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12-18-2010, 10:38 AM
:carrot: :welcome3: We are the Turtle Group here at www.3fatchicks.com. We welcome you to join us as we work toward good health and fitness in a persistemnt manner. As our inspiration, we use the race between the turtle and the hare where the turtle was the victor because he didn't give up. We believe in keepin' on by using the skills and techniques we have learned from experience to keep us on track. We believe in giving each other support. good luck to us all!
(for Lin and Lauren)

12-18-2010, 10:41 AM
Hi Turtles,
I've been doing my best, but now I think I need to plan meals beforehand because I find myself looking for BLT's, counting them in----but that's not going to help me lose weight. My goal is to lose one more pound between now and Christmas. I know I can do it. I just have to do it!

Best wishes to all. Lin, our founder and original Turtle, and Lauren, our supporter from way back------I wish both of you a joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year. Chime in when you can to let us know how you're doing.

Let's all have a good on program day!
234.6/188.2/thinner into the 170's!

12-18-2010, 11:05 AM
I hit my 15% loss goal today Turtles! :carrot: I hope everyone else is doing well.

One of the books I picked up at the library this week was a real winner - I mentioned to DH that it would make a wonderful Christmas gift! :D It's one of the Company's Coming series "Healthy in a Hurry". All the recipes are quick and simple to prepare and have all the NI listed to figure out PP. I know it's a Canadian series, but I thought I'd mention it anyways in case you can find it in the US!

Judy: I know you can do it too! :cheer2:

12-18-2010, 03:40 PM
Peanutt, :goodscale: :balloons: :dancer: :dance: :carrot: :bravo:
Wow and weigh to go! To lose weight at this time of year is great! Continued good work. Thanks for the book tip.

12-19-2010, 07:59 AM
Hi everyone and happy Sunday to you all. It has been a crazy busy weekend with no end in sight but I wanted to jump online quick before I get into the shower and the day begins.

Food is bad for me right now and exercise is worse. I am going to try and get into WW this week sometime to join up and get the new info so that I have it and can get started, I think that the new focus will help right now it is a time issue or lack of time that is giving me a hard time. I don't think I ever remember a time that I have had so much going on but I think we all have those times and it is just something that I need to learn to deal with... no excuses!

Judy: I feel your pain... I am thrilled that you and DH are so close and celabrate the seasons with such passion!

Bandit: You go girl! You are doing great and I am so happy for you! Your plan for holiday shopping sounds great, I need to get a plan LOL - because I feel like the holidays are running me over at this point. I had a plan... not sure what happened to it... giggle, giggle :dizzy:

Peanut: Congrats! you are doing great! Keep at it and you will be in onederlad before you know it!

To all that are doing great a huge congrats!

To all that are struggling - you are not alone! But we can not quit... we just have to keep at it and one day it will click!

12-19-2010, 09:58 AM
Hi Turtles,
Bandit, keep up your good work. You've got it all together! :goodvibes:

Peanutt, continued success to you. Yeah---I like Princess's comment about onederland. My life got so happy when I reached onederland@ :chef:

you've had :hb: parties and dinners, you had a baby shower, sounds like you are uber busy with your boys and their lives, you had drop in company, you painted your walls, managed to get new furniture in, AND redid your whole bathroom which required you to stay overnight somewhere else for a night or two. Throw in a stray dog, God bless you, and extra heavy stress at work. Hmmmm, I guess that qualifies you as being busy. I'm very glad you are going to join WW's. What I have found is that they give you all the pamphlets up front at joining. They are comprehensive. It isn't difficult at all to me. It's just different. My leader even said if you are full and eating under your points, that's okay. With the power foods, I tend to be fuller than I used to be. I also have tried hard to limit myself to three pieces of reduced calorie bread a day because that works for me. The lovely part is that if you're hungry, you can have fruit for a snack and it's zero points. I really like fruit, so that helps me. Oh---didn't mean to go on and on. But I think this will be the click you're looking for.

In the meantime today my whole family is gathering at the movies to see Tron. It's in 3-D and should be a lot of fun. then they'll come back here for dinner. I'm making something new that I haven't tried, so I hope we like it. It's pork tenderloin, drained and rinsed sauerkraut, ketchup and 1/2can of Diet Coke in a slow cooker. It's supposed to taste like BBQ. My friend made it with country style spare ribs----I'm substituting the much more lean pork tenderloin, so I hope it's still good. I'll make mashed potatoes w/ ff sour cream instead of butter, and skim milk. If I add a dash of garlic or dill the potatoes will still be tasty. Yum. The challenge is to avoid the theater popcorn. I'll get a huge diet coke and bring an apple. Boy, it helps to see my plan on paper!

You all have a great day! I hope it warms up a bit for everyone.
Best wishes!!!!! :dancer: :carrot: :love: :cheers: :cheer: :balloons:
234.6/188.2/170's and thinner :cool:

12-19-2010, 01:44 PM
Hope everyone is well. Well today was weigh in day. I gained 2# :(. But I am getting adjusted to our cold weather. Have a good day everyone.

12-19-2010, 01:56 PM
Life4evr, you're going through tough times. To gain 2# right now is not the end of the world. I'm sending you :goodvibes: and some :love: to help you. Let's all get through the holidays, do the very best we can, and start losing this weight again. You know we can do it!

On a positive note from me, it looks like I may have lost a pound after all. Oh, that would be so great. I'm bringing string cheese and an apple to the movies. Will buy a Diet Coke, and dinner will be waiting in the crock pot when we return. The kids are coming back to the house and that should be festive.
Happy Days Everybody.
234.6/188.2/thinner and working toward goal! :cool:

12-19-2010, 04:02 PM
Still here ladies just keeping extra busy. I need to get myself a calculator for the new ww system. That way i can figure out how many points i would get and also the new points for different foods. Just have to wait till I have the extra money on hand to get one.

Is everyone on here doing the new WW system or sticking with the old one. I know there were a few ladies doing something else all together.

12-19-2010, 06:01 PM
Hi turtles:

Sounds like you are all keeping extra busy right now & enjoying yourselves along the way. Nice to hear.

