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12-11-2010, 10:25 PM
Some of you have noted that I've mentioned in whiny times, that my hubby has been suffering from bad bouts of atrial fibrilation withe his heart.

This started in March, he's been in the ER twice, ICU, twice, had his heart shocked back into time twice. The first time they shocked him 5 times to get him back into time.

So, fast forward, he's had every test known to the medical profession, tried all the drugs and still can't get this under control.

So, yesterday, we made the 200 mile treck to see a Dr. who specializes in surgery to correct his arythmia. It was a stressful week waiting to go, all the unkowns.:?: He is a good candidate for the surgery, and as it stands now, he's blown through all the medications and still keeps trying to go into A-fib, but the meds are keeping him from it, but, the dose can't be upped and there are no other choices, but live with it, which sucks or do the surgery. So, the Heart Center of the Rockies will be calling next week, to give us the schedule for the surgery, some time in January.

The surgery is 70% affective the first time, of those, a tweak, surgery is 95 % affective and they get off all meds and are fine. If that does not work, a pace maker is the next step. It's not a very risky surgery, but,,,,,,,,,,,,,

We are scared out of our minds, and stressed to death.

No particular point, just needed to dump some anxiety and stress.


12-11-2010, 11:10 PM
((((hugs)))) for you and your hubs. Anyone in your situation would be stressed and scared. Even though the surgery may be a "minor" one as these things go I think we're all hardwired to up the "freak out" level when the heart is involved.

However, you've gone to a specialist and it sounds like you've gotten the best green light for surgery with a great outcome that a person can get. So try to think positive thoughts and think of the time after the surgery when your hubs will be on the mend and not have the horrible stress of going into a-fib.

12-11-2010, 11:20 PM
So many hugs for you!!! My husband's mom has gone through a ton of heart issues over the past few years and I know how scary it can be :( Hope everything goes well with the surgery in January!

12-11-2010, 11:33 PM
The surgeon, well, we liked him, he was honest, talked on our level, not arrogant, we were comfy with him.

Given, that back in 03 the DH had a bad accident at work and spent 14 months off work, lost a couple of fingers, and tons of surgeries and rehab and dealing with workmans comp, it was a nightmare, and we got very good at dealing with the medical profession, we were both pleased with the surgeon.

It's pretty scary, but where he's at now, is not a good place, he's exhausted all the time, goes to work, comes home and sleeps, sleeps all weekend, from the physical affects of his meds and his heart working overtime.

We've cussed and discussed, and talked and stewed and fretted, since we left the dr.s office yesterday, but still agree, that the surgery is a good idea, because the percentages are good, and what we have now is not.

I'm about in tears over this, because the surgery is scary, but if he has to stay on the meds, eventually the biggest risk is he will stroke out.

We've been together forever, dated for 2/12 years, married for 33 last August. Been through thick and thin, but this is the scariest ever!

Thanks to all of you great people for listening to me whine, rant, and cry, and let me dump my stress!