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12-21-2010, 10:01 AM
Hi everyone (and Happy Holidays :D)

The beginning of the new year is upon us and so too is the annual crowding of the gyms and pledges of resolutions that last about 3.75 days (I have a bad track record :P).

This year I signed up for a local Biggest Loser Competition with some family members. Has anyone participated in one like this before, with real weigh-ins and money involved?

I've had an extremely hard time sticking to any diet (not sure if I've even made it a week) and wanted to start warming myself up now by making better choices and fitting in some exercise, but does anyone have any suggestions?

Anyone else participating in local BL or weight loss competitions?

12-21-2010, 10:25 AM
We have one almost every year after the holidays through work and I know we are starting one up in a few weeks. Its nice to have that little extra modivation to jumpstart the year and start it off right!!

12-21-2010, 04:05 PM
I joined one a little while ago in my town, it runs from the middle of November to the middle of March. So far, I've got 9 pounds gone since the beginning of the contest, more since I started overall in October. I don't think the prize is money, but it's supposed to be something good (I think they're keeping us in suspense!) I had already begun to lose weight before the beginning of the contest, but I see the contest as just an extra incentive to achieve my goal.

I don't know what to say, except..."keep your eyes on the prize!" I attend school and sometimes eat in the cafeteria. Most of what they serve is fried with a ton of calories. I always sit with my classmates, and often that is what they will get, and I often get soup or salad or something like that...often I am the only one at the table eating like that. What I do is ask myself do I really need to eat that? Do I really want it? If the answer is no, I pick something healthy. If the answer is yes, and it sometimes is (I'm not made of stone!) I get it, count it on Livestrong, continue eating healthy for the rest of the day, and get my exercise as I normally would. I don't beat myself up or tell myself I was "bad". Usually, I am fine with the soup or salad, because I am starting to see results of my efforts...I'm going down in jeans size, it's getting easier getting up off the floor, etc. These NSVs really help in keeping me on track.

I learned in psych last year that when students envision themselves studying and working towards getting an "A", they often get an "A"; when they envision themselves simply getting an "A", but do not envision themselves studying or putting any work into it, they are less likely to get that "A" in real life as the first group are. My point? Perhaps if you envision yourself making healthier food choices and exercising, it will become easier to do those things and ultimately achieve your goal. Might work!