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11-16-2002, 02:39 AM

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11-16-2002, 02:49 AM
Hi guys... I thought I would start a new thread since we were getting into the 30's again... Plus it will make it easier for me to see where we were when I left town. LOL

I am headed out Saturday morning to go visit my daughter in OKC, actually Norman, OK. That is where Okla University is.

I am in a REALLY BAD MOOD. I am soooooo frustrated with my husband at this moment I just want to PIG OUT !!!
Don't worry... I am not going to turn to food... but I am aware that I always want to STUFF MY FACE everytime I get mad at him.
I don't need to go into any details... same ole same ole. :rolleyes:
Let's just leave it as ... we don't see eye to eye on some things. lol

I babysat tonight and really enjoyed my grandbabies. It had been awhile since the last time I watched both at the same time. The 2 year old is sooooo smart !!!! The baby is sooooo sweet. She is 9 months now. But she sure does keep me hopping. LOL
She crawls and gets into everything she sees. But she also is very good at stopping when grandma says no-no. :nono:

I am sooo upset with my husband my shoulders are ACHING.
I better go relax somehow and get to bed. Hmph... I don't even want to get into the same bed with him !!!! :lol: MEN !!!!!

11-16-2002, 10:47 AM
Hmmm Arabella, incredible sex...childish sometimes :?: Let me think about it NOT. I will let all of you wonder what I would do, should the chance ever arise!!!!:lol:

(Kat, you know me so well.)

Mary, send me some of that Christmas cheer...I have NONE, absolutely NONE.....

Anyway, I had a small revelation yesterday. I have been thinking & thinking on why I over eat. Yesterday I was thinking about my best friends daughter and her new boyfriend. "E" (best friends daughter) is such a sweet girl but has had her share of trials. She is 27, so NOT as many as some of us, but she has bounced from job to job....she would get the perfect one only to have them close.... this has happened to her 6 times!!!!:yikes: She has always since a young girl wanted to find the right man and that wasn't happening. 3 years ago this one guy really hurt her and she was so sad and her Mom was so worried about her. Well, a year ago she met Mr. Perfect and they are so in love you can "see" it when you see them. So, yesterday I am driving back to work from Wal-Mart and thinking about how "E" was so lucky and that I was so happy for her when I started to cry. I realized in a flash that that is part of my issue...

I feel I will never have a real love in my life. I mean a male partner here...not all the others in my life that love me...the kind between man and woman. I feel I have missed this life experience and it makes me sad and depressed - ergo - I eat.

Don't get me wrong I have had male relationships since I was in high school - up until 3 years ago anyway...but I KNOW none of them were real love. I was in the relationship for other reasons and I know that now. At the time I thought I loved them but looking back I know I didn't.

I really hate to miss out on this life experience.
(wish I would have know this when I shut my emotions down all those years ago) WAY too long of a story....

So, that is my sad tale for today.

Are you all sending pictures in your cards?????? I don't have one!!!!!! At least not a recent one.

So, Chat tonight????? Kat, do you want to do 7PM Eastern time????? Would that work better for you????

11-16-2002, 11:32 AM
Hi girls! :wave: Just a quickie, checking in. :) I'm a 'show girl' again this weekend. WooHoo. Keep those $$$$ coming! :D Maybe this weekend I'll actually get to see a movie! That would be good!

I'm sorry I don't have time to respond to all of you. I hope you have fun chatting tonight. I'm better on Sunday afternoons, but I know where Tina is then. :lol: Oops, sorry I mentioned it. I suppose I'll get her started again!

I hope everyone is doing well. I've been trying like the dickens to be good this week. I still haven't gotten in all the veggies, water and journalling I should, but have really been watching. I did indulge in movie theatre popcorn yesterday though. :nono: I debated with myself, but I won. :^:

You guys take care. Love :love: to all.

11-16-2002, 12:51 PM
Good Morning chickies...

It is SO dreary here today...Nor'easter coming, coastal flood warnings...rain, rain go away...bleahhh...:p I'd like to just crawl back into bed...I had to bring my daughter to an 8:15 orthodontist appt this AM...had all sorts of ambitious plans for housework when I got back...and yet, I've been parked in front of the 'puter since we got back.

We saw Harry Potter last night...Was that one of your movies, Thin? It was good, but I didn't like it as much as the first one. Actually this story was my least favorite of the 4 written, so maybe that had something to do with it. We did have a lively post-movie discussion at the diner afterwards, which was a LOT of fun. Dh, myself, daughter and her boyfriend, son, and 2 nephews...good thing that part of the diner was fairly empty!

Mary...I'm envious! I wanted to start some shopping yesterday...Kohl's was having a HUGE sale, but when I go there, there was absolutely no where to park...I hate crowds so I passed...I actually did some shopping at Old Navy (LOVE that store...I got 3 pairs of pants and 5 shirts for my son, and 2 shirts for dh for $52.00!) I don't think I'll wait for Christmas to give them though...they could use the stuff now. I did buy some body lotion and after bath splash for my Mother in law...I'm sure she'll have some disparaging remark about them. Oh well. I need to FOCUS on what needs to be done. and get doing it. I think I'm going to do a lot of baking this year and just give cookies...It's too hard to buy for so many people and I hate to think that my gifts will go the way that so many of the ones I receive go! (Salvation Army!)

Maybe some of the cynicism will wear off the closer we get to Christmas.

My mood is very reflective of the weather...sorry!

7:00 est chat will be great for me...I will be there with bells on...and a more cheerful disposition, I swear!

11-16-2002, 03:49 PM
Hi All,

Lucky, sweetheart... I know exactly how you feel, and I suspect a lot of the other married women here do too. Who ever marries their soul mate? I guess I always hoped to do that, and it's easy to convince yourself that you feel that way about someone when you're dating. But marriage is so damn real :yikes: And full of compromises. I think in my heart of hearts right now I would prefer to be single. And I don't think I would ever want to be married again. And - I have a fairly good marriage. I would love to be in love, but I don't think I ever have been or ever will be. Sigh. And I'm sure even if you find a really romantic guy, there are trade-offs. Hmmm... like "fantastic lover/childish bad boyfriend" George Clooney. Yup, I would go for it in a heartbeat :o

Elsewise, that's where all my weight came from, pushing all those bad feelings down my throat with food. No more. I refuse to keep myself a walking, chomping, zombie.

11-16-2002, 08:02 PM
Okay, it's 7:00, I don't see the chat link ...am I blind??

11-16-2002, 08:06 PM
I know....they must have taken it away....:cry:

11-16-2002, 08:10 PM
type in www.3fatchicks.com/chat and then you have to register and then you're in...

11-16-2002, 08:12 PM
I'll wait...

(whistling the Jeopardy music...)

11-16-2002, 08:25 PM
This is a new chat place...I don't like it...first of all cuz no one's there :( ...but it's not easy to find, or to get into and then when I typed a message to nobody in particular, it didn't show up on the screen...what's up with that? Maybe I should report this to 3FC.

...and I was all psyched to chat...

11-16-2002, 10:12 PM
Well, I know there are "other" places where you can chat...I think Baylee knows of some. I will check it out and maybe Baylee can help....we will find a place.....

11-17-2002, 03:07 AM
Hi guys!

I'm not feeling too chatty right now but I just thought I should check in to let you all know that I hadn't disappeared off the face of the planet! All is good... diet-wise and otherwise; I've just been go-go-go in the last couple of days.

Baylee... I can't believe a man from work would threaten to hit you (or behave towards you in a manner that would make you think for the least moment that he wanted to!)?! What kind of professional environment is that? He sounds so disgusting! Sex with a 14 year old?! Whatta creep! It's natural to be upset after arguing with such a intimidating man; I'd be shaken too! Is it possible to go over your boss' head if this man continues to be so crazy and your boss isn't listening?

Kat! Sounds like you're in need of some Christmas cheer! Hope our Christmas Card Exchange will do the trick! Remember ladies... get your mailing addresses to me ASAP as I'll be sending out the Christmas card mailing addresses (by PM) in the next day or two!

Okay. It's 2:00am here. I should get to bed so I'm well rested for my workout tomorrow. Do you chickies know that I work out EVERY day for like an hour? I know... pretty impressive! I've only missed one work out day since I joined my gym last month! Now... I won't be able to keep that up FOREVER since I'm blessed with a lot of free time right now but won't always be so blessed BUT I definitely think I'll keep it up until I reach my goal weight... only 29 more pounds to go!

Sara :)

11-17-2002, 10:09 AM
Grrrrr :mad: whenever I CAN sleep in a little I wake up at the crack of dawn.

Thanks for the chat room, Baylee.

Not many responded to the "when" question but I see it as:
Saturday nights if we are available from 6 Central; 7 Eastern to ???? AND Wednesday nights.

Sorry to hear about your trouble at work, Baylee. Good thing the union steward was on their toes. We don't want you hurt. I agree with Sara, you may have to go over your bosses head if this keeps up.

Oh NO!!! :yikes: You are sending the lists NOW!!!!! Sara, that can only mean it's almost that time. I haven't gotten into the holiday spirit either....

You are doing SO good on the exercise ..... I wish I could say the same, but I have been thinking about exercising more than ever before! :lol:

11-17-2002, 05:06 PM
What a yucky day...I may just crawl back into bed and dream of warm sunny beaches, balmy breezes, and blue, blue skies...ahhh...doesn't that sound nice?

I got a scary phone call this morning at work around 6:15...dh was on his way to work, still dark out, no one else on the road, as he came over a rise, he realized, almost too late, that there was a car in the middle of the road...abandoned! He swerved to avoid it...so instead of hitting it head on, he managed to only smash his left front end. Oh, and it is smashed! He was not hurt, thank God. Turns out, three other people hit the same car, at different times, one of them being a state trooper. This must have all happened within a short period of time...I still don't understand WHY the car was still there if other people had already hit it!! It didn't happen on any old side street either, he was on an interstate road! He thinks his car will be totalled because of the front wheel drive... I am just thankful he's not hurt.

Very cool site for chatting, Baylee...this will be good for us! I am looking forward to our own little chat sessions! Last night, we were eating dinner, a little before 7:00...dh asked if I wanted to watch a movie with him and my son...I told him I had a "date" with the chat room. He asked, "FCDC?" (fatchicks.com) AND was very impressed that the time was moved up to accomodate my work schedule!
Of course, when I came out a few minutes later, all sad and forlorn that I couldn't chat, he asked if the fat chicks had ditched me... :p

Well...I have to run...family is calling. I hope to get in here for a good long session tomorrow, but I have to work the book fair at son's school in the morning...after a LONG night at work...Tomorrow night I should be popping in. WITH a new attitude, hopefully...I think I caught the eating bug too...need to squash that!!!

11-17-2002, 05:34 PM


Ain't life grand

11-17-2002, 05:43 PM

11-17-2002, 07:50 PM
Hey Tina are you down from the clouds yet? TONY won.

11-17-2002, 07:55 PM

Just lost a huge post...(*&^&^%$^#@@_(*^&

Can't stay to re-do it...damn, it was good too!

Love to all, gotta run...

11-17-2002, 08:40 PM
H...E..L..L..O... Ladies,

Well, the weekend almost over and I'm finally getting here to visit. Time seems to just fly by lately. I haven't given a thought to the holidays and WHAM here's Thanksgiving less than two weeks away. I definately need the holiday Spirit :) to pay me a visit.

Speaking of the holiday's I read this on Salle Yawitz's WW site and with the holidays coming thought I'd share:

"The challenges begin now, don't they?_ But, they're only challenges - not road blocks._ They're just meals, not LAST suppers!"

Well WI is tomorrow afternoon and I'M READY! I'm still OP. We even went to Pizza Hut for dinner tonight and I shared a Personal Pan Pizza with a friend and had a salad to go with it.

KAT: So glad your DH is okay. I can't believe no one put out flares or anything. Sheesh! Do they think we can all see in the dark?????

BAYLEE: Thanks for the chat site. I don't usually chat. I'm a lousy, slow typist, but you never know when I'll feel brave and jump in. :) Are those tea cookies gone? If not you'd better give away what's left over. :lol: Be VERY CAREFUL around that guy atwork. Watch your back and get a friend to keep an eye on you when you're working near the jerk!! _
TINA & LUCKY: I know you're both on :cloud9: since your guy(s) won. HURRAY!!!!!

THIN: What movie were you "showgirl" at ths weekend? Did you get to see one this time??

2CUTE: How was your trip to OK? I'll bet your daughter was glad to see you.

