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12-01-2010, 01:16 AM
I had to go w/ "wonky" b/c it reminds me of Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer...and the boy is HOT!!! ;) It's back to work for me today, but I only have to work 2 days and then I'm off for a week, yay!!! I'll be hitting the gym twice in addition to work...other than that, not a whole lot planned.

So what are your plans for Wednesday??? Anything exciting or just the boring adult stuff we do in order to pay our bills??? ;)

12-01-2010, 03:34 AM
Hey Natasha! First day of December and I'm ready to get in the 200s and stay there for a while before moving down to the 100s!

12-01-2010, 05:45 AM
Wow! How did THAT happen? November just whizzed by.

Up way too early this morning because I could hear the rain. It poured all night but is really heavy right now. I think the midwesterners sent it up here. ;) Anyhow, if it were snow, I'd be having to shovel so no real complaints.

I'm slowly getting back in the groove of real life and it sure is shocking to see my December calendar! Tonight my Hort. Society has its Christmas Dinner and I'll really have to get a grip. The caterer is one of the best in the area so I will be eating carefully for breakfast and lunch and completely avoiding dessert tonight.

If it stops raining enough, I guess I'll finally get my outside lights up and the pumpkins out to the compost. On the other hand, I could spray them pink and make Santa heads.

My goal today is to do one small thing of Christmas prep. Maybe I'll get out my Christmas coffee mugs.

Happy Hump Day!

12-01-2010, 07:00 AM
Good? morning :coffee2: I woke at 4 and could not get back to sleep. I need a zombie coffee smile.

Natasha - love the pics! You and your mom look like you're having a great time.

Okie - :woohoo: to a new month. The 200s are just around the bend.

Ruth - hm, I kinda like your pumpkin idea. I am so not ready to think about Christmas yet!

Linds - Very cute pictures and Rikki is right, you look incredible!

It's rainy here too. Guess it's better than the alternative because it would definitely be a blizzard. I'm off across the mountains in the morning then back to the old job for a couple of hours of question answering, a few more visits then home. Not a bad day, busy but not insane.

Food and exercise are improving. Now to keep the momentum in December.

It's definitely time for more coffee.

12-01-2010, 07:29 AM
The sound of the rain lashing against the bedroom windows actually lulled me into a sound sleep and made it hard to get out of bed this morning. Now that I'm up, it really sounds nasty out there. But I agree with Ruth, at least I won't have to shovel my way out the door. ;)

Today is looking pretty good from this end. I'm going over to Susie's this morning, then I'm coming back home until around 5 before heading back over to the farm. C & R delayed their trip by one day so they could close on some property they were buying yesterday, and are leaving tonight right after supper. I must remember to lock the dogs in the mudroom tonight so we won't have another "chocolate incident" like the last time I stayed over!

12-01-2010, 07:51 AM
Woke up late, cut the P90X short this morning (there's a point 2/3s in where Tony says, "you guys at home can stop here if you want" and I wanted, so I did). My legs are sore from yesterday, but not quite as sore as last week. Maybe I didn't try as hard? Maybe they're slightly stronger? Who knows!

Natasha: Today is boring adult stuff to pay the bills. Except I really love my job - controller for a small manufacturing company. Hope the gym goes your way!

FoodObsessed: Don't the 200s sound nice? Can't wait to see you cheering because you made it!

Ruth: Pink pumpkin Santa heads! That image will haunt my dreams!

Cyndi: Sounds like its been rainy all up and down the coast. My weekly watching of Glee was interrupted by severe weather warnings last night.

Cottage: Sleeping to the sound of rain is nice. I woke up late this morning too - I wonder if that was why? Heh.

12-01-2010, 07:54 AM
Good morning!
Linda, like you I had a hard time crawling out of bed this morning because it was so cozy lying there listening to the rain on the roof! It's warm enough here today that it's all rain so no worries about my drive in to town this morning.

One of my former youth group kids was killed in Afghanistan on Monday. Buddy was only 24 and he's going to be missed by so many people. He was a goofy kid, full of energy and non-stop chatter. He was exhausting to take on trips but always a lot of fun to have around. I'd sure appreciate prayers for his family and friends. Here's a link ( to one of the press releases about Buddy's death. I am so glad that November is over. It's been one of the most difficult months of my life.

I'm rushing as I always do on Wednesdays because we've got our PLC meetings before school. I'll try to stop in later for personals.

Happy Hanukkah Karen! :hug:

12-01-2010, 07:56 AM
Morning again, ladies. I just got finished throwing dinner in the crockpot and now I'm about to head off to bed.

Okie - Hear hear, girl!!! I just want to lose 9 more pounds (I scale is still broken, LOL) before January 1st so I can say I officially lost 100 pounds this year. I'm not going to rush it,'ll come in time.

Ruth - November??? How about 2010!?!?!? LOL Seems like every year, just as I get used to writing the NEW year on my dates, the year is over. *sigh* And to think when I was a kid I thought Christmas would NEVER get here, LOL By the way, your Asian spiced chicken crockpot recipe is what I just put on. I didn't have navy beans and red beans, so I just used great northern beans and dark red kidney beans. I also used the carrots AND green beans. I don't know what it'll turn out like, but we'll see, LOL

Cyndi - Eeek...0400 hrs??? You need an IV of coffee!!! Yay, at least I know people are able to view the pics!!! We had an awesome time...I can't wait to go again. Winning that game made us bowl eligible, but I sure don't have the $400 to shell out for the tickets, so I'll have to wait until next season to see the bulldogs play again. Hope you have a good day and don't get stuck at the old office for too awful long. ;)

Cottage - There's nothing better to put me to sleep than the sound of rain falling outside my window. And it's some of the best sleep I get, for sure...except when compared to when I had gallbladder surgery and got knocked out w/ versed, LOL

Alright, off to bed for me!!! Goodnight, ladies.

12-01-2010, 08:40 AM
Morning all :wave:

I'll be back for personals later, I was at the ER all morning, since 4am. I was having trouble breathing :( I am going to haver to go on strong antibiotics :(

I started a fever :(

I've been sick since 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, I wish I would just ger better.

12-01-2010, 09:34 AM
Hey all... drive by this morning. Working out with my mom today instead of Friday which means getting of the computer and out of the house earlier than usual. And first I have to get beans out of crockpot and eat breakfast!

Enjoyed the pics, Natasha. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Heidi :hug: We aren't doing really doing anything until my son gets back in late December. Since we do both holidays here, this one seems to get the short end of the celebration stick.

Hi all:wave:
Happy Hanukkah to anyone who celebrates it :stardav:

12-01-2010, 10:25 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

BelovedK, I'm so sorry to hear that you aren't getting better! I hope the ER visit shed some light on things and that the meds they gave you start helping really soon!

Heidi, :hug: I'm so sorry to hear about Buddy, and thanks for providing us with a link.

Cyndi, I wish you'd get back to your normal sleep patterns. Ouch for another early morning.

Natasha, thanx for getting us started. I'm making it my priority to do double duty at the gym/pool this week. Never watched BVS, it's probably on way past my bedtime.

Okie, 1st of December! Lets rally together!

Ruth, I'm with you, can't believe it's December...that does mean that Spring is that much closer!

Linda, great job planning ahead remembering the chocolate incident.

Annie, I'm amazed you don't hurt more, girl, the way you've been working out!

Happy Hanukkah, Karen!

Me....looks like we're going to head West for a week and check on our other house, which also means POOL!!! I'm very excited...we have gotten alot done here, but really need a break. Fortunately, things are pretty spiffy here so we don't even have to clean before we go. Catch you all later from the other side of the great Continental Divide!

12-01-2010, 11:46 AM
Argh I tried to post and it went POOFKA. No time to repost! Anyhoozle, hope everyone has a great day! :D


12-01-2010, 12:03 PM
So glad that you saved me a cup cause it tasts so good this morning! :yawn: Greetings from sunny California :wave:

Okie and Nat, sounds like we are all working hard toward our mini goals. I want two in fact. I'm so close to having less than 100 pounds to lose that I can taste it and after that I want to be below 270 by January 1st.

Ruth, good to have you back in the groove.

Karen, Happy Hanukkah

Cyndi, had a good run at Trader Joe's yesterday. Found both the edamame (frozen and fresh) and soy ghorizo (guess that's veggie). Now I just have to figure out how to prepare them to eat.

Heidi, sorry about Buddy. Last week a young man from our small town was killed in Afghanistan too. So darn sad.

Beloved, darn girl, thought you were getting better. Take care now.

Debbie, OMG I would so love to be in that pool with you. When we were young girls, my sister had polio and her therapy was mostly done in a pool and guess who got to go with her? Needless to say, we both love the water.

Today first off and most important, I walk! After that, I get my hair cut, run a few errands and hopefully start wrapping a few gifts or instead of that may run to town because I need some baskets and don't want to wait too long when they will be all picked over. Well time for me to get my day going so take care my friends.


