100 lb. Club - Remember the Family Guy episode (TTMMII!)

12-29-2010, 08:35 PM
I decided that until the family leave tomorrow, I was going to pick little bits of whatever, get back into it Friday. Not a bad plan - but my body thought otherwise. It didn't seem to me that I ate that much but clearly, I can't take the meat/sugar combos I used to. I felt so awful, beyond awful this afternoon and evening. The kind of way when you can feel you insides have just given up; nothing is going down, nothing is coming up.

I lay down. I drank water. Then, just when I thought I'd just die on the spot, I fell into that epi of Family Guy, when they all drink ipecac. for a bet. Honestly, all I could think was I need someone to hold my ears out of the way!

After that, I expected to feel better but I felt terrible for another 2 hours, and then I fell into the re-run.

Phew. Well, this year's lesson learned ~ I've taught my body to eat healthy food this past year, I've got to stick with it!

So: somewhat shakily, back on the waggon tomorrow!

DixC Chix
12-29-2010, 08:51 PM
Hope you feel better soon.

I am right there with you. Too much rich and sweet. (food that is, not men;)) It is surprising that my body is rebelling against the food with a vengence. It definitely does not like the menu for the past couple of days. I spent most of today in bed or bathroom. I didn't need the help of the Family Guy. Now I have a sore throat. Good excuse to stay home for New Years.

Arctic Mama
12-29-2010, 10:01 PM
Um... I can't say I've had that problem. I can tolerate pretty much any type of food, depending on the quantities consumed. I'm glad you're feeling better, though :lol:

12-30-2010, 03:24 AM
This morning we live to fight another day!

I don't quite know whether to be happy or sad about my 'intolerance'. I always used to pride myself on being a totally non-picky eater. It looks as though I've got to consider myself picky now. Still beats being obese though!

12-30-2010, 08:14 AM
That sounds more like food poisoning than simple intolerance. Please be sure you replace lost electrolytes as well as water. V-8 juice, the regular kind, not the low salt kind, is good for this.

It could also be a food allergy. Did you eat any shellfish? I suddenly became allergic to clams one day, even though they had never bothered me in my life prior to that. Now I can't have any at all.

I hope you feel better!


12-30-2010, 06:25 PM
Thanks Jay. I'm pretty sure it was digestive failure rather than anything else. It just got plugged up. I need to remember to keep portions small and infrequent, and also not to eat a high proportion of sweet stuff. Should help the weightloss!

12-30-2010, 06:53 PM
Hope you feel better soon.

I don't know if you notice it, but the post seems like you have. I feel like crap when I go back to eating crappy food and not exercising. I felt great when I was, that is reason enough to get back on track eh.

Happy New Year everyone!