Judy - your dinner sounds great. I made the ketchup/diet coke sauce over chicken & turned out very good, so enjoy!

Pretty much finished my shopping yesterday, now just have to get it wrapped which I am planning on starting this evening while watching TV.

Lets all have a great week!

12-20-2010, 09:01 AM
Good morning everyone and a very happy Monday to you all. It is a bit warmer here this morning but they are calling for sleet and or snow basically this whole week so it should be interesting, I am just glad that we did not make holiday travel plans this year. I am putting in extra time today thru Thursday to make up for having Friday off and will do the same next week for the New Years holiday.

I managed to all but finish the hat that I am knitting for DH, I have to get to class on Wednesday night to truly finish it as I need to purchase the double points and have the teacher show me how to close it but at least it is done.

Judy: thanks so much for the encouragment, it means a lot to me. I am eager to get to WW to get the new material and get started as I am just not even comfortable in my own skin lately. I hope that you enjoyed your time with your family - how was the movie?

Bandit: Congrats on finishing the shopping, that is a major accomplishment this time of year... I am not there yet, had hoped to be but will have a few more trips to make before I can call it done.

Cherry: I am in the same boat as you are really, I need to rejoin to get the material but hope to get in there this evening actually since all of the other evenings this week are filled up for me.

Life: I have had a rough time adjusting to the cold too this year for some reason, my skin is so dry and my allergies are kicking my butt ugh - crazy!

Peanut: How are you doing?

Have a great day all!

12-20-2010, 10:55 AM
Hi Turtles,
Princess, way to go! You're doing great. I really think you'll like the new approach at WW's. Sometimes I know all I need is a *change* and this change suits me.

Don't get me wrong, guys-----the weight isn't falling off me. LOL. But I did see a drop in weight, I'm under 190# and plan to stay there. Having the sauerkraut last night probably did my salt/water retention in because I'm up 1 1/2#-----but I think that's temporary. The good news is I got to the movie and didn't eat popcorn or candy. Tron was fun. It was in 3-D and entertaining. The best part was glancing over and seeing my 6year old grandson with huge 3-D glasses on his face enjoying the movie. We all headed back to our house for dinner. The pork tenderloin was super tender----couldn't even slice it so I made it pulled pork. I made a quick mashed potatoes to go with it----used a wedge of Laughing Cow Lite/Blue Cheese version and lots of dill with just a bit of ff milk. Yummy and I avoided all the butter calories.

Okay-----I'm wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
Let's all make an effort to do our best! We're worth it.

234.6/188.2/thinner into 170's :cool:

12-20-2010, 10:59 AM
Oh----I almost forgot----if you're looking for a super easy low point+ dessert here is one:

New Lemon Mousse
1 pkg.instant ff sf lemon pudding
8oz. container Lite Cool Whip (thawed)
2 cups ff milk

Make the instant pudding. Fold in the Cool Whip. Chill. If you have a tiny bit ,1/10th. of the mixture, it is only 2 points+. I put it in a glass bowl and topped it with sliced strawberries. Easy and yummy. Of course you could use any instant ff sf pudding flavor that appeals to you. I saw pistacio the other day and that set my mind racing too.


12-21-2010, 08:30 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday to you all! It snowed in the night... only about 4 inches but it made for a messy drive into work this morning. DH and I have his Holiday party to go to tonight so that should be fun. I was up late last night making more cookies since I need to take a cookie tray to the party. I am eager for Friday to get here! A day off from work is a lovely thing - LOL - Ugh, all the running, etc is wearing me down.

Is everyone ready for Christmas? I have a few more things to get but will finish up at some point in the next day or two and hopefully not have to leave the house on Christmas Eve Day so that I can get the house cleaned up and the gifts wrapped. Still waiting for a bunch of them to get delivered - really praying that they make it in time. They are calling for snow for our area on Christmas eve day and Christmas day so that will be wonderful!

Judy: Your supper sounds yummy! I will have to try that recipe. So glad the new plan is clicking for you... I am aiming for Thursday evening at the latest to get to WW and rejoin. I don't think they are having a TOPS meeting this week so that would work for me.

Bandit: How are you doing? Have you and your DD made any plans for the holiday?

Have to run but have a great day all!

12-21-2010, 11:43 AM
Hi turtles:

Judy - your dessert sounds really good, will try that over the holidays.

Princess - glad you are getting things done and hoping you like the new WW plan. I am waiting til the New Year to make changes in that department.
Have to get physced up for all that. My dd will be home for a few days over the holidays & some of her friends drop by and I have family up Christmas eve for a get together. Then we are going to my moms for Christmas dinner,
then movie day on boxing day.

Tonight I have my ladies social group Christmas dinner at a chinese restaurant, so that will be challenging. On Thurs we have my work potluck.

Any ideas for office potluck? If hot - something that can be microwaved.

All - hope you are having fun getting ready for the big day!

12-21-2010, 05:51 PM
Bandit, enjoy your Ladies Group tonight. You'll make great choices. You're doing so well! :bravo: Your Christmas sounds really nice.

Princess, I bet you're looking forward to Christmas Eve. Yay! I've got most things done. Thursday night the kids are coming over and we're heading to a lights display that should be good. I'm going to make a crockpot stew for when we get back-----or maybe before we go depending on when the kids can get here after work. It should be fun. Then we'll be in the holidays for ernest. Talked to my ds and he and his family are all planning to come a few days after Christmas. I'll handle the food a day at a time. Those stinkin' cookies are calling to me. Maybe I should put on earplugs. LOL.

Everybody have a good day and good days. We'll all do the best we can!
234.6/188.2/170's and thinner :cool:

12-22-2010, 08:16 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday to you all! Very sleepy today, we had DH company Christmas party to go to last night and I was up way past my bed time so when the alarm went off at 4:30 this morning I thought it was a really bad dream... but it wasn't... ugh.

Tomorrow is my target day to go to WW and get signed up, I did the registration paper work online and then printed it off so that is all done - tonight is packed with errands again so Thursday after work will be better. Not sure if there is a TOPS meeting or not but the leader seemed to think that there would not be when she called me to tell me that the last meeting had been cancelled due to bad weather so we will see how it all works out.

