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12-10-2010, 09:25 AM
Good morning ladies! I am freezing to death this morning. I turn the thermostat way down at night so in the morning when I am up and going I get cold fast. We have a programmable thermostat, but it drives me nuts to get it to work right. I think if I ever figured it out it would be fine.

Jean: I thought the same thing as Susan you are working as much as you did for school. Church work is one of those things that when you volunteer they make sure they keep you on "speed dial." They figure they have a hook in you and don't want to let you go since volunteers are hard to come by. I decided not to work at T's school this year. She called and asked, but at the time we were going through the car thing with the grand marquis and I told her I was was down to just one car. We still are until after the first of the year so I don't want to be pinned down if I don't have to be. I think once we get the grand marquis situation sorted out I may find somewhere to volunteer. My hair lady never did get back with me about teaching knitting classes to the mother's at Ronald McDonald house, which is next door to St Judes.

Susan: You have been busy, busy. I checked out the Tricare for Life and looks like it will fit the bill as long as there are not a lot of things Medicare doesn't cover then we will end up footing a big part of the bill more than likely. He still has a few years. I thought it was 63 but I guess it is 65 for Medicare. The nice thing is we don't have to deal with changing prescription plans.

Jack is calling his doctor today and getting an appt to discuss all his hurts and booboos. I know I talked with Susan awhile back about what I thought might be a hernia and she said it sounded like GERD. Well, he had an acid attack the evening before last, so bad it choked him a lot. So the next morning he was still feeling the effects and I told him to stay home from work yesterday. I knew he wouldn't be able to get into our drs as they never had open appts, but I sent him to a Walgreen clinic so he would at least be able to get an excuse for staying home. She really couldn't do anything for him and told him he needed to be evaluated by his physician (which I have been nagging about but gotten no where.) She was so nice she cancelled his appt since she couldn't do anything for him and didn't charge him for it. They take tricare, which is nice since like I said we can't ever get into our drs last minute. Heck, it take Jack two weeks at least to get an appt with his dr. He is going to have her check out his hand, his knee and the gastro stuff so I am pleased the dr at the Walgreens got through to him.

Well, onward with my day. I got nothing done yesterday with Jack being home so I want to work on the upstairs today. Tonight is potato soup and rolls for dinner! Have a good one! Faye

12-10-2010, 01:09 PM

It is a tad warmer this day here in the Heartland. Good day for Will to trim the apple tree. He got such a good deal yesterday. I am amazed sometimes at his good deals. He was just in a place he does business for building supplies. Anyway he was chatting with a clerk and asked him where in town he could get a welder set up. He was just wondering what the cost would be and the guy who is retired military, like Will, said ~ I have a set up in my garage that I don't have a need to use anymore. Will, of course, asked what he wanted for it and the fellow said, "How bout if I just give it to you." When lunch time came he went home and got it out of his garage and brought it back to the store and gave Will a call to come pick it up. Such a deal. You know you do reap what you sew and Will has done so many good things for folks so now he is getting some back.;) I told hm to ask where you could buy a Lambardini or DeLorian and maybe someone just has one parked in his garage and it is just collecting dust and will give it to you. He just shot me one of "those looks." :D I now have two of the buildings I needed to get done and cut the pattern out for the third. I need to get it done and get them all mailed out in time for Christmas giving. My friend out in CA sent me an email saying she is sending me some more WW material and I am looking for that package. She sends me free coupons for products which is really helpful. Who doesn't like free food that's "good for you."

DONNA FAYE Thank you for starting us a new thread. It is too bad that Jack had to have such an uncomfortable attack to have a light come on in his thinking. But that is how some folks learn isn't it. Poor dear, I know he must have been suffering. I do like potato soup ~ what time is dinner did you say? I sprinkle a few bacon bits on mine, got any? You know it's the 10th already and Christmas is fast approaching. Fast.

SUSAN & JEAN Having a good day are you? Howdy from the heartland.

Well I think I will get busy with my glass works now. :wave: Time is marching on and leaving lines on my face. :D Type at y'all later.

12-10-2010, 05:33 PM

I am a happy camper for sure. My vest came today and it is just the ticket. Will did say that when I get to goal if I want another like it to order it when I mentioned this one would be hard to take in to make it a smaller size because of all the inside and outside pockets. I could do it but it would put the pockets clear to the sides instead in the middle. We shall see when the time comes for it will certainly be awhile. :p I will save the paperwork on it so I can reorder though. Also my package arrived from my dear friend out in CA. I got the Helpful Habits series of 6 hand outs including the maintenance plan along with the Getting started booklet and the pocket guide. I put the pocket guide in the booklet cover I got to cover the 3 month tracker for it fits much nicer in it. She also included 4 weight record trackers to last the year + a few weeks and 2 dark chocolate turtle bars.:cool: I am set for I have the "kit" now to have a good 2011 of weight loss. OH and also my new coffee glass arrived. YEAH. I would love to sit here and read all the WW information I got but I need to get back to my glass works. I just had to take a break, get some coffee and tell you what the mail man delivered this day. Can you tell I am jazzed. :D

Type at y'all later :wave: back to work now.

