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12-13-2010, 01:12 PM
i wanted to start a thread for slimfast as i cant find one ( sorry if there already is one)

Anyway i have jus started it and i have been on the slimfast community , very good and easy to use but flickering through the posts its doesnt look very active , posts are few and far between. Not like 3FC the posts come thick and fast.

So i just wanted to create a lil thread for any other SF users to chat and support one another.

Okay so abit about me ;)
I have used it breifly in the past and been successful. I find it a good way of bein in control and if you fancy a treat at weekend and youve stuck to your slimfast plan i find you can with out gaining waight or feeling guilty.

Whats motivated me even more is that my BF is planning a summer holiday for us in June , and ill be dammed if im gona go away looking like a hippo covering myself up. I have done this most of my teenage life and all of my 20's. I dont have long left in my 20's so i want to look good and want to go in to my 30's looking good :). I want to be the one feeling light on my feet and looking good in the sun and on the beach............ive never ever had now its mu turn ..........and im hoping slimfast and its community will help me get there :)

Whats your motivation for losing weight with SF :carrot: