WW Clubs and Groups - #244 Bale of Turtles Having a "Merry"!

12-02-2010, 10:43 AM
:carrot: :welcome3: We are the Turtle Group here at www.3fatchicks.com. We welcome you to join us as we work toward good health and fitness in a persistent manner. As our inspiration, we use the race between the turtle and the hare where the turtle was the victor because he didn't give up. We believe in keepin' on by using the skills and techniques we have learned from experience to keep us on trck. We believe in giving each other support. Good luck to us all!
(for Lin and Lauren)

12-02-2010, 10:49 AM
Hi Turtles,
Here's a :bravo: and :cheers: and :goodvibes: to all the turtles who are keepin' on!

I have my fingers crossed that this new WW program works for me. It will make me think twice before having a 110calorie piece of bread (my downfall) because now it will cost me 3 points instead of the 1before.

So, onward and downward we go. Cookies have always been tough for me around Christmas, so I need to come up with some substitutes.

In the meantime, I'll be babysitting my grandson this afternoon. Then next Wed. I'm having about 7 gals from WW's back to my house for a WW lunch after our meeting. Last year it was great, and I hope it's as much fun this year. Tomorrow night we'll have dinner out at our friends' house. I hope they have something that is reasonable. I'm bringing dessert, so that will be a big help.

You all take care. I'm doing my best and I have to figure out how to get some :tread: time in today. Heavy rains the past couple of days stopped dh and me from getting to the boardwalk and we're heavy into decorating for Christmas right now. Gotta run! You all take care. I'm sending all :goodvibes: to all of us to make this a happy time and to be proud of how we're tackling good health.

234.6/193/thinner!!!!!!!! I've got to do this. :cool:

12-02-2010, 11:01 AM
Hope everyone has a good day. I am off the gym in the few. They changed the equipment so now it has a "smart Key" or something like that. Anyway off to get one of those.

This new points is killing me. Apparently I ate way too much bread, becuase that has been killing my points. Other than that it seems okay.

Everyone have a good day. It has finally gotten cold here.

12-02-2010, 12:50 PM
Hi all and happy Thursday to everyone!

I have little knowledge of the new plan other than what I have heard here but that is not enough for me to actually follow it so I am trudging on with the old plan, good luck to those that are following it though.

Cold here again today, they are calling for a mini snow storm this weekend... ugh figures! This is the weekend of the baby shower for DIL, oh well, I have no control over that so will just prepare as if it was going to be sunny and 80 degrees!

I got on the scale this morning, ugh! Tonights W/I is not going to be pretty at all, plain and simple, I over indulged and will pay for it... period. To top it off tonight we will have a quick W/I then we will all meet at a restaurant for our Holiday supper.... they picked a pancake house... I mean REALLY? Oh well, I am trying to go with the flow these days since stress is an issue for me and I have it coming at me from every corner right now, where I eat dinner is the least of my worries I guess.

I have to run - very busy day here at work but take care everyone!

12-02-2010, 01:36 PM
Hi turtles:

CHerry - nice job of your weight loss, keep it going "baby steps"

Judy - 3 points for 1 piece of bread is a big ww change. Your ww luncheon will be nice (if I was going I would be hoping for some of your veggie pie)
which reminds me, I haven't made that in awhile & would be nice to have on hand throughout the week. Have fun with the ladies.
For a cookie type treat - sometimes what I do is cut granola bar into 3 pieces, nuke to warm it up and then flatten the pieces out, you get 3 big cookies.

Princess - Surprised your Tops dinner is at a pancake house, will be hard to have something fairly low in points I would think. When I was in States we went to IHOP and I couldn't believe the choices and super big portions.
Good luck - maybe tonight will be better than you expect.

Hope everyone that is doing new plan does well. For now I am sticking with old plan until after Christmas then maybe find out more about new plan in new year, but right now I seem OK and don't want to change things.

Snowing here today - tomorrow is my tree/decorating day, then it will feel more Christmassy and get my butt in gear for what I need to get done.

Have a great day!

12-02-2010, 04:36 PM
Hello All. I am new to your group just today.

My name is Robin. I am 43 years old and live in Northern Michigan, USA (where we have gotten about 6 inches of snow today!). I work as a phlebotimist. I have an almost 19 year old son that lives in Maine. I just celebrated 2 years of contented happiness with a man that is 22 years older than me (did not see that one coming 2.5 years ago). Despite not winning the lottery yet, life is good.

I have joined and quit WW too many times to count over the years. I have said this before but...this time really is different. For the first time ever I am taking it slow and steady. I re-joined WW on 9/21/10 and have lost every week since. My total is 17.6 lbs right now; I'm losing about 1-2 lbs a week. My previous goals before were to lose the weight ASAP and I would always (once I lost 12 lbs my first week..not even kidding) lose between 15-20 lbs it but then quit and always gain it back.

My biggest challenge is exercise...hate it. I have not exercised once since I started. I know that is the key to my success but can't quite get there yet.

So, here I am. Glad to meet you!


12-02-2010, 08:34 PM
Hope everyone had a good day. So I made it to the gym did 30 between a bike, treadmill, and some machine. Then did some weight machines very productive day, but I didn't eat enough.