12-10-2010, 06:06 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I worked at the hospital this morning; we put together patient information folders for when patients check into the hospital. I was the youngest while the others were 75+. We each had a part to put together and stick in the folder; needless to say I was first and finished 500 folders with a sheet of local restaurants and a questionnaire with a return envelope before anyone else. I came home for lunch and the blizzard warnings were on tv so made a short list and headed to the grocery store. You'd think people couldn't get out to buy groceries for the next month the way they were filling their carts. Sunday is supposed to be 'nice' but much colder; tomorrow is the freezing rain turning to snow. It has started to rain but it's 49 degrees outside. :rolleyes:

"Gma" -- I had to chuckle at you freezing to death. ;) It's usually in the 65-67 degree range when I go downstairs in the morning. If there is no wind it's not too bad, otherwise it is a tad chilly and I turn the thermostat up. I must admit I am tired after being on the go all week. I do like my time at home. :yes: I wonder if they will up the age for Medicare as long as Social Security has gone up to 66. I read somewhere that they want to raise retirement age to 72, and that is too old imo. I'm glad Jack is going to see his doctor. Our clinic leaves a few 'open' appointment slots for non-emergency type incidents. We can't always see our own doctor but that's ok on a spur of the moment need.

Maggie -- We have a wonderful person in our church and she is aptly named Jewel. She is a nurse and her husband is a surgeon who met while missionaries in Africa. Anyhow, she is always helping a person or family in need, sick, etc., then tells them to "pay it forward" rather than to pay her. It sounds like Will belongs to that same club. :D What is he going to weld? I'm glad you got the new WW information. I had to miss the mtg. yesterday because I was waiting for a phone call in the church office and I was the only one there. You will enjoy your new vest with all the handy pockets. It sounds like you are busy making glass buildings. :yes: I need to get busy on my Christmas 'to do" list!

Susan -- Hope you are having a good day and doing something beside cleaning. ;)

I have another load of laundry going and need to sort through the hamper. I thought I just emptied it and it's looking pretty full again. :(

Hope you all have a nice weekend and enjoy this evening. :D

Jean -- :wave: from :rain: Iowa!

12-10-2010, 09:00 PM
Good evening, ladies. 33 degrees. It was 48 earlier in the day.

I went to water aerobics today and then got a hair cut. It's really short now (about 1 inch on top) and I love it. I'm really looking forward to my meeting tomorrow. It's been 12 days since I weighed in officially. I have high hopes. We'll see. I'm going to have to buy some new pants. I can take my 14's off without unzipping and unbuttoning them. I hate to even think about shopping this time of year. I think I'll go to the thrift store and pick up a couple of pair of jeans to see me through until after Christmas sales.

I have the programmable thermostat and dearly love it. The house is now warm when I get up and cools off before I go to bed (it goes down to 68 at 9 pm). I got it free from the gas company.

Jean, the thinking with the increase of age of SS is that few people even lived to 65 when it started. Now we live to 80 or more. I'm 69 and still working. It keeps a lot of us older ones going strong to have to get up in the morning. You do enough volunteer work to have a full time job. The nuts around her are the same. If the forecast says snow, they run to the store and clean it out. If you see a snowflake, everything closes. And snow doesn't last more than a day or 2 here.

Faye, who knows about raising the age for Medicare. It seems they would if they want people to work longer. A lot of people around here have Tricare and are pleased. Medicare pays 80% of most things. I haven't had to pay anything in the 4 years I've been on it except my prescription copays.

Maggie, I have always thought God rewards us for helping others. You have plenty to read now. No excuses when January 1 rolls around. I really like the pocket guide this year. I tied a ribbon to the spiral binding of my daily tracker to keep my place.

Guess I'll turn the tv on and see if there is anything to watch. If not, I'll go to bed and read. Have a good evening!

12-11-2010, 12:51 AM
I just did a quick read through the posts while I was gone . . .

Susan -- I had to :lol: at you not being able to keep your jeans on. I know a couple of teachers who shop at the SOS store on a regular basis and find some really nice clothes. Thank you for sharing the recipes. :T I may try the fudge although I've never heard of putting cranberries in fudge. Do they melt? I like the idea of putting the meat loaf in the muffin tins. I'm glad you were able to fix the glitch at work. You are good! Our gas has gone up $.20 this week. :mad: Today it was $2.85 when I went into town this morning.

"Gma" -- I don't get as much done when Bob is home either. :no: I'm sorry your shoes didn't fit . . . maybe they were supposed to be child sized. :dunno: We went to a James Taylor concert when we lived in Ohio. It was billed as Carly Simon and he showed up instead. :( They were married at the time but I don't know if they still are or not. I hope your sinus headaches are gone. They are not fun at all.