Judy: Sounds like you have some really fun plans in place with your family... enjoy yourself! The cookies are calling to me too, and they won't shut up - LOL - Love the holidays but am always glad when they are over. Enjoy your time with your family and safe travels to you!

Bandit: Your plans sound wonderful! I don't know much about Boxing Day but having movie day the same day sounds like a blast... enjoy your time with your family and be safe in your travels!

All: Hope everyone is doing well - or as well as they can. Hard to believe that we are at the end of December and another year has passed already... boy it went quick!

12-22-2010, 11:55 AM
Well it is weigh-in day. Lets see i am not sure if i weighed last week or not but the last number i remember recording was 237.0 and today i weighed. 235.6 so that is 1.4 down. Not great for two weeks time but i am very grateful that it hasn't gone up.

:cp: - to all that have lost weight.

:wave: - Just wanted to say a quick hi to everyone. My mind just isn't in the mode for writing personals.:o

:hug: to everyone.

12-22-2010, 01:28 PM
Hi Turtles,
Cherry : weigh to go! You're doing great. :goodscale: I wish I had done as well as you are when my babies were young. Happy Holidays!

Princess and Bandit, you're doing great! Merry Christmas and lots of ho ho ho.

Just back from my WW's mtg. I lost another pound. Yay! One of my ww friends gave everyone a magnet for the fridge. It's a picture of Santa, and he's saying,"I see you when you're eating!" Isn't that funny?
Gotta run and enjoy the afternoon.

Love you all. Let's have a happy and as sensible holiday as we can and I'll see Less of you all in 2011.
234.6/187.2/170's and thinner :cool:

12-22-2010, 02:43 PM
Hi turtles:

Cherry - congratulations on your weight loss, that is great! Keep up the good work.

Judy - you too, awesome to have any kind of loss at this time of year.

All - tis the season, enjoy & lets do our best,

I had my ladies social chinese dinner last night & it was such a fun evening.
There were 21 ladies you came & we did secret santa & then played a game where the gifts move around and you end up with different one than you started. For my dinner I ordered a spring roll & steamed chicken chop suey with 1 glass of white wine, so not too bad overall.

Have my company potluck tomorrow & I might bring some devilled eggs - everyone seems to like those and they are pretty low-cal as well.

Anyway, weather is pretty good right now so thankful for that. My cousin and her dh are coming tonight to drop off gifts, so will nice to visit with them when it is quiet.

Have a great Wednesday!

12-23-2010, 08:31 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Thursday to you all! I made it to knitting class last night and got DH hat done that I was making for him and started another project. This next one is for me I think and is a neck warmer scarf that buttons and is made out of baby Alpaca, which is super soft yarn. Will give me something to work on in my down time this weekend - :dizzy: which I plan on getting come **** or high water - LOL.

I am leaving work a bit early today, I have to go to the store for some last minute items and finish the stocking stuffers. Then I am going to run to WW and get signed up, very excited about that! I will go Sunday to the grocery store to stock up on the items that the new material suggests, etc but want to read it first so I understand.

The very best and happiest holiday wishes to you all!

12-23-2010, 08:33 AM
Opps, hit submit before I did my replies - giggle.

Judy: A huge congrats to you on the down a pound! That is just awesome!

Cherry: Great job!

Bandit: Sounds like you are having fun and enjoying the holidays and managing to do really well on your eating... fabulous!

Have a great day everyone!

12-23-2010, 04:29 PM
Princess, great organization job! Whew! You're getting a lot done. I like the sound of down time. My dd and grandson are coming soon and we'll have a WW friendly dinner here and then head off to see a lighting display.
Glad you got your dh's hat done.

I've got another baby blanket in the works. It's a good thing for my fingers to be occupied----it's a little distracting and I can forego food if I'm distracted.

Cherry, Merry Christmas to you and yours! Keep up the good work.

Bandit, enjoy all you're doing. I love how you're working the points into your day. I'm looking forward to hearing what you all have to say about the points+ when you make the switchover. I really like it and it's working for me. It looks like I've lost another little bit. Staying away from cookies has been hard, but I'd like to delay "starting" on them for as long as possible.

Gotta run and make dinner, but I'm wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I'm here reading all the time even if I don't have a minute to chime in. Thinking of you all and remembering how much you all mean to me.
234.6/187.2/170's and thinner :cool:

12-25-2010, 09:39 AM
A very Merry Christmas to my bestest buddies.... the Turtles!

Here's to a very wonderful 2011 for us all!!!

All the best to you and your families!

12-25-2010, 11:47 AM
Right back at ya', Princess!

Here's to a wonderful 2011----Hoping to see LESS of you. LOL

Love you all, Merry Christmas,
(Princess, it was so much fun to see a new message this morning)

12-25-2010, 10:36 PM
Like to join you Turtles if I may. I'll be back at WW on Thurs and on the way to living in the present and improving my health a bit every day.

12-26-2010, 12:10 PM
HI. Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Well it is snowing here, needless to say I am in the house for the day.

So even though I execised one day last week and have been eating anything and everything I wanted to. It was one of those weeks. I weighed myself ready to see how much damage I did. Surprised I didn't do th much damage. I still managed to loose a tiny amount of 0.3# which considering I thought I hd gained wieght not too bad. Hope everyone has a good day.

12-26-2010, 02:40 PM
:welcome3: to Kris 2008! We'd love to have you chime in as your journey to weight loss and good health. Yay!

Life4evr, so glad to hear that you "thought" you had gained weight and you actually lost some. Wow, I am so impressed. :bravo:

I noticed that my kids ate far fewer of the fattening things and I will rethink everything I make for our next get together. Today I am back on track and am thinking that any excess I had will simply have used up my extra points for the week. Gotta run, but wanted to welcome in Kris and to respond to Life4evr. Best of everything to all the turtles. :cheers:

12-27-2010, 09:22 AM
Morning all and happy Monday! I did not manage to make it to WW last week like I wanted to, the trouble with me getting there has a lot to do with it's location as it is very, very close to one of our large Mall's and hard to get to leading up to Christmas - and it is located in the same strip mall as a Target so the timing has to be just right - not to mention I was just running out of patience with people so I am going to try again this week then will start my W/I days on Saturday mornings like I used to do. Will still be going to TOPS on Thursday evenings also.

Christmas was nice but I woke up Christmas morning with a scratchy throat and by that night was very sick, stayed in bed for the most part yesterday and am at work today but still not feeling well... must have caught one of the many bugs that are going around.

Kris: Welcome! I think that you will like this group very much and we are thrilled to have you with us!

Judy: I found the same thing with my family, still have lots of cookies left over so if they are not gone by the end of this week I am going to bring them in here and put them out by the coffee pot... by Jan 1st I want a "clean" house... going to spend new years eve day going thru the pantry and freezer to get it cleaned up and ready for a fresh start.

Bandit: How are you doing? How was your Holiday?

Life: I know how you feel - we need to make 2011 our year! Really put some effort into it and get ourselves moving again...

Cherry: How are you doing, how was the Holidays for you?

While I was resting yesterday I was watching lots of TV and came across the movie "The Road" - I had never read the book because I heard that it was good but very depressing and dark so stayed away from it... well I have to say the movie was VERY depressing and dark for me - I could only watch it is bits and pieces then would flip the channel for a few minutes before I would flip back. Not sure if anyone else has seen it but that was what I thought about it... watch with care!

I have to run for now... Have a great day!

12-27-2010, 12:15 PM
Hi Turtles,
Today is my dh and my 45th. wedding anniversary. Wow! We are snowed in here, so I'll be whipping something up for dinner instead of going out. That's fine, even better, for me. He and I are really working on getting the weight off and for once it's working.

Princess, so sorry you got sick on Christmas day. Not fun. Hope you feel better real soon. I like your idea of going through your pantry and ridding the house of all things "weighty". I'm going to do the same thing. For Christmas I made a reduced calorie cheesecake. I was the only one who had a piece and I threw the rest out. Not worth the 8points/slice and I knew I'd keep nibbling on it.

For New Year's, I've got a baked ziti in the freezer for N.Y.Eve, and then I've got a small turkey for New Year's Day. I've got to really watch it between now and then. :chef:

Best wishes to all the Turtles. Happy New Year!
234.6/187.2/170's and thinner :cool:

12-27-2010, 01:44 PM
Hello Ladies - I've been looking for one good thread to join & follow! I will be re-joining WW with the new system tomorrow & needless to say - very excited to get all of the latest info!

I been reading through many of the threads - searching for a friendly, supportive group with ladies that have the same types of goals as I have.

I'm 50 years young with around 30 pounds to lose &want to do it right with a change at how I view food & exercise.

So, hope you have room for one more!

Lizzie :)

12-27-2010, 02:39 PM
:welcome3: to Lizzie! We'd love to have you chiming in. Our starting weights and ages vary a lot, but the one thing the Turtles have in common is that we're all wonderful people (really, we are) and we all believe in never giving up----even when the going gets tough. Come join us and talk about your journey. When you're doing well, chime in and we'll celebrate with you. When things aren't going quite so well, chime in and we'll offer solace and advice----things that worked for us when we were down. In any case, welcome to you and our other newbie who joined yesterday. I love having new members.

We're regrouping after a blizzard here in NY. Dh used the snow blower. He said it wasn't too bad since it's warmer out now. Gotta run to celebrate our anniversary, but wanted to say hi to our newest member and send :hug: and :love: to all of us.
234.6/188.2/170's and thinner :cool:

12-27-2010, 03:12 PM
Judy: A huge congrats to you and your DH on your anniversary! Enjoy!

Lizzie: Welcome to our group, I think that you will like it here and find the support that you are looking for... welcome aboard!

12-28-2010, 11:18 AM
Welcome to Kris2008 and Lizzie. It is nice to see new members.:carrot:

12-28-2010, 04:45 PM
Hello Ladies and thanks for the warm welcome!

I just got back from getting signed up for the new program at WW.

Found out I was kidding myself about my real weight - I need to lose closer to 50 pounds to reach my goal!:?:

This afternoon, I plan on reading all of my materials and getting acquainted with all of the info I need to be successful1:hun:

I'm looking forward to sharing with all of you ladies and cheering everyone on to meet our goals :cheer2::woohoo::cheer3:

Here's to seeing less of everyone in 2011!!:hat:


12-29-2010, 09:14 AM
Hi Turtles,
Lizzie, we're happy to :cheer: you on too!
Kris, how's everything going? :bravo:
Cherry, how was your Christmas? It must have been fun with the little ones. :love:

Yesterday was a crazy day. My hives have been killing me lately. I am mega annoyed because I've had good days, but my weight is back up again. Ugh. Yesterday our car got stuck in a parking lot, AAA couldn't tow us until today. We had to get a taxi to get home. Hectic and frustrating, but I'm okay. Dh was with me, so that made it better. Now I am thinking of WI tomorrow instead of today since today I would show a gain and tomorrow I might have knocked off some weight. Also, that would give me more of the morning to work with to get my car out.

I'm still liking the new program and am interested to hear how all of you like it as you get involved with it. Have a great day! Although I live near NYC, our roads are plowed. Our local roadmen did a great job. I guess I'm a fair weather type, because I'd like the snow to all melt away soon!

Have a great day!
234.6/188.2/170's and thinner :cool:

12-29-2010, 09:24 AM
Good morning everyone! Just a quick hello... I had a sore throat on Christmas day which has turned into a full blown cold - I missed work yesterday because I felt so crummy but am back today with a ton to get done. Have a great day all and I will try and hop back on again later.

12-29-2010, 12:55 PM
I ordered a WW kit on ebay and I am waiting for it to arrive. I am hoping it will be the kick start that i need.:carrot: It wasnt cheap and i dont want to waste that money by not doing what i should.

Lizzie- Can't wait to get to know you.

Hi to Kris, Princess, Judy, Bandit, Life4evr, Peanutt, and anyone else i may have forgoten.:hug:

12-29-2010, 07:00 PM
Good Afternoon Everyone!

Yesterday, I read through the material and got acquainted with my points plus calculator. I cleared out my cupboards & freezer - sent all the tempting stuff into my husband's office. Must say that I was pleasantly suprised that there wasn't as much as I thought there would be!

Today, I went to Costco and stocked up on some of the essentials. Picked up some fresh fruits & veggies, chicken breasts etc.

Went to the gym this morning for a great workout and plan on heading out to Zumba tonight.

I do have to let everyone in on that I am in a very good situation at the moment when it comes to making a change in the way I approach food & exercise. I landed a job in which I work very very long hours during the season (April-October), but have the option to take a few of months for myself during the off season (Jan-March). Tommorrow is my last regularly scheduled shift for the next couple of months and I have made the decision to focus on my health over this time.

My goal is to change and replace my bad habits so that when I go back to the long hours I still eat properly and make it to the gym.

I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you in the new year.


12-29-2010, 07:30 PM
Hey hope everyone had a good day today. So I went back to work today. I do home healthcare as a nurse aide. So usually i dont eat until i get off I dont wake up hungry. I usually jus have a banana. So I did that. Needless to say worked kicked my butt. I really left work feeling like I had a gym workout and about to starve. I am trying to get my motivation together for the gym tomorrow. Yeap that i my fly by update. Everyone have a good evening.

12-29-2010, 10:31 PM
Greetings Turtles!

Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while, but the holiday whirlwind really took over! I hope that I did well over all the holiday meals....I'll WI on Saturday and find out. I tried to make smart choices, minimize the portions and have fewer treats and snacks. Back on track now and onward and downward!

So nice to see new members jumping in!! :welcome2: I look forward to sharing in a wonderful and healthy 2011 with all of you ladies!

12-30-2010, 10:21 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Thursday to you all... today when I leave work I am going to WW to sign up again... I have the registration form filled out and ready to go and they are open extended hours today so come **** or high water I am getting there TODAY! I am very excited that it is going to be a new year and I am going to make this MY YEAR - I have the smoking behind me now I need to work on weight and exercise - I have grown so stiff due to lack of exercise that it is just plain sad to think about how far I have slid backwards... oh well, new year and new way of living my life. I have my game plan in place and now it is onward and good things await! DH can either get on board with me or just plain get out of my way.

I sure hope that everyone has a great weekend and a very Happy New Year!

Cherry: I just have to ask - sorry - but how much are the kits going for on Ebay? Good luck to you, I am going today to restart and am super excited - don't want to get on the scale but at the very least the number will motivate me!

Peanut: Glad to see you are back and looks like you are back on track - awesome!

Life: I need to get back to the gym too... that starts on Sunday for me!

Judy: How are you doing? Any plans for this weekend?

Bandit: Hope you are doing ok - have not heard from you in a while - any plans for this weekend?

Lizzie: I have done Zumba before, it is fun and the time goes by quickly - have fun! So can I ask what kind of work you are in that you are able to work seasonal hours? Having a few months off is nice! When I was really young I worked for a chocolate company and we worked seasonal hours - but our time off fell over the summer kind of like a teachers would, hated that job but loved the time off - LOL.

Take care everyone!

12-30-2010, 01:18 PM
Hi Turtles,
Well, just like that my plans changed again! My ds and his whole family came down with a stomach virus---not fun and they won't be able to make it here for New Year's weekend. We'll miss them and I was looking forward to seeing them all. We'll have to make arrangements for another weekend in January or so.

Princess, good luck with the new program. I think you're going to like it.
Hey :bravo: :carrot: :dance: :dancer: :cheers: :cheer: :balloon: for giving up smoking. I hear you about your dh. In the end we are the ones who have to make choices and set goals for ourselves. If he is on the same path, even better. But if he detours or decides not to take the journey, that's his decision. :cheers: I love your attitude for 2011!

Peanutt, good to see you back again. You've lost a wonderful amount of weight. Glad to hear about the small portions, etc. That's all good stuff. Now onward and downward for all of us! :goodscale:

Life4evr, working is like exercise, isn't it? :exercise: You put in a tiring day and it's good to have less weight to carry around. :cheer: You've done great so far. Here's to a great 2011 for you and all of us.

Bandit, is it boxing day yet? We don't celebrate that here in the states. Movies all day sounds like a great plan. :cheers:

Cherry, hope you like the new WW's program. It's interesting to me and helps me put a perspective on what I'm eating and why. :carrot:

Lizzie and Kris, tell us a bit about yourselves. I'm so happy to see that you'll be taking this journey with us----the Turtles.

For me, I'm a grandma. I've been my right weight many times but was never able to keep it off. An emotional eater, I look for food when times are bad. I've been on www.3fatchicks.com since 2000 when I rejoined WW. Along the way in that amount of time I came to terms with the reality that I really didn't want to lose weight. When I came up and over the reason for clinging onto my weight, I realized that I'm a grownup now and can handle the changes of losing weight and feeling better about myself. I'm proud of my weight loss, wish it would go faster, and am willing to make the new WW program work! That's it for now, but I'll be back soon. Redoing my New Year's Eve plans, etc. for a smaller group and it'll be fine and it should still be fun.

Aliez, how are you doing? Cheers to all the Turtles----those who used to post and stop by now and then--and to all the current Turtles. Let's get it done in 2011!
234.6/188.2/170's and thinner :cool:

12-31-2010, 07:44 AM
Hello everyone and happy Friday to you all... and happy New Years Eve!

Well I made it to WW yesterday, got all signed up and got the new info along with a calculator so now I am just going thru it all and making out my grocery list for later today. I get the online etools because I signed up for the monthly pass but she must not have given me the access number because I can not seem to get them set up... will keep trying as they really are helpful.

Feeling a bit better after having a cold all week and am really looking forward to having this weekend to get myself back on plan and back to the gym... yeah! Dh and I am going out to dinner tonight and maybe to a movie, we both want to go and see True Grit so we will see how that all works out.

Judy: Yes! It would be great if DH works with me on this but to be honest I just don't see it - he is still smoking so he has that to deal with also but like you say, it is up to each of us and we can not hang our hat and hopes on others because it really is our path to walk no matter who walks it with us. Hope you guys are all dug out - out there.... we have had snow out here but not like you guys got out there... ugh! Very sorry to hear that your DS and his family is ill, that is just no fun at all and leads to more stress for them especially when the kids are sick along with the adult, all the best to them for a speedy recovery.

Bandit: I had to look up Boxing Day because I was not very familiar with it either and it sounds like a wonderful day for you to relax, etc. What I read said that it was a big shopping day but I think you had or maybe Peanut had already mentioned that. I hope that you enjoyed your holidays and got to spend time with your DD and the rest of your family.

Lizzy: I struggle with working longer hours at times and not taking the effort to still fit in exercise and healthy eating so I will be super excited to see how you do and how you manage it once you go back to a regular work schedule but for now I sure hope that you enjoy your time off!

All: Best wishes for a very safe and happy New Years to you all... I really hope that 2011 is great year for us all and that we have success on our journeys for a healthy life style - Bandit and Judy are great mentors for us because they have been on this road for a long time and really worked to find what worked for them and ran with it... awesome!

12-31-2010, 12:00 PM
Princess- The kits on ebay are pretty expensive at least to me but it is my best option right now. They usually run between 60 - 85 with a calculator . I need the calc. to figure what points i get.

12-31-2010, 12:50 PM
Itryharder, yeah it is a workout. I was suppose to work today but that didn't happen. I am going to get back on track on monday with eating and exercising. Not even going to fake it this weekend. Hmm going to lay down soon since I volunteered to do an overnight client. Every one have a goo New Years Eve. See yall in 2011.

01-01-2011, 07:20 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Saturday to you and Happy New Year!

DH and I went out to dinner last night at our favorite place then we came home, everything seemed so crowded that we decided to wait to see a movie until we could enjoy it more. It was a lovely evening over all, I was very tired as I have not been sleeping well again so I headed to bed early and only woke up once at midnight because there were so many fireworks being set off in our neighborhood but other than that I slept like a baby and am really ready for a new year!

Got my groceries yesterday so we should be good to go. I found a WW recipe for a Lemon Chicken Risotto that I am going to make tomorrow. It has the old points value on it but I will need to try and figure out the new points plus value by hand I guess until I get my etools up and running. Anyway, it is something different as I have never made Risotto before.

DS's and their significant others are coming over for New Years Dinner today which will be fun. Oldest DS and DIL and youngest DS and his new girl friend so we will have a nice little group. I grew up in the eastern side of Pa, just a bit northwest from Philly in Pa Dutch country so our New Years good luck meal is Pork and Sauerkraut (sp?) - DH is from Cincinatti, OH so his is Black Eyed Peas - so every year we have both, can't hurt - LOL. But, in keeping with my wonderful new style I will have two large bowls of fresh steamed veggies which will make up a large portion of my personal plate.

I hope that everyone has a great day. I will try and post this recipe here later today for the Risotto as I think it sounds really good and might be something different for those that are looking for new dinner idea.


01-01-2011, 02:04 PM
Happy New Year to my new Turtle Friends!:hat:

My hubby and I went out to dinner last night and said farewell to 2010! I'm looking forward to 2011 - always nice to have a fresh start!

As requested by Itryharder - here is some info about me!
My husband and I have been married for 14years (it will be 15 in May) We are the proud parents of 2 fuzzy faced four-legged kids that we adopted from the Airedale Terrier rescue association. They are my walking/hiking buddies. We live in Colorado Springs, CO and I am the Grille Manager at the Kissing Camels Golf Course. It is a private course that is associated with the Garden of the Gods Country Club. The grill is open seasonally and that is why I get to take 10 weeks off starting today!:cb:

We like to get away to our vacation home in South Fork Colorado - which is where I am currently. It is very close to Wolf Creek Ski Area - so hoping to get a few runs in this afternoon and over the next few days.

I will be weighing in on Tuesday or Wednesdays - looking to lose 40-50 pounds. I'd really like to just get to a nice toned size 10 - I always feel good and that is when I feel I look my best.

I'm working with weights at least 3 times per week and going to Zumba at least 3 times per week as well. It's so fun that I'm trying to get to a class even more!

That's about it for now - have a great day everyone! And a safe, happy & prosperous New Year!


01-01-2011, 03:34 PM
Happy new year Turtles!! :newyear:

Princess: I hope you and your family have a great NY celebration. Let us know how the risotto turns out!

Lizzie: Nice to meet you! Sounds like you live in a beautiful place, similar to the Rocky Mountain areas here in Alberta. I've always wanted to visit Colorado and DH would love to ski there. Enjoy the slopes and your vacation!

While I've been doing alright with my diet, I've really fallen off the exercise wagon here as of late. It's been ridiculous cold through December (usually daytime highs of around -20C, often with windchills hovering closer to -30C) which really has made DH and me want to just curl up and hibernate. It doesn't help that our dog has been completely uninterested in spending any time outside and is too small to really go for walks in the cold.

So, I'm trying to get back into the exercise routine for this new year. I started by doing my first day of Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred this morning. Before that I started going through the introduction to my Zumba DVD to start learning the basic moves so I can add in that workout. Zumba was so much fun! And the 30 Day Shred totally kicked my butt (in a good way)! I had trouble getting myself out of the house in the cold, so I think DVDs are going to be the way I go for the winter cold snaps. Best of both worlds!

Have a wonderful NY day everyone! Here's to a healthier, fitter and happier 2011 for all of us! :hat:

01-02-2011, 09:24 AM
Good morning everyone! Last day of the weekend but it has been a nice and pretty quiet weekend here for us, I am grateful for that as it was needed.

Yesterday - my first day on the new plan - ok, so, I realized many things... lol - I have lots of areas to improve upon! The fruits and veggies is one and I have to drink more fluids which has NEVER been a problem for me until recently - I noticed that I was just not thirsty all the time like I used to be but that could be becasue of lack of exercise and gain of way too much weight so it may correct itself and until then I will just work at it like everything else. I have to get ready to go to the gym for a cycle class now but will pop back on in a bit to do some replies and get that recipe posted. I did get my etools up and going thanks to WW online help folks so that is good.

Cycling class here I come!:bike2:

01-02-2011, 12:22 PM
Happy New Year, everyone & a big welcome to all the new members!

I have been off work for the holidays for 11 days and will be back tomorrow
Holidays were great but I got off track eventually over the holidays. So back at it tomorrow full force - so today cleaning out my fridge with any leftovers I don't need and have stocked up on my fruit & veggies, so all prepared.

Sounds like everyone is doing well with everything & congrats to Princess for re-joining WW, lots of times changing things up really helps.

My scale is up abit since before the holidays & I didn't get in as many walks as I had hoped & that seems to make a big difference.

Hope you all enjoyed your time with family & friends and not lets all get back at it & have a great 2011!

Our weather has been great, roads are clear and temperatures have been pretty warm but I am sure that will change soon.

Take care everyone!

01-02-2011, 12:40 PM
Princess: WTG rejoining WW! I know you'll be successful. Like bandit said, sometimes just changing up the routine can work wonders.

Bandit: Great idea to clean out the fridge. I know I have lots of stuff in there and cupboards leftover from entertaining that don't need to be in the house. I'll work on that today.

I got a bunch of new cookbooks for Christmas, so I'm looking forward to going through them and finding things to add into my meal plans. I think I'll try and do two weeks worth of meal planning before I head back to work on Tuesday.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

01-02-2011, 01:26 PM
Hope everyone is having a good day. So apparently work is giving me a workout. Today was my weigh in day and I lost 1.7# not bad considering I haven't stepped into the gym in a couple of weeks. Also the thing recalculated my points and took 1 away. Okay it has been a long weekend. Off to take a nap. Everyone have a good day.

01-02-2011, 01:27 PM
Great way to start the new year, Life4evr!

01-02-2011, 03:54 PM
Hi Turtles,
No real time to write, but I need to keep in touch. DD and dear grandson are here since they couldn't make New Year's Eve. DD got sick , so instead of 11 of us, we ended up with 4!!!! Crazy. We still had a nice time, but my ds and his entire family got sick upstate. Then dd, as I just said, got sick. Looks like we're all fine for now, but I did overeat on Sat. it got to be a bit too much. Thankfully I had the courage to throw out most foods that aren't good for me and I'm on track again today. I feel a lttle shaky, but I'm still on track. I have to remember that I dont' have to be perfect-----just eat lots of veggies and fruits and keep track.

Okay---gotta run.
Newbies, thanks for getting us up to date as to what you like to do and what you're like.
Princess, glad you joined WW+ and you'll be fine.
Bandit, :bravo: on fighting the good fight with :exercise: and :chef: cooking for so long over the month of December. Being up a little is a lot better than being up a lot!
Life4evr, weigh to go with work and your weight loss. :bravo:
Peanutt, good to hear from you. We're all working on this weight loss thing.
Here's to the turtles!!!!! :bravo: :carrot: :dancer: :dance:
Gotta run, but I'm sending :goodvibes: to you all,

01-02-2011, 06:42 PM
Lemon Chicken Risotto

3 tsp olive oil
3/4 a lb of chicken breast boneless, skinless
1/2 tsp salt
1 (9 oz) package of frozen artichoke hearts
5 cups of fat free lower sodium chicken broth
1 small onion chopped
2 cloves of garlic chopped
1 cup arborio rice
1 tsp lemon zest
2 tbsp lemon juice
1/4 c chooped parsley
3 tbsp grated parm cheese
1/8 tsp ground pepper

heat 1 tsp olive oil in medium nonstick skillet. Sprinkle chicken breast with 1/4 tsp salt. Brown chicken on both sides until thoroughly cooked about 6 minutes on each side. Remove chicken to cutting board allowing to cool. Cut into 1/2 inch cubes.

Return skillet to med high heat. Cook artichokes until slightly brown then remove into a bowl

Bring broth to a boil in a sauce pan or tea pot. Reduce heat and bring to a simmer. heat remaining 2 tsp of oil and cook onion and garlic until onion is soft about 2 minutes. Add rice and cook until outter shell is translucent about 1 minute

Add 1 c of hot broth and stir until it is absorbed. Continue adding broth 1/2 c at a time stirring until absorbed until rice is just tender. Add chicken and artichokes, zest and lemon juice and last remaining broth. The cooking time should be 20 minutes from time fo first adding broth. Add remaining ingredients and stir. Serve imediately.

1 serving is 3/4 cup

Nutritional Info
Servings Per Recipe: 6
Amount Per Serving
Calories: 178.1
Total Fat: 4.6 g
Cholesterol: 38.3 mg
Sodium: 779.3 mg
Total Carbs: 15.7 g
Dietary Fiber: 2.2 g
Protein: 18.5 g

01-02-2011, 06:45 PM
Good evening everyone!

I posted the recipe above for the Lemon Chicken Risotto - I made it tonight and it was amazing! DH and I loved it! It is time consuming but it was worth it and I will make it again. I was not able to find the artichoke hearts so used fresh asparagus instead and it was wonderful!

Thanks for all of the well wishes about re-joining WW - I am excited and really trying to follow the program, so far so good!

Have to run but have a great night and a wonderful tomorrow.

01-02-2011, 07:57 PM
Hello all - what a beautiful day here in snowy Colorado! It was minus 16 degrees when I got up this morning :coffee2:So - I had my morning coffee, bundled up and headed outside with my DH and doggies for a quick walk to get the day going.

Princess - the risotto recipe sounds yummy - I calculated that one serving is 4 points - is that what you got? I think when I try it that I will add the asparagus and the artichokes!:stir:

Peanutt - I love new cookbooks! I'm hoping to try alot of new recipes while I'm off the next few weeks. It will be fun to share when we find something delicious! I know I'm excited to try the risotto recipe that Princess shared.:hungry:

I was wondering how everyone calculates the activity points. I know there is a formula in the new material - but I want to be sure I don't overestimate what I'm earning. For instance - we got some downhill skiing in this afternoon. We were out for about 2 hours - but actual ski time I figure was 45 minutes. I don't really get sweaty skiing - but I can feel the burn in my legs and arms. So I figure it is a medium intensity and gave myself 4 points. Does that sound about right? :chin:


01-03-2011, 10:38 AM
Hi turtles:

Well, we are beginning a new year & good luck to everyone on getting back on track & starting anything new you are trying.

