Exercise! - First 5K is coming... Please advise!

12-04-2010, 03:22 AM

My first ever 5K is on December 19th at 8 or 9 in the morning...

Sounds fine, right?

Right, except I work nights, and I not only have to work the night of the 18th, but there is a meeting I must attend at 5pm.
Normally I would sleep Dec. 18th from like 8am-4pm and be up from then until like 9am December 19th.
(complicated enough for you?)
But I have the 5k that morning and I'm a little worried about being all worn out from the really long day I will have had.

Suggestions please!
Should I take a nap after the meeting?
I work from 11pm-7am, I will literally be changing at work and driving to the thing from there.

12-05-2010, 03:27 PM
I would just try to get in a good long sleep a day or two before the 18th, then just do what I had to do on the 18th/19th. I'm not a napper, myself, but if you're able to do it, it wouldn't hurt. As far as the run goes, if you're tired, just grab some caffeine on the way, get some breakfast about 2 hours before your run, and have a good time. You'll just be up maybe an hour or two past your normal bedtime, and the energy of the crowd and the running will carry you through. :)

12-06-2010, 04:46 AM
Thank you so much! I really just needed someone to help me believe its going to be possible.