Maggie -- It sounds like your weather has become winter! :brr: Are you changing WW points in old cookbooks? I'm wondering if WW food in the stores still have the old points on them. :?: I just bought some cheese today but haven't looked at the label to see if it figures out to be different. I hope RM's ear is feeling better. You are definitely thinking spring if you are ordering seeds for your garden! :cb:

I am heading off to bed and read for a bit. See you all tomorrow! :wave:

12-11-2010, 02:17 PM

Gracious sakes the wind is blowing gusts to 50 mph making it "feel like" 29 for the temp is only 34. A 50 MHP is a bit swift with wind I might add. Will certainly re-arrange your hair do if you go out in it. Not much on my agenda except glass work. I am coming right along with my projects but need to keep at it. I received another order for a building for Christmas so have that to do after I finish this one. I sold most of the ones out of my village so will work to replace them next year. I have a little group of two cottages and two story building, a fire house and a meat shop in a nice little arrangement on a book shelf in the front room. I have Christmas lights on the three houses. Makes a nice little arrangment all lit up. Anyway come next Christmas I am sure it will be a bigger village like it used to be for I can work on it all year long. And probably sell some of the buildings then replace them. :D The thing is, I can always replace a building if I want.

DONNA FAYE And just what are you up to this day? Knitting are ya? How is Jack this day?

JEAN It was interesting what you chose to comment on after reading "old posts." I have changed my favorites in some of the paper backed WW booklets. I had lists of them placed in the front of the books which made it easier. When I tried a recipe I wrote it down with the page number if we liked it. Actually each one I have tried we like for I really can know by reading the ingredients lists if we will like it or not.;) And I can make things that look just like the picture.:D I think possibly the points have been changed on the market packages. At least that is my hope. When I get any new frozens I will check the nutrition list and compare what is posted on the carton and what my calculator comes up with. However by January when I start the new program they should have them all fixed by then don't you think.

SUSAN How much did you lose? I am so happy for you shrinking down so far. Wow, fitting into a size 12 .:dancer: Now that is a happening. What a neat idea to tie a ribbon to the spiral. I do belive I will do that also. Thanks. Try putting your Points Pocket Guide in that folder made for the Tracker. See how it fits better. We have gap insurance that pays what Medicare won't, thank goodness because, Medicare doesn't pay much. I have to go sign up for Medicare the frist part of January. Should be fun. They messed me up so badly, when I first signed up, in their paperwork for it has taken years to straighten out. They said I had to have Medicare then made it impossible to use because of their ton of mistakes. I was advised by my retirement folks to fire them and let the dust settle because Medicare refused to get it right. Now this is a different town in a different state and the gal I talked to was amazed at what they had done previously to my file when she opened it. She said she can get it all straightened out come January but I will have to pay a penality for signing up so late. After all this has been going on for years. I have hope this lady knows her stuff and can get it right.

12-11-2010, 05:03 PM
Good Afternoon! The blizzard has arrived! :woohoo: I can't see the house across the back yard nor the house across the street! It's 18 degrees with 40 mph winds gusting to 60 mph according to the weather channel. Our Christmas party tonight has been postponed until the same night that I have card club. :( I have a "to do" list to work on but feel like being lazy this afternoon.

Maggie -- It sounds like you and I are sharing the same wind. You will be kept busy with your glass building projects that's for sure. I have several church cookbooks and I keep a list of favorite recipes in the front of the book for a fast look-up. Needless to say I rarely figure WW points on the ones I make for a special dinner once or twice a year. I hope the gal can get your Medicare straightened out. I just paid $15.23 for 6 prescriptions after meeting my co-pay. At that rate I shouldn't hit the donut hole I hope. None are brand name so that does help.

"Gma" and Susan -- What are you up to today? :snow4:

My washer is done so I need to put in another load. Have a nice "rest of the day!" :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

12-11-2010, 05:49 PM
Good evening, ladies. We're having rain and it's 41 degrees.

I weighed in for the first time in 12 days and was down a whopping 10.0 pounds! 3.6 pounds to my WW goal weight. I also got the 25 pound charm for my key ring. My friend came to WW today and afterwards we went across the street and had a skinny latte at Starbucks while we talked.

You have to be careful of the products in the stores that give points. If the package says just points, it's old points. New points have the blue logo and say points plus. It'll take awhile to get everything changed.

Jean, dried cranberries don't melt. They stay whole in the fudge. It's very good. I always like the ends of the meatloaf so putting it in the muffin pans gives me lots of "ends".

Maggie, I emailed you this afternoon with the Excel spreadsheet. I hardly check the Cox email. I hope everything gets straightened out with Medicare in January.

Faye, I emailed you some links today for knitting I thought you might like.

I'm having taco soup for supper with a salad. I made some sugar-free jello and put fruit cocktail in it. I will be a great 0 point dessert.

12-11-2010, 06:10 PM
Good afternoon ladies. I wasn't sure with all the posts if I had posted yesterday or not, but I had. Everyone is just talkative today. I couldn't get in here this morning because my sweet grandson Thomas had his piano recital. I am including a picture of "Mr. Cool" in his fancy duds before the recital started. I have a video of him playing, but Jack has to download the software for our video camera before I can post it on Facebook. I will let you know when I have posted it or I can email it to you. They usually break the kids into two groups, but they had the whole thing today and it was nearly 3 hours long. My hip was killing me by the time it ended as Jack and I got there a little before 10 so we could have good seats. We were first ones there but I took third row back and it was perfect to see from. Towards the last half hour or so were the oldest kids and man some of them were really talented. If I hadn't been hurting I would have enjoyed it a whole lot more towards the end.

Susan: Thanks for the link. I look forward to going through the patterns. My dil wants some mittens and if I ever get time to do something for myself would like some fingerless gloves to wear int he house in the winter. I posted a picture of the socks I am making for Thomas. I think they turned out pretty well.

Maggie: Oh, I am glad you got that vest you wanted. I am anxious to get my new shoes on Tuesday and see if they fit. I wore an old pair of Cobbie Cuddlers today, but they pinch just a bit at the little toe so they aren't meant for walking around in much. Thank goodness I didn't have a lot of that to do.

Jean: We don't have your temps, thank goodness or we would be snow bound big time. The rains were really heavy all morning. In fact, sometimes it was hard to hear the kids play because the rain was coming down so hard hitting the roof. They had their recital at the Catholic high school and it was very nice. They had a basketball tourney going on at the same time so it got kind of interesting. That is why they didn't separate the recital.

I am going to sit and knit when I get done here. I still have to make a menu and grocery list as tomorrow is the dreaded commissary day. You gals have a nice weekend. Hope you aren't too buried under snow and such. Faye

12-11-2010, 10:02 PM
The wind continues to blow hard and howl as I'm typing . . . . the blizzard/wind warning is on until 10 tomorrow morning so I'm wondering if we will have church. Our custodian lives out in the country so I'm pretty sure he won't be coming in. If the wind is still blowing I can't see the plows out nor the guy who clears our parking lot and sidewalks.

Susan -- :congrat: :woo: :balloons: on the GREAT 10# loss! You go girl! You are so dedicated to your exercise, eating OP, and it is paying off for you. I'm betting every WW food item in our stores is the 'old' WW points. It seems like we get new things months after everyone else does. :( I would be glad to share my weather with you. ;)

"Gma" -- Thomas looks pretty handsome in the picture. I keep kidding Bob that I am going to get him suspenders because he is constantly pulling his pants up. The men on his side of the family have no bu**! :lol: I love the colors in the socks, and I'm sure T will enjoy them just because you made them for him. I hope your hip is feeling better tonight. I don't think we are getting that much snow but the wind is sure blowing it around. I'm glad we aren't trying to leave town this weekend! :hyper:

I need to iron a shirt for Bob just in case we do have church in the morning. See you all tomorrow! :snowglo:

12-12-2010, 09:39 AM
Good morning gals! I think Jean conspired with the weather man to share her wind as it is 40 mph gusts and we are even expecting snow showers today. Of course, my kids could get 2 ft of snow in the next couple days so I should keep my mouth shut and just be happy we don't live up there as they already have a foot of snow unless it has melted.

Susan: I do not know how I missed it, but super duper congrats on the big loss! :bravo::cp::cb: I know you have to be happy about that. I would think people would have big losses for awhile with fairly drastic changes to the new plan.

Jean: Jack went to the store the other day in blue jeans and a colored tshirt. He came home and went to put his coat away and I started laughing my head off. His "tidy whiteys" were showing through about a 2 inch slice down the back of his jeans by his pocket and another inch or so one. The pants had worn out and frayed then little by little ripped I guess. Anyway, he showed any ladies at the store his bum! I scolded him about trying the get inappropriate attention! lololol I just left Fortune out and saw some little flecks of white whizzing around so the snow has started here. The commissary doesn't open until 10 on Sundays and we will get a bite of breakfast then get out there so we can get groceries and get home. Glad you liked the socks. I think they are a good color combination for a boy. He told me one of his pairs of socks has holes in them so I guess he wore them out though he mentioned "moths!" lol

Hope you all can stay in and stay warm today. We are in for storms I am sure. If there is no church a good day to bundle up with a book, some knitting or a movie! Have a great day! Faye

12-12-2010, 12:41 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! Our blizzard has moved on but it is below 0 with a wind chill of -20 and still windy. The sun is shining brightly so it looks warmer than it is. We didn't get a lot of snow which was good. Church was called off this morning and I'm guessing it is because our custodian lives out in the country quite a distance from town. The children's program was scheduled for 2nd service so they will have it next Sunday. There are cars stuck and in ditches because of the ice and wind, so they are advising people to stay home. I have more laundry going and need to do some ironing.

"Gma" -- I hope your trip to the commissary was quick and easy this morning. When I was still at school the plumbers would come and work on the pipes that ran throughout the school under the floors. One trap door happened to be in the teachers' lounge and we often would get a view of plumber's bu**. Not good during lunch! :no:

I have potato soup on the stove so had better check it. Enjoy your day today! :D

Jean -- :brr: in Iowa!

12-12-2010, 03:24 PM
Ok, since all of you have Facebook accounts, I posted the video of Thomas playing on Facebook. He is one of my "friends" so I know he would be thrilled with what you think of his playing if you want to leave a comment on FB. Hope you enjoy it. Nonny never gets tired of listening to it of course! lol

12-12-2010, 09:14 PM
Good evening, ladies. We had a warm day today. It actually got into the 60s. Back to 30s for tomorrow. We also had rain.

Went to church this morning. Just cleaned house and did some laundry this afternoon and rode my exercise bike for an hour.

Jean, I'm glad you didn't get too much snow. I'd be housebound with temperatures like that. I have to cover my nose and mouth with a scarf with I go out now. It must have been disappointing for the children to have to put off their performance, but better safe than sorry.

Faye, I'm still chuckling over Jack's ripped jeans. I'll go listen to Thomas play as soon as I am done here. Was the commissary crowded?

Tomorrow is applique in the morning. I think I'll take my lunch.

Enjoy your evening.

12-12-2010, 11:02 PM
Just peeking in on my way by . . . .
"Gma" -- I will find you on Facebook too. Music is something Thomas will enjoy and appreciate throughout his lifetime. I'm glad he does so well.

Susan -- You are having a heat wave! :lol: It's 0 and windchill of -14 as I'm typing. We made a quick run to WM this afternoon and the wind just takes your breath away. Have fun at applique in the morning!

I'm making my to -do list for tomorrow and checking it twice! :D

12-13-2010, 08:53 AM
Good morning to you all! It is cold :brr::brr: here this morning. Yesterday was brutal because it was around 26 degrees and the wind was gusting at around 40 mph. We got our behinds out to the commissary and back home and stayed there. We got a few spits of snow, but nothing stuck at all. It was cold enough though that when a snowflake would fall it would stick and not melt. I stood outside long enough to enjoy a couple on the car. They are truly God's creation as no "big bang" could make anything so beautiful out of frozen water.

Jean: Thomas quit his violin, but he still really enjoys his piano. He sat and played for us when we got to their house on Thanksgiving. No one asked him to, he just sat and played carols while we fixed dinner. Jackson got in the act when they arrived so he might have talent too! lolol I don't know though, their house has no room for a piano he might have to practice out in the garage! lol Yi-yi-yi as Ricky Ricardo says, it is cold at your house. Glad you snow moved on. I guess Indiana is getting hit pretty hard in the northern part. It is coming across the lake and that is always bad. One area is so bad, Laporte County, which is the county next to South Bend's has issued a stay off the road. They said there will be no plows on the roads and people who do not heed the warning travel at their own risk. The wind is blowing so bad it is keeping the roads drifted shut.

Susan: The commissary wasn't horrible, but there were quite a few people. The problem was no cashiers so the line could get long. They only had 3 open. We didn't wait too long though and got our stuff, came home, put it away and stayed indoors. I knitted and watched Christmas movies and Jack took a nap! lol I'm tellin' ya, men are clueless aren't they? I told him I was sure he gave all the old ladies a thrill getting to look at his underwear!

I am up to my wazoo in laundry so it will be laundry day and dusting to get done today. We still haven't bought a dryer as I don't want to put it on the credit card but pay cash for it so it has to wait for our tax return as does getting the grand marquis fixed and replacing my recliner. I am trying to get as much debt cleared off as possible before Jack retires and not put anything of significance on our credit card so back to the laundromat we go. We go every three days, but this was a 4 days stretch with grocery shopping on Sunday and the recital on Saturday so it has piled up, mostly towels. I am not into reusing towels so it doesn't take long to have a stack.

I guess I should get out of here. I need to find my sister a birthday present as her birthday is the day after Christmas. I want to make her a pair of socks, but I need to get a move on with T's or they won't get done. Have a great start to your week all! Faye

12-13-2010, 10:59 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a cold 5 degrees here but NO wind which makes such a difference. :cp: They were predicting below 0 so I was happy it didn't get that cold. I'm hoping the sun will come out although it's not supposed to. I need to do some MAJOR work around here today; it seems like I spin my wheels when Bob is home on the weekend, and I don't get much done. :rolleyes:

"Gma" -- Both Jason and Beth were in the high school chorus, took piano lessons, and played instruments until they got in junior high. I blame the jr. high band instructor for making the experience turn sour. She is retired now, but a single crabby old maid, who had a lot of kids drop out during 7th and 8th grade. Sometimes I don't think teachers realize how they affect students by their actions or words if they don't have children of their own. We saw several cars that were in ditches and then plowed in by snowplows on our jaunt to WM yesterday. They were stupid to be out in the first place imo. The state pulled their plows early in the afternoon so people should have had a clue; the city plows won't go out until the wind lessens and/or there is a certain amount of snow fall. I'm sorry you have to go to the laundromat to use the dryers. :( Good luck with your sister's socks!

Maggie and Susan -- Hope your day is off to a good start and you are keeping warm! ;)

I need to get a move on and get my chore list whittled down. Have a MARVELOUS Monday and remember to :D wherever you are and whatever you are doing today.

Jean -- :wave: from :brr: Iowa!

12-13-2010, 03:01 PM

It is a chilly day here in the Heartland with 10mph wind blowing which makes the temp of 27 feel like 17. I am so looking forward to Spring.:o Not much happening here for me this day except glass works. I have one more house to build that goes out to CA so I am in good shape there. I have made a dicision to start back to WW :goodscale the first of the new year on Monday the 3rd. That same :( leader is still there but I need to get a good grip on the new program and I can do that there. And who knows she may have very well improved.:cool: I will give her the benefit of the doubt. After all it isn't about her because it is "my" program. Anyway all of you look for a package which was mailed today "priority" so you should get it soon. I hope you like what I sent. If there is any damage (or you don't like what I sent:()send it back and I will do the repair. :p

JEAN School choir is good for kids. Teaches discipline for one thing. I loved choir and was in Acapella for years and we got to tour the country and put on programs. What fun that was. Ah such good memories. I loved school. Seems like we are in the same cold front. Don't work too hard now.

DONNA FAYE What a treat to have such a grandchild. That child is going to go places. What a hoot it would have been for the folks seeing your main squeeze with his pants drooping. I am sure he thought his coat would cover it and then didn't wear the coat.

SUSAN You are doing so well with your program. Do you read or watch TV while on your bike? You keep it up and you will be fit as a fiddle.

Too hip, gotta go. Will is home with some lunch and then I need to get to work. Type at y'll later. :wave:

12-13-2010, 03:33 PM
Amanda called over the lunch hour and she passed her final nursing exam this morning; she will graduate from the U of SD on Saturday. We are so proud of her because she has worked a 40 hour week as a CNA while taking her RN classes. She will take the boards sometime in January and plans to continue on to get her BS next fall. We are going to celebrate!

12-13-2010, 03:45 PM
JEAN Congratulations to her. She must be one smart gal to work all those hours plus carry such a school load. I know you are so very proud of her.

12-13-2010, 06:13 PM
Good evening, ladies! Its 32 degrees right now, up form 29 2 hours ago. It was 44 when I got up this morning. We had lots of snow! I still went to bee as did 6 others. The whimps stayed home. The ground was covered but the roads were only wet. Right now there is no snow to be seen. It's all melted already. What a day!

Faye, Thomas will be a true Renissance man. He is so talented, smart and well rounded. I'm sorry you have to go to the laundromat. I'd hate to have to do it. But your plane to pay cash is great. More power to you.

Jean, congratulations to Amanda. You have reason to be so proud. I saw your picture on facebook. I always pictured you with brown hair! Don't know where I got that from.

Maggie, you shouldn't have but I am so glad you did! Maybe you'll get lucky and there will be a new leader in the new year. We can hope, can't we?

I'm getting hungry so it must be supper time. Shrimp Scampi, brown rice and broccoli tonight. Have a good evening!

12-13-2010, 11:17 PM
Maggie -- :cheer: to you for going back to WW! As much as I hate paying the money, journaling, exercise, etc., I know I am more accountable if I have to face the scale every week. I'm sure I would lose much faster if I stuck to the program 100%. Spring can't get here soon enough! I am so ready too! Amanda sets a goal for herself and she always achieves! She had to start over from square one because the university wouldn't accept any of her college credits nor her massage therapy classes. My thoughts were that bones, muscles, and chemistry don't change much but what do I know? :o

Susan -- You have had a strange weather day for sure! I had to :D at people staying home because of the snow. That reminded me of our Ohio days. I wish our snow would disappear as quickly as yours did. I do have brown hair in back. ;) I've had people ask who colors my hair because I had a gray/silver strip in front for a long time before the rest started to turn.

I'm heading to bed shortly and read. :yawn:

12-14-2010, 08:28 AM
Good morning to you all! My shoes should come today and I sure hope they fit properly. If so, I will definitely order some more of this brand in different styles.

Maggie: Hope you find being back at WW beneficial to you. Thanks for the gift whatever it is. It is still really chilly here too. Jack said he hasn't had to work outside, but the buildings are pretty much just as cold. I just wished the wind would die down. It makes it so much worse.

Susan: Thomas is that. I wish the video had been clearer as part of the endearing part for me was watching him walk off the stage. You can tell he has no fear appearing before crowds. He gets up, bows, sticks his hands in his pocket and saunters off. lol He is so much like his dad he even has his mannerisms. Wow, I didn't think you guys would get snow just the cold and wind. We never did get anything that stuck. I always had this picture of Jean in my head and it was totally wrong too. I think it is funny how going by names and how people communicate you get a picture in your head. You aren't anything like my head picture either! lol

Jean: How wonderful for her. You must be so very proud. It is a great accomplishment trying to go to school and work at the same time. My sil has been a nurse for 30 years and she is going after her nurse practitioner licnese. She has always worked cardiac care and I guess will continue to do that.

I bought the most adorable slippers for my sister for her birthday. I ended up getting her pjs though I wanted to buy her a bathrobe they had none of the colors in her size. I just had to include a picture. They are pigs! lol I wanted the frogs, but they were out of stock. I am hoping she likes them as they are a bit quirky. I am making her a pair of pink socks though so thought they would be perfect.

I need to get started on work and getting the sock done so I can start my sisters. Have a grand day today. Faye

12-14-2010, 12:59 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's cold, cloudy, and gloomy in my neighborhood this morning. I've been sorting through the gift pile to make sure I have enough/equal for each grandchild. I still need to get something small for the "big" kids to unwrap, but they are getting money. Every year I think I will be more organized and it never seems to happen.

"Gma" -- I hope your shoes fit. Where did you end up ordering them from? Eventually Amanda wants to get away from the hospital routine and work somewhere that she can have weekends and holidays off. She has been offered a job where she has been a CNA and on the same floor even. She has worked with orthopedic patients and wants to get more experience. They were good about working around her school schedule so I imagine she will stay long enough to get her BS. I love the slippers! Beth would like them because she has a pig collection.

I need to get off the computer and get to work! Have a terrific Tuesday. :D

Jean -- :wave: from :brr: Iowa!

12-14-2010, 01:30 PM
It is 31 degrees that feels like it is 22 with the wind chill of12 mph. Chilly to say the least. Will was out among em this day and I have not been out as of yet. He bought something I haven't seen ~ guess it's because I don't do the shopping ~ which is a can of chicken pot pie mix. You add what veggies you want and the crust of your choice. I don't even know what the points are or how it tastes but the idea sounds good. He just asked if I want to go to the Professors for lunch. I can do that. :D I got a lot done on the house I started to build yesterday for a gal out in CA so it will be done in time for sure. It is the last of my holiday orders. Now if someone local wants something made I can probably get it done if it is a small project.

DONNA FAYE I love those slippers. How cute they are and I'm sure she will like them for they do look cozy. Your poor hubby working in those cold conditions.

JEAN That is a good idea to have the presents all separated like that so you can find it easier come wrapping time. Oh yes ~ can't dare give one kid more than another. :p They compare what they get don't they. We have a friend that has a huge pig collection. Well the pigs aren't huge but the collection is. Sure makes it easy to buy for her. I had a great aunt that collected elephants and it was an awesome collection. I am not a collector. Did, however, have a lips collection at one time.:p

SUSAN You busy this day?

Well my Magnolia friends it is time for me to go change my clothes. I have my glass works outfit on and it isn't suitable to wear outside. It has burn holes and chemical stains on the top and the pants are very old. After lunch I will get to work on my building.

Type at y'all later. :wave:

12-15-2010, 12:18 AM
Maggie -- When Beth was little she would count the number of gifts under the tree. She didn't care if she got a package of gum to unwrap as long as she and Jason had the same number of gifts. :dizzy: I don't see that in the grandkids when they are here; they are so anxious to unwrap they would just as soon not wait. We try to get them to take turns so we all can see what they get. The Professors sounds like an interesting place to eat. :yes:

I'm heading off to bed to try and read. I have my prescription glasses on while my contacts are being polished and the edges smoothed (?) overnight. I can tell my glasses aren't as strong. :( See you all tomorrow!

12-15-2010, 10:31 AM
Good morning to you all! I am having intestinal issues today and don't know why. I just hope it works itself out today and that will be it. I am going to take some meds just in case it is diverticulosis, but I pretty much recognize that when I have problems and this seems kind of weird. Ahh well, what can you do?

We are going down to a local casino Christmas Eve and spending the night and the kids are going to come down, go to lunch then we will go swimming at the pool, T can open his gifts and we visit for a bit then they will go home. We will hang out until lunch and have lunch down there then come home. It is one of only two places you can eat out that is open on Christmas Day, the casino buffets and restaurants or IHOP. We kind of switch back and forth year to year. It is more enjoyable than making Christmas dinner for just the two of us. I had my holiday meal at Thanksgiving with all of us together so eating out is fine with me. Thomas wanted to go to the Paula Deen buffet but his dad nixed that so it is the Village Buffet at the Horseshoe. It is the biggest buffet of them all and has a great selection. I love their salad bar.

Jean: I have probably told this story before, but it is so cute I love telling it. Kelly was about 4-5 I imagine and it has been so long ago, I don't even remember the circumstances about how this came about but suffice it to say it did. Kelly hated waiting for Christmas. It drove her dear little heart nuts and she got the opportunity this particular year and she went and got all her presents and carefully opened up each one. She found she had a dilemma when closing them back up because she either couldn't find or we were out of scotch tape. She rewrapped all her gifts with masking tape! :lol::lol: She had been so very careful that if it hadn't been for the yellowish tape she would have gotten away with it. It is one of those holiday stories that are always fun to retell. I told Thomas just this year that he was getting older and so his gifts were more expensive so I hoped he understood that Jackson would get more than he because I could buy more for the same money I spent on him. His mom called last night and we talked about Christmas Eve and she suggested lunch instead of dinner for a couple reasons, one of which was if they came down and we went swimming, then dinner, then presents he would want to go home immediately! She said she was going to have a hard enough time getting him to bed and normally she would let him stay up late to play the video game we bought him (it is Rock Band 3 with a real keyboard) but they bought him a bicycle and a smart phone and she has to put stuff out, etc and didn't want to be up half the night waiting for him to go to bed. lol

Magge: That pot pie stuff doesn't sound like it is very practical. I mean, if it is just the meat and gravy and you have to do all the rest of the work, you might as well buy canned chicken in sauce like Sue Bee brand or whatever it is called. Let us know how it tastes! lol Maggie, thank you so much for my surprise, I love it. It is adorable.