Well gotta get my change together for tomorrow. I've been dumping my purse once a week and rolling my change for about 6 yrs. Well,I now have enough quarters and dimes, neatly rolled and stored in pretty little tin boxes, to get a nicely equipped Dell computer. My company has a deal with Dell that expires at the end of the month so, hopefully by the middle of Dec. I'll be rid of my beloved, but cranky, WebTV, and online (HDSL noless, another great offer from the communications company I work for!) with a "real" computer. Just think of me and laugh as you picture the fat lady with the HEAVY canvas bag full of change slogging into the bank. :lol:

I'll be back after WI (not Wisconsin) tomorrow,

11-18-2002, 07:08 AM
Just gotta say one thing OUCH! I pulled something in my back this morning right across the bra line! I was standing at the counter in the kitchen and it felt like someone took the little string and pulled and unraveled the muscle across my back! Oh gosh did it ever HURT! John put some flexall on it this morning before he left but it still hurts and I cant sit here any longer!

I will check in again tonight hopefully! I start at my store today and at 7 pm I have a second interview for that credit analyst job so keep your fingers crossed and anything else crossed...I really want that job!

TTFN Love you guys! Michelle

11-18-2002, 08:42 AM
Good Monday morning all

Can't wait till we chat I love the name.
Hope all of you have a great day.

11-18-2002, 11:28 AM
Ok, first of all.........I'm not going to spew a bunch of nastiness on you. I am going to state a plain and simple fact: Out of the last seven days, I have been OP exactly 3 of them. Yep, that's not a typo. I said three. What happened you ask? I don't know............it could have started with the big birthday cake, or the pigs in a blanket at my birthday party. It could have been the 10 boxes of Christmas Tree little debbies that my MOM brought over! You know the ones, don't you? The ones shaped like little Christmas trees with white creamy frosting in the middle of the two yellow cakes with green and red sprinkles on top? :T Yep, that would be the ones. It could have been the big pot of chicken and dumplings that my MIL brought over, or it might, just might be the fact that I am a pig and can't control my food!!! :ink: I am so agrivated with myself right now, I could just scream! But, I won't. I have picked myself up, psyched myself up and I am ready to try again. I have to be truthful with you guys though, I'm not sure if I will go to my WW meeting tonight or not. I know, that's a terrible attitude, but I know it's going to show a gain and I just hate feeling like such a loser. What I will probably do is work up my nerve and go to the meeting tomorrow night, but I WILL go. Ok, that's enough for now. I haven't even read any of the posts on this thread yet, so I will need to do that.
Thank you guys for listening to my ramble today. I surely don't know what I'd do without you guys. :grouphug: On a happier note, Guess who the new 2002 Winston Cup Champion is?! Yup, you guessed! :yes: :cb: :cb:

11-18-2002, 02:00 PM
I thought I'd take a minute to post and get things moving here; it seems like posts have been sparse in the last few days! My day thus far has been run-of-the-mill but good. Got up, drove hubby to work, ran a few errands, did the grocery shopping, came home and did a few chores and... here I am! I had a yogurt and a plum for breakfast and am about to have a veggie dog for lunch before heading out to the gym! Then I'm coming home to shower and eventually get dinner on. I picked up some fresh, thick salmon fillets for dinner. Yum!

We ALMOST went to see the new Harry Potter movie last night (since we have free passes to use up) but staying home and making Christmas Wishlists to hand in to my hubby's family won out. Since there are 5 kids in his family and a number of significant others, my MIL draws names from a hat so each of the kids (us) gets a secret santa. Your secret santa buys you a really big present and you still get small presents from everyone else! It takes like 3 hours to open presents at their house on Christmas morning!

My family has, as of late, been doing the Christmas present thing in the evening on Christmas day so it all works out nicely. It's nice that both sets of our parents live in Montreal (that was just a coinsidence as we met here which is a 6 hour drive away from there!). I'm starting to get pretty EXCITED! I'm looking forward to seeing my sister from Calgary (she's the one that's been sick with Lupus) and her 2 year old son! Last Christmas was miserable because she was too sick to come home and we didn't know if she'd be around for anymore Christmases to come; this year she's feeling significantly better. It's SO nice to be able to look forward to Christmas this year (as compared to last year).

Tina: It seems like your family is making it difficult for you to stay OP; it takes SO much will power to resist something they've plunked down in front of you! Sometimes people seem so concerned with the health of someone who is obese but, in the long run, are not willing to make the few changes (like not bringing bad food into their house) that will truly help the person trying to lose weight. People think it's great until they realize they might actually have to SACRIFICE or CHANGE slightly to assist us in making our goals a reality! I've had to FORBID people from bringing certain things into our house. Ultimately, no one wants for me to lose my extra weight more than me so I HAVE TO BE THE ONE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Grrr! That makes me think about something that happened a couple of Saturdays ago when I was in training all day for the Sexual Assault Suport Centre. Lunch was provided; it was a big, greasy, fattening pizza. I knew that before I came so I packed myself a light, healthy lunch. When the pizza was delivered, all 20 or so of the ladies dug in and I got out my lunch.

