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12-08-2010, 02:15 AM
I'm aching for a fight against the 300s, ready to move firmly into the 290s! How's it going for you guys?

12-08-2010, 03:08 AM
I am so close to getting out of the 270's that I can taste it! I'm bound determined to go into the new year weighing less than 270!

12-08-2010, 03:32 AM
Ugh. Fail. Totally failed. Thought I was going to restart and I failed. I just have been caught up in the eating unhealthy holiday snacking and being on the run feasting. Up to 192.6, down from size 14 now size 12 from Old Navy do fit BUT not that I could wear a tight shirt with them. Goal was size 10 by my 21st birthday (this weekend, the 11th).

Need some serious goal oriented advice. I've lost my ambition. Maybe it's the cold weather. Got over a foot of snow here in North East Ohio haven't been out of the house in 2 days just entertaining my new kitty and consuming pizza, full calorie sodas and wings. I feel disgusting.

Help. <3

12-08-2010, 06:18 AM

Need some serious goal oriented advice. I've lost my ambition. Maybe it's the cold weather. Got over a foot of snow here in North East Ohio haven't been out of the house in 2 days just entertaining my new kitty and consuming pizza, full calorie sodas and wings. I feel disgusting.

Help. <3[/COLOR][/FONT]
I am in the same boat as you, Bellissa. I have abandoned ship.

I say, keep coming here and checking in. It will keep things at the front of your mind. I wish I had advice, I need it myself. I will be watching for what others say and heed it as well.

I hope we all meet our goals. I am not even sure what size I am, I just buy L or XL so things aren't too tight. I can tell I've gained sone of the weight back. Ugh :(

Well, I'm outa here. I've got an exercise DVD all cued up for me in the other room, off to do it :)

12-08-2010, 07:14 AM
Good Wednesday morning, Chicklets! I have the laundry going and split pea soup in the crockpot, and now I'm ready to sit with my coffee and chat. :coffee:

I'm sending a big dose of :dust: for all those who need it, especially this time of the year. I may need a big spoonful of it, myself, before the month is over. ;)

This is my day to spend the morning at Susie & Ramsay's, and I'm planning to drag their decorations down from the attic and help them get their tree up. That will be a pleasant way to spend the morning, as long as Susie doesn't try to tempt me with her special shortbread. :)
After school I'll have to hustle the girls to hurry and change into their riding gear so they can get in a trail ride before it gets dark. At least it's not supposed to be as cold as it's been the last few days!

Karen, I hope you're feeling a lot better this morning!

What's on everyone's agenda for today?

12-08-2010, 07:22 AM
Good morning :coffee2: It's very cold but the snow is still missing us. I'm in no hurry so it can go somewhere else.

Wow, it is a tough time of year and it sounds like lots of us are struggling to stay on plan. I was just thinking I need to move back to a strict 1.5. For me that's fruit but no grains. I've been starting the day with oatmeal but am going to switch back to grain free breakfasts. I'm doing better but still making more bad choices than I should.

Tonight I'm off to my one and only holiday party. I'm still not sure what I'm going to make but I'm sure it will be a soup or stew of some kind. Luckily I'm WFH so that will be easier to manage.

I tried out the new EA Sports 2 Monday night. All I did was the first workout in the 9 week challenge, a perfectly innocent looking 26 minute workout. This morning my calves are still screaming at me! It's workout day again but I'm going to do some yoga first to stretch the poor little muscles out. I love a good at home workout :)

What one thing are you going to do today to stay focused on your own health?
I am going to make time to exercise.

12-08-2010, 07:43 AM
Good morning. Do I detect a wee bit of grumbles this morning?

Yes, it's certainly that time of year. :( I've been thinking about exercise - does that count? - but putting it off until tomorrow which never comes. My scale is going the wrong way too. Food has been OK but there's been a tad too much wine sipping with friends. We need to get a grip - me especially!

Worked the Food Bank yesterday morning and got home to find Richard had ploughed the lane. I still have some shoveling to do - walks and decks - but will get that done today. Shovelling is definitely exercise. It's finally stopped snowing ... for now anyhow.

Donna comes today and we are going to put up lights and do some decorating this morning. I have a flying trip to town this afternoon and a buffet party tonight. I like buffets where I can choose my own food. I notice there are more and more veggie choices.

So ... today I will plan two healthy meal, drink more water and get shoveling!

On we go!

12-08-2010, 08:01 AM
Good morning!

I'm running late this morning because I made turkey chili (instead of hitting the treadmill) this morning. With Fergie not feeling like eating these days it's tricky trying to make sure I've got on plan leftovers for lunch every day. The chili smells sooo good though. I nearly had a bowl for breakfast, but since it's going to be my lunch and supper today I had my oats. :lol:

We got the Durango last night and it's running great. :) I fell into bed when we got home but I slept well and I'm all set for my long Wednesday today.

Belissa and Beloved, sometimes the best thing to do for ourselves is to just hunker down and say NO MORE. I'm at that point now. I'm not gaining, but I'm not losing the way I wanted to, but I refuse to let myself gain this month! Focusing on not gaining is probably doable for all of us, right? And every pound we don't gain between now and the first of the year is one pound we won't have to lose in 2011.

Okie and TallandThin, you're both doing so well! Keep up the great work. :)

Linda, do you ride with the girls? I love reading about all the fun things those girls get to do. I'd love a cup of your pea soup. Too bad we can't figure out a way to share things like that electronically, eh? Has your Wii Zumba game arrived yet?)

Cyndi, I'm glad you're so happy with your EA Sports 2 but sorry you're sore today! I am always looking for something new to shake up my exercise routine. I think I'll check that out.

Ruth your day sounds busy (as always) but I like the sound of those 2 healthy meals and lots of water. Notice I didn't mention the shoveling..... :rofl:

Enjoy your Wednesday friends! :hug:

12-08-2010, 08:03 AM
Running late, no personals, but my goal oriented news is:

1) weighed in at 300.2 this morning! 299, and my first goal, here I come!
2) a pair of shoes no longer pinches across my arch - loose and comfy
3) my tights don't bind at the waist, leaving a mark to show they've been there causing me pain all day
4) I CAN DO THIS. By golly!

You can all do this too - it's hard, but worth it. May we all find the strength we need, just when we need it, to get through this day on plan, on target, and aimed squarely at your goals!

12-08-2010, 08:04 AM
Cyndi, you had to mention exercise, didn't you. :o I still haven't found the time to try out my new Zumba wii game that I just had to have.

12-08-2010, 08:12 AM
Cottage - Sorry ;) I'm really looking forward to hearing your review though I may wait a little while before buying another new game. I do love the Wii in the winter. You inspired me, I decided to make yellow split pea soup with winter squash and kale for the potluck.

Ruth - Our party tonight is a potluck and this crew always has some healthy options. I am trying not to think about shoveling.

Heidi - I must be the least motivated person around here in the morning. I drink coffee, read 3FC and news and make To Do lists. And I always run out of time and am running late! How's Fergie doing?

Annie - :carrot: Thanks for the inspiration

Okay, back to my To Do list for the day ;)

12-08-2010, 08:23 AM
Heidi ~ Yes, I ride. I'm very good at keeping pace on the golf cart. :lol: But no, I haven't been on a horse in while, although I love them and enjoy saddeling them up and putting the bridle on. Cindy just got a new mare than is very gentle and sweet, and I may eventually start riding her.

Cyndi ~ Your version of split pea soup sounds yummy. I just put some soy chorizo in mine.

12-08-2010, 08:47 AM
Good morning chicks!

I'm lucky...I'm on an upswing this week. However, weekends are my downfall! Then I have the kids with bad things to eat!! I was thrilled to see the scale drop 2 lbs this week, but I know it's because I haven't had grains. Still, it makes me feel better and the cravings are gone.