Life - congrats to you for a weight loss over the holidays!

I have a clean fridge with fruit & veggies & my squirrels have lots of goodies for the next few days, so my kitchen is under control & I also went through my cupboards so everything is set up to start fresh.

Everyone - lets do it!

01-03-2011, 11:53 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Monday to you all. It is sunny but cold here today, which is fine with me! So far the plan is working out very well for me so will keep at it and see how it goes. I made it to cycling class yesterday for a total of 65 minutes and 18.7 miles... I was exhausted afterwards but it felt great and I managed to make it to meet my knitting group and had a nice time and got some work done on a scarf that I am working on. Came home and made the Risotto dish and just relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Bandit: Great job on cleaning out the fridge and the kitchen... Glad to see you posting... was getting worried about you. Anything planned for this week or this coming weekend?

Lizzie: Yes, that is what I got to when I plugged it in to the tracker - although I counted mine as more since I think I added a bit more Chicken then it called for and DH and I basically split the recipe into 4 servings - one for each for supper last night and we both took it for lunch today. So I counted it as 8 pts per serving. I was going to add both the artichokes and the asparg. also but had to do only one in the end... it was a great dish though!

Judy: How is the family feeling? Is everyone over the flu bugs? We have had our fair share of bugs going around out here also... one of the draw backs to winter among other things :) Any plans or things that you are concentrating on this week?

Peanut: I love cook books! LOL - I have lots of them and keep buying more... but I really enjoy trying new things, we get into such a rut with the same foods day after day. Good luck with them and let me know if you find some winners!

Life: A huge congrats to you on losing weight during the holidays... wow that is just awesome!

Cherry: Thanks for the info - I think that you will really like the new program, I have so far. How was your New Years?

Have a great day all!

01-03-2011, 01:42 PM
Hi Princess - I am fine, just took a few days off from the computer since I am on it fulltime most of the time. Your chicken recipe looks amazing, something new to try, thanks.

Just getting ready for my lunch which is a "big salad" with tuna on top, so that should be good. Breakfast was a smoothie and lots of water in between. Supper is grilled salmon, rice and some kind of veggie. So under control. Planning on getting in a walk tonight at the indoor centre.

Hope everyone is back on track!

01-03-2011, 04:20 PM
Happy Monday Turtles!

So - I've been perusing other threads here at 3FC. What are your thoughts on mini-goals and rewards for reaching them? :?:

I think that mini-goals can be more than just losing X number of pounds, but also adding activity and healthy foods. :idea:

As I'm very new to the group - just wonder what everyone thinks. :listen:


01-03-2011, 04:31 PM
Lizzie, I am all about the mini goals! I need the regular feeling of success and achievement to keep me motivated. I've setup a list of weight loss and fitness goals for myself (scale and NSV) so that I can achieve regularly. I'm able to take motivation from the fact that I'm almost always just a few more pounds or a couple more weeks away from another achievement. Right now I have had some rewards set up that will continue to help me on my journey....like my reward for achieving 40lbs lost was buying the fitness video games I picked up yesterday.

I'm interested to hear what others have to say!

01-03-2011, 11:00 PM
Lizzie: Count me in! I need all the help I can get! I will pop back online tomorrow morning to see what is going on here and that will give me time to figure out my mini goals!

01-03-2011, 11:25 PM
Yeah----I'm all for setting mini goals. It was very important for me to break 200# and then to go ahead and break 190#. My immediate mini goal is to get back to the 188.2# I was right before Christmas. I know I can do it!

We've had a bunch of crazy things happening here----just modern life, but it's not fun when it hits. Turns out that my car couldn't be towed by AAA in the snow last Tuesday. Dh and I needed a taxi home. Then place car was towed to couldn't even look at it till today. Turns out the defective part was still under warranty at another dealer, so we had to have car towed again to the second dealer. Agh! I hope this isn't going to be the way all of 2011 goes. LOL. What am I proud about? I'm proud that I didn't eat over this. I also had two marshmallows for 1 point+ and then threw out the rest of the bag. Important for me to do that. And I need to remember that fruit is free and always available.

Yay! Let's do this in 2011!!! :bravo: :dancer: :carrot:
234.6/188.2/170's and thinner :cool: tomorrow I'll start a new thread. this one has gotten very long.

01-04-2011, 09:05 AM
Good morning everyone! Another cold day here but it is clear and you can't ask much more than that this time of year. Tonight I am going to an Aqua Fit class at the gym then home to have some leftovers for supper with DH.

We saw True Grit last night - OMG - what performances by the two main characters! Oscar quality in my opinion - loved it and would see it again.

Well I got on the scale this morning and it is showing me up... hmm, I must be doing something wrong and will have to read through the material again and double check points on everything again to make sure that I am getting it right. Supper last night was salty and dessert was included but I accounted for the points - will just keep at it!

My mini goal: I would like to hit my first 5% loss on the new program and then my reward will be to treat myself to a manicure.

Judy: Ugh - car troubles are always drama filled aren't they... I hope it gets better soon! Love your mini goal! A huge congrats on throwing away the treats, that is a big solid move for you and I am super proud of you!

Bandit: I totally understand steping away from the computer for a while... I am on mine all day at work, pretty much none stop except for meetings so it gets old after a while and I need a break - glad you are doing well though and that the holidays were enjoyable for you and your family. Did you do any shopping on Boxing Day?

I brought a large salad with some chicken on top with a low cal dressing for lunch today along with some grapes, and I have lots of fruit and a couple of triscuts in my desk drawer for snacks so I should be good to go.

Have a great day all!

01-04-2011, 09:21 AM
Hi All,
I'll see you all on thread #246 Bale of Turtles Starting Fresh!