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12-11-2010, 07:47 AM
Coffee is on....I'll grab a cup and be right back!

12-11-2010, 07:50 AM
Good morning. The warbles are because I have carols playing and the wobbles are because I sat on my office chair and it scooted away. Landing on your butt before coffee is a quick wake-up. :)

We are getting more snow this weekend but the temps are going up above freezing. In this area that means freezing rain, alas! :( Today looks like a good day to finally get those darned outside lights up so I can quit griping about them. Some jobs take much less time to do than to think about.

Another night of slavery at the Mill and Museum is on the schedule. :shrug: I'm hoping to just work a half shift. Five hours straight is way too long in the cold. The Museum is heated but gets pretty cold anyhow with folks coming in and out. The Mill is an icebox but I need not work there tonight. The Church supper tonight is chicken stew with dumplings, not hard to resist as memory of my mother's leaden dumplings is still fresh in my mind. I think I can still feel a dumpling from 1959 in my stomach!

The furry dictators are needing a cuddle so I'm going to sit and admire the bling tree with them ... a good way to start the weekend!

Come and chat. :cofdate:

12-11-2010, 07:52 AM
Debbie, we can sip together and pet the Doggage!

12-11-2010, 07:57 AM
Good morning! I have a few extra minutes, and there's only 3 posts so far!!

Debbie - good morning! I saw the pics (again) of the pool yesterday. That is AMAZING!!

Ruth - we're supposed to have a "flash freeze" (as I'm told) tomorrow, I expect it will be pretty wicked. Hope your bum is okay! ;)

I have the mutt next to me on the couch (shhhh...don't tell DH) relaxing for a few minutes before getting ready for work. I'm pretty proud how I did this week, even going out yesterday with the DH I ordered a burger without bun and a side salad. No grains this week!! Helps with the boxes and boxes of candy and popcorn clients have dropped off...has not even been a temptation. I need to do this once in a while when I start eating things I haven't had (you know what I mean!).

Have a great day! Keep warm!

12-11-2010, 07:58 AM
A quick good morning on my way to the shower. It's a work day for me then home to pack for NM. I am resisting the urge to panic because I have done no prep for this trip. BY now I usually have maps, links to restaurants, etc. All I know is that 5/6 nights I'll be in a hotel with a fitness room and laundry facilities, both helpful. That and some helpful hints form Debbie :)

Debbie - I just made more coffee for the road. The second pot is dark chocolate. I think I'm hooked :)

Ruth - We always joked about my mother's desert chicken. We could combine that with your mom's dumplings for the perfect weight loss meal.
Happy light hanging.

I'll pop in tonight while I'm running around throwing things into suitcases. Hope your Saturday is just right.

ETA :wave: good morning Twynn and mutt

12-11-2010, 07:59 AM
Yes, Ruth! Coffee and pups! Good Morning:sunny:

My family is actually still sleeping...I would have expected that Bing would have followed me out. I made a little mess with the coffeemaker which left me on a dash out, but it was much better than falling on one's butt! I think the Mill sounds way too cold. Speaking of, I think I'll go find a sweater!

Twynn, lol at Reese on the couch! Bing seems to be in charge of our couch now. Great food this week, chickie! It sure does help ward off temptation. I always bring my vet raspberry jam.

Cyndi, have a great day today! I think your clothes needs will be very much like home. All your visits are up in altitude, usually sunny and cool.

12-11-2010, 08:23 AM
Quickie good morning from me, as I spent too much looking at the instructions for making your own hula hoop. Thanks, Heidi, for the suggestion and for the other link, too! I would have ended up with a children's one, if not for the head's up!


12-11-2010, 08:35 AM
Thanks, Heidi, for the suggestion and for the other link, too! I would have ended up with a children's one, if not for the head's up!

Thanks from me too! I sent the links to my DH. I did see that Amazon has lots of options.

This is my weekend for nagging my teen. To finally finish the college apps (yes, still not done) because the end of next week is the start of finals and house-guests. I will be doing serious cleaning and food planning this week.

Have a great weekend all.

hope for recovery
12-11-2010, 08:56 AM
Hello to everybody today! I managed to go swimming this morning and willing to commit to some form of exercise over the coming months. I felt a bit down about my food because I have eaten too much eggs, diary and chicken and now i just cannot eat it any more. BUT I did go shopping and did buy new things like leeks, cabbage, sausages and i had a cabbage soup with smoked gammon for lunch, cooked some mushrooms in garlic, did not buy any sauces but bought salads and avocado instead. My motivation is slowly going up! I don't want to be horrible to my body like I did before, I want to do good things, give good food, restore my weight to a healthy, sane state at the pace that my body chooses, quick fix does not work. Wishing a successful weekend to everybody! I might have naughty food at some point this weekend but I am already allowing myself to do it and not beating myself up as I am aiming towards a lifestyle and long term loss/maintenance.

12-11-2010, 09:39 AM
Good morning chicks, the coffee is soooo good today. I got up early and got my walk in, even thought my friend bailed on me, even though it's really cold, even though nobody's shoveled the sidewalks yet. Go me!
Plans for today: marketing this morning while the kids work at the barn, get a Christmas tree, then work on that damned proposal.

Ruth, what is it about cold climes and dumplings? My dad is from Minn, and his mom's claim to fame was her chicken and dumplings. They were good but boy did they put you on the sofa! Down here they make it but the dumplings are more like noodles.
Hiya Debbie! Please tell me more about the dark chocolate coffee.
Good job Twynn! we got a big package from DH's aunt in the mail yesterday. Every year she sends us a BIG box of Belgian chocolates, among other things. I stuck the pkg in the back of the closet and am trying to not think about it.
cyndi, have a great trip. You may find you love traveling on the fly! (I understand because I am a planner too).
Hi Linda, so we are all hula hooping now? Bad news for me, I've never been able to keep one up.
Hello hope! Definitely experiment as letting things get boring is the kiss of death for staying on plan (at least for me).
Hi Karen, I dread going through that whole college app thing again, but at least I have a couple of years to go. Hopefully I will have DD1 OUT of school by then.

12-11-2010, 10:05 AM
morning, girls. quickie fly-by for me as i'm running out the door to the gym - hoping I don't get fussed at by my trainer for skipping her class this morning but truth be told, i don't like the way she leads group classes.

hope everyone has a great day! a bit of baking and cleaning on my schedule for today :)

12-11-2010, 10:21 AM
Zeff, maybe someday you will be the trainer...I would love to teach water yoga...someday....Have fun baking and cleaning!

Diane(Schmoodle), the coffee is Cyndi's, but maybe she mentioned it to me because she's bringing some to NM. Great job getting out for your walk when your buddy bailed again! Sorry you've got to work this weekend.

hope for recovery, thanks for checking in. I will eat the same thing for a long time and be happy, but as soon as I get bored I do some switching. This is a lifestyle change for me, too.

Karen, sorry you have to endure yet another weekend with the college apps. May it be as stress-free as possible.

Linda, :wave:

TallandThin, I didn't get back yesterday to answer your question about Rudi. Yes, he is my old dog, rescued and now retired from pet therapy. He came to us with a brain injury and has always been slow, but after a terrible fall this summer it is becoming increasingly difficult for him...You can see his pic if you click on my Beacher Bio below. He's the beautiful guy in the middle. Bing is our Cocker rescue(also a therapy dog now), who my DH calls the "spasmodic peanut". He is a nut case. We got him as a companion for Rudi last fall when my beautiful "Lexxiss" passed on with bone cancer.
*sorry* so long....I've also been asked recently why my User ID is Lexxiss....don't think I'll ever change that.

Ok, I gotta get going...think we're headed to the pool after a pancake breakfast at the church. I'm thinking I don't really want to eat pancakes...maybe I'll take a super great coffee with me.

12-11-2010, 12:15 PM
Good morning! :wave:

I went to the city last night and finished up the last of my Christmas shopping! (Actually, I thought I'd finished LAST weekend, but we saw some nice deals in the sale fliers this week, so....) There were some wonderful deals if you were willing to stay up late and wait for them. :D I got home just after 1 a.m. but stayed up an hour or so longer to wrap them and get them out of the way.

I slept in this morning and then hit the treadmill so now I'm rushing. I couldn't head out the door without checking in to see what you chicks are doing today. LOL Have a great Saturday friends! :hug:

hope for recovery
12-11-2010, 01:02 PM
Lexxiss, I think I might be the same as well, I have eaten an unbelievable amount of eggs and yogurt recently and I did not have a problem with that until today, I just cannot look at them so I did some experimenting in the kitchen and just for the weekend I know I am safe. Come Monday, I could do salmon and veg or try some new recipes. It is a great inspiration to read people's posts in here and know that some people have been doing this for a really long time, that means I can do it too! And thank God I like vegetables and exercise!

Thanks for the suggestion Schmoodle!

I am positive this time that when January comes I will not hate myself for all the damage that I have done to myself during December binge-eating, I have a choice to do things differently. Today I have exercised my right to make a choice and will do so tomorrow as well.

12-11-2010, 04:19 PM
Morning :wave: Nice warm partly cloudy morning. Just have a few minutes as company is coming tomorrow and I need to do some serious dusting and want to scrub the kitchen floor.

Ruth, ouch! That could hurt the old tailbone girl. Can I bring Mr. Big and my cup of coffee and cuddle with you too?

Twynn, Proud of you for having a good week, especially this time of year. Not an easy accomplishment.

Schmoodle, good for you getting your walk in even though you had all those reasons to not. I just finished mine too and it feels good.

Heidi, bet you aren't through Christmas shopping yet ;)

Cyndi, Even without all the planning, bet you are going to have a great trip. Is DW's toe/foot better?

WT - Nag away, it may be so worth it in the long run.

Hope, don't think we've met. :wave: nice to meet you. You've got some good thinking going on there.

Zef, hey girl, do what feels right and don't worry about her getting upset.

12-11-2010, 05:43 PM
Hello everyone! Have nothing much going on, lol.

hope for recovery
12-12-2010, 12:08 AM
Nice to meet you too, TallandThin!

Just to report, a night out - 1 orange juice and 3 redbulls, it is part of life, not beating myself up, all the other food is good, tomorrow intending to stay on plan, if it takes me longer to lose weight that is ok. Either way I don't always respond positively with my mind to weight loss as I feel scared and vulnerable. I am so used to hiding behind my fat. But it is harming my body so i am intending to lose it and free my body!

Thank you all for the support!

12-12-2010, 12:35 AM
Good evening, ladies. Just got some Christmas shopping done online...lots of Georgia Bulldogs merchandise including some argyle leg-warmers that are way too cute!!! :) Here's to hoping my legs get skinny enough to fit in them by next year when I'm going to more games, LMFAO

Ruth - Ouch...I sure hope you didn't hurt your tailbone too bad!!! And I hope after falling on your tail you didn't have to go freeze it off for 5 hours, LOL

Twynn - Good job w/ the no grains this week!!! That was my initial plan (to go back to no grains for 2 weeks) but I forgot yesterday and didn't remember 'til I was half way through my whole grain crackers. :( Oopsy!!!

Cyndi - Oooh, dark chocolate coffee sounds YUMMY!!! I know you won't get back to answer this question before your trip, but what brand do you buy and where do you get it???

cottage - I got intrigued by the hula hoop instructions as well. I'm thinking that it's going to save me some sanity to just buy one on my own, though, LOL

WaistingTime - Good luck getting everything done...nagging a teen is a full time job on it's own!!! LOL

hope for recovery - Sounds like you've got your head screwed on straight when it comes to this weight loss game. The hardest thing, for me, is not getting discouraged when a plateau happens. Slow and steady wins the race, so they say...but is sure is darn frustrating sometimes, LOL!!! Oh, and YUMMMMMM for avocados!!! :)

Schmoodle - Good for you for getting up and going for your walk even after your partner bailed!!! I learned a long time ago that I couldn't count on other people to keep me accountable. My co-worker swears she's going to start going to the gym w/ me after Thanksgiving...uh huh, that's right. And how long ago was that??? LOL Next year she'll still be the size she is now and I'll be showing up to work in my size 10 jeans. ;) Ooh girl...get those chocolates out of the house!!! LMFAO You might be stronger than me but I know that I would resist and then eventually make my way to the back of the closet and into those chocolates, LOL

zeffryn - :wave: Tell your trainer to stick it...LOL

Lexxiss - I've never heard the story about your username before. That is so sweet. I'm so sorry for your loss, but I'm glad Rudi can help ease some of your pain. I wouldn't change the username ever, either...if anything ever happened to Shadow, I'd be lost. :(

Heidi - Nightowl deals??? That's right up my alley!!!

TallandThin and Okie - :wave:

12-12-2010, 06:24 AM
Well I'm up, sort of. There's an ice storm coming in. I hope we will miss it in all directions but I'm sure we will drive through a little. Just want to make sure DW has decent roads on the way home.

I'm going to skip personals this morning. I'm just too distracted. I'll probably get on tonight when I"m settled into my hotel. I discovered yesterday that 5/6 nights I will have access to a fitness room. The weekend will be filled with birding so I won't need any extra exercise :) I'm planning to get a workout in every night, maybe in the mornings if my body stays on East Coast time.

Hope your Sunday is just what you need it to be :)

hope for recovery
12-12-2010, 06:25 AM
Good Morning everyone!

Natasha1543 - Yeah i suppose i am in a good space at the moment. It is just that sometimes I want to lose weight so I feel in control and because I had some stress in my life around jobs and now it has passed, I feel like I don't need to lose weight as such and my motivation can go down.

But.... when I woke up this morning the sides of my body were kinda smoother and I just thought oh yes!!! So keeping up with it! Had a lovely mushroom soup and a sausage for breakfast - mushrooms, pine nuts and aubergines in garlic and herb, really nice. Just for today I will try to stick to plan and cook something for tomorrow to motivate myself. Also dealing with fears which would cause me to eat, I need to change my thinking and not eat out of emotions because it is going to kill me!

12-12-2010, 07:35 AM
Good morning. It's snowing and they are threatening a change to freezing rain later but life goes on. :shrug:

I got half the outside lights up yesterday until my fingers nearly froze off! You just can't wear gloves for that kind of fiddly job. The rest may or may not go up today. I've got a busy Sunday ahead of me and the weather may force me to change my plans.

We're having the "Hanging of the Greens" service at Church this morning and then I have my Book Club's meeting which will be a Christmas brunch. :carrot: It was supposed to be at Pat's new house which is in the back or beyond but we've changed the location because of the weather. I'm hoping it winds up mid-afternoon so I can get home and do more Christmas decorating outside before the freezing crud happens.

Right now it's time for breakfast - grapefruit and cereal today - and cranking up the day. Have a good one! :cofdate:

12-12-2010, 07:51 AM
Good morning all <3

Today is the day that I go back OP, I am making a big pot of chili on the slow cooker, and will go out this morning for scrambled eggs only (and coffee) I have 2 girls (DD had a friend over)

Wish me luck :)

I got a beautiful peacock wreath for my door. Some of you may not like it, but it is soooo me. I love peacocks, and bling :) I plan to leave it up all winter.

12-12-2010, 07:57 AM
Wow! I just love it! Thanks for sharing.

12-12-2010, 07:59 AM
Wow! I just love it! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you :) My friend made it for me, she does all kinds of work, and knowing me, she made me the perfect wreath !

How are you this morning?

12-12-2010, 08:25 AM
Pretty good, thanks. Right now we have freezing rain and it's supposed to keep on for the morning. Grrrr! I much prefer snow.

12-12-2010, 08:39 AM
We got our first snow here! Just a bit. But last night there were over 20 teens here so I was a bit worried with them all driving home. And baby it's cold outside!

12-12-2010, 08:52 AM
Cyndi, I wish you a safe trip and hope Julie gets home before the ice storm gets there! Take care and God speed. :hug:

Your wreath is just gorgeous, Beloved! Your friend is really talented, and I'd leave it up all winter, too.

Ruth, I'm glad you're not experiencing any side effects from that fall on your bottom yesterday! Your church service sounds like a lovely event, and I hope the ice storm holds off so you can enjoy your day and get home before it starts to freeze.

We're just having very heavy rain all day today. It would be a blizzard if it was coming tomorrow, as we're expecting an Arctic Blast for the beginning of the week! I have to run to the mall yet again today to exchange a gift that is damaged. :( I'll stop in to visit my parents while I'm out, and then spend the rest of the day preparing and freezing cookie doughs and helping Jake wrap gifts. The kids just want a simple spaghetti supper when they come over later, so that will be easy enough. :)

Have a safe and happy Sunday!

12-12-2010, 09:20 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Just a quick check in here...I need to get Rudi and the gang rolling. Take care all of you who are dealing with the bad roads. Ruth, sometimes staying home is not such a bad idea, especially when you have a good excuse. BelovedK, that is such a beautiful wreath. hope for recovery, your menus always sound so good. You must really be a great cook! Cottage, I am in awe at how much cookie dough you make without sampling. Karen, happy first snow! Natasha, those leg warmers WILL fit you next year. Okie, :wave: Cyndi, safe travels...see ya soon! TallandThin, have fun with your company today. Heidi, I wish my Christmas shopping was done!

Ok, back to business....potluck at church today...I'm baking and cooking right now. I always bring a main course, salad and dessert that I can eat.

Have a great day everyone!

12-12-2010, 09:40 AM
Wow, it sounds like everyone is so cold, brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Stay warm and cozy.

Debbie, have fun at the potluck!

12-12-2010, 11:39 AM
Morning :wave:. OMG I'm up before the sun this morning. Hope this doesn't become a habit but want time to get my walk in before my GDIL shows up to work on her "gift in a jar" project.