For the ladies above with a struggle, I've learned it's never going to be easy. I think the weight loss for me was fairly "easy", it's the maintenance that is tough. PLANNING is most important. Get rid of stuff in the house (I haven't bought sodas for the house in....yeesh, years....), and plan, plan, plan. Last week I wasn't so good because I didn't make my batch of soup like I normally do. THis week I made my black bean soup, and I look forward to it!! NEXT most important is CHECKING IN HERE. I check in almost daily for inspiration, encouragement, and support even if I don't write in here. There is no one else in my life on this diet or trying to watch their weight, so the support is most important. It is frustrating that no one else I know tries to eat healthy.

Good luck ladies! Speaking of which, I need to go make a cinnamon omelette. It's my "easy" breakfast this week that is grain free.

PS - just remember how CRUDDY you feel when you eat simple carbs!!

12-08-2010, 09:16 AM
Wow! Busy morning here!

Beloved and Bellissa - I've lost my ambition too. Motivation. Whatever you call it. Have not given up... but have not been really working on things either.

Linda - Thank you. Still something going on down there. Sigh. I have never had split pea soup; bet I'd like it.

Cyndi - I keep saying the same - fruit but no grains. Then I buy another box of crackers to replace the ones I throw out. Clearly the grains are calling to me right now.

Ruth - LOL. I think you can count shoveling as exercise!

Heidi - Sounds yummy. I love chili this time of year.

Annie - Woo hoo:carrot:

Twynn - Great advice.

My "tummy-ache" is still with me, but comes and goes. Darn annoying and has kept me from exercising too. Today I have another of my software training phone calls but this one brings in some others who have not seen it yet. I expect frustrating; they are less tech savvy than I am. Wish me patience. Off to see teen before he leaves for school.

Have a great day all.

12-08-2010, 09:52 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

I was up and down all night, but did get an adequate amount of sleep if you add it all up.:lol: I have a new "list" on a dry erase board and I'd been putting off calling the dentist. Well I did at 445 yesterday and I'm in this morning at 8. I'll drop Kirk off at the pool/club for a weight lifting session and might even get back in time for some exercise.

Advice for those struggling;
1. Plan, plan, plan. I have a 5 day menu posted which helps me stay focused. I'm far less likely to order the pizza if I have a healthy plan in the works.
2. Check in every day. I like mornings, because it starts me out focusing when I come here and commit to a healthy day.
3. Make exercise NO CHOICE. Even if I run short of time, I find time for just 10 minutes. Once again, exercise helps me stay focused.
4. Have a couple of freezer meals stocked up. Yesterday was the perfect example; we got super busy and I didn't feel like waiting for the hour it would take my planned casserole to bake. I pulled out a frozen tub of split pea soup. Dinner was on the table in 15 minutes and I stayed OP.
5. If you have a bad day, get right back on track, if that day is bad, get right back on track,....intention is still moving forward.
6. Make some mini-goals. My reward this week for OP 4 days is a manicure.
7. Make a distraction list. Yesterday, I had some troubling thoughts about my DH's brother and his family. I decided to redo my office and stayed OP.
Okie, give any thoughts of off plan food a swift knockout and you'll reach your mini goal soon.

TallandThin, keep trucking up that hill and you'll make it to the top without stopping and will reach your WL mini goal. It's just around the corner.

Belissa, be kind to yourself. That is one thing that will help. Pronouncing myself a failure is a great way to motivate myself to sabotage my efforts by eating. Can that soda, if nothing else. It is just so awfully full of sugar.

BelovedK, *credit*, girl, for checking in everyday while you've been sick. You are on the road to success.

Linda, thanks for willpower dust. You are sure helping make everyone's homes festive. Enjoy that (golf cart) ride

Cyndi, my split pea soup had kale and other misc veggies last night. It was yummy. I'll PM later about NM, so watch for it.

Ruth, great plan for the day!

Heidi, I've been thinking about Fergie. Wondering if he's doing any better....Glad you got your car back.

Annie, congrats on getting so close to your mini goal! Thanks for kind wishes!

Twynn, nice to see you!

Karen, those software calls would give me a tummy ache! Have patience!

Everyone else:wave: I always feel bad that I don't get to respond to later posts, although I usually get a minute to pop in and read.

Take care everyone!