One woman came up to me and said, "Sara! Have a piece of pizza!"

She knew that I was dieting.

I said, "Sorry, I can't eat that."

"Why not?" she asked.

"I'm losing weight. I'm good with this" I said, holding up my lunch.

She looks at me in disbelief. "Posh, who ISN'T trying to lose weight. Just have a slice or two. It won't make or break your diet."

Me, ANNOYED. "No. I'm good. Thanks."

Then she kinda muttered, in a eye-rolling kind of way, "Whatever."

That situation annoyed me to no end. The thing is, this woman probably weighs 300 pounds or so and was looking at me in disgust. While I've always gotten along with her great in the past, suddenly, I THINK she was deliberately trying to sabatoge my diet... in some kind of jealous way. The whole experience was very unpleasant although I don't hold it against her. I know how miserable it can be to be overweight and not yet at a point where you're ready to take the bull by the horns.

Anyways, despite the negativity in this post, I'm actually feeling pretty good. Gonna eat that veggie dog then head out and work it off!

Sara :)

11-18-2002, 04:49 PM
Sarajoy I know what you mean about people, I just wish when you tell them no thank you that they would leave you alone. My MIL is thrilled with my weight loss but I always have to take my own food with me like breakfast and snacks. She will make something for dinner and then say Im not sure you can eat this but oh well.The one good thing about it is that she never makes enough food for us to eat anyway so I always have less of what she did make so my hubby and kids can have more. she made veggies on the weekend to go with our meal and she made about 1 cup between 4 people. Then she brings out cheese cake like my all time favorite food and says can you have this, my response was i can have anything but if I have some of that I wo't be eating breakfast or lunch tomorrow, she says oh well I 'll just put it in the fridge for me later, she is stick thin. the cheese cake was for my DH's birthday but he hates cheese cake.

I think people just don't think and if they pressure us into having things then they can say see I knew they could't do it (lose weight). But we shall prove them wrong.

11-18-2002, 05:36 PM
Afternoon Lady's,

Another busy weekend gone by and back to the drawing board, I don't even feel like I get a day off anymore,2 days is definelty not enough, I want my 8 and 6 shift back. Spent all day Saturday out, took son to hockey game, Saturday morning, he's really improving, getting more steady on his feet, they won 8 - 1. Than I went grocery shopping spent about 3 hrs doing that, looking at all the christmas stuff and getting lots of idea's for Christmas. I hope to have a picture suitable to send with the christmas cards taken, who has a good scanner, maybe you could post it for me. Yesterday I took son to go see The Santa Clause ( is that how you spell Clause, I really losing it in my old age) It's a cute movie, loved the reindeer, I was surprised he didn't want to see Harry Potter. Spent the rest of the day doing laundry.

As of today I'm back on track, no more picking and eating unhealthy size portions. As you can see by my sig, that I had to add two pounds to it, I really haven't been dieting for the last 3 weeks, and I know if I don't start again today, I'll regret it a year from now, right Sara. My body has been telling me that I'm not eating healthy, my bones ache, and I've been moving around slower again, I have a constant ache in my shoulder, ( I think it's from being on the computer so much, and using the mouse,) but when I was doing the WATP one mile tape using the weights, the pain seemed to subside, and now it's back again. Need to get some excersice in, do you think doing excersise late at night ( which is when I usually get the time ) has just a much effect as when you do it during the day, or ealry morning. Stocked up on lots of low fat foods and veggies, I really want to get back in the 200's, that sounds stupid, but soon I'll be saying the 100's right, If I get down to 220 lbs I'd be happy been their before and was really happy then, and I looked good, I can't remember the last time I was in the 100's. Probably grade 6 or 7, such a long time ago, it's time to start living again, and stop sitting on the sidelines of life.

Hubby got his deer on Saturday, so I'll be able to stock my freezer with some lean meat, deer meat is pretty good, doesn't have a real wild taste like moose. He's hoping to get another one so we can make a bunch of garlic sausage.

Gotta get back to work,

11-18-2002, 05:45 PM
Hi everybody! :wave: WI (not Wisconsin) went well this morning. I was down a pound and a half. Yes, not an extraordinary amount, but down, nonetheless! :) Last week I was down a half pound so this makes two losses in a row. Is it too soon to call it a trend????? I'll try not to get too excited, but that is the first 'two weeks in a row' in a very long time.

2cute: Hope you had a wonderful time with your daughter this weekend. It's gotta be fun to get away!

Katrina: I just had to do a 'trailer check' for Harry Potter. Thank goodness, the lines were incredible, it would have been a real pain in the a$$ to count people. YIKES * Gosh, I'm glad your DH is ok. How scary is that? Running into a car in the middle of the road. And I'm with you, if others had already hit it, why was it still there? OMG!

LuckyLadyBug: Your post about someone to love made me sooooo sad. I'm sorry you have to feel that way. I can't imagine. There really is supposed to be someone out there for everyone. Maybe you just need to move to a more densely populated area! [[[[hugs]]]], honey. It will happen.

Baylee: Thanks for setting up the new 'chat'. I thought someone mentioned Wednesday too but I missed it. Are we trying for a chat on Wednesday? * How did your tests turn out? * That guy at work is a real :ink: !!! My goodness, how do you stand it???

Arabella: "Who ever marries their soul mate?" I did!!! But just because he's my soul mate, doesn't mean there aren't bad times too. Marriage is a combination of more than just 50-50. Sometimes it's him giving 100%, and sometimes I'm the one giving 100%. Some days I'm more in love with him than he is with me. And some days he's more in love with me, than I am with him. Marriage is work, there's no denying it, but it's worth it, IMHO.

Sara: You would think that people would take a simple 'no thank you' for an answer, but sometimes that doesn't happen. I'm famous for asking people twice or three times sometimes myself. I don't know if she's so much jealous of you as she might have just been trying to be nice. Whatever the motive, she should have realized that tempting you after you said 'no' was not the right thing to do. Just remember when you say "this woman probably weighs 300 pounds or so and was looking at me in disgust" that alot of US here, are 300 pounds or more. Maybe she thinks you just have no idea what it's like to be that heavy. Or maybe she's very comfortable at her size.

Mary: I was going to say 'Christmas shopping? Already?' But I guess if we don't get started soon, it will be here before we know it. Oh my gosh, it's right around the corner, isn't it? 5 weeks away!

J-ann: I was counting for 8 Mile again this weekend. Didn't have time to sit and see anything. It was either dinner OR a show. DH and I picked dinner! :lol: Sat for about the first 1/2 hour of 8 Mile and then the last 10 minutes, but that's it. We counted for 16 show times each day so we were pretty busy.

Michelle: I sure hope your back is better soon. That's really painful and especially with you on the road so much. I guess I missed what 'store' you were getting. I thought it was a property manager's job. It's not surprising I missed something along the way. :(

Tina: It's done, it's over. Now I get my DH back on Sunday afternoons. Yeah, God!!! Well, at least until February!!!

Dollar: It's interesting how people operate when we're dieting. My MIL and FIL went on WW about the same time I did. And everytime we're together they would ask ME how many points was in something, like they didn't have a book to look it up in. And no one ever got the idea that we could eat whatever, it is just the portion that is in question. I would much rather lose weight a little at a time, eating stuff that is normally around, than to lose quickly and find that I can never eat stuff that is put before me ever again. What fun would that be? And how do we go about vacations and holidays without gaining if we haven't learned how to incorporate 'regular' food into our program?

Well, this has gotten far longer than I ever intended it to. I guess I'll get out of here before I get too opinionated. Oops, too late! :o I hope to catch up with you all later. I've taken a bit of time off this week (sheer preservation) and hopefully I'll get here a little more often.

Love :love: to all.

Oops, almost forgot, a great quote from my WW leader, Angie:
"Willpower is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets."

11-18-2002, 05:50 PM
Hi Duckie: sorry I missed you, you were posting when I was. I would have edited, but I thought you might miss it. Glad you got a deer for that freezer. I hear that is very lean meat, and very good for you. Good job getting back 'on track'. I'm looking forward to some success myself. I'm with you, I looked decent at 220. And I can't remember the 100's either. I was around 220 when I got married, 26 years ago. Skinny was never my strong suit!!

11-18-2002, 06:11 PM
Heck, I guess while I'm here, I'll start a new thread.

DO NOT POST HERE! GO TO "300+ And Ready To Try Again....#242"

See you there! :D