Nat, looking forward to seeing a picture of you in those leg warmers soon.

Cyndi, have a safe and enjoyable flight.

Hope :wave:

Ruth, Yes! Some of those darn lights are up. Way to go girl.

Beloved, hope you make it on plan today and your wreath is so pretty.

Karen, twenty teens, OMG bet that was loud.

Cottage, keep your fingers out of that cookie dough today girl!

Lex, thank you so much for the story of your dogs. As I speak our Frenchie is curled up in his bed by the wood stove covered up with a blanket snoring his little head off. He is such a wimp in the cold mornings. He is also a rescue and has added so much laughter to our lives these past few months.

Well, off for my walk and then a few chores before company arrives. Hope her gifts turn out cute. Later

12-12-2010, 01:32 PM
Hello all, my butt is glued into my office chair trying to get this proposal writing done today. With periodic breaks to keep the laundry moving. I am freaked out by all this stomach virus going around. Getting sick would be sooo bad. By the time this work push is over (mid-week hopefully), I will be so behind on housework and Christmas prep, I really cant afford a sick day. Now that I'm worried, my stomach feels icky.

Safe travels to you and DW, Cyndi!Hope, that soup sounds scrumptious, and I don't even LIKE mushrooms, LOL. But I do love any kind of soup.
Beloved, I LOVE that wreath! So pretty.

Back to work for me, and have a great day everyone!

12-12-2010, 03:07 PM
Just popping in to say hey and I'm missing you all!!!
Crazy since August when school started, but all is well

12-12-2010, 08:52 PM
Evening, ladies. :) At work again tonight until 0100 hrs. It's started snowing here in the South end of our county, so hopefully it'll move up this way soon. :) Got up early today to have lunch w/ some extended family for Christmas. Everybody is so busy and always running in different directions, so we decided to just do it this way. We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant and I stuck to plan by eating fajitas and having them omit the rice and tortillas. I've got 2/3 of my meal left, so I guess I've got dinner for tonight and lunch for tomorrow, LOL I'm assuming our SWAT training will still take place tomorrow even if it does snow.

hope for recovery - I completely understand...I'd be willing to bet most of us here understand. ;) That's the great thing about this forum, dontcha know??? ;) And just like you said w/ what happened for you this can be going along thinking "man, I wish I'd hurry up and lose all the weight I need to...this is taking forever!!!" and then all of a sudden you notice that sweater that used to be too tight fits just right now...or that you can see your collarbones that you haven't seen in 15 years. It makes it all worth it, LOL :) Keep up the good work!!!

Ruth - You are SO right. I wore gloves on my callout the other night but it was hard to hold a pen and write and the touchpad on my MDT (mobile data's a laptop in the truck that I can use to check warrants on people and add notes to calls, etc) won't pick up my touch w/ gloves on. :( It's one of those "get it done or freeze my fingers off" choices...not fun, LOL Hope you were able to get some more decorating done, though, before it got too awful cold.

Beloved - Good luck!!! You can do it, girl!!! I have to admit, the peacock wreath wouldn't normally be my style, but I think it's just beautiful. Your friend did a great job!!!

cottage - Oooh, I have been CRAVING spaghetti lately. It's so easy and some up and send it my way??? LOL

Lexxiss - I'm gonna keep telling myself year I will be posting photos of me at the Georgia game in my argyle leg-warmers...that will be a new NSV for me!!! :) The other day I had one that I found kinda funny. I took my niece to see The Nutcracker and we had to walk up 3 1/2 flights of stairs to get to our seats. When we got to the top of the stairs she had to stop to "catch her breath" and I'm standing there going "What is wrong w/ you, girl??? You're 16 years old!!!" as I enjoyed being able to breathe just fine. LMFAO

TallandThin - Hope you and the GDIL got all the gifts in a jar done. I still think that is SUCH a cute idea!!!

Schmoodle - Good luck getting your proposal written today. Try not to overstress over the virus going'll fool your mind into thinking you're sick, LOL I'd pick up some Airborne just to be on the safe side, though...and load up on Vitamin C!!!

femmecreole - Welcome back!!! :)

Here's to hoping tonight stays as...ummm...Q-word as it is right now. Snow still hasn't made it up north yet. We'll see how long it takes. :)

12-12-2010, 11:46 PM
:wave: I am happily settled in my room in Albuquerque. Just found out I don't have to work until 1 tomorrow because everyone else got stuck with delayed flights. I'm going to take full advantage and get out and bird and sight see. I'm sure I'll be up on Vermont time :)

I can't wait to meet Debbie and family!!