Well gals, time to get out of here and get something done. I saw my sister's birthday presents will be delivered tomorrow so at least she will get them before her birthday, which is a week from Sunday. Like I said I am making her a pair of pink socks but haven't even gotten them started so she is likely to get them late.

Have a good day all! faye

12-15-2010, 11:10 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! A "wintry mix" is our forecast for the day. :( Right now it is just cold, cloudy, windy, and gloomy. I have lots of things to get done today and have bell practice at 5 this afternoon. Bob also has practice at the same time so maybe it will be his night to cook. :)

"Gma" -- I hope your meds 'work' and you are feeling better by now. Your Christmas Eve/day plans sound like fun. I don't think anything is open around here -- even WM closes for Christmas Day. I love the buffets that have all kinds of different foods available. That is a cute story about Kelly! I remember opening a package or two when I was a kid. :o I'm sure your sister will be tickled with her birthday gifts whether they are early, on time, or late.

Susan -- We missed you yesterday! I hope you were just too busy to post. :yes:

Maggie -- What is on your agenda for today? :?:

I'm off to work on my Christmas cards! I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday; be thankful that you are walking and talking today! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

12-15-2010, 03:45 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! Another cold day at 32 degrees. Tomorrow we are supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow which will then turn to rain, more snow on Saturday and then a big storm (blizzard) may hit Sunday night or might pass us by. I just can't believe this weather. It looks like the Farmer's Almanac will be right again.

Yesterday I worked - and an extra hour, went to the Y and worked out, had dinner with my friends, then had quild meeting. I had water aerobics this morning, we had our covered dish lunch at the Y at 12. It was reay neat because the lady came in with a huge trash bag and said a woman had dropped it off and it was swim suits that we could all take. I ended up with 4 suits. There were all brand new with the tags still on. We figured out the lady was from Newport Fashions which has a warehouse in Newport News. This evening is dinner with my friends at Olive Garden then my quilting bee. Tomorrow was supposed to be a covered dish at another quilting bee but that has already been cancelled because of the forecast. Some of our members come an hour each way to be with us.

Faye, your Christmas plans sound great.

Jean, I told you you didn't need to share your cold weather!

Maggie, that chicken pot pie mix doesn't sound like something I'd buy. It sounds like chicken and gravy and I can make that just fine. I like the recipe on the WW site and also their Shepard's Pie.

Well, I need to get a few things done before I'm off to the next round!

12-15-2010, 11:04 PM

I really thought I had posted earlier but guess I just thought I had. We just got back from mid weeks Bible study and it was a chilly walk from there to here which is just next door. Sunday is pot luck day and I need to decide on what I will take. Will may have a suggestion. I know he said something about one of Schwans Lemon pies. He comes this week so we had better buy one. So far I know there will be chicken, ham and meat balls there so I can go from there and not repeat those things. I don't want to just take a pie. I can make some of my good Rhodes rolls and a pasta salad. Yep that will fit in besides of being real tasty. I didn't get much done today but getting things ready to mail. The last house I made that goes to CA and some cards. We got new tires put on the Jeep and they sure are spendy suckers. That Jeep got the most expensive Christmas present for sure. :p The ones we took off lasted for a long long time for many miles and we got the use out of them. A fellow we know wanted them to put on his truck for they still had some wear in them but not enough for where we like to take the Jeep. He just drives that old truck around locally so they will good for him for quite awhile.

JEAN Yep, I can walk and talk at the same time. :D Did you get your cards all addressed? Tis the season.

DONNA FAYE:hug: I am sad to hear you are having intestinal destress. Hopefully it goes away soon. I like your idea of how you will spend Christmas. There is just the two of us and we are planning on going to I-Hop. Our anniversary is Christmas Eve and we will go out for dinner that night.

SUSAN What a neat deal to get so many swin suits you like and for free! :cool: You will be stilin' for sure. Sounds like you have a busy schedule ahead of you.

Well MAGNOLIAS I am gone. :wave: Type at y'all later.

12-15-2010, 11:32 PM
Susan -- You were definitely on the move yesterday! How nice of the lady to bring new swim suits to the Y, and you could make your own selections! :cp: I hope the weather fizzles out before it gets to you tomorrow. It's better to cancel an activity than to take a chance getting caught in a storm.

Maggie -- When we left church tonight it was doing "something" -- you couldn't see it but it was on the windshield and you could feel it. I see the deck has a white coating on it now. :( It's been that damp cold all day today. :brr: I know tires are expensive but it's a good thing to have safe tires on your Jeep. I love my car in the snow; it has better, snow friendly, tires and more weight than the car did. Most of my cards are done except for a few that I'm debating on. We haven't heard from them in a couple years so think maybe this is the year to skip them.

I need to do some picking up before I head to bed. See you all tomorrow.