Exercise! - Hula Hooping inspired by my 78 y/o Aunt!!

12-02-2010, 12:10 PM
Hi Everyone -

Went to Colorado for Thanksgiving to be with family and had a ball. Been pretty down because I have gained 10 of my 27 lbs lost over the last several months due to having repeated eye surgeries to try and gain my sight after having the lenses detach (with no medical history). Anyhoo, I haven't been able to stay on a strict exercise routine because in between surgeries I can't "jostle" my eyes too much :dizzy:.

Over Thanksgiving, my 78 y/o Aunt walked in carrying what I honestly thought was a dog training hoop. It was HUGE and weighed almost 3 pounds. After talking with her, she told me her doctor suggested hula hooping as a way to burn calories and squeeze in exercise in 5-10 min intervals throughout the day. I just had to try it! I was HOOKED :carrot: It was so much fun. I "hooped" for 10 minutes & didn't think any more about it.......until I got up the next morning :eek:!

My stomach muscles felt like I had done 100 crunches! The soreness left very quickly after moving around though.

Last night, I decided to go ahead and purchase my own. I had a trainer tell me once, "Kids Play. Adults Exercise. Always try and Play, Not Exercise!" That is exactly what comes to mind while using this hoop!

What fun :cb: