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12-01-2010, 07:15 AM
New month and a busy one. I am glad to put November behind me with all its sadness.

Weight is up three pounds this morning but BGL is OK at 5.0. Go figure. I sat at the table with my friend Karen last night and we talked about death. It was very cathartic but we also "snacked" on cheese, crusty bread and wine, finishing off with Christmas cake! Duh! I know I didn't have an extra 10,500 calories but still ... Good old water retention strikes again and I refuse to change my ticker yet.

Food for today needs more control so I'll be doing the usual yogurt, flax, fruit breakfast and finish the black bean soup for lunch. I need to work in more calcium as my nails are getting bad again. Dinner will be a bit tricky as it's my Hort. Society Christmas bash which is done by a really good caterer. I'm hoping for nice salads along with protein and will avoid dessert completely even though she is a terrific pastry chef.

On we go into a tricky month.

12-01-2010, 09:42 PM
Went to 2 deliveries today so things were busy to start. (both healthy baby girls) I got breakfast before getting called out, and got lunch in between. Supper when getting home. TIming worked out ok for it all. So sugars were just fine. Even after supper I was only up a pound from my ticker. So maybe that pound down will be consistent and I will change the ticker this week.
Ruth, you are right, the holidays will be tough. Thinking positively, I will seize the opportunity to eat properly in these social situations. The Grey Cup party on Sunday provided lots of temptations. I had to move my seat away from the food. THe table in from the couch had so many goodies I couldn't sit there and resist. So I moved. Truthfully, I don't know how I stayed skinny when I was young. I know I hoovered it all up then just like I want to now. I guess those habits just caught up with me.
Tomorrow is meetings all day, so I have to take good stuff to eat and be prepared.
I also have to make a doc appointment. I decided on my own to increase the metformin, so need to go and check in with her.
ttfn, happy december friends.

12-02-2010, 06:35 AM
It just seems I can't sleep more than 5-6 hours a night. But I'm exhausted by 9 pm, (no wonder) but just can't stay asleep. Oh well, maybe in an hour.
I have no doubt that this is affecting weight loss. In the past I had a high carb snack and went back to bed. Can't do that now. blah

12-02-2010, 07:40 AM
Mad, my sleep pattern is all screwed up too! I am positive that is what's affecting my weightloss - aside from my most grievous sins!

Had salad and meat at the Christmas party last night and focused on conversation during dessert. My dinner companion (charming man) brought me a slice of lemon pie which I dabbled in. BGL is fine this morning and weight is still up. Grrr!

12-02-2010, 07:19 PM
Finally ordered shiritake noodles from lowcarbgrocery and they arrived today. I'm doing shrimp, red peppers, broccoli and celery in a low carb peanut sauce for dinner. It's a bit of an extravagance but I'm worth it! If the salt isn't too high, I might be down a smidge tomorrow. (If the serving looks too skimpy, I'll throw in some baby spinach.)

12-02-2010, 11:49 PM
I'm not sleeping but 5 - 6 hrs a night either and it is affecting my FBS and my weight a little as well. If I can sleep at least 7 hrs, they are both good. Not sure what is going on. Staying OP though and hopefully everything will even out.

12-03-2010, 08:57 AM
have managed to stay at 168 all week, so moved the ticker. I was afraid to jinx it. BUt also noticing a lightening so feel its real.
the last two nights, I dealt with my middle of the night insomnia by taking something to help me sleep, (zoloft on Wed night, 1/2 gravol last night) and read or browsed web for an hour then slept. This is not ideal, I realize, but was getting desperate. I often have to get up for work (like most people) so its not always practical. But yesterday I was able to sleep to eight, and today I didn't have a time I needed to get up so I was freer to sleep. Glad for the weekend. I spoke with my doc about this previously and she said there really isn't a treatment for middle of night waking type of insomnia, unless its to take something to sleep then. If a milder remedy works (like gravol) thats fine, most folks can't take a sleeping pill then. For a long time, melatonin before bed worked well to keep me sleeping longer. not doing the trick now.

Have been doing well sticking to plan, and today fbs was 5.0 mmol so am really happy about that.
tgif everyone

12-03-2010, 12:58 PM
fatmad Glad you got some sleep even if you had to take something. I hate doing that too, but sometime I do. I actually went to bed when I got sleepy last night around midnight. I didn't have to get up early so I tried having about 3 oz of red wine before I went to bed with some cheese. I actually slept almost 9 hrs. It is so amazing to me how that rest helps my FBS. It was 107 mg/dl this morning and my weight is only up 1 lb which is okay since I'm OP and probably comes from salt in the cheese. So probably isn't a gain at all. I also know that I need to drink more water which is difficult for me when the weather is so cold. I'm trying to drink more hot green tea since I use no sweetners in it making it count for 1/2 my daily liquids.

Since I've added more volume (volumetrics diet) to my eating, I find I don't need as much water, but still trying to get the 64 oz any way. I am getting more satisfied with my food and that is good.

Ruth and others reading:wave:

Have a great Friday and weekend!!!

12-03-2010, 06:45 PM
trish, that is great that volumetrics is working for you. But keep up with the water, its so important. Yes, the sleep does make a big difference. I can't do wine or other alcohol, it keeps me awake and GIVES me insomnia. but glad it helps you. Do you think you are having trouble sleeping due to stress or anxiety? It would make sense with what is happening with hubby etc. If thats the case, maybe the herbal stuff for insomnia or nerve tonic (the ones with valerian, hops, skullcap and passion flower etc) would be helpful. They are great for helping you relax at bedtime. I have no trouble falling asleep, just wake up way too early.
Staying on plan well today, with tons of veggies.
Its Friday night and I am catching up on laundry. ! Have a good weekend

12-04-2010, 09:50 AM
Wow! I slept solidly from 10 until 7:35 this morning. My bladder slept too. :rofl: Today will be a much better day.
I work at the Mill 5 to 9 tonight but will take a proper light supper with me. Hot chocolate and donuts are available but not part of my eating plan.

12-04-2010, 06:21 PM
fatmad I have no problem going to sleep most of the time either. My big problem is that when I know I have to get up early, I either wake up too early and can't go back to sleep or wake up almost every other hr. I have my clock set so it's not like I might sleep late. I guess things could have to do with DH. I know I've been rather depressed lately. Don't usually bother me so bad, so maybe it is that plus we used to go back to TX to see my family every other year. However, I didn't think Tony could make the trip so we didn't go. That may have something to do with it too. I hope we can go in the spring.

Ruth I'm sure you needed the rest. I loved the sleeping bladder... gave me a chuckle. Great you have a plan for tonight.

Nothing new going on here. Staying OP. That lb gained is back down this morning. Now to keep it off and keep going down.

12-05-2010, 01:03 AM
HI LADIES ~ RUTH, you are correct -- December is a tricky month trying to manuever around all the goodies out there and all the parties and celebrations too. Went shopping today and pretended not to notice all the chocolate and cookies and goodies out there; stuck to my list and did well.

I picked up some meat pies; and some Scotch Shortbread for our guests on the big day. Will be making a nice turkey with lots and lots of veggies for sure. My guests have asked for apple pie this year, so I will oblige them and it should be eaten all up by them (I hope) or DH can help them too.

WE have been busy lately; and since my old PC is slower, it takes me much longer to post so they are far and fewer in between ... ;) My eating has been pretty good; sticking to my healthy fiber breakfasts and correcting any small slips as soon as I can (nothing too big though).

Glad that you all are doing well; and hope that continues for this month as well. I have some sleeping issues myself; I am the same when I have to go somewhere ... I wake up every hour or two and then have to play catch-up the next few nights. I don't seem to need as much sleep these days either; can go on about 6 hours most nights now (use to sleep 7 or 8) ...

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend ... Rosebud :flow2:

12-05-2010, 08:15 AM
A bit of Montezuma's revenge this morning. I wonder if a Margarita would help. (Just kidding!) I'm actually down a bit of a pound and BGL is good. Now to keep going.

Sleep? Bed after 11 and wide awake at 5:30. 6 hours is not enough. I'll pick up some Meltonin this week.

Today will be a tricky day with an afternoon "celebration of life" event and dinner at Heather's house tonight. I'll flex my resistance muscle in the afternoon and persuade Heather not to load me up with potatoes, gravy and dessert. I'm hoping she'll do dinner family style so I can serve myself and allow me to skip dessert.

Tomorrow I have my Quilting Groups pot luck lunch which I can manage but must plan a light evening meal.

12-05-2010, 09:33 AM
amazing how life is planned around food isn't is? Ruth, everything you are doing is around food. It makes things hard. I wasn't busy with work yesterday, so did the groceries and didn't buy junk, except some preventia cookies for my daughter. Did make an atkins cheesecake for dessert since I was having friends over. We played board games and had a lovely time. Made cabbage rolls with meat and quinoa instead of rice, so maybe a bit of carbs, but not too bad. Bs was 5.2 this am, so am happy with that.
Have a long drive this morning to see a new baby, so will pack a careful lunch.
Rosebud, we miss you. Glad you can come by every now and then.
have a good Sunday everyone.

12-05-2010, 10:03 PM
Rosebud Glad you could drop by. I've been missing you; I understand about the slow pc. Drop in when you can.

Ruth I get around 6 hours of sleep most nights. It doesn't seem to matter what time I go to bed either. DH asked me one day why I get up so early, but when I wake up and can't go back to sleep I may as well get up. DH has some Melatonin here that he doesn't take any more, but I've never tried taking it. Maybe I'll do that tonight and see if it helps. I also have Sleepytime herb tea that I haven't taken in a while, because I have no trouble going to sleep. I just wake up around 6 hrs later ready to get up.

Fatmad It does seem that everything is planned around food. We have 2 church parties this month planned around fellowshipping around food. However, it is bring finger foods, so I will be able to take some diet friendly foods for both parties which should help me stay OP. Our kids from FL are coming for 8 days for Christmas and I'll be doing a lot of cooking, but DD doesn't like for her kids to eat a lot of sweets so I plan to have a lot of fruit, cheeses and veggies for snacks that they love.

When I married Tony and moved to FL, we kept the grandkids there when their Mom worked. She wanted them to eat healthy and I was losing weight eating lots of fruits and veggies. So I always bought enough to share with the kids. One day we went to a birthday party for grandchildren of a friend of Tony's first wife. There were loads of food... junk and healthy snacks & snacks. Everybody commented on interesting it was that our kids didn't go for the chips and dips etc, they kept going back for the raw veggies and fruits. That is when I learned that given a choice, kids will choose healthy over junk. Even the then 3 yr old. She is now 8 and last year she and her step-brother who is a yr older than her kept coming in to eat out of the veggie tray of food I always purchased when they are here.

Hope everyone has a great week.

12-06-2010, 09:30 AM
Good morning. Another night of decent sleep! I'm on a roll - low carb, of course! AND my ticker is finally telling the truth.

This week I am cooking evening dinners for Joanne and the kids as she puts her life back together. I'll take out my own serving before I deliver. Her fridge and freezer are loaded with sympathy foods but you can't feed a family on pie, cake and banana bread. I have chili on the go for tonight.

I am going to do some treadmill penance for a while this morning. I'm definitely going back to the gym in January and part of me (the jock part!) is saying "Why not now?" Hmmm.

12-06-2010, 01:00 PM
Ruth Glad you got another good nights sleep and sounds like you have a plan. I have a friend who goes to the YMCA to exercise and she wants me to start going with her. It's not expensive and I just might do it. I might make a membership a Christmas gift to mysef. I just have to be sure I will go. I am back on low carb too, probably more like SB Phase 2 than Atkins because I want the fruit. Still counting calories with it though just to be safe on portion control and I want to be in better control of my eating when I have to make these parties that are coming up. You are so nice to take decent food to Joanne. You are a very sweet lady, Ruth.

I slept 8 and 1/2 hours myself. It was broken up hours, but I didn't have to be any where until late this afternoon so I could sleep in... I took advantage of it. I think the Melatonin helped me get a deeper sleep when I did sleep because I got into the dream stage which I don't do like I should. FBG was down a little still where I want it which is reason for the low carb and I think my weight is down some more, but not sure since the scale shows it needs a new battery. I'll have to see the new number for a few days to be sure it is real any way. However, it is a good sign.

Got to get busy since I slept in, I'm running late on some things and I'm a day or two behind on my lessons for Wednesdays BSF meeting. Got to catch up.

Have a good one everybody.

12-06-2010, 11:14 PM
Lots of snow here, so have to get rest, since driving can be difficult in the weather. It can really hypnotize you when driving. Ate ok today, but difficult to do it. I realized leaving yoga that I was starving, but fortunately had some cheese with me for the drive home. what a relief.
Have to stay clean the rest of the week. Next week is the company holiday dinner at a gourmet restaurant, and I want to enjoy myself.
Sugars are good today, 5.2 after supper, with cheesecake for dessert!

12-07-2010, 06:52 AM
Wow, Mad! You sure got a lot of snow down there. We're wintery but have missed a big dump. Yes, winter driving is stressful and we need our sleep. Now, if the darn plows would stop their beep-beeping at 4:30, I would still be abed.

I'm working on staying clean too. I canceled out a foodie event yesterday at noon and did some food prep for the week. I took chili and cole slaw to Joanne for their supper last night and saved out a serving for myself. I do get tired of things when I make large batches so this may be a good thing. Beef stew is next on my menu for Joanne and the kids.

I need to decide on my Christmas Eve party menu. Claire always brings me loads of baking so there is no need to leap into that. I do like to get a savory few things made up and frozen though. The trick will be to get them frozen fast!

Happy Tuesday, Chickies.

12-07-2010, 06:11 PM
Went to digestive doc yesterday afternoon and all the tests came back okay except for the IBS and the ulcer. Doc will see him again in 2 mos. I went with DH to the primary doc today. He said that some times DH stomach problems can be nerves so he gave him a prescription for an anti-depressant. I sure hope it helps.

When he finished talking with Tony, I told him that I wasn't happy with my FBS numbers and asked him if I could up the Metformin. He said that I could take 2000 mg as long as it didn't cause me any problems. Will take one in the morning and one in the evening. I will start that tomorrow and hope it gets my FBS down better. I started to not as, because it was 111 mg this morning, but I'm seeing too many days of being above 120's. So I'll see how that helps me. But I really would like to get my numbers under 100 mg. I don't like it being over that.

Fatmad Take it easy traveling in the snow. I know with your job that you have to go when called out so stay safe.

Ruth It really is easier to cook for more than just one. DH does not eat like I do and many times I'm making two meals at one time. So I plan to enjoy cooking for the kids when they are here for Christmas.

12-08-2010, 09:36 AM
Good Morning Ladies!!

Sorry I have been MIA for awhile, but life gets in the way sometimes.

Still plugging along.:dizzy:but having a hard time getting back to low carb. I think it's going to get worse throughout the month.

Just found out that I will be cooking Christmas dinner for 9 so far, but that can go up to 15 if other DS and family decide to come. I'm going to have to bake some diabetes friendly goodies so I won't be tempted.

BG has been in the low sixes so not too bad.
Have a great day everyone.

12-08-2010, 02:05 PM
you know you haven't been sleeping well when:
i had a great sleep last night: Went to sleep about 1130, woke up to a phone call at 5:15 for work. Didn't wake up at all, even to pee. The last time I slept this well was October 29th. See? i know the date of the last great sleep I had.
So I was thinking about what the difference was: both times I had a minor cheat that evening, and had a snack with my after supper tea, which involved a few carbs. So I may try for a few days, having a small evening snack with a few carbs. I think there is a "low carb" bread, (my administrator buys it) and have that with some peanut butter, and see if that helps me sleep, and maybe won't interfere with sugars or weight loss too much.
(another benefit, in spite of the fact that I take fibre capsules, I have problems with constipation, but the ww crackers I had last night got me moving just fine today. )
I think I may have to lower my fat a bit to accommodate the extra carbs and calories, so will watch that for a few days and see where it gets me. I hope the extra sleep and the improvements in the bowel habits will keep me from gaining with the diet changes. I didn't get a chance to check my sugar this am, was out of the door very fast. Will do it tomorrow.

Lindyloo, I know its a challenge to go low carb. Why not read over the atkins book again, and look at OWL and the rungs. Maybe you don't have to be in induction, and just lower carb will do. I couldn't stick to induction until I was lower carb for a while. I didn't lose weight there, but could get the sugars on track at least, and then was able to do induction. As you can see, I will be changing that, But my weight loss is very slow no matter what.

12-09-2010, 06:26 PM
Plugging away! Started into a chocolate gingerbread bar last night but gave it up after a few squares. I bravely threw it into the garbage! BGL was fine this morning. I had a very low cal pizza for lunch today and have Brussels sprouts roasting while my pork chop grills. Most of my decorating is now done which means I'll probably have a good sleep tonight. I'm going to try to guarantee that with some herb tea before bed.

12-09-2010, 09:43 PM
had a fairly good sleep last night, slept well til 6 am, instead of 4 or 5, and only woke once, so I rate that as a good sleep. My evening snack had 5 g carbs.
Went to the spa this afternoon to get ready for Christmas festivities, but frankly don't care about it much. have been a bit down in general and its been getting more so. The family counselling is rough for sure. I am amazed I am sticking to plan so well.
Will be going to spend some time on Saturday with a friend just diagnosed with breast cancer after a biopsy 2 weeks ago. I hope to do some cross country skiing while there. We sure have the snow for it. Maybe some fresh air and sunshine will help. yoga tomorrow, and start some painting in the rec room. Trying to be motivated, but not easy.

12-09-2010, 10:23 PM
Just checking in really quick. Getting use to adding another Metformin daily. Had a headache once today because I had gone too long between meals. I didn't think I was supposed to have any hypoglycemic reactions. I didn't check my BS at that time, but had the shakes and felt run down until I ate.
Read some of the side affects and will be watching how my body reacts to it. May end up going back on Atkins whether I want to or not. Will see.

Too tired to write more. Will try to do that tomorrow.

12-09-2010, 10:28 PM
:tree:HI LADIES ~ we did get that big dump of snow for 3 days this week; it has now stopped but now we have the lower cold temps instead but we did get some lovely :sunny: along with that. We are expecting some warmer temps tomorrow, so maybe we'll venture out for some shopping in the AM.

I am alternating my posts and PC time; email one day and posting another -- that is working out better with this older machine. I did laundry and bedding today spreading things out over the week too. I got my new little electric stove; it is really nice and the flames look so realistic too (made by the best: Dimplex). I love it; such nice ambiance with the lights on the tree on the other end of the livingroom, so I have been falling asleep with that early. Who'd have thought that would be a great thing to help you fall asleep?

I think I told you that I had to redo my Mary & Joseph and all the outside decos are up and look great. I have the tree up here with all the lights, but haven't got the ornaments on yet. Mailed my Christmas Cards today so that is done. Will be wrapping gifts for down south this weekend as we have to look for one more small thing tomorrow. We have had a few places close up and it harder to find everything you want in a small town.

Have also streamlined my menu too lately; having fruit and/or cheese for my snacks seems to be helping my tummy. Cut down my tea as that was bothering my stomach for awhile there. I have put off buying too much stuff for our Christmas dinner yet; just picked up 2 meat pies and some Scotch Shortbread so far -- gonna put it off as long as I can but will be leaning towards nuts and lighter stuff this year like last year.

I like to put out cheeses, nuts, bit & bites, some little crackers and that went over well last year; just put out one cookie -- the shortbread and they were quite happy with that. I suppose I could get fancier but it's alot of work and too much gets left over; I can eat the nuts and cheese but DH takes care of the rest ... ;)

I like veggie trays myself; but the other stuff was more popular with guests. They like olives too, I noticed -- so maybe I'll put some of them out too. We have an invite out for Boxing DAy too, so I may keep that in mind with our menu as well, so we'll see what happens.

I agree that it does seem that so many social events center around food, but I seek out stuff that is on my plan -- lean meats, salads, veggies, fruit; well, I try my best anyways ...

Have a Fabulous Friday everyone ... Rosebud :candy:

12-10-2010, 07:44 AM
Ok, so last nights bedtime snack had 7 g of carbs. Did wake up once to pee, got back to sleep fine. Thought I heard the dog another time, lay awake listening for her and woke up when DD got up for school. So this is definitely helping with sleep. FINALLY something that is helping the sleep.
A little bedtime snack with carbs. hmmm
So the choice is to save up carbs for that or add them in and up my carb total for the day. Will try a week with the latter, allowing up the 30 g carbs/day for a bit. Maybe no weight loss planned over the holidays, just better sleep and more activity.
Rosebud, its great to hear from you, hope the old pc holds up and you can keep checking in from time to time. We miss you.
Gonna start painting the rec room today, so how this orange looks!
I'm not usually so bold with colour, but this house is very plain and square and is screaming for something vibrant.

12-10-2010, 08:37 AM
Nice to see you, Rosebud, and know you aren't completely snowed in up there.

It was so nice to wake at six this morning after eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. I've not been sipping wine in the evening which may be the problem. Even made into a spritzer, it's still alcohol and water.

I've been really bad with veggies and water lately and must remedy that. Our small local grocery really cuts back on things during the winter and I've not ventured into the city to a big store for a while. Maybe next week.

BGL is doing fine and I think my HA1C is holding at 6.4 despite the holiday temptations. It sure would be nice to lose over the holidays but ...

Happy Friday!

12-10-2010, 02:36 PM
Lindyloo & Rosebud It is good to hear from you two. Been wondering about you two.

fatmad So glad the nighttime carb is working for you and you are able to sleep. I don't really expect to lose during the holidays either, but I would like to keep my 26 lb loss for the year.

Ruth I know I have to be very careful to get my veggies and water in. It really makes a difference.

I guess the second Metformin is working. My FBG was 107 mg/dl this morning and a little over 2 hrs after breakfast, it was 97. I'm not enjoying the side affects of getting on it although not having diaherria so far which is a blessing. Just a lot of groaning in the gut and I had a headache yesterday. I've settled with the fact that I have to count calories and carbs. However, if it works, that is all that counts.

Y'all have a great weekend.

12-10-2010, 06:18 PM
trish: I was thinking about diets today too. I thought about calorie counting and don't want it these days because I really don't want to count calories. It is easier for me to count carbs. I expect that is because I have gotten used to it. I read the ww stuff about points etc. And I read labels carefully, but its harder to tell with homemade food, so I am stuck with recipes and I always change things up a bit, never really follow the recipe. Its not insurmountable, but I am a bit lazy. I may change it up in the new year, but won't start something new right now, for sure. I know I can manage atkins thru the holidays, and that will at least keep me stable. I can understand the difficulties with any change, but its reassuring to know that we can get used to the new thing, whatever it is!

12-10-2010, 06:52 PM
Madeleine I have wondered all day today why I would rather take an extra pill and suffer the uncomfortable things I am feeling with it when I have already proven that I can do the same thing counting carbs. I say do the same thing, however, I'm not sure I can get the same medical results with taking the pills as I can with the low carb. I decided that it may be rebelling which is really crazy. Even my doctor told me the other day that I don't have to do strict low carb as I can add 15 carbs to each meal. Duh, that is what the plan says we can do. So I have decided that I am going to go back to low carb. Will do Atkins until I get the the carbs under control which will take less than 2 weeks for me to do and then I will slowly the carbs back. There is nothing that I think I want to eat that tastes as good as I thought it would when I do get to eat it. I think I have not made a total commitment. Also I think that once I got the blood sugar under control in the beginning of this journey, it was like it was over. But the reason it can't be thought of as a diet and has to be thought of as just eating the way I need to eat to be healthy is that it is never over when it comes to diabetes. The only way we get diabetes under control is to lose the weight and then keep it off.

I know that you know this. I wrote it more for me because I just needed to say it and see it in writing. Thanks for listening.

12-10-2010, 08:16 PM
trish, every time I write it, I am saying for myself too. Reminding myself. I know what you mean about things not tasting as good as you imagined. Its so true. Go to the atkins thread and check out the flax meal posts. Tried the muffin today, will take the place of other baked goods, and is ok for induction!

12-10-2010, 09:05 PM
Thanks Madeleine. I went over there and printed out some recipes I found that look like they might be good and will give me more variety. I didn't even wait till tomorrow. I started back tonight. I had a baked chicken thigh and salad. Even found an easy quick cheesecake that looks like it will be good.

12-11-2010, 08:10 AM
woke up too early, and am probably ruining my meal plans for the day, since its saturday and there is no news on, I am watching Julie and Julia. maybe it
inspires me to cook.

But truthfully not getting much done. Have no ambition. Got walls washed yesterday, and trim taken down. but no painting. And I have no real desire to do the painting. I can't imagine being ready for family to come for Christmas with the rec room in this state.
Talked about these blues with DH. We have a group counselling session on the 20th. Kind of the culmination. I have had to open my eyes about some of his faults. Somehow its easier to admit my own faults. But the way he handles conflict with our daughter and between us is making things worse. And I am having to accept that as a result, I may have to move DD out to a place of her own. (of course what 18 wouldn't like that) since she is in school, I would pay the rent and give her a stipend for food etc.
does this seem heartless? Its just for a few months until she leaves for university. I don't see how I can keep living so unhappy with things. dont know if I can stay married if she is still here. And its more about his refusal to work on things. He doesn't see his part, thinks it just between her and me.
I am depressed and crying a lot and feel crummy in so many different ways.
Our love life has all but disappeared. I keep doing things to keep to routine. Not finding joy in my days, just in some moments.
I am a mess most of the time. I am going away today, but DH can't come due to work committments, but I will ski tomorrow. I keep hoping that doing fun things and regular things will get me back on track. Ever since that melt down in October I have been in marital and parenting ****.
none of this has to do with weight loss etc, but I am needing to rant today for some reason.
I haven't put it down before because its just too painful.

ok, now I have to go up and make an omelet for breakfast. All the cooking on Julie and Julia is making me hungry. (this is a case where the movie is MUCH better than the book by the way. The book had very little of Julia child in it, and she is the best part of the movie. Meryl Streep is fabulous in the role)

Done ranting. Stayed on plan yesterday, and bs this am is 5.7 mmol.
ttfn, til tomorrow night.

12-11-2010, 08:53 AM
Mad, I have been in almost your same situation and understand. All I can say, from my great age of 71, is that it does get better. Ranting is fine - this is a safe place.

Well, sleep seems to be improving. I think not drinking wine is the key. Weight is getting closer to my ticker and BGL has been fine. Now to keep up the momentum. There might be a chance of inching closer to my goal for the month. (I guess I should say "ouncing" closer, right? ;) )

Everyone, do something nice for yourself today - even if it's just drinking extra water.

12-11-2010, 10:00 AM
Madeleine I know exactly how you feel. I too have been through that type of situation and as Ruth said it does get better. It's just not any fun going through it at the time. My DD and I get along better when we don't live together. I just hope we never have to live together anytime in the future. Sad to say that now she is going through the same thing with her DD.

I don't know what it is about getting in the mood of Christmas this year. I've got loads of things to do before DH's DD and her family gets here.

Thanks Madeleine for reminding me of the Flaxmeal Muffin. I made me an egg mcmuffin this morning using it for the bread. That and a cup of coffee was a great way to start Day 1 of Atkins Induction. It really helped to switch to the atkins last night although officially started today. I just couldn't do the 2nd Metformin pill a day and since the doc left it up to me I didn't take the 2nd one last night. I'll back to one a day, but think I'll take it in the evening rather than the afternoon. My FBS was 115 mg/dl this morning which is good because it is lower than what doc was satisfied with. I think that Atkins will bring it on down.

Ruth So glad you have got your sleep worked out. I couldn't sleep in bed last night so ended up sleeping in my recliner. The Melatonin had been working for my sleeping, but I think I overdid on eating and I also think it was a reaction to backing off of the 2nd Metformin. I have learned that zucchini is my best friend at night. It helps me have lower FBS in the mornings. Will make that with a protein my last snack a little while before going to bed. Just can't eat anything very close to bedtime. In fact, I've found that spinach and zucchini have become my main veggies these days especially for good BG readings.

Headed out this morning to get hair done. It is getting difficult to do and I don't get it permed until next Saturday.

You guys up north stay warm and be careful out in the snow.

12-12-2010, 07:25 AM
Good morning. Woke at five this morning after going to bed at 11 so my run of long sleeps is over. Six hours isn't bad though. BGL was 4.0 so I'm heading back into morning lows. I had an early and light supper because I had to work at the Mill but did have some carbs and protein before bed.

Today's challenges will be the Christmas cookies at the Church's "Hanging of the Greens" celebration and yummy stuff at the Book Club brunch today. I think I'll be fine if I avoid sugar which will be pretty hard to do with Claire's Christmas baking at Church! One is not enough so I'll avoid completely!

12-12-2010, 04:45 PM
Had my first x-c ski of the year today. The weather was good, just below freezing, so the snow wasn't too sloppy but I wasn't cold at all, and layered just right so I didn't overheat either. I am in MUCH better shape than last year. Just doing hot yoga and walking with the dog has me much better off. The first few times I went last year, getting up the hills at this place was really hard, and I was stopping frequently. I didn't stop today except at the base of the biggest hill, and to let some racers by. It was great. I felt so much more with it!
Getting out and away also helped my mood somewhat. I am still in the same situation, and sad, but things feel a bit more manageable.
The snow is really coming down now. I had to get my skiing in this morning and come straight home, there is a foot of snow falling by the time I go to bed tonight, and driving was slow but safe at this time of day.
Had a nice visit with our friends at their cottage in ski country. She has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and will have another surgery on the 20th. It was caught early and the tumour was small, so there is a lot of reason to hope for the best.
This couple doesn't have kids, and they have always been close to my children.
Sugars are good, 5.3 fasting and 5.0 pc today, even with a lunch a bit heavier in carbs than usual, but the exercise would certainly help.
happy Sunday everyone.

12-12-2010, 05:09 PM
A quick flyby here. Looks like we are all getting things under control. My FBG was 114 mg/dl today which was 1 less than yesterday. I know with the low carb that it will keep going down. I had a good low carb day yesterday although not Induction. I got more than the 20 g carbs... more like 30. But I decided that might be a good thing to do is not to start at Induction this time. I am always starting it but never finish. It seems I remember reading someone say their husbands doctor told him that he didn't have to do Induction, but could start the next stage. With all that is going on that will probably be the way to go for me and to just stay at this point throughout the holidays if nothing else. I am really enjoying the 1 minute flax muffin. Since I love sandwiches, it will come in handy for when I want one.

Small groups at church is an hour later tonight so I'm going to take a quick nap in a few minutes.

Y'all enjoy your Sunday evening.

12-12-2010, 07:05 PM
Trish, I backed into induction myself.( just kept lowering carbs until I was in induction) I can do maintenance at about 35 g carbs/day. Most people can still lose with more carbs than that tho, and if you can lose a pound a week with 40 g carbs, and thats doable, its better than trying and giving up induction. Lots of people like SB for this reason. Whatever lower carb path you take, getting BS under control is the biggest benefit but losing the weight helps that even more. Good luck. keep us informed

12-13-2010, 06:41 AM
Good morning. Well, I woke at three this morning with a BGL of 3.0. I had a yummy baked pork chop and roasted B. sprouts last night but needed some carbs, I guess. We're out of milk so I had to drink some OJ. I'll be more careful tonight. (I'll probably do a shrimp and pepper stir-fry on brown rice.)

Mad, I used to x-country ski a lot and just loved it. I think my skiis are still in the loft in the barn. I may get them down and give them a try if we get more snow. I must admit I'm a little afraid of falling and not being able to get up with this artificial knee.

Do something healthy for yourself today, sweeties. We are worth it.

12-13-2010, 07:53 AM
Ruth, didn't know you had a knee replaced. Just one? so many people seem to need both sooner or later. I know falling is an issue, and when I fall, its tricky to get up. Helps that I have the new type of binding that will let loose more easily. Maybe stick to flat areas for a while until used to it again. Its been a while since I fell, so practice helps.
fasting of 5.8 this am. am testing more frequently again because I will see the doc in the new year and want my charts really up to date. Am pleased to see I am true to ticker today as well, keeping it normal over the holidays may be challenging. Slept well til about 530 myself. Got up to see if the weather was bad enough that it was worth taking something to help me sleep and go back to bed, but no dice. DD is sad that she isn't getting a snow day. She was hoping there would be a flash freeze that would keep the buses off the road. i think it happend too early in the night tho, and the salters and sanders have done their jobs. So that means a driving day for me, and maybe finish early and do some Christmas shopping. Have the list for the grandneices and nephews, its always more fun shopping for little ones.
happy Monday everyone.

12-13-2010, 12:45 PM
We had a few flurries as we came home from church small group meeting last night, but not enough to stick. Haven't heard yet, but I think Charlotte and a lot of places north of that got it. I wouldn't be brave enough to get out on skiis myself. I haven't had any falls in a long time and wouldn't want to chance it. But then I've never been on them anyway. I would have loved ice skating when I was young, but wouldn't even try that now.

Glad things are going good for you two Mad and Ruth with your FBG and scales. My FBG was down another pt to 113 mg/dl, but the scales are bouncing. However, I think that is because I'm eating too much processed protein with lots of salt in it right now. I've got to get to the store and pick up some healthier proteins like chicken and fish. Plus I should have had more water yesterday. However, the scale was right with my ticker yesterday so I think that lots of water today will help.

Today is a stay at home day. Tomorrow and Wednesday will be very busy days.

Mad Thanks for the suggestion about SBD. I have to admit that I have also thought about that one as well. Lots of good things about SBD, however right now the FBG is going down with where I am with Atkins with the added carbs and I don't want to stop that. Also, my goal is to just get through these holidays and go into the next year with my 26 lb loss for this year. One good thing for me is that we are having only 1 Christmas party since pastor canceled the one we had planned to have for small groups since most of those in our class will be out of town. So I just have to get through the one Wednesday night. The other plan I'm looking at is The Metabolic Miracle diet where you eat only 5 g carbs every 5 hrs for 8 weeks and then begin to work up to more. According to the book, you retrain your liver to function properly. So there are some other good low carb diets for controlling diabetes.

Y'all have a good Monday and try to stay warm. Although we haven't had any of the snow, we have been setting new lows.

12-14-2010, 08:23 AM
hi everyone. Well its official, the carbs for a bedtime snack seems to be working and I am sleeping better. Not perfect, but definitely better. My admin was gonna try it too, will ask her today if that is helping her as well.
It seems everyone I know of a "certain age" is having a lot of trouble with insomnia these days.
I have been eating high fibre carbs, but still troubled by slow bowels. arg, that was supposed to magically disappear.
Went to costco last night to get some stuff for holiday entertaining. Weather was not great, so the store wasn't too crowded. I didn't have one sample either.:carrot: Some days temptations aren't so difficult. But there are still times.
Lots of active weather here, tons of snow and icy roads, making my day longer, as I am driving very carefully.
stay warm and snug all you chickies in wintry places!

12-14-2010, 09:09 AM
Good morning. This was a sleep-in day so I'm putting myself into overdrive. Rob, a tall friend, us coming to change some burned out pot lights for me today - too dangerous for me as I have to climb on the counters! After that I have a guy coming to clean my woodstove and chimney. That's a job that should have been done before now because I couldn't use it last night - had to let it cool off for cleaning.

BGL was lowish again at 3.2. I think I'm going to aim for an earlier dinner and work in a wee snack before bed. Soup will definitely appear on the menu today because it's very cold outside. Maybe chili for dinner?

Mad, my knee was replaced three years ago and a lot of work had to be done. It took forever to heal and still can't bend more than 90 degrees without extreme pain. Working out at the gym seems to help and losing weight certainly would! The other knee will need to be done someday but not soon. I'll be 72 next month and have been very lucky not to have big health problems so I try not to gripe. (There are lots of folks around here "enjoying poor health" as my Dad used to say and I hear lots of moaning when I'm having coffee with the diner group! )

Time to hustle into working clothes and get this day revved up.

12-14-2010, 09:50 PM
Well, today has been a very busy day, but a really good Induction day. I had to sit in waiting rooms of doctor's offices while DH was seen so I took newer Atkins book with me to skim through. I know a lot of people don't like it, but I like the way they back what Dr. Atkins recommended by explaining why it works etc. It sold me on staying with Atkins diet. In fact in one place I read today about going on to OWL, they say don't move to that point if your blood sugar and blood pressure is still high and you can stay on Induction if you have more than 30 lbs to lose. I remember when reading this book originally that it said that it corrects the blood sugar and blood pressure and lower tryglicerides etc. I also read some success stories on 3FC and online and I was amazed at the point that some of them told how the damage they had experienced from diabetes was corrected by the low carb/Atkins woe.

So in light of the things I have read, I decided that it would be crazy not to do the Atkins way of eating. So I plan to stay on the Induction phase for a while. It may not be 100% clean at certain, but I think I can keep it 98 to 99% of the time. And then when I get ready to move to OWL, I will be sure to make the 2 weeks before that change 100% clean.

Using the 1 Minute Muffin is helping me tremendously. I got the idea from another site to use it like toast which I like having with eggs for breakfast. This morning I made it and cut it in half and buttered it and had a T of SF apricot preserves on it with my eggs and sausage. Felt like eating normal breakfast, but was only a little 4 g carbs. I love sandwiches and I can use it for sandwiches and I think it will make a nice hamburger bun. A great bread substitue. Went to the store and got some Atkins friendly foods and no processed stuff except the parmesan cheese. I got chicken pieces... tenders, wings, and thighs and pork chops and flounder. I saw some good recipes on Atkins thread and even some on SBD thread that can be used on this woe. Plan to try Ruth's pork chop with saurkraute (sure I butchered the spelling):dizzy: one day this week. I think DH will even like that.

We are supposed to get a wintery mix Thursday last I heard. Haven't checked the weather channel since I got home. However, all last week they showed snow for us for yesterday and then decided we wouldn't get it about Thursday so we will see. But it is rrreeeaaalllyyy cold here for us.

Stay warm everyone.

12-14-2010, 10:07 PM
I wrote so much about was going on with me and my decision that I forgot to do indies.

Mad I am so glad your having a carb before bed is helping you with the sleeping. I'm slowly learning that certain foods work for or against me in certain areas. My FBG was 125 this morning and I am sure it is because I was out of zucchini and didn't get to eat it. All this is amazing to me. Like we know not to have caffeine after a certain time of day or we won't be able to sleep. Isn't it strange that some of us have to have a certain food so they can sleep. For you and some others, it is carbs and then I've heard of some people have to eat protein. Who knew?

Ruth I'm so glad you had a day to sleep in. You are such a busy lady which is good for you. I love it when I get one those sleep in days and try to have at least one each week when I can. The bad thing is a lot of times when I have a day that I can sleep in, those are the days that turn out to a morning when I wake up and can't go back to sleep. That soup and chili sure does sound good for such a cold day. We may do the chili on one of these cold days we are supposed to get. I like the way your Dad said that about people "enjoying poor health". I've known some people who did enjoy their illnesses. I too have been blessed pretty good health myself. I think I get my good health from my Daddy's side of the family.