12-08-2010, 12:35 PM
:wave: to those already ahead of me and to those yet to post.

Bellissa, I really wish I could tell you how to find "the place in your mind" that will put you back on track but only you can do that for yourself. You have just got to want it bad enough to fight through the negative thoughts. Really think about it and get out of that house! Just go for a walk. You will be surprised how much better it will make you feel about yourself and most important, keep coming back here.

Beloved, you have three things going for you, you haven't completely given up, you are exercising and you keep coming back. You'll get it all together girl, just hand in there through the hard times.

Linda, have fun today and laugh a lot.

Cyndi, sounds like you're putting your early Christmas present to good use. My "one thing" will be going for my walk even though it is raining. It's that important!

Ruth, give that old shovel a good workout! This old lady put the hoe and shovel to good use cleaning out a drainage ditch for an hour yesterday and it felt so darn good to be able to do it.

Heidi, even though it is your busy long hump day, find a few minutes for yourself.

Annie, congrats on your good news! We should all focus on things like that instead of negative thoughts.

Twynn, two whole pounds! Good for you. Isn't it a wonderful feeling and so worth it.

Karen, glad you are feeling a bit better, hope it goes away completely. Sending you lots of patience vibes.

Lex, great advice.

Got our tree up yesterday and it looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself. Our whole family will be here Christmas eve so want the house to look as festive as possible. Today I will continue decorating and will run out to have a pedicure which is my one luxury because as a diabetic it is so important for me to keep my feet in good condition (thruth is I so love it too!). Time to get my day going. Hang in there my friends and think positive thoughts and do whatever it takes to do this. Later

12-08-2010, 02:35 PM
Good morning, ladies!!! Well, it's morning for me. :) I have been busy lately w/ all the social engagements and tonight is no exception. Another one on Thursday...and then it's back to work Friday. I work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and then I have SRT training on Monday, off Tuesday, SWAT training on Wednesday, work on Thursday, and then off the next weekend. We'll be doing our family Christmas that weekend b/c me and my younger brother are both stuck working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

No time for personals right now...I'll check back in tomorrow unless I get a chance before then. For those of us who are struggling (I was HORRIBLY off-plan last night at the Christmas party), sending lots of willpower your way!!!

12-08-2010, 03:49 PM
Its late morning here, but here I am checking in. My hubby bought me some more veggies and another roasted chicken last night. He is so sweet. Im feeling a lack of hunger in general, as I did yesterday. I missed a snack yesterday, and that was due to lack of hunger and forgetting to eat. I ate plenty of veggies.

One trick I noticed that works for me is to eat many veggies before I eat any cheeses or meats. It helps with the amount of fat consumption and makes sure Im not too full for veggies. The benefit is that veggies are a great way to get your digestion running before the meats and cheeses, which makes it digest smoothly.

Today, Im home with my son. He is on the 24 hour probation from having a fever yesterday. It makes it hard to do school work, as he always wants attention and I want to give it...LOL

Have a wonderful day ladies and to those who are struggling, ((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))

12-08-2010, 03:59 PM
Hi, everyone! Just a quick check in.

I survived a week in Disney World!

12-08-2010, 05:59 PM
I'm here but haven't even had time to look at chats- hopefully by this weekend things will have calmed down at work - just a go-live of new version of our main software and it is completely different having to teach staff to get up to speed quickly :)

12-08-2010, 10:16 PM
good evening all,

today's potluck was a bust. I am very disappointed in myself but I guess tomorrow is another day.
good night
take care

12-09-2010, 12:17 AM
Skimmed the personals this evening and I definitely need to sit down either tomorrow morning or tomorrow night and absorb some of the advice that has been shared. definitely a difficult time of year no matter what plan you are on!(unless one would be on a eat all you want and gain plan!) OK, well, nuf said- hope you ladies have a wonderful day tomorrow! I will try my best to get up and in here in the morning-

This morning I was dreaming I was getting ready- imagine my disappointment and how rushed I was when I woke up at 10 till cuddled up in my blanket! Why does my body do this?!?!! LOL, funny now but not so much when I am rushing around!