12-03-2010, 09:30 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Friday to you all! Cold here today but no snow, we are to get that this weekend. We did purchase a snow blower but it has not arrived yet so we will be shoveling this round but it is only a few inches that they are calling for.

I am leaving work early today to finish up the shopping for the baby shower and get home to get the house cleaned up before the out of town company arrives this evening.

W/I was as expected last night, I was up 2.0 lbs but I weighed in with much heavier clothing on then I even have, since we were going directly out to supper I just did not bother with my usual W/I outfit. So all in all it was not too bad. I ordered grilled chicken with a salad and baked potato... and to be honest it was terrible, lol - I should have just ordered breakfast food and been done with it, the bright side is I did pretty good on my eating. They specialize in breakfast food and that is what I should have stuck with, lesson learned :D

Bandit: How did W/I go for you? I am thinking along your lines, I will wait until after the first of the year maybe but have not decided yet since January WW gets packed with all of the New Year's resolutions, etc. I will have to join at least for a few weeks to get the information and other things that are needed, for now I am just going to hold tight and trying and increase the fruit, veggies, and protein and lay off of the processed stuff.

Judy: How are you doing? Did you get your decorating done? That is so nice of you to host the luncheon for your friends... I'll bet they all had a wonderful time! Let us know how it goes.

Robin: A huge welcome to you! So very glad to have you here and from what you said on your post this is the perfect place for you - LOL - you sound like you will fit right in with the rest of us really well! Looks like you live directly in between Bandit (to your north) and me (to your south) - I was actually born in Mich and still have some family there.

Life: Great job exercising! I really need to get my butt into gear and get to the gym! I need more hours in the day I think - LOL

All: have a great weekend... I am super busy so most likely will not get online till Sunday or Monday. Take care!

12-03-2010, 09:48 AM
:carrot:Yay-I love Fridays!! I had a 27 point dinner last night!! But...I counted it and it is OK. I am loving this new program except for all of my bread points seem to have gone up so much. I need to research some new choices. Hoping to get some Christmas shopping done tomorrow. The local Snap Fitness 24/7 gym is offering a free 7 day trial so I am going to check it out tomorrow (they also offer unlimited tanning with membership and I do not even live anywhere near the Jersey Shore, I might check that out too). Have a great day everybody!!

12-03-2010, 10:53 AM
Hey everyone!
Just a quick check in here. Sounds like winter is here for some of us. I hate this part of the year because it is so hard to get motivated to work out in this weather. I live in a town with a population of less than 1000 and we don't have a gym. I have a treadmill, but its just not the same.

Just another note on the new plan - the daily points values have changed as well, now the lowest total anyone can have is 29. So knowing that points have increased, it does make the higher points for carbs a little easier knowing that we have extra points in our daily balance. And we also have 49 weekly points rather than 45. The one thing I don't like about this is that they aren't advertising how to come up with the new recommended daily points. I am on 29, the lowest amount and that seems like a lot! Especially for some member of our group who were on 18 before! Anyway, back to work. Have a great day!

12-03-2010, 10:57 AM
I'm not sure how they figure those points. I have 29 points a week and I have 50+ lbs to lose. A doctor in the office where I work (a thin one) who is on maintenance also has 29 points. So that means that a year from now I will either look like her or she will look like me :D, lord I hope it's the first one.

12-03-2010, 03:36 PM
Hi Turtles,
Well, we're hopping here. I' ve been catching up on Christmas decorations and gifts, etc. Somehow no matter what I do, I'm behind and it's been that way since 9/1. LOL. In any case, I want to keep in touch here and the other things will wait.
Here's my opinion: I wish WW's had waited until the New Year to put forward its new program. I'm doing so much now that learning and implementing this is a lot to do. However, that said, my weight is changing for the better. Yay! I was eating waaaaaay too much bread since it only cost me one point. Now I'm Scrooge with my bread points and I'm eating better. My doctor adjusted a medication for me, my hives seem a tiny bit better, and I'm paying attention to WW's with the more realistic points. With all that perfect storm coming together, I'm hoping that I can drop weight again this year. Enough about me!

Life4evr, Weigh to go with the gym. I love your determination! :tread: :exercise: :carrot: Keep up the good work. It looks like your and my nemesis was bread. Good to know!

Princess, :goodvibes: to help keep the stress in check. You've had all those birthdays and Thanksgiving and now the baby shower (ooooh---a baby), so of course there's stress. The Pancake House story isn't even funny. I love the flexibility of the TOPS groups, but gosh------Pancakes?
Sorry the food was cra......., but at least you know what to get next time. Good luck with the shower. I hope you have decent weather and everyone has a really good time. By the way, thanks for the tip about having nuts in the shell in the candy dishes. That is definitely something I'll do this Christmas. :chef:

Bandit, what a great idea for me to serve the veggie pie. I may just do that because some of the girls may not have ever had it. Thanks for the suggestion. Also: the granola bar=cookies is something I never thought of before. Great! Good luck with your food this week. You're doing great!

By the way, I think you and Princess are smart to stay with the old WW's until later since there's lots to think about.

Robin, :welcome3: to you! We're always happy to have new members. I had to laugh about your comment about 29 points for you and the very slim office worker. I had the same sensation. A skinny minny who sits next to me at my WW mtg. and I have the same 29 points. I'm just going to trust WW on this and not worry about anyone else. I had been eating suggested points and I did not lose weight. Hopefully WW has learned the real stuff this time around and I'll lose weight again.

Alliez,good luck with everything you're doing. I know what you mean about the points---the first day I tried it I had 15 points left *after* dinner. I don't want to do that again. Yesterday I was hungry for the first time, and I think that was my body telling me I was dropping weight. I hope that keeps up.

Cherry, hope you and the kids all stay well. Look at how much weight you've lost. You're doing great!!!!!!

KimL, hope you're doing fine! Chime in when you can.

All our friends from over the years: if you're reading this, chime in and say hello. We're sending you :grouphug: and :goodvibes: and hope you're doing very well.

Take care, be well and happy.
Off to friends' house for dinner, then the rest of the weekend will be quiet---as of now. LOL. That tends to change quite often with me!
234.6/193.6/thinner and soon!!!!! :cool:

12-04-2010, 01:08 PM
Hi turtles:

A sunny but cool day up here but no snow for today, so planning on getting my outside lights put out - my tree is up & decorated so now I feel like doing more, really get you in the mood once the tree is up.

Playing cards tonight and apparently we are ordering in chinese food -
so I suggested we each order 1 dish and share so I can order steamed chop suey with chicken and then just have a few pieces of other things. Chinese makes me bloat up from all the sodium. But I am doing hot yoga Sunday afternoon, so that will help sweat out some of the crap from my system.
I was down .75# at my weigh in so was happy not to be up seeing holiday season as offically kicked in.

Judy - you seem to have things under control and planned out, and glad your
doing better with your hives.

Princess - have fun at your baby shower and good luck with staying on track with everything you have going on

Life/Alliez - good you guys are getting in your exercise and treadmill will also help.

All - hope everyone has great success on this new programme, so good luck with that.

You can let us know how it is going and will have a month under your belt before I trying switching things up. I just can't wrap my head around switching everything and having different points for things I have used for a long time right now. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

Anyway, have a great weekend!

12-04-2010, 09:35 PM
Hope everyone had a good day. It is cold here, snow flurries but it's not sticking thank goodness. I never learned how to drive in snow. I hit up the gym again. I am trying to squeeze it into my schedule. It is the end of the year so I am stressed since I am borderline in my class right now. Something must be wrong with me, because I cannot use all my daily points. Well I can but the choices are horrible.

I have to start eating breakfast, because I am pretty sure not eating breakfast is messing me up. So how do you schedule your meals around your workout. I may need to increase my meat intake not sure yet though.

So the granola bar points went up. My mom brought home some Kashi granola bars. They are okay. Since I am seem to have extra points, the 3 or 4 points for them don't bother me. They dont have the corn syrup in them so they are drier than the usual ones.

12-05-2010, 09:29 AM
Hi Turtles,
My weight is changing ======in the right direction! Weigh to go me! I hope this isn't just my scale, but is a real weight loss. I'll find out on Wednesday. What I am doing now that is different is I am having a piece of fruit when I am hungry rather than a serving of bread. It seems to be working. :goodvibes:

Bandit, :goodscale: again! :bravo: :carrot: :cheer: :cheers: weigh to go! You're doing great. Yeah, to lose weight during the holiday season is amazing and you're doing it. Like you, we're decorating here. Today I am going to do some more wrapping and organizing and sometime soon I guess I'll start addressing cards. I have noticed that the Christmas cards still come----they just arrive here later than they have in the past.

Life4evr, the first couple of days I had trouble using my points up too. I have an idea. In the big book they gave us for the points+ program, there is a page on how to use points through the day. They give you suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the number of snacks they think you might want. I know you're busy, but I bet that page 61 might make things clearer. Good luck with your studies. :grouphug: and :goodvibes: I give you credit for trying to lose some weight while you're a student. I remember "stuffing" my stomach when I really wanted to "stuff" my brain when courses were difficult. You're doing great!

Princess, hope you have a wonderful shower for your son and dil. :cheer:
to you and yours!

KimL, How are you?

Tessa, are the rabbits still about?

Gals, chime in. I miss you.

Good luck to everyone. Today is a sunny but cold day here again. December seems to be flying. After I wrap some gifts, I am going to catch my breath and plan a menu for my lunch w/WW friends for Wed. I am going to point out the Veggie Pie as Bandit suggested and see what else I want to make.

Have a great Sunday!

12-05-2010, 12:28 PM
Hi turtles

Judy - so glad to hear the scale is moving downwards for you. Keep up the good work and nice you are preplanning your menu for the gals. They will love the veggie pie!

Well, I got through my card evening and had the steamed dish I ordered along with some beef w/veggies, ribs & 2 chicken wings (didn't need those)
but skipped all the breaded stuff, rice and egg rolls. Later they brought out the chips which is still my biggest temptation & I passed a few times but then I did have a few handfuls. Skipped the alcohol & I still feel I did better
than usual with the temptations. Yoga, a walk and on plan eating today will get back on track. I also have a beef stew all prepared for tonights dinner.

Hope everyone is preplanning their outtings for the season. I think this is key - think ahead, plan ahead and get in some extra exercise when we can.
Everyone has done so well, lets bring in the new year on a lighter note!

Have a great Sunday!!!

12-06-2010, 11:02 AM
Hi Turtles,
Bandit, you're right! Preplanning as much as possible and having healthy foods in the house is the right way to go. :bravo: for ordering a sensible Chinese dinner (it was still tasty, right?) and going easy on the higher point stuff. Ooooh, chips----they still are my downfall. I used to love desserts and chips. Somehow, although I like desserts, they never really taste as good as they look and over the years I've gotten some control over them. Chips, however, are a different story! So good for you for some power over them. :cheer:

Remember the quiet weekend I was supposed to have? Well, early Sunday morning I finished wrapping all the gifts that were here in the house----I'm not done, more gifts are coming, but that was a huge thing to get done. I tidied up the house just in time for dd and grandson to come over. We had a great day and decided to go out to dinner. There is a place here called Milleridge Inn. It's an old, sprawling house and restaurant. During December it's decorated for Christmas to the hilt. During dinner we even heard carolers. It was so lovely and lots of fun. Dgrandson was on his best behavior and even dsil was able to make it. He's an artist and works all the time. My dh was so pleased that the dinner went so well. As far as points+ I did my best-----had turkey, held off on dressing my salad, had melon and berries for an appetizer----but I still ate half a dessert and a popover that was divine. Well, in any case today my weight hasn't changed which really can't be-----so I've got my fingers crossed for my WI. Now I've got work to do, so I'll sign off.

:bravo: and :cheers: for all of us as we keep on thinking of the real reasons for the holidays. Family, friends, (and a bit of yummy foods)! LOL
234.6/193.4/thinner!!!!! :cool:

12-06-2010, 12:05 PM
Hi Everyone! I can only do a quick fly-by and will have to come back on later today or tomorrow to get a real post in. Congrats to Bandit on her loss, and to Judy for avoiding temptation. Sorry this is so short but stress is high here at work, they let over 40 people go on Friday so things are messy right now.

12-06-2010, 12:08 PM
Hi everyone! Sorry I've been silent, but the start up of the holiday preparations really has me running in different directions. WI this week was a good one. I'm down just under 3lbs for the week. Yay!

I got access to the new WW plan today as it launched here in Canada. This will definitely take some changes to my tracking routine. We don't have the WW app in Canada, so I've been using third party apps on my phone to look up and track info when I'm not near my computer but I don't think I'll be able to continue that. I really hope that WW launches a phone app in Canada soon! I'm really looking forward to the free fruit! I was grocery shopping yesterday and bought bananas for only the second time since starting WW.

Congrats to everyone losing through this tough time! I know we'll keep it up through the rest of the holiday season.

Bandit, great advice about the pre-planning! We'll all have to plan out our parties and outings to succeed over the next month or so.

Just think of all those calories you can burn walking around the malls! :)

12-06-2010, 03:46 PM
Peanutt, you're doing great!!!!! Weigh to go! :goodscale: and :bravo:

Princess, :goodvibes: for keeping stress away.

234.6/193.4/thinner!!!!!! :cool:

12-06-2010, 06:44 PM
Itryharder I do the program strictly online. But I think they do have suggestions on the website. I am trying to take off the 30# nursing school put on me. LOL. On top of the fact this is career change for me. So I am wondering why I did t.his to myself. Eating today has been so so. Didn't make it to the gym. Too cold and I am hurting today. Hope everyone is well.

12-07-2010, 10:41 AM
Good morning everyone and a very happy Tuesday to you all! Wow! It is super cold here, as I guess it is almost everywhere right now... normally this time of year we are in the low 40's but we are in the single didgets this week with no end in sight. Maybe, just maybe, (crossing fingers) we will have a white Christmas... we have not had one in a couple of years so we are due.

Food is not so good for me this week, we have a lot going on and are basically grabbing what we can when we can. DH and I are doing new living room furniture for our Christmas presents this year, we are over due for some and instead of just a bunch of presents we are doing furniture instead. Went and purchased in on Sunday and they are going to deliver it at the end of this week so we are feverishly getting the house cleaned out and prepared as we are redoing the living room and the family room that we have in the basement so we have lots of work to do and stuff to go thru... oh how we manage to collect junk! Ugh.

Lots of stress for me lately... I am going to just "check out" this weekend... not answer the phone, stay off line and just work in my home, it brings me joy and happiness to work around my home and that is what I am going to do. The momma drama is crushing lately and I just need to step back from it for my own sanity.

The best of luck to all that are W/I this week! Maybe this would be a great time to go thru our recipes and see if we have one or two special ones for this time of year and post them so that we can all have something new to try... just a thought. I have a couple WW recipes that are labeled "easy" and point friendly so I will post them when I can.

Have to run, another busy day here. No rest for the wicked... LOL!

12-07-2010, 04:43 PM
Hi turtles:

Judy - your evening out sounds wonderful, those old places all decorated up are gorgeous and soulds like you did well with your dinner choices - good for you.

Peanutt - WOW, what a fabulous loss this week! Keep up the good work.

Life - hope you are hanging in there, you sound like you are in a rut. Shake things up and see if that helps.

Princess - You have soooooooo much going on lately with just getting over your bathroom reno now de-cluttering for new furniture, but will be so nice when done. Try to find some down time for yourself - you deserve it.
Trying new recipes is always fun.

We have had cold weather last few days and have gotten some snow as well,
but have been lucky since all around us are big storms, so we are getting bits and pieces of those. Hopefully things won't get too bad.

Have my company dinner tomorrow so that is another food challenge - especially night before weigh in -so will try and make best choices.

Stay warm!

12-08-2010, 11:35 AM
Hello everyone! Just a quick note for now, basketball season, more classes, and the now the holidays. I don't know which direction I am headed in! I guess the good thing is I don't have much time to eat! Went to WI yesterday, down 2.4! Getting to goal is finally in sight! Hope everyone is having a good week. i am hopeing to have some time in the next couple of evenings to check in again!

12-08-2010, 11:46 AM
Princess...:hug: I hope that you can get some down time to unwind and relax.

Allie....thanks for popping by to share! WTG with that great loss!

I just read on the WW official community blog that the iPhone app will be launching in Canada this month! I am so excited about that!

I found a blog post from someone who shared their quick way to estimate points+ in their head and that has really been helping me out in the first couple of days with the new plan. It's not 100% accurate and certainly no replacement for the WW calculator, but I think it'll come in handy in the grocery store especially just to get an idea of the points values of different things before buying. Their method is (carbs + protein + 3xfat - fiber)/10. So if something has the NI of 10g carbs, 3g protein, 2g fat and 1g fiber you could estimate the points+ like this:
10+3+6-1=18, 18/10=1.8, round up to 2 points+

Hope the rest of the turtles are doing well and learning lots about the new plan.

12-08-2010, 02:17 PM
Hi everyone and happy Wednesday to you all!

I have been really busy at work lately so even though I have not been doing replies to each person I have been following along. Looks like everyone is doing great. I am seriously considering going into WW on Saturday morning and signing up, at least for a few weeks so that I can get the information and hopefully get back onto a firm path forward. I know it is not the plans fault that I keep eating the wrong things... LOL - but I think it will give me something new to focus on.

Thanks to Peanut for the information, I tried it and my favorite light chips doubled in points... ugh. But it is all good information!

Have to run, take care everyone and stay warm... it is bitter cold here!

12-08-2010, 03:50 PM
Hi Turtles,
I have had a wonderful day. First of all, :goodscale: with my thyroid being adjusted and sticking to Points+ all this week, I lost 5#! Weigh to go me. I am so happy. Being stuck in the plateau rut wasn't fun. Now before I eat anything, I think about it very carefully and decide whether the points are worth it or not.

Today six girls from WW's came to lunch. One gal brought a fabulous cauliflower soup. If you're looking for a delicious zero point food, here it is:
Makes 8 cup servings:
Cauliflower/ carrot soup

4 chicken boullion cubes
4 cups water,
large head cauliflower
3 boxes of cauliflower, frozen
3 carrots
salt, pepper
Cook until veggies are tender. Use an immersion blender to make it very smooth. A friend brought this to the luncheon. It definitely tasted and looked like a creamy soup----but it's not. Zero points and delicious.
(She has been eating it while she prepares dinner. It cuts her appetite back and she can eat less at the meal. Just a thought)

Princess, good luck with your living room and new furniture. I know this preparation is a lot of work, but you'll have a brand new looking house what with the new furniture and the new bathroom. Yay! As far as the new program, I would suggest you join for a couple of weeks anyway. My weight loss and the new way of thinking about food really sinks in and makes me realize that I can lose weight! Valuable! Here's some :goodvibes: for stress. Take it easy as much as you can. We're all pulling for you.

Hey Cherry, how are you and the little guys doing? :goodvibes: to you too.

Bandit, I hope your company dinner was enjoyable. You're doing great. I love to watch how you've shaken up your weight loss because it gives me hope too.

Alliez, great loss! :goodscale:. Keep on posting. You're so close to goal. You're an inspiration. keep up the good work.

Peanutt, glad you'll have the new program apps in Canada soon. I like the way someone figured out how to calculate the new points +. Pretty clever. Keep up the good work.

All goes well here. Today has been a lovely day.

KimL, Mrs. Thanos, Tessa, I think about you all the time. :grouphug: and :cheers: to have a lovely holiday season!

234.6/188.4/thinner and onward to goal! :cool:

12-08-2010, 03:55 PM
WTG Judy!! What a great plateau busting week!

12-08-2010, 04:44 PM
Hi turtles:

Judy - Congrats to you!! What a fabulous loss - you must be sooooo
excited and all revved up with the new programme. The soup sounds
yummy - will have to give that a try. Can't beat something creamy and low-cal.

Princess - glad to see you chiming in when you can, hope you are doing well.

Peanutt - keep up the good work.

All - hope you are having a good week.

Well, off to my dinner. Just had a snack so won't be starving when I arrive.
Have a great evening!

12-08-2010, 07:19 PM
Judy: I am sooooo happy for you! A huge congrats to you on your weight loss!

Bandit: Have a great time!

12-09-2010, 12:16 PM
I don't know if i can respond to all of the posts but i still wanted to post something. This has been another rough week. Lots of sinus colds and fevers. Also i ended up having a wisdom tooth pulled because it was basically broken in half. (what fun):^: The only good thing about my teeth bothering me is i haven't been able to eat much.:^: I didnt weigh myself this week because TOM just showed up so i guess i will see how i am doing next wednesday.

12-10-2010, 09:56 AM
Hi Everyone! Only have time for a very quck update and recipe post that I have pre-prepared on a word doc. I am going at a the speed of light right now but looking forward to a quiet weekend.

Found a home for the stray dog! We took her to her now parents last night, I think and pray that they will be very happy with her and her with them!

Did not go to W/I last night due to moving furniture and mounting a tv, ect in preparation for the furniture delivery today.

Here is a recipe that I found in a ww book, used to be one point but I am sure that will change greatly with the new system so I put the nutritionals there for someone to figure out.

Warm Cinnamon Swirls
1 8oz package reduced fat crescent rolls
4 tsp cinnamon-sugar (can used bottled or make your own)
Cooking spray
cup powdered sugar
2 tsp 1% low-fat milk

Preheat oven to 375
Unroll Crescent roll dough onto work surface. Separate dough crosswise with a sharp knife. Press perforations together with fingers. Sprinkle each portion of dough with 2 tsp cinnamon-sugar. Roll up 1 portion of dough, starting at the long side and pressing firmly to eliminate air pockets; pinch seam to seal. Cut roll into 10 slices. Place rolls, cut sides down, on a baking sheet coated with cooking spray. Repeat with the remaining dough and cinnamon-sugar.
Bake at 375 for 10 to 12 minutes or until golden.
Whisk together powdered sugar and milk until smooth; drizzle over warm rolls with a small whisk.
Yield: 20 swirls (serving size 1 swirl) (1 pt each)

Calories 55
Carbs 8.5
Fat 1.8
Fiber 0
Protein 0

12-10-2010, 01:17 PM
Hi All,
Princess, I entered the stats and came up with 1point again! Yay! Some things do work out. Good luck with the furniture moving,etc. It's going to look great.

12-10-2010, 01:44 PM
Hi turtles:

Cherry - you seem to be having a rough time of things, hope you feel better soon.

Princess - thanks for the recipe (I actually have a tube of crescent rolls on hand) so will try soon. So glad to hear you found a home for the dog, you are his guardian angel.

I was down .25# at my weigh in and thankful for that seeing I had 2 food functions this week with 3 hours of eating at my company party night Wed night. Have dinners tonight & tomorrow, so that will be my challenge this week. Even if I can maintain til end of season I will be extremely happy.
Planning on getting in a walk both afternoons over weekend, so that will help.

All - hope you are doing well.

12-10-2010, 03:33 PM
Princess, yes, so glad you found neat owners for the dog. Weigh to go!

Bandit, congrats on losing weight. You're doing great. :goodscale: to see a scale go down at this time of year is amazing! Good luck with your continuing food challenges. Sometime in January we can all catch our breath.

:goodvibes: and :chef: to all the Turtles!
234.6/188.6/thinner :cool:

12-10-2010, 05:44 PM
Bandit: A huge congrats to you! Our TOPS leader and her husband are the ones that took the dog, I was not going to go the meeting last night due to all of the stuff going on around here and very limited time but when I got home from work her message was on my voice mail saying that they would take the dog if I brought her to the meeting at 6:30 - so I really just dropped her off and got out of the there, they asked if I wanted to w/i but I declined... it just would not have been good so why put myself through that... LOL - I know, I am a huge chicken!

Judy: Thanks for pointing it out for us... that is great news! I was thinking that they would make a wonderful breakfast if we have over night company thru the holidays or a great Christmas morning treat for DH and I to go with some coffee.

Have to run!

12-11-2010, 06:35 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Saturday to you all!

Well the furniture is in, the snow blower is in, the TV has been mounted on the wall, we still need to set up the TV in the rec-room but over all most of the hard work is done. yah!

The furniture looks MUCH bigger in our living room than it did in the show room... LOL but it is workable. I am going to make it a point to get to my knitting class today and get some groceries in. D-DIL asked me to take her to Sam's Club tomorrow so will do that... so much for checking out this weekend LOL but I will keep as low a profile as possible.

Hope everyone is doing well, I will get another recipe posted soon, that recipe book that I have is a WW book and is all basically simple/fast recipes so it will work well for sharing.

Have a great weekend all!

12-11-2010, 04:52 PM
Cherry, feel better soon. Good for you for not eating/even though teeth are involved! :goodvibes: :grouphug:

Princess, you are amazing! You get an awful lot done in a short time! In keeping with your recipe idea, here are two recipes from my WW friend who has lost over 240# Grace:

BBQ style Ribs
Country style ribs
large bag of sauerkraut
1/2can Diet Coke
1/2cup or less of ketchup
Rinse and drain sauerkraut
Put all ingredients in crockpot
Cook 4 hours on high or 8 hours on low
As you can see, this isn't an exact recipe and I don't have points-----but it looks good to me as a different dish for the holidays----and certainly easy to make. Along with some boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes, you'd have a whole dinner.

Another One:
Easier recipe for Cauliflower Soup
Brown an onion (more if you love onions)
Add about 1 quart of water
Chicken boullion about 4
Add chopped raw cauliflower
Cook until cauliflower is soft---about 20 minutes
Smash with potato masher or put cooled soup in blender to smooth)

I gotta run---you all take care.

12-13-2010, 01:04 PM
Hi everyone and happy Monday!

We got a snow storm that passed thru here yesterday and last night but I made it to work on time and overall it was a really nice weekend. Made a pot of white chicken chili yesterday and I got the tree put up and some decorations around, I left a ton of them in the packing tubs, I just don't have the time to worry about putting it all up then taking it all down so I put a few things around and put up the tree down in the rec-room and let it go at that.

We had a surprise visitor yesterday, a guy that my husband has worked with in the past from time to time, he is a consultant and comes in when needed, but he was in Indy for the weekend for a job and called my husband up to see if he could stop by for a quick visit before he had to head back to the airport. He is from Boston so we don't see him much at all but it was a real joy to have him visit for a few hours and I was super glad that I had the chili in the crockpot as it turned out that he was there over lunch so we all ate together and then he headed to the airport. As it turns out we are both from the eastern part of Pa so we have lots to talk about and a general background in common.

Sooo, I have not been to the gym and need to get back on track for that... eating has not been great but could be way worse so I need to put more effort into that. Will go to W/I this week so we will see how it goes then.

Judy: Thanks for the recipes! Hope you are doing well!

The lady that took the stray dog called me over the weekend... I guess it is not going very well, the dog is good but her cats don't like it... not sure what is going to happen now but my DH says that we are not taking it back... ugh. oh well, I really have to agree with him, to be honest I just don't have it in me to take on another responsibility right now.

12-13-2010, 01:49 PM
Hi everyone

Icey dull day up here & really cold. Suppose to be better from Wed on, so that is good. Well, my decorating is done now just have to get my butt in
gear & get my shopping done.

This week have my Tops Christmas potluck, so that should be fun. I am taking a shrimp ring so that makes things very simple.

Hope you are all doing well.

12-13-2010, 09:40 PM
It has been so cold here lately. Lows in the teens and windchills in the negatives. Yuck! Cant stand when the weather is like that. The kids seem to be healthy for the time being. I am trying to make sure everyone gets there vitamins. We live in a big old house and i am trying to keep everyone warm to.

Hi to all the ladies. Looks like everyone is doing well. I havent been eating all that well but my weight is staying the same so far. Need to get in some exercise. Hard when it is cold and gloomy. (maybe dancing with the kids)

12-13-2010, 11:29 PM
Hope everyone had a good day. I am going to be disappearing for awhile. I have some things and some decisions to make. Good luck everyone.

12-14-2010, 09:33 AM
Morning everyone! Just a quick hello to everyone, I will try and get online later today to post a recipe, I have a couple in mind but need to get them typed up on a word doc first, it is just easier to copy and past them into a post rather than type one directly into a post.

It is crazy cold here... 2 degrees today, wind chills at -15 below... but, it is winter so I guess it is to be expected. The strange part is that I have heard a lot of people complain that their allergies are acting up, and these are people that only suffer from allergies in the spring/summer/fall - mine have too and that never happens in the winter once the temps go down.

Have to run but have a great day everyone!

12-14-2010, 11:11 AM
Morning, turtles:

Life - take care of yourself and hopefully you will come back to the group when you can.

Princess/Cherry - it is freezing up here too & roads very icey. Took extra 1/2 hour to get home last night & when I did, I stayed in for the evening - just too cold to do anything other than watch TV.

Hope everyone is trying to stay on track with all the festivities going on.

12-14-2010, 11:24 AM
Hi everyone! I hope everyone is staying warm - sounds like there's cold wintery weather all over the place. We're supposed to get a big dump of snow this evening and overnight too.

The Christmas party challenges have already begun! I was at a party on Saturday night and one of the main dishes was called "Death to Dieters Chicken Lasagna". It's made with hollandaise sauce instead of tomato sauce and loads of cheese....yikes!! I had a small piece of that and then loaded up on veggies and some of the other things. Dessert....tiramisu...yikes again!! This past weekend made me very thankful for the flexibility of the WW plan. I can have splurge nights like that without completely ruining my plan and progress.

I picked up some new cookbooks at the library last night. Hopefully there will be some inspiration in there because I've been feeling very blah in the kitchen lately.

Take care and good luck everyone! Stay warm and safe!

12-15-2010, 09:32 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday to you all! Another super cold day here! Not much is going on, have W/I tomorrow night and I don't expect to be down but will go anyway.

Hope everyone is doing well... has anyone heard from Judy? She has not posted in a while...

12-15-2010, 01:04 PM
I'm here. I haven't had a minute to write. I'll catch up later, but I'm doing fine. Lost .2# at WI this morning. I'm thrilled because last week I lost 5# and I didn't give any of that back. Will write later. Good luck to us all and keep our eyes on the prize!

12-15-2010, 03:41 PM
Hi TUrtles,
Well, I just made 3 trays of baked ziti for the week between Christmas and New Year's. I'm expecting plenty of the kids to be here then and it will be good to have a "go to" dinner ready. I also made ice cream parfaits for Christmas Day. I put them in my parfait glasses with sauce in between the two flavors and a dab of sauce on top. Not low calorie, but my parfait glasses are small, so the portion is controlled. Yay! Gotta type fast because dh is home and will be at work tonight, but I don't want to lose touch here.

Princess, cold here too. But our cold is 27 degrees, not 2! Your decorating sounds perfect and I'm so glad all your furniture fits and looks good. Wasn't it handy that you had a white chili in your crockpot when you had an unexpected guest. Really nice. I only got on the :tread: 1X this month. Ugh. I hear you about :exercise: I really haven't had time, but I've got to make time.

Bandit, decorating all done. Isn't that a good feeling! Also like the idea of a shrimp ring. I've got cooked shrimp in the freezer waiting for the company during the holidays. It's saved me many times. 1/2cup of shrimp is only 1 point and that's a real point+ bargain.

Cherry, well I guess cold can also mean healthy when the germs get killed with the cold weather. Congrats on maintaining your weight during this happy time. Lots of WWs lose control and overeat, so you're doing great!

Life4evr, we've enjoyed having you here. You've been such great support and I will miss you. Do what you have to do. Make the choices you need to make and know that we're all sending you :goodvibes: Come back when you can. Best of everything! :love:

Peanutt, wow! You hit the nail on the head with WW and flexibility. It's wonderful that you're doing well even with the challenges. My dd had the most delicious appetizers the other night and I overate very quickly. When I got home and figured out the points+ they were up around 30! I was pretty shocked so I have to keep in mind that carbs and fat cost more with this new system. Glad you're doing well. Yay! If you find some good recipes, we'd love to see them.

As I said, gotta run! My mtg. today was good and it is really nice making better friends at the mtg. It's more cheerful.
:goodvibes: and :grouphug: to everyone to keep on keepin' on!
234.6/188.2/thinner and into my 170's :cool:

12-16-2010, 01:39 AM
Thanks for the support everyone. I am slowly getting myself back together. I had to come up with a Plan Z, since I am so far past a plan B for nursing school. So needless to say I am going to have to sit out a semester and reenter the nursing program due to not making high enough in my class. So that is what is going on with me.

Umm my eating has been pretty bad its eat alot or not eat for me right now. Glad everyone is doing well. It is cold here also at least for us. We are suppose to get snow/ice I think tonight.

12-17-2010, 11:03 AM
Life4evr, glad to see you're still posting. You'll sort this all out. I'm sending you :goodvibes: for whatever is best for you.

I did quite a bit of baking yesterday. Oh. Now I remember why this time of year is so tough. I tried my technique of eating only when sitting down. I think that helped somewhat. But the scale isn't budging down and that's what I want. It was fine to lose .2# last week, but I'm looking for better this week. I'm going to visit my aunt and cousin this morning. I'm bringing lunch, so have to figure something out there. It's a sad visit because my aunt is having memory problems. She is 85 and has always been so competant. It's making me very sad. The best I can do is remember all the good times, but in a way that's making things worse.

I got a note from my sister this morning and she's not putting up her Christmas tree. When I look around my house and see that it looks like Santa decorated Toys R Us LOL, I smile and am so happy that my dh is still ready and willing and able to make the house look so kid friendly for Christmas. When our grandkids are here, it'll be great. And in the meantime I get to enjoy the lights and decorations. I'm much cheerier this Christmas. Now onto making the effort to lose a few pounds.

Good luck to all of us. Chime in when you can.
Best wishes to us all!
234.6/188.2/170's and thinner :cool:

12-17-2010, 12:21 PM
Hi Everyone! I just wanted to stop by and say hello quick, I have been really really busy and have not a minute to spare but still wanted to say hi!

I will try and hop online this weekend when things slow down.

12-17-2010, 12:45 PM
Hi turtles:

Judy - sounds like you have been a busy gal as usual with all your cooking/baking/decorating - that is so nice you & your dh get into the spirit of things. Over the years family dynamics change & I find it sad when people
don't keep things going. I am basically on my own but still put up my tree/decorations because I still enjoy it and even though it is abit of work,
I feel it is worth it.

Princess - glad to see you popping in when you can.

I was down 2# last night at my tops weigh in, so was thrilled with that.
Then we had our potluck afterwards - so really nice evening.

Today planning on Christmas shopping - gets hard to figure some things for people who seem to have everything. But that is my goal for today, getting
most of it done, wrapped and get on with enjoying the season.

All - hope you are all getting in the Christmas spirit and enjoying yourselves.

12-17-2010, 04:39 PM
Bandit, you are amazing! :goodscale: :dancer: :carrot: :exercise: You are an inspiration. Weigh to go. I love that you're using flexible restraint even during the holidays. Thanks for writing.

Princess, always glad to see a post from you even when you're crazy busy.

Just back from my visit with my aunt and it went okay. She is a little forgetful and it's bothering her, but when we talked about old times she was great. Nice visit and I feel good.

12-18-2010, 10:34 AM
Hi TUrtles,
We're getting long, so I'll start a new thread. See you all at #245 Bale of Turtles Being Happy!