defense they did have fruit, so I did partake in some of the fruit. At the «post-Christmas» party I had shrimp, fruits, I found a leaf on a plate that was there to decorate :lol: and scooped some dip onto it...It was really laughable, I musta looked like a :dizzy: person :lol: ... maybe I am :lol:

What I am proud of is that I did not have a one desert, either at the conference or at the party :broc: and no wine :cheers:... Plus I am only drinking decaf coffee now, it's been a week...

01-29-2011, 06:07 AM
Good morning!

I'm going to call the ketosticks game a loss. I have to eat so much to make the stick turn purple that I've steadily gained all week. So I'm going back to my relaxed, nibbling approach.
Oh say ... I got on the elliptical yesterday. Poor neglected gadget, it was dusty ;)

01-29-2011, 10:47 AM
Ilene - your post was a trip to read. I was laughing all the way through, especially at the "pale salad" and stray "leaf" on a plate you used as a scooper!! ha,ha,ha!!! Way to go on getting through that - you are so right - what horrid choices they fed you -- donuts, muffins, white rolls, lasagna, UGH.

The Whole30 doesn't require you to give up nightshades (peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, etc.) If you are testing for your responsiveness to inflammation, they mention it, but many recipes on their site do call for nightshades, and I know Robb Wolf eats peppers, etc. I have actually had tomatoes just a couple times (just because ... not on purpose), but I've sauteed peppers several times with other veggies.

Good job on giving up coffee - was that tough? I'm still enjoying a cup or two a day with coconut milk (sometimes I add a bit of vanilla extract), and I have no plans to give it up.

Natalia - You go girl! Sounds like you are starting to FEEL the benefits of primal! Love the dancing part!

Kel - you are rockin' along! How are you feeling? Is your husband still on board with you?

Athena - you can conquer the D.C. thing - give it a little time, maybe find some substitute for that 3-4 time when cravings hit, and maybe just don't keep them in the house (or is it at work that you're buying them?)

Susan -funny you mention the ketostix. Back in the summer I bought some just to see where I was. I tried to do a few weeks VLC and wanted to know whether I actually was in ketosis. I only used them a couple times, but funny thing... ok TMI warning for some... this morning my pee smelled strong (like vitamins or maybe spinach that I had last night), and I thought, could that be ketones? So I got out a stick and it said "moderate" (I believe it was 40)... I don't even know where it should be or what. I did not have fruit for the last 2 days -- wednesday I ate the last of my frozen raspberries/blueberries - so I wonder if that's what did it. Anyway, let me know if you have a better understanding of what all that is supposed to mean!

Where are Sandy and Mikki??? I'm missing them!!!

Everyone else - I'm looking forward to a good clean weekend. Wishing all of you a healthy and happy one too!

01-29-2011, 10:54 AM
P.S. Who has noticed that nearly 2,500 people have viewed our thread this month?! Are we that entertaining? :lol: And I never did hear back from neurodoc, so I suppose we overwhelmed her with info, or maybe she decided we are the "lunatic fringe." :dizzy: I think we can blame Ilene for that (JK!) Hee, hee... can't decide if I prefer that for a nickname or Mayo Mama! :carrot:

Arkansas Kel
01-29-2011, 12:40 PM
W2lose: We only gave up nightshades because we both have inflammatory issues – didn’t make any difference for us. Wheat made a significant difference for him however. Any bread sneaks back in, he feels it the next day. An obvious pattern has emerged for him. My obvious wheat reaction has been SEVERE belching/gassiness (and that’s the polite version). So the wheat must stay gone, the nightshades are being welcomed back with open arms. We tackled this thing full throttle as best we could, thus the nightshades banishment temporarily. My inflammation is better, but not significantly. It bothers me a little less often, but not less severely and I didn’t find a direct connection to anything with it. Maybe just getting healthier and smaller will make more difference. :?:

DH has asked me to make up a “lunchbox” to keep in his truck of safe snacking. So I gotta brainstorm stuff that heat and cold won’t hurt much – maybe a little fruit, dried/fresh, nuts, tuna pouches, bottled water - any ideas? He wants it to be his portable “minimart.” :D

Ilene: I think you did as well as you could for the conference – not a complete fail. I’m proud of your tenacity with it. :cool:

Today - so far so good, but it's early LOL. Going to a birthday party this afternoon - but it's at a BBQ joint - so there at least the option of a crunchy, pale (LOL) salad with some soso acceptable dressing and a hunka meat added. Actually, I'm most excited about the meat ;) AAAH, porksteak.

I'm svelting!
01-29-2011, 01:47 PM
I'm going to call the ketosticks game a loss. I have to eat so much to make the stick turn purple that I've steadily gained all week. So I'm going back to my relaxed, nibbling approach.
Susan, I'm delighted to hear you're giving up the ketosticks; they can become an obsession that nobody needs. :) You've been eating primal for a while so your body may have "keto-adapted" and be using the ketones instead of excreting them.

DH has asked me to make up a “lunchbox” to keep in his truck of safe snacking. So I gotta brainstorm stuff that heat and cold won’t hurt much – maybe a little fruit, dried/fresh, nuts, tuna pouches, bottled water - any ideas? He wants it to be his portable “minimart.” :D

Today - so far so good, but it's early LOL. Going to a birthday party this afternoon - but it's at a BBQ joint - so there at least the option of a crunchy, pale (LOL) salad with some soso acceptable dressing and a hunka meat added. Actually, I'm most excited about the meat ;) AAAH, porksteak.
Kel, it's not a product with an exteremely long shelf life, but he could keep meat jerky in his truck stash.

I was out for barbecue last night and just finished my leftover pulled pork. I really don't know whether I like it better hot and steaming, or cold the next day. I guess I'll just have to keep testing until I get a definitive answer. Enjoy your hunka smoked meat today!

01-29-2011, 06:35 PM
hey ladies

I've been having soem crazy stress that sent me into a fibro flare then led to the REALLy REally stupid decision to have a beer last night . So I spent the most of today in pain and trying to feel human. Back to full detox!
Natalia sorry about the flax cereal texture its definitely a bit gloppy But
i don't usually have time to make a Muffin in a minute in the am
The Almondbutter usually helps the texture
I'm debating doing peapod or just going to the store. Need to get meal planning!
For the chicks who don't do dairy do you find it makes a big difference?

01-29-2011, 10:32 PM
Good job on giving up coffee - was that tough? I'm still enjoying a cup or two a day with coconut milk (sometimes I add a bit of vanilla extract), and I have no plans to give it up.I found it a bit hard but not too bad... I weaned myself off by adding one scoop of regular coffee and two scoops of decaf in my morning coffee, then last weekend I used only decaf coffee only the first couple of days I felt really tired at mid-afternoon with a bid of a dull headache, now I'm fine which is great :D P.S. Who has noticed that nearly 2,500 people have viewed our thread this month?! Are we that entertaining? And I never did hear back from neurodoc, so I suppose we overwhelmed her with info, or maybe she decided we are the "lunatic fringe." I think we can blame Ilene for that (JK!) Hee, hee... can't decide if I prefer that for a nickname or Mayo Mama! I did notice that we had a lot of views, how cool is that?... Lunatic Fringe :crazy: or Mayo Mamas, not sure which suits us best :lol:For the chicks who don't do dairy do you find it makes a big difference? I don't really have food related health issues so it's hard for me to say if it makes a big difference...

01-30-2011, 10:47 AM
The flaxseed cereal is awesome.....I've really missed oatmeal during the winter and this was a good substitute. I had some roasted flax seed from Trader Joes that I ground and added cinnamon, protein powder and splenda from a recipe I found. I made it for my DH who wants to cut back on carbs but doesn't like eggs. He wouldn't even try it but i ate and it was great! Of course when I make it next time I won't use the splenda and probably not the protein mix but the ground roasted flax was yum!

Thanks for the tips ladies!

I'm excited my DH is trying to lose weight. Not hat he has to lose much but it will be easier for me cookingwise and eating wise.

01-30-2011, 12:00 PM
Violet - glad to hear your DH is going to try to lose - I agree, it's easier to shop and cook when there is some measure of compliance even if it's not primal/paleo!

Ilene- the coffee thing -- I'm thinking maybe this summer I'll give that a whirl.

I had an interesting discovery last night and I'm not sure if it's related -- I had curry for dinner. It's a pack of curry paste you buy - gluten free, MSG, etc. and you mix it with a can of coconut milk. I don't think I've made it since summer when I was also eating tons of other nightshades - peppers, tons of tomatoes, etc (we garden). Well, last night's curry was delicious, but I woke in the middle of the night (and still have it now) with very sore and achy hips and knees. I have had joint issues in the past (had a false positive lupus, have a sis with lupus, lots of arthritis in the family, etc.) - I never had a diagnosis of anything, but now I'm wondering if I AM affected by nightshades?! I sure hope not!!! But I may need to experiment with that a bit.

KO - I have given up dairy just for this whole30 and the main difference I've noticed is I just feel trimmer - I think it must be easier for me to lose with no dairy. I feel pretty darned good - not sure if it's the lack of dairy or what.

I will probably add back in grassfed butter (kerrygold brand), a little whipping cream here and there, and occasional cheese. I don't drink milk anyway.

You could give it a try and see - it wasn't as hard to give up as I thought.

Have a great day, ladies!

01-30-2011, 12:46 PM
Oh, paleo-eaters, my weekend has been a disaster. Had a major carb binge fest yesterday. Time to learn and move on, but I only made it a week on this paleo/low-carb journey. Longest I ever lasted being paleo was a couple of weeks, and the weight was flying off. I want to get there again! I will get there again!

How did you folks get over that initial hump? Did you just muscle through? How did you deal with the carb cravings?

01-30-2011, 12:54 PM
Oh, paleo-eaters, my weekend has been a disaster. Had a major carb binge fest yesterday. Time to learn and move on, but I only made it a week on this paleo/low-carb journey. Longest I ever lasted being paleo was a couple of weeks, and the weight was flying off. I want to get there again! I will get there again!

How did you folks get over that initial hump? Did you just muscle through? How did you deal with the carb cravings?

Oh, Athena! It's ok!! It really, really helped me to "primalize" my kitchen. I know some people do it in one fell swoop; I did it gradually over a month or 6 weeks. Truly, getting the junk out of the house helped a ton until those initial cravings went away.

Also, it's very important for me to have primal/paleo snacks, for when I want a snack, an egg or leftover pot roast will not do. Macademia nuts work well for me (even though I can get carried away, it's better than something else), KALE chips are a fav, there are tons of recipes out there for paleo snacks/apps.

Brush it off and get back on the horse - do not dwell on it - just stay calm and carry on!!!!

We are here for ya!

Arkansas Kel
01-30-2011, 06:50 PM
Athena - never fear, it's a process and a journey, not instant perfection. Don't give up. I agree, primalize your kitchen. I only "cheat" when I'm not home cause at home there just isn't much to sneak. Don't beat yourself up. One meal at a time. As far as the initial hump - I made it 2 weeks, then cheated, then made it a few more days, then a cheat, then a few more days... I think it's a slippery slope if you don't get back on it. We are not perfect people, and besides that it's hard to like perfect people.

I went off today - WAY off. s'kay. Was out with my BFF. Had sausage on way out door (so far so good), stopped to get gas and coffee - and a DONUT. UGH. OK, stopped at one, drank coffee. Sliding.... Cici's for lunch - 2 plates of pizza, a token pale salad, and cinnamon roll dessert. Yep, sliding..... and KAPLOOSH!!! The upside, I'm so full I couldn't eat right now. But I did learn something from today, not what you would expect. The salad had grape tomatoes in it. They were frozen still. FROZEN. Was kinda good. Who knew, frozen grape tomatoes could be yummy. I'm sure it's not what they meant to do!

The other upside - got loads or primal grub for the next couple weeks :) The cave fridge is LOADED with healthy eats. Now, to be compliant for awhile. BURP, at least until I'm not about to bust. (excuse me)

I'm svelting!
01-30-2011, 07:57 PM
Yikes ... little non-primal adventures, including daily frankenfood protein bars, over the week leading up to some bread consumption on Friday and Saturday. Result: today, I felt tired and was a craving monster. Realizing that it was just biochemistry didn't help much. I ate lots of fat off the spoon: olive oil, coconut oil, and pumpkin seed butter, macadamia nuts, almonds, eggs and butter. For dinner I wound up eating a lot of a root/tuber casserole, something I'd planned to have throughout the week. Sure hope tomorrow is easier.

If the cravings continue tomorrow, I may try some sublingual L-glutamine until I'm back from the dark side. I got the L-glutamine tip from Primal Body Primal Mind (

01-30-2011, 11:17 PM
I fell into the :corn: last night when DD and I went to the show to see The Rite... Today I am back on track, ran this morning, made a veggie soup and a spaghetti sauce...

01-31-2011, 09:08 AM
Hi everyone! I have been traveling, snowbound, traveling, snowbound, and am ... finally, finally, finally ... back home in Florida. Thank goodness! Have been ok food wise except the road trip had me eating sandwiches in the car. Then, last night to celebrate our arrival, we went out to Margaritaville and I had a turkey burger and fries with ketchup and half a frozen margarita!

I made a conscious decision to have this food. What is it that compels me to have these "final" bad meals before I climb back on the horse?

01-31-2011, 11:28 AM
Hi Ladies
WV Glad you liked it
I had it this morning with 2 tbs of almond butter It exploded a little in the micovwave but cold mornings I want something hot and quick
I'm leaning towards the lower end of the carb spectrum to get the loss cranking!
Happy Monday!

01-31-2011, 07:58 PM
Welcome home, CJ, and hello Mayo Mamas!

We just had a delicious red curry chicken soup for dinner. OMG, it was so tasty and rather addictive - we both kept going back for more. It started last night with a leek/cauliflower soup modified from this recipe. I got the idea to spice it up with my open packet of gluten free red curry paste and coconut milk. We ate a little last night (just smooth and creamy), and then tonight I added sauteed onions, peppers, and chicken -- wow, it was so good. This recipe is a keeper for sure.

We also had scallops last night prepared exactly like this. ( Holy cow - melt in your mouth goodness! They are the frozen wild scallops from TJ's - I've had them in my freezer for a while (I love scallops but am not too experienced cooking them). Well, this recipe is a keeper too! They're pricey, but maybe this will be a monthly treat for us - love! They didn't need anything else, but just to be decadent, I used my homemade mayo (2nd successful batch!) to make a simple "tartar" like sauce -- just the delicious thick mayo with finely diced Clausen pickles - a dollop on the side of each of our plates was divine.

I am getting really dramatic about my food, but gosh, it's just amazing to eat such good food, to NOT be hungry (!!!), and to feel so great -- oh, and the shrinking part ain't bad either!

Hope everyone had a great Monday - can't believe we are almost at the end of whole30 :(

01-31-2011, 09:32 PM
Hey chickies! I'm still here and doing well. I have been eating clean and the darned ol scale just does not want to budge! So I was thinking that maybe although my carbs were low( under 30) maybe I was getting too many calories?? I know taubes says they never matter but according to the eades they do, for some folks. So now I'm journaling my food and doing a calorie and carb total... I've also been counting hidden carbs all along... So for right now I'm going to shoot for 1500/30 and maybe once a week if I need it 1800/50 but still no wheat starch or sugar. It's hard to believe nothings coming off when you consider my old diet.. I would think nothing of having a family sz pkg of licorice or whole bag of Teddy Grahams

But at least my energy level is slightly better, I don't feel bloated and I have no cravings....

Have a good evening girls! Heavy is on tonight.

01-31-2011, 09:46 PM
Thanks for all the support, everyone! That really means a lot.

My kitchen doesn't have any junk, but when I get some of those cravings I go get food. Carbage is never far. *sigh*

Today I started out back on plan, but the chicken and spinach that I thought would be an adequate lunch and I was starving. I ended up going off plan. BUT, the good thing is that when I went to the grocery store after work, I was actually planning on getting a glute n-free pizza "since I already was off plan and blew it for the day," but then when I was there the thought of a steak was so much better. So I got a steak and ate it and spinach and broccoli for dinner. Yum!

So here's to a better day tomorrow, everyone.

Arkansas Kel
01-31-2011, 10:17 PM
CJZee- I repeat, it's hard to like perfect people, so it's ok not to be one. I'll state the obvious: move on, get back on the horse... etc etc. If somebody's perfect u let me know and I'll dog 'em until they stop playing diet **** on here.

Athena: Good going! Proud of u! Of course, when is it not a good time for beefy, juicy STEAK goodness. Crap, and I just ate. mmm, steak. with pan sauce..... OH MAMA!

Natalie: let us know how goes it. I think we all can be successful, if we just learn to do what's best for us and not worry about a cookie cutter plan.

Today was good, albeit a little off plan in the afternoon. Breakfast: usual sausage, eggs, avocado, lime squirt, coffee. Considering adding a little yogurt tomorrow (yep, I said it - DAIRY - I know some may not call it primal, but MDA says to have a little cultured dairy wouldn't kill me). Lunch: BAS (Big A Salad) of greens, onions, cukes, leftover rotisserie chicken, Duke's may mixed with greek drsg. AWESOME! Supper: stir fry (our version of hamburger helper). Small square of 85% chocolate, cup of hot tea. Many glasses of unsweetened iced tea. Coffee. Phew. The cheat: afternoon party at work - ate some gardetto's snack mix. :( with unsweet tea :)

01-31-2011, 10:47 PM
Forgot one more small victory.

I had a meeting with someone over coffee today, and I thought to myself, "well, I already had dairy yesterday, I might as well have this tiny bit of half & half." It was GROSS. I barely drank half and threw it out. And to think I used to need a lot of half & half in my coffee and a couple of years ago sugar, too. I even did a coaching session with a paleo nutrition guru and whined about having to give up half and half. How on earth did I get here?

I have become ... wait for it ... wait for it ... a black coffee drinker! And ya' know what? I kinda like it. Black coffee=naked coffee=sexy coffee. ;)

walking2lose: Do you make your own kale chips?

Arkansas: Thanks for the encouragement! Let's make this week a good one, OK?

Natalia: How long have you been stuck? How long have you been at this? That totally STINKS about the scale! Stupid scale. Sounds like a totally smart move to count your calories for a spell and see where you're at.

CJZee: I think it's just totally human nature. I am SO guilty of that. "Well, I already ate this bad food, so I might as well eat more bad food." That all of nothing perfectionism -- story of my life!

02-01-2011, 06:24 AM
Pure unadulterated coffee!

I have a bit of dairy. Butter, cream and cheese. Yogurt is an occasional treat. Doesn't seem to make much difference to me.

I'm svelting!
02-01-2011, 08:13 AM
I made a conscious decision to have this food. What is it that compels me to have these "final" bad meals before I climb back on the horse?
CJ Welcome Back! As for what drives the desire to make sub-optimal food choices, I call it "diet head." I always thought that Barry Sears of "Zone" fame made a great point when he said the focus should be on meals not days or weeks. Each meal is an opportunity to nourish ourselves and adjust our biochemistry. Which way we adjust it is up to us!
We just had a delicious red curry chicken soup for dinner. OMG, it was so tasty and rather addictive - we both kept going back for more. It started last night with a leek/cauliflower soup modified from this recipe. I got the idea to spice it up with my open packet of gluten free red curry paste and coconut milk. We ate a little last night (just smooth and creamy), and then tonight I added sauteed onions, peppers, and chicken -- wow, it was so good. This recipe is a keeper for sure.

We also had scallops last night prepared exactly like this. ( Holy cow - melt in your mouth goodness! They are the frozen wild scallops from TJ's - I've had them in my freezer for a while (I love scallops but am not too experienced cooking them). Well, this recipe is a keeper too! They're pricey, but maybe this will be a monthly treat for us - love! They didn't need anything else, but just to be decadent, I used my homemade mayo (2nd successful batch!) to make a simple "tartar" like sauce -- just the delicious thick mayo with finely diced Clausen pickles - a dollop on the side of each of our plates was divine.

I am getting really dramatic about my food, but gosh, it's just amazing to eat such good food, to NOT be hungry (!!!), and to feel so great -- oh, and the shrinking part ain't bad either!
Claire, your cooking adventures sound delicious and have almost inspired me to try making mayo and to try to eat shellfish again. I try shellfish every now and then to see if I like it yet, but haven't tried it in a few years.

I know what you mean about good food. My partner and I were "m-m-m-ing" through Sunday's dinner of flank steak marinated in wine and garlic, broccoli with butter, and roasted root veg with thyme.
Hey chickies! I'm still here and doing well. I have been eating clean and the darned ol scale just does not want to budge!
Have you checked the measuring tape or a pair of jeans. My weight hasn't budged much but my body is smaller than it was on January 1.

Forgot one more small victory.

I have become ... wait for it ... wait for it ... a black coffee drinker! And ya' know what? I kinda like it. Black coffee = naked coffee = sexy coffee ;)

I'm envious ... I've had periods of several months where I've had only black coffee and I still go back to having it with cream. Wahhh! :tantrum: I wanna be a sexy coffee drinker!

