Exercise! - Couldn't workout for 2 weeks. Lost stamina?

pink sparkle
12-15-2010, 04:39 PM
I just had a horrible tooth extraction experience that caused my oral surgeon to recommend no exercise until things were better. So I haven't been able to workout in about 2 weeks. Things are a lot better now (still not fully healed) and I went to the gym today. I could barely do 25 minutes on the elliptical. :cry: Usually, I have no problem working out for about an hour. I know the fact that I've basically been living off of soup, yogurt and mashed potatoes for the past two weeks had something to do with it. Still, it was disappointing. When you don't exercise for a little while, do you lose your stamina that fast? How long does it take for a person to build back up to where they were before?

12-15-2010, 05:02 PM
And I have the same problem? I work out (walking is my thing) and I do great for a week or so and then I just stop!:( I rather walk outside but the Northeast is getting awfully cold not which is "no excuse" because I have a brand new treadmill also:?: Help!!! Lets motivate each other to work out more?:carrot:

12-15-2010, 05:32 PM
I have had this happen and the older I get the closer it is between days where I notice I have to work harder especially in mid 40's. It use to be two or more weeks now if I dont excercise for even 4 days I feel a tiny bit sore the next day after doing it.
This keeps me wanting to exercise if I ever feel like having a week off I don't want to have to want to work up to it again.
Pink Sparkle - you have had surgery for which your body needs to heal from and from my experience in surgeries your body is spending energy recovering. It will get better once you are into habit again. This seems to just be a recovery process and I would not worry to much about it.

12-15-2010, 05:53 PM
its temporary loss of stamina, imho..... you dont lose fitness in 2 weeks!!
S**t, ive gone MONTHS without running (long), literally, like 7 or 8 months, My first long run out since my january marathon was the following august, and i had NO problem running 18 miles right out of the gate, after having run no longer than 6 or 7 miles for 7 or 8 months...
ive also taken up to6 FULL WEEKS off from exercise period. No running, strength, cycle ANYTHING.... and i didnt lose an OUNCE of fitness whne i started back up!
once you are FULLY recovered from your surgery, give yourself 2 or 3 workout sessions, to loosn up th ebody and muscles an joints, and you will be right back to where you were

pink sparkle
12-16-2010, 12:02 AM
I guess (hope) it is just my body still recovering. After all, I did end up having THREE surgical procedures in the past two weeks. :headache: I'm going to slowly work back up to where I was. Thanks!

12-16-2010, 09:11 AM
Because you had oral surgery...I'm sure your limited in what you can eat. Maybe try adding some liquid protein into your diet. I think it's your low cal/low protein diet your on right now that's responsible for your lack of stamina/energy. Get well soon!:)