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12-27-2010, 10:37 PM
So, most of you know I work for a veterinarian and we also do a lot of dog boarding. We were very full for the holiday weekend, which I had off.

So anyway, I get to work this morning the vet tech was a bit early and had the place open and when I walked up front, he was helping one person, and another lady with boarding dogs walked in, so I said, "hello, how was your Christmas?" Woof, she unloaded on me.

The original arrangement was that the boss, who had weekend duty would call her on Sunday so she could come pick up her dogs. He called their home phone, no on answered and the answering machine did not pick up, so he went home. Later she called him and he said he was already at home, (he lives 15 miles away) and was not coming back at 8 at night.

Onward, she is ripping me a new one this morning and i have no idea what her problem is until she gets to the end of her story, all in front of other clients. :?:

She wants her bill, and the bill for the dog that was sick that we treated a few weeks ago, she's never coming back, and she wants all her records, because she's never coming back, yada, yada, yada.

And did her sick dog, get this and that and the other while it was here? Well, yes it did. Hello! We are a veterinary hospital.

All this time, myself and the vet tech are being NICE! We finally get all the paper work done, she paid the bill. So, first we go get her dog food. It had a ziplock top, the vet tech, zipped it shut. OMG, she freaked out and accused of not feeding her dogs, because the bag was zipped shut. He explained to her why the bag was zipped shut, showed her the zipper, she still was in OMG mode. After 3 times over the stupid zipper, she sort of got it.

All of this is coming from a woman who has a sick, 12 year old lab. We did blood work, prescibed antibiotics, anti nausea meds and a special diet. 2 days later she called and decided to quit the meds and change the diet. When they brought the dogs in to board, she mentioned she forgot to tell us the dog eats gravel. Umm, that would have been nice to know, when you brought her in 2 weeks ago, and she was vomiting and didn't want to eat.

Through all of this, we were NICE. Smiled, offered to help her load up, she is pregnant and "pitiful" *rolls eyes*

The whole situation was insane. This is a woman who blew into town about 2 years ago, single, went to work for our local biggest employer, and met a guy she wanted, so she broke up his marriage, is married to him now, and knocked up, not working because her new hub makes lots of money and has decided she is better than the rest of us. Yup, she showed up in her jammies this morning, bed head, attitude and all.

God deliver me from DIVAS!

Thanks for listening, I feel better now! :hug:

12-27-2010, 10:51 PM
Oh how i feel your pain! Im a Vet tech myself at an animal hospital and wow don't we love clients like these! Loved how she changed the diet from the sensitive stomach diet im sure you perscribed to something like moist and meaty thats just going to give the poor thing diarrhea for a while. Hmm maybe all over her snobby white rugs? lol

12-28-2010, 09:28 AM
Snobby white rugs, lol. Probably. Phoenix had an accident in the night on her bed and the owner wouldn't take it, told us to toss it. We washed and are keeping it, it's a nice dog bed.

We did prescribe Science Diet, canned I/D for the tummy. A good product. She put in on a high protein active dog Iams wet food. Bad for an old dog with gastric upset.

Ah, well, she said she wasn't coming back, thank goodness. Hope she gets along with the other vet in town. He's a nice enough guy, but his wife is a raging b**ch.