My return to normal quantities of food has been assisted by good helpings of fatty foods. Yesterday I had at least 1/2 cup of macadamia nuts. Pricey but better for me than lots of the alternatives. I think my neeps & tatties (turnips & sweet potatoes) feed on Sunday was just what the doctor ordered. I felt far less crazed about eating, that state of "I. MUST. EAT. something but I'm not hungry.".

Have a great Tuesday!

02-01-2011, 12:11 PM
hi girls!

Kierie- I keep forgetting to pick up that almond butter but when I do I am going to re-try the flax cereal :) I forgot the peanut butter or almond butter in your recipe

walkingtolose: I soooo love scallops, caramelized in butter. Mmmmm! And we usually do about 1/2 lb as tournedos as they are so decadent and filling (wrapped in 1/2 slice bacon). Scallops are also a much better deal buying them yourself than getting them at a resturant and they taste better, too!
Biggest tip to cooking scallops? preheat skillet to smokin', otherwise the moisture leeches from the scallops, they become tough and fail to caramelize well.

athena- you are my heroine for getting back onplan the same day as going off. I for one have a very hard time with this- once I have a minor detour then I am trolling the house looking for something to binge on! Ridiculous , I know.. but hard habit to break.

arkansas- you are so right about plan customization.. but purely from a mathmatical perspective you'd think I'd be losing something!! Maybe my worst fear has come true- I might need to exercise :(
I like the no cravings, slightly more energy, no blood sugar slump, etc. but I keep thinking of the other times on Protein power or CAD where I wasnt even this strict and lost weight at a moderate pace and steadily. There's nothing I can do except keep on, keepin' on I guess.. or get off and gain even more weight?! LOL Staying the same is way better than gaining even more.
I'm wondering if I need to get my adrenals and or thyroid checked. Hypo runs in the family. and I have most of the symptoms.. and I was borderline hypo (too high but not high enough to medicate)at age 20 (now age 34)

svelting- I think Dr sears has that part right. focus on one meal at a time..esp with those of us with a lot to lose, its overwhelming thinking about low carb low calorie for the next 50 years! LOL and women tend to look at the big picture and get overwhelmed. I know I do.. and then have a mini panic attack.
I did n't measure my inches this time and its kinda hard to tell as I usually wear yoga pants ( by butt is lways sore so theyre more comfy).. and they have seemed baggier and always pulling them up. But I squezed into my fave pair of blue jeans yesterday and they were tight- tighter than normal. But I haven't worn them in prob a month either so since the holiday gain I probably have not worn them at all (I got a few pair of comfy in the butt cards I was living in :).. IN short, not sure yet.

I think I will a) see my doc
b) keep with the low carb low cal plan and
c) this the hard one- stay off the scale the next few weeks and just let my body do what it needs to do-- the only time I ever do the bad self talk and wanting to go off plan is after a weigh in.

IN other news... still doing good today. Hickory ham for breakfast and coffee with cream.. for lunch I think I"m gonna go with a salad with all the yummo fixins like boiled egg, turkey, and olives. Supper probably leftover hickory ham with broc/cauli and a pat of butter.
I tried a homemade latte yesterday with my unsweetened almond milk. I hope I can get used to the taste as its so low cal and low carb!! I didn;t really care for the latte but I don't think it was the milk's fault, the espresso seemed a bit stale and the fake da vinci was overpowering. I put in a lot as the milk was unsweetened but it turns out even unsweetened alomnd milk is naturally sweet. I'm going to give another attempt later :)

Going out for a bit later to pick up the last present for ds's 3rd birthday and some milk etc for the big storm tomorrow (another 30-40cms!!!) They're going to have nowhere to plow the dern stuff!!! And another $20 out of the bank for the guy to plow the yard ... its adding up this yr!
So hopefully will get in a bit of walking ..

talk soon, ladies!!

02-01-2011, 06:41 PM
Do any of you play lexulous? It's like scrabble.

Arkansas Kel
02-01-2011, 08:39 PM
Allaya’ll: I love good sexy naked coffee, but I also like it with a little cinnamon 

Srmb60: Didn’t try the yogurt yet – went for sour cream. And get this, my weight started going down again. My compliance went up with the extra variety added back.
Athena: Girl! It is a good week!!!

Svelting: What a good word for it “diet head” So true.

Natalie: I agree, on the not losing weight prob: how are your clothes fitting? I bout lost my pants today and I have barely lost weight! Ya, exercise may be another answer – slow and chronic is my plan on it. Even took the stairs today, of course the fire alarm was sounding so I didn’t have a choice except to wait. On the thyroid, I’ve heard the labwork can be misleading – sometimes borderline might still need meds. Ask and get it rechecked. And those other diets may have worked better because of your age – that darned aging metabolism. Good idea too – scales are a work of the devil. We measure organic, living, beautifully imperfect bodies and then judge them by an inanimate, calculating demon.

Today: Good day at work, very productive. Breakfast: sausage, eggs, few bites sweet potato, SEXY coffee. Lunch: Side salad: little dairy in cottage cheese and dressing, pale lettuce, etc. plus double order hot wings. Afternoon snacks: munched on rest of hot wings, pear, nuts. Snack on way home: 1/2 bag peanut m&m's (ok, that was a cheat but so what - coulda been a cappaccino and donuts). Supper: primal chili (my chili recipe, minus beans, plus can of spinach and shredded carrots) over hebrew dogs, just enough cheese/sour cream to think I had some, sprinkle of onions, water. BIG O YUMMO! Probly some hot tea later in my usual tradition. Good day with a tasty end. I had the option of attending a pampered chef party today, but opted out. Didn't think I could be good faced with all that peer pressure/sales pressure.

02-01-2011, 08:42 PM
Hooray, I had a day of completely following Atkins except I had 1 diet soda. I want to give up diet soda as well but I'm not going to worry about that until I get a few weeks in again. (I'm still doing butter for now, but otherwise it's paleo as well.)

I had some severe sugar cravings this afternoon, but my snack worked. Yesterday I was inspired to make what may qualify as the weirdest snack ever. I'm glad no one saw me eating it or didn't ask me what it was.

I had some avocados that were going to be rotten soon. I wanted to make some hardboiled eggs. And some bacon sounded good. So I made hardboiled egg salad but with avocado instead of mayo and touch of olive oil. Yeah, totally wacky and weird. But I loved it.

srmb: Sounds interesting! I'll have to look it up. Do you play on the computer or on a smartphone?

02-01-2011, 08:51 PM
I'm wondering if I need to get my adrenals and or thyroid checked. Hypo runs in the family. and I have most of the symptoms.. and I was borderline hypo (too high but not high enough to medicate)at age 20 (now age 34)

Natalia, definitely could be worth getting your thyroid checked. My advice is to ask your doctor for a copy of the blood test. Not all doctors know the new thyroid range. When my thyroid was retested about 6 months ago, it was indeed hypo.

I worked with a naturepath and tested the adrenals as well. I feel SO much better now. I definitely did not have the energy to diet before boosting my thyroid and adrenal function.

02-01-2011, 09:31 PM
Wow. Great to see all these posts, ladies!! I did a good skim of them and will have to reply tomorrow because I'm still grading papers... UGH. Grades are due tomorrow, thank God.

In his podcasts, Robb Wolf harps on minimizing stress, which we all know we need to do -- he emphasizes that excess stress and lack of adequate sleep really hamper weight loss too. Of course we all know this already, but it's easier said than done, right? I keep thinking that to truly minimize stress I need to QUIT TEACHING... the teenagers are getting more difficult each year. Suggestions anyone??

Ok, back to the papers and will comment more tomorrow -- in the meantime, I'm loving our new thread language:

SEXY coffee
pale salad
mayo Mamas
diet head

What else have we coined?

02-01-2011, 11:38 PM
Oh my goodness! Just the computer. I hardly know how to make a call on a cellphone :?:

Do any of you have snow? If it turns out half as bad as the forecasters say, I shoulda bought more groceries ;)

02-02-2011, 12:53 AM
I would love to hear more on the naturopath helping with your adrenals. My current GP is great but I'm always running to him with problems and would love to get them tested by a naturopath instead. pretty sure my work covers half and would it be too good to be true if dh's plan paid half, too? LOL

I just hope they don't try to get me off the hard drugs.

I'm svelting!
02-02-2011, 08:07 AM
Hey everyone ... I took the liberty of starting a February thread (