Have a good night, ladies.

12-15-2010, 09:27 AM
Good morning from cold and sparkling Delta. It's nice to see the sun and know that the days will start getting longer in another week.

Once again I slept until daylight and woke with a decent FBGL. I guess the chili did it. It's also great to have several meals in the freezer stash. (This time they are well labeled. It's vexing to thaw what you think is chili and discover it's pasta sauce!)

I got a good hunk of exercise yesterday and it sure was cold. I locked my keys in the car when I went for the mail and had to leave it there and walk home for my other set of keys. Luckily I had dressed properly so it wasn't too bad. I don't know why I don't just walk there regularly instead of taking the car.

Today will be a good food day. Yogurt, strawberries and Fibre 1 with ground flax for breakfast will stat me off well. Broccoli soup with cheese and ww croutons for lunch. Dinner will probably be shrimp, peppers and shirataki noodles again but I'll be sure to have carbs before bed time. I've been avoiding buying crackers because they are a trigger food for me but will try a slice of toast at bedtime.

Stay warm, my friends.

12-15-2010, 10:10 AM
Still about -13 here, which translates to about 10 degrees to you Trish!
Lots of snow still. I will go for a trail walk with the dog, maybe take the skiis and enjoy the run. Its very flat, so not challenging at all. last year that is what I did to get into shape for real skiing but I am in much better shape this year.
I will have a cheat tonight, will stick to plan for supper but may have dessert. Its our staff Holiday dinner at a very fancy restaurant, and the food is fabulous, so I do plan to enjoy. Am the Designated driver for all the staff that is off call, and said I would stay on call if needed. (I am soooo kind)

Trish: when we have been talking about atkins, I didn't realize you hadn't seen all the benefits. It does help to really understand how it works to stay on plan.
Just a word of caution about the new book. THe biggest complaint is that it really promotes atkins products, and the bars especially are not as low carb as the book would promote. If you follow the menu plan, substitute any meals and snacks with the bars for something else. THe shakes are fine, and I buy them to keep in the car for unplanned snacks etc.
HOpe your DH is feeling better and he and doc are getting to the bottom of things.

Ruth, your day sound yummy. I took some ground beef out of the freezer and am thinking of chili, you inspired me. Also plan to make some leek soup today, got them in my organic food box last week, no time to make anything yet, but that will be yummy. Warm soup on cold days is perfect.

Forgot my bedtime snack last night, but had a decent sleep none the less.
Have a happy hump day.

12-15-2010, 05:22 PM
I ended up with a clean Atkins Induction day yesterday and felt so good about my accomplishment. Today will probably be an off day for me since our church is having our Christmas party tonight and everyone is bringing their favorite finger foods. I'm not cooking because I didn't want to be tempted while making cookies and stuff. I got a huge tray of Christmas cooking from a local store and also got a tray with two kinds of ham and chunks of cheese with two packages of Townhouse crackers. Then I bought some throw away container and plan to heat up 2 packages of little smokies and some pickles and olives. I figure I can eat the meat, cheese and olives and just might end up with a clean day. However, I am leaving open the option to enjoy some kind of goodie if I choose to so that I won't have to deal with a guilt trip if I choose to indulge. I will come home and eat my zucchini before I go to bed. It is amazing how that works for me. My FBS was back down to 113 mg/dl this morning. I also picked up 2 packages of zucchini at the store. I'll cook them up and put in small serving containers in the freezer so they won't spoil.

Ruth Thanks for the reminder about labels. I told DH that I want to get some labels so I can slap them on packaged stuff in the freezer. I'm trying to clean out the freezer of things that I can't or won't use and start over. You know those things you put in there and ends up freezer burned because you can't remember what it is. Such a waste. Sorry you locked your keys in the car, but glad you could go home and get them. I understand about the walking as I think it is one of the best exercise we can do.

Mad Yes thank you for the reminder. I noticed the book did say that during Induction not to eat more than 2 bars a day and that some people could only eat one and some can't eat any and never more than 2 or 3 g. However, one thing that they do that I am not going to do is they subratct 1/2 the sugar alcohols as well as the fiber. I read that somewhere else too, but I'm not comfortable with doing that. I have never heard of doing that with any low carb diets except theirs. I do have some of the lower carb counts and the shakes for those times when I might really want something sweet as I think that would be better than eating actual sweets. Besides, I don't like the side effects of running to the potty and the gasy feeling from eating those sugar alcohols. Funny thing, I went over to the new Atkins site and was reading from their support group and someone had eaten like 6 or 8 bars one day and had told the group. They told her that she needed to save them for emergencies and many were concerned about all she was going to experience that night from eating that many. A few of them told her they had done that at one time themselves and regretted it and learned never to do that again.

On The Metabolism Miracle diet, we were told we could drink a 1 or 2 g shake before we went to bed to help keep FBS down, but I can't drink a protein shake of any kind before I go to bed. It makes me feel to full (bloating I'm sure) and I can't sleep and it didn't lower my FBS.

Mad I got up to 13 degrees this morning so I know it was really freezing at 10 degrees. They took the snow out of our forcast for tomorrow, but say we are supposed to have freezing rain after midnight on into tomorrow night. Thanks for the kind words about DH. His PSA test at the urologist showed that he is still free cancer free and the doctor said if it is still down in June he will start going in once a year. His PT test at the primary docs office has been right where the doc wants it to be so it looks like the coumadin is doing its job.

Better get going as I've been too long winded this time.

Y'all have a good evening.

12-16-2010, 07:28 AM
Well, my evening was a bit too good. :( After supper Liz came over and I drank wine without eating anything. Not a smart move as my BGL was 2.8 this morning. Good thing Body woke me up at 4. I really must find something to get my levels back up as I really don't enjoy OJ or getting up way too early.

Lots to do today so I'm better get cracking.

12-16-2010, 12:26 PM
Good Morning Chickies,

I'm glad I made yesterday a planned day off plan because I was off all evening, but the good thing is that my FBS was only up to 122 mg/dl which I sure was thanks to the zucchini I ate when I got home. Weight was the same as well. Planning the day off plan was a great idea on my behalf because it has made it so easy to get right back OP this morning. In fact, right now I'm fired up and making plans to stay OP all the way through the rest of the holidays if at all possible. I sure would like to start the new year with a clean slate. I've decided since everything will be eaten here at the house except for the one time we take the kids out to Ryan's that I can manage everything I eat. Except for extra salt, if I be really careful when we go out to Ryan's, I may can make that a clean OP meal out. I do plan to make my favorite cheesecake that I always make when the kids come, but I found a recipe for a one serving low carb cheesecake made with cream cheese and cool whip that I can make for me and not feel left out. I hope I copied it or I'll be searching for it online. So as for right now, I'm feeling so good about everything Atkins.

Ruth Do I remember correctly that you take a med with your Metformin that helps lower BS? Maybe you don't need that any more or maybe you need less of it if you BS is running to low. I'm not a nurse or doc so that is just my thought. Maybe you should discuss it with your doc. Hope you feel better as the day goes by.

Mad and anyone else reading :wave:

It's suppose to warm up a bit and just be rain so DH wants to go out pick a prescription from docs office and to Wally World we go. So will get some walking done any way.

Y'all have a great day and stay warm.

12-16-2010, 05:02 PM
Good point, Patty. I take 2.5 mg of glyburide and may ask my doc about reducing that or eliminating it when I have my bloodwork done in January. A morning low like that makes me feel draggy all day, not good this time of year.

12-16-2010, 09:08 PM
Although I felt like eating everything in the house when I got home last, today I wasn't hungry most of the day. I got up and had a cup of coffee with a low carb shake. Then a little later I had 1 string cheese and when DH got up and decided he was going to grab a bite of something while at Walmart, I fixed a couple of eggs with a little bit of cheese and a slice of Canadian Bacon. I didn't eat again until we got home partly because I wasn't hungry and also because I refused to eat out any where. All day long I felt dizzy and light headed. I never knew if it was because of my sinuses or because I had not eaten any carbs are very few... less than 4 g. I added some salt to my food today, but it didn't seem to help. I did feel a little better when I got home and ate some chicken, a small salad and nuked okra. Might also be a reaction from coming off the high carb night I had last night.

I got a newsletter from a diabetic site I'm own. Sorry I can't remember who it is because I get several. For those like me who had never heard this that may be reading, I though I would share this. They said that people whose BS goes up after breakfast can lower it by have a little snack before breakfast and then eat their breakfast later. I found this pretty interesting. Wish I had known that when I first started trying to lower mine, although I have to admit that eating low carb seems be bringing it down.

12-16-2010, 10:38 PM
Did really well at the staff dinner party last night, and did indulge in a small bit of tirmisu for dessert. fbs was 6.8 today, the highest in ages.
Have stayed strictly on plan today. It was potluck day at the office, but I told everyone I was bringing my own, needing to be strict. So had coleslaw and some old cheddar. Tonight some roast turkey and roast veggies.
Will have a small bit on carbs at bedtime, but want to stay under 25 g today.
am off for the weekend and will go visit dad tomorrow, and have supper at my aunt's. Its would have been Mum's birthday on Saturday, its the first one without her, so we will visit the gravesite and take flowers to her. I am feeling sad in a good way if that makes sense.

Ruth, I thought you talked to the doc about lowering the glyburide before because on the lows you were getting. Be sure to discuss it and make sure you can avoid those lows.

Trish, so glad you are finding your way thru atkins. It does get easier, and you may find upping the carbs a bit helps, using healthy carbs, to 35 g or so. Lots of people have the atkins "flu" while they adjust to the lower carb levels, and its not harmful.

going to bed early so goodnight all.

12-17-2010, 08:33 AM
I feel like I am getting back to normal, had fbs of 5.9 and weight is true to ticker again. Also didn't sleep very well, LOL, so must be normal. Tonight will be in a strange bed staying at Dad's so don't expect it to be so good.
May be coming down with a cold, am all stuffed up, but no fever, aches or sore throat so hope it will be mild.

BTW trish, there are some great recipes for cheesecake in the atkins site, you could make the whole cheesecake atkins and share with everyone. I like the nut crust from the pumpkin cheesecake, even when making a plain one. No one here complains about the lack of sugar and using splenda instead. They just ask when will I make it again!

Well, TGIF and have a nice weekend all. I will check in tomorrow night if possible.

12-17-2010, 09:05 AM
Quickie since I slept until 7:30. I had pasta for dinner last night and BGL is just fine.

Yesterday was scary! I didn't really feel "myself" until nearly dinnertime. I am going to get some of those cracker packs to keep in the bedroom and will eat one before I clean my teeth at night to avoid another "lost" day. This is why I can't do low carb, I keep reminding myself, although I know it would really get weightloss moving.

12-17-2010, 01:36 PM
A quick flyby today. Lot of things going on around here to get ready for the kids coming in Christmas eve. Had some things planned, but DH changed some of it. Can't complain as it is good for him to get out and be more active and probably good for me as well.

Mad Thanks for the advice about the cheesecake recipes. I've printed some out, but not sure which ones. One of my planned projects this week is to get all that organized and ready for me to full speed ahead on Jan 1st if not sooner. Enjoy being at your Dad's. I usually go every other year to see mine, but couldn't go this year cause I didn't think Tony could make the trip. Sure has caused me to have the blues this Christmas. Having to learn to focus on the good things right now.

Ruth I know those "lost" days are no fun. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

FBS was up this morning to 132 mg/dl. I'm thinking that the way I ate or maybe I should say didn't eat yesterday put my body into a stress mode. I was very active yesterday so had loads of exercise. This body is so sensitive and I'm really having to learn how to work with it. Hope I get it together soon. Today will be another one of those days, but I did eat a proper breakfast. I just don't think I am a person who can drink breakfast shakes of any kind. This is Day 2 of 100% Induction and yes Mad I think I am experiencing the Atkins' flu. My Wednesday night of my planned eating off, sure wasn't worth the way I feel right now. Will have to remember this next time I want to go off plan.

Y'all have a great weekend.

12-18-2010, 06:58 AM
Woke at 4 this morning certain that I had another low but tested at 5.3. Go figure! :shrug: Weight is stuck but I'm not going to fret it - it's a bad time of year for stress and food.

12-19-2010, 10:57 AM
Had a good visit with my Dad and aunt, she is Mum's sister, the last of the "3 sisters". They were really best friends in their older years, so she is missing Mum terribly. Dad is doing really well, but having difficulty finding words. He will search for a word at least once every sentence. This is more than usual, so maybe he was stressed. He is coming for Christmas tho, so will see lots of him. Otherwise he is well, eats well, the house is in good shape etc. so not seeing any signs of problems. Just normal sadness around Mum's birthday. We had a nice trip to the gravesite and laid flowers (artificial at this time of year of course).
Had a party last night, and didn't stay on plan, so must get back to being strict today. A lot to do to get ready for company. Hope all is well with everyone.

12-19-2010, 12:13 PM
Good reading this morning although weight is still the same. I may just put the scale away until after Christmas and relieve a wee bit of pressure.

Had a healthy breakfast this morning and will have poached eggs on yummy spinach for lunch. Dinner will be a pork schnitzel with roasted Brussels sprouts (my new fave veggie!) and either a roasted potato or some whole wheat noodles.

There is no Christmas baking in this house and it's going to stay that way until Claire brings me hers on Christmas Eve! I am a sugar addict and just cannot eat ONE cookie!

12-20-2010, 06:03 AM
Oy! I should not have mentioned cookies! A young friend, Sierra, brought me a plate yesterday afternoon and insisted I try them. It was her first attempt at baking. I did eat two, praised them and pitched the rest after she left.

BGL was 5.2 this morning - Whew! Today will be a busy day but meals are planned and partially prepped. Breakfast is about to happen.

12-20-2010, 09:34 AM
oh, see what happens when I have a few carbs? I can't stop. Have to have a cleaner day today, or this will go thru the holidays. We are supposed to go to a family gather wednesday pm, for a pizza party. Decided to skip the supper part, told DH that we will take the family out for supper then go to family gather. Will not do it. SIL knows I can't eat pizza. We could have done potluck or something else, but no! Well, I just won't do it.
Tonight is high stress, group meeting with counsellors, kind of showdown with DD. Not looking forward to it. Also, we are down in numbers for work for the holidays. I am on call another week then some holidays, and some skiing. hope I can make it. The blues are getting me down for sure. Didn't do much yesterday. Have no ambition at all. Will be glad when people start arriving, that usually helps.
Ruth, good for you for tossing your cookies, LOL. Its the only way to avoid the temptation sometimes.

12-21-2010, 07:44 AM
see what happens when I have a few carbs? Yes, I do see, Mad. I was attacked by salty snack mix last night and had a 10.2 reading this morning. When will I learn? The scale stayed the same though which means it'd be down if not for the salt.

Today I must focus on better choices. I have grapefruit peeled and ready to go for breakfast and will also have some yogurt after a while. I have a huge bag of baby spinach which I'll use at noon with poached eggs and toast. Dinner tonight will be stir-fried shrimp and peppers with the last of the shiritaki noodles and some peanut sauce. (I'm trying to clear out my fridge and top freezer to make room for Christmas Eve party stuff.)

Tomorrow is a difficult day with a Christmas Dinner at noon with my pet therapy clinic clients and then a birthday party with spaghetti and Caesar salad in the evening!

Is there a saint for healthy eating? I need help! ;)

12-21-2010, 10:11 PM
:wreath: HI LADIES ~ boy, this month can a be a tuff one for all, can't it? I have been practicing that "What I don't see, I won't buy" method this year ... turning my head and zooming by the junkies very quickly. I bought lots of healthier stuff this year (oddly, same as Trish) ~ 4 different kinds of cheeses; mini-sausages; big olives, and lots of nuts (I already have some baby dills here). I will also make some carrot & celery sticks too.

For our Christmas guests, I also bought things like pretzels and bit & bites; DH got his own stash but as long as I have the cheese and nuts, I should be OK. I also brought a few small crackers that my guests like; they requested apple pie this year, so I bought a frozen one and will bake it on that day, so there won't be any baking temptations for me either. I'm hoping that these choices will make a big difference for me too.

TRISH ~ what is that "1 Minute Muffin" you are referring to? Is it a bran muffin or regular muffin or what? Do you make it in the microwave? Glad that you are doing so well with the Atkin's plan and it is helping you. When I eat lower carb, I have to be careful to eat enuff over the day, or I get a bit queezy too.

MAD ~ glad your visit with family went well; hope you get those carbs under control quickly. I was wondering if you all couldn't just take your own snacks or dinner with you at some of these family things; eating dinner early was a great idea too though, then take your own snacks for later, as your contribution. I used to carry a small baggie of snacks when I went out to friends (like nuts).

:tree: Yesterday, we picked up a few more decos for the tree and wrapping paper; I got in some walking and I vacuumed the whole apartment in the AM (boy, that's a good workout). Today, I cleaned off the front porch; it didn't take long but it's good exercise and the fresh air was nice too.

We have been having milder temps this week and I'm glad; we had lots of **** here over the last while, but that's OK with me -- the snow fairies were out working hard today but they need the work too.

Hope you all have a wonderful and successful (very close to plan) week; I'm going for persistance and perseverance ~ keeping to plan most of the week and that is working well for me too. Take care ... Rosebud :candy:

12-21-2010, 11:39 PM
Just a quick flyby. DD called last night and she and her family are coming in a day early. Will be here sometime Thursday. So I've been working to get things done a day sooner. Went shopping yesterday and today to get a few gifts. Going tomorrow to get my nails done and then grocery shopping. Still have to plan meals that I'm cooking. Not sticking to Atkin's very well, because we've been eating out too much. I am just trying to eat healthy not necessarily low carb. Checked out new WW Points Plus plan and may do it. I ordered the books. BS is doing pretty good and weight is down. Still have to watch the salt regardless of what plan. I like the new WW plan as they push a lot of veggies and fruit with the caution that diabetics needs to be careful eating too much fruit. I'm using it during the holidays to not overdo portions.

Rosebud This is the recipe I use for the 1 Minute Muffin that JerseyGirl put on Atkins thread. I think there is one on SBD and I've used both. I used this one because she gave the nutrition info with it.

Muffin in a Minute (suitable for Induction)

Serving Size: 1

1/4 cup flax meal
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 packet splenda packet
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 large egg
1 teaspoon butter

Put the dry ingredients in a coffee mug. Or a bowl for a different shape.


Then add the egg and the butter. Mix.

Microwave 1 minute (or more). Take out. slice, butter, eat. Set mug to soak immediately.

Cream cheese would go nicely, too.

Notes: 1.5 net carbs.

Per serving: 235 Calories; 18g Fat (63% calories from fat); 12g Protein; 11g Carbohydrate; 9.5 g. fiber; 223mg Cholesterol; 284mg Sodium

A lady at church told me about using Chia seed. She learned about on Dr. Oz show. She said it has helped keep her blood sugar normal and she doesn't have to check it everyday any more. I've thought about making this muffin with it or maybe 1/2 Chia seed and 1/2 flaxsee. Will let you know how it works out.

Don't know if I'll make it back here until after the kids leave on the 1st of January. I will try. If not, y'all have a very Merry Christmas. And I hope we all can start our New Year at least where we are weight wise and with good BS readings. I'll check in when I can.

12-22-2010, 03:24 PM
apparently the muffin recipe also works with finely ground nuts, like almonds or pecans. Might try that for Christmas. I think I am coming down with a cold, so am pounding the vitamin C and washing hands obsessively.
Tired tho. DD comes today, so we will eat supper at a restaurant where I can stick to plan, then go so the relatives after they have had their pizza. Was gonna try for hot yoga today, so better get moving.

12-22-2010, 05:17 PM
Hi another quik flyby here need a break :dizzy: running around here trying to get the last few things done before everyone hits the house tomorrow.

Mad Sorry you are feeling bad. Hope you feel better soon.

I've been reading about the new WW Points + program. Seems it is the old original plan just using points for it this time around. That really excites me because years ago my deceased hubby's aunt gave me a copy of that diet and I did it on my own, couldn't afford the meetings back then, and I lost weight with it. Lost that copy with all the moving around. All the weight I lost on that plan years ago I have never gained back. The interesting thing is that I've gained within about 15 lbs of what I lost back then, but never gained those lost lbs back. I'm using it during the holidays. If it works as well this time at keeping me from gaining over the holidays, I will keep using it. I lose slower any way, so won't matter if I lose slow on it now.

Well, got to get back to this house cleaning. I want to gt the house work done so I can do some cooking for the kids to much on when they come in tomorrow. DD and I will have to go to the store and get last minute grocery shopping done as well. I need a good nights sleep before they get here.

Y'all have a good evening.

12-22-2010, 11:05 PM
trish: I totally gave up. Just couldn't get to all the cleaning etc, so left things as is. The kids can do some tidying. I could feel it building and knew I would have a meltdown if I tried to do it all. With a cold coming on I knew it would happen. And I am expecting to have to work during the night. SO just leaving it up to them to get ready for my Dad to come tomorrow, and plan the supper.
DId ok today, but did enjoy a few of my SIL Christmas cookies. Oh, well, off to bed, can't fight off this cold if I don't get any rest.
will check in tomorrow if I'm not sleeping.

12-23-2010, 02:28 AM
I got most of the house cleaning done thanks to DH helping me. Cheated on some of it... used Endust and dusted instead of waxing, but it is better than having all that dust around. I know it will be a mess about 5 minutes after they arrive and bring all their stuff in, but I just wanted it to be half way clean when they got here. I figure they will be here between noon and 2pm. I've got the last load of clothes in the washer and a dryer full going. I will fold them and put them all away in the morning. Have to clean toilets in the morning. Sweet Hubby did the upstairs so I don't have to. I tell you I think I've done 2 weeks of exercise these last 3 days. Didn't get all my required points eaten today... lacked 4 to make it, but I just didn't have time. I would work and then take a break and then go back and work some more. I got my WW books today and will look at the plan better hopefully in the morning before kids arrive.

Mad I don't think it would be good for you or healthy for you to push yourself to do all that cleaning with a cold coming on. I've learned the hard way that it is not wise to do those things when your immune system is down. I wouldn't have done it if I had been sick. Take good care of yourself. I'm so glad you are going to have your Dad there.

Rosebud and Ruth and all others reading this Y'all have a great day!!!

I'm going to try to go get some sleep. It is almost 1:30 am.

12-23-2010, 07:51 AM
Quick check-in as I'm in overdrive. I won't bore you with my list! Weight iss till stuck and BGL is not great this morning. A pasta and birthday cake supper was inflicted on me last night - not even any salad! Clean eating today for sure.

Take a bit of time for your self today.

12-23-2010, 09:08 AM
Good morning:)

Sorry I have been MIA for the last while. So much family sickness and problems lately, just hard to deal with everything.

I am feeling much better though. I went to my doctor to complain about the diacrom pill that I usually take with breakfast. I have been scared to even go out because my BG would just drop with no reason. Scared I would get into a situation I couldn't handle. Anyway he said I didn't have to take it anymore and since then I have been feeling great.:carrot: Just taking metformin now. Maybe I can go back on LC.

Just housecleaning to do now. Will be having 12 for dinner on Christmas day and will be making a few things ahead of time.

If I don't get back here, everyone have a great Christmas.

12-24-2010, 09:37 PM

12-25-2010, 10:38 AM
I wish all of you the warmth of the hearth, the smiles of those you love, and the peace of God in your hearts.

12-25-2010, 11:09 PM
We had good weather today, not too cold, snow on the ground, the sun even came out for a bit. Nice breakfast and gift exchange after that, then I went for a little nap, woke up 4 hour later. I am feeling better, so maybe thats what I needed to fight off this cold. I didn't make the soup for supper that I had planned, since I slept so long, but didn't matter, my son-in-love's Dad brought sushi for us as an appetizer. (he is Japanese)
I have had several small cheats the last few days, a few tastes of baked goods. Am up a pound, but will be planning for a clean food day tomorrow. have also had very little exercise, with all the busyness. May have a birth tonight or tomorrow to keep me busy, but holiday starts on Monday morning.
thankful that things are good with everyone. Stay well.
Will check in more regularly again.

12-26-2010, 12:39 AM
Doing the WW P+ had helped me stay OP until today, however, I've been off plan today. I'm going back OP tomorrow. We did get our snow tonight so no church services tomorrow. 11:23 pm and the kids are out playing in snow and have made 2 little snowmen. Thankful that I got the snow I prayed for so that the FL grandkids could see and play in snow for the 1st time in their lives. They are having a blast. We are enjoying having them here.

Mad I think our little 8 mo old grandson has given me his cold. Taking meds to try to knock it out before it gets a good hold on me. Glad you are getting over yours.

Ruthie, Lindyloo and others :wave:

12-26-2010, 08:45 AM
Good morning. I'm up more than a pound - I can blame some of it on salt but ... The good news is, no sweets and the BGL is stable. Back to healthy eating ... after lunch at my son's house today. :shrug:

Alexis On A Mission
12-26-2010, 12:34 PM
Haha, the holidays make it so hard to eat healthy. Seeing as I am the only vegetarian and diabetic in the family, it can definitely pose more of a challenge! But I did my best and the fact that I have so many limitations on what I eat may have actually helped a little... though the number of family get-togethers yet to attend may negate my attempts to be good. XD did everyone have an enjoyable holiday? Or is anyone still celebrating?

12-26-2010, 12:51 PM
Good Morning Chickies

I had a good Christmas day and just made it an off day. Way too many carbs plus 8 mo old grandson is croupy and I got whatever it is he has and couldn't sleep very well last night. So the combination of too many carbs, stress of getting sick and not able to sleep and then waiting too long to check FBS, it was 182. I don't remember my FBS ever being that high. I am definitely back OP this morning. Had my steel cut oats with blueberries and lite Activia. Think I will be eating soup today. I'm supposed to have bloodwork in the morning, but it has been snowing since around 8ish last night and supposed to have flurries into the night tonight. Docs office won't be open in the morning so will have to make another appt when they open. Y'all have a great day today and stay warm.

12-26-2010, 07:47 PM
Did get called to work at 530 am, a healthy baby girl. threw me off for the day. had a couple of eggs for breakfast, and made soup for lunch, but did have some carbs with the soup. I have these yummy Mary's crackers, no wheat in them, its brown rice and quinoa with flax and sesame seeds. Then had a little nap.
Oh, yes the holidays are hard. I have cheated more this week than in months. I did better at hallowe'en. Oh well. just need to get back on plan and don't let it bug me. I know more than anything that its the giving up when we go off plan that makes the biggest "failure" for dieters in general . So I won't give up, just plug away and get back on. Vacation starts tomorrow, planning to be nicely active while off call, and that should help in general. have a good day everyone.

12-26-2010, 09:30 PM
Mad I agree that the key is NOT to give up. I have been back OP today which was easy since I didn't feel so great all day with this virus or whatever it is. I didn't get all my points, but I'm not worried about it right now. The main thing is I'm eating healthy. Enjoy your vacation. You've done great being OP and I know you will be successful getting back OP.

Forgot to mention earlier that today was WI on online WW and I was down half a pound for the week. So that is a good thing.


12-27-2010, 09:02 AM
Amazingly enough my FBGL has stayed within a reasonable range lately depite multiple transgressions.

Today I tackle the four pounds I've gained this month and get hem outta here with six of their buddies. I've decided to focus on losing that amount of weight instead of the whole 50+ pounds to get into the 140's. Christmas has been a killer and it's certainly not over yet. I wish I could do Atkins or go on a daylight hour fast but that darn diabetes won't let me.

Breakfast today will be my usual and it'll be dinner at noon when my company arrives - beef and veggie stew is on the menu with bread for them and a fruit dessert. If they bring me candy, I'll pitch it after they leave. Salad and hard boiled eggs will be tonight's supper.

My house is "purged" of all salty snacks and sugar goodies. It sure isn't hard to get back into the bad snacking habit! Now to find my WATP tapes and renew my gym membership.

12-27-2010, 01:56 PM
Ruth Good for you getting back on plan and for getting the salty and sugary stuff out of the house!!! You have your plan and I know you will do well. Beef and veggie soup sounds good. DH and I are alike in a lot of ways, but I like chunks of beef in my stew and he likes the beef in shreds. Oh well, I guess I will learn to like it the way he does, besides on WW I won't be eating as much meat and the shredded meat will work well.

I knew DH kept trying to keep me from buying any cookbooks especially diabetic ones for the last few months. Now I know why. He got me 3 or 4 cookbooks for diabetics for Christmas. He also got me 2 exercise dvds for seniors. I'll try them out and get into a routine with them next week after our company leaves Saturday morning.

I had to get up early this morning and go get my blood drawn for bloodwork. Will get results next week when I see the doctor. I tell you I know this but another day of confirmation we have to get our rest. I checked FBS just before I left (with only about 5 hrs sleep) and it was 152 and checked when I got back and it was still up. I was so exhausted that I went back to bed for just about an hour and got up and checked it again because I had not eaten anything. It was back down to 127. It is amazing to me that just getting that small amount of added sleep made such a big difference. Checked my weight when I got up to stay up and it was back down where my 210. I would love to have a weight loss on Jan 1st but if I could end this year at 210, I will be happy.

Mad Hope you have a great vacation.

Y'all have great Monday.

12-27-2010, 09:01 PM
:wreath: MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ONE AND ALL ... and a Happy New Year too!!! :wreath:

RUTH ~ good for you for being RUTHLESS (;)) ... I got DH to put all his leftover munchies in a very high cubby up by the roof; he can't access it without a step-ladder which I won't and don't use (too scary). I had my treats as snacks and tonight I just had steak & veggies for dinner to counteract the damage, so2speak.

We also were given way too much candy (chocolates and such) so I made up a tray of them and sent them along with a meat & cheese & olive tray to our SIL's Boxing Day party; and there guests ate it all up for us!

DH worked all evening last night and this afternoon fixing my music rack on my organ for me; it is finally fixed again (it had broke twice before), and he thinks it should be good for a long time this time (we hope). Our friend played some nice Christmas music for us on Christmas Day again and that was nice.

The only glitch this year was that DH was playing some Christmas music later on and somehow misplace one of my discs; we hope that we'll come across it sooner or later by accident -- so far all the searching has come up for naught. Sure hope it didn't get tossed or broken by accident.

You know, I bought and spent less this year (gave more to charity though); and people ate less than last year, so next year I will cut back even more. They ate more of the actual dinner this year though -- I made lots of veggies this year (some extra), trying to make the dinner more healthy and filling itself.

:tree: The weather has been much warmer with a bit of :sunny: today too. We had a lovely celebration and we are/were very blessed again this year. I read some nice Christmas romances over the last two weeks in the evening before bed and that help me sleep better too. I hope you all had a nice celebration and will have a restful in-between-holidays week also.

Rosebud :candy:

12-28-2010, 12:00 AM
Hi Rosebud Glad you had a great celebration.

12-28-2010, 08:49 AM
Good morning all and nice to see our Rosebud popping in.

Today is my first "normal" food day and I'm sooo glad! I do have a foodie event tonight - a debriefing meeting re the Village celebrations - but will avoid the food by offering to pass it around. I'll take along diet gingerale to drink. My body is saying "enough" to holiday excesses.

My weight blipped up to 202 :yikes: which was most discouraging. I hate seeing the 200's on my ticker so have made a new one. I'm working on personal renovation in one pound blocks now, ten pounds at a time. Call me a sissy but I need to be nicer to myself.

On we go, chickies.

12-28-2010, 12:44 PM
Good morning Chickies, This will be a quick flyby.

Ruthie So sorry about the weight creeping up. I'm sure you'll get things going in the right direction soon.

I changed my ticker too since I've kept the recycled lb off. Now just to keep it off and get the scale going downward consistently. My FBS was up to 132 but I'm sure that is the Nyquil I took last night and this morning early. I will be glad when this cold goes away.

Have a good day!!!

12-29-2010, 08:18 AM
Well, changing my ticker worked. I know the four pounds down is water weight from Christmas food transgressions but still is encouraging. I sat right in front of a huge plate of delicious smelling goodies for a two hour meeting yesterday and did not indulge. My resistance muscle is getting stronger.

Today is a day with no "foodie" events! I have a pot - more a vat! - of turkey stock on the go and will make and freeze some soup lunches for those cold and busy days when grabbing a hot dog or other sin would be too easy. I'm going to stall on my bloodwork until towards the end of January and see if being really pure affects the BP. Chol and HA1C. It should.

On we go, Chickies.

12-29-2010, 09:20 AM
Hi everyone: just a quick hello. Finally managed to stay on plan yesterday. Started doing more sugars which kept me in line. The previous day fasting was 6.8, quite high for me, and reflected my lack of control. A better day yesterday, and slept well last night, so will stick to plan again today. That should do it. Glad to see we are all managing with our holiday appetites, no horrors, just little slips.
We have lovely guests to enjoy today, so will close now.

12-29-2010, 12:28 PM
Good Morning Ladies. Glad to see we are doing well with out food plans.

Ruthie A BIG congratulations on your staring at goodies for 2 hrs and not taking a bite. One of those Victories to look back on "knowing you did it before then you can do it again". I like it when I give myself one of those.

Mad Enjoy your company.

WW is going to be good for me this time. I am slowly inching down on the scales. I would love to have a WW scale that gives numbers more accurately. I am lost another 1/2 lb, but 3fc doesn't do 1/2 so won't be able to show it on the ticker quite yet. I'm enjoying eating what I like and staying within required points although I have to say that I haven't eaten the required amount all this week. With this cold, I haven't felt like it. I just might start the new year with a weight loss.

Did y'all here that they are recalling our test strips for some of the monitors? I just got new ones so will have to check with the pharmacy today. I'm not sure what DH uses and will have to check his out as well. Say it gives a reading with not enough blook. I don't think I have had that problem as mine won't read when I don't have enough.

Have a great day everyone.

12-29-2010, 08:57 PM
HI everyone. We had a lovely visit with our friends. I was their midwife for their son, its fun to watch this bright little guy growing up. He is now 11 yo, and I just love him.
I was able to stick to plan all day, and went for a 45 minute ski, the kid on his snow shoes, wow can he run in those things! Tonight I am doing food prep for our big party tomorrow, I make French-Canadian tourtiere (meat pies) and some other goodies. lots of fun, but I am not feeling my best. I am hoping it is "atkins flu" with going low on the carbs after a few days of higher carb eating. Sure don't want to be sick.
Trish, I am so glad for you that ww is your thing. Ruth, maybe you should look into that, since you can't do low carb.
It was nice to hear from Rosebud too.
ttfn ladies, have a good night

12-30-2010, 08:26 AM
spent the night by the fire dozing, but up at 5 unable to sleep longer. Have been starting making the food for the party. Fasting sugar was 6.0 this am, which is high for me, especially since I was on plan yesterday, and I am wondering if I forgot my metformin last night. I don't remember taking it, but I am usually good.
Less achy this morning, so hoping I will be fine tonight and last night was just atkins flu.
also, my heels are really painful today, seems like I have tendonitis. Always something (whine whine) to slow down my exercise. Well, today is just for getting ready. Have a good day everyone.

12-30-2010, 08:44 AM
BGL 5.1 this morning and weight up just a smidge.

Mad, WW is a great programme but I think I'll stick with SBD since it's just low-carb enough when I pay attention. I've been through WW at least five times and, quite frankly, can't stand the meetings which are all a half hour drive from here. It may be the leaders I've hit but they seemed rather phony in their constant enthusiasm. I'd lose 9 to 11 pounds and then quit. I have to do this on my own, I guess.

Just had a wee spot of exercise dashing to the road with my trash. The lad waited for me - I guess the Christmas tip paid off. ;) My Thursday morning coffee group is due to arrive shortly - coffee only for me but they are bringing baking. Our usual locale, Bob's Diner, is closed for the holidays so ...

My meals for today have planned - it's all about balance.

12-30-2010, 11:28 AM
Good Morning,

I am happy to say that I'm down another pound today and my FBGL was 117 this morning. So things are working well.

Mad So sorry about the painful heels. I've experienced that before and learned it was the knee highs I wore to church etc. Quit wearing them and no more problem.

Ruthie I don't do WW meetings either. Although I had thought about it, but I joined online and it was way cheaper. So I'm doing the online/WW at Home and I've joined that thread here on 3fc. I do better doing WW at home on my own. When I get into all the little rules they insist on, I don't lose any weight, but when I do it on my own I lose very well and consistently. Computer makes things so much easier these days.

Well, my company has 2 more days here and they will leave Saturday. We have really enjoyed having them here, but will be nice to have our house back to ourselves, You know how us older folks are... we have our own routine/way of doing things. We don't eat like anyone else etc. I need to go out to run a couple of errands this morning, but have to wait until the drivers get up so they can let me out. Just little things like that. However, like I said, we have really enjoyed being with them. We have more in common with them than not.

Y'all have a great day.

12-31-2010, 12:12 PM

12-31-2010, 01:45 PM
Well, our party was a great success, but I have cheated way too much. So New Years eve will be quiet. Don't feel like going out, just a quiet evening at home with DH and dog.
Ruth, surely you can have something with your coffee? Like a snack with peanut butter or something? Savoury not sweet? Glad you can stick to plan tho. Happy New Year.
Trish, enjoy your company and have a lovely New Years eve with them.

talk to you all next year!

12-31-2010, 07:37 PM
Bad start to the day again - 3.0 at 2 a.m. I need to get something to have when that low hits. Raisins? Dried fruit? Once again I had a fairly low carb dinner and no bedtime snack. I really do not want o re-establish snacking habits. It took me too many years to ditch it!

:newyear: and here's to a healthier 2011! :cheers:

12-31-2010, 09:33 PM

I have been coming by to read, and do post when this PC isn't acting up on me. The IE closed on me a few minutes ago ... :?: so had to start all over again ... :dizzy: It seems to take an hour to just send out one email or make one post some days.

I am supposed to be getting a newer PC some time in the new year; not sure exactly when though. I am going to try and (re)format? my other PC if I can; am waiting to receive all the programs I need to reinstall though. That will be new for me, so it will likely take me a bit of time; but we always have more time in the winter months anyways.

I'm trying to get off the munchies from the holidays; sent a lot packing. I am doing good on the meals this week and hope to do even better as I go into the new year too -- hope 2011 will be even better than 2010, which wasn't too bad for us here.

We are also just staying home for a quiet New Year's tonight; there is a dance in town but the roads are getting a bit slippery after it :rain: ing all day today. We got up to 40 F today -- and a lot of snow has melted; that will make room for more to come; they are predicting some for tomorrow already ... :lol: Plus the temps are supposed to dip again, which was expected; the same thing happened last year too.

Hope you all have a nice night no matter how you are celebrating it ... Rosebud :candy:

01-01-2011, 09:34 AM
Check out the January thread.