12-01-2010, 05:07 PM
Feel better BelovedK!

12-01-2010, 05:32 PM
Well I can't say good morning, since it took me til 1:30 to get here. But Hello!

I feel like I finally have some energy today, which is a nice thing because my house is a pit! I am now working in a home office so I spent last weekend building furniture, etc, so there are boxes, and styrofoam, etc that need to be dealt with. Hopefully I can keep the energy to finish that stuff up, and get my flippin' Christmas tree up tonight! I have been trying to do it for nearly a week!

Beloved - I'm sorry to hear you're so sick, but this might be a good reminder to your husband why you want him to have health insurance!

12-01-2010, 09:13 PM
Thanks for all of the well wishes, I feel absolutely awful with personals today, I took an inhaler that was given to me and I really wish I hadn't. I am sooo jittery now, and worried that I won't be able to sleep after a night of no sleep and an early morning tomorrow to work. Not fun.

Chubbybunny, I hope you get your tree up :) It feels so good to have it done :) Yay for energy! (just not the kind I have right now, but good, healthy energy.)

Thank you Okie.

Hope you had a nice day, TallandThin :)

Weezle, I hate it when posts go 'poof'

Debbie, Hooray for you!!! Have fun, and enjoy the pool!

Karen, Happy Hanukkah!!!

I'm going to have to stop there

:wave: everyone else, hopefully I will be back tomorrow (back feeling better, that is) I just don't know what to do with myself I am so jittery, and it's almost bedtime :(

12-01-2010, 10:29 PM
Hope you get to feeling better, Beloved!

Well, it took me all night to get in here! Work was super slow today and we got to go shopping for some decor! whoo, believe you me, the girls and I can do a lot with the 100 bucks we were allowed! anywho- that was fun, tonight DH is playing music with the fellows so I got to have asian fare with my new chopsticks! that aren't super user friendly! They are kind of clunky very pretty but being ceramic I guess is what makes them a bit more difficult... Time to go plan for tomorrow! My gym clothes have to make it to the car tonight or they never make it in the morning!

On a HUGE BRIGHT NOTE*** I have successfully been 100%OP the past 3 days. That seems so silly to say but I have no idea how long its been since I could say that... 100%! I refuse to stop! Keep the momentum! Saturday will be a challenge but I WILL DO MY BEST! :) yeay me :p

OK, sorry for the self pats but sometimes we need em!

12-01-2010, 11:29 PM
Hi again, ladies!!! :) Started off the night at work w/ a GSW (gunshot wound) and it's been pretty busy ever since. Finally calming down a little now (*knock on wood*) so I came here to catch up.

annieoh - I'm like you and love my job as well...and, when you think about it, I guess that makes us pretty lucky, right??? Still, life would be OH so much better if there weren't bills to pay, LOL

Heidi - Oh nooooooooo...I'm so sorry to hear about Buddy. Breaks my heart to think about how young these kids are that we're sending over to fight this war and come back either messed up in the head or in a pine box. :( My bestfriend from middle school, her little brother got back last year sometime and he is a mess. He's hooked on heroine and he's a heavy and out of jail all the time now and, last I checked, he's even homeless. Being over there and seeing people he served w/ die in front of his eyes has royally effed his head up, for sure. I'm very sorry for your loss...I sure hope 2011 is a better year for you, hon. *hugs*

Beloved - Sorry you're still sick...that bites. :( Hope you feel better soon!!!

Lexxiss - I'm not even sure if Buffy reruns come on anymore...they used to come on at 11 PM and 7 AM but not anymore. :( I have all 8 seasons on DVD, though. It was my favorite show!!! Plus Spike and Angel (James Marsters and David Boreanaz) are definitely easy to look at. ;) Yay for pool time!!! I would be in the pool 24/7 if it was logical. LOL

TallandThin - Good luck w/ your goal!!! We all need to kick each other in the butt and tell each other to get on it!!! ;) Hope you got all your errands run!!!

chubbybunny - Hope you were able to get everything done today that you needed to. I know it can be a rather daunting task. Good luck!!!

rdw - Shoot, if you're able to eat anything at all w/ chopsticks you are doing better than me, my dear. ;) I could starve to death just by attempting to eat all my meals w/ chopsticks, LOL Congratulations on being 100% on-plan...that is awesome!!! Good job!!!

Phones are ringing again...time to go back to work, I guess. LOL

12-02-2010, 01:20 AM
rdw. Way to go, I'm proud of you! :cheer: