100 lb. Club - Ugggg.... I can't wait for New Years!

12-20-2010, 10:17 AM
So this is the craziest time in most people each year, but today starts the most insane week (or well 9 days) anyone can imagine.

Today my oldest turns 12.
Tomarrow a Christmas party.
Friday a family Christmas gathering
Saturday Christmas of course.
Next Tuesday my second child turns 6.
Next Wednesday my third child turns 5.
Then of course New Years (which is always a healthier meal thanks to boat loads of saurkraut and pork loin).

And yes.. that is 3 of my 4 kids with birthdays at Christmas, the stress of the money to do Christmas is enough to drive many over the edge, add to it trying to buy 3 kids decent birthday presents and it comes close to sending me to the funny farm.

My goal for this 2 weeks? Just to try to keep my head above water and to limit my cake and cookies each day, drink my water and to play on the Wii if nothing else resembeling exercising (with the tree in the livingroom I don't have much room for anything else).

12-20-2010, 11:25 AM
Wow- that is a full plate! :hug: I hope after all this is done you can do something nice for yourself... you deserve it! Happy New Year sweetie :coffee: